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Friday, July 2, 2010

Kim and Kandi working on new songs for Kim

A few tweets from Kim about her new songs.

Kelsey was done with his marriage to Camille

Small blurb from TMZ about why the marriage ended.

by TMZ Staff
Sources tell TMZ ... Kelsey Grammer made it clear to his wife ... he didn't want to be married anymore, and his actions on Father's Day pushed Camille over the line.

TMZ broke the story ... Camille Grammer filed for divorce yesterday, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... the 13-year marriage started crumbling when Kelsey moved to New York earlier this year to star in "La Cage Aux Folles" on Broadway.

Camille stayed with their two kids in L.A. and flew back and forth to visit him, but sources say it became apparent "Kelsey loved New York, his friends and his freedom more than his marriage."

We're told the tipping point for Camille was Father's Day, when Kelsey was 2,475 air miles away from his family and didn't call his kids.

As one source said, "She doesn't know what Kelsey is doing in New York, but he's made it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with marriage anymore," adding, "She didn't see it coming."

Kelly's workout video, is this it?

From Kelly's You Tube, she tweeted she was doing a workout video, not sure if this is what she meant.

Jeana-RHOOC getting her own show?

Post from Absurd to Sublime about Jeana and Alexis.

This item about Alexis Bellino is on an OC Moms website. After searching through Bravo Public Relations and anywhere else there could be information, this is posted nowhere. With the sixth season of Orange County Housewives currently in production, featuring the return of Jeana Keough, this may be self-promotion. Excerpt from the article:

Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise is big business as former OC Housewife, Jeana Keough (who has a new reality weight loss show premiering on Bravo in September), knows well. But whether it’s conducive to keeping a marriage strong is another story. “I know it was very hard on my family the first couple of years,” she says. “They got caught saying things they regretted and I know the show was hard on my marriage. Having troubled times air on TV cost my husband his job.” Since it was Keough who introduced Alexis to the producers of RHOC, we asked Keough how she thinks the newest housewife is handling family life in the fish bowl. “Well, she has three little kids so it’s difficult. But when her husband told her to keep her voice down because people were staring at her, a lot of women wanted to jump through the TV and slap him. When you’re trying to control three little kids all day you forget how to talk to adults sometimes. And besides,” she adds wryly, “People weren’t staring at her because of her voice.”

Gretchen Rossi and Jay Photoglou court battle ongoing

Found this at about Gretchen and Jay's legal battle. This guy is really after Gretchen, like a dog with a bone. More court documents are available to view just click HERE.

Posted by Heidi
Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation
Orange County Court records show there has been recent movement in the case of GRETCHEN ROSSI VS. JAY PHOTOGLOU. A 24 page SLAPP Motion was filed by Photoglou on June 29th. There were an additional 449 pages filed that same day…are these related to the SLAPP motion, or are they something completely different? Jay is represented by Bryan Freedman with Freedman & Taitelman, LLP.

California’s statute defines a SLAPP suit as: a lawsuit brought primarily to chill the valid exercise of the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and petition for the redress of grievances.
The Law Office of James J. Moneer, who does not represent either party, has a primary emphasis in handling SLAPP motions and appeals. In The POWER of SLAPP, he explains “8 Reasons to take SLAPP very seriously.” Definitely worth the read!
Stay tuned…

Lynn's new blog

Click THIS link to read Lynn's new blog about Bethenny Getting Married. She has a guest blogger writing the recap/review.

Danielle Staub tells her kids to watch what they say on the RHONJ

Post from Hollywood Life.

Getty Images

Chloe Melas and reporting by Toby Millstein
Danielle Staub wants her kids to censor themselves on TV! The Real Housewives of New Jersey star who is famous for being the Franklin Lakes villain wants her two daughters, Christine, 16 and Jillian, 12, to be very careful when they’re taped for Bravo’s hit series!

“I try to tell them whatever is going on is going to be filmed,” says Danielle. “Always try to remember that you might not like something that you’re going to say … you can’t take it back.”

Danielle speaks from a “been there done that” perspective. She’s now the star of her own sex tape with a mystery man, and in a possible bi-sexual relationship with music producer Lori Michaels.

