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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The RHOBH Talk To Access Hollywood

Lynn's RHONJ Part One Review

Click HERE to read Lynn's latest post about the RHONJ reunion.

Teresa's RHONJ Reunion Blog

Blog post from Teresa talks about her nephew and why she lost it.

Go Big or Go Home
By: Teresa Giudice
Ciao Tutti!

OK, deep breath. Exhale. Watching the first part of the Reunion show was completely crazy, made my heart race, and I lived through it!

First, a public apology to Andy Cohen. I love love love you. I’m sorry I pushed you, but it’s just my natural reaction to try and shake people off when they’re holding me back. And I know it’s just a natural reaction to try and hold someone back who’s on the move. Thank you for caring about me and for being such a gentleman. You are the best.

Yes, I was mad, but I promise, I would never touch a hair on Danielle’s head. She’s just not worth it, she’s sue happy, and it’s what she wants. I know this and I would never give it to her. I do have self-control when it comes to being physical. But I am a screamer. I can’t help it and I do own it. I’m just very vocal when I’m mad. I’m Italian and I live in New Jersey – we cook big, we love big, we laugh big, and we scream big. At least I do anyway. It’s who I am and I’m not going to change for anyone, especially not cameras.

But like Caroline said and Dina said last year, I’m really only like that very rarely and only when I’m pushed to the edge. Danielle just knows how to get in there and push buttons. Instead of taking care of her beautiful daughters, she spends her time running around town trying to dig up dirt about all of us. And then she spits it back at you when you least expect it. It’s ALWAYS lies, but it’s shocking to hear because she’s letting you know she’s talked to people in your life. It would make anyone crazy.

When I’m attacked, I attack back. I have never gone after her first. Except for being on the show together, we don’t interact. I don’t sit around and talk about her. I don’t Twitter about her. I don’t try and find out things about her. I don’t care. But I won’t stand for her to bring up things that have nothing to do with the show and are none of her business and that are total lies. Who would sit back and let someone spew lies about their family on national television?

Danielle’s all about making a fresh start and not wanting people to talk about her past (and her skanky present), but then she starts in with my family. For the record, I said “Do not BRING up my family” not “break up” – she could never break up my family, but she does need to keep their names out of her mouth. Of course I have a lot of wonderful family members and friends that are not shown on the show. It’s completely unacceptable for Danielle to drag them into the mud and lie about them.

I know I opened my home and my heart to the viewers and I’m so blessed you have let me. But my extended family – my aunts and cousins and in-laws – didn’t and they deserve their privacy. I would not answer anything about them because it’s nobody’s business, but since so many of you asked what Danielle said that made me so mad, I will tell you as best I can…

In April, my newest nephew was born off camera. (No, not Jacqueline’s baby; Jacq and I are not related.) And no he’s not sick. He’s perfect and beautiful and we’re blessed to have him in our lives. If you all remember, I was scheduled to do the live Bravo Chat Bubble for a Real Housewives of New York episode the night he was born, and I was at the hospital so long, I was late logging in. So, yes, of course I was at the hospital when he was born!

When we were talking about Danielle not even acknowledging the birth of Jacqueline’s new baby Nicholas – which is part of the show – Danielle jumped in and accused me of not acknowledging my own new nephew. Did you see my face, how confused I was? At first, I had no idea what she was talking about because I WAS there and my 90,000 Twitter followers were kind of at the hospital with me that day too. But then I realized what she was saying – that she had been digging around my extended family and trying to find dirt on me and defame them. And I just had it. I will not stand for that (or sit still anyway).

It’s the same thing that happened at the Fashion Show. My life is complicated and stressful enough due to the bankruptcy and the ongoing legal issues we’re going through right now. If you’ve ever been in the legal system for anything, you know it’s painful, private and definitely not fun. I wish I could say more about my finances and address the inaccuracies in the press more clearly, but our case is still open, so I can’t. Then to have Danielle throw one of her little bombs at me about my house being in foreclosure (which for the love of all that is holy it is NOT!) let me know she was in my legal business as well. She needs to stay out of my private business. I’m not in hers. Never have been.

So to answer the question about why I talked about her sleeping with Steve after just meeting him and then screwing around with him at my Shore house in front of both mine and her daughters… that is connected to the show. In the first season, I gave her a chance. I invited her and her girls and her new boyfriend into my home, and she disrespected me and horrified me with her behavior. We all saw it. And then she lied about it. Lied and lied and lied and then denied. Everyone always asks me what I was saying when I flipped the table last year. I know a lot of it was bleeped out, but here’s the answer: "You f----ed a guy in my Shore house!" That’s what set me off. Completely and utterly disgusting.

The only other thing I have to say about part 1 is sorry Caroline, but I’m afraid I don’t agree with you about prostitutes. Call me old school, call me old fashioned, but I do have a problem with them. I think they do hurt more than just themselves. I’m not a big fan of whores – the prostitution, coke or skanky kind.

On a happier note, it was awesome that Andy mentioned my New York Times best-selling book Skinny Italian. Thank you all for making it such a success and embracing my family’s culture and cuisine. I’m hard at work on the next book – but it will have all new recipes and juicy stories – no quickie rehashes here – so you’ll have to get both!

Thank you all for your support. I answer only to God, I’m not going to change for a show, but I do appreciate all of your kind words and sweet messages. They really make a huge difference in my day!

Visit my website at for more information about Skinny Italian including a list of the recipes, gorgeous photographs and the latest news from the Giudice family. There’s an awesome unaired bonus clip on Bravo of the behind-the-scenes making of the book. So fun!

And follow me on Twitter @teresa_giudice. I answer as many tweets as I can, but I do read every single one.
Tanti Baci,

Bethenny Rejected Bravo's Offer To Return For Season Four

Post from US Magazine.

Photo: Wire Image
After three seasons, Bethenny Frankel exclusively tells Us Weekly she is leaving the hit Bravo show.

“Last season was scary and painful," she tells Us about why she’s rejected Bravo’s offers to return for season 4, which begins filming Sept. 20, according to a source. “It took all of the joy out of it.”

Last season, Frankel, 39, continued to fight with rival Kelly Killoren Bensimon, but it was her intense feud with former BFF Jill Zarin that hurt her the most.

Zarin, 46, bad-mouthed Frankel to their castmates - and even tried to get some not to film with her (she has since apologized).

