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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Did Camille being on the RHOBH cause her to divorce?

Post from DBKP about Camille/Kelsey divorcing.

Back in March when the cast of Bravo’s newest Real Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was announced with the addition of 41-yr-old Camille Donatacci, actor Kelsey Grammer’s wife, I recall thinking Bravo’s finally landed some star-power to its Real Housewives roster. With Camille Donatacci-Grammer as a cast member, at some point during the series, Kelsey, age 55, might, or would, appear on the show. I also wondered if whether Kelsey was happy with Camille’s decision to be on Real Housewives? A reality show whose original premise had been the “fabulous lives” of “real” housewives”? In reality, the just ended season of Real Housewives of New York City was full of “mean girl” drama and spats while the current season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Bravo completely jumped the shark. Cast member Danielle Staub’s apparent descent into bitter madness with Danielle inviting a convicted felon–on RHONJ–to “protect” Danielle from the evil shenanigans of the Manzo Family.

Kelsey used Twitter to tweet he and Camille are divorcing as well as several subsequent tweets asking fans to please respect Camille and the couple’s children.

Bravo began filming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in March. The Kelsey Grammer-Camille Donatacci divorce announcement occurred July 1st with Kelsey’s tweets and a joint statement made to Access Hollywood.

Kelsey and Camille value privacy. They understand that private lives sometimes get played out in public but ask on this occasion that their privacy — and the privacy of their children — be respected,” the statement noted.

In a November 30, 2009, Playbill article, Playbill noted Kelsey Grammer was slated to star in “London’s critically acclaimed Menier Chocolate Factory production of Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein’s hit musical La Cage aux Folles” which was slated to open April 18, 2010, on Broadway. According to, rehearsals for La Cage aux Folles began March 1st. This meant Kelsey was in New York City rehearsing, then starring in La Cage while Camille and the kids were on the West Coast with Camille filming episodes of RHOBH.

On the divorce, Kelsey tweeted “things had fallen apart between us”. Kelsey’s last divorce, which occurred in 1993, occurred when Kelsey’s new sitcom Frasier was due to air in the fall. Kelsey, 38, had been married nine months to Leigh-Anne Csuhany, 23, a former exotic dancer Kelsey met at a strip club. Kelsey sought an annulment, charging his pregnant wife with “fraud” and “unsound mind”. Kelsey also sought custody of their unborn child. Five days later Leigh-Anne tried to commit suicide by way of a bottle of red wine and 5 bottles of Tylenol. Leigh-Ann survived. “A few days later, the pregnancy was aborted”.

Four years, in 1997, Kelsey wed Camille Donatacci, a former Playboy model. Due to Camille suffering from a form of of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Camille and Kelsey used a surrogate to produce daughter Mason, born in 2002, and son Jude, born in 2004.

In the divorce papers, Camille cited irreconcilable differences and asked for primary custody of the kids and spousal support.

With Bravo staying mum on how many episodes of RHOBH to be aired, there’s no way to ascertain whether filming for season one of RHOBH has ended, and, whether any of the already filmed episodes will include the soon to be divorced Kelsey Grammer appearing with his about to be ex-wife Camille. Divorces, impending divorces or marital discord of Real Housewives cast members which occurred during filming Real Housewives episodes have previously been hidden from viewers. Real Housewives of Orange County’s Jeana Keough admitted she and her ex, Matt Keough, had been in the process of getting a divorce for “several seasons”. It wasn’t until Jeana’s final season Jeana admitted the marriage had hit the skids or that her husband had a severe alcohol dependency problem. During a prior season, Matt’s “trips away for business” included a stint in the local jail on DUI hit and run charges. Rumors have it Jeana will return for the next season of RHOOC after resolving a spat over salary negotiations.

In the past season of RHOOC, cast member Tamra Barney separated from hubby Simon with Simon filing divorce papers after the season ended. Simon claimed the Real Housewives reality show had changed Tamra with fame and celebrity going to Tamra’s head. Tamra claimed she and Simon had had a troubled marriage before Tamra signed onto RHOOC. That Tamra and Simon had been in marriage counseling for three years.

Over on the East Coast, the third season of RHONYC began with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps stating she and her Count had separated then later announced the divorce was final. (LuAnn’s Count ran off with a real life Ethiopian princess.) LuAnn admitted the Count spent a majority of his time at their European estate.

Did Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills play a part in the Kelsey Grammer-Camille Donatacci impending divorce? At this juncture there’s no clear cut evidence RHOOC played a role. Based on other Real Housewives cast members and troubled marriages, in the future episodes of RHOBV, which have yet to be aired, Camille and Kelsey will most likely keep their marital troubles private, away from the prying eyes of the Bravo production team cameras.

Real Housewives Franchise goes international

The Real Housewives of Kolonaki(Greece) is going to be showed on Alpha TV in October 2010. According to OK magazine talks are going on about a RH of Dubai.

Danielle sees herself in Ashley

Article from People, Danielle comments on Ashley and Teresa's kids. I am not really buying Danielle's love and light act, she is still a wackadoo.

In January, Jacqueline Laurita‘s daughter Ashley Holmes was found guilty of assaulting costar Danielle Staub, following a hair-pulling incident that will play out on the July 12 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Now, Staub says she can relate to her costar’s daughter, who’s also been in verbal fights with her mom on the show.

