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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneak Peek Of Danielle On "The Dish"

Post from Monsters And Critics.

By April MacIntyre
Danielle Staub is milking her fifteen minutes of fame to no end, as the porn star/reality TV wife is a guest player on "The Dish."

Tune in to a new episode of “The Dish,” this Saturday, September 11, at 10:00pm et/pt on The Style Network.

The alleged ex cocaine party wife of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, Danielle Staub, shows Host Danielle Fishel she’s had enough and is moving on with her life--but not without taking another crack at Teresa Guidice.

From the screaming, to the tears, to storming off the set, find out what really went down on the crazy “Real Housewives” reunion episode, as Fishel prods Staub to reveal some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets.
Staub allegedly "tells the truth" about why she decided to leave the series and comes clean about recent magazine comments about her former female co-stars.

But, will Fishel believe Staub is really putting the past behind her, or will nasty hair-pulling ensue between the two?
Later, Staub dons a wig and plays Jersey hausfrau in “Don’t Staub Believin’!”. The show will finally portray the real, wholesome housewife Danielle Staub--with cupcakes, a baby, a kitty and a gorilla in a strapless dress named Teresa.

Kelly At Lincoln Center

Pictures of Kelly leaving Lincoln Center.

Jeana-RHOOC In Thintervention Episode One

Sonja's FNO Pictures

Pictures from Sonja at FNO (Fashions Night Out).

W Gille a J. Mendel

With Jeremy Piven at Domeico Vacca.

With Dennis Basso my longtime frd.

Stacie Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Post from

by Tia Williams
"Real Housewives of D.C." star Stacie Turner visited the ESSENCE.COM offices yesterday, and we all had a blast! We're pleased to report that along with being funny, charming and candid, Turner was drop-dead gorgeous (and tall... who knew?). We couldn't resist asking Bravo's newest reality star to let us in on a few of her beauty secrets...
ESSENCE.COM: We're loving your bronzey gloss! What did you use?
STACIE TURNER: It's a combination of a lipstick and a gloss -- MAC Lipstick in Meltdown, and Laura Mercier Lipgloss in Bronze.

ESSENCE.COM: Is there any one makeup product that's always in your purse?
TURNER: Blotting papers. I don't go anywhere without them. In fact, we had to stop by Sephora to pick some up on the way here!

ESSENCE.COM: Your hair is lighter than it is on the show. Did you just have it done?
TURNER: Yes! The funny thing is, my hair is usually highlighted like this, especially in the summer. I decided the summer's almost over, so I might as well go for it. I go to Bruce Johnson at the Avatar Salon in Silver Spring, MD.

What Is Real About The RHONJ?

Teresa's Reunion Blog

Teresa's reunion blog post from

                                   Ciao Tutti!
I can’t believe the season is over! And I can’t believe how it ended! I was totally NOT expecting Danielle to come over and give me a hug (um, Andy, I thought you said no one could get off the couch and “cross you” again?). I didn’t expect it at all, but I’m not going to turn her away (and no, I didn’t bathe in holy water afterwards, but those of you who told me I should—it did make me laugh). I know she’s still going after all of us in the press, still lying like she always does, but I really do forgive her. I feel sorry for her that she can’t move on with her life. I hope she does. I wish her and her girls every happiness in the world. My focus is my family, my beautiful girls, my amazing husband, and moving forward with my life.

I know there are a million crazy stories in the press about me right now, but none of them are from me except the cover story I did with “In Touch” magazine. If you hear it directly from me, you can believe it. Otherwise, it’s garbage. I wouldn’t even address the rumors except so many of you are asking and I do want you to know the truth. So, here we go:

I only have one brother—his name is also Joe—and I love him and his family. His picture is in my cookbook! They have been invited and attended every family event I’ve had, the stuff that made it on air for the show and the stuff that didn’t. If you go back and watch, you can see them at my Housewarming party, Gia’s birthday party and Audriana’s Christening.

I don’t have an African American nephew on mine or Joe’s side, but if I did, I’d welcome him with love like I have all my other nieces and nephews and cousins. I grew up in Paterson, New Jersey, I have always had lots of African American friends and still do. The story that I wouldn’t acknowledge someone, let alone a family member, because of their race is horribly untrue. I love people for their hearts, not their appearance.

I was in Las Vegas last Sunday and Monday for an event to promote my book “Skinny Italian.” I was at Revolution at the Mirage and the Abbey beach at the new Vdara hotel with my fabulous gays. It was a great Labor Gay Weekend! I love you all, especially you, Eduardo! Thanks for taking such great care of me. I took the red-eye home so I would be there for my kids’ first day of school. It’s exhausting being a working mommy, isn’t it? But I wouldn’t trade it for the world! They all had a great day! I posted pictures on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I also just starred in the charity performances of “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” for marriage equality Off-Broadway. It was so fun and yes, Joe was there to support me and support the wonderful cause.

Oh, and I’m NOT claustrophobic. ;)
I think that takes care of all the crazy stories for the week. I expect the stories next week will have me hooked on drugs or abducted by aliens or something. But I promise you all, I’m great, Joe is great, our kids are great, and we are so blessed by your wonderful messages and support!

Some real good news: “Skinny Italian” is back on the New York Times bestseller list again – this time at #6!!! I’m so excited! Thank you all, my sexy Italian cooks! Visit my website for sample chapters, photos from the book and a list of all the recipes. They are simple, healthy, budget-friendly and so delicious! Lots of veggie and non-dairy recipes in there as well. And it has the complete nutritional info for every recipe, so it’s Weight Watchers-friendly as well. If you can’t find it in your local bookstore, try the Bravo online store or Amazon. And yes, I am working on my second cookbook right now. It will have 60 more, all new family recipes, new stories, new photos, new fun facts. It will be out in Spring 2011!

Follow me on Twitter @Teresa_Giudice or my public figure Fan Page on Facebook here (I’m sorry I can’t make you all “friends” but Facebook has a limit of 5,000. Boo!). I answer as many messages as I possibly can, but I do read every message and love you all!

