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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

7 Things: Caroline Manzo

Teresa Wants To Move On With Her Life

Post from In Touch Weekly.

In Touch Exclusive Interview:
After one of the most dramatic — and talked-about — reunion shows of all time, Teresa Giudice exclusively reveals to In Touch that she’s ready to do the impossible: forgive her arch nemesis, fellow Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub. “After watching the reunion special, I realized that I am a much better person,” Teresa tells In Touch about the episode everyone was buzzing about — which saw Teresa looming over her cowering rival, screaming, “Do not bring up my family!” However, despite everything Danielle has done to her — including, Teresa claims, befriending the wife of Joe’s former business partner’s lawyer in order to glean confidential information about Teresa’s affairs — Teresa is willing to forgive. And she has decided to take the high road for the sake of her daughters, Gia, 9, Gabriella, 6, Milania, 5, and Audriana, 11 months. “Danielle has been digging around my extended family, trying to find dirt on me and defame them, but I want to set the best example for my children,” Teresa says. “I just want to move on with my life.”

Join Bethenny At The Learning Annex Sept. 22nd.

Post from The Learning Annex.
Bethenny Frankel star of Bethenny Getting Married? has become a household name. But her real passion has always been enjoying healthy, natural foods and sharing that passion with others. In her two bestselling books, Naturally Thin and The Skinnygirl Dish, she makes being “naturally thin” easily attainable for all. In this exclusive presentation she’ll explain how anyone can stop the “cooking noise,” get in touch with their inner chef, and put an end to the anxiety about what and how to eat.

You’ll also learn how to:

- Embrace the Skinnygirl cooking philosophy
- Feel more confident in the kitchen
- Stock your kitchen, avoid common cooking mistakes, and think like a chef
- Accessorize your meals like your wardrobe. Start with basic healthy ingredients and tailor recipes to your own needs and desires
- Entertain guests stress-free!

Bethenny Frankel is the creator of the sought-after Skinnygirl Margarita, The New York Times best-selling author of Naturally Thin and The Skinnygirl Dish, and the star of Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married? as well as her own fitness DVD, Body By Bethenny. She has been featured in Shape, is a Contributing Lifestyle Editor for the US, UK, and Australian editions of OK! Magazine.

Section A - 9/22/2010

Midtown Manhattan

Sep 22, 2010: 07:00PM - 09:00 PM

Section Price: US $44.95

Instructor: Bethenny Frankel

Caroline Rules

Article from Glo.

Caroline Rules
Our New Advice Column with Caroline Manzo!
Caroline Manzo definitely puts the real in The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Fans everywhere relate to the reality star's no-nonsense attitude, focus on family and, above all, abundant common sense. Always the voice of reason, Caroline is approached by thousands of women, men and children who seek out her wise advice on everyday matters — and we at Glo now count ourselves among them.
Glo has asked Caroline to help solve your most pressing dilemmas by weighing potential options and ruling on the route she thinks is best.

The Dilemma: A common theme that surfaces among Caroline's fans is the challenge of the overextended family. We are particularly interested in women who fall into this category as financially strapped, stay-at-home moms with young children and husbands working long hours — even multiple jobs. They are usually grateful for their spouse's dedication to supporting the family and yet frustrated by the fact that they have very little quality time with them. How should such a woman keep the love alive in her marriage, support her husband and yet maintain her sanity all at the same time? Should she wait it out? Help her husband by working part-time? Or, should she focus on finding quality time to spend as a couple?

Caroline's Ruling: Oh my gosh, do I know about this subject! For those of you who are facing similar struggles today, you need to know one thing: It's temporary!

Albert and I had all three of our children within the first five years of our marriage. His company was on the cusp of becoming a recognized name in the industry with a reputation for excellence, and it was critical for Albert to dedicate most of his time and energy to building the business. This was something I understood and accepted from the very beginning of our relationship.

Before we had the kids we always made time for each other, even if it meant going to a diner for eggs at three o'clock in the morning! Naturally, things changed once we became parents. At the ripe old age of 28, I found myself spending the bulk of my days and nights alone with three children. (Albie, my oldest, was only three!) I'm not going to sugarcoat it — there were times when I just sat and cried out of sheer frustration, exhaustion and even boredom. I was used to working and having freedom to come and go as I pleased.

How quickly things changed! And although it was challenging, I never once blamed or resented Albert for the hours he worked. After all, he was building a future for us. My kids are now 24, 22 and 21 — it seems like only yesterday that I was 28 with three little ones.
Here are a few suggestions to help you navigate your way through those times:

1. Don't resent — appreciate! Appreciate the fact that he (or she) is working to support the family. In turn, your partner should appreciate you for your understanding and sacrifice.

2. Find other moms in the same situation as you. (Trust me, they're out there!) Not only does it benefit the kids to interact with other children, but it also allows you time for adult conversation, friendship and maybe an understanding shoulder to cry on when you need it.

3. Know that quality time comes in all shapes and sizes. It could be an unexpected phone call to say "hi, love you," a back rub after a long day, a cup of coffee in the morning, a hug in the middle of the night or a full-on night on the town. Whatever it is, take it and enjoy the moment!