“I say this in life too, once it hits the air you can’t take it back … so you have to think,” she says.

As for her sex tape drama she tells us she’s not too worried about the fact that it’s about to come out!

“I just stay really positive and I don’t think too much about it,” admits Danielle. “Would I ever consider doing something like this again, even for fun? Nah! But you learn your lessons and you don’t turn them into mistakes for other people.”

Jewish Journal critiques Bethenny

Post from the Jewish Journal about BGM.

Posted by Ilana Angel
I can’t quite seem to pick a side on this chick, or her show. One minute I love her, and then I think she is annoying. In one scene I truly think we could be friends, then in the next her voice is so shrill and aggravating, that I think I could be around her for long.

Bethenny’s fans are hardcore, and this blog will ruffle some feathers. Her peeps will say she is perfect, and I’m a bitch, but whatever. The funny and charming Bethenny may simply not be consistent enough for me to care about her or her show, past this season.

This week starts off with Bethenny doing a bottle signing in New Jersey for her Skinny Girl Margarita. Sidebar: Remember when Jill came to St. John, and Bethenny did an impersonation of her? Bethenny has the exact same nasally whining voice when she walks into the store.

Bethenny is annoying at the liquor store. Her beating up on Max is getting old. He’s a cute kid, he’s clearly not good at his job and trying to be famous, but he’s young and trying, so we’ll cut him some slack. That said, he’s not even remotely interesting and we need to move on.

It’s time for Bethenny’s bridal shower. She is getting her hair done, and her stylist is there. Remember when Bethenny was normal? Before she accused Jill of becoming too wrapped up in the hype of the show, and before she needed to pay someone to pick out her clothes?

Perhaps Bethenny was so quick to separate from Jill, because she saw all the things she was about to become, and couldn’t handle it. I like Bethenny, but she is just too much. She accuses Jill of not seeing herself like others do, and I think she suffers from the same ailment.

Bethenny can’t find a dress that fits, and she is screaming at her friend. She is being mean, and once again whining about how busy she is. Nobody put a gun to her head and told her to do everything so quickly. I think she did it so she would have things to complain about.

So she finally finds something to wear. Let me just say it was a most unfortunate dress, and one that a pregnant woman should never wear. It was not a dress, but more like a shirt, and she looked ridiculous. It was far to short, and simply not attractive or appropriate.

Bethenny is trying too hard. She flings the one-liners, which by the way are hilarious. Her tampon line about the length of her dress was really funny. We know she can be funny, but she is becoming a caricature. She is not creating a brand, so much as creating a character.

The show feels orchestrated. It’s like she is staring in a sit-com, not a reality show. This is the most scripted non-scripted show on television. I wonder what it’s like for Jill to see Bethenny’s show, not be a part of it, and watch Bethenny be all the things that she told Jill were bad.

Wedding planner Shawn is off to get the cake. Bethenny is complaining about how much she has to do, yet she is unable to release any control. She is exhausted not because she is seven and a half months pregnant, but because she does not turn her brain, or control panel off. Ever.

Bethenny and Jason are home. She is planning the wedding, he is preoccupied with basketball on TV. It’s these honest moments, where she loses her mind, where we see that maybe, at the core of who she is, Bethenny is a celebrity whore and this is her doing, not Jason’s.

She says she wanted a small wedding, and the over the top stuff is because Jason and his family wanted it. Really? His small town parents wanted the Four Seasons? She is screaming at Jason, saying she is known for having things perfect. Bethenny, like Jill, has bought into her own hype.

Jason hits it out of the park when he says she is approaching the wedding like a business. Jason is frustrated. She won’t allow his parents to bring their own camera to the wedding. Really? Is she worried they will sell a pic to the tabloids? This week, Bethenny is back to being a bitch.

Bethenny is with Shawn, and complaining about Jason. On camera. She is confiding and spewing, trying to explain herself, but I’m not really buying it. Why is she having this conversation with the wedding planner, and not with her therapist?

They get their wedding license, and meet with the wedding officiant. Jason says he wants to include the memory of his brother Bryan, who passed away. It’s lovely. The officiant asks questions about their families, and Bethenny says she has no family coming, and gets upset.

