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Monday, May 31, 2010

Dina and Tommy.....VH1 My Big Fat Wedding!!!

Can you believe that Dina and her husband Tommy were in a VH1 My Big Fat Wedding special a few years back!!! Click here to see the video.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gretchen stands by Slade in court

Slade Smily, appeared in family court on May 28th, to get his child support payments reduced. Slade owes his ex-wife over $100,000 in back payments. Gretchen was by Slade's side to support him, but not Jay Photoglou, who was there to harass Slade.  Jay is suing Gretchen for slander, he claims they were involved while she was with Jeff. Jay says Gretchen was Jeff's PAID caretaker and their relationship was not real. Gretchen says he is lying and called him a drunk, so of course he is suing her.

According to Radar Online Slade was furious and authorities had to keep Slade away from Jay. Slade complained to the judge and he cleared the courtroom of all non interested parties, so Jay and Gretchen were ejected. Slade told the judge that he can't find employment and unable to pay child support. Slade's son has inoperable brain cancer.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

RHOBH.....could Lisa Vanderpump be one of the cast members?

Could this be one of the next Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Click here to get a taste of Lisa Vanderpump.

RHONJ.......keepin' it real baby!

Click on this to hear what the RHONJ have to say about them being them.

Kandi and Kim......more Tardy for the Party magic?

Could there be more music coming from Kandi & Kim? Click here to hear what Kandi reported in a sit down with Access.
And now the world wide realease of Money Can't Buy You Class.
Countess LuAnn's Money Can't Buy You Class music video. Wow; I didn't even reconize her! Money may not be able to buy you class but money sure can buy you a new look; right Lu Ann? What do you think? Is Countess LuAnn a one hit wonder?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Real Housewives: Teresa’s Take on the Calm After the (Kelly) Storm

Looks as if Teresa's table turning "almost kicking Danielle's butt" moment still tops Real Housewives world moments; at least she thinks so. Click here to find out more details on what's on pretty little Teresa's mind.

Gretchen hosting Las Vegas gigs/Casting for RHOOC

Check out this article from Reality Tea.

So what’s a gal to do when she is forced to fork over a check of 22k to her alleged stalker ex? Well if you’re Gretchen Rossi of the Real Housewives of Orange County, you pick yourself up and get right back to what you do best — hosting parties and doing paid appearances.

Gretchen, 32, hosted some parties in Las Vegas this weekend. First she appeared at the JET mirage nightclub on Friday, and then donned a bikini the next day before hitting up the Bare Pool Lounge where she is said to have relaxed with her friends and family. More photos of Gretchen below.

In other news, Bravo has announced it is now casting for the sixth season of the OC Housewives. According to their casting call, they are looking for “outgoing, exciting, strong, focused women who reside in Orange County and want to share their lives with us.”

This seems to be a negotiating ploy done by Bravo every year whenever it comes time to negotiate with the current housewives, as they never really pick their new housewives from the casting calls. Case in point, last season’s new housewife Alexis Bellino, was not picked from a casting call. She was recommended to the producers by Gretchen.

With that being said, more on the casting call is below. Audition at your own risk:

“We are looking for women who are “Housewives” in the present-day sense. They should be lively and energetic, with defined opinions and views. The women need to have busy lives, be involved with the community, have a strong work ethic, and an active social calendar. Most of all, these women need to be enjoying “the good life.” We love women who are self-confident and happy with whom they are. The women, their significant others and families must be open to sharing their experiences with the producers and the television audience.”


This week starts out with Kelly leaving a note for Ramona and leaving before breakfast. Some of the RH say she was asked to leave by production, who knows, sounds true. Sonja treat all the women to manicures and pedicures on the terrace. Everyone is chilling out and in walks Jill. No one is happy to see her and it is obvious to Jill. Ramona outright asks her why she is there? Jill seems shocked that everyone is not happy surprised. She acknowledges everyone but Alex. Bobby is with her in the background looking uncomfortable. No one is talking except Jill, Bethenny is melting into the lounger, Alex is in hives and Sonja looks stunned. Jill takes the hint and leaves very upset. Ramona goes to talk outside and Bobby talks to Bethenny, Alex and Sonja briefly, he seems defensive and not nice. Bethenny does not want to go into it with him. Jill says to Ramona " I thought we were friends" a few times and is teary eyed. Ramona gets defensive and a little annoyed. Jill crys on Bobby's shoulder and sobs " they were so mean". Jill talked in interviews  about how the viewers would see it was not her fault and to watch the show and we would see what happened. The season is almost over and Jill is looking more awful then before. When is redemption coming Jill?