“I was there at one point in my life,” Staub told PEOPLE at Target’s Party for Good event. “I can see in her a lot of what I was headed towards.”

On the show’s first season, scandalous details of Staub’s past were revealed, including her arrest in 1986, when she was charged as an accessory in a kidnap and ransom plot.
Though Laurita tried to stand up for Staub on the explosive season 1 finale, the women were no longer friends when season 2 began. Since then Staub, 46, and Holmes, 19, began a Facebook feud on a recent episode and a trailer teases there’s more drama to come, including the incident that led to the teen’s assault charge.

“Hopefully she’s at that crossroads where she’ll take the high road and she’ll make the right choices,” Staub said.

She added that she prays that all the children of The Real Housewives of New Jersey won’t go down the road that she followed when she was young. (Laurita also has two sons Nicholas, 1, and CJ, 7; Caroline Manzo has three children Albie, 24; Lauren, 22; and Christopher, 21; Teresa Giudice has four daughters Gia, 9, Gabriella, 5, Milania, 4, and Adriana, born last September).

“I’d hate to see any of their children make the decisions I made that were wrong at such an early age in their life,” Staub said. “It’ll change them forever.”

Nene-RHOA and Nicey Nash

Pic. of Nene interviewing Nicey Nash.

Bravo has not asked any of the RHONY back yet

Tweet from Alex.

Leslie Fink says no thanks to RHOH?

Article from Culture Map Houston. Last I heard there was not going to be a Real Housewives of Houston, but who the hell knows.

Photo by Sofia P. van der DysLesile Tyler Fink is too fabulous to be constrained by being part of the ensemble Real Housewives of Houston cast. She's getting to carry an entire show.

A third reality TV series surfaces in H-town and Real Housewives gets the shaft
By Shelby Hodge
Scratch Leslie Tyler Fink from the Real Housewives of Houston roster. But don't weep for the dishy blonde in major designer labels. She now has her own reality show in the works. And this one, she says, is for real.

Leslie has nixed her participation in the potential pilot for a Real Housewives series after a different LA producer approached her about doing her own program. He had caught her on Channel 11's Great Day Houston and had seen her work and photos on the RSVPSocial website, of which she has a role and a financial interest.

With flowing blonde locks, luscious lips and a finely curated form, Leslie certainly has the visuals necessary. (The luscious lips, by the way, are courtesy of her very own lip-plumping lip gloss line by Leslie Tyler Cosmetics.) And with a mountain of discretionary income, she can afford and indulges in the finest in high fashion.

Wardrobe? No problem. Serious jewelry? A given. High-profile? Yep, she's a regular on the fast-paced party circuit.

Final negotiations are underway for the project that will feature Leslie doing what she does best — being Leslie. "I'm about empowering women," she says, "making women look good and feel good."

In the reality show, she will be advising women on how to dress, how to get fit and how to be their very best. Something she says she does for her friends all the time. "I'm about fitness, beauty and fashion." She's also about parties, life in the fast lane and hanging in the spotlight.

This opportunity is a much more solid offer, she says, than the Housewives project, which is iffy to say the least. Apparently, the fur flew when she stepped out of the Housewives running. That producer was not happy and not exactly gracious, according to Leslie.

"I'm a little entrepreneur," she explains. "I have to do what's best for my business (cosmetics and RSVPSocial). And this offer was real."

Leslie has a press release set to go out once the contracts are signed. In it, she describes the new project as "a ride in the super fabulous fast lane." Indeed

Danielle Staub and Lori Michaels get real close

Lori and Danielle at a Rolling Stones event.

Photo by RK/

Danielle at Noel Ashman party

Danielle attended an event at Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge in NY to celebrate Noel Ashman's Birthday party. Noel Ashman is a New York City based nightclub owner, film producer and real estate investor.

Bethenny talks about her show

Article from the Futon Critic.

By Jim Halterman
Things for Bethenny Frankel have not slowed down at all recently after coming off another tumultuous season on "The Real Housewives of New York City" and recently kicking off her own Bravo reality show "Bethenny Getting Married?" With all the battles between the other Housewives, Frankel is more than happy to be focusing on her new show, which follows her journey to the alter with Jason Hoppy while being pregnant with their first child. One thing she doesn't have to worry about are the ratings for her television endeavors because audiences are clearly up for following Frankel wherever she goes. Case in point, not only are her 'SkinnyGirl' brand and fitness DVD a hit with consumers, the premiere episode of "Bethenny Getting Married?" marked a record in Bravo history for the highest rated series premiere with over 2 million viewers.

Our Jim Halterman recently talked to Frankel, who, in real time, has finished filming the first season of the show and is happily married to Hoppy and gave birth last month. As she literally held baby Bryn during our chat, she touched on how 'Bethenny Getting Married?' is different from 'Housewives,' the drama leading up to her wedding and the latest on her claim to have no desire to return to the "Housewives" franchise that made her a household name.

Jim Halterman: How does it to feel to have so many viewers turn out for the premiere of your new show?

Bethenny Frankel: It's a little like having the meal and then the dessert. With 'The Housewives' a lot of people got a little tired or exhausted with all the fighting and the big drama. You don't have to rely on slapping someone or flipping over a table or cursing somebody out for a show to be good. I think it's more about the devil in the details. This show is really about what's going on in my life and my relationship and I think if it's done well and truthful it makes it more interesting. It's really just completely the truth and what my life is everyday. I'm happy that people are watching.