Jason takes control of the meeting, they ask the woman to leave, and Bethenny has a little meltdown. It is as these moments, that you cannot help but love this girl, love Jason, and love them together. If Bethenny could just stop being “Bethenny” all the time, it would be great.

Her childhood was bad, her life it complicated, she is pregnant and hormonal. We feel for her, and are happy she found this wonderful man, and is having a baby. She has got to get a grip on her celebrity though. She is heading to Jill Zarinland and needs to be careful.

Bethenny is at the therapist, and it’s all about her rough childhood. Again. It’s the rehearsal dinner. Jason is cute, his family is cute, and I’m happy for all of them. She gives him a painting that he loves as a wedding gift. It’s touching to see how touched he is by the gift.

Next week will be the wedding, and I think it will be fabulous. Here’s the bottom line, while it may not be clear, I really do like this girl. She is smart, funny, beautiful and driven. I admire her for what she has accomplished both personally, and professionally.

I go back and forth on this show. I watch it, like it, but am constantly surprised by her hypocrisy. She has become all the things that she accused Jill of at the reunion. She is not doing anything for this wedding without a camera on her, which she says is why she lost respect for Jill.

At the end of the day, she deserves to be happy. I hope she finds peace, comes to terms with her celebrity, gives her child the life she never had herself, builds a wonderful life with Jason, and somewhere along the way, is able to be friends with Jill again.

Bethenny got married, had a baby, launched her brand, and got all the things she dreamed of, but was not sure she could have. She is an inspiration to women. The big question is, is she able to be Bethenny, without being obsessed about being “Bethenny”? I’m keeping the faith.

Stacie Turner talks about being on The Real Housewives of DC

Video of Stacie Turner from The FabEmpire, she talks about being a RH.

RHONY& RHONJ book signing

Details from

The stars of the hit Bravo TV reality show The Real Housewives — Alex McCord, Simon van Kempen, Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice — share their experiences and discuss what has made the show such a phenomenon.

Barnes and Noble
Tuesday July 06, 2010 7:00 PM
150 East 86th Street
Special Instructions:
Priority seating with the purchase of Real Housewives Get Personal. One wristband for entry into the event will be distributed for every book purchased (limit of two books per person) beginning at 9:00 am on the day of the event.

Kim's club apperance in TN

Post from Kims blog. Kim will be signing at McFaddens in Nashville, here are the details for anyone who wants to see this RH in person.

Thursday, July 1, 2010
Kim is coming to Nashville, TN Saturday July 31st@Mcfaddens

Get your boots ready and head to Nashville for Kim's Tardy for the Party club tour! Kim is coming to host the massive party at McFadden's Saturday July 31st downtown. Be sure to check out the videos and pics of her past events and tell your crew to come to McFadden's. Don't be Tardy for this Party!

Vicki-RHOOC book signing

Details of Vicki's book signing, if anyone wants to meet Vicki here are the details.

Anaheim White House To Host OC Housewife Vicki Gunvalson For Book Signing
Saturday, July 31 5:00p to 8:00p at Anaheim White House, Anaheim, CA
Join us on Saturday July 31st anytime from 5pm to 8pm to meet Vicki Gunvalson from Bravo TV's hit series The Real Housewives of Orange County.
She will be on hand signing her new book "More than a Housewife". Complimentary Champagne and hors d'oeuvres will be served throughout the reception. read more

Price: Free
Phone: (714) 772-1381
Age Suitability: All Ages
RSVP for the reception or dinner to (714) 772-1381

Ally Zarin loved India

Tweet/pic. from Ally Zarin about her trip to India.

India was AMAZING. here is a pic with me and three of the nomad Ladakhi children. JULEH!!!!!!!

Alex is Jill's replacement target

Post from Buzz Sugar.


Bethenny Frankel made a name for herself as the witty, straight-talking member of The Real Housewives of New York City, and her frank personality got her her own show, Bethenny Getting Married?, which is currently airing on Bravo. She jumped on the phone today to chat with some reporters about her new life with a baby, husband, and her reality series.

