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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bethenny Relieves Stress By Swinging

From OK magazine.

Photo Source: Ivan Nikolov/
Author: Valerie Nome
Bethenny Frankel, Kelly Rutherford and Kathie Lee Gifford swing on hammocks to relieve parenting stress during’s Buy A Hammock, Help A Child event to benefit Childhelp held Wednesday in NYC.

Calming down is a big deal for Bethenny, who is a newlywed mom to daughter Bryn, two months. But when there’s no hammock to lull her into relaxation mode, how does she cope?
“I have help,” the reality star tells me. “I have my husband [Jason Hoppy], who is very helpful. And I think if you’re calm, they remain calm. They’re usually crying for a reason. They’re tired and they want burped, or they have a dirty diaper or they’re hungry. You’ve gotta be patient. It’s like anything else – this too shall pass. It can be a little frustrating, but the moment always passes and you have to take a deep breath.”
She has a special technique.

“I find that if I talk in a high, sweet voice to her, it calms me down,” she says. “I’ll be like [baby voice] ‘it’s OK, everything’s going to be fine, we’re all good.’ I’ll make it into a positive. Whenever she’s screaming like a maniac, I’ll be like ‘Everybody’s happy, we’re all happy’ like it’s our secret – it’s our secret that she’ll be happy, that she’ll smile.”

For Bethenny, who is estranged from her mother, parenthood will take on new meaning when she does it her way.


“I want Bryn to have what I didn’t have,” she says. “I want her to have a little more stability, more certainty. I want her to have more stability.”

Here comes Kelly, who is mom to Hermes, 3, and Helena, 1, whose father is ex-husband Daniel Giersch.

What advice would she give parents and children who are in abusive situations?

“It’s so hard because it’s hard on the parent that knows that it’s happening and yet can’t seem to stop it – whether it’s through the court system or any other means,” the Gossip Girl star tells me. “I think that to not deny it is the first step, and trying to figure out how you can heal with your child – what you can say to your child or children, and how you can help them heal – and yourself — from the experience. I think that’s the most important thing. It’s very challenging.”

She has a special message for kids.

“It’s important for the children to know that it’s not their fault. It’s usually the parents who have a lot on their plate most of the time and get very frustrated and take it out on the children. Or they themselves may have been abused. It’s a lot – looking at the psychology of it and trying to figure out how to prevent it. I think a lot of that is better infrastructure for parents – more help. And the hammocks. The hammocks are beautiful. It’s a great way to give back.”

Kathie Lee urges parents to swing on a hammock when they’re feeling stressed.

“The philosophy is slowing down because we live a way-too-fast-paced life,” the Today co-host says. “It’s taking a huge toll on us culturally. It’s taking a huge toll on families. The beauty about a hammock is that you start to relax. When you start to relax, you get less angry. When you’re less angry, you don’t use your fists in ways that cause pain in people’s lives. Stress is a huge problem, and no more so than during tough economic times. Four children a day die from child abuse or neglect. Every ten seconds, a child is abused. If we were losing people to anything else, we’d be outraged. These are the most vulnerable citizens. Children who have not done anything wrong. They have not asked for any of this. They’ve done nothing wrong but be born into very tough circumstances.”

She urges everyone to get involved.

“There’s a hammock for everybody no matter your size, you know what I’m saying?” she cracks. “There’s nothing better than putting your whole family on one reading a book, having some lemonade — maybe something a little stronger on days that have been more stressful.”’s Buy A Hammock, Help A Child program benefits Childhelp, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. A portion of the proceeds from every hammock sold will support this worthy cause. Why not buy a hammock? After all, today is National Hammock Day.

Danielle and Jeff Lewis on WWHL

Sonja at Benjamin Steakhouse

Picture of Sonja with Benjamin when she ate at Benjamin Steakhouse, 52 E. 41st St.,NY.

Lynda Erkiletian-RHODC

Post from Guest of a Guest.

By:Gabrielle Bluestone
In the second part of our Housewives' bio series, we take a look at cast member Lynda Erkiletian. A divorced mother of four, Lynda Erkiletian runs D.C. modeling agency T.H.E. Artist Agency which she founded. She has a much younger boyfriend, Ebong Eka, and is active in the D.C. social scene. Ebong, a CPA, started his own clothing line for men such as himself who are tall (he's 6 foot 5) and like a good, well-cut suit.

