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Friday, May 28, 2010

Real Housewives: Teresa’s Take on the Calm After the (Kelly) Storm

Looks as if Teresa's table turning "almost kicking Danielle's butt" moment still tops Real Housewives world moments; at least she thinks so. Click here to find out more details on what's on pretty little Teresa's mind.

Gretchen hosting Las Vegas gigs/Casting for RHOOC

Check out this article from Reality Tea.

So what’s a gal to do when she is forced to fork over a check of 22k to her alleged stalker ex? Well if you’re Gretchen Rossi of the Real Housewives of Orange County, you pick yourself up and get right back to what you do best — hosting parties and doing paid appearances.

Gretchen, 32, hosted some parties in Las Vegas this weekend. First she appeared at the JET mirage nightclub on Friday, and then donned a bikini the next day before hitting up the Bare Pool Lounge where she is said to have relaxed with her friends and family. More photos of Gretchen below.

In other news, Bravo has announced it is now casting for the sixth season of the OC Housewives. According to their casting call, they are looking for “outgoing, exciting, strong, focused women who reside in Orange County and want to share their lives with us.”

This seems to be a negotiating ploy done by Bravo every year whenever it comes time to negotiate with the current housewives, as they never really pick their new housewives from the casting calls. Case in point, last season’s new housewife Alexis Bellino, was not picked from a casting call. She was recommended to the producers by Gretchen.

With that being said, more on the casting call is below. Audition at your own risk:

“We are looking for women who are “Housewives” in the present-day sense. They should be lively and energetic, with defined opinions and views. The women need to have busy lives, be involved with the community, have a strong work ethic, and an active social calendar. Most of all, these women need to be enjoying “the good life.” We love women who are self-confident and happy with whom they are. The women, their significant others and families must be open to sharing their experiences with the producers and the television audience.”


This week starts out with Kelly leaving a note for Ramona and leaving before breakfast. Some of the RH say she was asked to leave by production, who knows, sounds true. Sonja treat all the women to manicures and pedicures on the terrace. Everyone is chilling out and in walks Jill. No one is happy to see her and it is obvious to Jill. Ramona outright asks her why she is there? Jill seems shocked that everyone is not happy surprised. She acknowledges everyone but Alex. Bobby is with her in the background looking uncomfortable. No one is talking except Jill, Bethenny is melting into the lounger, Alex is in hives and Sonja looks stunned. Jill takes the hint and leaves very upset. Ramona goes to talk outside and Bobby talks to Bethenny, Alex and Sonja briefly, he seems defensive and not nice. Bethenny does not want to go into it with him. Jill says to Ramona " I thought we were friends" a few times and is teary eyed. Ramona gets defensive and a little annoyed. Jill crys on Bobby's shoulder and sobs " they were so mean". Jill talked in interviews  about how the viewers would see it was not her fault and to watch the show and we would see what happened. The season is almost over and Jill is looking more awful then before. When is redemption coming Jill?

They four remaining women have a nice dinner and during it Ramona chokes but is OK. Sonja tells a story about giving her poodle the Heimlich maneuver and then goes into sex talk and Ramona cringes. Alex and Sonja give Bethenny and Ramona a shower including handcuffs and toilet paper wedding dresses. GOOD TIMES. Jill,Jen,Louann and Kelly have lunch and Kelly tells her story of what happened to her. Kelly says Bethenny admitted to her that she went out of her way to smear Kelly. She also says they gossiped and one upped each other the whole time and that they came after her. Kelly brings up the chef thing again and Jen and Louann defend Bethenny. Then Kelly says booze and not felling well was the reason she acted that way. Louann asks Kelly if she had a breakdown, she says no. Jen looks confused, Jill is mocking Kelly about Jelly beans and Louann is laughing, end scene.

Sonja has an art party and everyone but Jill comes. Simon is dressed odd again. All the women go upstairs to give Louann the other side of the poison island saga. They all agree that something is wrong with Kelly, Louann said they were convincing. Jill has her holiday skating party at Bryant Park. Jen is there putting together gift bags and running the event. Jill has a copy of her book propped up in a window, always pushing the book down people throats. Before the event starts Jill asks her sister Lisa if she should call Bethenny and meet for lunch, Lisa says yes. The next thing you know Jill asks Bethenny to lunch and she says yes. Jill is very happy. Louann and Kelly arrive and chit chat. Jill decks herself out in a deep pink Olympic skater type outfit. She then gets on the ice and falls, picks herself up and does a little routine in the middle of a ring of people. It was ridiculous looking. Ramona shows up and Kelly rags her to talk about the trip, Ramona says no, Kelly presses her. Ramona tells Kelly she has problems, Kelly says Bethenny is crazy. It ends with Ramona saying I am sorry you were unhappy to shut Kelly up.

Ending the show is Ramona and Jill hammering out Jill being shunned like a leper. Ramona tells Jill her lack of humility or humor when she showed up put them off. It ends with Ramona and Jill being friends still. The previews look good, with Jill and Bethenny meeting, till then.