Thank you for letting me and my family into your house and your hearts. It’s been a wonderful, crazy ride. Xx

Tanti Baci,

Teresa Explains Why She Manhandled Andy

Teresa Is A Role Model

Article from the New York Daily News.

BY Aliyah Shahid
Well, they do both like to throw things …

Supermodel Naomi Campbell described "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice a "role model" on Thursday because the mom of four seems to do it all, reported.

Photo: Bravo
"A mother, businesswoman [who's] cooking, cleaning the house — and her kids always look … amazing," Campbell said about Giudice to Bravo’s Andy Cohen on Thursday's "Watch What Happens: Live."

Giudice, 38, loved the praise.

"I don't know how I do it, I just do," she gushed. "Everyone asks me, I swear to God, but I have a lot of energy. And great genes, I guess."

The two celebs have at least one thing in common: their tempers.

Among other offences, the supermodel was sentenced to community service in 2007 after she threw a jewel-encrusted phone at a maid. In 2008, she was arrested and sentenced to more community service after assaulting a police officer after one of her bags had been lost inside London’s Heathrow Airport.

And Giudice gained notoriety when she flipped a dinner table last season on "Real Housewives."

The "Skinny Italian" also threw a tantrum and swore at fellow castmate Danielle Staub over the birth of her nephew Aug. 30.

Campbell , 40, empathized with Giudice’s outburst.

"I understood," she said.

WWHL After Show

Win Ben Weiner Money

Ben Weiner (13 yr. old RH superfan) was on Watch What Happens Live last night and won some cash.

Kelly's Pictures

Pictures from Kelly at Gold Bar last night and at the airport today.

At GoldBar for my party. Love u GoldBar

At miami airport

Alex's People Blog

Alex's post about the RHODC from People.

By: Alex McCord
In season 3 of The Real Housewives of New York City, fans applauded when Alex McCord finally stood up for herself. Now, McCord, who says, “It is absolutely crucial and necessary in reality TV to let people know how you feel,” is bringing her outspoken attitude to a blog about Bravo’s newest chapter in the hit Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. This week, McCord discusses what happens when you make accusations about someone’s child and more:

Welcome back after Labor Day Weekend!

Here in New York the kids are (finally) back at school, and the chill in the air goes along with the fall foliage we’re seeing onscreen in DC. It’s Fashion Week in NYC, so before this column is fashionably late let’s get down to it and discuss so I can get back to Lincoln Center.

At the Oasis Winery dinner, Tareq tipsily accused Mary’s daughter of somehow being involved with a group of kids who took his car and polo equipment. Now, I know how these scenes can be chopped up in order to cover a four hour dinner in two minutes, but this seemed completely out of left field. It seemed as though everyone had been having a nice time and then Tareq decided to equate the loss of a car with the sucker punch of accusations that one of your children committed a crime, with no evidence to prove or disprove the story.

Clearly Tareq and Michaele don’t have children, which is the only reason they could claim that they were as injured as Mary was in that moment. The thought that your child might have been involved in something illegal will give you nightmares and make you question everything you ever said or did with that child. The thought that your car is gone gives you paperwork to file.

Not the same. Not at all.

None of us know the whole story as we didn’t get to see much more of it on TV, but if all Tareq and Barbie had to go on was a comment on someone else’s Facebook photo, that’s pretty lame. Later in the hour, Michaele marveled over the power of posting one’s activities on Facebook. “If you’re out there doing crazy things, it’s going to come back.” She should know: Isn’t that how their White House shenanigans became public?

Let’s move on to my favorite moment in this episode, Edwina Rogers’s tea with Cat.

I loved Edwina and her hat way back at the polo match and wondered why she wasn’t made a cast member. I loved watching Cat rake Edwina over the coals. Clearly, Edwina only wanted to get together to invite Cat and the ladies to her party. Cat took great glee in questioning Edwina about health care reform. I will step away from partisan jousting for just a second and ask, if Edwina has ideas about how to fix the mess, why didn’t she just state them instead of stammering and offering cucumber sandwiches? Maybe she should be a milliner instead. Based on what we’ve seen, I’d sooner buy a hat from her than a reform policy.

Lynda bought a house in McLean — and Stacie was (sort of) offended. As a former McLean resident myself, I see nothing wrong with the place. However, Georgetown is beautiful too and it seems as though there’s a big bias about living in the district versus not. We fight about that all the time up here, with Manhattan versus Brooklyn and apartments versus townhouses. Oy! Just find a great house and buy it. The end.
Next, we went to Edwina’s cocktail party, proof positive that drinking more will fix all your health problems, and Cat showed up dressed as Sarah Palin. Perhaps Cat was trying to compete to be the craziest person in the room. She almost won, though she was shown up by a bright pink dress containing bubbles. It was a shame the evening ended with sirens, flashing lights and a dire-sounding announcement, but hopefully we’ll find out what happened next time.
Until then, enjoy the week! I know I will. It’s jam-packed with something both Simon and I love — fashion shows!!

Vicki In Chicago

Pictures from Vicki in Chicago.


Gretchen Has A Passion For Beauty And Fashion

Article from the

By:Matt Martin
The beloved Gretchen Rossi (GR), from Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC), talks with me about her ventures in entertainment, makeup and handbags. GR became without a doubt a front runner from the beginning of her appearances on RHOC. Speculations surrounding her relationship with her fiancé Jeff to being a liar, all gave GR enough motivation to pull forward and make a change. That change would be the GRETCHEN CHRISTINE ROSSI we hear about now!

"I was approached to do the show..." GR informs us "It wasn't necessarily about me having interest as much as it just seemed to keep showing up in my life. I had been asked to be involved in the Entertainment business since I was a little girl. My parents kept me far away from that whole world. Then I was asked to do two other reality shows before Housewives, when I was approached to do RHOC, Jeff (my dear late fiancé) encouraged me to finally take up the offer. Jeff was ultimately the one that convinced me to go for it! He knew that I had desires to be in the fashion and beauty industry and he saw it as an opportunity for me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and desires." Like so many other housewives GR has boosted her career through the exposure of the show.

