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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jill and Silex At Author's Night

Pictures of Jill/Alex and Simon at Author's Night at the East Hampton,NY Library.

 Jill Zarin, Beth Ostrosky Stern and Lisa Hartman

RHODC Videos

Jill At Author's Night

Jill at East Hampton library fundraiser .


Pic./tweet from Sonja.

Is Teresa Covering For Joe?

Post from Babble.

By: SunnyChanel
It’s been a hard year for Teresa and Joe Giudice. Lawsuits, bankruptcy, Danielle and Joe’s DUI/DWI. In the midst of all the chaos, the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars have had to go into damage control mode.
Joe’s DWI was again addressed on last week show claiming he wasn’t drunk when the accident happened but rather just really really tired. And now Teresa is making some claims of her own, mostly in reaction to Danielle Staub’s commentary on last week’s show wondering why Joe wasn’t home with his family and making an unfounded innuendo that he might have been at a strip club. Plus Teresa is making statements contrary to what’s been reported. What did Teresa say? And is she lying to protect her hubby?
She said that “Joe was with his beautiful wife the night of his accident, thank you very much. We went to dinner with Caroline and Albert, Jacqueline and Chris and even Tamra from Real Housewives of Orange County.” Instead of heading back home from “the city” with Joe she got a ride from Jacqueline so she could pick up her car.

The accident happened near their house and he went to the neighbor’s to call the cops, and “had a couple shots to calm his nerves,” before the authorities arrived. Teresa stated that “It didn’t even occur to him that the police would check him for drinking because he wasn’t drunk. And when the police arrived, they didn’t even question him because there was no indication he was impaired at all.” But they did take him to the hospital, due to the severity of the crash, to make sure he was okay. That’s when Teresa claims they found the alcohol in his system, after they drew blood. But she is sticking with the story that he only had something to drink after the crash.

And contrary to what’s been said, Teresa claims Joe wasn’t arrested that night saying, “He wasn’t arrested (believe me, you’d see his mug shot all over the Internet, wouldn’t you?)” . Instead she says they got a citation in the mail a week later. But that goes totally against what has been reported by such new sources as the New Jersey Star-Ledger and TMZ who reported that Joe was charged with a DWI, reckless driving, careless driving and failure to maintain the lane. When the cops looked him up, it turned out that the neighboring town had warrants out for his arrest and came, got him, and locked him up overnight. He was reportedly released, on bail, at 6:20 the next morning.

What’s the truth? Is Teresa lying for fudging the truth to save her husband?

Lynn's BGM Blog Post

Click HERE to read Lynn's latest post about the BGM lost footage episode.

The Salahi's Honored

Article from nv

Couple from Linden known for crashing White House event
By Ben Orcutt

Photo: Andrew Thayer
FRONT ROYAL -- Tareq and Michaele Salahi created a stir on Thursday in Warren County, but this time it was for a good cause.

The couple were the guests of honor at the Mikado Japanese Steakhouse in Riverton Commons, just north of Front Royal. In addition to watching themselves on an episode of Bravo TV's "Real Housewives of D.C.," the Salahis were on hand to help raise money for the United Way of Front Royal-Warren County.

"It means everything to us," Mrs. Salahi said of Thursday's event. "This is what it's all about."

Sean Baek, 35, the owner of the restaurant, said he was "very excited," to be a part of the event and planned to donate 10 percent of the gross receipts to the local United Way.

"I know him for more than 10 years," Baek said of Salahi, adding that world-famous chef David Kim of New York would cook for the couple on Thursday.

"We both love Mikado," Salahi said. "We love the owners here. This is our favorite restaurant in town. It's actually one of our favorite restaurants period. Everything's great here."

The Salahis have a home in Warren County at 440 Scenic Overlook Drive off Va. 55 near Linden.

Photo: Andrew Thayer
"It's a big night," Mrs. Salahi added. "We're really excited. That's what it's about. We're lucky to be here and without the people, we wouldn't have this, so we're really excited and to be able to give back is what it's about."

The Salahis were excited to be able to watch the second episode of the "Real Housewives of D.C." with their guests on Thursday.

"There was a lot filmed in Warren County," Salahi said. "We don't know how much actually makes it on screen. There are truly hundreds and hundreds of hours filmed and they have to bring it down to a 45-minute segment for each episode. We get to preview some of the episodes just before to write the blogs for Bravo TV that Michaele writes."

Mrs. Salahi joked that being 44 and her husband 41, she might be considered a "cougar."

A number of local residents came out to attend Thursday's event, including 22-year-old Brittany Williams of Basye, who was accompanied by her husband, Brodie, 23.

The manager of Beach Bum Tanning in Riverton Commons, Mrs. Williams said she air-brushes Mrs. Salahi, meaning she sprays her with a tanning solution.