Age: Unknown

Family: Divorced but dating. Mother of four children.
- Aaron
- Jessica
- Mihran
- Sam

Catchphrase: "Inviting second-tier people seems so… unnatural."
 Erkiletian embraces her large family, but says of future nuptials, "I've been married twice and having a husband is like having more children. I have four already."
She owns and operates T.H.E. Artist Agency, which represents models and stylists. We've seen it described everywhere as a top modeling agency, but we have no idea what that means or what D.C. even has to offer in terms of modeling agencies. According to the Washington Post, Erkiletian, describes her company as catering to "the ambassadors, to the dignitaries."

We're confused. Whatever. Even so, according to the Washington Examiner, her client list includes Tiffany, Ralph Lauren, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Vanity Fair, Elle and Allure magazines.

And it appears that Erkiletian is on track to bring the drama this season. She's blasted cast mate Michaele Salahi, saying of the Salahi's polo match, "I just have no desire to go back, or ever be associated with that little goat rodeo."

According to her Bravo bio, the southern gal

- Consults her astrological chart daily
- Couldn't be bothered to get married again
- Knows how to keep it real
- Channels her southern roots at her country home by shooting clay pigeons, riding ATVs and cooking a mean fried chicken

Yes, the show is clearly going to be about Salahi, but we have a feeling Erkiletian will have no problem commanding screen time this season.

Vicki-RHOOC Book Signing in Anaheim,CA

Post from OC Register.

Photo:Steve Zylius
By: Richard Chang
"Real Housewife of Orange County" original cast member Vicki Gunvalson will appear Saturday for a book signing at the Anaheim White House Restaurant, 887 S. Anaheim Blvd. She will sign copies of her self-published book, "More than a Housewife" from 5-8 p.m. The event is free, but reservations are recommended: 714-772-1381.
"More than a Housewife," co-written with Jeff Scott, tells the story of Gunvalson's life while growing up, her experiences with divorce and being a single mother, and her life now in Coto de Caza. She describes her transformation from being a stay-at-home mom to a full-fledged entrepreneur.

The Guidice's Try To Stop Bankruptcy Auction

Post from

By:Charlotte Triggs
There’s more financial trouble brewing for The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice.

Last October, Teresa and her husband Joe filed for bankruptcy, listing almost $11 million in debt. Now, a trustee assigned to their bankruptcy case is alleging that the pair concealed financial records.

John Sywilok, whose responsibility as a trustee is to round up the Giudices’ assets and distribute the proceeds to creditors, claims in court documents dated June 30 that the couple failed to list profits from several business, including Teresa’s clothing line TG Fabulicious LLC, a pizza parlor (which was shown in an episode of Real Housewives) and her cookbook, Skinny Italian, which he claims was written prior to the bankruptcy filing.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Giudices are also accused of undervaluing luxury items listed as personal property in the bankruptcy filing, including a pool table ($1,000), wedding bands ($400) and living room furniture ($2,000). Sywilok wants to hold a public auction to sell the items inside their famous mansion in Towaco, N.J., the paper reports.

But an attorney for the Giudices, Jim Kridel, says things needn’t go that far, and he plans to object to the filing in court, saying they did not hide sources of income. “The contract for Teresa’s book was signed after the bankruptcy petition was filed, and all money was received post petition,” he says, adding that the law allows the Giudices to freely spend money earned after they filed for bankruptcy.
“If she knew the recipes, it doesn’t take four years to write a cook book,” he says. “It’s not a Mary Higgins Clark novel.”

As for the pizzeria, it is owned by Joe’s father, Kridel says, and therefore should never have been considered an asset at the time of the filing.

Kridel also points out that auctioning personal property may not yield much money to be divided up among creditors. “You can’t sell used, personal property for the sticker price,” he says. “A $5,000 chandelier won’t sell for $5,000. Nobody will buy a used mattress. The real issue in bankruptcy is, what’s the value of everything? And at the time of the bankruptcy, these things didn’t have any value.”

A hearing on the matter has yet to be scheduled.