Unfortunately, that does come at a price. GR along with other housewives have come across as RHOT likes to call haters. "Haters are my motivators! They more people talk trash on me the more I get excited about proving them wrong. There will always be haters in life, in business, work, school, etc. If anything I just feel sorry for the people that have to tear me down to make themselves in some weird way feel better. Most of the haters are people sitting behind a fake name on a blog somewhere and aren't' brave enough to just come forward and trash talk to my face." Boy do we know what you are talking about! "I know someone is always going to disagree with something I do or say, or talk about how I look etc. that is what makes this world go round, but if only this world had a little more tolerance towards people. We don't have to agree with each other, but just respect being different from someone else." Can we get an AMEN! "More than anything I know who I am. No matter what anyone says it can't hurt me because I know the people that matter love me and know who I am."

A day in the life of Gretchen:

"My life is so nuts and everyday is a new adventure! I have appearances, charity events, red carpet events, TV shows like TV Guide, or Style Network etc. to discuss my new business ventures. I might be filming for housewives or traveling for work. Everyday truly is an adventure and things come up so quick I am just always on the go. When I do have a normal day home my day goes something like this. Get up in the morning and have coffee and turkey bacon. Then meet with my employee/assistant to talk about our day and what the plan is for the day. We then work on all things regarding the make-up line, e-mails, phone calls, and any new orders that have come in for Gretchen Christine Beaute' that day. Next we discuss all things that have to do with GCC and new marketing or lines that need to be designed or worked on. After a full day of work I tend to like to wind down my day by going to the park with my dogs and trying to exercise a little while there. Then I come home and cook dinner and love to sit with Slade and catch up on the day. I then end up going back to work around 8:30 or 9pm and end up working till 2 or 3 in the morning due to working with international buyers and clients for my make-up and handbag line. Needless to say I am not the best morning person." I am exhausted!


Where did your passion for handbags and makeup come from to create Gretchen Christine?
"I have always loved beauty and fashion! I have always been a "girly girl" and love to play dress up and do my hair and make-up. My parents still tell stories about me always coming down the stairs in my crazy outfits, and makeup all over my face (starting at age 3) and presenting myself in the middle of one of their business dinner meetings, they said I was so proud of my creations! I was the "fashionista" of my household and everyone in my family and a lot of my friends would always came to me for style advice or hair and make-up tips growing up. So my passion stems from just being that little girl that has always loved fashion and beauty!"

Who are your biggest influences in the designs?
"When it came to my handbag line, my fans were my true inspiration behind them. They made me realize that there was something missing in the market place... high quality handbags at affordable prices. I would receive so many e-mails from woman asking about my designer bags I would be seen with on the show. Once the realized the price of my handbags they would be so bummed out. I decided I wanted to make designer looking and high quality bags (all leather, high end embellishments, functionality, good zipper pulls etc.) at affordable prices for the everyday woman. The combination of loving fashion and design mixed with the inspiration from my fans is what helped create The Gretchen Christine Collection."

As an individual with 8 years in high end fashion I can attest to the quality to her products. The overall package has a very high end look without the high end price tag.
"Our handbags range from $129 for the clutch (that you saw Kristin Cavallari wearing on the red carpet to the hills finale)... to just under $300 for the large tote! For all leather bags with the embellishment details, tassel zipper pulls, hidden outside pockets, and the special functions inside the bag like the hidden inside make-up wall, this price point is amazing! So many great features on these bags!"

Explain a little backround on your handbag line:
"The handbag line is a collaboration between me and a powerhouse by the name of Lust 4 Luxe. They are a manufacturer based out of San Deigo and have has a very successful brand with their line of handbags. They approached me to collaborate with them and do a collection. I have always loved design and fashion so this was such an exciting opportunity for me to continue to grow my brand "Gretchen Christine" and also get to be involved in the actual design process as well! Me and their head designer Jeff, worked together for months to come up with our first two collections; the Pearlized Leather collection (with four different silhouettes and styles) and the Woven Collection (with three different looks and styles)."

Her taste in designer duds definitely helped her creatively. "There are so many designers that I love and I have a handful of all of their bags." GR does admit to some favorites though! "One of my all time favorites is Louis Vuitton. I love the classic designs of Chanel, and the unique designs of Gucci and Fendi, but you can never miss with a Prada or Versace handbag it seems."
Now for all of you looking to get your hands on one of these amazing bags... Get in line! They have become extremely popular in a very short time. After debuting July 30th on >Shop NBC "There is only a few styles and colors left for sale" GR tells me "...before the first collection is completely sold out and no longer available in those colors! We will however be working on a fall collection that is even more affordable with different materials used and different color schemes."

GR confirms that we will love the fall collection, "...the colors are magnificent and so plush! We have also made all the embellishments in gun metal instead of Gold in this collection. Gun metal is the color for fall!" The line is in talks with large retailers now, "I hope to have the collection available in stores as well as our exclusive collection on Shop NBC in the fall."

But that's not all! We have seen the slow, but promising debut of her makeup line, "Gretchen Christine Beaute", featured on RHOC.

"I started playing with makeup right out of the womb it seems like. I love love love make-up and own so much of it, I should start my own retail shop! I can not get enough of it and love to always be playing with new colors and looks. I have always been an entrepreneur and starting "Gretchen Christine Beaute" was something I have always wanted to do. I wanted to bring high quality make-up to the everyday woman. I was tired of spending so much money for make-up. Honestly I could no longer afford it, but I wanted to have access to the same colors and high end quality as the brands. Gretchen Christine Beaute has been a work in process for a while now and thankfully was made a reality last year! It has come with a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, but ultimately I am doing what I love....making women look and feel their best the affordable way!"

What should every RHOT and woman have in their wardrobe?
"A "Gretchen Christine Collection" handbag of course, or accessory soon to come! Hehe!"

Whats next for the Gretchen Christine line? What can we look forward to?
"The GCC collection will include, shoes, jewelry, hats, scarf's, clothes, everyday wear, dresses, etc. basically everything a woman could ever want in her closet, and who knows possibly stuff for men as well (as I have had so many requests). I am so excited for what is in store for GCC and its customers, we have been working hard!"