"It's very exciting," Mrs. Williams said. "It's been a journey for the last 18 months. I customize her air-brush once a week so it's very fun."

"They're great people and we're very thankful to be here," Williams added of the Salahis.

Blake Pierpoint, 27, the owner of Blake & Company Hair Salon in Front Royal, does Mrs. Salahi's hair and also attended Thursday's dinner party.

"She's so nice," Pierpoint said of Mrs. Salahi. "She'll go up to anybody and give them a hug."

Glenda Gilbert and her boyfriend, Tom Reber, both of Front Royal, specifically attended Thursday's event because some of the proceeds were going to the United Way.

"I think it's nice," Gilbert said. "It's for a good cause."

Not everyone who ate at the Mikado on Thursday was a fan of the Salahis.

Theresa Smith was celebrating her 48th birthday at the restaurant with family and friends and was not impressed by the Salahis.

Photo: Andrew Thayer
"To be honest, I just think that it's wrong that somebody that breaks into the White House should be given so much publication," Smith said. "Why are they treated like celebrities? They're crooks. I hope everything in their life from this point on goes good. Truly, I do. But they need to get rid of the bad first."

The Salahis garnered national attention after making it past the Secret Service without an invitation for a 300-guest state dinner President Obama held in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in November.

David W. Silek, a Front Royal native and an attorney who represents the Salahis, said that if there was only one negative comment about the couple, that wasn't so bad.

"I used to be the campaign chairman for two years for the United Way," Silek said. "I would have killed to have a celebrity come into Front Royal, much less to be a Front Royal resident to do a fundraiser for the United Way. I think it's wonderful the Salahis are able to do a campaign launch for the United Way this year."

Michaele Was Not A Redskins Cheerleader

Post from

By: Sunny Pepper
The Washington Redskins Alumni Cheerleader organization is refuting claims that reality TV star Michaele Salahi was ever a part of their organization. In a statement released this week, the group says they have no records of her attendance under her name or any other associated moniker used by the "Real Housewife".

“The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association does not have any records or pictures that would verify Ms. Salahi’s claim to have been a Washington Redskins Cheerleader," Redskins Alumni spokesperson Terri Lamb said in a statement to

"Furthermore, the director, choreographers, captains, and numerous members during that time period have no recollection of Salahi’s involvement.”

In previous statements from the football club's cheerleader group, the Redskins had said Mrs. Salahi may have "misrepresented" herself in order to have her name placed on the alumni roster, but the Washington Redskins most recent statement now confirms that Salahi never was a part of the Washington Redskins organization.

D.C. Police Escort For Salahi's Raises Questions

Article from The Washington Post.

Tareq and Michaele Salahi's police escort raises eyebrows on 'Housewives' episode
By Paul Farhi and Amy Argetsinger

Photo: Bravo
Trouble seems to follow wherever Michaele and Tareq Salahi go. Now, it's the cops who may be in trouble for hanging around with the Salahis.

On Thursday's installment of the reality show "The Real Housewives of D.C.," the infamous White House gate-crashers turned up at a party in typically grand fashion. As viewers watched, the couple arrived at a downtown District nightclub in a white stretch limousine escorted by at least one D.C. police car, lights flashing and siren sounding. The show presented the law-enforcement entourage as the Salahis' "police escort."
Except there could be a problem: D.C. police officers aren't supposed to escort ordinary civilians to parties, reality TV show or not.

On Friday, D.C. police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump acknowledged that the episode raised some questions. "The Metropolitan Police Department was not involved in any official escort of the Salahis," she said in a statement. "We are investigating the circumstances of the cruiser appearing in the segment." She declined to comment further.

A representative from Bravo, the cable network that airs "Real Housewives," could not be reached.

The segment in question was recorded last October, several weeks before the Salahis made worldwide headlines by slipping into a White House state dinner without an invitation.

The program, which aired Thursday night and will be repeated over the next week, showed the squad car lingering out front long enough for the camera to capture markings identifying it as a cruiser from the 3rd District. The nightclub, the Park at Fourteenth, is located at 14th and K streets NW.

The Salahis' arrival drew the attention of one of the other "housewives" on the show, Lynda Erkelitian, who sniped, "I think of that as being ostentatious, especially when they haven't been paying their bills." The Salahis have been sued by former business associates for the alleged nonpayment of debts.

Kim G. Wanted To Ruin Danielle's Party

Post from OK! Magazine.

Author: Nicole Eggenberger
Kim Granatell claims she successfully ruined the Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub’s birthday telling her friends after, “Mission accomplished!”

Kim G. showed up uninvited — with her date for the evening, blogger Tom Murro, aka The Celebrity Magnet — to Danielle’s 48th birthday party at Scores Gentlemen’s Club in NYC on Tuesday night and Danielle threw a fit, Celebrity Magnet reports.