4. Make time for you. If you have a good babysitter, or a family member you can lean on, don't be shy about taking some time for yourself away from the kids, house and chaos. You deserve it! Do what makes you happy — we all need a little "me" time.
One final thought: Marriage and parenting are tricky business. There is no definitive answer to any questions or situations that may arise. One thing I know for sure, though, is that attitude is everything. Count your blessings, and remember, one of these days you're going to blink your eyes and your "babies" will be all grown up and on their own. Trust me, this I know from experience.

The RHONJ Reunion Part Two

Danielle Sits Down With Access Hollywood

Mary-RHODC Wants To Showcase Her Charity

Article from Reality Wanted.

by Chandra
Mary Schmidt Amons, of The Real Housewives of Washington DC, is a Washingtonian through and through. Born and raised in our nation’s capitol, her grandfather was a radio and TV personality in the city and her father, a lobbyist. She met her husband Rich when she was a young adult and has been married for over 20 years to him. Mary and Rich have a large family and live just outside of the city, where Mary mostly focuses on her beloved charities “Labels of Love” and “The District Sample Sale” and raising her children, including her daughter Lolly who has recently moved back into the house along with her Burmese Mountain Dog! Reality Wanted caught up with Mary as she was celebrating her birthday in Los Angeles!

Q. Chandra, Reality Wanted: What made you decide to open up your home and your family for a show like The Real Housewives of DC?
A. Mary Amons: I basically did it to showcase and grow my charity that I founded in 2006, that has supported women and children in Washington, called Labels of Love. We do fashion and art focused events and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to launch into a national spotlight. I am very proud of my family and I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase the ups and downs and fun we have as a family.
Q. Chandra, Reality Wanted: You mention on the show that you “met Rich, fell in love, got married and had children, but not in that order.” What order was it in and how did your family help since you were such a young mom?
A. Mary Amons: The order was that I met Rich, fell in love, got pregnant and then got married. I met him in September and I found out I was pregnant in December. My mother found out she was pregnant about five weeks after I did and we gave birth to daughters within seven weeks of each other. I was a month shy of twenty then. When we first got married we rented an apartment in McClean for six months, and in talking through it, my parents were very encouraging for us to not be throwing money at rent but to save money for a house, so they invited us to come move back with them. My mother was also having a baby at the same time, I ended up coming home to my house and lived there for a year so we could put a down payment on a home, which was very pivotal for us as a little family. If it weren’t for the support of my parents I think it would have been a lot harder. They didn’t help us with the down payment, but enabled us to save our own money for a house.

Q. Chandra, Reality Wanted: Have you ever worked aside from raising your children and the charity?
A. Mary Amons: I have worked. My dad gave me a great opportunity when Vince Lombardi died of cancer he started a foundation to raise money for the Georgetown Hospital which has since become the Vince Lombardi Cancer Research Center. That was sort of our family project. When I became a young mom, he hired me to run the foundation from home, so I spent nine years as the Executive Director of the Vince Lombardi Foundation.

Q. Chandra, Reality Wanted: The Washington Post reported that Lolly worked at Leopolds Café in Georgetown. When Cat and you were taping there and eating lunch, Lolly thought that Cat was being rude. Did you pick up on that?
A. Mary Amons: No. Actually, I thought Lolly was being rude. She was actually kind of in the weeds, and stressed out and I thought she was being a little bit abrasive dealing with us. I remember saying that to Cat. In fact, the way that scene unfolds, my relationship with Cat was sort of unfolding and evolving at that point. She is very open, she is very opinionated and I totally appreciated that from the very beginning. I am the kind of person that believes if you are going to invest in a friendship, get real from the get go. She was explaining to me her own philosophy and opinions about whatever I was struggling with with Lolly and I was listening. I was not offended at all in the least bit by Cat or her opinions.

Q. Chandra, Reality Wanted: The next show seems to revolve around Lolly and her relations with the Salahi’s, her involvement in a car theft, the lock on your closet and who she knows on Facebook. (Tareq and Michaele Salahi, according to gossip sights and trailers, accuse Lolly of being involved in a car theft of theirs due to who she is linked to on Facebook and her history of stealing Mary’s clothes) Can you tell me how this all happened and how much credibility do you think the Salahi’s have?
A. Mary Amons: None. I will say briefly that if you watch on Thursday night, the whole thing unfolds and we figure out what is going on and what this accusation is and it is completely false and erroneous. It was still very upsetting and tough to go through as a parent.

Q. Chandra, Reality Wanted: Did you know Tareq and Michaele Salahi before the show?
A. Mary Amons: No. The only way I knew Michaele was from back in the 90’s when I bought makeup from her makeup counter. We did not have a personal relationship; she was just the bubbly fun makeup artist in our mall, so no I did not know them.

Q. Chandra, Reality Wanted: Kona the Burmese Mountain Dog seems to bring some stress to the Amons Household. Why would you let Lolly move back in with this giant dog?
A. Mary Amons: Well, it was kind of a package deal and it was supposed to be temporary. There was this level of stress that I was dealing with that I think that as a mother, and the way that I approach motherhood, that I have tried to set boundaries and expectations and I think you sort of have to, especially in my case since I have so many kids, I am so busy, and the older they get the more things you have to deal with, I have to pick my battles. I just sort of let it go, like “I am not going to be screaming about the fur and the dog poop anymore.” And it actually shifted the whole thing, it’s not happening as badly anymore, she is taking more responsibility for Furminating the dog and picking up after the dog, so I feel like that is another philosophy about parenting, that when you make your statement and you let it go, and let them realize the impact of the stress they are imposing on you, they’ll get it. And that has definitely happened. Plus, Kona is a precious dog and I have fallen in love with Kona.