They four remaining women have a nice dinner and during it Ramona chokes but is OK. Sonja tells a story about giving her poodle the Heimlich maneuver and then goes into sex talk and Ramona cringes. Alex and Sonja give Bethenny and Ramona a shower including handcuffs and toilet paper wedding dresses. GOOD TIMES. Jill,Jen,Louann and Kelly have lunch and Kelly tells her story of what happened to her. Kelly says Bethenny admitted to her that she went out of her way to smear Kelly. She also says they gossiped and one upped each other the whole time and that they came after her. Kelly brings up the chef thing again and Jen and Louann defend Bethenny. Then Kelly says booze and not felling well was the reason she acted that way. Louann asks Kelly if she had a breakdown, she says no. Jen looks confused, Jill is mocking Kelly about Jelly beans and Louann is laughing, end scene.

Sonja has an art party and everyone but Jill comes. Simon is dressed odd again. All the women go upstairs to give Louann the other side of the poison island saga. They all agree that something is wrong with Kelly, Louann said they were convincing. Jill has her holiday skating party at Bryant Park. Jen is there putting together gift bags and running the event. Jill has a copy of her book propped up in a window, always pushing the book down people throats. Before the event starts Jill asks her sister Lisa if she should call Bethenny and meet for lunch, Lisa says yes. The next thing you know Jill asks Bethenny to lunch and she says yes. Jill is very happy. Louann and Kelly arrive and chit chat. Jill decks herself out in a deep pink Olympic skater type outfit. She then gets on the ice and falls, picks herself up and does a little routine in the middle of a ring of people. It was ridiculous looking. Ramona shows up and Kelly rags her to talk about the trip, Ramona says no, Kelly presses her. Ramona tells Kelly she has problems, Kelly says Bethenny is crazy. It ends with Ramona saying I am sorry you were unhappy to shut Kelly up.

Ending the show is Ramona and Jill hammering out Jill being shunned like a leper. Ramona tells Jill her lack of humility or humor when she showed up put them off. It ends with Ramona and Jill being friends still. The previews look good, with Jill and Bethenny meeting, till then.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alex's Blog 5-27-10

Blog from Bravo RH website HERE.

RHONY reunion being filmed

The RHONY were filming the reunion show as of yesterday, hope Andy was tougher then last year.

Cast of RHOBH-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Click on THIS link  for details about the RHOBH future cast at the Daily Truffle.

Danielle's ex responds to Danielle

Article from US magazine about Danielle's book and her ex.

Kevin Maher says that he's been accused by ex-wife Danielle Staub (Real Housewives of New Jersey) of "horrific" crimes: rape, assault, even killing her dog.

Maher -- whose own book Cop Without a Badge alleged involvement by Staub in kidnapping and drug use -- spoke exclusively to to refute his ex-wife's many claims against him. The pair wed in 1988 and split up about a year and a half later.

In October, Maher filed a $5 million lawsuit against the Bravo star, with her deposition scheduled for July. At issue in the lawsuit, Maher says, are disturbing accusations Staub made against him.

In his court filing, Maher claims that Staub has said "that I raped her on a bed of broken glass, inserted a handgun in her vagina and played Russian roulette....[that] I killed her dog...The list just goes on and on...The woman is insane."

Staub, 47, does not make these specific allegations in her new memoir The Naked Truth, but talks about domestic violence in her past. "I was severely abused," Staub told Us of her marriage to Maher. "He was very possessive...I was hospitalized several times."

To prove his innocence, Maher say that he passed a lie-detector test on March 22 with "an accredited polygraph examiner" from the LAPD.

Regarding the dog story, Maher tells Us that his ex has told "three different variations" to different people. "One was that I hung it...the other one was that I shot the dog. The other one was that I shot her, the bullet passed by her and killed the dog."

"This woman was never hospitalized by me," he adds.

"If you were to seek treatment after being beaten, which is a felony, that hospital would have to call the local police. There are no hospital records of me putting her in a hospital like she claims."

