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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ramona Cooks

Click on THIS link for a video of Ramona making chicken skewers.

Ramona gets her Pinot on

Tweet/pic. from Ramona.

At Serafina having a late lunch and a little pinot grigio

Luann and Sonja do lunch

Tweet/pic. from Luann.

Sharing a plate of langoustines with Sonja!

The Real Housewives give back

Post from about the housewives giving a helping hand to NY families.

Photos:Wire Image
By Amanda Laz
The volunteer community came together in a big way to party for a cause at New York City's Basketball City on Pier 36. The 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service continued at Target's "Party For Good: Making Meals to Feed Young Minds." The night started out with a goal of providing 150,000 meals for New York City families, totaling around 4,000 meal kits each containing enough food to feed a family of four 3 meals for 3 days. The Food Bank For New York City is set to deliver these kits (created by volunteers at the event) to families in need and realize Target's mission of providing the nutrition necessary to ensure quality school performance. The Insider's Lara Spencer emceed the event, along with the likes of American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee (above), celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito and a bevy of Real Housewives.

Inside the converted basketball complex, assembly lines bordered the flashing red and white walls as mega-screens broadcast performances from the live stage. McPhee championed the importance of providing meals for children even when they are not in school and she vowed to continue to volunteer at a California Food Bank in the near future. Kelly Bensimon was moved by the cause as well and decided to add a feathered earring to her jewelry line (with proceeds going to the organization) after seeing, "the change in peoples eyes after eating"when volunteering at a food bank   .

Attendees were kept well fed with buffet style tables of food to fuel the celebration. Leftovers were thoughtfully set aside for donation and compost bins were in place for maximum utility. A bar in the middle of the room and ice cream carts accompanied the festivities. Target volunteers kept the assembly lines moving and each 25,000 meal kits created resulted in a new surprise, most notably a performance by McPhee. The 150,000 meal goal was realized in the last half hour of the event to a proud crowd. DeSpirito (above with Bensimon) summed up the evening nicely: providing food "is something near and dear to my heart because I like to feed people, I like the feeling of being full and I like the feeling of being at a table with your friends and family. It makes me very sad that there are people out there that can't enjoy that."

The celebration ensured that thousands more could worry a little less, and enjoy a little more.

Kim G. dishes about Danielle

Videos from Ranus Reviews with Kim G. 2 parts.

Will There Be A Fourth For Jill Zarin?

Word on the street is Jill Zarin will NOT be returning for the 4th season. She will possibly take a spiritual journey; I would if she can get a group rate and take Kelly with her???

Just wondering ;)

Danielle Staub Dishes On Showdown With Castmates, Gives Advice To Ashley

Check out what Famecrawler just got off the press!

Is Jill doing her fake posting again?

Check out Lynn's blog HERE to read about the hate posts for Alex/Simon and Bethenny fans.

Kim Granatell's tweets

Found a few tweets from Kim Granatell about the fashion brawl.

Danielle wanted me to rearrange the table to her liking and throw people off just so she could have the table the way she wanted. Of course!

That was my table. Danielle was an invited guest. The seating was based on 1st come 1st served. Danielle created chaos with the seating

Kim D and I both expected to win the Snake Award.. Ahhh!!! too bad!

As you can see my table was quiet and quite upset. Danielle never lightened up. As a result she ruined everyone's evening.

Chris lays down the law to Ashley

Click on THIS link to see Chris tell off Ashley

Jacqueline talks about how she met Chris and the FIFTH HOUSEWIFE

Excerpt from Jacqueline's blog. She refers to Danielle as the 5th housewife. What is she Voldemort, her name cannot be spoken.

For those of you who have been asking about how Chris and I met, I will tell you the story. Chris and I met the summer of 1996 when Ashley was only five years old. At the time, I rented a chair in a salon doing hair as a licensed cosmetologist in Las Vegas, Nevada where I had moved with my ex-husband and my parents in 1990. I also would work my salon schedule and appointments around certain weeks when I was modeling at conventions that frequently came to our town. It was good money that I needed and I enjoyed doing it. I don't really like to call it modeling because it wasn't as glamorous as print work and runway, but I had fun doing it anyway. I modeled clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, computer programs, just what ever came to town. I never took jobs out of town because I had to take care of a small child. One day my Dad, who was senior vice president of operations at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, told me that a coworker of his knew a guy that needed a model to work in his booth at a trade show in Chicago. It was for the the NSGA (National Sporting Goods) trade show or something like that. I could never afford a vacation, so a trip to Chicago sounded like a pretty good deal to me and came at a time when I really felt like I needed to get away. My Dad's coworker was a guy named Steve Shiripa. You may know him by his character on The Sopranos. Steve is actually the guy that introduced me to a friend who hired me to do that job in Chicago. Meanwhile, Chris was a jobber in the wholesale apparel business and was building a new company. He was returning from vacation when he and his brothers decided last minute to go to the convention in Chicago. Chris was living in New Jersey at the time. Fate and destiny at work. Chris and his brothers happened to come by our booth and his brother just happened to know one of the girls I was working with through her sister. Small world. Chris and I were introduced. I thought nothing of it, besides the fact that he was a handsome guy with pretty blue eyes and dimples who was very quiet and seemed shy, but sexy at the same time.

Chris and his brothers came back around later that day and invited us to a dinner they were having. I originally said no because I didn't know them well enough, but the girl I was working with kept insisting that she knew them to be good guys. She told me that Chris wasn't going to go unless I went. I found that strange and hard to believe because Chris and I hadn't spoken much, but I was intrigued at the same time. I finally agreed to go to the dinner but only if we met them there. Chris and I sat across from each other and basically tuned everyone else out all night while we talked and laughed. We had an instant connection. I had a great time with him. When I left, we exchanged numbers to keep in touch, never thinking it could go anywhere because of the distance between us. From that day on it was nonstop visiting and ridiculously long and frequent phone calls in which we really got to know each other and became the best of friends and fell in love. That went on for about five years. There was a year break between us after three years. I really had no desire to move to New Jersey at the time and pull Ashley away from my family and friends and he couldn't make the move to Nevada. We couldn't move forward. I was so in love with him and I wasn't dating other people, but I was scared to make the move. After our year apart, our failed attempts to get each other out of our minds and attempts of being with other people, we both realized we were just meant to be together and it wasn't worth fighting it anymore. We had missed being in each others lives so much. We knew we loved each other but I just didn't know where he would fit in and where it could go. We reconnected and then a year later he came to me and proposed to me right in front of Ashley. I had to make a decision right then and there. HELL YES! I decided to go for it. I knew if I didn't that I might regret it the rest of me life. I knew that I loved Chris, he made me laugh, we both enjoyed a lot of the same interests, we had the same family values, and wanted similar things for our future. I felt safe with him and knew that he would always take care of me and Ashley, and he'd treat her like his own daughter. It was the best decision I ever made! We've been together 14 years and we're still going strong. I still see my Nevada friends and family often. It all worked out.(While dating Chris I also went on to work for Lancome and worked on-call for swing and graveyard shifts as a cocktail waitress for a local hotel and casino called Samstown. I also freelanced as a makeup artist, just in case you were wondering.) That's the end of my long ass story and the beginning of a new one that you're more familiar with ... my life in New Jersey.

The only thing Teresa asked of everybody that she invited to her house was to not mention the fifth housewife's name. She wanted the party to be a positive, fun experience for everybody. Caroline was put on patrol that night to shut down any mention of you know who. She did a good job. Nobody wanted to hear her name or talk about her anymore. I heard Kim G. telling Caroline that I was obsessed with a certain someone when, at the time, KIM was the one constantly coming to ME to discuss that certain someone. Kim would also ask me for advice on how to handle her. It was just weird that she would go there like that, at that particular time, and to Caroline of all people. I felt it was uncalled for and I couldn't figure out why she did it. I was offended and needed to tell Kim why. A lot of that confrontation was cut out. It was mostly me reminding her of all the moments SHE came to ME to discuss that certain someone and what she had told me about her. I was not obsessed, I was upset. I feel like there is a difference. When Kim asked me what my problem was with that fifth housewife, I told her my reasons. End of story. Kim G. and I came to an understanding that night. She apologized and we moved on and started being friendly again.