JH: The fans really seemed to respond to you from the get-go with 'Real Housewives.' Why do you think you appealed to them so quickly?

BF: I think it's because I'm flawed. People respect someone who works hard and tells it the way it is. I show all my flaws and it's not just showing the pretty picture. I do have commitment issues, I have been blown off and I have done some things later in life. A lot of women feel like they have to be put in some box about what they should be doing and it makes them feel better to know that not everything is in a perfect little Tiffany box with a bow.

JH: Congratulations on your new addition. How are you adjusting with Bryn being in your life now?

BF: You know, you just really have to try to sleep! But she just quiets everything down and makes everything so simple. It could be something so stupid or something so inconsequential that seemed so important before but then you look at her and everything just kind of melts away. She's a happy little baby who has the whole world in front of her.

JH: You talk on your new show about how you've been bad at relationships in the past but now you have a husband and a child. Is it safe to assume things have gotten better for you in that area?

BF: I've gotten so much better! I was never content and I was never at peace. It was never good enough. It was never like 'This is it! I'm happy! This is what I want!' It was never like that but now it is like that. It's so much easier because I don't have all that anxiety I had lived with everyday. I'm happy and love my husband and my baby and the rest I don't really care. I have a pretty small circle besides that so it makes it pretty simple. I worry about her, him and work. That's all it is.

JH: Did it make you at all self-conscious having cameras in your therapy sessions?

BF: The cameras are really invisible to me at this point, I have to say. You'll have a moment of being aware that they're there, obviously, but you really do forget it. If you didn't forget it then it would be obvious to the viewers. It really just kind of melts away. I remember maybe when I was first in front of the cameras in this way it was a little awkward.

JH: Did your upbringing help ground you so you could handle what's happened in your life with the shows and your celebrity?

BF: It's not like I grew up poor but it was just never consistent. It was never something you could rely on. When you're young you don't really realize the importance of money and how it makes things happen and affects how you eat and how you live. I have a strong work ethic and it makes me really appreciative because I know what's like to not be able to pay my rent and know what it's like to live in Manhattan and not afford to go out to dinner or take a taxi. I was not on welfare - I don't want to make it like 'woe is me' - but in this nonsensical world that we're in where you can do what you want to I was definitely financially insecure.

JH: What are we going to see on the show leading up to your wedding?

BF: The 'Bridezilla' train has begun but I have to believe that a lot of it is that I was pregnant and busy and hormonal and I have a bit of a meltdown slightly. I'm sure it comes to a crescendo coming up but I don't know... I don't like to see the episodes early. I like to see them with the audience and be in it with them a little bit so I don't remember everything that happens. There's a lot going on. Planning a wedding that is happening in four weeks would be intense even if you weren't pregnant.

JH: Another new addition in the office is Max , who is this cute, straight 24-yr old guy. Has Jason gotten more comfortable with him since he was a little nervous about him being around at first?

BF: Jason has adjusted. Max thinks that they are the same age, which they're not, and he wants to be one of Jason's boys, ya know? He's new and Julie [Bethenny's primary assistant] is hard to live up to because she takes the job very, very seriously and she's great at running the business. He's a little more green and immature so we'll see if he's got it. It's an internship so we'll see how he fares.

JH: Jason has his own fans from them seeing him on the show. Do you have any jealousy when he gets attention from the female fans?

BF: I don't because I don't really know it's going on. We're at home a lot but he is a good looking guy so I'm sure women would like him with or without him being on the show. I don't really think about it. He's so grounded. I don't want to have to kill somebody in season three but that might be a good season three, right?

JH: Your SkinnyGirl brand is going really well. What's next for you?

BF: As far as the SkinnyGirl cocktails there are going to be a Mojito and additional flavors like Vodka Lemonade and small sizes, Skinny Minis. My skincare line called Honest by Bethenny, which will be out in the fall. Just a very straightforward skincare. Nobody is going to end up looking like Heidi Klum unless they have a facelift. My DVD, Body by Bethenny is doing really well. It's the same kind of thing. It's what I try to do when I work out and it's not something maniacal but it's still challenging. And I'm working on my next book.

JH: You've said recently you're not coming back to the next season of 'The Real Housewives of New York.' Where are you at with that?

BF: I don't know. Right now, I don't think I'd want to go back. The dynamics were really at a fever pitch and this dynamic... I really don't think it's for me.

JH: Did you get any sense of closure on the reunion show recently?

BF: Here's the thing. I feel closure with the audience because I can let them know what happened. I feel like they invested 14 weeks of their lives [in the show] and they deserve an answer, which is why I'm there. I'm there to say this is what happened with this one, this is what happened with this situation, this is why I did this and that. As far as the other women, I don't need that. That is inconsequential. I have a brand new baby and I'm only concerned with her. Ramona and I are good and Alex and I speak a lot so there's no closure needed there. As for the other ladies, not so much. It is what it is.

Kelly Hanging in the Hamptons

US weekly talks to Danielle Staub and Lori Michaels

From US weekly.