She even arrived on the carpet before Danielle and got a lot of attention from the cameras!

“Danielle had to wait for her own birthday party. I loved it!” Kim G. said in a video with her friends after leaving the event. “She didn’t even get into the place and her night was ruined!”

The Real Housewives star reportedly refused to leave her limousine for nearly an hour until Kim G. was escorted off the carpet.

Watch Kim G. reminisce about the night in the video below! Apparently, this is the second time she’s “ruined” Danielle’s birthday.

“Mission Accomplished!”

Stacie-RHODC Talks About Episode #2-RHODC

Post from The Buzz Cincy.

By: MusicJunkie
Stacie Turner, the only African-American woman on the must-watch “Real Housewives of DC”, sent this exclusive video blog speaking on the dramatic second episode of the hit show.
If you missed last night’s episode, Stacie invited the wives over for dinner at her Aunt Francis’ house and let’s just say things did not go as planned. In this video, Stacie gives us a little bit of her history: her mom died when she was 13 and Aunt Francis who is her godmother practically raised her and has fed the neighborhood for over 43 years.

Alexis-RHOOC Will Be The Emcee At The Newport Beach Pageant

Post from the Daily Pilot.

By Joanna Clay
Lovely ladies of Newport Beach will gather on Aug. 29 for the third annual Newport Beach Pageant. A familiar face will emcee the event: Alexis Bellino, a local resident and star of the "Real Housewives of Orange County."

Photo: Kelsey McNeal
The pageant includes five categories, Miss Newport Beach Teen, Miss Newport Beach, Junior Miss Newport Beach, Little Miss Newport Beach and Mrs. Newport Beach. The last three are new additions to this year's pageant. The last category, Mrs. Newport Beach, allows married women between the ages of 25 and 45 to compete in the beauty pageant.

The pageant will take place on the yacht Endeavour in Newport Harbor.

Pageant-goers will have the opportunity to get some screen time. Bravo will be filming the pageant for a future episode of "Real Housewives of Orange County" and filmmaker Shari Bellafonte (daughter of Harry Bellafonte) will be filming the show for her documentary, "What Is Beauty?"

Besides the chance to get 15 minutes of fame, the ladies will be judged by a panel of familiar names in entertainment. Traci Bingham, best known for her role as Jordan Tate on Baywatch, will lend her opinions to the panel. If anyone watches reality TV, they might recognize Chelsea Adams of the Bravo show "Millionaire Matchmaker." Adams is used to judging women on their talents and appearance for her position as vice president of matching at the dating agency.

The pageant is also using the beauty competition as an opportunity to give back to those in need. Twenty percent of the proceeds from the event will go to Working Wardrobes, a Costa Mesa-based nonprofit, which provides professional attire to at-risk women and men.

Jill Is Not A Mean Girl

Post and video from On The Red Carpet.

Posted by Frances Watson
Jill Zarin, star of the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of New York City told OnThe Red that she's not the mean girl she appears to be on the show.

"Alex started this rumor that I'm the mean girl," Zarin said. "She did, it's a rumor. I've never done a mean thing to anybody. But that's why she's on the show because she would have been booted off had she not started a fight with me because that's what was going to happen and she knows that and we all know that."

Zarin maintains that nothing has been resolved between her and fellow castmates, Bethenny Frankel and Alex McCord, saying: "I don't know what's going to happen in season four. I just want peace. That's not fun for reality TV."
There has been no official confirmation of a fourth season but Zarin says she expects the call to come soon.

Her book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother, was released in early 2010 and was co-authored by Zarin's mother, Gloria Kamen and sister, Lisa Wexler. It offers advice on friendship, marriage and money.

Check out the video interview with Jill Zarin, carried out by reporter Rachel Smith at a recent Hollywood signing event for Zarin's book:

Tags Hosts Empowerment Experiment

Article from
By:Monique Colbert
Kandi Burruss host Empowerment Experiment in Fresh style

Photo: M. Colbert
Kandi Burruss along with Peaches Sims, Rolling Out Magazine, and the Atlanta Metro Black Chamber hosted the Empowerment Experiment at Tags Boutique on Thursday, August 12th. The event is a unique networking opportunity to promote and show support for black businesses.The evening was a successful collaboration of the business savvy and fashionably attired members of Atlanta. Kandi Burruss showed her star style in a sexy ensemble and true shoe style in designer heels.

Gucci Heels- Kandi Burruss, one of the members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and co-owner of Tags Boutique welcomed the large crowd. Kandi made a stylish appearance in a smart white top with jewel embellishments and short mini skirt with sexy heels by Gucci.
Empowerment Experiment- Guests mingled while listening to the smooth jazz sounds of Reggie Hines and sipping on Cognac. The boutique served as the fashionable backdrop for the sophisticated crowd as they exchanged business cards and made new contacts. Donations were made to the Empowerment Experiment Foundation and in the spirit of successful minority business Kandi even shared that plans were in the works to possibly open another boutique.The mission of this experiment is to bring more consumers to under served areas as well as increase minority entrepreneurs. Kandi is a true example of a smart and stylish entrepreneur.