I still really like Kim D. She makes me laugh. I know it seemed a little crazy for her to take over Teresa's mic during her housewarming speech, but Kim's heart was in the right place when she expressed how she was feeling. There was nothing wrong with Kim getting drunk at that party. Teresa wanted us to drink, have some laughs and enjoy the festivities. Kim was just feeling really good and happy at that moment and wanted to share that with us all. LOL! I thought it was hilarious. Caroline ... not so much. I had confronted Kim D. right away and was very honest with her from the beginning of our friendship about my suspicions of her and that I wanted to know the real deal between her and the fifth housewife. She explained herself and gave what seemed to be honest answers and I respected her for that. Kim had always been very pleasant to me and I had no reason to not like her. Who she is friends with is really none of my business. Kim D. told me all the ways the fifth housewife did her wrong and how she disposed of Kim when she no longer needed her. So Kim decided to start to treat her the same way in return. The fifth housewife and I both actually met Kim D. on the same day, ironically enough. We both were shopping in her store, Posche. A lot of the clothes you've seen us wear this season, including some of the jewelry, came from Posche.

Caroline comments on the Posche show

Excerpt from Caroline's blog. I read all the HW blogs and pick out the interesting comments. Here is Caroline's.

Regarding the fashion show, I think I’ll just talk about one or two things for now and reserve comments until next week. Remember, I wasn’t there, so I don’t want to make any assumptions. You know what happens when you assume, right? You make an ASS out of U and Me, get it? Sorry, lame joke. First thing's first. The fashion show was on a Wednesday night, and yes, it’s the only day of the week that we are all together as a family and we generally try to spend it together. However, I don’t care what night of the week the show fell on, wild horses couldn’t have dragged me there. Like I said, it was a recipe for disaster. Looks like I was right. If you remember I told Jac and Teresa the best thing to do was nothing. You need to pick and choose your battles; this one had no point and was not worth fighting. I need to address one thing, Ashley is a lot of things, and she can be frustrating to say the very least. But one thing SHE IS NOT is a COKE WHORE. What an absolutely disgraceful thing to say.

I do have to admit that I was amused by the appearance of a new bodyguard, or should I say "Donny Brasco." Whatever happened to the Sweathogs reject? I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, you just can’t make this stuff up, I swear.

The next episode looks to be quite the spectacle, though I can’t say that I’m looking forward to it. To be continued...

As always, thanks for watching, you guys are the best!


Danielle sorry she called Ashley a "coke whore"

Excerpt from Danielle's blog about Ashley.  This is the only mention in her blog about the Posche fashion show.

I would like to take a moment to say I am sorry for what I said about Ashley. It is never pretty to get in the mud with that kind of darkness and I shouldn't have done so. I’m not proud of that moment and I can promise I will do my very best to not do that again. I’m not going to make excuses, I’m just going to simply say, my sincere apologies.

Teresa defends her behavior at Posche fashion show

Below is an excerpt of Teresa's blog from Bravo, she talks about Danielle and the fashion show brawl.

So I guess I gotta go there. Again, please understand, none of us want to talk about Danielle. I find no pleasure in thinking about her for one second of my life, let alone writing about her. But we all agreed to be on a show together and part of that means we have to interact. Blogging our thoughts and opinions after the show is part of the deal. How many weeks is she just going to put up fake, bland BS on her blog? It’s so boring and lame. Maybe she really does want to get kicked off. There’s a Facebook poll out there, Danielle. Maybe you should sign it.

We all know she is full of crap because she was on Andy Cohen live last week talking trash about all of us, vemon dripping off her fangs onto her new bubbies, AFTER she wrote that she’s going to be all "love and light." Right…

I was sick to my stomach watching Danielle with her children. Jillian calls probably just looking for her mama, and Danielle tells her, "Mommy has a little situation here." Who talks like that to their baby girl? Why scare her? I’m sooo sad for those kids. Keep your crazy to yourself Danielle.

I have issue with Danielle saying she doesn’t know that I’m a nice person. She does know because we were friends once upon a time. Like Jacqueline, I gave her a HUGE chance last year. I even invited her, her kids, and her boyfriend to spend the weekend with me and my family at the beach! That’s not nice? I was sincerely trying to say hi to her at the fashion show. It was so childish and weird just staring at each other all night. I wanted to break up the tension. Who knew, right?

If anyone instigated anything, it was Danielle. She said she knew Kim D. wasn’t her friend anymore. Her daughter wasn’t walking in the fashion show. So why did she come? Why go somewhere to support someone you say don’t like if you weren’t trying to start trouble? And bringing a freakin’ bodyguard? Yeah, that went so well for you at the Brownstone. She was obviously there to make a big statement, show up late, talk on the phone, and then stomp around with her tiny, and actually very sweet, bodyguard.

And Paris Hilton, really? Really Danielle? Paris taught you to pretend you’re talking on the phone? I don’t think so. The only thing you have in common with Paris Hilton is a sex tape.

There were some really funny lines in the episode this week. Kim D.: "There won’t be any craziness. It’s a country club." Ashley: "I’m just going to ignore her." And the best of all, Danielle: "I’m not going to be running from anyone." Famous last words ... bitch!

I can’t wait until July 12th. Then you all get to see what really happened! For the record, Jacqueline and I were modeling those fur wraps as a favor to Kim D. They’re from Posche. I didn’t buy it. But I will say that when you see the next episode, just remember, the chinchilla made me do it. I think I was possessed by that damn coat!

So great meeting all of you this week! I love, love, love you all! Keep sending me your Skinny Italian stories and pictures. You can buy the book on the Bravo Shop. For my jewelry, clothing and appearance info, as well as the newest news – I’m coming out with a make-up line with my amazing artist Daniel Cerone very soon called TG Fabulicious! – visit me at or follow me on Facebook or Twitter at @Teresa_Giudice.

Tanti Baci,

Kandi talks celebrity bodyguards on Hello Beautiful

Click on THIS link to see Kandi talk about celebrities.

Kelly at" Eclipse" Premiere

Kelly attends The Cinema Society screening of "Eclipse"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kelly running in traffic AGAIN

Pic. of Kelly taking a chance of being ROAD KILL.

Bethenny's blog

Bethenny talks honestly about keeping in shape and your options. For more Bethenny blogs check out her site HERE.

Realistic Exercise
by: Bethenny Frankel
Most people’s issue with exercise is mustering the motivation to go to the gym, start running and show up for a trainer on time. Everyone knows how much better they feel afterwards, but that still doesn’t always get us off the couch and into our workout clothes.Obviously, we need to find out what works for us. Can we wake up in the morning? Will we be too tired after work? These things are no news to anyone. However, we are going about the whole process in the wrong way.Like dieting, if exercise becomes something “we have to start tomorrow” or we have to drag ourselves to do because the doctor said so or to be thin and in shape, we’ll never incorporate it into our lives on a long term basis. No one likes “having” to do something.The answer is to do exercise for the sole purpose of feeling better. Don’t make it something about counting calories or counting minutes on a treadmill. Find something that you can manage and that makes you feel better. Wouldn’t we all love to live on a beach so walking every day would be joyful instead of something we dread.Like eating, exercise can’t be your best friend or your enemy. You weren’t “good” because you worked out, and you weren’t “bad” if you didn’t. Somehow, find a healthy relationship with exercise so you are happy to have it in your life. For me, yoga is my salvation. I used to spend hours on the treadmill or spinning class which made me manic, anything but relaxed, and I ate much more than usual because of the intense workout. Many people gain weight when they are working out like this because the increase in calories consumed exceed those burned.This isn’t to say not to do cardio. It is only to say that what works for one may not work for another. Perhaps you enjoy swimming or walking to work. If you can commit to that a few days a week, you are bettering your life and not stressing because you can’t do something 5 days a week.This week I did yoga almost every day. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and I actually crave it. Yoga is an inexpensive massage that gets your body leaner and more healthy than anything else I can think of. I like that I do it as a gift to myself and not a chore.After a year of not getting on a bike, I took a spinning class the other day. I had so much extra energy, wanted to enjoy dance music and simply felt like it. Although it isn’t my exercise of choice, on that day it gave me what I needed. On vacation, I sometimes surf, snowboard or hike. Some weeks I’ll do nothing at all and let my body rest. I can handle these breaks because I have a healthy relationship with exercise and will always go back.Find what works for you, makes you happy, isn’t a chore and that you can really incorporate into your life long term.Most people’s issue with exercise is mustering the motivation to go to the gym, start running and show up for a trainer on time. Everyone knows how much better they feel afterwards, but that still doesn’t always get us off the couch and into our workout clothes.