Now she's gay? That's what a lot of Real Housewives diehards (myself included) were thinking aside from, "Wow! I didn't know Danielle Staub could sing!" after reality TV's notorious New Jersey rabble-rouser, 47, performed her first single, "Real Close," on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live!

Following the surprise debut, Staub joined host Andy Cohen for some follow-up questions -- while sitting on the lap of her duet partner, noted lesbian singer-songwriter Lori Michaels, 37. Even more wild, Staub played coy about just how personal their relationship has become when it seemed pretty obvious. Well, I had to get to the bottom of Staub's latest move to go all Kim Zolciak on Us by recording a decent -- by Housewives standards -- track and falling for her female producer.

I spoke exclusively to Michaels following the show to find out more about her, what's behind this latest Staubian display and her thoughts on Staub's recently leaked sex tape. I've known Danielle for a long time and this is the first I knew she could sing! But you've had quite a career already.

Lori Michaels: I started my career as a kid, but didn't take it really public until I came out a couple of years ago. My debut album hit in 2008 and prior to that I had a few independently-released singles.

Us: How did you meet Danielle?

LM: I met Danielle last summer at the Nokia Theater, backstage at an event I was performing at. I had never even watched the show, but I approached her anyway, exchanged information with her, gave her my CD, and never heard from her. We coincidentally ran into each other [again] at a diner after I filmed my music video for my marriage equality campaign. She remembered me and told me her daughter, Jillian, wanted to be a singer. I wrote a song for Jillian and in the midst of that, Danielle asked to hear my other songs. She fell in love with "Real Close" and asked if she could sing it with me.

Us: All the Housewives try to sing lately, and it's usually pretty bad. And I was expecting another bad single!

LM: People have commented that she wasn't singing live. There was a little echo in her vocal, but everything else was all her. I was really proud of her -- she pulled it off. She nailed it. So I think that's what really shocked a lot of people.

Us: What's next for her? A full album?

LM: Well, that's a surprise to me as well as to everyone else. I say that in the most loving way. The thing I love about Danielle is that when she wants to do something, she puts forth everything and just goes for it. She's expressed some interest in wanting to do more with music and wanting to collaborate on other projects going beyond us doing a duet, obviously.

Us: During the performance, you seemed like a romantic couple. Thoughts?

LM: To be honest, when you watch the show, I was taken aback. I didn't even think I was going to be sitting down doing this interview. Obviously, we've gotten real close while working together. But I've gotten into a lot of trouble with gay and straight interviews, talking about my girlfriends and my personal life, so I'm not comment on the nature of the relationship right now. We are real close.

Us: Danielle's fellow Housewives are all criticizing her, saying she's using this new lesbian status for publicity. What do you think?

LM: Danielle is Danielle. She's really rolling with this right now and doing whatever she feels and whatever she wants to do. I don't think it's a publicity thing, but Danielle's going to be Danielle. Aside from the Housewives, the general opinion is you either love or hate her. I've seen many sides of her. I don't think that this is a big scam or a big make-believe anything...I think this is a different Danielle we are seeing.

Us: Are you worried about getting involved with a straight woman?

LM: I've been involved with a lot of straight women! I was asked to help her daughter, we met, we hit it off. I was flattered when Danielle fell in love with my song. Who wouldn't want an opportunity? Like I said, I was very excited about doing the song with her, but she surprised even me. She plays a great villain, and she sang a great love song.

Us: Are you worried about getting emotionally close to a straight woman in a relationship?

LM: No. I'm not worried at all. I'm enjoying this wild ride as much as I can. Danielle's a very generous woman and very passionate about the music. I'm really excited and embracing the moment.

Us: Danielle was in the news for a sex tape she says was leaked. Do you have any thoughts about it?

LM: All I have to say is that the person in the sex tape is not me. Apparently he has a really big butt, or it looks really great. I haven't seen it. I've got to be honest, I don't know if I'll ever see it, but it's not me. My grandmother just exhaled.

Us: Do you think she put it out herself?

LM: I have no doubt that she knew she was taping something with someone, because from the few clips I found, she was holding the camera. She tells me that she was aware she was making a tape with this person. I don't even know who this person is. Right now it's in Danielle's hands.

Us: You obviously get along great with her daughters, and they love you.

LM: That's how this all started...Jillian and I really connect on a great level. She's working with a music coach right now. And we've had her working with trained professionals to help her project along. And I'm probably closer to Jillian, but I've spent time with the family and all of them, getting to know the Staub girls.

Us: Any other plans? Are you going to move in?

LM: No no. No plans to move in.

Us: And you don't have any other girlfriends?

LM: No. As I said, cousins are coming out of the woodwork. Dating? Yes. I'm just enjoying this and seeing what comes of this. You might find out before me!

Review of the RH singing

Commentary from OC weekly blogs.

By Bethany Shady
Apparently, you don't need to stand in line at an American Idol audition to have a shot at getting a music career started on television. There's another reality show that can do that for you: The Real Housewives series on Bravo has recently become the launching pad for singing cougars. Of course, you have to fit the mold: female, over 40, wealthy, catty, and a body overflowing with botox. Here are four Housewives whose musical debuts that have us laughing instead of toe-tapping.