We at RHOT could not be happier for Gretchen and all the things she has overcome! Her products are as top notch as she is herself.

Be sure to find all information on Gretchen at her official website! Here you can read her blog, stay up to date on appearances, contact Gretchen and shop! Be sure to!

Danielle And Bravo Are On Good Terms

Interview from Parade.

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle Staub: 'I Will Not Be Forgotten'
by Erin Hill

Controversial Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub may have left the show that brought her fame -- but she's not ready to say goodbye to primetime just yet. The reality star says she's currently sifting through offers for a new show that will center around her and her two daughters, Christine and Jillian.

Photo: Mike Derer/AP
The 48-year-old spoke to about her dramatic exit from the show and why her fans will be seeing much more of her in the near future.

Hugging it out at the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.
"It took a positive turn because I needed it to. I wasn't really interested in anything but leaving peacefully. I knew I was leaving, I wanted to leave, but even right down to the final moments, Teresa started to yell again and that's why I stood up and went over to hug her. It was really not planned. It had to end."
Making nice with Jacqueline Laurita.
"I just wanted her to know that I needed to go and I wanted to go peacefully. The most important person for me to make peace with was Jacqueline because we had been something to one another at one point in time. I wanted that to be right and I wanted those girls to embrace that. I don't know if you caught the change that came over my face, but I was so at peace. It was actually the first time I had a real conversation with one of my castmates on camera all season. A big change came over me; it felt really good."

How she's feeling about the women now.
"On my end, I'm fine. I'm not going to pretend that I care about a relationship with any of them. I do, however, know that if I'm asked questions about Jacqueline, I feel like I made peace with her. She was my friend and I'm going to leave it that way. But as far as the others are concerned...fair game. I don't want to be a part of their lives."

How did her daughters, Christine and Jillian, handle the news of her exit?
"The same way as I did: they exhaled. And it feels good. A lot of peace came over my daughters and I."

Will she miss anything about the show?
"Nope. Not a thing. There's nothing to miss. I have my own things going on."

Her favorite memory of the past two seasons.
"Christine's sweet 16 is my best memory of the show, and that's because it was something so positive. Jillian sang and it really showed my family's respect and love. We had an unbelievable night and my kids are incredible. I was so proud. It showed us."

With talks of her own show, where is she headed next?
"I have not excluded Bravo, but I'm not going to say where it is that I'm landing. There are several offers on the table and I'm exploring all of them. I'm moving on in the right and positive direction and I will be taking my entire fan base with me."

Did she leave on good terms with Bravo?
"Absolutely. I'm leaving on very good terms with Bravo."

Advice to the next crop of Real Housewives.
"Keep it real, stay true to yourself and don't let anyone put you down. They all know who they are going into this. They all know what they've done and where they've been. Own up to it and definitely stay true to you."

A message to her fans:
"Although I am leaving the show, I will not be forgotten. I know that all of you have stood by me and believed in me and I have a lot more to come. I am not done by any means. Just keep your ears and eyes open and you will be seeing very soon where I'm going to call home in a network. I have the absolute best fans in the world. They really get the essence of me. I appreciate each and every one of them."

Kim Granatells Random Act Of Kindness

Post from World Of Pop Culture.

By Alicia
Meeting in downtown Paterson, New Jersey – RHONJ’s Kim Granatell and Tom Murro had decided to stop by Payless Shoes to surprise a few less fortunate families getting ready for school with supplies and clothes. A surprise shopping spree with all new back to school supplies, began when Kim entered the store and said, “Hello everyone! It looks like we’re all here for back to school shoes. Please pick out what you need and meet us at the register.”

Kim and the Magnet spoke with some of the moms and children from about a dozen families who were shopping for backpacks and shoes, and they even picked up a few more school supplies for some siblings who weren’t there.

Outside, fans gathered around her black Bentley, safely parked in a “no parking zone,” there was a lot of tweeting, texting and posing for photographs. More than one fan said she hoped to see Kim in Real NJ Housewives season three. When her own show, she said “It seems like it’s going to happen.” (see the news12 video)

The moms and kids were thrilled to meet Kim and to be part of it. Kim’s generosity was appreciated by all, not the least of which was the store manager. Tom mentioned he needed a pair of high top converse, and she reminded Tom that they weren’t there for him “and wasn’t the G-Wagon enough?”

Kim and the Magnet have been busy for the past few months – from driving Kim’s Ferrari and crashing Danielle Staub’s party, it was nice to give back. It was reminder to all involved to be generous with those less fortunate. After the shopping, there were lots of hugs and a few more pictures. “What a great day!,” Tom told us.

RHODC Epidsode #5 Recap and Fact-Check

Article from the Washington Post.

Mean girls: D.C. "Housewives" recap and fact-check (#5)
By: Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger

Welcome back to "The Real Housewives of D.C.," and episode five -- we've crossed the halfway mark! The home stretch! It's the episode where Tareq and Michaele Salahi toss around a lot of vague but ominous accusations about Mary Amons's daughter that as best as we can tell are (1) misleading and (2) misdirected and (3) way overstated, and this edition of our weekly recap and fact-checking will attempt to make sense of it for you. These accusations hang over the rest of the episode, giving it a yucky aftertaste that nonetheless does not diminish its boringness. Hey, everyone psyched for season two?

Photo: Bravo
It opens where we left -- Stacie and Jason Turner and Mary lingering over a dinner at Oasis Winery, where they are the guests of Tareq and Michaele (who seem to have reached some tenuous legal ceasefire with his mother enabling them to be on the premises). The dinner was already tense, thanks to the topic of the Salahis apparently crashing and getting tossed out of the Congressional Black Caucus dinner. (True story.) Tareq apparently has a look on his face, so Mary nudges him to share (or maybe the producers have nudged her to nudge him), and then he unloads, in a rapid slur.

"So I'm just going to say something. I don't know every detail about everything. There's been this dialogue about a car that you know we had, and unfortunately the car got taken." Oh, and also, adds Michaele, "all the United States team gear."