Frankel -- who welcomed daughter Bryn in May with husband Jason Hoppy -- tells Us she doesn't "see any reason to go back."
This summer, she debuted her own spinoff show, Bethenny Getting Married? The June 10 premiere attracted more than 2 million viewers -- about the same as RHONY averaged in season 3 -- the highest rated debut for a new Bravo show.

Though a Bravo insider reveals that Frankel is contractually bound to make a few appearances on RHONY next season, the network is still hoping that she’ll come back full-time.
But Frankel (whose empire includes books, Skinny­girl margaritas and a Body by Bethenny DVD) tells Us, “My gut’s saying not to be part of this cast."

RHONJ Reunion Part Two Sneak Peek

RHOBH Sneak Peek

Caroline's RHONJ Reunion Blog

Blog post from

Exit Off Crazy Turnpike
By: Caroline Manzo
Hello again! 17 down, 1 to go! I have to admit that I’m not quite sure how to address tonight’s episode. I feel like we’ve been down this ugly road before and quite frankly, I’m ready to take the first exit off the crazy turnpike. There’s no denying that this reunion was literally the modern day version of the OK Corral. We filmed for ten hours. TEN HOURS. It was one of the most frustrating and mentally exhausting things I’ve ever done. You need to understand the process. First, we live and experience what you see week to week in real time. Months go by, and we relive those moments as we watch each episode along with the viewing audience. In that time, we blog about it, talk about it in the different media venues, and answer all of your questions. When we meet to film the reunion, we’re pretty worn out emotionally. It’s liked the movie Groundhog Day. You wake up every day and you feel like you’re trapped in a time warp! Naturally, all of the emotions you’ve experienced in the past year or so come back to you full force during the reunion taping. It’s the moment of "truth." It’s the last time you’ll have to address any issues you may have with a castmate, or explain comments or behavior on your part too.

Sooo, here we go… let's talk about tonight’s episode. First things first. I expected yelling, screaming, and tears. I NEVER expected Andy to get tossed like a rag doll. I was in complete shock when that happened. Actually, I had to compose myself because I wanted to cry. Seriously, I did. When Teresa jumped off the couch and approached Danielle it was literally within the first ten minutes of filming. The only thing going through my mind at that moment, beyond the obvious WTF is going on, was that I couldn’t sit through hours and hours of this. If this is happening now, what’s it going to be like when we get to the real issues? Thank God it never got to that level again, it was an ugly moment. Ugly, ugly, ugly.
Now, let’s talk about me. First I need to explain a comment I made before you all have a stroke. When I told Andy that I didn’t find anything wrong with stripping and prostitution I simply meant this: A stripper puts herself (or himself) on stage and takes off their own clothes, no one else’s. A prostitute sells his or her own body, no one else’s. When someone goes to a strip club, or visits a prostitute, they do it voluntarily. It’s an individual's choice.

I’m not going to relive all the drama of the season tonight. I’ve already addressed it in previous blogs. I’ve received thousands of comments regarding tonight’s episode with everything from "I love you," to "You’re a bully." I get it; it’s totally expected and normal to have a mixed bag of emotions. Guess what? It is what it is. There was absolutely no way in the world I was going to sit quietly and listen to the lies and accusations that were being tossed around. My reactions were genuine and heartfelt. I wasn’t playing to the cameras, and I wasn’t looking for anyone’s sympathy. Those ten hours were my last chance to say what I had to say. It was the last time we were all going to be together and there were some issues that needed to be addressed. I take full responsibility for what I said, and how I presented myself. Trust me, I had a range of emotions as I watched from happy to sad, proud to embarrassed. That makes me just like the rest of you … HUMAN.

Next week is our last episode. I have my blinker on, looking forward to exiting the “crazy turnpike” and finding the “sunshine and lollipop highway”….. wish me luck.

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for watching week after week. You’re the best.


P.S. Kudos to my Lauren! She did my makeup as well as Jacqueline’s. Great job LaLa…. You made you’re momma beautiful. Xoxo

P.P.S. I have a new advice column and website! Check it out! (please)

The RHOBH Premiere Date And Cast Photo

Post from People.

By:Charlotte Triggs
It’s official! The Real Housewives are invading Beverly Hills for the latest installment of the Bravo reality franchise, debuting Oct. 14 — and many of the casting rumors are turning out to be true.
Adam Olszewski/Bravo
Camille Grammer, who filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years, Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, in July, will appear on the series. The mother of two is said to share several on-camera scenes with her ex during the upcoming season. Grammer owns a TV production company and has a collection of rare first edition books, including Pride and Prejudice and The Sound and the Fury.

Adrienne Maloof: The New Mexico native is part of the Maloof dynasty, which owns the Sacramento Kings basketball team and the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. She has three young sons — Gavin, 7, and twins Christian and Colin, 4 — with her husband, prominent plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif.

Kim and Kyle Richards: The Richards sisters are former child stars, who both appeared in Disney films like Escape to Witch Mountain and projects like Little House on the Prairie. Their other sister is Kathy Hilton — Paris Hilton‘s mom.

Lisa Vanderpump: The British restaurateur is a new fixture on the Beverly Hills scene, running two restaurants and writing a skincare column in Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine. Married for 29 years to her husband Ken, she’s the mother to Pandora, 24, and Max, 18. She also has four dogs.

Taylor Armstrong: Wife of a venture capitalist, Armstrong moved to Beverly Hills seven years ago from Oklahoma, and focuses on raising her daughter Kennedy, 4. She also runs her own SAP firm, eImplement Inc., and volunteers for the 1736 Family Crisis Center.

Should Teresa Be Kicked Off The RHONJ?

Post from Babble.

Posted by MaraLee
On last night’s explosive The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Teresa Giudice pretty much loses her mind. Kelly Bensimon on “Scary Island,” was nothing compared to her crazy!

Photo: Bravo
Within the first five minutes of the show, Teresa drops the B-word several times at Danielle Staub and tries to attack her. Video is below for those who missed it.

Sometimes when these women fight it seems staged and there is no doubt that producers egg them on to scream and cry. The ratings are much higher if they have to bleep out swear words or there is the suspense of someone walking off with the possibility of them never coming back. But you can normally tell when someone is going off, they have it mostly under control. Teresa seemed like she had a mental break with reality and could actually harm Danielle.

