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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jill on Double Exposure

Video of Jill on Double Exposure tonight, also a pic./tweet from Jill.

With @allyzarin and @indranipc

Eric left DeShawn-RHOA for pregnant girlfriend

Post from Reality Tea. Poor DeShawn, she was such a sweetheart, keep your chin up DeShawn.

Eric and DeShawn

The news of a divorce filing between Eric Snow and his wife DeShawn Snow, former star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, came as a huge shocker to fans who watched the two on the show’s first season.

Fast forward to today and there is now more news on what caused the actual split between the two. According to the StraightFromTheA, and FreddyO blogs, a pregnant mistress is to blame.

A source reveals to FreddyO that Eric left his wife of 12 years, DeShawn, for his pregnant girlfriend. The alleged pregnant mistress is Marisela Alvarado, who happens to be a former Michigan State classmate of Eric’s. A picture of Marisela with Eric from their class reunion is below.

Another source tells the StraightFromTheA blog that Eric’s cheating ways isn’t a surprise, as he was always a cheater during his marriage to DeShawn and was very open with his cheating.

“During the first season of the real housewives of Atlanta, Deshawns husband would be on camera talking to other women on the phone, flirting with other women and/or cursing her out all on camera as if no one was watching. A couple of times, the producers had to remind him that the cameras were recording.”

Eric filed for divorce back in May and has yet to publicly comment on the cheating allegations.

Eric and Marisela

Alexis-RHOOC kids stroller falls in pool

Post from TMZ.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Alexis Bellino nearly lost two children on July 4th when she left her stroller unattended ... and it rolled into a pool -- this according to security at The Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, CA.

Sources at the pool tell TMZ that sometime during the holiday celebration, Alexis and her husband Jim were off "doing something" ... and the stroller -- carrying 2 toddlers -- toppled into the pool.

According to multiple security officers on scene, the lifeguard pulled the stroller out of the water with one child still in it. Alexis' husband dove in to save the other one.

But Jim tells us a slightly different story -- claiming, "There was no lifeguard needed or involved."

We're told both of the Bellino children are fine and didn't need medical attention.

Jill's photo shoot pictures

Pics./tweets from Jill from her photo shoot.

At my photo shoot w @indranipc and @mklinko styled by @gkreid

@jillzarin behind the scenes of the photo shoot...'High Drama, High Glamour' :)

Luann and Jacques in Paris

Pics./tweets from Luann, she is touring Paris.

In Paris with Jacques and it's hot, over 90 degrees. Thank goodness I didn't pack much!

My own Tour de France!

Kim Zolciak looking fabulous

Pic./tweet from Kim.

@kimzolciak on the 4th of july sitting on the dock. I stole her chair, hehe(:

Kelly talking jewelry

Video of Kelly talking about her jewelry line at 2:35 into the video.

Social Life Party details

Post from Scallywag & Vagabond about their experience at the Social Life Kelly cover party.

The strange things that are happening this summer… Even before I begin writing this I know Ms Devorah Rose is going to want to wring my neck when she wakes up to read this little story but I’m afraid I’m rather too beguiled not to write about it.

This past Saturday, July 3rd- I was under the impression I would be having a dandy cavalier time at the estate of the Social Life magazine, unfortunately such thoughts were banished when I stepped out of the car I had arrived with publicist Kevin Alexander of Planet Pr. There in front of us stood a deranged looking woman atop of the Social Life front lawn, where the kerb meets the road brandishing what I initially thought was a broomstick. Of course it become rather odd to see the broomstick aimed at my kneecaps, say the way a hunter would aim his or her gun at their prey. That’s when I realized the broom was in fact a shotgun.

From the distance one could hear the rowdy guests, the clinking of glasses, the laughter of Kelly Bensimon somewhere deep in the void and the pitter patter of my heart as the mad woman started approaching us. In such moments one can never be entirely sure what will come of anything and how remarkably fragile life is. The idea of dying for the sake of Devorah and Justin Mitchell (Social Life Magazine’s publisher) caused my head to swell, romantic notions aside and the creak in my shoe to get louder.

As the wild frustrated lady of the Hamptons estate spoke she demanded that we get back in our car, get back to our hideous lives in Manhattan and for all of us to leave her collectively alone. It had it seemed come to this- another year of rowdy parties courtesy of the estate and the mad woman was that much closer to her breaking point. A cursory look around the road saw cars as far as the eye could see, not a soul to save us and Mr Kevin Alexander wisely calling the police to beseech this incredibly irritated woman.