Video Of Mary At An Event For Labels of Love:

Jason Was Embarrassed By The RHONY

Post from Reality Tea.
In the current issue of UsWeekly magazine, Bethenny Frankel, former star of Real Housewives of New York City, discusses her former castmates.
Photo: Getty Images
This is the same issue in which Bethenny announced she was quitting the show. When asked about her current status with former BFF Jill Zarin, Bethenny had some interesting things to say. “I was sympathetic at the reunion, but Jason said, ‘It’s all for the cameras,’” she says before adding, “I never heard from her after that.”
When it comes to Kelly Bensimon, Bethenny says her interaction with Kelly was toxic. “She said mean things. She called me a ho bag. I don’t want Bryn to hear stuff like that.” And when it comes to Kelly coming back on the show next season, Bethenny had some nicer words for the unpredictable housewife. “I hope coming back is a healthy choice for her,” said Bethenny. “It’s stressful.”
It seems Bethenny’s husband, Jason Hoppy, also played a role in her decision to leave the Housewives. “My husband was embarrassed by it,” she said. “Jason’s a different person when he’s on camera for Housewives than he is for Bethenny’s Getting Married? He just didn’t want to do it anymore.”

Melissa Gorga Can't Say Much Now About The RHONJ

Excerpt of a post from Babble.

Posted by Lulu and Moxleys Mom
The new rumored Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law, just so happened to join Twitter on September 3. Coincidence? Probably not. All the Housewives have a Twitter account, it’s probably part of the job. So what does she have to say? Let’s review her postings since she joined and the pictures she’s Tweeted of her family. One good thing to know: she likes the word b*tch as much as the rest of them. People, this is going to be soooo good. And I’m not sure I ever saw a kindergartner wear such an ensemble their first day of school…

9/3: Okay, I joined Twitter! Let’s see what all the hype is about.

9/4: I know there is a lot of buzz going around about the housewives. I can’t say much now, but when I can you will be the first to know.

Ashley-RHONJ Splits With Boyfriend

Post from Radar Online.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Ashley Holmes has split from her boyfriend, Derek Vance, has learned.

The 19-year-old daughter of Housewife Jacqueline Laurita Tweeted the news to a friend, admitting they were on "a break."

"Ummm...we're just taking some time apart right now." she wrote on the social networking site, when asked if her romance had come to an end.
"But who knows what the future holds..he's an amazing guy..and I love him."

Holmes broke the news Sunday and an angry Vance reciprocated two hours after her post.

"Stop saying stuff like this on twitter. Come on," wrote Vance, before deleting his Twitter page.
Holmes made a name for herself on the show by assaulting co-star Danielle Staub, 45.

She was ordered by a court to pay $189 for ripping out one of Staub's hair extensions during a fight at a benefit at the New Jersey Country Club.

Teresa's Cookbook Is A Love Letter To Her Mom And Kids

Article from North

She’s a real New Jersey girl, a real mother, a real wife, a "Real Housewife" and now she’s a real author, of sorts. Montville resident Teresa Giudice’s cookbook, "Skinny Italian: Eat It and Enjoy It Live La Bella Vita and Look Great, Too!," much like her over-the-top personality, is garnering a lot of attention locally.

Teresa Giudice, star of Bravo TV’s 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' and author of 'Skinny Italian: Eat It and Enjoy It Live La Bella Vita and Look Great, Too!' at il Michelangelo Ristorante with owner Dominic Cascio. Recently, the table-flipping Italian attended a book signing at il Michelangelo’s Ristorante and Lounge in Boonton Township. Not surprising for viewers of Bravo TV’s "Real Housewives of New Jersey," Giudice was an hour late to the event but no one seemed to mind, including restaurant owner Dominic Cascio.

"I have 180 people here," he said, "in Boonton, on a Monday!"

A cookbook, really?

While her life on the small screen may seem like an endless string of shopping trips, fashion shows, parties and feuds with evil cast members, Giudice said that’s not real life at her home. Her family — husband, Joe, and four daughters under the age of 11 — are her reality and her priority.

"Cooking for my family, that’s who I am," she said. "As soon breakfast is done, my kids ask ‘What’s for dinner?’ "

Growing up, Giudice, like most kids, just ate what her mother cooked, taking it all for granted. Only years later when she became a wife and a mother did she begin to value the old-style cooking. However, like most people in Europe, her mother had her recipes all in her head.

"She didn't even have the measurements written down," said Giudice.

So a few years ago, deciding that she wanted to preserve those family recipes for her kids, she started getting her mom to write them down.

"This book is a love letter to my mom and to my children," Giudice explained.

Once she joined "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," cast and people started writing to her asking for family recipes, she began to compile the cookbook.
The skinny part was inspired by all the people who didn’t believe she could have four children and maintain her figure without a serious exercise regime, liposuction or plastic surgery.