Real Housewives of Orange County: Gretchen Rossi, "Nothing Without You"
I feel like I shouldn't say anything bad about this song since it was written for Gretchen's dead fiancé Jeff (she's donating proceeds from the sale of the single to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Jeff Beitzel Foundation), but it sounds like something Uncle Jesse would've helped Kimmy Gibbler produce in his basement studio on Full House.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak, "Tardy for the Party"
A catchy club tune for sure, but just another song to add to the list of songs by someone with a crappy voice being covered by a synthesizer in order to hide how awful they really sound. AND the title has the word "Tard" in it.

Real Housewives of New York City: Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, "Money Can't Buy You Class"
The best Housewives song to emerge thus far. It's definitely not good, and it's not so bad it's good. I just don't know what it is. I definitely found myself singing it after seeing the episode it was featured in. It also has the best video; the Countess looks pretty darn hot, but the lyrics are pretty lame.

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Danielle Staub, "Real Close"
Just in time to prove her "loyalty" to the gay community, Danielle releases her single while nuzzling the neck of lesbian singer Lori Michaels. Not only is Danielle the worst "Real Houswife" and probably the worst human, but that also makes her the most entertaining to watch. It's hard to believe someone could be so conniving and evil and have the facial features of a Disney villain and be REAL. What does it sound like? Staub describes it as a "tortured lullabye." She couldn't have been more accurate.

Kelly-RHONY doing a workout video

Check out this tweet from Kelly, she is going to make a exercise video.

Luann and Jacques still together

 Luann with Jacque went to see "Love, Loss & What I Wore" at The Westside Theatre last night.

Wire Image

Camille Grammer- RHBH Files For Divorce

Post from

(Credit: AP Photo/Matt Sayles)
The actor's third wife filed for divorce on Thursday in a Los Angeles court.

According to People magazine, the filing states that Donatacci cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. She is seeking primary physical custody of their daughter Mason, 8, and son Jude, 5, as well as spousal support.

According to the report, Donatacci, 41, a former Playboy model, is rumored to be starring on Bravo's upcoming show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

The two have been married since August 1997. Their two children were born via a surrogate. Grammer also has two other children - daughter Spencer, 26, with first wife Doreen Alderman, and daughter Greer, 18, who he had with hairdresser Barrie Bucker during his second marriage to Leigh-Anne Cushany.

Kandi Coated Nights

Tweet/pic. from Kandi's show.

Last night's #KandiKoatedNights episode was good! I gotta say thanks 2 @IAMYUNGJOC 4 being our guest. Here's a pic

The Bellino's on the cover of OC Parenting Magazine

Jim/Alexis and kids featured in OC Parenting.

Written by Joni Ravenna
Alexis Bellino is not your typical reality star. She and her husband Jim attend church with the children weekly and pray together as a family at meals and bedtime.

While both were previously married, they seem determined to do it right the second time around and if the whole world happens to be watching as they try, well, chalk that up to America’s voracious appetite for reality programming.

Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise is big business as former OC Housewife, Jeana Keough (who has a new reality weight loss show premiering on Bravo in September), knows well. But whether it’s conducive to keeping a marriage strong is another story. “I know it was very hard on my family the first couple of years,” she says. “They got caught saying things they regretted and I know the show was hard on my marriage. Having troubled times air on TV cost my husband his job.” Since it was Keough who introduced Alexis to the producers of RHOC, we asked Keough how she thinks the newest housewife is handling family life in the fish bowl. “Well, she has three little kids so it’s difficult. But when her husband told her to keep her voice down because people were staring at her, a lot of women wanted to jump through the TV and slap him. When you’re trying to control three little kids all day you forget how to talk to adults sometimes. And besides,” she adds wryly, “People weren’t staring at her because of her voice.”

At Home with Real Housewife of OC Alexis Bellino and Family. (Photo by Ana Brandt)

And sure enough as the Bellinos welcome Parenting OC into their home, the photographer and aides do stare—but at the whole picture. To the left is a dining table set with ornate Versace plates. Pictures of the children and wedding photos adorn the walls and a black concert grand piano peeks out from behind an alcove, but before I can ask who plays, three children come whizzing by. We are introduced to 4-year-old son, James, and daughters Melania and Mackenna, both 2-and-a-half years old. It seems much of Melania’s pasta lunch has ended up in her hair. She’s oblivious as any toddler would be to the fact that the cameras are here to take her picture and that the Alfredo sauce presents a problem. Dad, however, notices right away and requests that the baby sitter clean up Melania’s hair, and one senses that in this household there is never a dull moment.

As Alexis prepares upstairs we learn that Jim has a degree in theology and a new hotel, the Lofts at Laguna Beach, a collection of 14 themed suites, opening this month. While the entrepreneur is also developing lower-end housing (a relative term in OC) he finds himself less involved in real estate since the market has turned. It’s also clear that his main focus is not business so much as keeping his marriage strong, and one can’t help but be impressed by an earnestness that is endearing. But today Alexis is the main feature, and as she descends the staircase the questions begin:

JR: How do you stay grounded and continue to be true to yourself when your life has changed so much in the last year?
AB: I think having a strong faith base helps. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk too. For me, I feel having that stability, that faith life, and having a really good marriage is important. And James will let me know if I’m getting too full of myself. My biggest dilemma is trying to manage the time. Making sure that the children aren’t suffering or getting left with other moms more than they were before.