Kelsey Confirms Baby

Post from My Fox Orlando.

Kelsey Grammer Confirms Baby On Way

(NewsCore) - American actor Kelsey Grammer has confirmed that his new British girlfriend is expecting his baby -- his fifth, entertainment website TMZ reported Friday.

Grammer, 55, said he and Kayte Walsh, 29, were "very happy" with the news and that getting married "would make sense," but he had to clear up some "other stuff" first.

That "other stuff" could be his third wife -- Camille Donatacci Grammer -- who filed for divorce from the actor last month after 13 years of marriage.

Grammer, former star of hit TV comedy "Frasier" who is starring in Broadway's "La Cage aux Folles," has been spotted out with Walsh and has reportedly told friends he is "deeply in love" with her.

On Thursday the father of the blonde flight attendant, Alan Walsh -- a former Bristol City soccer player -- confirmed the pregnancy news saying he and his wife Susan were happy for their daughter and the actor, who also starred in sitcom "Cheers," the Daily Mail reported.

New York Post gossip column Page Six has reported that Donatacci, a former Playboy model, is eligible for half of Grammer's $80 million estate as she part-owns his production company, Grammnet Productions.

The Real Housewives Airing In September

The Real Housewives Franchise will begin airing on NBC in September in the afternoons starting with Season 1 of the RHOOC.

‎”The Real Housewives” has been sold to all 10 of the NBC Local Media broadcast stations; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Miami, San Diego & Hartford. The series has also been sold to Hearst Television stations including Tampa, Orlando, Sacramento, Kansas City, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Louisville, New Orleans & West Palm Beach. Check your local listings.

Bethenny's Childrearing Advice Questioned

Article from TheImproper.

New York housewife Bethenny Frankel appears to have broken numerous rules for a healthy pregnancy and post-natal baby care, judging from her new reality show “Bethenny Getting Married.”

Even though she is increasingly holding herself out as an expert on childrearing, the reality star engaged in a number of unhealthy activities that could have adversely affected her baby, and maybe even triggered her pre-mature birth.

In one scene, the obviously pregnant Frankel is wolfing down a big plate of mussels, even though pregnancy experts warn expectant mothers to stay away from shellfish.

The American Pregnancy Association warns expectant mothers to avoid both raw and cooked shellfish, principally oysters, clams and mussels.

Cooking helps prevent some types of infection, but it does not prevent the algae-related infections that are associated with red tides, the group advises.

In the same episode, Bethenny, who married Manhattan real estate agent Jason Hoppy last March, can be seen sneaking a beer while cooking in the kitchen.

The March of Dimes, which specializes in childhood afflictions, warns expectant mothers to stay away from all alcohol consumption.

“Although many women are aware that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause birth defects, many do not realize that moderate or even light drinking also may harm the fetus,” it advises on its Web site.

A Danish study of 40,000 pregnant women found that drinking could trigger a pre-term birth, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed and other factors.

After her baby Bryn was born premature, Bethenny, a big advocate of breastfeeding, can been seen drinking in several scenes in other episodes.

In one particularly incredible scene, Bethenny tells her infant nanny to bring her a beer, and she drinks it while nursing!

Husband Jason walks in and says incredulously: “What are you drinking?”

“Beer,” Bethenny replies.

“Beer and nursing our baby?” he says. “Doesn’t it go right through to our baby?”

“Yeah, I feel like she had a stressful day,” Bethenny flippantly replies.

Frankel justified taking the drink because her infant nanny noted that it would help stimulate breast milk.

But the American Academy of Pediatrics advises just the opposite.

“Breastfeeding mothers should avoid the use of alcoholic beverages, because alcohol is concentrated in breast milk, and its use can inhibit milk production,” it says.

Bethenny’s baby was born at New York Presbyterian Hospital. It’s unknown whether the hospital condones drinking by post-delivery patients.

Experts advise that as long as the alcohol is in a woman’s blood, it is also in her breast milk.

If a woman is impaired in any way by the alcohol, including a light buzz, the alcohol is in breast milk and will affect her baby.

Frankel can hardly draw on her own childhood for positive behavior.

She claims she suffered an abusive, dysfunctional upbringing marred by eating disorders, violence, alcoholism and drug abuse, although her devastated mother denies the allegations.

Frankel, who’s starring in her third reality TV show, caused an uproar when she warned the ladies of the “Real Housewives of DC” to keep their children off-camera as much as possible.

