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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Real Housewives of New York- Lost Footage Review

Parts of the reunion were good, but most was kinda blah. I will break it down by each housewife.

Ramona- That sweat gland operation was gross, I am like Sonja with stuff like that. Wow, she was nonstop talking at the show, she never came up for a breath. The scene with Kelly, Ramona and Alex going for a fitting was interesting.  Ramona walked fine and her facial expression looked good. It must of been pure nerves that gave her that walk and face on the runway. Ramona's friend Marla was making some snippy remarks during the show, glad Ramona said nothing and was sweet. Ramona had every right to be angry at Jill for moving her place settings. Jill knows Ramona is a stickler for seating, why be overhanded? Because that is Jill, pushes till she gets. I loved it when Ramona said no, these are the seats and I am not changing them.

Luann- Tennis with Kelly and Jill was lame. Jill got upset when she saw that Luann's son was driving around on a ATV, it seemed to mess with her game. Very little scenes with Luann.

Kelly- Wow, what she said to Sonja was just plain rude. She talks about the other housewives and how rude they are, LOOK IN THE MIRROR KTWIT. She told Sonja, and I am paraphrasing, are you going to tell your daughter that mommy's lazy, and she doesn't want to workout so she got liposuction. Sonja looked stunned, but handled it with class, as usual. Sonja made a remark that she just ignores Kelly when she rambles and makes no sense. The clip of Ramona and Kelly in St. Bart's was funny. Ramona looked like she wanted to throw that weight at Kelly.  Of course Kelly mentioned Giles and how real and normal she is, I call BS on that one. Kelly's comments at Ramona's birthday were ridiculous, it is her birthday she can do what the hell she wants. Kelly, she was happy till you and Jill put your hands into her seating.

Jill- Her shopping trip for jewels made me cringe. Jill is so much about her things, it turns me off.  She bought a watch, wanted a ring or a necklace also but Bobby said wait until another occasion. Jill then started to bitch about how her anniversary and birthday fall around the holidays and she gets screwed. Once again all about the material things and appearances. I really used to like Jill, I look back at the past seasons and see she has always been this way. I think Bethenny made her more bearable for me, they really worked well off each other. What a shame Jill escalated the disagreement to the point that it can't be fixed. Jill is cooking at home and Ally is with a tutor to help her with college. Jill is banging pots, talking and making so much noise it interrupts Ally. Jill seems amused by this, always needs to be the center of attention.

Sonja- Love her, best thing this season. She is a trip, I laugh when I think of  her Heimlich story about her poodle.  Kelly gives her a cleanse and lectures her about being more healthy. Sonja is recuperating from an operation, not the best time to get on a pedestal and tell her what is wrong with her. Sonja did a dead on impression of Ramona's eyes when she was at Ramona's birthday. Sonja says they look crazy because her brain is pressing on them. Bring Sonja back next season.

Alex- It looked like a great time was had by Ramona,Mario,Bethenny,Jason, Alex and Simon when they were shopping. Alex looked great in that black dress, put together great as usual. Simon was so sweet when he saw Bethenny, he gave her a big hug and was so sincere in congratulating her on the pregnancy.  Alex looked great modeling at the event for Anita Kaufmann, she looked nervous, but was good. I did not care much for Alex and Simon the first season they were on. But I love them now, Simon's blog is always funny. Alex has shown so much restraint and class I have found a respect for her and Simon as well. I just love how they treat each other, so in love, great to see. Did you notice how uncomfortable she looked when Ramona was giving her speech? Maybe Jill one chair away was the reason, she looked like she wanted to run.

Bethenny- Not a lot of her either. She was invited to go shopping by Alex/Simon. She looked great in a yellow dress. Jason also looked dapper. Bethenny's PETA ad was revealed in times square and everyone came but Kelly,Luann and Jill, NO SHOCKER.

Andy finished the lost footage show with a clip from the reunion. He asked Luann about listening to phone conversations on speaker phone and not letting the caller know who is listening. Luann said it is not proper etiquette Jill did not seem very upset about doing it, just that Luann heard. I think she does this often. Andy then asked the ladies what is next for them. Luann has got a record deal, she is excited about that. Kelly has her jewelry line coming out. Jill is taking the summer off to spend with Ally, she is going to India this summer and then off to college. Sonja is going to France with her daughter, then to the Hamptons. Sonja is also writing a sexy novel and working on her toaster oven recipes. Alex will be on a book tour till August and a second printing of her book is being done. Ramona just came back from Africa and she will working on those charities.

Sorry the season is over, I love the RHONY, tied to be my favorite with RHOOC. That is about all I have, so have a great Friday and better weekend.

Elvira is broke and will not be on the RHONJ

NY Post article about Elvira Grau (bitchy party planner for Teresa).

Bankrupt Teresa Giudice isn't the only deadbeat on "Real Housewives of New Jersey." Elvira Grau -- the snarky party planner who debuted on the show Monday and boasted of a lux urious lifestyle replete with nan nies, maids, cooks and drivers -- owes nearly $300,000 to the tax man. Grau and her husband, James, were slapped with massive state tax liens between January and March on various properties, including their $3 million Cresskill mansion, according to New Jersey Superior Court re cords. Grau said she was the newest housewife to join the show, a claim Bravo denied, although she'll appear in more episodes. And despite her boasts to Guidice about having a shore house, property records show Grau and her husband don't own any thing near a beach. Meanwhile, Giu dice's beach house was seized by the banks after she and hubby Joe Giudice filed their $11 million bankruptcy in Octo ber. Bravo wouldn't comment and Grau's reps didn't return calls.

Comment from the NY Post article by someone who says they know her.

Andy's tweet about Elvira's chances of being on the RHONJ.

Danielle's Skin Flick

Here are some promotional shots for Danielle's video. If you are interested in seeing it you can click HERE, it involves joining Hustler.

Kelly,Sonja and Luann at the "Grownups" premiere

A few RHONY made an appearance at the NY premiere of "Grownups", pictured above are Kelly, Sonja and Luann. Caroline-RHONJ attended the premiere but was not photographed. I noticed that Kelly was dressed in a short sexy dress. Remember when she made a point to say how she NEVER dresses sexy at Ramona's wedding. I guess it is just another Kelly contradiction.