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Monday, August 30, 2010

Danielle Says She Is Not Involved With "Cop Without A Badge" TV Show

Post from DBKP.

The site LALate posted “Cop Without a Badge” to Be Danielle Staub New TV Series?. We know the answer, and the answer is no. No way. Not in a million years. According to Danielle Staub, she’s “in the works of creating” a spinoff, which means Bravo, starring Danielle, Danielle’s hot lesbian singer pal Lori Michaels and Danielle’s kids. For details see Danielle Staub Reality Show in the Works? Danielle Throws Stripper Club Birthday Bash.
WAYNE, NJ (LALATE) – Will Cop without a Badge be Danielle Staub’s new tv series? Reps claim Cop without a Badge is becoming a tv series, and Danielle Staub hints she’s getting her own tv series; so are the two projects one in the same, or is this just two groups aimlessly promoting unconfirmed projects lost in Wayne’s world?

Several months ago, LALATE broke the first details that Cop without a Badge is being shopped as a new tv series. The book is about Staub, then as Beverly Ann Merrill, authored by Kevin Maher, Staub’s ex husband in 1995. Passages about Staub included “She was brunette. Long, perfectly shaped legs poked out of her leather hot pants just as provocatively as her braless breasts strained against her low-cut blouse.”

Here’s a few facts:
Last year Kevin Maher filed a $5 million civil defamation suit against Danielle Staub. Today in court, Danielle filed papers seeking to dismiss the suit.

Cop Without a Badge, written in 1995, wasn’t authored by Kevin Mayer. Mayer’s life as a paid confidential informant was written by award winning author Charles Kipps. Last summer Charles Kipps set the record straight in the New York Post.

Celebrity Chatta:
The infamous Cop Without A Badge book about Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is heading to TV, reports

The book’s author Charles Kipps says, “Nothing is ever a done deal until the ink is dry on the contract, but there’s such a tremendous amount of interest that I think it’s as close as you can come to saying it’s a done deal.”

Cop Without a Badge is about Kevin Maher’s life as a confidential paid informant. Danielle Staub, aka Beverly Merrill, is in the book. Kevin Maher hooked with Danielle/Beverly in Miami in 1986 after Danielle was busted on several felony charges including kidnapping, extortion, and intent to distribute cocaine. In the book, Maher claims he helped arrange a plea bargain for Danielle, 5 years probation in exchange for testimony against her three co-conspirators. Kevin Maher married Danielle after moving her up to New Jersey. Their relationship ended in 1989. In the early 90′s Danielle married Tom Staub.

As for the news Danielle has a reality show “in the works”, in a recent interview Bravo Senior VP Andy Cohen alluded to Danielle not getting a spin-off reality tv series while Cop Without a Badge isn’t the type of reality tv format Bravo has shown an interest in.

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