On whether she's ever wished she hadn't done something in front of the cameras:
Bethenny Frankel: No. It's who I am and I'm never going to edit myself or not do something . . . everything that happens on the show, my life really is. That's the one good relationship that I really do have with my fans: the honesty. If someone asks me if I'm pregnant, then I say "yes I am" if I am. That's the thing I really take pride in, is telling the truth. It is what it is.

On whether she'd rather do a new season of Real Housewives or her own show if given the choice:
BF: I do have the choice, and I won't be doing any more Housewives.

To hear more from Bethenny about the other housewives and whether we can expect a second season, just read more.

On whether there will be a second season of Bethenny Getting Married?:
BF: We haven't discussed it yet, but I imagine that there will be.

On what the title for season two might be:
BF: That's a great question. I don't know; I made a joke: "Bethenny Getting Arrested."

On whether the cameras interfered on her wedding day:
BF: It actually wasn't intrusive, and that's the thing the guests said; a lot of the times you have a videographer. No one was bothering anyone; it was like a fly on the wall. Especially on a wedding day, you would not even know there were cameras there. I was concerned about it, don't get me wrong.

On the pros and cons of begin married to Jason:
BF: There are so many pros; the man was in the hospital with me for six days from the minute my water broke to when I had the baby, that's the kind of person he is. He's there and a total partner. I have to say, I don't think there's any cons to being married to him.

On her relationship with the other Real Housewives Alex and Ramona:
BF: They're in my repertoire of friends, we email each other, see each other once in a while; it's all very clean. It just is.

On why she thinks Jill has turned her animosity toward Alex:
BF: I'm the one who had the baby and all that stuff, so you can't be mean to the pregnant girl, so I guess she had to find someone new to have an issue with. Alex is the wrong one [to target], I have to say — there's nothing underhanded about her at all.

On whether she'll be less snarky now that's proclaimed herself to be more mellow postbaby:
BF: Definitely not. If anything, there's more material. . . I'm still a lunatic, nothing to worry about. Don't fret.

Luann talks about entertaining

Post from 27 east. Luann talks about her home and entertaining with class.

By Dawn Watson
“The Real Housewives of New York City” cast member Countess LuAnn de Lesseps has a hectic schedule—promoting her Bravo television show; her book “Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair;” and her single, “Money Can’t Buy You Class;” plus making television appearances as a lifestyle expert and writing a weekly advice column for OK!—but the Bridgehampton year-rounder still manages to find the time to entertain frequently at home.

Ms. de Lesseps’s recipe for successful hosting: keep it simple, yet elegant. Low-key entertaining is her specialty, she said.

“I have a very relaxed style of entertaining. I prefer a casual buffet style, darling ... Very low key, with a lot of family and friends,” she said.

That easy-breezy, yet sophisticated philosophy extends to Ms. de Lesseps’s furnishings in her two-story, 6,000-square-foot cedar shingle home as well. The makings of the house, which was built in 1996 and sits on 2.2 acres, came from a barn in Pennsylvania, she reported during an interview at her home on Friday. She also owns a three bedroom pied-√†-terre in Manhattan, though the Bridgehampton house is her primary residence.

An eclectic mix of the elegant, dramatic and simple rusticity live side-by-side in the rooms of Ms. de Lesseps’s five-bedroom home, just the way she likes it, she said.

Decorative objects and artwork from her glamorous days as a former model (an image taken of her by famed photographer Gunter Sachs in the 1990s hangs in the dining room) and wife of Count Alexandre de Lesseps, a French Aristocrat of the Suez Canal dynasty, whose family built both the Suez and Panama canals (they are now divorced), share space with family photos, books, antiques and typical local furnishings. Chinese and Burmese vases coexist happily with French mirrors and plates, which share wall space with artwork by locals such as Terri Gold and Ned Smythe.

“It’s an eclectic mix of stuff, but I think it works,” Ms. de Lesseps said.

One of Ms. de Lesseps’s favorite objects in the house is a simple push broom, wrapped in fake pink flowers and green vines, which she produced from the front hallway to show off. It might sound strange that the Countess would gush over an item meant for menial labor, until she pointed out that the broom was autographed by Bette Midler. She met the “Divine Miss M” during a charity auction for the ACE Soho Partnership, a charity close to Ms. de Lesseps’s heart, which provides jobs and opportunities for the homeless.

