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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bethenny Getting Married? Recap 6-17-10

Recap from Monsters and Critics.

By Krystin Rader
In the second installment of “Bethenny, Getting Married?” - Bethenny Frankel is in the midst of wedding planning.

The countdown is four weeks until the wedding and 10 weeks before the birth of the baby. If wedding planning and being pregnant weren’t enough, Bethenny also has her next book manuscript due in a few weeks.

Shawn, a professional wedding planner, is brought in to oversee the wedding madness. Comedic moments sprinkles their initial meeting as Bethenny literally sweats the small stuff, such as her cotton candy desserts. The wedding planner deals well, offering her tissues to blot her underarms.

True to form, Bethenny grills the wedding planner regarding his familiarity with everything from her preferred venue to his knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth.

We’re then introduced to Bethenny’s future in-laws, Carol and Bob. Bethenny is again out of her comfort zone having to play hostess to them as Jason is still stranded in Florida.

In a charming move, Bethenny includes her future mother-in-law in her wedding dress shopping. She describes the look that she’s going for as “shotgun wedding. Knocked up and I don’t give a damn that I’m not married.” Bethenny embraces the shopping and tries on many different gowns. Bethenny gives us some of her famous one liners, describing one dress as something she would wear “the night she got pregnant.” The future mother and daughter-in-law share a tender moment as Bethenny finds her dress.

Bethenny visits her therapist for another session. She discusses her family’s absence from her wedding and describes her rocky relationship with her mother as filled with deception and drama.

Together, they explore Bethenny’s reservations of opening herself up to a close relationship with her future in-laws. She reveals that her first marriage and subsequent divorce left a lasting scar and that she didn’t just divorce a person, she divorced a family. Her therapist suggests that she needs to know what she is willing to change and work on.

Work takes Bethenny to New Jersey to speak at a JCC event, which oddly enough, has a full mariachi band outside playing to greet her. Max, the assistant and still new to the job, suggests that Bethenny mingle with the people at the event, which is obviously outside of Bethenny’s comfort zone.

She pays him back by announcing to the crowd his single and ready to mingle status. She later reprimands him regarding his role at these types of events, indicating that he should be more of a defensive lineman than PR coach.

Never to be left out of an episode, Cookie, Bethenny’s beloved furry friend, gets a visit from a pet behaviorist. Cookie suffers from the same introverted tendencies as her mother and now it’s time for a change. Bethenny is preparing herself for motherhood, describing it as “if training Cookie, Shawn, Max, and Jason doesn’t prepare me for motherhood, I don’t know what will.”

The couple heads out to register for wedding gifts at Bloomingdales. True to form, Bethenny is overcome with anxiety over their wedding registry, as Jason looks forward to running through Bloomingdales with a registry scanner in hand. The couple starts to take registering seriously, beginning to imagine future dinner parties and whether they will be the type of hosts to offer coffee after the meal. Jason would love to, as Bethenny worries about these fictitious dinner guests staying too long.

The wedding planner takes Bethenny on a tour of an event space that is less than ideal, leading Bethenny wonder about his abilities. As the topic switches over to the first dance at the wedding, Bethenny and Max take a whirl on the dance floor. Max, in his sweet, innocent way, asks if Bethenny’s generation “grinds” when they dance. Bethenny and Shawn don’t know which to be more offended by, the question regarding grinding or being referred to as a “generation.”

Finally, the wedding crew visits the iconic Four Seasons as a wedding inspiration. After taking a look at the restaurant, Bethenny declares that the wedding must take place here.

The wedding planner clearly becomes anxious as he listens to Bethenny’s demands. We’re left as Bethenny tells him to make it happen...or els