Tareq goes on to implicate Mary's oldest daughter Lolly -- though he's careful to say that it's actually "this agency [that] came to us" and told them that Lolly had something up on Facebook "admitting" something about a "joy ride." And most damning, there were photos: "They" -- whoever they are -- "were all wearing my jacket, my jersey and my polo mallet!" Mary gets incredulous and then weepy, and the Turners jump in to say, basically, "whaaaa?" And Tareq continues, saying "the FBI has been investigating this.... There's a federal investigation and everybody's going to jail!"

(Time to break in now. We, too, do not know every detail, but our reporting indicates that this was a relatively minor incident -- a year and a half old already by the time of this dinner - that did not involve the FBI, nor implicate Lolly. It goes back to May of 2008, when the Salahis' America's Polo Cup organization hosted a match at Lansdowne Resort in Northern Virginia. The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office confirm they received a report of missing clothes and polo gear, as well as a complaint about a car that had been moved from where the owners left it - it was found, a short time later, in the same valet parking area. A "possible suspect" was identified more than a year later, after police received new information, and some of the items were returned. Though there are a couple of active warrants -- for larceny and unauthorized use of a car -- they apparently haven't taken a whole lot of precedence, because they still haven't been served. No one has been arrested. The full police reports are not available since the case remains open. But the sheriff's department confirmed that Lolly's name was not part of the investigation.)

Mary calls this accusation "out of left field" and "the worst sucker punch." Jason is in disbelief that Tareq would accuse someone's daughter like that: "No. Stop. I am so uncomfortable with this line of conversation." (It's another moment when you sense that the Turners have pulled back the curtain for us and are expressing genuine shock that they've lent their names and lives to an increasingly sordid TV show.) Michaele insists that "the charity was hurt, the polo players were hurt." (Their charity has indeed been beset with problems, including a state investigation into its practices.) Mary tells the camera that Tareq "had a lot of wine to drink... He is an angry drunk." Michaele accuses her of condoning stealing. It's all very ugly. Mary walks off, a tissue to dab her eyes on one hand, a big glass of red wine in the other.

Sullen limo ride home for Mary and the Turners. Mary can't figure out what the exact accusation is and wonders why Tareq would bring this up at the end of the evening, out of the blue. Jason suggests that "maybe it's all [bogus]."
Next, we're at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon in Friendship Heights. Over foot massages, Catherine Ommanney and Stacie tell Lynda Erkiletian (absent from the winery trip and most of last episode) about the Salahi weirdness. Lynda, to the camera: "Even if that story were true, would you do that in public, at a dinner party you're hosting?" (She doesn't even need to invoke one of her Rules of Washington here.) At the salon, she bursts out laughing. "I'm sorry, this must have been devastasting for Mary -- but he is a whackjob!" Cat wishes she had been there for Mary (she left early). Stacie regrets she went to Paris with them. "They're living a kind of farce."

Back at Mary's McLean house (which -- breaking news! -- the Amonses just put on the market this week, after 16 years there). Family discussion about What the Salahis Said. Mary tells Lolly: "He dropped the name FBI, you, polo gear and a car being stolen." Says Lolly: "He's ker-RAZY!" Mary tells the camera that "she did post something on Facebook -- but this in no way implicates her in an FBI investigation." (Oh, come on, tell us more! I can't find Lolly's Facebook profile these days, but I'm sure it's been scrubbed and privatized. Which, you know, the smart thing to do.") Rich Amons gets the two best lines of the night: "He breaks all kinds of man-rules by attacking, one: my wife, two: my daughter." Then when Mary asks how they should deal with Tareq the next time they see him, Rich widens his eyes and shrugs: "Depends on how much alcohol I've had!" (hahaha) Lolly is unrattled by the accusations: "Are you worried someone's going to believe him? Someone's going to be, like, 'Tareq Salahi is such a credible source?' I don't think so." (Starting to wonder if there's more history between these families than we realized... or maybe Lolly was just a diligent Washington Post reader who had followed the early stories about Tareq's family feud and polo-circle squabbles.)

Michaele heads into dinner with a dark-haired young woman in a sparkly top named Jen, described as her "assistant." They're at Palette, the restaurant at the Madison Hotel (which is just across the street from Washington Post! I highly recommend the pulled-duck hoagie). Michaele (seemingly still operating under the mistaken assumption that "isn't Cat Ommanney controversial?" is the driving plotline of "Real Housewives of D.C.") talks about how controversial that Cat Ommanney is, all balky and eye-rolling at the winery last week. "It's not being a Washingtonian," declares Michaele. "It's not being a Washingtonian lady."(As of Thursday night, Google found exactly five non-gibberish uses of the phrase "Washingtonian lady" in history, one of which comes from a 1902 novel, and two others referring to Seattlites. But you know, by tomorrow, we'll all be saying it around here.) She adds that, with Lynda, Cat and Mary, "it's like the Wicked Stepmother and Evil Stepsisters, and I feel like Cinderella."

And then the producers really lay the smack down on Michaele, who is allowed to natter on vaguely about "Lolly's involvement," blaming Mary for opening that conversation at dinner, and agreeding with Jen that it was mighty dumb of Lolly, or anyone, to post incriminating stuff on Facebook. Says Michaele: "If you're out there doing crazy things, it's going to come back." (Mwah-WAHH! We here at the Washington Post have been given a lot of credit -- and deservedly so! -- for breaking the story of the uninvited guests at the White House state dinner... but let's remember too that the Salahis kind of gave away the game by posting on Facebook all those now-iconic photos of themselves cozying up to Biden and Rahm at the dinner.)

Back to Mary's house. Rich, over a glass of wine, says he's searched the records, but "I couldn't find anything with Lolly's name in any police jurisdiction in 100 miles." Mary tells the camera that "Michaele and Tareq make [stuff] up because they want to deflect their own [stuff]."