Maher does admit to hitting his wife "in self defense, pulling her off me...I never beat her. I did hit her -- it's true. Not something I'm proud to admit."

Why did he and Staub stay together? "At the time, we were both doing cocaine," Maher admits. "I was never in love with her, I was in lust with her. Our whole relationship was about sex. We had sex from the time we woke up in the morning to when we went to sleep, and even during sleeping. It was all about sex and cocaine."

Maher remarried on Valentine's Day 2009; he and his new wife welcomed daughter Kaley a year ago, he says. Staub's allegations jeopardized his new family and marriage, he charges. Maher had to convince his new father in-law that he wasn't a "rapist" or an "animal," and his 9-year-old stepdaughter "suffered" after Staub's accusations became public.

"She is without conscience," Maher tells Us of his ex. "She's calculating. I believe that Danielle Staub sold her soul to Satan for fame. Her children are suffering from it...her past is going to catch up to her very soon."

Alex tells the ugly truth about Kelly

Article about Alex's real thoughts of the RHONY.

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni

I appreciate Alex McCord much more now that she's shown us her "real" side. In the first season and a half of the Real Housewives of New York, I thought that she was too preposterous for words... now she's the voice of reason! Alex McCord spilled about Kelly Bensimon's crazy reveal on the show, and she said that it was even worse in person.

Alex said that she believes Kelly actually came off "better" than she did in reality.

"It was much more [crazy] in real life," Alex told Us, adding "much more crazy!"

If you missed it, last week's Real Housewives of New York was epic. During a sophisticated sit-down dinner, model and intellectual giant (scoff) Kelly Bensimon went on an unprovoked rampage, accusing Bethanny of trying to murder her in a dream and calling Alex a "vampire."

"I remember the first time that Kelly mentioned that she thought I was channeling the devil. It was in the middle of the soup course!" McCord told Us. "That wasn't the first time that had happened. Throughout the trip, it just came out of the blue."

The newest member to the Real Housewife crew, Sonja Morgan, managed to get all the girls to treat Kelly with kid gloves after realizing that there were serious issues revealed in Kelly's outburst.

"There was definitely a moment when we all clicked into realizing we had to stop picking part all the insane things being said because there's a reason beyond anyone's control, beyond her control," Alex reflected.

The funniest part was when Alex admitted that she asked her husband, Simon, what he thought of the episode after it aired. Since he got a good look at her crazy outing with the wolf pack, he said that he now "understands."

What do you think is wrong with Kelly? Is it a mental imbalance, a weird reaction to stress, stupidity, or drugs?

Danielle's book is out

Here is an article from the Star-Ledger about Danielle's book The Naked Truth.

By Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger

Danielle Staub, the much-maligned (by her castmates, at least) star of "Real Housewives of New Jersey," finally opens up about her troubled past (well, if you don't take into account this story, or this one, or the reunion show, in which we heard talk about her childhood sexual abuse, or even our interview at a local hair salon, natch, in which she talked about her first husband's alleged abuse.)

So here's what we learned, $25 later: Staub, er Beverly Merrill, was born to an unmarried woman from Italy whose family may have actually killed the woman's lover. Staub was sexually abused from the ages of 7 to 9 (she doesn’t name names, only that they were relatives and family friends). She left home young, moved to Florida with one of her boyfriends, and spent her early 20s working at bars, modeling and doing speed.

She dated an Olympic athlete (no name), shared a "passionate" kiss with Don Johnson in his "Miami Vice" heyday and made out with Prince at a party: "All I am going to say is that he was the best kisser out of all the celebrities I have ever been with." (Which apparently includes WKTU DJ Goumba Johnny, whom she dated after her second marriage broke up. Who's next? The Situation? )

Staub eventually started working as a call girl and confirms that she slept with two of her clients. "I was not paid to go up to men’s hotel rooms," she clarifies. "I was paid to establish relationships." Cue Teresa Giuidce: Prostitution whore!

Of the drug-related kidnapping for which she was once arrested -- the centerpiece of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" season one drama -- she dismisses it as "wrong place/wrong time" deal in which she was only peripherally involved. In prison, she fell under the protection of meth dealer Sister Sue, who saved her from being raped by prison guards. While waiting to be sentenced for the plea bargain, she met Kevin Maher, later immortalized in "Cop Without a Badge," in which he claimed that Staub was a coke whore. Contrary to Maher’s memory, she says she was not wearing leather hot pants during their first meeting: "I was actually dressed quite tastefully in a long, fitted, ruffled Spanish dress."