“I would say keep your kids out of it as much as possible,” Bethenny, 39, said during a media conference call to promote breast-feeding.

“You don’t want them to go bananas like the Jersey housewives’ kids!’ You’ve got to be an adult and know how to deal with it.”

All but one of the DC cast members are women in their 40s who each have between two and five children each, none of whom are newborns.

Frankel cause another uproar when she rapidly lost 30 pounds in three weeks after giving birth by Caesarean section.

“I’m concerned if she’s taking care of herself, getting enough rest and enough food, and not obsessing about losing the weight so quickly,” Peg Moline, editor-in-chief of Fit Pregnancy, told the New York Post.

Frankel defended her weight loss and exercise regime, claiming they were doctor supervised.

LuAnn Performing At Ascension

Pics. from LuAnn on Fire Island.

With the founder of Ascension and my fantastic host Eric Von Kuersteiner!

With two of my hot fans who opened the door to the balcony that I performed on.

Ready to go perform! How do you like my dress?

Kelly At Blue & Cream

Pic./tweet from Kelly.

Happy saturday

Jill on TInsel Talk

Video of Jill at Book Soup in LA.

RHODC Fact Check

From The Washington

Whose house is THAT?: D.C. "Housewives" recap and fact-check (#2, Aug. 12)
by: Roxanne Roberts & Amy Argetsinger
Welcome back to "The Real Housewives of D.C." -- the episode where people get mildly offended at awkward dinner parties -- and our annotated recap and fact-checking of what you saw on TV.

It begins with a brief rehash of where we left off last week: Stacie Turner shooting withering looks as Cat Ommanney mouths off about Tyra Banks and President Obama. Mary Amons tells the camera that "There are some social etiquette rules in Washington: You try not to let politics get personal." (Really? In my experience, I've found people in D.C., more so than most places, are more excited to get into a political debate at dinner -- and they take it all VERY personally. I think Mary and Lynda, though, have been nudged by producers to turn everything into a Statement About Washington.) Stacie tells the camera that Cat is "very brash and I find that borderline rude. I am not a fan." (Drama! In fact, those who saw them at the press tour events report that everyone seems pretty chummy in real life now. Going through the reality TV wringer together is probably a bonding experience.)

Next, we're with Tareq and Michaele Salahi at a many-gabled mini-mansion in the country somewhere. (What is this place? It is clearly not their modest Front Royal home, where they feuded with the homeowner's association. An on-again off-again friend of the couple tells us it's a home in Hume, Va., near the Salahis' Oasis Winery that the Salahis borrowed for the television shoot.) It's Michaele's birthday. "People think I'm in my thirties," she says. "I'm 44!" (True.) A small silent gentleman has unpacked the contents of a small boutique in the living room; Tareq tells her she can pick whatever she wants. (How are they paying for this? Read our investigation into the Salahis' finances; seems they're not paying for much.) Also (no joke), she gets a pony for her birthday. She names it "Sparkle." (Don't know what to tell you. In our exhaustive investigations into the Salahis, we never came across Sparkle -- not in the bankruptcy filings or debtor complaints or federal subpoenas. Should we start calling the glue factories?)

Back with Lynda Erkiletian in Georgetown, and her assistant K.C., also her son's girlfriend. They're examining real estate listings for suburban mini-mansions. "The apartment just isn't big enough for my family and all their friends," she explains. (Lynda sold her Ritz-Carlton condo last fall for $5.3 million and moved to a $2 million place in McLean, Va..)

Mary Amons, out in McLean. We meet her maid, Rosa, to whom Mary speaks Spanglish. It falls upon Rosa to vacuum the dog hair from 23-year-old daughter Lolly's Burmese mountain dog. "It's been a little stressful," Mary says. Lots of quirky music around the dog's antics, but there's not much happening in this scene. A brief scene with Cat and her darling little girls being snarky about the Salahis in their darling little accents. And then cut to Leopold's, in Georgetown's Cady's Alley, where Cat and Mary are meeting on a sunny day. (How did we recognize it was Leopold's? Because the rule in reality TV seems to be that your stars can never shoot a scene in a restaurant that doesn't first begin with a lingering shot of the restaurant's name at the front door. Just TV's way of saying "thanks!") Cat has agreed to go horseback riding with Michaele, and Mary agrees to join. "I grew up riding," Mary says. It seems that Leopold's is where Lolly is working these days, and Mary confides to Cat about how ever since Lolly moved back home, it's been kind of a pain cleaning up after her dog. So as soon as Lolly comes back to the table, Cat busts her chops a bit. Mary pays the bill, and Cat raises an eyebrow at the tip she's left her daughter. "Leave her a tip like that, she'll walk over you for the rest of her life." (Oooh, drama!)