So for a baby conceived in Italy, born in the USA and with an enviable silhouette, this cookbook was a natural project. It’s a blend of her Old World upbringing and her Jersey girl charm, with a little reality TV thrown into the mix.

In her own inimitable style, Giudice lays out the goal of the book.
"I want everyone to be able to enjoy la dolce vita. I'm going to teach you how to throw painful portion control (and even your measuring cups) out the window, to enjoy, entertain, and eat the most luscious foods on the planet, and to love-love-love your life and the body that comes with it."

Filled with old family pictures, photograph’s of Giudice in the kitchen with her daughters and shots of her husband and TV co-stars, "Skinny Italian" includes everything from tidbits by hubby "Juicy Joe" Giudice, where he tells the story of their engagement, to a chapter on olive oil titled, "OO, VOO, EVOO, WTF?"
The colorful book is filled with traditional recipes made healthier, such as baked meatballs (instead of fried) for ladies with "skinny jean dreams." There are also dishes with colorful names like Gorgeous Garlic Shrimp and Beautiful Biscotti, six pasta sauce recipes and a whole slew of Italian basics such as veal piccata, steak pizziola, and, of course, pizza.

The skinny on pizza
Book excerpt: "Don't get me started. What began in the Mediterranean as a lovely, rustic flatbread topped with local vegetables, herbs, and eventually tomato sauces morphed in America into a giant, doughy, greasy, cheese-filled monster with entire other meals like cheeseburgers and barbecued chicken thrown on top. I'm not sayin' American (especially Chicago-style) pizza doesn't taste good. But it's a bastardized, belly-bulging version of what the Italians would eat.

"Pizza and ravioli and pasta Alfredo are all Italian words, so it's easy to think they are Italian foods. But, if you're in a typical American store or restaurant, they're probably as authentic Italian as the Dolce & Gabbana handbags sold on the corner of Fifth Avenue."
For Giudice, the book was a labor of love.

"I love cooking because it's a way for me to tell my family how much I love them. My family loves it because they feel loved. And we all love how healthy, inexpensive, and delicious homemade meals are," she said.

Danielle Does Not Like Labels

Article From E! online.

Chaunce Hayden/Steppin' Out

by Marc Malkin
Holy lasagna!

Danielle Staub is on a tear. In the latest round of the ongoing Real Housewives of New Jersey catfight, the self-proclaimed practitioner of love and light rips her former costars enemies a new cannoli.

But before we get to that, Staub reveals that self-proclaimed Lesbian Superstar Lori Michaels isn't her first girl-on-girl romance...
"I've had six relationships with women and I will tell you women kiss better than men," Staub says in the new issue of Steppin' Out magazine. "That's very, very true. I remember each and every one of them."

Still, she won't call herself bisexual. "I don't really like labels," Staub said. "I'm trying to keep that part of my life as private as possible. Let's just say I'm interested in sexuality."

Photo: Chaunce Hayden/Steppin' Out
As for Teresa Giudice & Co., Staub offers up some real doozies. "She needs a hairline revision," Staub says of Giudice's looks. "Planet of the Apes has nothing on her! She reminds me of Cornelius from Planet of the Apes. Could you imagine if her face is that hairy what her body hair must be like?"

Staub also claims to have heard rumors that Teresa's husband, Joe, has a fondness for strippers and his DUI arrest was way more serious than what he and the famiglia claim.

Staub takes jabs at Caroline's rumored connection to the mob and accuses Dina Manzo of forging her husband's signature on release forms to allow their daughter to be on the show.

And get this—Staub says she was the one who introduced supposed new castmember Melissa Gorga to Housewives producers. The two women apparently bonded over their dislike of Teresa, who happens to be Gorga's estranged sister-in-law. "The reason Melissa initially contacted me was to tell me she felt so horrible watching somebody else be treated as badly as she was treated by Teresa for over a decade," Staub said. "She said that when Teresa is jealous and threatened by another woman that's how she behaves."

Guess that hug-it-out moment during the reunion show on Monday really was, as Caroline so poetically called it, "The biggest crock of s--t I've ever seen in my life."

Article from Radar Online.

Danielle Staub has officially left the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she is still in fighting mode about her former cast mates. has exclusive excerpts from her first post-show interview, with Steppin' Out Magazine, including why she thinks Teresa looks like a character from Planet of the Apes!

"She needs a hairline revision," Staub told editor Chaunce Hayden. "Planet of the Apes has nothing on her!"

Staub added, "She reminds me of Cornelius from Planet of the Apes. Could you imagine if her face is that hairy what her body hair must be like? It's got to be out of control."

Here's a taste of Staub's comments.

On Teresa's Husband Joe Having An Affair

"I would not doubt that for a second. I hear that all the time. I was hearing those rumors before we even taped the show. Joe loves his strippers. Maybe that's another reason Teresa hates me. She forgets I used to be a stripper. I'm not a stripper anymore. Don't hate us all.

"If she was making Joe happy maybe he wouldn't have to go some place else. I don't know what goes on in their bedroom, but from what I've seen, Teresa is not exactly a turn on. Her forehead is disturbing. But it's not even about her looks.