They moved to New York, where she became an exotic dancer. They married, but their relationship became violent -- she says he beat and terrorized her, he tells he hit her once, and only in self-defense -- and eventually ended. She met her wealthy second husband while working at a Carlstadt strip club, married him and "quickly made the transition to socialite," though that marriage, too, ended in divorce.

How's the book doing? The hardcover is ranked 2,808 on as of this afternoon (88 spots above "Cop Without a Badge.") The Kindle version of Staub's memoir is doing better: 1,113, and it's the second best-selling book for memoirs of famous and notable people, right behind Kitty Kelley's unauthorized bio of Oprah Winfrey.

Meanwhile, fellow "Real Housewife" Teresa's cookbook, "Skinny Italian," which has been out for about three weeks, is selling briskly. It was ranked 96 in sales on this afternoon, and it's both the top-selling low-fat cookbook and Italian cookbook, topping recent releases by Mario Batali and Giada De Laurentiis.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney moving on.

Tamra Barney is moving on with new love. Find out all about who he is and what character he does NOT have according to his family; click here to read more.


Click HERE to read an article about a possible new RH franchise, and the women who may be the stars.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tweet Maxine hated by all

Good article about tweet maxine HERE.

Real Housewives of DC

Article from Roll Call about the RHODC.

By Emily Heil and Elizabeth Brotherton
We still don’t know for sure whether White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi will actually appear on the Bravo reality show “Real Housewives of DC,” but one area resident also rumored to be a participant is ready for her close-up.

Catherine Ommanney, a British-born interior designer who’s married to photographer Charles Ommanney, is profiled in a three-page press release to reporters on Monday by spokeswoman Erika Paola Gutierrez. Ommanney is a “soon to be reality TV star on a widely popular reality series,” Gutierrez writes, hinting that the 38-year-old — who made headlines in the United Kingdom for claiming to have kissed Prince Harry in a bar in 2006 — will star on the show.

According to her bio, Ommanney is a mother of two daughters who is “well known for her no nonsense attitude (a big part of why she bumps heads with DC’s nationally recognized controversial couple) and the ability to make a statement.”

Hmmm. ... Could she mean the Salahis?

And even before the premiere of the show that Ommanney may or may not appear on, she is plugging a book, “Inbox Full,” which details a four-year period in her love life through diary entries and text messages.

There’s no word on when the “Real Housewives” cast will be revealed; a Bravo spokeswoman was mum about an official release date Monday, although she did shoot down rumors that it would be announced today.


Below are quotes from Kelly, talking about her behavior on the last episode of  RYONY:

Are you talking about Jill?


Sonia maybe kinda likes you in a pity kind of way.

Kelly, sensitive is soooo 1979.

Was Bethenny jabbing you with her tongue of knifes?

Maybe in Europe.

Thank You Ladies, keep it up.

Add all your personalities and it was an even match.

I doubt it.

Like Jill and Luann talk about you and yourself about Bethenny, Jill, Ramona and Alex?

I could write more but I can't.

Just in case you missed it.......Countess Luann de Lesseps sings her new song Chic, Cest la

Bethenny post baby body

Click HERE to see some photos of how GREAT Bethenny looks since she had Bryn.


Ryan son of Tamra Barney has been arrested because of an outstanding warrant. According to police Ryan missed a recent court appearance in connection with a prior traffic violation and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Tamra is pissed and done with bailing Ryan out. Ryan is being held with a $15,000.00 bail price tag.

The Dish: RHONJ

Babies, Bubbles and Bubbies

This season  of the NJ housewives has sucked so far. Theresa is always talking about her and JUICY JOE having sex. Dina with her cats and crystals, I miss seeing Lexi. Caroline and her nonstop talk about Danielle. Jacqueline is just blah.  And there is Danielle who is crazy, scary and funny. On this episode of the realbitchyhousewives, Theresa had a baby girl and immediately put those ugly flowered bows and hats on her. Jacqueline bitched at Ashley about needing a life coach. Ashley declined her offer telling mom she has a plan.  Jacqueline's husband opened his gun safe and had some pretty serious firepower.  Jacqueline seemed surprised but got in the spirit and put on a bandoleer loaded with bullets. Chris is quiet and unassuming, but after seeing those guns I would guess there is wild man. Dina approached Jacqueline and Caroline about talking to Danielle to clear the air. Jacqueline said nothing, Caroline said it was a waste of time, and Dina should do want she wants not ZEN JEN.