From there we entered the premises, a phalanx of security check points, a consortium of eye popping photographers and the visage of Kelly Bensimon smiling deeply into someone’s camera, Jill Zarin hissing, Justin Mitchell wearily greeting his guests and Ms Devorah Rose I presumed by the pool patronizing her guests.

As I stood there in the auditorium, a cacophony of commercial interests and product endorsements ad hoc I decided to call Mr Christopher London, Social Life Magazine’s Society Editor to see if he himself had come across a mad woman by the front lawn.

At first amused, he listened, waiting for the punch line when for a long moment he said nothing but a solitary - “Jesus Chris.”

He then proceeded to explain to me the contentious history of the locals, the previous run ins, shouting matches but never the display of shotguns. It seemed the summer of 2010 was really going to be a hot one. At least Mr London had exercised some discretion and had chosen to stay home…

At this stage the party ambled along, guests greeting each other, the visage of Absolut Vodka display girls and guests a jarring juxtoposition. And then the music stopped, the food being served wrapped away and the look of Justin Mitchell suddenly askew with the arrival of police. By now the party was over and Social Life magazine’s publisher in arrears to the tune of $400 courtesy of fines he received (as opposed to an immediate summonsing to the police station which he was relieved to have avoided) and the camera once aimed at Kelly Bensimon and co firmly packed away.

So much for neighbors with shotguns and short tempers…at least next time when I come back to the Hamptons, I’ll know to bring my pitchfork.

Kandi talks to STACKS Magazine

Interview Kandi did for STACKS magazine.

STACKS Magazine was recently afforded the opportunity to chat it up with the lovely Kandi Buruss. Kandi’s been making major moves for a while now. Starting out as one fourth of the girl group Xscape, it wasn’t long before she began to spread her wings. As author of some of today’s biggest hits, a star on a hit reality show, and co-owner of a clothing boutique, TAGS – it’s safe to say that Kandi has established herself as a gifted singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur…and as the mastermind behind her own success.

What you might not know is that Kandi has other talents, she is very family oriented and is a little weird about some things. And, when it comes to music she makes it known that she does not limit herself…“it’s not just urban or R&B or whatever…I love all kinds of music… I feel like I can write anything.”

Continuing to keep her trail ablaze, the multi-talented Kandi has several irons in the fire and is certainly one to watch out for. Want to know how Kandi continues to stay financially stable, what she has going on now, and for the fellas – what she likes in a man? Keep reading!

Since we’re here at TAGS let’s start there. How did this venture come to fruition?
Well, my business partner, Peaches - we’ve been friends for a long time - she’s had stores that were successful and I used to love her style. Her stuff is so cute, but so reasonably priced so I was like Peaches we need to do a store…we need to do it! In my mind, I wanted to have another business outside of music that was making money.

At first she really didn’t want to go into business with friends ‘cause sometimes that can mess up friendships, but I feel like when you have a mutual respect and people are on top of their business you can make it work out. I kept bugging her about it and so finally she broke down. So, I came up with the name of the store…you know how everybody was saying poppin’ tags or whatever? So I was like “ooh we should call it poppin’ tags”! And, uh, she felt like that was too urban. So finally after a couple of years she came to me like are you serious?…you really wanna do it for real? I told her yeah. So we did it and here it is…TAGS! We’re talking about opening our second location now.

...any plans for expanding the store here locally or maybe regionally?
Well, first we talked about doing it locally, but we just opened the online shopping in February and that’s going well. The store itself is doing really well. We decided that we would probably do another one here in Atlanta before going to different cities. I’m kind of scared though because I’m one of those types of people that don’t like to jump too far out there. Financially I like to do things below my means all the time because I’m like okay I can still take risks, but I don’t know…I like to slow roll it.

So at the end of the day you want to make sure your foundation is still there...
Yes, exactly. This is my first time doing something like this so I’m a little nervous. She’s done it before so she knows. She’s had multiple stores at the same time before. She knows how to make it work. That’s why I’m so glad that I did a business with somebody who’s done it and done it successfully.

Kandi Koated Entertainment, which is your label - are you currently signed to Kandi Koated?
Yeah, I’m an artist under my own brand.

Do you have any other artists signed to your label or what’s the future for Kandi Koated?
Not yet. This year I definitely plan on developing an artist. I have two artists that I definitely want to do. One was shown on the show…the little girl they showed auditioning for me…love her. She is on her own. I love artist who have their own style before you get with them. They kind of know who they are. So love her. Then I have this other artist that I kind of want to develop from scratch. They’ve never really done it before…kind of like how Kim (Zolciak) was. So I have another person I want to work with like that.

Are you still working with Kim to help her get her music career off the ground?
Yeah. We’re going to go back into the studio to do something else. She needs another one to perform. We did some shows together…it’s time she get another song.