Giudice couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Stacie Turner & Mary Amons-RHODC Talk To Reality Wanted

Q&A from Reality Wanted.
                                                       by Chandra Clewley
Here we go again! The Real Housewives of Washington DC premiers on Thursday, August 5th on Bravo. Can we expect to see the drama that the rest of the franchise has given us? Will Washington DC get fans as riled up as the other shows? Stacie Scott Turner is a Harvard MBA, mother of two, wife to husband Jason, successful real estate broker and director of her own charity “Extra-Ordinary Life” which she is passionate about. Mary Schmidt Amons is a blue blood who spent her summers with the Kennedy clan as a child. Married for 20 years to her husband Rich, when she is not trying to keep her five children out of trouble (while on the conference call, her youngest sent a baseball bat through a window) she is devoted to her charity “Labels of Love”.

Today, Reality Wanted joined a conference call with these two housewives, to find out what to expect from the latest Real Housewives franchise!

Q. How did you decide to come on the show?
A. Mary: We were approached and we did some real soul searching about whether it would be a good decision for our family. Basically, if I was going to do the show I was going to have to include my entire family, because that is my primary priority in life, to be a mother and I am at home, and I work out of the house. It was a challenging decision to make. There is a risk with exposure to your home life, but I am so proud of who we are as a family, I think we are a lot of fun to be around and to watch, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to really launch my charity. It has been a great fun thing for our family, very positive.

Q. In what way do you believe that the Real Housewives of DC will be different than the other Real Housewives franchises?

A. Stacie: Just the backdrop of DC makes for a different story. There will be different story lines that you haven’t seen before. There are lots of cool places in the city that will serve as a setting for the show. Also, we have some really important, provocative conversations about issues, political issues, and other issues that haven’t been explored in the other franchises.

Q. How well did you know each other before the show?
A. Stacie: I did not know any of the ladies before we started shooting. I had met Mary a couple of times, socially at events. It was really great getting to know them. We got along well, I think it is going to be really interesting between Cat and I. Cat is the last person that I met. I didn’t realize that Cat is about as direct and as opinionated as I am. The other ladies, we all get along great. There are times where we just have very strong differences of opinions, but the way she looks at stuff is just different and we clash a lot in the beginning but have since become really close and she is one of my favorite cast members.

Q. What do you make of the Salahi incident and the attention they are getting the show?
A. Stacie: Viewers will be so surprised to find out that the White House “party crash” is not the crescendo of the show. It is a small part of five really interesting story lines and it by no means is all the drama with the show. We were all really caught off guard when the incident happened and considering that most of us had interacted (with the Salahi’s) it was so unbelievable because they had been nothing but nice and normal around us. Things did change a little bit after that point and we are fully interested to see how that part of the show unfolds.

A. Mary: It is just going to be one small snippet. It is something that is probably featured in the beginning but overall it’s very clear to us that the show is not all about the Salahi’s. We spent five months together and a lot of time sharing our stories, I think the American public will be interested and inspired by our stories.

Q. Were you surprised about the party crashing or does that sort of fit Michaele Salahi’s personality?
A. Stacie: I was just shocked that anybody would have the gall to crash a party like that. I couldn’t imagine, so it makes you wonder, did they really believe they were invited? I just can’t imagine who would have the gumption to do that. Michaele is a very friendly, light hearted, outgoing person. She is nothing but friendly and just a social butterfly so where it might seem contrived, I think it might just be really her.

Q. Stacie, you basically represent African American’s on this show. Do you feel pressure from that?
A. Stacie: I feel so much pressure! As you know, DC is historically known as a chocolate city, so I am sure there was some expectation that there would be more African Americans. I think the show has done a good job showing the diversity of the city. The city is so racially diverse; I can only hope that I represent the African American lifestyle well, with just being a woman, a mom and Washingtonian.

Q. Are you at all concerned given what the franchise is known for? There seems to be a lot of backlash for Stacie being the only African American on the show.
A. Stacie: I really haven’t felt any backlash and I didn’t do the casting! I was hoping that I could be a really positive portrayal for African American women, and I love my city, I love my life to the extent that I can share it and it can be positive and entertaining!

Q. Will we still see you in your work environment?
A. Stacie: Being a business woman is a big part of who I am along with my charity. My charity is called Extra-Ordinary Life. I was adopted out of foster care when I was six months old and I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Meanwhile there are over 2000 teen women aged 13-18 in DC foster care that don’t have homes and don’t have parents, so I wanted to do something for them and provide them to exposure to people and places that could help them turn around their lives and really make a difference. One of the ways we do this is through travel. This summer I took 8 girls to South Africa which was amazing for them! These girls just really blossomed and were able to see that all things are possible.