Teresa even physically pushed Andy Cohen (who let’s face it, should probably work out more), sending him flying on to the couch. You can tell that this was not part of the plan when he scolds her and tells her to keep her butt in her seat.

Teresa has displayed dangerous behavior and she should be kicked off the show. Sure Danielle, the source of her anger, will not be back next season, but if Teresa is this mad at her, she can get this mad at someone else. No one got hurt this time…but Teresa has shown that she is completely capable of attacking someone. And what if producers aren’t around to stop her? I could see an off-season brawl leading to more than just a wounded extension.

What do you think? Should Teresa be kicked off?

Teresa Loses It Over Her Nephew?

Post from Reality Tea.

The Jersey ladies are gathered together for the first time in over a year, with the exception of Dina Manzo, who exited the show mid-season because of Danielle Staub. Despite Dina’s absence, she is still the topic of conversation among the housewives and Teresa has no problem putting all of the blame on Danielle.

Photo: Bravo
A video clip shows the aftermath of a fight between Danielle and Teresa. It seems Danielle brings up Teresa’s family, and she decides to take out her bankruptcy humiliation frustration on her.

You have all likely seen the previews by now which shows Teresa Giudice shoving host Andy Cohen as he tries to hold her back. Well, Teresa is now speaking out about her actions, trying to explain why she want ape nuts on Andy.

“I didn’t mean to shove Andy,” Teresa tells UsWeekly. “I love Andy.” On why she shoved him, she said: “When I’m attacked, I attack back. I don’t like to be held back or touched…Listen, I know how to control myself. Just don’t hold me back!”
Caroline Manzo gives her take on the reunion show as well, “There are no words,” she said. “Just no words. I could not compose a rational thought in my head for two days [after the taping]. It took me two days to regroup.”

There is also a rumor that has been going around for the past couple of weeks stating that Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice has been having an affair with a Jersey woman named Tara G. We received an email about this a while back, with someone telling us that everyone in the Giudices hometown is aware of this woman and the affair, including Teresa.

We didn’t publish this as there was no proof attached to the email. So, if there’s anyone out there with proof, photos, last names, facebook pages etc, Please feel free to email us the details using our site contact page or at

A  clip of the reunion:

Red Carpet Fashion Wrap With LuAnn

Video of LuAnn's apperance on Lawrence Zarian's Fashion Wrap.

LuAnn Performing At Fashion's Night Out

From LuAnn'a Facebook.

I'm so excited to sing at Macy's during San Francisco's Fashion's Night Out, September 10 at 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there!

Carmen Centolella Contradicts Danielle's Story About Her Kidnapping

Article from

By:Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger
Follow "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Staub has always downplayed her role in a kidnapping and extortion scheme in Miami nearly 25 years ago, when a drug deal gone bad led to her arrest and nearly month-long jail stint. The arrest, described in the true-crime memoir "Cop Without a Badge," was used by Staub's fellow housewives in attempt to discredit and shame her on the first season of the reality show.

Photo: Mike Derer/AP
But the victim, Carmen Centolella, now claims that the reality show star helped choreograph the drug deal, and that she pistol-whipped him and stuck a gun in his mouth during his two-day ordeal.

Share Centolella’s story diverges wildly from the tale Staub has tells in the pages of her memoir, "The Naked Truth." She claims in the book that she had introduced Centolella, a neighbor in her Miami apartment complex, to some friends who — lo and behold! — were drug dealers. Centolella got some drugs from them to resell, but then claimed a couple of guys robbed him and took the drugs, a story that Staub didn’t buy.

"The neighbor tried to do dupe them and make me look really bad," she writes (Staub doesn't mention Centolella by name in the book, though his name is in the court records). "The more I think about it over the years, the more I believe that he was hoping they would blame me and hurt me for his misdeeds. What a coward!"
Centolella describes Staub, then known as Beverly Merrill, as an acquaintance with whom he’d snorted cocaine with on occasion. He says he had no idea Staub had become a reality show queen until Staub’s ex-husband, Kevin Maher, tracked him down and asked him to testify in his defamation suit against Staub. Maher, the subject of "Cop Without a Badge," filed the lawsuit after Staub claimed that Maher repeatedly beat her and raped her during their marriage.

Centolella says Staub had bragged about her drug world connections, so he asked her to set him up with two kilograms of cocaine to sell to two men who also lived in their complex. The day of the deal, Staub arrived at his apartment with only one kilo of cocaine, telling him, "'We’re only going to do one at a time.’ She was very, uh, cocky." But the buyers ended up pulling a gun and making off with the cocaine.

Staub "starts flipping out on me," and dragged him to her apartment, where her boyfriend Daniel Aguilar, who was involved in the drug buy, was waiting, he says. (Aguilar is called Jorge in the book; he too is testifying for Maher.) Aguilar, Staub and another man took him to a safe house in south Miami and tied him up; Aguilar punched him in the face, and then Staub grabbed a 9mm gun, hit him in the back of the head with it, slapped him, grabbed him by the throat, and shoved the gun in his mouth, Centolella says. "You better get this money or you’re dead," he says she told him.

Centolella finally called his father in upstate New York to ask the money, even though he knew his father didn't have it. "At least I would get to talk to him if I wasn't going to live, to say good bye to him."

Staub has said she didn't have anything to do with the kidnapping, but admits that she did talk to Centolella’s father "about the $24,000 debt his son owed and that needed to paid in full immediately," she writes in her memoir. But Centolella's father contacted the FBI, who tracked down Centolella and his captors as they drove to a Western Union to pick up the money. Centolella was later charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs and served several years in prison; Aguilar too served time. Staub cooperated with prosecutors and got five years’ probation after pleading guilty to extortion.

After Maher contacted him, Centolella made sure to catch an episode of "Real Housewives." "I wish I could jump through the TV and wring her neck like she did to me."

Though the revelation of Staub's past misdeeds was the crux of the first season of the show, it has also surfaced this season in connection with an assault on Staub by Ashley Holmes, the daughter of fellow housewife Jacqueline Laurita. In the finale last week, Caroline Manzo, Holmes' aunt, asks Staub to drop the charges against Holmes, saying that Staub of all people should know what it's like to be young and make mistakes. Staub was not moved.

Meanwhile, lawyers for both Maher and Staub were in mediation on Friday in California, but Staub filed papers seeking to dismiss the case, claiming that she never made the remarks that Maher claims she did ... and that if she did, it couldn't damage his reputation any more than tales of his excesses in "Cop Without a Badge" did, E! Online reports.