“I’m a huge fan! When I met her, I starting singing ‘over the shoulder boulder holder,’ and she said, ‘wow, you really are a fan,’” Ms. de Lesseps said. “She’s done amazing things.”

As for favorite rooms in the house, one is the dining nook/family area, just off the kitchen, which she says is a frequent gathering place. The banquette seating, covered in blue- and white-striped sturdy cotton ticking, is a comfortable spot for Ms. de Lesseps, her children Victoria and Noel, and the family dog, Aston, to spend quality time together.

“We hang out here a lot” she said. “We’ve got the bookshelves and the TV here too, it’s very cozy ... But I have to replace the fabric on the banquette every year because it gets grubby from so much use.”

Another room that gets quite a lot of action in the summertime is the screened-in porch just off the formal dining room. The casual and airy room is filled with white fabric-covered director’s chairs, blue- and white-cushioned wicker seating, light wood and glass-topped tables.

“We spend our summers out here, reading the paper and relaxing,” Ms. de Lesseps said. “It’s nice to have an outdoor screened patio situation.”

But one of the best places in the house to start the party when entertaining, she said, is the living room bar.

“I love to set up a buffet in the living room and I like to do a lot of apps on the bar—goat cheese, tapenade, spring rolls, hummus, crudit√© ... stuff that’s not too heavy,” she said. “Everybody loves the bar, it’s hard to get them away from it sometimes.”

Of course, there’s also a few outdoor summer barbecues, which Ms. de Lesseps said she typically holds around the pool. There’s a two-story pool/guesthouse there as well, which is handy for party prep and guest facilities. “We’ll do barbecues all summer long,” she said.

When it comes to hosting parties, Ms. de Lesseps has a few tips so hostesses are “not flustered when it comes time to entertain.”

She said she prefers creativity and organization when it comes to setting the atmosphere for a party. “Flowers for the table, pretty colors, great food prepared in advance, candles, good music—get your iPod ready beforehand,” she said, adding that being prepared is the most important part of any successful party. “Having time for your guests is what it is to be a real hostess, darling. You should get everything done so that way you get to the door with champagne when the guests arrive.”
When it comes to the flower arrangements, Ms. de Lesseps said that simple cuttings from her many hydrangea plants are among her favorite tabletop decorations for a party, and every day, though elegant orchids also grace many surfaces in her home.

“I love cut flowers from my garden, especially the blue and white hydrangea and the trumpet vines, which are coming out soon. And orchids, I love. They last all summer and are so elegant,” she said.

Pointing to her piano, Ms. de Lesseps—who just signed a record deal with Ultra Records in May and will be performing at the fifth annual “Ascension Party” on Fire Island on August 14—said that live entertainment is also a big hit at parties. “I often sing for my guests. It reminds me of the great hostesses, like Denise Rich, who played one of the songs she wrote on the piano at one of the first parties I went to at her house,” she reported, smiling. “Now she’s an amazing hostess.”

Jill's energy excludes her from babysitting Bryn

Post from Hollywood Life about Bethenny and Jill.

Lindsey DiMattina
Sorry Jill Zarin, but it looks like your The Real Housewives of New York City co-star and ex-best friend Bethenny Frankel is still not ready to forgive you. She’s so done with your drama that she doesn’t even want you babysitting her almost 2 month-old baby daughter, Brynn Hoppy! “I would rather keep Brynn in a pure place,” Bethenny told EXCLUSIVELY. Jason Hoppy (Bethenny’s husband) “doesn’t want any of that energy of the Housewives around her!”

Plus, “I am neurotic about leaving her,” Bethenny continued. Bethenny just wants her baby daughter by her side at all times. She’s so “neurotic” about the possibility of another person taking care of Brynn, that she admits: “I don’t even want to leave the house!”

But, at least she says she’s rid of the extra weight caused by Jill’s drama. “It was heavy,” Bethenny explains of once having Jill in her life. “I still feel a lot lighter” with Jill out of it.