Q. The other franchises of Real Housewives have all been affected by the economy. Is this something we will see on the show in DC?
A. Mary: I think that that economic crisis has touched everyone in this country, we are all feeling it. No matter how much money you have, we are struggling a little bit as a nation financially. Everyone is cutting back and reorganizing their priorities. I don’t think you will really see it on the show.

Q. What has the reaction been to the show in Washington DC?
A. Stacie: It has been 50/50. Most of my friends thought I had lost my mind and that it was so crazy. Half of the people have been supportive and the other half thinks I need to be careful

Kelly-RHONY at 'Get Low' Screening

Kelly attended The Cinema Society & Sony Alpha Nex screening of 'Get Low' at the Tribeca Grand Hotel New York City.

Kelly & Urban Zen

Pic/Tweet from Kelly when she was at Urban Zen.

                                                                     In front of urban zen

Sonja With The Pearl Earring

Picture that Sonja did.

                                                  More Masterpiece fun. Sonja With The Pearl Earring. By: Sonja Morgan

Kim G. Says Danielle-RHONJ Can't Get A Man

From Radar, to see a video of  Kim G. Click HERE.

The bitchy backlash between The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub and her ex-ally Kim G. has reached new depths of back-stabbing, reveals in an exclusive video.

Staub's shunned sidekick says that the reality TV villain has slept with countless men, “I’ve lost track. Maybe thousands, who knows? She’s in the business!” replied Kim G. when asked by Tom Murro of Celebrity Magnet.

“She spread her legs, look at her on the pole the last time we were at that place where we were on the pole – I looked like an idiot,” she added.

Danielle is now rumored to have switched to dating women – and Kim says it’s because she can’t get a man!

“The reason why she’s with a woman now too is because you know why, guys don’t want to f*** her,” the mother-of-three said cattily.

“I don’t think they want her,” she claimed, going on to say that she thinks the new woman in her life was pursued by Staub. “I think she’s going after her, maybe they feed off each other because one wants one for one reason and one wants it for another.

“Then she’ll be on her own,” she predicted.

In her final tribute to her former pal – Kim commits a truly classy act by giving her the finger and telling the world that she has “no more love” for Danielle.

Jacqueline-RHONJ Interview with ESW

Click HERE to read Jacqueline's interview with Everything She Wants.

Bethenny Talks to US Magazine About Being A Mom

Post from US

Bethenny Frankel calls motherhood "magical" -- and not just because she was able to drop her baby weight in three weeks to fit in a size-4 swimsuit.

"It's pure love," the Real Housewives of New York star, 39, gushed to at the opening of the East Harlem Target Tuesday night. "It's a great, neat thing. It's really love at first sight."

Frankel says she hasn't gotten into a routine with daughter Bryn, whom she welcomed on May 8.

"Babies, they're not much for a routine. It's not like a mechanical doll. It's a baby. If she hasn't pooped in two days and I have to stick a Q-Tipp up her butt, it's not a routine. What are you going to do? Not to give too much information, but that's what happened."

Bryn's recent milestones include "smiling and pulling my hair," Frankel says. "I like to think it's her showing me she needs me, but I'm sure it's just her hanging on!"

Frankel says she was surprised about how all-consuming motherhood has been. Before having Bryn "I really didn't understand how every minute of the day is really about the baby," she says. "It’s crying, she has to burp, it’s every millisecond -- so I wasn’t really grasping that. I don’t know how women do it who have several kids."

Husband Jason Hoppy, whom she wed last April, pitches in for daddy duty: "He fights me to change her and give her a bath. He wants the most interaction with her. It's really amazing."

The two are even planning "a second honeymoon at the Montauk Yacht Club -- well, we're going to try," says Frankel. "The combination of my business and the baby and Jason’s work, we’re falling short. Well, I’m falling short with him in that department. Note to self: something to improve!"

Not that she's slowing down anytime soon. When asked if there will be a second season of her own Bravo show, Bethenny Getting Married, she told Us, "If I were a gambling woman, I would bet there is."

Gwen's New Blog

Click HERE to read Gwen's new blog post about the Real Housewives.

Bethenny's Baby Blog For People Magazine

From People

Bethenny Frankel’s Blog: The Delicate Balance of Work and Family
Our newest celebrity blogger Bethenny Frankel — best-selling author, creator of the Skinnygirl Margarita and star of both The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married? — is sharing the highs and lows of motherhood with us this month.