Obviously, we need to find out what works for us. Can we wake up in the morning? Will we be too tired after work? These things are no news to anyone. However, we are going about the whole process in the wrong way.

Like dieting, if exercise becomes something “we have to start tomorrow” or we have to drag ourselves to do because the doctor said so or to be thin and in shape, we’ll never incorporate it into our lives on a long term basis. No one likes “having” to do something.

The answer is to do exercise for the sole purpose of feeling better. Don’t make it something about counting calories or counting minutes on a treadmill. Find something that you can manage and that makes you feel better. Wouldn’t we all love to live on a beach so walking every day would be joyful instead of something we dread.

Like eating, exercise can’t be your best friend or your enemy. You weren’t “good” because you worked out, and you weren’t “bad” if you didn’t. Somehow, find a healthy relationship with exercise so you are happy to have it in your life. For me, yoga is my salvation. I used to spend hours on the treadmill or spinning class which made me manic, anything but relaxed, and I ate much more than usual because of the intense workout. Many people gain weight when they are working out like this because the increase in calories consumed exceed those burned.

This isn’t to say not to do cardio. It is only to say that what works for one may not work for another. Perhaps you enjoy swimming or walking to work. If you can commit to that a few days a week, you are bettering your life and not stressing because you can’t do something 5 days a week.

This week I did yoga almost every day. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and I actually crave it. Yoga is an inexpensive massage that gets your body leaner and more healthy than anything else I can think of. I like that I do it as a gift to myself and not a chore.

After a year of not getting on a bike, I took a spinning class the other day. I had so much extra energy, wanted to enjoy dance music and simply felt like it. Although it isn’t my exercise of choice, on that day it gave me what I needed. On vacation, I sometimes surf, snowboard or hike. Some weeks I’ll do nothing at all and let my body rest. I can handle these breaks because I have a healthy relationship with exercise and will always go back.

Find what works for you, makes you happy, isn’t a chore and that you can really incorporate into your life long term.

No new Housewife for NJ?

Tweet from Jacqueline about adding a new housewife.

Luann writing for OK magazine

Luann has a writing gig with OK magazine, her column is What Would the Countess Do?  Check out her latest one.

What Would the Countess Do?: Politics Plus Hollywood; Rude Guests
June 28th, 2010 4:00 pm / Author: LuAnn de Lesseps

When it comes to etiquette, manners and overall good behavior, even celebrities need help navigating the rough waters of stardom! It’s a good thing Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of New York is joining forces with OK! to school them on the right thing to do! In a rough situation, we just ask, “What Would the Countess Do?” This week she weighs in on politics in Hollywood and being a rude guest.
Joe Biden’s wife is appearing on a Lifetime series, Army Wives. Is it proper for politicians and their spouses to enter the entertainment world?
Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden is appearing as herself on the Lifetime network program Army Wives to lend her support to our troops and their families. I think that there is nothing wrong with Dr. Biden’s decision to use a popular television show to draw attention to the sacrifices made by the men and women of the Armed Services. She will be appearing with other real Army Wives in this episode, which focuses on a free summer camp for military children. I applaud Dr. Biden’s decision to appear on Army Wives and think that we cannot do enough for our military families.

Tip: Use your influence and resources to support programs that matter to you the most.


Lady Gaga was recently in Jerry Seinfeld’s box at the Mets game and behaved very poorly. What is the best way for a rude guest to go about making amends?
Lady Gaga’s behavior at a recent Met’s game is inexcusable. She showed up at a daytime baseball game dressed in a bikini, fishnets and leather coat and then became angry when her fans noticed her. She was moved to Jerry Seinfeld’s VIP box after she was disruptive in her front row seats, then from his box, gave booing fans the finger. I think she needs to apologize to Jerry Seinfeld for her rude behavior. She should call him personally or send a note to make amends for her appalling behavior.

Tip: Don’t be surprised if people gawk at you if you wear a bikini to a baseball game. Wear discreet clothing and a baseball cap if you wish to remain incognito in public.


Real Housewives Killer Ratings

Post from TV by the numbers about Bravo's ratings.
by Bill Gorman

NEW YORK – June 29, 2010 – Continuing its record-breaking streak, Bravo scored its best second quarter in network history with double digit growth among the key demos, according to Nielsen Media Research. The network’s water cooler original series such as “Watch What Happens: Live,” “The Real Housewives” franchise, “Work of Art: Next Great Artist,” and its newest runaway hit “Bethenny Getting Married?” helped Bravo with average 820,000 total viewers and 502,000 adults 18-49, up 11 percent and 10 percent respectively. Attracting the most affluent and educated audience in all of cable entertainment among the coveted adult 18-49 demo, Bravo ranks as the No. 11 cable entertainment network on the dial. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter at

Additionally, Bravo celebrated its best June ever among all key demos, with an average of 933,000 total viewers and 584,000 adults 18-49, up 11percent (vs. 843,000) and 9 percent (vs. 536,000) respectively. And, for the first time ever in network history, Bravo averaged one million total viewers in primetime for the week of June 14th, earning the network’s best week ever. also posted impressive double digit increases, marking its best quarter ever in page views, uniques and video streams. To date, versus second quarter 2009, page view averages rose 48 percent to 87.7 million (vs. 59.3 million), uniques grew 34 percent to 3.47 million (vs. 2.59 million), and video streams increased 48 percent to 6.38 million (vs. 4.33 million). Additionally, scored its best month ever in June to date for page views and video streams, with an average of 104.9 million page views and 8.04 million video streams, up 52 percent (vs. 68.9 million) and 35 percent (vs. 5.97 million) versus June 2009. (Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst; 04/01/10-06/28/10 full day + 06/29/10 through 9:30am, versus full data for prior quarters.)

Bravo’s original series continue to break ratings records with the third season of “The Real Housewives of New York City” becoming the highest rated season for the New York franchise, averaging 2.52 million total viewers and 1.80 million adults 18-49, up 25 percent and 21 percent respectively vs. season 2, making Bravo the No. 1 cable network Thursday night at 10 p.m. for adults 18-49. In addition, “Watch What Happens: Live” had its highest rated episode on June 14 with nearly 2 million total viewers; new series “Work of Art: Next Great Artist” has grown 27 percent since its series premiere; and new series “Bethenny Getting Married” became Bravo’s highest series premiere ever among all key demos with 2.10 million total viewers and 1.35 million adults 18-49. Finally, “The Millionaire Matchmaker” recorded its highest season ever with an average of 1.30 million total viewers and 932,000 adults 18-49, up 14 percent and 13 percent respectively, and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is on pace to out deliver season one.