"As far as my past is concerned, I have always been honest even when it was difficult to do so," Maher says. "I stand by what is printed in my book -- not all of it I'm proud of but most of it I am."

Caroline Manzo To Appear On The Nate Berkus Show

Post from Have U Heard.

I had the opportunity to attend a taping of the Nate Berkus Show - and I am so glad I was there!!

Photo: Getty
One of the segments on the upcoming Nate Berkus Show is about two women – think Thelma and Louise and mix it with Eat, Pray, Love – who take to the road in search of a husband. Julia and Silva, two single women, with great careers and amazing travels were missing one thing in their lives - love.

Julia and Silva took to the highway to search for love. They are traveling, by car, coast-to-coast and taking photos, recording videos and stopping by television studios to talk about their trip. One of their stops brought them to The Nate Berkus Show.

Nate surprised Julia and Silva by offering them a “reality show” within his talk show. Nate and his fans are going to follow Julia and Silva on their journey. To help them in their quest for love will be Caroline Manzo who is the matriarch and the most sane housewife on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Manzo has been happily married for 26 years to her husband so she will be a great “marriage mentor”. The ladies will stop by Manzo’s house to see what it’s like to be happily married and hear about Caroline’s own love story.

It wasn’t revealed as to Caroline’s complete role on the “reality show” but adding Caroline to the mix will only make it a better story.

What do you think about Caroline being an example of a happy marriage? Is that a good choice?

RHONJ Preview

RHONJ Reunion Part One Review/Recap

Article from

Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger
The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion: Zero to crazy in 90 seconds flat. Yessir, that's about as long as it took for Teresa Giudice to unleash her first zinger at Danielle Staub, all while ostensibly answering host Andy Cohen's innocent question about what they think about that other Jersey reality show. Teresa was put off by one of the female cast member's willingness to jump into bed with a guy she just met. "I'm old school, like, you need to get to know someone, not after a week you sleep with someone, like certain people in this room, but we're not going to go there right now ... Keep asking questions. ... Wait, you know what, let's go back to that one. I think Danielle could relate to them, right Danielle? Because after a week you met Steve, you slept with him in my Shore house, in front of your kids. That was okay, right?"

Photo: Bravo
You have to give Danielle credit for keeping a preternatural -- okay, preternaturally creepy -- calm about her most of the evening. "You really are insane aren't you?" she calmly tells Teresa.

"You're a pig," Teresa shoots back. "Look at yourself. You're disgusting. And you're desperate."
Consider that an amuse bouche. The drama reaches a fever pitch soon after, when Jacqueline and Teresa complain that Danielle didn't call to congratulate Jacqueline Laurita on the birth of her son, Nicholas. (My burning question: If they think Danielle is such garbage, why would they even care at this point? Why wouldn't they welcome Danielle being incommunicado?) But then Danielle drops a bomb on Teresa: "Did you you acknowledge your nephew?" We don't know what she's talking about, but we can certainly guess what she's getting at. Teresa is taken aback, but snaps to fairly quickly. She gets up, stalks over to Danielle, and screeches in her face, "Do not break up my family!" This is one of the few times I am happy to be hearing impaired. That did not look pleasant.

Andy tries to pull Teresa away, and Teresa pushes him back. Hilariously, he collapses into his seat as Danielle strolls off the set, Teresa cursing and throwing a pillow at her. Teresa screams, and I quote, "Bwouaaaaaaaaaah!" Spellcheck, don't fail me now. Andy and Caroline Manzo move in to calm her down. Filming is suspended, except, of course, it isn't. We see a group of people trying to calm Teresa, while at the other end of the set, Danielle paces, saying, "I can't bring up something that's the truth ... but they can lie about me?"

When Andy approaches Danielle, she takes him to task for letting the situation get out of hand. "I could have quite possibly been hit there, so someone needs to be on her. If she moves her ass off that couch again, I'm leaving." "I'm not gonna let her get up," Andy assures her. Yeah, you and what army? Back on set, Teresa is screaming at Andy to get Danielle back in there, and Andy sternly tells Teresa that she can't get off the couch again. "I'm not going to hit her," Teresa says. "She's not worth it."

Backstage, Danielle is almost in tears while her entourage calms her down. On set, waiting for taping to start, Caroline tells Teresa to be smart. "Don't let your emotions to get to you. She wants this. She wanted that moment. You just gave it to her -- again." It may be true that Danielle wants it, but isn't it also true that Teresa fired the first shot? Like the last time?

Well, that was very dramatic, wasn't it? The rest of the evening kind of pales in comparison. There is just one more point I'd like to bring up before delving into the other skirmishes of the evening: The very idea that that all this drama is anything close to "reality." In that regard, there were two illuminating comments made during the reunion. First, when Jacqueline brings up rumors that Danny Provenzano split from his wife while filming the second season because he allegedly had an affair with Danielle, Danielle says, "I don't hang out with him. I tape with him, and that's it."
And when Danielle and Teresa start to bicker about how much Teresa talks about her, Teresa snaps, "Bitch, I don't talk about you. Okay? I'm doing it right now because we're on a freaking TV show ... I never talk about you. Unless it's on camera, thank you." Which basically means that all that time spent talking about Danielle this season -- we'll conservatively estimate it as 85 percent -- was put on for the camera. Of course, the only surprise is that the producers let those acknowledgments air at all.

Caroline does insist, however, that she's been real throughout the season. "I know what I am as a person, okay, and I could sit here and you could throw something at me and I'm going to own it," she tells Danielle. "I've been like this," she says, waving her hand in a straight line. "You've been Mr. Toad's Wild Freaking Ride. That's what I see when I look at you. It's a matter of convenience, what it is at the moment that works for you."

Other highlights (or lowlights):

-- Andy raises the question lingering from last season's reunion show: What did Danielle do to Dina Manzo that made big sister Caroline so mad? Danielle says that Dina thinks Danielle was working to get custody of Dina's daughter Lexi taken away. Danielle denies this. "Why would I do such a thing ... I don't think she's an unfit mother." Jacqueline says that Danielle's lawyer put some sort of gag order on Dina so she couldn't discuss the allegations. Danielle allows that she may have, because Dina lied about the situation in an interview. "Do. Not. Speak. Of. My. Sister" Don Corleone, er, Caroline tells Danielle. Jacqueline tells Danielle to shut up and calls her a piece of garbage. Look who's finally growing a spine!