"Her personality and lack of compassion is what makes her ugly. It's the way she speaks to her husband and overindulges her children is what makes her ugly. She's teaching her children to be just like she is. Look at her kids. They're gorgeous little girls, but their attitudes only show disrespect. I don't care of that. I feel bad for them. They're learning what they live.

"The mother is teaching them they are too good for everything except being treated like princesses. But it's not reality. Teresa, you're 11 million dollars in debt. How much of a princess can your kids be? Make them work. Give them structure. Her children want to be told what's wrong and what's right. They need boundaries and structure. That's what I do for my kids. I give them structure and boundaries."

On Teresa's Husband Being Drunk and a Liar

"I said this from the beginning: In time everyone will be exposed. I don't have to say anything. They're exposing themselves. Dina is a liar. She lies and all the others swear to it. It's almost as believable as Teresa's husband Joe getting drunk after he had his car accident because he needed to calm his nerves. I'm very passionate about not letting him get away with that. I don't think drunk driving is anything to be made light of. Bravo glorified it and that makes me sick.

"When Andy Cohn brought that up at the reunion and after Teresa told that crazy story he said, "Oh I can believe that." Um... really? He smashed his car and Teresa claims ten of them shared just one bottle of wine. Meanwhile have you ever seen them without a glass of wine in their hands? But this one time they split one bottle of wine and Joe got drunk after he smashed into a telephone pole. Really?

"I'm not allowing Joe to get away with it. My daughter is getting her drivers license and I'm not going to let people like Bravo, Joe, and Teresa get her killed because they think it's funny to drive drunk. That's not going to happen. Joe is a liar and shame on Bravo for supporting him. Joe was drunk when he hit that telephone pole... Every single scene those women are in they're drinking alcohol. Do you see me drinking? No. Because I have to drive. And I have a much better time when I'm sober." will have more of Staub's shocking and revealing interview in which she also slams the Manzo sisters and dishes the dirt on the celebrities that she's hooked up with!

Danielle Chats With Out

Article from

By Gregory Miller
Love her, hate her, or love to hate her, Danielle Staub has certainly made an impression on Bravo viewers over the last two seasons as the resident villain on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. When the mother of two isn’t hatching a plot for her daughters’ fame, she’s mixed up in the other women’s drama, whether there’s a table -- or Andy Cohen -- in the way or not. We caught up with Staub to get all the dirt on her current controversies.

Outi: Tell me about this event you’re doing at Boxers bar in New York City this week.
Danielle Staub: On September 14, we’re doing -- it’s Boxers NYC, and it’s a gay night club. Of course! Where else would I be? And it’s a charity for stopping domestic violence. I’m celebrity guest bartending, so how’s that? I might make the drinks a little too strong, but I can guarantee you whatever you over tip me for, everything’s going to go to charity and to stopping domestic violence. So hopefully I’ll get people to be a little more generous than they’d normally be because this cause is extremely close to me. I’m a survivor -- I don’t want to speak about what I’ve survived. I want to help other people survive just through looking into the windows of their soul and anything I can do with the platform I’ve been given. I think it just speaks volumes about what we are given in opportunity with our platforms and through television and through fan-bases to just really speak out for what we believe in, and that’s just the beginning for me. You know my passions. You can list them better than I can probably, but I can tell you I’ve lived them and I hope to see an entire packed house -- like lining up to get drinks from me.

Do you have any experience bartending?
I actually do, but you know, it’s been a lot of years. So I’m not going to be like Tom Cruise in that -- what was that movie?

Cocktail, yeah! It’s not going to be anything like that, trust me. But I’m going to look really cute -- that I’m sure of. So it’ll make up for my bartending skills. But I can make a couple of drinks, definitely. It’ll show my age when people ask for the most common drinks and I don’t drink, so I’ll be going, “You want a cosmo? You want a sex on the beach? That I know” [laughs]. But, I did have some experience in Miami, so hopefully I can remember some when it comes to September 14. I might have to read a manual. Or we could maybe get me there early and do a little preview bartending. I’m sure my boys and girls would help me tune up my skills a little bit.

You’ve mentioned on the show how you’re an advocate for gay rights, but this season you took a lot of heat when your friend Danny Provenzano called Chris Manzo a "faggot."
You know, I have so much that I could say, but I’m just going to put it simply. To me, it was probably more heartbreaking for me than for anyone that saw or heard it. I was left in a state of shock. I had no idea that someone who had known me for a month -- which was about the amount of time he knew me -- would not realize that that would cut me deeper than if he had cut me with a knife. And it caused him and I -- I don’t speak to him.

You don’t?
I just want to make that very, very clear. I didn’t ask him to apologize publicly until about a month ago, and I still haven’t seen anything of the nature. I will forgive. I’ll never forget. An apology is in order, not just to me. He can contact you, he can contact any gay outlet, anybody, and he can make it known. If he has the wherewithal to say a word like that in my presence, when you’re invited onto my show, and I’m the host basically, then you’re going to find a way to make it right. And that’s up to him to do. So I’m not going to take responsibility for what anybody says or does, but I will tell you this much: He’s nobody that I will call a friend, until he has made it right with the community that I’ve called home for over 30 years. And I hope you quote me on that, and I hope you know that nobody, nobody was affected the way I was.