This week the reality star – who is mom to 10-week-old daughter Bryn Casey with husband Jason Hoppy – tells us about how she strikes the work/life balance, and why having a great “teammate” makes all the difference.

Hey PEOPLE people!

One of the greatest challenges a woman can face is to balance work and family. I’m so fortunate because my office is at home. This means I dash out for meetings and appearances, but I can always run home to feed Bryn, pump breastmilk or get in a snuggle.

I’m also really lucky because Jason is an excellent partner and a truly devoted father. He comes from a place of “yes,” which makes him want to do as much as possible. In fact, he does equal — or more — than I do. I really chose the right teammate.

We have so much fun raising Bryn together and watching her change that it really brings us closer.

We have learned to put everything into the relationship so we get so much back. If he wants to play golf, I say yes. If I have an appearance, he comes with me. Rather than find reasons for things not to work, we make them work.

Overall, love distribution is the biggest challenge to me. Bryn, Jason and Cookie all need love — and somehow I feel like I’m the heart of the whole love operation.

I’m a strong force, so when I’m out of whack, the dynamic is as well. For me, sleep is the most important commodity. With it, I can manage everything.

Tell me: What’s your secret to balancing your work life and family life?

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @Bethenny, check out my site and tune into my new show on Bravo, Bethenny Getting Married? Thursdays at 10 p.m.

— Bethenny Frankel
PHOTO: Brian Doben

Gretchen Rossi Judging A Chef Challenge

From SDGLNcom

Contestants from Bravo’s “Top Chef: Masters” will participate in a chef challenge, which will serve as a benefit for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

The celebrity-studded benefit, dubbed GLAAD Hancock Park, will be from 4 to 7 p.m. Sunday, July 25, at the elegant home of interior designer Timothy Corrigan. Attire is summer chic.

Break out the piggybank because it costs $100 for general admission or $150 for VIP treatment, which includes judging entry for the chef challenge.

Chef Elizabeth Falkner, owner/partner of Citizen Cake in San Francisco, and Chef Mark Peel, executive chef/owner of The Tar-Pit in Los Angeles and The Point in Culver City, will square off in the challenge.

The event will be hosted by Chef Susan Feniger, executive chef/owner of Street in Los Angeles.

Celebrity guest judges will include Gretchen Rossi from “Real Housewives of Orange County” as well as Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood from “Noah’s Arc.”

In addition to the chef challenge, attendees can enjoy tasting stations from some of L.A.’s top restaurants and caterers, live entertainment, and participate in a food-and-wine silent auction to raise money for GLAAD.

Participating restaurants include Bastide, Cream by Crystal, Dominick's/Little Dom's, The Farm of Beverly Hills, Edison Fields, The Foundry on Melrose, Paul's Kitchen, POM Wonderful, Barefoot Wine and Zico Pure Coconut Water.

Event chairs are Chef Paul McCullough and Chef Edison Briones.

To order tickets online, click HERE. Tickets are non-refundable and tax-deductible.

GLAAD is a strategic partner of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News.

Bethenny weighs in on Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin


Photo: Getty Images
By:Katrina K Wheeler
The world was shocked when Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin announced that not only was she back with Levi Johnston -- the father of her son, Tripp -- but that they were engaged, and planning to be married. According to a new interview, the star of Bethenny Getting Married?, and The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny Frankel is weighing in on the rumors that Palin and Johnston may get their own reality show.

Frankel says, according to E! Online: "If it was her mom getting married or remarried it would be interesting. If it was Sarah was raising the baby, maybe. But what's the deal with the two of them?"

The star went on to say: "I don't know what they are and I don't even know who they are. I don't get it. And it would be too awkward to watch them in something L.A. because they don't belong there."
Appearing on a reality show has proven disastrous for some couples in the past. It is sometimes best to keep one's relationship as private as possible -- especially when the couple is in the public eye. A rep for Bristol Palin debunked the rumors of the couple possibly getting a reality TV show, saying that nothing was in the works, however, the rumors persist. What do you think -- would it be wise for Palin and Johnston to appear in a show?

Kelly On The Town

Pics. from Kelly when she was out last night.

                                                                 BitterEnd with @mattyktalent listening to emma lasry

                                                                     With my asst @kimberlythompson at bitterend