You had an album you were working on, B.L.O.G….
It never came out. That is what I was working on, on the show last year. There was an EP, but I’m still going to put the songs on the album with additional records.

So we can still expect B.L.O.G?
I’m not going to call it B.L.O.G. At first I was going to call it B.L.O.G because last year when A.J. and I decided to be a part of the show people was coming left and right with negative things to say on the blogs and there were things that inspired songs that I was writing on the record. But, then toward the end of the year, after A.J. passed away and different things happened, I just felt like you know what…I don’t want to go dwell on the negative. ‘Fly Above’ was more of a representation of where I’m at with me in my life right now. So I’mma call it ‘Fly Above’ because everything I went through I’m flying above it now.

Are you currently working with any other artists…singing, writing, or producing?
Hmm, let me see! Well you know I’m always gonna jump on a different rappers’ song every now and then (laughs). I did something for Wacka Flocka, but I don’t know if he’s keeping it yet. I can’t wait to see when Fantasia’s album comes out because there’s this one song we did that I love and I hope she keeps it.

Are you singing on it?
No, no. I just wrote it, but it’s beautiful! It’s a beautiful song and she does an outstanding job of singing it! So I hope they keep it on the album. I’ve mainly been focusing on my own stuff. The Wacka Flacka was only a few weeks ago. I like it too! I need to hear it! I don’t know how their label feels about it, you know.

Who are you working with on your album?
On my album so far, I have Tiny, Rasheeda - that’s my girl…she’s on there, Rick Ross, Gucci. I think that’s all for the guest appearances so far.

It’s a song that I did for Jaheim, that was supposed to be on his album that was sooo hot and at the last minute - they put me on it at the last minute - I think he wanted to change some things and they didn’t have time to change it before going to press it up so it ended up not being on the record. But, I love the song and I’m thinking about asking them to just let me use it for my album. There’s no point in letting a good song go to waste.

You certainly have a plethora of musical talents, do you have any other talents that we may not know about?
Actually, I think I can act better than I can sing!

Yeah. Well I’ve been out of it for a long time. I went to a performing arts high school, Tri Cities High School. I went for drama, not music. Which a lot of people would think - you know, I went to a performing arts school - she was singing all the time. No, I did music my 9th grade year and after that it was straight drama and theater. I think I’m really good at it. They showed me on the show doing that play for the ‘Pocketbook Monologues’, so that was little taste. But I feel like as far as dramatic acting, I love it…like LOVE IT! And I would love to do Broadway.

Can you tell us anything about what we can expect to see on the new season of RHOA?
I can’t talk a lot, but you’ll still see more about my personal life. You’ll see dating, you’ll see a situation with my daughter and her father…you know that whole situation. You know I talked about that last year, about being a single parent, but I guess you’ll get a little bit more insight on it this year. We’re early into taping so I don’t know where it’s going, but I know they want to get into that. But you’ll see me and Kim together more because we’re friends. Out of everybody on the cast she is the one that I am the coolest with. We actually take family vacations together and everything. We have definitely developed a friendship since last year and you’ll definitely see more of that and the music definitely.

You do a lot. What’s your motivation? Business wise?
Well, I am the main provider for my daughter and my mother. There is nobody else taking care of ‘us. It’s nobody I can run to. I am the go-to person pretty much in my family. Don’t get me wrong, I like being that person that they can depend on. I don’t look at it as a chore. It’s not a burden to me. I like it and I like being able to do for them. So, that motivates me to keep things happening. That’s one thing. Another thing is I always want to stay relevant and in order to do that you gotta keep things happening.

With that, we know that you are very family oriented. With everything that you have going on, how do you keep that balance to ensure that you have a healthy family life while still being able to do the things you need to do in order to support your family?
There are certain days that I block out and say “I’m not doing anything I’m spending time with my daughter”. Any little day that I have free, it’s spending time with Riley and her friends. I just try to make those times important for Riley. And my mom, I need to step up and do a little with mother-daughter day because sometimes my mom feels a little left out. My mom is one of those that can’t go a day without talking. So I have to call my mother everyday, like I’m a little kid or something. But, even with my aunts and my cousins – if I spend too much time away from them then I get heat about that. I have to spend time with my family ‘family. I don’t have one of the families – you know how some people they don’t see their cousins and aunties, my family is not like that. My mom is the youngest of 14 kids and it’s like a group of them where we’re kinda like – we were raised like sisters and brothers not like cousins. We constantly try to do stuff together. We don’t necessarily have to do reunions like some other people do because we see each other all the time.
Special thanks to Paula Witt/Tremedia

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