Source: Live+ 7 Day data through 6/13/10 blended with Live+ Same Day data through 6/27/10, June ’10: 5/31/10-6/27/10 vs. prior full months, 2Q10: 3/29/10-6/27/10 vs. full prior quarters, 2010: 12/28/09-6/27/10 vs. same weeks of prior years, network rank: Mon-Sun 8P-11P, includes ad supported cable entertainment networks that air in more than 50% of the daypart, single telecast/week/hour performance based on LS data, Thursday 10P rank: Thursday 10P-11P, 3/11/10-6/03/10, includes all cable, Affluent/educated: Live+ 7 Day data through 6/13/10 blended with Live+ Same Day data 3/29/10-6/27/10, P18-49 VPVH, M-Su 8P-11P, ad-supported cable, HHI $125K+ W/College.

Bravo is a program service of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBC Universal one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience. Bravo has been an NBC Universal cable network since December 2002 and was the first television service dedicated to film and the performing arts when it launched in December 1980

Guest blogger on Lynn's blog

Click on THIS link to see Lynn's latest blog by her guest blogger.

Kelly at the MET

Video from YouTube Kelly posted, her book American Style was in the American Women Exhibit.

Ramona looking fabulous at Covet

Tweet/pic. from Ramona.

At COVET with Marla my good friend don't we look happy??

Kelly's Hamptons Home

Click HERE to see a few pictures of Kelly's Hamptons House, it is quite beautiful.

Bethenny's Sour Cream Pound Cake

I tried this recipe out and it was great. I had a recipe that was loaded with fat from my mom but was to die for. I thought that I would never like a low fat version, I was wrong.

Sour Cream Pound Cake
Bethenny works her magic so you can enjoy this delicious zero-guilt cake.

Makes 12 servings.

•1 stick butter, softened
•1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
•1 banana, mashed
•1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt, such as Fage
•1/2 cup fat-free sour cream
•3 eggs
•3 egg whites
•3 cups oat flour
•1/2 teaspoon baking soda
•1/2 teaspoon baking powder
•1/4 teaspoon salt
•1 teaspoon vanilla extract
•cooking spray
•3 cups fresh mixed berries
•2 tablespoons powdered sugar

1.Preheat oven 325 degrees.
2.Cream butter and sugar in a bowl with an electric mixer on medium speed for 1 minute or until well-incorporated.
3.Add banana, yogurt and sour cream; beat on low speed until combined.
4.Whisk together eggs and egg whites in a separate bowl.
5.Sift oat flour and the next 3 ingredients (baking soda, baking powder and salt) in a large bowl.
6.Add butter and egg mixtures alternately into oat flour mixture.
7.Add vanilla, and pour batter into 10-inch tube pan coated with cooking spray.
8.Bake 1 hour or until a wooden pick inserted into cake comes out clean.
9.Slice into 12 pieces and serve each slice toasted and topped with 1/4 cup berries and 1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar.

Kelly lands the cover of Social Life

Nene sans wedding ring in L.A.

Post from Radar

by:Charles Grant
Real Housewives Of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes braved Los Angeles WITHOUT her wedding ring -- after finally splitting from her husband Greg Leakes.

Controversial NeNe - who has been married to her husband for 14 years – ventured out to an event on Saturday and it was clear she had taken off her wedding band. has also learned NeNe is terrified her ex may now reveal some shady secrets about the former stripper.

The pair infamously met him while she was working as a stripper called Silk at an Atlanta club.

But in recent times their marriage has been under pressure with NeNe being linked to NFL star Charles Grant and her son Bryson being arrested for being in the possession of marijuana.

A source told “NeNe has admitted that it’s over between her and Greg and she was not wearing her wedding ring recently.

“She is worried that Greg might go public about some of her secrets because she has admitted that she has some ‘skeletons’ in her closet.

“Also Greg has indicated that he might want some alimony payments from her should they get divorced, so, the situation could get really messy.

“As yet neither party has filed any divorce papers - NeNe just thinks her time with Greg has come to an end.

“She has no bad feelings against him but cannot believe she stayed in the relationship this long – they both still have possessions in their Atlanta home but have been spending more and more time apart.

“NeNe’s son Bryson is not that close to Greg and he has been standing-by his mom as her marriage has crumbled but she has definitely put on some weight recently.

“She was remaining tight-lipped about her relationship with the football star Charles Grant but was excited about a new segment she has started filming for a local Atlanta television station.

“NeNe hopes her split will be amicable but she is bracing herself in case Greg decides to be vindictive because she knows that he knows about her past.

“And he may try and cash-in on her fame by writing a book or giving interviews about their life together.”

NeNe, 42, who is originally from Queens, New York, met her current husband while she was working as an exotic dancer called Silk at an Atlanta club.

The reality star - who also has another son Brentt with Leakes – once revealed: “I could make $500 off one guy just by turning him on.”

“These men were obviously there to see what I had, and I quickly realized that those men weren’t there to make me feel bad about myself.”

The reality star recently unveiled a bizarre new look after having some plastic surgery on her nose.

NeNe will start in the third series of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta which is due to air late summer.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Danielle's BFF Kim G., should she replace Dina Manzo?

Kim Granatell tells Zap2it her thoughts on being a RH.


By Jethro Nededog
You know Kim G. as Danielle Staub's partner in crime. And, Kim Granatell will freely admit she has stirred the pot on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." Her name has been floated in the media as a strong candidate for Dina Manzo's vacated spot. But as Staub's sidekick, viewers also find her guilty by association. She says she expects the hate.

"You know what? They're going to trash me," Granatell tells Zap2it. "They're going to trash Jacqueline [Laurita]. They're going to trash the other girls. When you're in the public eye, that's what's going to go on. I'd be on medication if I read [all the opinions of me]. I know who I am."

In fact, after speaking to Granatell, we've learned that the story is always more complicated than it seems with the Franklin Lakes, NJ mother of three. And she'd love if the cameras could capture the other sides of her story, as well.

"They really haven't exposed my life in terms of my everyday living," Granatell says. "You know you see Jacqueline with the kids. You see Teresa [Giudice] going to the store. Well, I do that also. I'm a real, real mom. I have beautiful things. I have a driver, but my life isn't about cruising around with him."

Granatell has two sons who are college age and her daughter is in high school. She has been separated from her husband for seven years and she doesn't see the point of ever actually divorcing. "If it ain't broke," she tells us. Her money comes from her husband's company, which produces a cosmetics extract for Estee Lauder. Her other source of income comes from rental properties.

Like we said, there's always more to the story. You know Kim D. (or Kim DePaola), the other half of what we call, "The Killer Kims"? She is Granatell's sister-in-law, which Bravo hasn't seen fit to share with us yet.

"We are the two K's! The two backstabbing Kims," laughs Granatell. "I don't know what [Bravo is] waiting for. I thought maybe they were going to [reveal] it last week when we were sipping martinis together."

When we wondered where she was all of Season 1, Granatell let us in on an interesting factoid. Bravo once considered her for the cast.

"I was actually interviewed [by Bravo]," says Granatell. "But I have to tell you I was very skeptical, because my life was about to become an open book. I got very, very nervous."

At the time, she was dating a man that didn't want his life on television and whose entertainment friends warned Granatell against participating. She was actually relieved when the network told her they had found someone else.

Well, obviously things have changed. Today, Granatell says she would definitely join the cast next season if the network asked. And with people like Elvira Grau already throwing their hats in the ring, Granatell feels pretty confident she can deliver what the series needs.

"Quite frankly, I have the goods," she says. "Does Elvira have the goods? She couldn't play in my ballpark. I'd annihilate her in every which way."

Andy Cohen talks about The Real Housewives of D.C.

Article about the RHODC, Andy Cohen spoke to Zap2it about the ladies of D.C.


By Jay Bobbin
Thanks to an alleged party crasher named Michaele Salahi, Andy Cohen knows, possibly better than anyone, how much more "The Real Housewives of D.C." has become than when it was hatched.

Cohen -- Bravo's senior vice president of programming and development, and also the host of the network's show "Watch What Happens Live" -- was in the thick of the controversy that exploded last November over the White House visit paid by Tareq Salahi and his wife Michaele, one of the Washington-based "Real Housewives"` in the franchise's latest unscripted series, premiering Thursday, Aug. 5.