Danielle was asked by a friend to be involved in a fundraiser for a baby with cancer at the BROWNSTONE of course. Danielle does not want drama but will go anyway, nobody calls her GARBAGE. Danielle is so looking for a fight, so she meets up with some wiseguys(Danny and his friend).  Danny is going to protect her at this cancer event. Caroline gets pissed that Danielle is involved in the event and vents to her hubby. Caroline and her hubby have a great relationship and nice kids. I just wish she would let go of the Danielle crap, Danielle eats it up. Dina is the godmother of Theresa's girl. Chris took over a car wash for the day and strippers waved cars in. He increased revenue, but not real sure if the owner liked it. Danielle talked about Christina's modeling career again. Not much more I want to say about this episode, will be blogging the Real Housewives of NY Thurs. night, my FAVORITE housewives.

Babies, Bubbles & Boobies (Wooden Spoon)

Danielle is driving me nuts (now I know how Caroline feels). If I hear one more time from her lips, "my very good friends"; I'm going to puke!!! It's already been discovered last episode her "very good friends; aka: people she found in the grocery aisle" came to her "brag party" for her daughter's front page cover. Give me a break. There is not ONE thing interesting about this woman. I would rather watch Teresa's husband Joe load garbage. On a side note I think Danielle's daughter Christine should find a real agent and steer clear of her mom. I smell Lindsey Lohan all over this one! 

Jacqueline discovered her husband Chris has a safe FULL of guns. She made a comment "I'm weirded out by guns." but then proceeded to pick it up stating "I feel so sexy." Uhhh what?? They are for sure the 2010 Bonnie and Clyde. Jacqueline is probably one of those people that if you get on her bad side it's awl ova :)

Dina had the best one line when she said, "Evah been hit wit a wooden spoon? Doesn't tickle."Hopefully Dina won't use the wooden spoon on her new GOD daughter Audriana (Teresa's newest addition). Out of all the housewives Dina is my favorite. I love her whole "Zen Jen" relationship. I think it's great she seeks advice. I don't know why Caroline gets upset by this. I'm sure she gets advice from her lawyers, accountants,etc. Caroline is a great sister but she needs to respect Dina's decisions or for that matter Dina's whole decision process "Zen Jen" and all.

Caroline's son Christopher is wacky to say the least. Caroline said she never heard any guys say a stripper/car wash was a bad idea but honestly there are 1/2 hour shows on  SPIKE showing guys doing stupid things and getting hurt doing things they thought at the time were great idea's. Their men case anyone didn't tell you they don't think with the head on their shoulder. Of course they think a stripper car wash is a stellar idea!!!!

Teresa....Teresa...Teresa....I love ya girl. I'm thinking Joe is going to want another baby. You know a little Joe! I've got to hand it to you. I would of flown off the handle if my husband grabbed a cup of coffee when I said it's time for the baby. Now you on the other hand; making french toast and checking email. Please take care of yourself and take time out for you. You can definitely tell you are a loving mother and wife but you are going to be wishing you took a breather for you.

Now all of you girls should take a vacation together......maybe one of you can renew your vows and have a little bachelorette getaway and then......oops sorry; been there; done that; RHONY beat you to the punch....on the upside look how great it turned out.....oops sorry again.....that stunt is failing miserably for all. I know you girls can have a Soprano episode. I'm sure there is no lack of idea's there. I'm excited to see next week's episode with Dumb, dumb and dumber. Should be a good one!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Nervous Breakthrough or Nervous decide....

Kelly Bensimon seems to think she had a nervous breakthrough as opposed to a nervous breakdown. All I can say is "bitches be crazy like that" read and you decide click here to read the whole article.


Eric Snow filed divorce papers in Fulton County Superior Court on May 19th. The divorce papers read that there is "no hope of reconciliation". The couple is currently separated. Eric has requested that he and DeShawn Snow have joint custody of their three children.