JR: How do you do it?
AB: I make sure each child gets one-on-one time with me. The girls have their gym class that they go to, and I take them to that. I take my son to school and pick him up, and we’ll have an hour of mommy time at the park. For two-and-a-half months now it’s been no nannies; it’s just been me and a couple of baby sitters making it happen.

JR: Is it a madhouse when you pick up your son from school or does everyone pretend not to notice you?
AB: No, it’s actually very normal. At the places that my husband and I frequent, they make it a point to try to keep everything normal, like I’m just a mom. Sometimes I feel someone looking at me out of the corner of their eye or I’ll hear someone whisper something, but not much.

JR: Do you worry about what others say?
AB: Well my husband’s mother used to say “It’s none of your business what other people say about you.” So I try to remember that.

JR: I know you were friends with RHOC cast member, Jeana Keough, and that’s how you were introduced to the producers. Are you still friends?
AB: Yes we are. Our lives have taken different routes now. I’d assumed she’d be on the show with me, but she’s got a whole new opportunity that has come up for her which I can’t discuss, so we don’t see each other as much. But she’s a very sweet lady.

JR: What’s a typical shooting day like? How do the kids like having the cameras around?
AB: Well, the first couple of times we’d be right in the middle of shooting and James would stop and look straight at the camera and say “Mommy, that’s a really big camera!” So the producers laugh and then everybody has to regroup. It’s supposed to be reality so when we’re reminded that the cameras are there, it throws everybody off.

JR: How many cameras do they bring in?
AB: Usually one larger camera and a smaller one that’s off to the side to get everybody’s reaction. They mic the adults in the house, but they only put a microphone on my son, James, once. The kids are always there in the background though.

JR: I interviewed the poker great, Annie Duke, recently about the final episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” last year when she came in second to Joan Rivers, who called Duke some vile names on television. Duke said she allowed her children to watch and tried to use it as a learning experience. Do your children ever watch RHOC and do they understand when someone’s not being nice to Mommy?
AB: Someone’s always going to have something to say about me whether I’m on a reality show or not, that’s just how life is. In my opinion, it’s about being a strong parent. But if the time comes when they hear something negative related to me and the show, I wouldn’t make a big issue about it. I’d make light of it and then find a distraction, move on. I wouldn’t want my children to think it’s a bigger deal than it is.

Alexis and her husband Jim with their twin daughters, Melania and Mackenna and son James. “I make sure each child gets one-on-one time with me,” Alexis says. (Photo by Ana Brandt)

JR:. What’s your congregation’s reaction to the show?
AB: They’ve been extremely supportive and they pray for us often to give us the strength and wisdom to make the right decisions, something you need when you’re under the spotlight of a reality show. But they’ve never told us we shouldn’t be doing it. I’m sure there are some people who don’t agree with it; but this is our life that we’ve chosen and we’re living our life to the best of our abilities within that framework of being on a reality show.

JR: I would imagine being on the series has to have changed your family some, no?
AB: We’re trying our hardest to keep it from changing us. We want to still be the same Bellinos that everyone knew before. But I’m open to anyone who thinks otherwise. If someone wants to give me advice or constructive criticism, I’m open to it. It doesn’t upset me.

JR: Has there ever been a time this year when you’ve regretted the decision to do this?
AB: It’s been a positive experience so far. I just try to keep my head held high with all the negativity and scrutiny that comes from it and move forward.

JR: But isn’t that the whole point of reality TV: To sit back imperiously and judge others?
AB: Wow, I never thought of it that way, but maybe you’re right. My husband and I have always loved reality TV because it’s just light entertainment. You don’t have to worry about following a story line or missing an episode. The reason I always caught myself being swept in is because I always found one person I could relate to, who was maybe facing the same obstacles that were occurring in my life at the time. So I felt like I’m not alone. Reality TV is relatable to people.

JR: Three of The New York Housewives were on the cover of US Weekly recently. Which of those women do you relate to?
AB: Alex and Simon have a very strong relationship and they have two young children they’re trying to raise all while trying to juggle the reality show. I can relate to the fact that it’s not always easy, and the children don’t always behave the way you’d like them to, but that’s life.

JR: Are your children’s classmates aware of the show?
AB: My older son James has never come home and said that anyone has mentioned the show.

JR: Even in Newport Beach the Great Recession is affecting people. How has it affected your family?
AB: We’ve all been affected. My family has definitely felt it. Some of the things we’ve done include cutting back on the number of vacations we’ll go on this summer. Instead of doing two or three big things, we’re just going to take one summer vacation. We’re also cutting back on our spending. If the credit card bills get out of line, we’re like ‘Okay, got to cut back next month; we were a little crazy this month.’ We’ve now got three children going to preschool and instead of three days a week we’re going to send them two days a week.

JR: Are you allowed to talk about the monetary compensation for the show?
AB: No, I’m not.

JR: Is it fair to say it’s enough to make it worth your while?
AB: I don’t think anybody would do this if there weren’t a monetary benefit to it. You don’t just open up your life to the world if there isn’t some compensation.

JR: What would your advice be to any woman who wanted to get onto the show?
AB: I would say you have to be ready for everything from your past to come out and that’s hard because at 20 you weren’t the same person you are at 35.