"We want people to know about this show for the five women who are in it, not just one," Cohen tells Zap2it, emphasizing the White House incident "happens within the latter part of the series. So much more happens in the show -- outside of what happened with the Salahis -- that I think when people see the first episode, they'll say, 'Oh!'

"You certainly get a fuller picture of Michaele," Cohen adds. "I think the fact that she's known (fellow D.C. 'Housewives') Lynda [Erkiletian] and Mary [Amons] socially for 15 years, and that they have interesting points of entry to her, helps complete the story."

Having showcased "Real Housewives" of New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and Orange County (Calif.) already, with Beverly Hills to come later, Cohen says the idea of making the nation's capital one of the sites "popped up after the (2008 presidential) election.

"The casting was really good; we really responded to everyone who made it into the show. They seemed larger-than-life and independent, living aspirational lifestyles, and they all were really rooted in D.C. They had something to say about it. And I think D.C. looks more upscale and sexier in this than it has in a while."

The Jersey girls rumble again

Good write up of tonight's RHONJ episode from the Star-Ledger.


By: Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger
Well, no one can accuse Teresa Giudice of not trying to earn her keep, and Lord knows, she needs the money. That was some vigorous pot-stirring on tonight's episode of "Real Housewives of New Jersey." She almost made Danielle Staub seem sane by comparison. Too bad we won't get to see the actual blow-up at the North Jersey Country Club for another two weeks; we do know the outcome, however.

The stage is set: Kim DePaola, proprietress of Posche in Wayne and professional-grade instigator, asks Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita to attend a fashion show at the North Jersey County Club. Danielle may be there, she warns/incites. They’re not sure if they’re going to go … but of course they’re totally going to go. They do conference with Caroline Manzo, who isn't going to the fashion show but tells them not to let Danielle rule their lives.

Danielle gets the finger: Danielle finds out that Kim D. has asked Teresa and Jacqueline and heads to the store to confront her about inviting “enemies.” When Danielle shows up at Posche, Donna, who works for Kim D., tells Danielle that Kim isn't in, which for some reason perturbs Danielle, who storms out of the store and calls her daughter to tell her there’s “a situation.” Is there any human interaction for Danielle that doesn’t qualify as “a situation”? Picking up her dry cleaning, maybe? Danielle: “The lady’s behavior at the desk I found to be unacceptable behavior for somebody who is supposed to be greeting a money-paying customer.” As opposed to someone who pays in livestock? Danielle asks Donna to have Kim D. call her when she gets in. Kim D. returns and gives Danielle a call. Danielle goes ballistic on her, saying she got Donna to be rude to her. Danielle returns to the store and says she's furious that Donna held up a finger to her (the second one, not the middle one) while she wrapped up a phone call. “This is what she did to me," Danielle freaks. "This is rude. This is wrong. And this was your way of saying, 'I can have my employees treat you anyway I want.'” She says she's hurt and betrayed. Kim D. basically tells her to take a hike, but Kim D. calls her later to ask her to let bygones be bygones. Come to the show, Kim D. says. "There's not going to be any craziness. It's a country club ... I'm not going to let anything bad happen." Yah. Kim D. has no idea what kind of crazy she’s invited to her fashion show, Danielle says. So Danielle does have at least an ounce of self-awareness.

Yes, they are all in junior high school: Kim D. has invited Teresa and Jacqueline to sit at her table. Danielle shows up late, a bodyguard (not Danny "A punk is a punk is a punk" Provenzano, thank goodness) in tow, along with Kim Granatell and other friends. Teresa, Jacqueline and Kim D. discuss who's going to say hello to who and how and whether they're going to walk over, etc. Meanwhile, Danielle pretends to talk on the phone. They are 12 years old. Danielle is angry to see Teresa and Jacqueline by Kim D.'s side -- "They're so desperate to get at me that they have befriend somebody that was my friend" -- and when she sees Ashley Holmes, Jacqueline's daughter, walking in the show, mutters, "Coke whore." It takes one to know one. Kim G. tries to get Danielle to pay attention to the show, but Danielle's having none of it. "These people harass me, terrorize me, threaten me, throw tables at me, call me a prostitute and a whore in front of my children?" Ashley, meanwhile, appears to be staring at Danielle and waggling her fingers at her. Real mature.

High noon: Danielle gets up to leave, and suddenly Jacqueline notices that both Teresa and Ashley are nowhere to be found. Jacqueline finds Teresa perched on a chair in the lobby. She innocently tells Jacqueline that she just wants to say hi to Danielle. And then Danielle walks by without a word. We'll just let their exchange speak for themselves:

Teresa: Danielle, hi! ... We're sitting across from each other, no hello, no nothing?
Danielle: I just said hello.
Teresa: Yeah, but I had to say hello first, right?
Danielle: I gotta go.
Teresa: Ah, what's the matter? You're running away?

(Danielle, in voice over, says, "You don't run at a psychopath, you run away from a psychopath." But the ever conciliatory Kim G. urges Danielle to talk to Teresa.]

Teresa: What's going on? I haven't seen you.
Danielle: No, you haven't.

[Teresa congratulates Danielle on daughter Christine's fashion show gig and tells her Gia also walked during Fashion Week. Danielle icily offers her congratulations.]

Teresa: So what else is going on?
Danielle: I really don't find this to be a friendly conversation. I find it to be too game-y.

[Kim G. tells her that Teresa is making an effort. Yeah, an extravagant effort to recreate her lightning-in-a-bottle table-flip moment.]

Teresa: After I flipped the table, you knew I was pissed, but I was like, Let me make things better. I was like, you know me, I'm like the sweetest person, I'm the nicest person. And I am the nicest person.
Danielle: I don't really know you that way.
Teresa: But I am. 'Cause you got me to that point.
Danielle: No, Teresa, you make your own decisions.
Teresa: No, honey --
Danielle, interrupting: Don't call me honey.
Teresa: I don't want to call you honey. (Something indecipherable, perhaps, "because you're an old hag." Teresa really needs to enunciate better when she attacks) I don't want to call you honey, bitch. Is bitch better?

And scene!

How about a couple of Emmys ... for the writers who scripted that exchange.

Elsewhere, Caroline is suddenly working the empty nest arc, which is almost as random as Danielle's "I'm not comfortable with my body" storyline. She asks Al Manzo to retire. He won't, and points out that all three kids are still living under her room. "The clock is ticking. If you don’t retire, I’m going to be crazy. You want a crazy person to come home to?” Looks like he already has one. How about getting a job, Caroline? Volunteering? Heck, beekeeping?

Lynn's new post

Click on THIS link to read Lynn's new post titled I Hate Jill Zarin RHONY Final – Sonja Morgan June 28, 2010.

Looking for drama

I will be writing a recap of the RHONJ tomorrow, but all I can say is how old are these women?  Nasty stares, pointing fingers and basically looking for a fight. Theresa said she gets soft and forgets, if that is the case why did it go to nasty with her so quick? She was looking for a fight with Danielle and Danielle was looking for trouble also. These housewives are my least favorite, the show tonight was a build up for the last 10-15 min. and we have to wait 2 weeks to see Ashley rip out some of Danielle's weave. And Danielle with her bodyguards, WTF. If she is so afraid and so annoyed with Kim D. why the hell did she go? The only thing that interested me tonight other than the fight was the food, it all looked good and made me hungry. Going to go grab something now.

Kandi talking men and BS

Click on THIS link to see Kandi talk about men and her low tolerance for their BS.

Kelly in Red

Tweet/pic. from Kelly.

Kandi from the RHOA on the town.

Tweet/pic. from Kandi, she looks fabulous.

Everybody follow @Joeyie he's the executive vice president of asylum & warner bros urban & a great guy!

Simon/Alex give support to the American Cancer Society

Interview from Appetite for Good.