-- Teresa confirms that Joe didn't get her a huge diamond for their anniversary; it was a yellow sapphire cocktail ring. When Andy asks her about a New York Post report that detailed their bankruptcy filing, including $20,000 in credit card debt to Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, Teresa scoffs. "Do we believe everything the New York Post writes?" She flat out denies the credit card debt, even though the bankruptcy papers that list $20,000 in debt to the three major department stores were written up by her own lawyer. Which she signed. She says Joe didn't tell her about the depth of their financial problems because he was protecting her, and that she doesn't read the negative things that are written about her. "Are you keeping out the negative or do you think you're a little bit in denial?" Andy asks her. "Keeping out the negative," she says firmly.

-- When asked whether Caroline regrets taking a shot at Danielle's children by saying they don't have light -- or as Caroline now describes it, "innocence" -- in their eyes, she says she doesn't. Danielle insists that her children have light. "Do you know they cry at school every day?" Jacqueline asks her. "Because of rumors that they hear ... I feel bad for them." Leave the girls and their light, or lack thereof, out of it, please.

-- Teresa swears that Joe was not drunk the night he was arrested for DUI after crashing his car. He only went to a nearby friend's house and downed a couple of shots because "he was all shaken up," Teresa says. Danielle finds this hard to believe. So does my turtle.

-- Danielle refuses to confirm or deny that she's dating duet partner Lori Michaels, or, as Andy puts it, swimming in the lady pond.

-- Danielle denies that she's making any money off the sex tape that's currently in circulation, and denies Jacqueline's suggestion that she and her bed partner made the tape in order to release it.

-- When Andy says that the father from the baby cancer benefit claims that Danielle never donated any money after ruining the event, Danielle tries to set the record straight. With no help from Caroline. "I went door to door" -- "Lie." -- "collecting" -- "Lie. Lie." -- "commitments" -- "Lie." -- "of $6,000" -- "Lie." Then Caroline really rips into her: "You came into my place of business looking to cause a problem. You brought danger to my son in the shape of that Sweathog reject 'Okay, Mr. Kot-ter or whatever the hell his name is fool. Your intent was to come and cause a scene to try and defame my husband."

-- When Caroline asks Danielle to explain what Danielle meant about greeting her son Chris pleasantly at the benefit and calling it a "psychological F-U," Danielle claims that it was just an acknowledgment that they were putting the families' differences aside. Oh, please. "You do not sit here and try to make a fool out of me," Caroline says. "I am looking at the fool."

Next week, part two of the reunion: Danielle walks off the set again! The return of Kim Granatell! And best of all, a head in a bag!

Monday, August 30, 2010

WWTCD- Dressing For Double Weddings & Fashion Week

Post from OK! Magazine.

What Would the Countess Do? Double Weddings, Fashion Week Attire

Photo: Wire Image
By:Author: LuAnn de Lesseps
When it comes to etiquette, manners and overall good behavior, even celebrities need help navigating the rough waters of stardom! It’s a good thing Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of New York is joining forces with OK! to school them on the right thing to do! In a rough situation, we just ask, “What Would the Countess Do?” This week she tackles double weddings and how to dress to impress for Fashion Week!

Britney Spears is convincing her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears that they should both tie the knot in a double wedding to their boyfriends Jason Trawick and Casey Aldridge. What advice would you give them for sharing the spotlight on their big day?
I think it’s sweet that Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears are considering a double wedding although I don’t know if I would want to share the spotlight with my sister on my wedding day. Compromise will be key so that both brides get to have the wedding of their dreams and I hope that Britney and Jamie Lynn’s vision for their special day is harmonious. I wonder how the fact that it’s Britney’s third marriage and Jamie Lynn’s first will affect their plans. I’m sure both girls will agree that their children will make a very cute wedding entourage.
Tip: If you get an invite to the Spear’s wedding, make sure you RSVP to both sisters.

Fashion Week in NYC is coming up. What are your tips for dressing your best in unpredictable weather?
The weather during New York City’s Fall Fashion Week can be unpredictable. One day it’s hot and humid and the next, it’s rainy and cold. I suggest dressing in layers. You can start with a dress by your favorite designer, followed by a light sweater topped with a lightweight coat. Remember to throw a small umbrella and ballet flats in your bag for when your feet need a break between shows.

Tip: Always overdress rather than underdress!

Danielle Says She Is Not Involved With "Cop Without A Badge" TV Show

Post from DBKP.

The site LALate posted “Cop Without a Badge” to Be Danielle Staub New TV Series?. We know the answer, and the answer is no. No way. Not in a million years. According to Danielle Staub, she’s “in the works of creating” a spinoff, which means Bravo, starring Danielle, Danielle’s hot lesbian singer pal Lori Michaels and Danielle’s kids. For details see Danielle Staub Reality Show in the Works? Danielle Throws Stripper Club Birthday Bash.
WAYNE, NJ (LALATE) – Will Cop without a Badge be Danielle Staub’s new tv series? Reps claim Cop without a Badge is becoming a tv series, and Danielle Staub hints she’s getting her own tv series; so are the two projects one in the same, or is this just two groups aimlessly promoting unconfirmed projects lost in Wayne’s world?

Several months ago, LALATE broke the first details that Cop without a Badge is being shopped as a new tv series. The book is about Staub, then as Beverly Ann Merrill, authored by Kevin Maher, Staub’s ex husband in 1995. Passages about Staub included “She was brunette. Long, perfectly shaped legs poked out of her leather hot pants just as provocatively as her braless breasts strained against her low-cut blouse.”

Here’s a few facts:
Last year Kevin Maher filed a $5 million civil defamation suit against Danielle Staub. Today in court, Danielle filed papers seeking to dismiss the suit.

Cop Without a Badge, written in 1995, wasn’t authored by Kevin Mayer. Mayer’s life as a paid confidential informant was written by award winning author Charles Kipps. Last summer Charles Kipps set the record straight in the New York Post.

Celebrity Chatta:
The infamous Cop Without A Badge book about Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is heading to TV, reports

The book’s author Charles Kipps says, “Nothing is ever a done deal until the ink is dry on the contract, but there’s such a tremendous amount of interest that I think it’s as close as you can come to saying it’s a done deal.”