Michaele reappears at Paul Wharton's apartment. (An exposed-brick converted schoolhouse on Capitol Hill, where he really lives.) His hair is wavy today. Time to start planning Paul's birthday party, Michaele says, "Who should we invite?" Paul lights up: "You know what's more fun? Who do we NOT invite!" (Let's take a moment to talk about Paul, who was crafted in a laboratory for the purpose of one day being the perfect Bravo reality star. Last week, I cited his epic MetroWeekly interview, in which he explained how annoyed he gets when people call him a "stylist." In that same story, he takes credit for advising Bravo on whom to cast, and also for keeping the gears of the plot in motion. "I really understand TV... You need to get something on camera. With the women having no experience in television, they were all hair and makeup, but then it's like, 'Oh, yeah, so I took little Johnny to soccer practice... Oh, and my husband Bill came home and I told him, "Only one martini tonight, Bill."' Ugh. Boring, boring, [expletive] boring! I'm like, 'Bill's been looking really good nowadays, what's going on with him? Oh, he's been staying at work late?' You know. My intention wasn't to stir things up between people. It was to help create some storylines." Again and again, you can see Paul trying to do this on "Housewives.")

Back at Stacie's house, she tells her husband Jason that she's going to have people over to dinner AGAIN. But this time, she's going to have them to her Aunt Frances's house. "Lord have mercy," says Jason. "They are going to see a downhome black family Sunday-style dinner," she says. Who to invite? Why of course her new best friends, all-the-Housewives-except-Michaele. (Let's hope Aunt Frances gets something out of Bravo for this.)

Mary drives Cat through Tyson's Corner and stars talking about her grandfather. (Remember? Did she tell you? Her grandfather was Arthur Godfrey.) "My grandfather had an option to buy all of this land," she says, "and he passed it up because he didn't want to be so close to the city." (And he didn't even know about the Silver Line then!) They arrive at the Salahis' alleged country home to find the couple sitting on directors' chairs atop a crimson rug by the riding ring, a magisterial pose like Phil Keoghan welcoming the "Amazing Race" contestants to their pit stop. Cat and Mary are all, like, Uh oh, Michaele's wearing jodhpurs, and we're in jeans. Michaele tells the cameras that she needs to "look the part" of a rider's wife (Is this yet another of those rules-of-Washington they're always divulging on this show?). Tareq explains that she even wore jodhpurs "when we played against Prince Charles, [though she was] just cheering us on from the sidelines." (He really did once play polo against Prince Charles, a photo-op that impressed friends and business acquaintances for years to come. More recently, he alienated some supporters and customers who say he promised to deliver Charles to the 2007 America's Polo Cup event.) Cat and Mary get an awkward polo tutorial. Quirky-jerky music as everyone bumbles around less than hilariously. To cap off the day, Tareq makes a big show of bringing out glasses of "barrel-fermented chardonnay" -- Oasis wine, he says. Except that after one sip -- hey, that's beer! Michaele tells the camera: "The barn doesn't hold a lot of wine: We'd have had to drive up to the house." (Unmentioned: That Oasis Winery is shuttered these days amid bruising intra-family litigation and is running out of wine.)

Michaele visits sleek D.C. nightspot The Park at Fourteenth to plan Paul's birthday party. (The Park was opened by D.C. nighlight impresario Marc Barnes, of the better-known Love nightclub, but their company has recently filed for bankruptcy protection). Also along for planning are Paul's publicist (!) Charlotte and his pal Mary. Kudos to the show's editors for pulling off a brisk sequence of catty faux-drama: Cutaway to Lynda explaining how she threw an intimate dinner party for Paul's 30th birthday, Charlotte telling the group how Lynda's party was "incredibly classy," and Michaele undermining the two by saying that Paul "felt he was cut off" because he wasn't allowed to invite more guests. How many for this one? "How many can you hold?" (Paul, did you engineer this?)
Everyone (except Michaele) gets ready for a southern soul-food dinner with Aunt Frances, Stacie's godmother, who she says stepped in to help after her own mother died. Lynda brings Ebong, her strapping, younger African-American boyfriend (more about Ebong Eka). Says Stacie: "They were like, Lynda, you go, girl!" Mary wears a Burberry wrap and brings her husband Rich. Paul wears his hair in a loose frizzy ponytail. (I think this is my favorite style for him.) Cat shows up solo and (seemingly) immediately asks for a drink (when seemingly none has been offered, but maybe that's the editing). Then she complains that the wine has gone bad. (Mwa-MWAH! Do we really need Lynda's voice over explanation that this is impolite?)