By Francesca Bartolomey
It’s Real Housewives week here at Appetite for Good and I recently met husband and wife team Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen as they lent their support to a very worthy cause. The famous duo – and Brooklyn-residents – came out for the American Cancer Society event Eat, Drink, and Be Hopeful held at the lovely BellTel Lofts in downtown Brooklyn.

I got the chance to meet Alex and Simon and chat with them about what brought them out to the event.

“Cancer is a disease that touches so many people,” Alex began.

“[The caregivers are] often the rock supporting the person who’s been diagnosed.”
“Too many people,” Simon chimed in. He revealed that his first wife was a victim of cancer – who survived, fortunately – and continued, “When someone is first diagnosed, it’s often difficult in a different way for the caregiver to go through their own grieving process. They’re immensely worried about the person who’s been diagnosed, but they have all these questions as well. And so the great thing that American Cancer Society does is that it looks at not just the [research and development], but the mental support for both the person that’s been afflicted and the caregivers because they need the support as well. They’re often the rock supporting the person who’s been diagnosed.”

Not to miss a chance to laud their own borough, Simon enthusiastically added: “And of course this is the Brooklyn chapter of American Cancer Society and we love Brooklyn!”

I asked them what other organizations they support and Alex responded, “We try to mix it up.”

And they certainly do! Among the causes the pair supports besides American Cancer Society are the American Heart Association, the Brooklyn Style Foundation (which puts on Brooklyn Fashion Weekend to benefit struggling designers), Robin Hood Foundation (which fights poverty in New York City), New York Foundation for the Arts, and the New York City Opera.

But one thing Alex and Simon were adamant about was remembering the arts during the economic crisis – “It’s important not just to support the charities that help those who are ill…but we also need to look out for those that are nurturing the arts…Not only do we need healthy bodies, but we need healthy minds as well.”

“Absolutely,” agreed Alex. “And you have to feed both of those.”

“There are so many opportunities to do good.”
Alex also discussed the positive effect The Real Housewives of New York City has had on her ability to bring exposure to her causes: “One of the great things about having an elevated profile due to reality television [is that] a lot of what we film – we don’t control what makes it to the show whatsoever – but we can try and film things that will get publicity for organizations that need it, whether it is a charity or a brand new designer and you want to wear their clothes on the show. There are so many opportunities to do good.”

They hadn’t eaten yet so I didn’t want to monopolize them much longer so I ended on a fun – yet highly appropriate – note. I asked the two to name their favorite restaurants in Cobble Hill, their Brooklyn neighborhood. The interview quickly evolved into a We-heart-Brooklyn love-fest:

“Just one?” Alex inquired.

“It depends on the night,” said Simon, diplomatically. “Honestly, if we’re coming back late and we’re hungry, eleven o’clock at night you can’t beat Bar Tabac for a good quality, fast-but-good food.”

“I have to give a shout out to Watty & Meg,” said Alex after thinking it over for a moment.

“We had dinner there Sunday!” Simon added.

“We did, and the food’s really good and it’s really close…One of the great things about Cobble Hill is that we know our neighbors…We love the camaraderie and the amazing food. You really don’t need to leave the neighborhood for anything.”

“Brooklyn is a village.”

“We’re spoiled for choice!”

Simon even addressed the show: “You know when we first got on the show people were like ‘why are you on that show, you don’t even live in New York City.’ Uhh, yes we do…Look at where we are!”

At this point, my friend (and photographer for the night) Stephanie interjected: “If Brooklyn were it’s own city, it’d be the fifth-”

“Fifth-largest city in the country!” Simon finished. “Absolutely! It’s true!”

And we all shared a laugh! We shook hands and I bid them farewell. I have to say, I was pretty surprised by how sweet Alex and Simon were. They seemed genuinely pleased to be there supporting such an amazing cause.

This article wraps up the three-part series on the American Cancer Society’s “Eat, Drink, and Be Hopeful” event at the BellTel Lofts in downtown Brooklyn.

Salahis featured in US Weekly

From Michaele Salahi's facebook, not sure why some of the article is whited out

How to make the most buck out of being on The Real Housewives

Post from Styleite.

By: Ruthie Friedlander
Ah, the side projects of the Real Housewives. Keeping up with what those women do in addition to their respective reality shows is almost as difficult as keeping up with their drama.

Kelly and Ramona from the New York cast; Gretchen from Orange County; ShereĆ© from Atlanta; Teresa from New Jersey — it seems these women just can’t get enough of the side project businesses. And that’s not even including the array of singers (Kim and LuAnn), sex tap stars (Danielle), and authors (Jill and Alex).

So here is a rundown of some of Bravo’s Real Housewives’ fashion and beauty-related businesses.

Kelly by Kelly Killoren Bensimon is the New York Housewife’s navajo-inspired jewelry line which consists of pieces made from metal, leather, feathers, and crystals. The collection, priced at $50 to $150, is currently being sold country wide at Intermix.

Gretchen Christine Beaute is O.C. Housewife Gretchen Rossi’s makeup line, which she launched with the help of controversial boyfriend Slade last season, despite fellow cast member Vicky’s disapproval. We haven’t heard much of the makeup company, nor do we know if it’s sold anywhere other than her own website (we weren’t able to find it).

It’s impossible to talk about any Bravo Housewife series without mentioning Ramona Singer. Last season, Ramona spoke repetitively of the complete “renewal” of her life. Following the death of her father, she renewed her image by cutting her hair, renewed her marriage by having a second wedding, and because she’s so generous, wants to renew you as well, with her skin care line, Tru Renewal. This is Singer’s second side project, the first being her jewelry line — Ramona Singer Jewelry — with the Home Shopping Network.

She by Sheree is Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield’s clothing line, which her website claims is “coming soon.” After the success of her Atlanta-based boutique, Bella Azul, Whitfield decided to give into her passion for fashion and launch her own line, which will consist of “stylish dresses from day to evening.” We’ll believe it when we see it.

TG Fabulicious is New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice’s e-commerce shop. The products consist primarily of hair accessories modeled on her children along with some New Jersey and Italian pride t-shirts; a lucrative business endeavor, we’re sure.

Is the Real Housewives franchise toxic?

Great article on DBKP-Death by 1000 papercuts.

                                                                      Bravo's Phenomenal Ratings for Toxic Real Housewives

With the last episode of season three of Real Housewives of New York City, the 3-part reunion episodes, and lost footage aired, some viewers were dismayed by the level of “toxicity” between the NYC Real Housewives this season. Viewers who watch Bravo’s Real Housewives franchises based upon Bravo’s premise of “real” housewives and their fabulous lives. Across the Hudson River, the second season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise has, in my opinion, proved Bravo has officially jumped the shark, dropping all pretense of the fabulous lives meme with a level of toxicity which makes the cast of RHONYC look like pikers in the game of holding grudges and carrying out revenge. Beginning in tonight’s episode of RHONJ, viewers will see a midseason climax, the culmination of the script Danielle Staub wrote and has been acting this season. A script where Danielle claims the Manzo mob is out to get her.

Tonight’s episode will make Bravo Real Housewives franchise history: The first time, during Bravo’s reality show franchises about real housewives , a Bravo Real Housewife called the cops and pressed charges against fellow cast members with Bravo cameras there to record the altercation and Danielle’s first day in court.

The altercation occurred on November 11, 2009 at a fashion show held at Hamburg Turnpike Country Club. An altercation which was filmed by Bravo for season two. After the “altercation”, Danielle called the cops then signed complaints against Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita for harassment and harassment and assault charges against Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley Holmes. On December 3rd, Bravo cameras followed Danielle to court where Danielle dropped the charges against Teresa and Jacqueline. Danielle kept the charges of harassment and assault against Ashley Holmes, telling the judge, Danielle felt “threatened” by 19-yr-old Ashley.


But Staub pressed ahead with her complaint against Holmes, which alleges the teenager threatened “I’ll get her” and “I’ll kill you” before yanking Staub’s her hair so hard she ripped out a hair extension by the roots.