Cop Without a Badge is about Kevin Maher’s life as a confidential paid informant. Danielle Staub, aka Beverly Merrill, is in the book. Kevin Maher hooked with Danielle/Beverly in Miami in 1986 after Danielle was busted on several felony charges including kidnapping, extortion, and intent to distribute cocaine. In the book, Maher claims he helped arrange a plea bargain for Danielle, 5 years probation in exchange for testimony against her three co-conspirators. Kevin Maher married Danielle after moving her up to New Jersey. Their relationship ended in 1989. In the early 90′s Danielle married Tom Staub.

As for the news Danielle has a reality show “in the works”, in a recent interview Bravo Senior VP Andy Cohen alluded to Danielle not getting a spin-off reality tv series while Cop Without a Badge isn’t the type of reality tv format Bravo has shown an interest in.

Kevin Maher Calls Danielle's Motion B.S.

Post from Zap 2 It.

By Jethro Nededog
"The Real Housewives of New Jersey's" Danielle Staub's legal team spent close to 10 hours on Friday, August 27 with her ex-husband Kevin Maher's attorney to try and settle his $5-million defamation case against the housewife with no results.

Photo: Kevin Maher/Bravo
Monday (August 30), TMZ reported that her team filed a motion to dismiss the case claiming Maher had no witnesses to prove she made slanderous statements, that he is a sexual deviant, and saying that his reputation while working as a police informant and during their brief marriage as revealed in the book he co-authored, "Cop Without A Badge," makes him an unreliable person.

"It's just a B.S. motion," Maher tells Zap2it exclusively. "It's not going to work. It's just another way for her to get headlines. Some of the things I wrote about myself, I wasn't proud of, but most of them I was. I was honest. I put it out there. These are things that took place 25 years ago."

He continues, "What I'm suing Danielle Staub for ... it's not about something that happened 25 years ago. It's about something that happened in June of last year."
In fact, Maher says that there are items in Staub's motion that are simply untrue and believes the motion will be thrown out as soon as Tuesday.
First, the motion claims that Maher couldn't produce a witness who can testify that Staub made false statements about him. He tells us that cast member Caroline Manzo testified that Staub told her while other cast members were present that he "had raped her on broken glass, that I inserted my gun in her and played Russian roulette and that I had hung her dog." Then "on a different occasion that the mechanism of murdering her dog was with a gunshot so there were two variations of how I killed her dog."

Maher believes Staub's motions are meant to stop him from interviewing witnesses who can further prove her allegedly slanderous statements, such as Mark Dagostino, a People Magazine writer who she allegedly told the statements to and Staub, herself, who has yet to be deposed.

Second, Maher says that Staub's motion misquotes the deposition he made to her attorney and recorded in legal transcripts. For example, Staub's legal papers allege that Maher "stated that if it was possible that he blacked out on one occasion, it is possible he blacked out and raped Ms. Staub, but just could not remember doing it."

Maher sent Zap2it excerpts from the legal transcript of his deposition. According to those excerpts, Maher's stated in his deposition, "I blacked out one time. I don't know if blackout would be the right phrase, but I couldn't remember what -- what tunnel or bridge that I took home. But no, I -- no, raping someone on a bed of broken glass would be an act that I would never forget."

And as far as Staub's accusation that he's a sexual deviant? "I've never done anything sexually deviant with any woman in my life," he says. "And for her to call me a sexual deviant is another slanderous move on her behalf. I'll throw that in my lawsuit, too."

The RHONJ Tweet About The Reunion Show

Post from Babble.

Posted by SunnyChanel
What did the Real Housewives of New Jersey think of the airing of their dirty laundry on the Monday’s reunion show? Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo and her sister Dina all went to their twitter accounts to give their two cents of the happenings. And not all the anger was one the screen, one housewife got very very upset watching the show at the same time as the rest of us…

Photo: WENN
At first things were mellow but they all knew the show would soon spiral into chaos. As soon as Teresa went on the attack Caroline tweeted, “At this point I knew we were in trouble,” with Dina added, “whoooh Teresa didn’t waste anytime.” Jacqueline said she to her fans that she was, “SO surprised you all are loving my fiesty side. Me…. not so much.” They were all pretty feisty and very much on guard during the filming. But one housewife who wasn’t even there got incredibly incensed, Dina Manzo.

Andy Cohen brought up something that was a topic of discussion at last year’s reunion, but at the time it was very very vauge. Now, not so much, and that’s what made Dina so mad. The topic of the rumor of Danielle trying to get Dina’s daughter taken away was addressed on air. Dina was quick to comment saying, “just to be clear ~I NEVER HAD TO FIGHT FOR MY DAUGHTER…EVER.” And the all-caps was just the start. She continued to say, “Really just wish they would ALL leave my daughter out of this. I asked them to NOT bring her up at all. Not cool” Her last anger filled tweet? “This show is absurd Bulls#*t and I am so glad I left. THE END”
Yeah, it looks like she really won’t be returning even though Danielle is gone!

And hearing that Danielle has a gag order against Dina about the topic, addressing it in a public setting like this, even though she’s not there, probably really upset her.

Do you think there is any way Dina would come back now?

Alex And Simon

Pic./tweet from Simon at a concert.

RT @stephskip: @SimonvanKempen: AAWWW! Pics of u both please! /RT @SimonvanKempen: An involuntary badge unlock. My love is right next to me.

Lynn's RHONJ Reunion Blog

Click HERE to read Lynn's post about the RHONJ reunion.

Alex And Simon On Wendy Williams

Cooking With Alex

Alex And Paul Wharton

Picture of Alex and Paul at the SWAGG tent this past weekend.

Photo: SWAGG Mobile

The RHONJ Talk About Their Theatre Debut

Article from People.

by Emily Exton
If you’ve been getting anxious at the thought of the impending Real Housewives of New Jersey-less future, fear not, for the Jersey ladies aren’t going anywhere. Danielle Staub has a budding singing career, and now her fellow cast members are preparing to make their (Off) Broadway debut. Beginning on September 1, Caroline Manzo, Lauren Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita, and Ashley Holmes will star in four performances of My Big Gay Italian Wedding, with proceeds going to Marriage Equality New York.