And with regards to the other Housewives, Bethenny remains close with only Alex McCord and Ramona Singer. “My relationship with Alex and Ramona — it’s a nice place,” Bethenny says.

Poor Jill. All she wants to do is get her best friend back, but Bethenny just won’t have it. “There were little signals [prior to filming the reunion] that I got from her that she was warming up to talking to me,” Jill told us on June 16 exclusively. But, “obviously I read that wrong!”

It sounds like these women won’t be resolving their feud anytime soon as Bethenny remains utterly against the idea. “When I’m not working, I just want to relax and do nothing,” says Bethenny .

Guess Jill’s baby gift – cause we heard through a source that Jill did the right thing and sent a gift- wasn’t enough to melt Bethenny’s heart either.

Danielle wants her own show

Article from Parade. Danielle tells us she is the star of RHONJ.

By: Erin Hill
Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey doesn’t disappoint when it comes to drama-filled confrontations. Last season it was Teresa Giudice’s table flip, this season it’s hair pulling.

In next week’s episode, audiences will finally get to see the Nov. 11 showdown between Danielle Staub and Jacqueline Laurita’s 19-year-old daughter, Ashley Holmes, that led to assault charges for Holmes after she attacked Staub and yanked out her hair extensions. Staub told that despite the tough times, she’s nowhere near finished with reality TV. In fact, she’s hoping she and her daughters will get their own spin-off.

She’s looking forward to next week’s episode.
“It’s going to position me in a place of power. It was a turning point for me to realize just how dark people can get. I think it’s going to become clear to the viewers who exactly is obsessing with whom. You’re going to see a little bit of yourself in these other women, and you’re going to see a little bit of yourself in me. I want people to understand that they should not feel sorry for me, I’m not a victim.”

Watching everything go down on the small screen.
“It’s ever so enlightening. You really have to be careful who you give what to. I don’t mean that monetarily. We all know there are a few of them who pretend to have monetary value as well, but let’s not go there. But if you give a piece of yourself away too quickly, you might not know what they’re going to do with it and what their intentions are. It’s always best to sit back and assess the situation. It’s been such a gift to me to weed through all the people in my life who are not genuine.”

Social-networking backlash.
Why do these women not want to be around me, yet all they do is talk about me, tweet about me, Facebook about me, hire people to tweet about me and Facebook about me? And even have all their kids doing the same thing? It’s a disgusting waste of time.”

She’s not keeping tabs on the Manzos.
“I don’t know where they are and what they are doing because I block them. I don’t find their lives to be that interesting. Ham game? I think it’s a disgusting waste of food.”

Is she still friends with the two Kims?
“They never were my friends. They were opportunists. And I’m going to leave it at that. I will not exploit their want and need to be on television. I get paid to do what I do on television, they don’t. They’re doing that for free, that’s an opportunist.”

How her daughters handle the drama surrounding the show.
“Whatever normal is, I feel that’s what we are. We are such a unit. And I love when people criticize me and say, ‘Even her daughters have to give her advice.’ How do you think they learned how to give anyone advice? Through me! My kids don’t listen to what’s going on in the media. We don’t have time, quite frankly. We do more charities than people realize. They don’t have a choice but to help me dodge some of the negativity that’s thrown at me. But the negative is only from those castmates and their family. They’re like a cult, those people. I still stand strong on my own with my two children. My kids do not pay attention to any of the negative around us.”

Her relationship with the cast today.
“What relationship? Why would I possibly want anything to do with people like that? We make good TV together, and quite possibly without me they don’t have a “New Jersey Housewives.” No one would tune in to watch the ham game. Or watch Jacqueline drink wine at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I don’t think people are entertained by that. But what they do tune in for is to watch them talking about me and me trying to stay away from them. It’s incredible what a platform they’ve given me. So I have to say, ‘Thank you, ladies. You’re nothing without me on the show.’”

Any regrets about doing the show?
“Not one regret. I said it in Season One, everyone will be exposed. I meant that in a real way. I got exposed from them digging up stuff about me from 25 years ago. I haven’t dug at all. I haven’t investigated them. Teresa said at the finale, ‘I have no skeletons in my closet.’ Really? You’re 11 million dollars in debt, sweetie pie. And you’re in your 30s.’”