Rich and Ebong retreat to the basement for some guy talk with Jason. Awkward, producer-prompted chit-chat, which leads to Jason seemingly blurting out the revelation we've waited an entire episode and a half for. "I'm very excited about something I've been working on for several years... It's called the penile volumetric measuring device." (Yeah! We told you about Jason Turner's surprising patent, didn't we? Told you it would have to come up in the plot.) It's catalyst for the episode's only sparkling dialogue (prepared as it may be). Says Rich: "Is this where the white guy leaves the conversation?" Says Jason: "I think I've got something that could be really huge!" Heheheheheheh. Says Ebong, in voiceover: "I'm not going to buy one... I'm not going to measure it. You can ask Lynda what she thinks." Heheheheheheh. Man, that was juvenile.

At dinner, Lynda shows her southern-girl credentials by bragging about how she recycles her Crisco. Cat seems uncomfortable and everyone notices. She leaves early. Everyone talks about how rude this was. Stacie thinks "it's a race thing." Paul says, "Cat just can't connect." At a suite in the Four Seasons, Paul is getting his hair flat-ironed for the party. (I like how reality TV pulls back the curtain now and then.) He casts frustrated looks at a cellphone and explains he's been unable to reach Michaele, who had asked him to meet her there. "When Lynda threw me the party, she was there the entire time." (Paul, you devil, bless you for keeping this thing on track.)

Brief scene with Lynda at work with another assistant, Robin, casting a critical eye on some modeling portfolios. "The agency is going though a very difficult time in terms of the economy," she says, explaining that the "industry is down by 38 percent.... But it always comes back."

The birthday party at The Park. It all looks very nice on TV, and pleasantly uncrowded. (We wrote about this at the time: Widely circulated Facebook invitations drew hundreds of distant acquaintances and strangers from afar to the Oct. 22, 2009 event, which was well understood to be a "Housewives" affair. Guests reported unhappy throngs - a very "bridge and tunnel crowd" sniffed one - trying desperately to angle for the cash bar or the cameras or any sight of the not-yet-famous Housewives, who were isolated in a camera-filled dining room upstairs. It was a made-for-TV party.)

Guess who's not there yet? Michaele and Tareq. More D.C. travelogue voiceover from Lynda: "Washington D.C., has a special etiquette: As a host or hostess, you are responsible for taking care of your guests." (Hear that, Heartland? Or is it you heathens in NYC-LA whose quaint custom it is to invite people over and then ignore them? Anyway, that's NOT how we do it in the 202!) Well, then, who should pull up in a white stretch limo -- and what appears to be a police escort, a 3rd District squad car with flashing lights (Note: We're making some inquiries on this.) -- but the Salahis. She's in a sparkly dress and white fur. Says Lynda in voiceover: "I think of that as being ostentatious, especially when they haven't been paying their bills!" (Unclear if Lynda was on to them already last fall, or if these voiceovers were taped after our stories on how the Salahis hadn't been paying their bills.)

The dinner table includes Charles Ommanney, the Newsweek photographer and then-new husband of Cat, whom we haven't seen much of. Cat mulls whether she had offended Stacie at Aunt Frances's dinner. Lynda quizzes Charles about his work at the White House. He speaks up for George Bush, saying that while " ninety five percent of people" he meets tell him they think W. was an idiot, "he was absolutely in charge behind the scenes... His public persona was a disaster." Presumably because of Charles's British accent, the producers charmingly help us out here by giving him subtitles. Then Tareq and Michaele get up to give a showy toast, and Lynda mulls that "Washington is not a place that responds well to showy people." (True. We just put them on TV, is all.) And then Tareq warns, "we are going to saberage a bottle of champagne" - which means, to uncork a bottle with a sabre, or sword. (Believe it or not, this is incredibly easy to do - even a child could do it, though no, for goodness sake, DON'T LET THEM! I will heartily agree with Tareq, though, that this an awesome and effective party trick, or at least it was until he did it on TV, which has probably ruined it for all of us.) Pop! Lynda complains that the cork hit her in the ass. (Her words!)

Dinner over, Lynda and Michaele get into it, seemingly out of nowhere. Are there really good Virginia wines, Lynda asks the Salahis. The editors insert one of those hollow "boom" noises. "Tell me the truth, we can't compete with California. That's why I'm drinking scotch." Then they start fussing with each other over Lynda telling Paul that Michaele is too thin (a controversy I can't believe has not only sustained us over two full episodes but also spilled over into alleged real life.) Michaele fixes Lynda with the triumphantly brittle ironic smile we saw during the Salahis' tension-filled interview with Carol Joynt in June. Paul, in voice over warns that "if Lynda Erkiletian has it out for you," then watch out.

Previews: The Turners fly off to Paris where "Jason's brother has the number-one single," and we see him in concert. (We told you about this last fall; didn't know the Salahis would go along as well.) Charles Ommanney says something to Cat about "where does the swanning-around come into my life?" (And, oh dear, are we actually going to see a marriage fall apart on TV? Was under the impression they broke up after the taping.)