JR: Have you become more thick-skinned because of it?
AB: Yes. I was always a very sensitive person but now I realize, hey, I can’t change the way people are going to view me. And I’m not ready to change my life for somebody else. I have to live my life for me; so it’s difficult sometimes. You have to take it in stride.

JR: Have any of the girls from the show said anything that you felt was out of line, that really hurt you?
AB: Well, I thought that a couple of those people were genuinely my friends, but then after the season unfolded I realized they consider friendship to be something different than I do. After seeing how they talked behind my back now I know what’s in store for me.

JR: Again, aren’t the producers partly to blame for the backstabbing and catfights? Isn’t that what they’re hoping for?
AB: That’s a huge misconception. There’s no staging going on and the minute the producers think anything is rehearsed or ‘acted’ they’re the first to tell you, ‘Hey, this is reality TV, you can’t direct each other or tell each other how to act.’ The fights are real and the drama is real. Sure it gets elevated because the cameras are on, and you feel an internal pressure to make sure that your point is heard. But the predicaments that happen, whether it’s a house getting foreclosed on or anything else, is all 100 percent real.

JR: Are there rules when it comes to shooting around James, Melania and Mackenna?
AB: My two younger children don’t have the vocabulary yet to tell me if they’re tired, but if I sense that things are getting out of hand with them, then I’ll say, okay, that’s enough. But for the most part the cameras just come along for our regular activities like going to the park or shopping, or the Balboa Bay Club, though it doesn’t all air.

JR: The Bay Club is a great place for kids isn’t it?
AB: In the summer it’s our hang out. The kids can swim in the kiddie pool or we can take them over to the big pool and a lot of our friends are there with their young children so it’s always a great, safe time with people, you know.

JR: You make it clear that being a good wife is one of your top priorities. Is Jim a good husband?
AB: He’s an amazing husband. We have a relationship that some people may not understand; I don’t want to say a ‘closed’ relationship, but we have rules that we’ve established in our marriage because we don’t want to jeopardize any part of our family in any way, shape or form.

JR: Can you tell us some of the rules?
AB: Sure. We don’t do Girls Night Out or Guys Night Out. We might go to a birthday dinner or something, but we’re home by 9 or 10. Once the late crowd starts coming out, we just don’t put ourselves in that predicament. We don’t go to bars or nightclubs without the other spouse. We have open access to cell phones and e-mails in that there are no passwords. And that’s not because we don’t trust each other, it’s because we have nothing to hide.

JR: Ideally, your spouse is supposed to be your best friend; so who you want to hang out with any way, right?
AB: Well, exactly. But I got attacked for that last week by someone who said we had a ‘controlling relationship.’ I just laugh at that, because in the middle of the day, when I’ve been bombarded and I finally get 10 or 20 minutes where I can make a phone call, the first person I want to call is my husband. It’s not my girlfriends; it’s my husband.

JR: Pretty rare for this area—those sentiments—but a good idea when you consider 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce.
AB: That’s our philosophy. And divorce is not an option, no matter how bad the fight gets or how angry you are at the other spouse. It’s just not an option.

JR: With this kind of experience, your children should be able to navigate the whole world of reality television very well when they’re older should they wish to be involved. Is it something you’d encourage or discourage?
AB: I’m years from that happening, but at this point I don’t see anything wrong with it, as long as they’re passionate about it and as long as they’re good kids who have stuck to our rules. I don’t think it would be a problem.

JR: Your show is a guilty pleasure for a lot of women. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
AB: (giggles) Oh gosh, I’m so bad! I like all those reality shows! I like “True Beauty,” even “Tool Academy.” I don’t know why. I’m a reality show junkie.

JR: So reality shows aren’t so much a coarsening of culture as just good, plain fun?
AB: I hope so, and I want everyone to know that the other women on these reality shows, they’re not bad people. They’re really not. I don’t think any of them have a malicious heart where they want to be negative or hurtful. I think they just get caught up in the heat of the moment and they don’t realize the repercussions sometimes.

Alex's RHONY Lost Footage Blog Post

Alex's blog post from today.

Happy Summer! It’s the last day of school for the chums and I can’t quite believe the preschool days are over in this house. Sigh. More book signings coming up this summer, along with some exciting other things you’ll find out about later, and I have to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has come to meet us and bought the book or downloaded the Kindle.

So I have to tell you, when this episode aired Simon and I were in a restaurant and had just ordered our main courses…what did I order? Veal, of course. At least it wasn’t a veal chop, or an armpit! And didn’t have a juice box attached. Oh, Sonja is a very good friend for that, and Ramona never seems to sweat so I guess it worked! Did she do both sides? She must have.

I think I’m officially going to start calling KKB “Kellybean” (and not in a mean way – the girl just likes her candy!) I actually agree that it’s probably not the smartest thing to do to invite a guy over for one-on-one drinks when the kids are around. Sonja knew what she was talking about with the side entrances…luckily I’m married so don’t need to install another door…

Was pleased to see the S. Kuhlman event that our stylist Alegra organized – she was a big help throughout season 3 keeping us fabulously dressed, and turned her attentions to Jason and Mario that evening…until Mario and Ramona disappeared into the dressing room, that is! In my opinion the secret of a good stylist is to get you dressed the way you would dress yourself if you had the time and the immediate knowledge of where to get the perfect piece, right now, and Alegra definitely got inside our heads. During the shopping trip we all kind of horrified Bethenny with our pregnancy stories; oops. I think she rallied, though, and looked pretty amazing on the PETA billboard.