Lynda, at home in Georgetown, is talking to Stacie on speaker phone (the only way you're allowed to talk to each other on reality TV, though you can also do it by holding a tiny cellphone in the upraised palm of your hand, like you're about to blow a kiss off of it). Remember how Lynda has been househunting? (She sold her Ritz-Carlton condo for beaucoup bucks.) Well, now she's getting advice from her new Realtor friend, Stacie. Stacie is glad to help (though it all seems beside the point, since Lynda divulges she's already signed off on a counteroffer). Stacie, though, gamely turns this into a minor bit of faux-drama character development: "McLean is beautiful, but it's Virginia!" she tells the camera. "She lives in Georgetown, on the water. Buying in McLean is a good investment -- however, I don't see Lynda as a suburban girl."

At the tea room of the Mayflower, Cat clinks champagne glasses with our old friend Edwina Rogers. (Remember, Edwina was an early candidate last year for a major "Housewives" role. In some ways she seemed perfect for it, what with her controversial yet charming habit of giftwrapping presents in uncut dollar bills. But she did not ultimately sign on.) Cat announces to the camera that "Edwina's one of the most powerful lobbyists in D.C." (With all due respect to Rogers, who has a fine career, she has not typically been considered in the stratosphere of this intensely competitive field.)

Says Edwina: "Cheers! Welcome to the United States! I hope you're being treated well!" And then later, "I understand you're working on a book... What a fun profession!" (Bless her heart, Edwina is just a little stilted with the cameras. You wonder if she was still in the mix at the time of this taping; the producers mess so much with the chronology it's impossible to tell when this champagne tea occurs.) And then: "Did I tell you I'm working on health care reform?" Cat snarks a "good luck with that," and that it seems like an "oxymoron" for a Republican to be working on health care, and "would you like to pay my medical bills?" which she then begins to enumerate. Edwina giggles politely, then stares as Cat natters on about how terrible the U.S. health care system is. "Is that a cucumber sandwich?" asks Edwina. How did she vote? Edwina says she's a Republican, voted a straight ticket. "What about Sarah Palin?" asks Cat. Edwina kinds of stares at her. "She was on the ticket. You can't split the vote... [but] I think she would have been fine." Cat is all eye-rolly as usual. Then Edwina, gamely sticking to the notes, explains, "the reason I brought up health care is I'm going to have a party for Washington insiders, Republicans and Democrats." (Oh, help us. No one talks this way, not about their own parties or their own friends, unless maybe they're reading off the same "Rules of Washington" cue cards prepared for Mary and Lynda most weeks. So anyway, we'll have that insiders' party to look forward to.)

Back at the Madison, this time the hotel bar, where Lynda and her boyfriend Ebong are meeting Jason and Stacie. When the Turners arrive, Lynda says, "We just started having a cocktail, you know how that is - I said, it is Washington and it is raining!" (No, I actually don't know what that means. There are no rules of Washington and rain and cocktails. That I know of. But I find nothing in her cocktail-directed logic to object to.) Topic of conversation #1: Lynda defending her decision to move to Virginia. Just "for a few years... I love my city! I love it here!" Stacie confides more concerns to the camera: "It's somewhat surprising to me that Lynda would move out of D.C. now. D.C. is so much hipper and cooler and cutting edge." (And now, a word from McLean-dwelling Roxanne Roberts: "Do I suddenly live in the sticks and no one told me? Drama for people who don't know Washington. Fact: Five minutes from McLean to D.C. over Chain Bridge, 15 to Georgetown.") Lynda declares that "I will come back."

Topic of conversation #2: Stacie's search for her birth parents. As established last week, she now knows that her birth mother is white, her father from Nigeria -- which is where Ebong is from. "He is my brother!" Stacie cheers, and wonders whether he can help her find her father. She talks more about her mother's reluctance to get to know her. Lynda calls it "heartwrenching" and expresses sympathy for the mother: "What if she spent her whole life wanting you... She had to make these decisions because of ignorance." Stacie's not buying it, but appreciates the sentiment. Which leads us into the D.C. Housewives' perennial topic of conversation #3: Race relations. Lynda declares that growing up in the south, "I experienced reverse racism. I wasn't waited on because I was white!" Says Stacie, coolly: "That is interesting." (On her Bravo blog this week, Lynda hearkens back to her teenage experience as a backup singer for R&B star Candi Staton, and honestly, I wish we were seeing a reality show about that.) Some flirtatious banter about how we're all alike in the dark, and about Ebong's nappy chest hair, and the scene ends cordially.

Back at Mary's house. So many of these kids -- Mary's, Lynda's, Cat's -- just blend together, but now and then one stands out. And of course, once again, it's 14-year-old Megan, still feeling her oats after her scene-stealing cameo a couple weeks ago. "What are these wrappers all over your floor?" Mary asks. "Did you eat HoHos up here?" Says Megan, winsomely: "I kind of fell asleep on a HoHo." (It doesn't really make sense, but Megan bats her eyelashes at the camera and waits for the Disney Channel to discover her.)
Lynda shows off her new home to Ebong and her kids (and maybe some of their plus-ones; hard to tell, but it seems like a big crowd, and I'm pretty sure they're not all hers). She loves the kitchen, frets about the safety of the pool. (So you know, she paid $2 million for it.) Stacie once again looms into the scene, telling the camera with concern: "It will be interesting to see how she fits in." (Spoiler alert: Lynda's going to be fine, okay? She's just moving across the river, all right? Really!)

Cut back and forth between Stacie and Jason at home, and Cat at home, all dressing for Edwina Rogers's lobbying event. "We're Democrats, but we're open minded," says Stacie. Cat decides to dress "inappropriately," and goofs around with flouncy minis, feather boas, etc. Stacie frets about encountering the Salahis again but vows "to rise above the drama."

The party is at The Madison -- again! (In fact, in the same room where Bravo hosted the "Housewives" premiere party last month... is everybody even now?) The chyron describes it as "Edwina's healthcare party" (which -- oh, just make up your own joke). It's a fairly empty looking party, actually. (Were guests afraid they'd be asked to turn their head and cough? Never mind, I'm letting you all make up your own jokes.) Michaele, in a hot-pink dress, declares that she wants to get to know Edwina's friends, and starts introducing herself around. Cordial hugs when the Turners arrive. But Jason tells the camera: "I felt a change in the temperature with them. Not from them, but from us."