She told the judge that as she was leaving the ladies room after the fashion show “Jacqueline and Teresa were waiting for me and began yelling at me.”

Straub said she began to walk away but became frightened and started to run through the country club.

“I felt a little threatened,” she said. She claims she was pushed and scratched and broke her heel as she ran.

On January 30, 2010, the New York Daily News reported Ashley Holmes plead guilty to simple assault:

The daughter of cast member Jacqueline Laurita has been found guilty of simple assault for yanking out another housewife’s hair extension at a fashion show.

Ashley Holmes, 19, was fined $189, including $33 court costs, by Wayne Court Judge Lawrence Katz on Friday following the November ruckus with reality show star Danielle Staub.

As someone who has watched both seasons one and two, here’s my take on the real reality of the Danielle Staub, Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice, Ashley Holmes altercation.

This season on RHONJ Danielle has been busy padding a case against the Manzo’s, of Danielle “feeling threatened”. Danielle’s claims of a potential Manzo mob ambush at the Brownstone at a charity event held for a child with a rare form of cancer. Of Ashley Holmes sending threatening text messages to Danielle. Of Dina Manzo being a potential threat during a one on one meetup with Dina at a local restaurant. Of Danielle bringing on the show convicted felon and former member of the Genovese crime family Danny Provenzano for “protection” against the Manzo crime family.

The Brownstone episode proved Bravo’s premise of fabulous lives of real housewives had gone straight to the gutter. An episode where a real housewife–Danielle–brought onto the show a convicted felon, Danny Provenzano. Provenzano, who served time on racketeering charges, admitted during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live prior to sentencing that he “beat up” a man “badly” and smashed an associate’s thumb with a hammer.

During the Brownstone episode Danielle appeared with an “entourage”: Danny Provenzano and up to 20 men for “protection”. Another member of Danielle’s entourage, Danielle new BFF this season, Kim “G” Grantell, middle-aged socialite and mother of Caroline Manzo’s son Albie’s best friend. Viewers watched Danielle and Kim “G” as they gleefully watched Danny Provenzano threaten (on camera) to bust up the joint. (Danielle told Danny it was okay as long as he didn’t include the family of the little girl with cancer.) Later, Danielle and Kim “G” listened to Danny call Caroline Manzo’s son Albie a “faggot”. (Last season Danielle gave Teresa’s husband Joe a stern warning she wouldn’t tolerate Joe’s “gay slur” of “he’s so gay” directed at a dance instructor. This season, Danielle claimed Danny’s “faggot” comment was okay because 1) Albie wasn’t gay, and, 2) Danny was protecting Danielle.)

Danielle asked Danny Provenzano for “protection” when Danielle met Dina Manzo for a one on one talk at a local restaurant. (Bravo cameras recorded Danny and Danielle’s phone conversation of Danny telling Danielle he had his cell phone on his lap while he and his pal were stationed in their car in the parking lot.)

In another episode, Danielle showed Kim “G” a text message from Ashley Holmes, a message where Ashley told Danielle she was “going to hell”. Danielle asked Kim if Ashley’s message was a “threat”. Wise guy Kim “G” told Danielle to talk to the cops.

In tonight’s episode, Kim “G” accompanies Danielle to the fashion show. Also accompanying Danielle, a “bodyguard”. Since I’ve yet to see the episode it will be interesting to learn who approached who at the fashion show. Who was minding their own business and not, initially, looking to start a fight. Who escalated the fight? The answers will be revealed in tonight’s episode.

As for Danielle’s new BFF, Kim “G”, during a recent live episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live!, Andy asked Danielle if she and Kim “G” were still friends. Danielle gave a rather emphatic “no” while refusing to divulge why she and Kim “G”–the socialite who was Danielle’s BFF this season and who accompanied Danielle to court–were no longer friends. I can’t help but wonder when the split between the two former BFF’s occurred? Did the split occur after filming for season two ended? And, the reasons behind the split?

Season two of Real Housewives of New Jersey proved Bravo had officially dumped the fabulous lives of real housewives premise. Dino Manzo opted out claiming Danielle Staub’s on camera and off camera antics were too much for Dina who claimed she signed on believing the show would be “fun”. Danielle, while appearing on Andy’s show, claimed she might reveal the real reasons why Dina left with Danielle alluding to far more sinister or shady reasons which Danielle might reveal on the reunion episode. Which leads back to Bravo’s original premise and the reasons why Bravo continues to feature Danielle Staub as a “real housewife”. The answer: Phenomenal ratings for Bravo.

According to Live Feed, last season’s RHONJ reunion episode, which aired after only six episodes, had 3.5 million viewers, the highest rated season finale of Bravo’s Real Housewives reality show franchises.

According to Hollywood Insider, the third season of Real Housewives of New York City averaged 1.3 million viewers, the highest rated season of RHONYC. The final episode, 2.64 million. Part one of the reunion episodes, 2.24 million total viewers.

On August 5th, Bravo is set to premiere Real Housewives of D.C. featuring White House gatecrasher Michaele Salahi. For details on Michaele and her husband Tareq, a couple with a track record of lawsuits and bankruptcy read the article written by the New York Times. Over at the Washington Post, Michaele Salahi’s claim she was a former Redskins cheerleader with Michaele going to extraordinary lengths to perpetrate the “I was a Redskins Cheerleader” falsehood for the benefit of a Bravo production camera crew.

While the Salahis were busy making Bravo reality show history gatecrashing a State Dinner at the White House in November seeking reality tv celebrity fame, the fallout wasn’t so fabulous for Desiree Rogers, Obama’s social secretary and the Secret Service. In February, Rogers resigned.

The Washington Post:

An administration official noted that Rogers was an especially hard worker who had many successes, including the National Governors Association dinner at the White House on Feb. 21.

Still, the security fiasco at the state dinner for the prime minister of India proved to be an embarrassment, and when she tried to reassert herself, she was quickly shot down, forced into a lower profile.

“Once the state dinner deal went down,” said the official, “people who had other political agendas started micromanaging every part of her business.”

Danielle's protector Danny on Jimmy Kimmel

Video taken before Danny went to jail. Danny was promoting the film "This Thing of Ours" Starring Frank Vincent, Vincent Pastore, James Caan, Eddie Lynhc, Danny Provenzano, and Paul Vario AKA "Big Paul".

Jill on Wendy Williams talks about Bethenny

Just found this clip, it has been out there over a month, but I thought I would throw it up here anyway.

RHONJ financial troubles detailed

Article from Reality Tea detailing the financial troubles of the housewives.

Caroline Manzo – Caroline’s husband Albert Manzo has been involved in over 30 judgments and liens (one brought on by a family member) since the early ’90s up until two years ago . Throughout the ’90s and into 2000, there were several judgments against Caroline for nonpayment of hospital and doctors’ bills, as well another judgment involving “Church Chronicle Publishing.”

•A state tax lien for $10,546.17 was filed against Albert Manzo in 2000.
•A judgment in favor of the Federal Mortgage Association for $148,000 also against Al.
•A few judgments in favor of the First Bank of USA and North Jersey Federal Credit for a combined total of over $10,000.

Dina Manzo – Jezebel reports out of all the housewives, Dina is the only one who has a clean slate when it comes to her financial history. Her husband, Tommy Manzo, is however a different story. Dina married Tommy (the brother of Caroline’s husband) in 2006 in a lavish wedding that reportedly cost $1.5 million. The wedding was featured on VH1’s My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding. You can watch that here.

•Tommy was sued by American Express for $12,599 in 2007
•He was also sued by the Bank of America for an undisclosed amount.

Jacqueline Laurita - Similar to Dina, Jacqueline also seems to have a clean financial slate. However as we reported this week, the company of Jacqueline’s husband, Chris Laurita, filed for bankrupty last year. The company, Signature Apparel Group LLC, was behind the Rocawear and Eve’s Fetish clothing brands. The financial issues found on the Lauritas were for the years 1988 and 1990.