The Anita Kaufman foundation invited me to model in their show during fashion week, an event which raised money for epilepsy awareness in schools. I was thrilled to participate, and loved it that Ramona came out in support (AND stayed, even though she thought about leaving). That night I wore long, heavy dresses and definitely learned a valuable lesson for Brooklyn Fashion Week{end} – make sure the dress doesn’t get caught between your legs when you walk!

The gym scene in St. John cracked me up – clearly two modes of working out there – the “let’s talk 101 mph to make the time go faster,” and “I am in zen concentration plank mode; leave me alone or I’ll throw a dumbbell at you!” I knew there was a reason I like to work out by myself, tee hee.

Ramona’s birthday party was a really special time – although you didn’t see all of it, she really opened up about the year she’d had and why that caused her to support particular charities. We all brought contributions in lieu of gifts, although Sonja managed to sneak in a cute bikini for St. John (48 hours after the lunch.) I didn’t have a problem with Ramona enforcing the seating chart – sometimes placecards are fluid and it’s cool to move them around, and sometimes it’s not. Ramona had specifically organized us so that we knew one person next to us and not the other, so we all got to know each other. I appreciated that.

Back onto the reunion couch, we all got to speak about our next projects and I was so happy to give shoutouts to the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association; both great organizations. In addition, it was really exciting to talk about our book going into its second printing and being available on Kindle. Look for more fun-sanity to come out of the McCord-van Kempen world over the summer, and we’re really happy to be doing a co-signing next week with our book and the new “Real Housewives Get Personal” coffee table book – Simon and I will be there with some of our friends from New Jersey!

If you’d like to keep up with us in the off-season, including our appearances on Bethenny’s Getting Married, add us on Facebook and follow Simon and yours truly on Twitter.

Ramona wants to come back next season to the RHONY

Post from

By:Katrina K Wheeler
The stars of The Real Housewives of New York City have endured a lot of drama over the past season -- perhaps the most ever seen on a season. The vacation that Ramona Singer invited the women of the cast on was incredibly dramatic at times, and full of conflict. In a new interview, Ramona Singer discusses the fact that she is considering returning to the show.

According to Radar Online, Ramona Singer discusses her thoughts on returning to the show next season, and the fact that some of the cast acts as though they are still in high school at times. The star of the show says: "I think I am doing next season, as long as it doesn’t get too much crazier. I think, for the show, Sonja Morgan is great, I think I’m great, but ... no one gets along with everyone."

Some of the high school behavior Singer alludes to is that fact that she said: "Jill [Zarin] said on the reunion, 'I’m not going to film with Alex [McCord] on the show, I'm not doing it."

A lot of these issues among the women were discussed extensively on the season three reunion show which aired over the last few weeks in three separate parts. The shows were explosive, and it shows that while the women may have things in common, there are still major differences between some that have yet to be resolved.

There has been a lot of talk as to who will return for the next season, and who will not. Bethenny Frankel is uncertain as to her return if the cast at present is the same. Who do you think should stay and/or perhaps leave for the next season?

Teresa on In Touch Weekly cover

Here are a few Q&A and cover pic. from In Touch Weekly.

You look amazing! How much do you weigh now?

Well, I hardly ever weigh myself, but I do fit back into most of the clothes I wore before I had Audriana. I think I’m a 27 jean size and size 4 in dresses.

Did you diet to lose the baby weight so fast?

No! I’m never on a diet. I always eat what I want. When I was pregnant, I had to eat anything that was in front of my face. It’s an Italian thing — they say if you see something and don’t eat it, your baby will get a birthmark!

Did you feel competitive with your co-star Jacqueline, who was also trying to lose the baby weight?

No, she’s doing really well. She won’t wear a bikini, but she could! Dina has a great body, too — that’s why I can’t say I am the hottest Housewives mom!

Who do you think has the best body in Hollywood?

Brooke Burke and Heidi Klum, because they each have four kids and can still wear a bikini. Having four kids is a big thing; your body definitely changes after that.

What part of your body do you like the most?

I love my new boobies, but if I had to pick between an ass or boobs, I’d have to say my ass is more important to me. I’m proud of my bubble butt!

Jill says she will be back

Post from about Jill, is she leaving or staying?

by:Katrina K Wheeler
It was a wild season for Jill Zarin on The Real Housewives of New York City, as her feud with former BFF Bethenny Frankel was played out in front of cameras. According to reports, sources claimed that Zarin would not be appearing on the next season of the show, but Zarin says that she will be on the fourth season of the series.

According to PopEater, Zarin appeared on the Cooper Lawrence Radio Show and said that "there are compelling reasons to come back and not to come back." Although Bravo has not officially asked anyone back, it appears as though Zarin would like to return.

Bethenny Frankel has always said in the media that she may come back, but that it will depend on the cast that will be on the upcoming season of the show. Frankel having issues with Zarin on the past season was not the only drama that attracted viewers. The issues between she and Kelly Bensimon set the blogosphere into a frenzy with the airing of each new episode. It is not known if Bensimon is considering appearing on the next season or not -- it will be interesting to see if there are departures, and if so, who will be the replacements.