And now, here's our weekly installment (in no way prompted by producers, we're sure) of Lynda Erkiletian's Rules of Washington. Says Lynda: "Washington, D.C. has a special etiquette: You can think what you want, but you can't say it to their face." (Unfortunately this runs directly counter to the Rules of Real Housewives, as explicated by New Jersey's Teresa Giudice -- oh, go click it and then come back.)

Hey, look! It's a real celebrity: D.C. Councilmember-at-large David Catania! He tells Michaele he likes her hot-print dress. Stacie is pleasantly surprised to see him, though she knows he "has headed the health care initiative for years." (Chaired the health committee, that is.) He talks with Stacie about how insurance companies need to be able to "provide a product people can afford," and she seems impressed. (Don't think this is the last you'll see of Catania on "Housewives"; he welcomed the cast and crew into his office last December when the council passed the same-sex marriage bill. Catania was, at one point, one of the most prominent openly gay Republican officials; however, he's now an independent.)

Oh, and then Cat walks in dressed up as Sarah Palin. Brunette wig and all. Heads turn, but everyone seems to figure out it's her in about a second. Charles Ommanney (her now-estranged husband) is there as well. Cat tells the camera, "Charles is not a fan of Sarah Palin's, so we have a lot of fun getting me to look like her." (This is a pretty damaging thing to say about a journalist who has a reputation for objectivity and neutrality; she did a similar thing in episode one, nattering on about Bush vs. Obama.) There is some bitchiness in the room -- Michaele and Jen laughing that people might like Cat better if she goes undercover more often, Cat snarking about Michaele's "artificial dress, artificial personality."

Then, drama! An ambulance crew takes someone out of the hotel on a stretcher. We're told it's Edwina, suddenly taken ill. Vertigo is mentioned in passing. (We contacted Edwina Rogers about this incident, will update with what we learn.)

Then a super-weird exchange -- fraught but nonsensical -- between Cat, Michaele and Jen (who at the winery stepped out of obscurity to tell Cat she was being "bitchy," and suddenly the cameras focused on her like she'd just descended from heaven -- well played, Jen!). Cat's all, "you said I was bitchy," and Jen's all "you're taking it way too seriously." And then Michaele turns on Cat and says, "Did you just have a brunette wig on?" And Cat says, "Yeah, did you just have a shocking-pink dress on?" And Michaele says, "I'm still in it -- where's your wig?" (And does any of this make any sense? It's so fifth grade!) Michaele tells the camera that Cat "likes to give it out but she can't take it." Cat tells the camera that Michaele "is so superficial... you're so full of [expletive] Michaele."

The scene, and episode, ends with Michaele bantering flirtatiously with another guest, a short, older man identified as "Robert Foster, President and CEO of Global Consulting." (Yeah, no luck Googling him; he also appears to have kept his company out of The Washington Post. Seems like a nice guy, though. Maybe he gave the camera guy a fake name. If you know him, email us.)

"In this city, honey, your credibility is everything," Foster tells her, "and once it goes..."

"It gone," says Michaele.
"It gone," he echoes.

Who wins this round? No one. Everyone loses.

Kelly Talks To US Magazine

Alex Walking In Five Shows

Article from NY Magazine.

By: Keith Solar
Of all reality stars, there are few whose love of fashion is as well documented as The Real Housewives of New York's Alex McCord and her husband, Simon van Kempen. Simon seems to enjoy no greater thrills than watching his wife twirl in Cavalli gown after Cavalli gown on a shopping trip or sourcing fine jewelry directly from a showroom. Alex has put on — and modeled in — a fashion show in Brooklyn, and is perfectly comfortable with the knowledge that her husband would probably be in DIY heaven given a pair of red PVC pants, a can of paint, and a Bedazzler. And they are making good on the opportunities afforded by New York Fashion Week — opportunities you may not have even known existed. Last night at Glamour's party to welcome Anne Christensen as fashion director, McCord told us she'll walk five shows this season, including Susan Cianciolo, Project Runway alum Malan Breton, and three others she can't remember. We spoke to McCord, a new addition to New York Model Management's celebrity board, about her burgeoning side job.

How did this happen?
There are these girls out there who are 15, but there's definitely room for women who are not 15 ... like me.

Have you been practicing your walk?
Yes! I worked with an amazing coach, Mac, and he came to my house and we walked up and down the hallways, scaring the cat and scaring my housekeeper.

What did he teach you?
He was hard-core. He taught me thinking of a string above my head. He taught me about leading with my hips, and keeping everything still, with nothing moving except my feet. The only tough thing for me was relaxing my face. The last thing I'd want to do is make a face like Ramona on last season's Housewives. I got it down eventually.

So what's next?
I went for fittings today, and I don't think they were quite prepared for how tall and skinny I am. They saw me and they were gonna ask how I wanted my hair and makeup, and they said, "We're gonna put you in the show look," and I was like, "Yes, put me in the show look!" and they said they would because I looked like a model. Their words, not mine.

That's pretty legit.

Hopefully I won't fall off the runway. But if I do, at least that'll be good press for the designer.

Jeana And Vicki Are Not Friends

Interview from the Daily Herald.

By Jamie Sotonoff
Orange County ain't got nothin' on the Northwest suburbs.

At least according to Vicki Gunvalson, a Northwest suburban native and one of the stars of Bravo's hit reality TV series, "Real Housewives of OC."
Gunvalson is in town this weekend to do some appearances, attend tonight's Fremd High School Class of 1980 reunion, and visit her many friends and family (brother Billy in Trout Valley; sister Lisa in Cary; sister Kim in Hoffman Estates; mom Joanne in Prairie Grove).
We spoke with Gunvalson about everything from her beauty school days to her ongoing feud with fellow housewife Jeana. Below is an edited version of the interview.
Q: Did you grow up in Mount Prospect or Palatine?
A: Both. I was born and raised in Mount Prospect, and we moved to Palatine when I was in eighth grade. I went to Fremd and Harper (College), but I left after 1½ years and went to beauty school. I started working out of my house, doing perms and cuts in my garage. I decided I really didn't like it. I didn't like being on my feet all day, and I think you need to have a creative mind. I'm more of a numbers and sales person ... the whole beauty industry didn't fit for me. I got married when I was 21, I was pregnant with Michael when I was 23 ... and I was divorced when I was 29. I remarried and left for California 16 years ago.