•United Jersey bank successfully won a judgment against Chris for over $18,000 in 1988.
•American Express also successfully won a judgment against Chris for almost $3000 in 1990.

Danielle Staub – Danielle has been very vocal about her financial troubles on the show despite carrying designer bags, wearing $500 leggings from Neiman Marcus, getting Botox and lip injections, and having (her fourth) breast augmentation. Jezebel also shuts down Danielle’s claim that she was the first woman in New Jersey to own an American Express black card, something she bragged about in season one of the show.

•A federal tax lien was placed against Danielle in March 2006 for $111,161 by the IRS.
•Also in 2006, a civil suit was filed against Danielle by an attorney for an undisclosed amount, most likely stemming from nonpayment of legal bills.
•In February 2007, a different federal tax lien was placed against Danielle— filed in a new county—and her ex-husband, Thomas Staub for $130,577 by the IRS.

Teresa Giudice – Thanks to the uncovering of her 2009 bankruptcy filing, most of Teresa’s financial troubles have now been made very public. The only new information uncovered about the Giudices comes via PEOPLE magazine’s cover story on the couple which accused Joe Giudice of being a slumlord. Jezebel confirms this and shows court documents that go back well over 10 years showing the Giudices have been sued by numerous tenants and a heating company. A small sampling of nearly 20 civil cases were uncovered.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bethenny at NY pride march

Pics. from Bethenny's twitter.

Sonja Morgan toaster oven chicken parm

This video has been out for a while but I just tried it and loved it, maybe you will also. I have never had chicken parm without breading and was suprised at how good it was.

Dina Manzo in NY at pride march

Tweet/pic. from Dina.

Is this the best or what???

Buy a piece of Tamra Barney's wardrobe

Tamra is selling some clothes on e-bay if you are interested in taking a look click HERE.

Michaele Salahi giving away 8 tickets to Real Housewives of D.C. premiere

The Salahis are having a wine label contest, below is the info. if you want to try to win 8 tickets to RHODC premiere.

Enter our Oasis Winery label design competition for our Real Housewives Chardonnay & Real Housewives Cabernet Wine Label! Send your interest to:

The winning design will receive $1000 gift from Oasis Winery and 8 VIP Tickets to the Premier of the Real Housewives of DC on August 5th in Washington DC! XOX

Real Housewives of Orange County filming

The RHOOC are going to be filming in about a month, and they will be airing that season around January 2011, late start for the OC girls.

Jersey Shore does Twilight

Video of the Jersey Shore cast doing a Twilight parody, nothing to do with RH.

Luann and her dudes

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@countessluann with her 2 men!!

Jill hanging out with the Jersey Shore Cast

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Hanging with jersey shore @jenniwoww @vinnyguadagnino !!

Goddess Bethenny

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 Bethenny, re-imagined as a Dionysian goddess being tended by Jason and Shawn
Photo:Getty Images, Photo illustration: Mike Vilensky and D.J. Baskin

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Too Much Salahi Coverage? Interview With The District Dish

Article from the Washington Post.

By Andrew Alexander
The Salahis. Had enough?

Anne Martin of McLean has. She's one of many readers who complained recently after The Post offered still more coverage of Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the White House dinner crashers who have become famous for trying to become famous.

"Enough with the Salahis!" Martin protested. "I am tired of The Post's continuing efforts to give this couple exactly what it wants: publicity."

The day Martin wrote, the cover of the Style section was dominated by a large color photo of Michaele Salahi above two columns written about her selection for Bravo's "Real Housewives of D.C." reality TV show. There was another photo of her inside Style. And all this coverage was teased on The Post's front page, which ran a color photo of the controversial couple.

"If I see one more photo/story/snippet about them, I will cancel the Post subscription I've had since 1978," Martin warned.

Brace yourself. More is on the way.

There will be coverage when "Housewives" debuts Aug 5. And more will grow out of various investigations. A federal grand jury is exploring the White House security breach. The U.S. Agriculture Department is examining Tareq Salahi's receipt of a grant to study the impact of Virginia winery tourism. Virginia officials are investigating fundraising activities of the couple's America's Polo Cup event.

Since the Salahis' White House exploits generated headlines seven months ago, they have been written about in more than 110 Post stories or columns. The coverage totals more than 2,200 column inches, the length of a novel. There have been scores of photos. All told, more than 30 reporters and researchers have contributed.

In addition to believing The Post is feeding the Salahis' hunger for publicity, some feel the coverage has lowered the paper's standards. District reader Ronnie Kweller e-mailed that it caters to "lowbrow taste." In a later phone conversation, she said The Post "should try to elevate the interest and concerns and the awareness of readers, not just give them all this gossip crap."

There have been serious aspects to the coverage, of course. The breach of presidential security, first reported by The Post's Reliable Source column author Roxanne Roberts, resulted in congressional hearings and criminal inquiries. And Post stories late last year revealed the Salahis have left a troubling trail of fractured business relationships, lawsuits and unpaid bills.

But at its core, reader interest centers on the unique audaciousness and astonishing self-absorption of the Salahis. Many object to continuing coverage because they find the couple detestable, especially the Salahis' moth-to-flame craving for media attention. Many readers have told me they view the couple as villainous and some eagerly await the Salahis' comeuppance.

But many of those same readers harbor a what-will-they-do-next curiosity. They're eager for each new episode in what amounts to a serial drama. The Salahis don't disappoint. Journalistically, they're a gift that keeps giving.

"These people are characters," said Reliable Source author Amy Argetsinger, who often writes about them. "People enjoy reading about them, even if it's with an undercurrent of loathing.

"Of all the e-mails we get from people saying 'Stop writing about the Salahis,' I would say that we get slightly more from people who have said: 'Why haven't these people been arrested yet?' "

Ned Martel, an editor of the Style section, believes the Salahis fascinate readers because "they are a couple that says a lot of things about a lot of things . . . about society, about pop culture and reality television, about social climbing, about people who feel included or excluded, about falsity and overextension in terms of personal finance."

Their narrative also reflects a shift in celebritology, in which reality TV personalities increasingly compete with movie stars and pop artists. "It's part of a growing phenomenon," Martel said. And with the upcoming "Housewives" reality series set in Washington, he added, "we're devoting more attention to it."

Some coverage has struck me as excessive. Style's June 15 blowout, which drove reader Anne Martin to the brink of cancellation, seemed over the top. (Martel disagrees.) But mostly I've been comfortable with the Salahi coverage and presentation. Stories appearing in the A section deserved to be there. Items of passing interest were properly relegated to the Reliable Source.

The Post's news focus must always be on the weighty issues of the day, such as the continuing financial crisis, the gulf oil disaster or the fighting in Afghanistan.

But the Salahis offer an entertaining -- if often maddening -- break from the steady diet of grim and gloom that so often dominates The Post. There's a place for their "gossip crap."

The District Dish:

Caroline Manzo drops 20 pounds

Article from Entertainment Weekly about Caroline.

by:Emily Exton
Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is turning heads after recently losing 20 pounds. Despite the never ending Italian meals her family and friends seem to enjoy regularly, Manzo has taken control of her body through an emphasis on portion control. “I eat what I want. I just eat the bad things earlier on in the day,” she told People at the New York premiere of Grown Ups on Wednesday, before adding, “Don’t think pasta will never be a friend of me.” Okay, just kidding, she actually said this: “If I want pasta, I have it for lunch instead of for dinner. That’s all. If I want a piece of cheesecake, I have half instead of a whole.” Sounds easy enough, right? Manzo also attributes her new figure to 45 minutes to an hour of exercise at least 3 times a week, cutting out soda and juice from her diet, and drinking lots and lots of water. (I knew there was a catch).

Kudos to Caroline for making healthy changes (and just in time for the upcoming Housewives reunion special!?). But I can’t help but wonder, will this really put an end to the Manzo family “ham game”?