“I have zero experience. I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t act,” Caroline said during EW’s recent visit to rehearsal. She was the self-assured matriarch we’ve come to expect during a choreography run through, assuring cast members that she would have the steps down by opening night. “I’ll get it, don’t worry,” she insisted, even if it required the help of “three or four mojitos before the show.” The ladies took dance practice seriously, despite not having any musical theater background. “Can we get the music on a CD so I can do it in my kitchen?” Caroline asked. Sister-in-law Jacqueline had another idea: ”Unless you call us on the phone and you can sing to us. I’m going to put you on speaker,” she joked to Wedding regulars. Jacqueline was goofing off during practice for the Lady Gaga meets Chicken Dance choreography, which was a nice change from how we usually see her on the show (naively trusting the likes of Danielle or Kim G. and later getting burned, or, fighting with her daughter Ashley). “I think it’s fun, it’s something out of your comfort zone. We’re having a good time with it for sure,” she said.

For the women, raising awareness for Marriage Equality New York is more important than how well any of them can sing or dance come opening night. “I have a gay brother, so this is near and dear to my heart,” said Caroline, whose sister and former Housewives star Dina is also a producer of the show. Added Jacqueline, ”And you know not one of us is taking any money off this. I know some people were saying, ‘Oh they’re probably getting paid.’ None of us are getting a dime. It’s all for charity, and we wanted to do it.” The reality show has had its controversial moments over the last two seasons — Danielle taking offense to Joe Giudice’s use of the word “gay” in season one, Danielle’s friend/resident thug Danny calling Christopher Manzo a f—– in season two — but Caroline insisted that the decision to perform in this particular show was not an attempt to dispel any ideas of homophobia among the cast members. “I could care less about public opinion, okay?” she said. “This is for my brother. This is for the trials and tribulations that I have seen him go through in his lifetime, coming out, and the stereotype, and the sometimes prejudice towards it. This is for my brother, it has nothing to do with the show at all.”

So if all goes well, will there be a musical future for these women? (Can’t you see a Von Trapp children number featuring Albie, Lauren, and Christopher Manzo? No? A girl can dream.) “It’s funny because I do want to get into acting, I think,” said Ashley, Jacqueline’s 19-year-old daughter, whose infamous hair pull at the North Jersey Country Club and its aftermath carried much of the past season’s storyline. As for her less than glowing portrayal on the show? “Am I bratty with my mom at times I shouldn’t be? Absolutely,” she explained. “I know that I can be disrespectful, you know but also I’m 19, you know a typical teenager. I fight with my mom [and] it’s kind of like what’s going to be better TV? Like you know my mom and I getting along, or you know the drama aspect of it?” Casting directors take note: She’s all yours.

But before the curtain rises on Wednesday comes tonight’s RHONJ reunion (part one), which Jacqueline described as “explosive” and “unexpected.” After two seasons of table flipping and hair pulling — and with the future of the show and its cast members in question — the Andy Cohen-moderated discussion will leave everything on the proverbial table. “It was personal to me,” said Caroline’s daughter Lauren, who was onset but not on camera as a makeup artist for the reunion. “I’m sure when you watch and see, just try to put yourself in my shoes for not being able to go out on camera and say what I wanted to say.” And for those skeptical of the “reality” element of the show, apparently things in Jersey can get a lot more heated when Bravo isn’t around. “It’s actually probably worse off camera,” joked Jacqueline, who said she hadn’t seen Danielle since the filming of the reunion about a month ago. “Actually, we might even tone it down a bit [on camera].”

Is Cop Without A Badge Going To Be Danielle's New Show?

Post from lalate.

 Will Cop without a Badge be Danielle Staub’s new tv series? Reps claim Cop without a Badge is becoming a tv series, and Danielle Staub hints she’s getting her own tv series; so are the two projects one in the same, or is this just two groups aimlessly promoting unconfirmed projects lost in Wayne’s world?
Photo: Bravo
Several months ago, LALATE broke the first details that Cop without a Badge is being shopped as a new tv series. The book is about Staub, then as Beverly Ann Merrill, authored by Kevin Maher, Staub’s ex husband in 1995. Passages about Staub included “She was brunette. Long, perfectly shaped legs poked out of her leather hot pants just as provocatively as her braless breasts strained against her low-cut blouse.”

Then days ago, Staub suggested she is getting her own tv series. When interviewed by PIX NEWS, Staub said “And in the end [of the reunion show] you will be more shocked. And the more shocked will be about me.” Staub paused, and smiled; when the interviewer responds “Ah, so you are getting your own reality show!”, Staub’s smile grows as they always vocal Staub sat quietly.

So are the two projects one in the same? Keeping track of Staub tv projects, with or without her playing herself, might be as hard as keeping track of her names. Ex boyfriend Stephen Zalewski recently since claimed under oath that Staub also was previously not just “Beverly Ann Merrill” but also “Angela Minelli”.

Bethenny Is The New Spokesperson for

Post from Total

By:Jamie Stone
“Real Housewife of New York City,” Bethenny Frankel, was recently named the new spokesperson for and has been very honest and typically blunt about her body care and fragrance usage.

The recently hitched star of “Bethenny Getting Married?” has been extremely busy since the birth of her first child, baby girl Bryn. The reality star’s go-to product has been baby wipes, which are perfect for multi-tasking with her husband, Jason Hoppy. "I wipe everything! Butts, hands, eye makeup. Seriously, I can't stop," she told AOL’s StyleList.

According to reports, StyleList also got a little peak inside the reality star’s makeup bag and found travel size versions of her favorite beauty essentials- body lotion "I have lizard legs!" A Clinique retractable blush and brush combo -- "I love closed items and things that are compact." She always carries under eye concealer and her favorite fragrance of the moment, Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Roll-On. "Rollerballs are the best. I've had this one for a year and it's still not empty," said Frankel. And she packs it all into a small, transparent Laura Mercier makeup bag.

But what is Frankel’s biggest body care indulgence? "I love baths! I still take them by myself, but also with Bryn…and I still love deep-tissue massages, because I find that my back is never straight."
Since baby Bryn has been born, there’s been one body care indulgence that’s fallen off the map- serious exfoliation. Admittedly, Frankel’s beauty routine has always been streamlined ("wash your face and keep your skin hydrated") but exfoliation is key in healthy body care and we hope she finds the time to start up again.