The other Real Housewives show where she’d love make a guest appearance.
“New York City baby, cause Jill’s my girl.”

On her book, The Naked Truth.
“The Naked Truth was life work for me. It was very painful and bittersweet. It was a gift and a burden all in one. I had to go back and relive my life. I’m blown away by how people have received me and it’s not why I wrote it. I wrote it for myself and so people can get to know me. And I will be writing more, however I think I’m going to do something a little happier next time. I have some really great happy times in my life that I’d like to share.”

Keeping her relationship with friend and duet partner Lori Michaels under wraps.
“Lori and I are working on the remixes of the song. She’s my friend in many aspects and ways, which I will not go into. I will keep people on the edge of their seats for that. She wrote that song and it just grabbed me when I was going through the demos. It’s a tortured lullaby. We’re digitally releasing it probably mid-July. Lori and I together are an incredible team. I’ve just begun.”

Dreams of her own spin-off.
“Danielle getting her own spin-off show would be fantastic. The Staub girls are a triple threat. It would be me and my daughters and then you’d get to see my entire family as a part of the show. And I do have a lot of business ventures, between my kids and I, and I’m managing their careers.”

What would her own show be called?
“Danielle Staub: The Real Jersey Girl!”

Bethenny doing a 2nd season of BGM? No more RHONY?

Post from Zap2it, looks like Bethenny will not be coming back to RHONY.


Bravo fans have followed Bethenny Frankel to her spin-off, "Bethenny Getting Married?," but we're all still quite interested in whether she'll return for another season of "The Real Housewives of New York City."

While she has been publicly on the fence about it, Bethenny seemed like she had made up her mind on a press call Thursday (July 1). When asked if she had a choice between the two Bravo shows she stars in, Bethenny surprised the group with her answer.

"I do have the choice," she says. "And I don't believe I'll be doing any more 'Housewives.'

It seemed that shooting the reunion episode may have helped the new mother make up her mind. "It was a real tense experience," she explains. "It just felt heavy and you're about to shoot something and you just don't [want to]. [My life] feels lighter. Actually, it feels a lot lighter."

While she stressed that her departure from "Real Housewives' isn't official, she says there are plenty of storylines for a Season 2 of "Bethenny Getting Married?" already.

"On 'Housewives,' you always have to do some charity event or some big dramatic moment," she says. "The best parts of my show are when we're talking about nonsense. Or something so stupid. Like there are a couple things that happened on my honeymoon that are ridiculous. It's really about the minutiae, so there's always going to be nonsense in my life."

While the birth of her daughter, Bryn Hoppy, will probably be a huge focus in the next season of Bethenny's show, she says her husband, Jason Hoppy, is already thinking baby number two.

"I think Jason's planning on it," she says. "I'm not planning on it. It has been a conversation. But, I think we have to wait a while and talk about it. We're just getting our feet wet and learning how to care for Bryn. It's all a huge adjustment."

Regardless, if Frankel does go on to a second season of her new show, there's the small issue of its name. Obviously the question will be answered when she walks down the aisle on the July 8 episode. But, the Bravo star says that Jason already has already pitched his choice for a new show name: "Bethenny's getting pregnant?"

Danielle's sex tape is actually selling

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.—The scandalous sex tape from one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is now out and available for purchase on DVD from LFP Video.

Danielle Staub RAW, the 47-year-old’s sex tape, is 75 minutes long and filled with hardcore sex.

“Danielle Staub RAW [is out] and it’s already flying off the shelves,” LFP Video Vice President of Sales David Diamond said. “I’m getting re-orders already. This is going to be huge.

“Here is a sex tape being released right when a celebrity is at the top of her game," he continued. "She’s on TV every week, she’s being interviewed by shows like The Today Show and The Joy Behar Show on CNN. Hell, she’s even recording albums that actually sound pretty good.”

Scott Esposito’s Tru Filth—owners of the tape—decided to enter into a partnership with Hustler to handle the DVD distribution along with the broadcast rights for Hustler TV.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey currently airs on Bravo.

To view the trailer, go to For sales inquiries, email Diamond at