That night Danny seemed like he was there as a bodyguard, and multiple times this season we saw you with bodyguards. Was that really necessary?
It was necessary. Bravo themselves knew it was necessary because they had on guards at the reunion they hired and they paid to protect me. I didn’t ask them to do that. They did that. You’ll see their faces blurred out in the reunion as they’re trying to restrain Teresa. These women meant nothing but bodily harm to me at all times. I’m not afraid of them, but there’s no reason for me to not be able to do my job, which was to entertain people and to keep it real and to be able to say what the truth is without being physically attacked. You want to scream at me? That’s fine. But when you get your ass off the chair, and you get in my face -- what she did in, let’s see, four minutes of the reunion out of a 14 hour day. I had to sit there for the rest of that day wondering when I was going to get attacked next. That’s what it was like all season long for me. You can only imagine. And I have to do the show. I’m contracted to do the show. I have to go to places. But if you see the reunion was the first time we were all together. To be honest with you, Danny came about through a friend of mine when I did a charity softball game with Queen Latifah. He was introduced to me by a friend of mine named Frank Vincent. Frank Vincent’s from The Sopranos.

It was a conflict for Frank, and he and his daughter thought that Danny would be -- he was a friend of theirs -- that Danny would be a really good person to protect me. There was a lot of rumors about what the Manzos wanted to do to me, what Teresa wanted to do to me. I mean, it’s no secret how they feel about me. So why would I, just me alone, walk into any place where I have to go to fulfill my contractual duties alone, when people that are my friends are hearing that these people really want harm done to me? Why would my friends allow me to go someplace alone? They wouldn’t. So when the matriarch to matriarch came -- the finale with Caroline and I -- I was with a private detective at the time named O’Connor, Jimmy O’Connor. He and his brother had a lot of information that was scaring them because ne of them was a retired Newark detective and the other is still currently a dectective. And they were hearing things as well that really made them believe that I couldn’t go alone. Even if she said she was going alone, they weren’t buying it because the rumor on the street was -- and this is them, This isn’t me saying, “Will you go with me? Oh my God, I’m so scared.” It wasn’t me. It was people that cared about me saying, “You’re not going alone. No way. You’re going to be ambushed. You’re not going in there alone.” After what happened at the country club, when no one stopped any of this from happening, can you honestly say that my friends could rely on Bravo to drop the cameras to protect me? When I was chased and physically attacked? And you know what, the audience only saw a part of it.

What didn’t we?
There’s stuff that you don’t see. Think about it. The reunion was a 14-hour day. How much can you possibly squeeze into a couple one-hour episodes?

At the reunion when Teresa came at you, it didn’t seem like there were bodyguards ready. They were letting her --
Yeah, they did. And that was when, after I left, I came back, and I told them, "She moves her ass off that couch -- I want to know that you guys are doing something about it." It was after that that you see the bodyguards restraining her. Because they were told -- and that’s what they told me -- they were told, “It’s OK. Just let it happen. We’ll let you know.” But when I threatened to just walk, that’s when they said, “OK, we’d better protect her.” In other words, I was treated like a piece of shit. Nobody would treat any of them that way because they have husbands or because they have a big family that would be right up in arms. But what about me? The one person that I had there, my makeup artist who they made cry, he’s my very dear friend, Eric. He was with me all season. And then Lori, they throw her out. They restrain her and throw her out when Teresa got on top of me. Nobody was there looking out for me but my friends and loved ones. Don’t they understand I have two children? I’m a mother? And I’ve never done anything to deserve to be attacked like that. Am I mouthy? Yeah. But are they? Look at the things that they’ve said and done and investigated about me and brought up, and you don’t see me jumping on top of them. Not once was I confrontational with them in a physical nature, not once. I’ve always tried to walk away.

What do you make of Andy Cohen on the reunion and Watch What Happens Live? He’s positioned as the moderator, but it doesn’t really seem like he’s on your side.
Yeah, I do feel slighted by Andy -- I’ll be honest with you -- and he's someone that knows how strong my ties are to the gay community. Not only that, how he’s the executive vice president of Bravo. I would think he would want to treat us all at least equally. I, in no way, shape, or form, feel like I was treated as an equal. I’m not asking for favoritism, but I would have expected more from him. I truly would have. And I know he’s my boss and all that, but… I’m just going to speak the truth like I always do. I’m very disappointed, and I think he’s getting lashed out at by many, many fans -- gay and straight. From what I’m hearing and what I’m reading, people are very unhappy that he did not, like, throw Teresa out for her behavior. I mean, she physically picked him up and threw him. And then he sat her down like a five-year-old and said, “Don’t get off the couch again, OK, little girl?” Instead of just like, “Get the f out of here. You can’t touch me like that.”

Why did what you said about her nephew make Teresa so mad in the first place?
Well, if you notice, the only two times I saw her this season, she physically came after me. What did I speak the first time? Her house was in foreclosure. Is it in foreclosure?

Photo: Wenn
It appears so…
See, if I say something that’s true, they’re going to go off. Yet they’re allowed to sit and say two seasons full of lies about me. And then make up things to make it seem like I did things even worse than what I did when I was 20 years old. But yet I sit there and speak the truth, and they dive on top of me.