As for the rest of her body? Turns out Frankel doesn’t pay much mind to her hair. "I wash my hair maybe two to three times a week. I'm not great at doing my own hair. I'm a big fan of getting an inexpensive blow-out and making it last," she explained. In fact, she never also wears nail polish on her fingers or toes. Why? "I can't stand the look of chipped polish. I still get manicures and pedicures, just without the polish!"

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s body care and fragrance habits?

NeNe Vs. Michael Lohan & NeNe On Extra

Video from Oct.'09.

Video from August'10.

Caroline's Advice Column

Post from Glo, Caroline has a new gig writing for Glo.

Caroline Manzo definitely puts the real in The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Fans everywhere relate to the reality star's no-nonsense attitude, focus on family and, above all, abundant common sense. Always the voice of reason, Caroline is approached by thousands of women, men and children who seek out her wise advice on everyday matters — and we at Glo now count ourselves among them.
Photo: Michael T. Greco

Glo has asked Caroline to help solve your most pressing dilemmas by weighing potential options and ruling on the route she thinks is best.
The Dilemma: A common theme that surfaces among Caroline's fans is the challenge of the overextended family. We are particularly interested in women who fall into this category as financially strapped, stay-at-home moms with young children and husbands working long hours — even multiple jobs. They are usually grateful for their spouse's dedication to supporting the family and yet frustrated by the fact that they have very little quality time with them. How should such a woman keep the love alive in her marriage, support her husband and yet maintain her sanity all at the same time? Should she wait it out? Help her husband by working part-time? Or, should she focus on finding quality time to spend as a couple?

Caroline's Ruling: Oh my gosh, do I know about this subject! For those of you who are facing similar struggles today, you need to know one thing: It's temporary!

Albert and I had all three of our children within the first five years of our marriage. His company was on the cusp of becoming a recognized name in the industry with a reputation for excellence, and it was critical for Albert to dedicate most of his time and energy to building the business. This was something I understood and accepted from the very beginning of our relationship.

Before we had the kids we always made time for each other, even if it meant going to a diner for eggs at three o'clock in the morning! Naturally, things changed once we became parents. At the ripe old age of 28, I found myself spending the bulk of my days and nights alone with three children. (Albie, my oldest, was only three!) I'm not going to sugarcoat it — there were times when I just sat and cried out of sheer frustration, exhaustion and even boredom. I was used to working and having freedom to come and go as I pleased.

How quickly things changed! And although it was challenging, I never once blamed or resented Albert for the hours he worked. After all, he was building a future for us. My kids are now 24, 22 and 21 — it seems like only yesterday that I was 28 with three little ones.

Here are a few suggestions to help you navigate your way through those times:

1. Don't resent — appreciate! Appreciate the fact that he (or she) is working to support the family. In turn, your partner should appreciate you for your understanding and sacrifice.

2. Find other moms in the same situation as you. (Trust me, they're out there!) Not only does it benefit the kids to interact with other children, but it also allows you time for adult conversation, friendship and maybe an understanding shoulder to cry on when you need it.
3. Know that quality time comes in all shapes and sizes. It could be an unexpected phone call to say "hi, love you," a back rub after a long day, a cup of coffee in the morning, a hug in the middle of the night or a full-on night on the town. Whatever it is, take it and enjoy the moment!

4. Make time for you. If you have a good babysitter, or a family member you can lean on, don't be shy about taking some time for yourself away from the kids, house and chaos. You deserve it! Do what makes you happy — we all need a little "me" time.

One final thought: Marriage and parenting are tricky business. There is no definitive answer to any questions or situations that may arise. One thing I know for sure, though, is that attitude is everything. Count your blessings, and remember, one of these days you're going to blink your eyes and your "babies" will be all grown up and on their own. Trust me, this I know from experience.


Pics./tweets from Kelly.

Working on my new Hamptons book wearing polkadot dress from HM

Handsome Bill at local day at Hampton Classic

Alex's RHODC Bravo Blog

Post from Bravo.

Reality Check
Alex talks vineyard drama, critiques Cat's insult slinging technique, and more.
By: Alex McCord
It’s a beautiful morning in Sag Harbor and the air is getting just a little bit cooler already. I’m thinking about DC and sun hitting the water of the reflecting pool in front of the monument. Yikes, clearly I haven’t had enough coffee, so enough of that sappy nonsense and let’s talk about the housewives.

One of the many interesting things about reality TV is seeing people unmasked, and this episode we’re finally beginning to see that with the Salahis. The show is catching up with the reality that was spread all over the news, which, although it began with the White House state dinner, seems to have stretched back to the Congressional Black Caucus. Who in their right mind would want to attend any party so badly that they would sneak in a side door? Who would invite people to a vineyard that looked like it hadn’t produced a grape in years, initiate a grape stomp with grapes that apparently came from the supermarket, and pretend that nothing was out of the ordinary? It’s meant to be a reality show, and clearly a working vineyard does not seem to be a part of the Salahis’ reality. If I go in front of the cameras and tell you I’m a 6’3” man with red hair and 10 children, saying so doesn’t magically make it true.

Was glad to see a sweet family scene at Lynda’s condo, even if the kids were wearing footie pajamas. Those moments put the “real” in reality TV, and also made me hungry. I think it’s time for brunch.

We missed a few of the men this episode – where were Rich, Paul and Charles? Hiding out, apparently. In any case, it was fun to see Ted Gibson and Jason Backe open their DC salon, though there seemed to be confusion over who helped more, Michaele or Mary. One thing I don’t understand – if Oasis donated the wine, why didn’t we see it?

Cat doesn’t like black for dining rooms. Note to self, if I meet her, I’d better not have her over to the house as I don’t think she will like my floors or chairs. Maybe she should take a page from the Ab-Fab playbook and go a little further – she’s kind of in no man’s land with the half insults. You’ve started, so go for it. More insults, please, and could they also be funnier? C’mon, everybody loves Patsy…
Why on earth did the grape stomp need to be a competition? Oh well, it looked like it could have been fun. If it was clear (as it seemed to be to the ladies) that the grapes weren’t actually going to be used for winemaking, they could have grabbed that Doberman and thrown him into the vat, too. I’d have liked to see a bit more of everyone’s shock at the pretense; that was the most interesting part for me.

Who wants to know that Tareq was referring to at the end of the episode? Criminal charges? For what? From the previews it looks like we’ll find out next week, so until then, enjoy the last week of summer and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @mccordalex