So, who won this round? Paul, easily, with Rich and Jason tied for second. Sorry, ladies. But now you want to learn how to saberage, right? Here's a useful but pretentious tutorial. However, I prefer this guy. The candor with which he welcomes us into his home -- and shows that you don't need a sabre, a simple kitchen knife will do -- makes me think we've got the next Real Househusband of Lincoln, Nebraska, right here.

Lynda's-RHODC Guy Has A Fashion Line

Post from

Real Housewives of DC’s Lynda Erkiletian has a hot boyfriend that’s twice her size and always dresses well, but who is the guy?
Ebong Eka was born in Toronto, Canada, where he was raised by his Nigerian immigrant parents. He’s a CPA who’s been growing a fashion business for the past few years after his style was noticed by Washingtonian Magazine.

His fashion line is called Mi Chiamo Eka, and specializes in tailored, made-to-measure suits for larger men like himself (he’s reportedly 6’5″ and 220lbs.)

He’s also a style and lifestyle blogger, but he hasn’t quit his day job at his self-owned accounting and financial consulting firm Ericorp Consulting.

Stacie-RHODC Talks To ESSENCE Magazine

Article from ESSENCE.COM.

by Hillary Crosley
Last week we introduced Stacie Scott Turner, the one African-American housewife on Bravo's "Real Housewives of D.C." Stacie discussed growing up as an adopted child and how her experience inspired her to begin the charity Extra-Ordinary Life, which helps teen girls who are foster children in our nation's capital to think beyond their circumstances.

This week, chatted with Stacie about the "Real Housewives of D.C." debut, her first impression of castmates Mary Schmidt Amons, Catherine "Cat" Ommanney and Michaele Salahi, and where all the Black folks are on "Real Housewives of D.C." How was your appearance on "The View" last week with the cast of "Real Housewives of D.C."?
STACIE SCOTT TURNER: It was great, we had dressing rooms with our names on them! That was an experience! Speaking of, what happened with the Whoopi Goldberg vs. White House party crasher-cum-"Real Housewife of D.C." Michaele Salahi scuffle? Michaele said Whoopi hit her, but then the talk show host denied it on "The View" the next morning?
TURNER: That is so unfortunate because I'm a Whoopi fan. On a lighter note, are fans recognizing you on the street after the debut of "Real Housewives of D.C."?
TURNER: A few have and it seems like viewers have really tuned into the stories of the "Real Housewives of D.C." and people are excited about it from the comments we've been getting from people. Let's talk about Cat's hating on Tyra Banks because you seemed to be personally offended by her saying that Tyra is not her favorite person.
TURNER: The episode with Cat was the first time that she and I had intersected socially. So I'd invited Mary to my house and I invited Cat too because I wanted to get to know her. It was really about a first-time guest coming to your home and I was a little bit taken aback by how outspoken she was and how she was so negative about people that I think highly of. I perceived it as completely rude and off-putting for the first time you're meeting someone. It's interesting that if you look at it, what was driving her opinion was a personal disappointment and love for her husband. Of course if your husband is doing something great, you want everyone to support him, even the President of the United States! Nothing should be more important than his event, so as a wife and lover of my husband, I could see where she was coming from. So Cat seemingly discrediting Obama, was more about Bush RSVPing to her wedding rather that Cat supporting Bush in your home as an Obama-supporter?
TURNER: I think that it was hurt feelings. Her husband is a White House photographer and he's taken a number of really memorable photos of Obama that have been plastered all over the place and the papers. So they're clearly supporters of Obama and it surely wouldn't make sense to speak negatively about him if he's your husband's employer, so there has to be more to it. How about Mary Schmidt Amons supporting Black and White unity through "integrated" hair salons?
TURNER: That was Mary having a good time at her birthday party and celebrating her day with plenty of champagne. Birthday or not, we were wondering exactly what she was talking about. Obama in the White House means we should all get perms together?
TURNER: Ha! That's what I was thinking when I was looking at her, 'what are you thinking?' Many of our readers, both on Facebook and, wondered since Washington D.C. is the "Chocolate City," where are the rest of the Black folks? Besides your girl Shirley, of course.
TURNER: That's so funny that people recognized Shirley! She's my hair dresser and a well-known stylist here in D.C. You'll see Black people throughout the series and as the only African-American housewife, I know everybody is wondering if there's any diversity, are there any Black people represented on the show? There are throughout the story because my world has a number of Black people in my circle and certainly with my friends and family, so don't worry. What can we anticipate in this week's episode of "Real Housewives of D.C."?
STACIE SCOTT TURNER: This week we're going to Paul Wharton's birthday party and we're going to have a soulfood dinner at Aunt Francis' house in Virginia. This one's fun because you get a glimpse of my family and I believe you really get to know a person once you meet their family and see where they come from. I believe that the ladies also go horseback riding with the Salahi's because Michaele gets a new horse.

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