So what were you saying?
Teresa never greeted her nephew. I have proof of that in email. She never said congratulations to her brother when her nephew was born. Her brother has been directly contacting me for the past year and a half, letting me know how he feels about his sister. And how he and his wife -- pregnant wife -- were thrown from her house because they brought my favorite cookies to Christmas Eve.

Your favorite cookies?
My favorite cookies. From Corrado’s! The ones I took on The Today Show in season 1 [of The Real Housewives of New Jersey].

Teresa threw a hissy fit. And not once do you see her with her brother and her sister-in-law and their beautiful children. Not once! But she glorifies everybody else. Why couldn’t she show her real family? Why? Just tell me why? Because they have more than her maybe? Because she’s jealous of them maybe? Or maybe they would have told the truth and said Teresa goes off like that all the time. “It’s not just Danielle. Teresa’s certifiably crazy.” I think they’re going to have their chance now to speak the truth. Go for it, I’m all behind you.

Of all the drama at the reunion, what was the most unnerving for you?
I would say positively the most upsetting is when Caroline spoke of my children. She can pretend that she’s fooling everybody, but I have people that love me that can’t stand her. I want her to know, point-blank, my friends and my family and my fans -- she just lost a lot her fans when she talked about my children. My children are beautiful, intelligent, enlightened -- and you know what? Their father doesn’t seem to think that they have no light in their eyes. He doesn’t have any problems with me. I defy Caroline Manzo to find more light in any of the other [women in the] cast’s children. And I defy her also to ever prove that she knows anything truly about me and my kids or me as a mother. They only know what they have investigated. They should look into their own lives and leave mine alone.

But did you try to get Dina’s kids taken away from her?
No, I don’t even know her daughter’s last name. I do know that Dina did a whole article devoted to trying to make the world believe that I did that, but Dina’s not doing the show because she forged a legal document with her ex-husband’s name on it, giving her daughter permission to do season 1. And when her ex-husband found out about it, he forbade her to do season 2, leaving Dina with nobody in her immediate family -- her daughter or her husband, who never taped with her once -- to do anything with her. So she left the show because she was too embarrassed to say that she forged a legal document. I had to have my ex-husband sign for my children. She didn’t do that. But again, Dina lies, and everybody swears by it. Dina is more fake than the whole lot of them. It’s just that she’s the baby of the family, so Caroline’s going to keep backing her up. I am truly the only gay advocate. And I’ll tell you one thing, none of them can prove to me they’ve walked one foot in any Pride. Where I have walked, continuously over the years, a total this past year of eleven miles. In stilettos. To support and lift up, and be there, and hug and embrace my gay community. And I will continue to do that. I speak for equality, and I always have.

Well, we appreciate it. On the gay note, why are you being so coy about your alleged relationship with Lori Michaels?
You know, anyone can see -- Helen Keller can see -- what Lori and I are to each other. I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to have to confirm it or deny it. I’m just living my life. I’m a public figure, and it doesn’t mean that people have to get inside of that right now. When I’m ready to talk about it, it will be my decision. I’m not going to be forced because I’m a public figure to speak about my private life any further. When I’m ready, how about I come to you and let you know?

That sounds good.
But in the interim, keep listening to our song “Real Close.” And look out for my next song, which is coming out the end of September. It will be released digitally, as well. It’s called “Cry,” and it’s going to be attached to one of my charities that I’m most passionate about that’s stopping domestic violence. It has been recorded already. It was written by Lori Michaels, as well. I recorded it as a solo, and we have two more songs being released within the next six weeks. So I will be very excited to hear feedback from everyone. And if you really want to get to know me, please pick up my book, The Naked Truth. It is my memoir, and it is my story. It is very raw and up front and personal.

Is there any truth to the rumors that you’ve been fired from The Real Housewives and may be getting your own spin-off?
I can’t at this time elaborate, but I am entertaining other networks and other production companies right now and they are entertaining me, actually, with offers. So I’m keeping my options open, and I’m just trying to survive [the aftermath of] the final part of the reunion. So God help me [laughs].

Danielle Staub will be guest bartending September 14 at Boxers NYC, 37 West 20th St., New York City.

Caroline,Jill And Ramona Featured On In The Mixx

Michaele And Tareq Appear On Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell

Jacqueline's Reunion Blog

Jacqueline's Bravo Blog.

Photo: Bravo
Well folks, we all survived another challenging season together. Holy crap life can get sticky at times, but I have learned to live by the saying "This too shall pass," and it ALWAYS does. This is my last and final blog of the season. I wanted to write about the reunion as a whole and not divide it into two parts. I want everyone to understand that we filmed for 12 hours, but you are only seeing two hours of it. There was a LOT said at the reunion that may have answered some of your questions, but there was also a LOT that got cut out! Not everything got to air in the two hours that you saw. I think it's because a lot of what was going on between everyone wasn't aired during our season, a lot happened behind the scenes, and what really needed to be addressed and discussed was what the viewers had actually seen. Try and understand that please.
Not going to lie, my intention was to go into the reunion swinging. I was ready to go to battle and win. I wanted to call Danielle out on every lie that I have caught her in. I wanted to hurt and embarrass her with all the truths that I had learned about her and expose her with all of my collected facts. I wanted her to feel the pain that she had inflicted on me and onto others with the lies she had told and for her to answer to the danger I felt she had put all of us into on many different occasions, in many different forms and levels. My dislike for her had grown so much since the end of filming. I had become bitter and angry toward her. I figured that this was my last chance to put it all out there and make it all known. I came fully prepared and loaded.
A lot of things were brought up that you did not get to see. It had been a long day, and I was getting worn out from spewing my venom. We took a long break after one of the few times Danielle had stormed off the set. What had we accomplished by this point? Nothing! Nada! It turned into a big "he said, she said" game, and it wasn't getting us anywhere! Danielle was not admitting to ANYthing! Even with the proof in front of her! If you're going to lie, lie to the end, I guess? I was feeling increasingly frustrated! The game was getting old real quick.
During the break, we all went back to our corners. I wanted to come back in the game mimicking her just to piss her off. I had enough by that point! I found myself pacing back and forth and swearing. Then I got to thinking some more while I was drinking a Bellini to calm my nerves. I called my husband to vent. I had some time to put out the fire under my ass and reflect on this past year. That's when I had an epiphany!