Q: In one episode, you brought all the housewives to Armand's in downtown Arlington Heights. Why there?
A: My brother's really good friends with the owner. They have a Vicki-tini on the menu now. (The owner) got a lot of people coming by there after it aired, saying, 'I saw you on the show!'

Q: What do the Northwest suburbs have that the OC doesn't?
A: It has so much that the OC doesn't. The train! The train is a nostalgic thing to me. You're always crossing over tracks here. It's got the ethnicity. California is pretty new where I live. There's nothing that has anything heritage. Everything is brand new buildings, but there's no culture there.

Q: How has the show changed your life?
A: In every way possible. There's no more privacy. Yesterday, I got off the plane and go down to baggage claim, and there's a woman standing with 30 8x10 pictures of me. She tracked me and knew when I was landing. That stuff kinda freaks me out because I don't know who's watching me. How did they know I was on that flight at that time?

Q: Are you still best friends with Tamra after she and Simon broke up?
A: We just got done making up. We had a meeting of the minds and I had to forgive her. She said she was at a bad place in her life and she asked for forgiveness. All I asked for was an apology ... and said, "Don't ever do it again."

Q: You and Jeana were friends until she asked to borrow money. What's the status of your friendship now?
A: We're not friends. Jeana put me in an investment, a rental property ... and all of the appraisal documents were bad ... it turned out to be a bad investment for everyone but her. There are some things that I'll never forgive her for. Those type of people I never want to be around.

Q: What's next for you?
A: We're filming Season 6 right now, and it'll be out in November-December. I guess just growing my business, traveling, seeing the world, and I don't know. There's still a lot of growth happening in my life.

Q: Who are you still friends with?
A: I'm social friends with Lauri (from Season 3). I don't have a lot of social time with people. It's work or family.

Q: How are your children Briana and Michael?
A: My family is everything to me. Briana is a nurse in Newport Beach and just moved out. Michael's an insurance agent for me and still lives at home. I'm starting to have some empty nester issues already. I really enjoy my children.
Q: You're the only one of the 'Housewives" who works. How's your business? (Coto Insurance and Financial Services)
A: Amazing. We've grown 400 percent from last year to this year, and tripled in the last three years. I now have 730 agents out in the field and 12 employees in office.
Q: Do you still treat your employees to things like tanning and Botox?
A: We do spray tans. The girl comes once every three weeks, and a doctor comes and gives injections. I just hired a personal trainer for all the staff to do a boot camp after work. I try to keep a great environment there.

Q: How has the show evolved from being the first city of 'Real Housewives'?
A: It just kind of flattering in a way, because the success of our show led the other franchises to come on board. Now it's getting so saturated, that it's too many. People have got to be thinking, "Enough's enough."
Vicki Gunvalson will sign copies of her book, "More Than A Housewife," starting at 6 p.m. today during Macy's Fashion's Night Out event, 111 N. State St., Chicago.

Mary Amons At Three Dots

Post and pictures from Three Dots.

Mary Schmidt Amons from Bravo’s “Real Housewives of DC” at Three Dots Headquarters

Three Dots had the pleasure to welcome Mary Schmidt Amons of the Real Housewives of DC cast to our headquarters in Garden Grove, California.
Mary was looking for clothing as fashionable as her bubbly personality for an upcoming photoshoot with photographer Challenge Roddie.

Pegah Anvarian, Three Dots creative director, provided fitting and styling guidance.

We can’t wait to see the pictures!!

Photo: Three Dots
Photo: Three Dots

Photo: Three Dots
Photo: Three Dots

Michaele Was Never Paid By Her Mother-In-Law

Article from Radar Online.

It seems that blood is not thicker than water, at least when it comes to the Salahi family, who has been in an ongoing feud for years over their Virginia winery. Real Housewife of DC star Michaele Salahi won a case against her mother-in-law Corinne for thousands in lost wages, has learned exclusively.
Photo: Bravo

The controversial housewife filed a complaint with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry in 2008 for $14,880 plus interest, and the investigation eventually ruled in her favor. However, Michaele says she got the run-around in regards to the payment awarded to her but decided to take the high road and drop the issue.
"I told the Labor board she wasn't worth it to me, so I said I am not playing her game and walked away," Michaele told exclusively.

"She wanted me to fight and took me through the embarrassment of giving me a check and taking it away. It was a game that not only she did to me but many others. I decided the way to win is walk away!"
In documents obtained by, Michaele claimed she worked for the Salahi family from June 2007 to January 2008 "behind the bar on wine tastings and did payroll" at Oasis Vineyard. In a letter on behalf of Tareq's estranged mother, lawyers responded to the claim saying Michaele "added no value to Oasis Vineyard, Inc. and, even if she did, the claim for wages we reviewed is grossly inflated."

The letter also states that Michaele wasn't employed by Oasis Vineyard, Inc. and that it was under supervision of a court-appointed receiver who "did not authorize the hiring of Ms. Salahi and has previously rejected her claim. At the time, Ms. Salahi was working for a competing organization owned by her husband, Tareq Salahi, Oasis Enterprises, Inc, and/or for her own wine distributorship, Virginia Wine Country Distributors, Inc."
In response, Michaele wrote in an e-mail to the labor law rep, "I am sorry that they are not being honest with you that I worked EXCLUSIVELY for OASIS and there WAS NO TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE...I have added Great Value to that company and to the expense of my own well being. My day's [sic] there from July - to January were LONG - just restoring the place from all the damage Corinne Salahi had done."
Michaele also went into detail about her contribution to Oasis Vineyards: served wine at bar, gave wine tastings, cleaned the premises, trained employees, worked daily on outstanding bills, took care of customers, etc.

The case was later closed in April 2009 when Oasis Vineyard filed for bankruptcy.