Why were we here? What was the point of all of this? Why am I allowing someone get me this angry? I was CHOOSING to react. How did it get to this point? What am I gaining by fighting back? Temporary satisfaction maybe, but WHAT does that do for me long term? Why did I feel the need so bad to prove to the viewers the truth that she and I already know? Why was it so important for me to expose her? I don't know. After I expose her, then what? Do I walk away feeling good about myself? No! What would I really win? Nothing! Is the way I am acting a step in a positive direction? No, it's all negative and only feuling the fire. Is it making me a better person? No, I'm becoming bitter and mean. What is my ultimate goal and why? Peace of mind, safety for my family, drama free. I just wanted all of this nonsense to stop. I wanted us both to get to move on in our lives peacefully in our separate directions. I wanted to end the war. How do I achieve this goal?
It didn't matter to me anymore how we got to this point or who was right or wrong or who did what to whom. It needed to end! Period! There was a time we were friends, but somewhere along the way we both got hurt and it turned to anger and made us bitter and it just kept escalating. Each trying to one up another to hurt each other. It was immature but unfortunately that is what it came to.

Caroline tried her best to stay out of the drama. She advised us not to respond to her and to just avoid her at all costs. That was very hard to do as time went on because I was hearing and seeing more and more attacks on us. Caroline stepped in at the finale for an attempt to put an end to all the craziness. I love her for that. She wasn't looking for an apology or to make an apology. She just wanted to make a deal to agree to disagree, move on and end the war. As you know, the result of that sit down didn't go as well as we had hoped. It was worth a shot. Thank you again Caroline. We all appreciated your efforts. We love you. XXOO!

Teresa, I love you too my fiesty little Italian friend! XOXO! I love your entire family.

All I knew is that I just couldn't continue living in this negativity and darkness that I was sinking deeper and deeper into. I told Danielle that because of my anger, I was actually starting to take pleasure in retweeting articles that were exposing her for the lies she had told or the troubles that she was in, that had absolutely NOTHING to do with me. I was becoming this horrible person that I wasn't really enjoying. I found it to only add more stress to my life when I should have just focused on all the positive and good in my life. It was one thing for me to be upset with the things she had done to me or my family but the rest of it was absolutely NONE of my business. I just took pleasure in spreading her misfortune because of my strong dislike for her. That was kind of sick,huh? It really didn't make me much better of a person did it? I was only inviting more negativity into my life and keeping the feud going. I should have taken the high road all along but I got caught up in the game. Shame on me. I should have listened to my parents who taught me to always do the right thing, and you will never have to answer to anybody. I finally decided to let it ALL go and move away from it. Some of that conversation you did not see, but you got the general idea of it. I explained to Danielle my feelings of how I was hurt by her and how I was not understanding why she did some of the things she said and did. I gave my thoughts on how I thought we all got to this point and what my intentions were for the reunion. I told her it wasn't healthy for any of us and it had got to a point where it had to end. When you have cared about a person and they hurt you or even if a stranger hurts you in some way, that hurt turns into anger and bitterness and there is NOTHING good that can come out of that. I told Danielle that after this reunion that I will no longer speak negatively of her on Twitter, Facebook, in the media, etc. I meant that. I was sincere in everything that I said. Everyone has the right to live their life in peace. I feel that lack of communication between people can be one of the biggest causes of misunderstandings and conflicts. I also feel that the way you communicate is key. Your approach is also very important. To make it clear, Danielle and I are not friends, we will not speak, it's just an ending to the war, and acknowledgement of wrongdoings on both ends, and for us both to move on in separate directions peacefully. It was a decision to let go of all the anger and agree to move on.

special thanks to Sirens Media and Bravo for this great opportunity to be a part of their family and giving us the pleasure of allowing others to be a part of ours. XXOO!

Thank you to all of our fans that support our show and gave us the incredible record breaking ratings that we have. We sincerely appreciate you all. Sometimes the truth is hard to take, but I appreciate all of your words of wisdom and advice. Sometimes having your worst moments thrown back into your face over and over again teaches us good, valuable life lessons. I'm grateful to have the show to allow me to see myself as others see me. I hope you understand that we open up our lives for you to see the good and the bad so that you may relate to us in some way and know you are not alone with your own issues that you may be dealing with. I think it's brave of all of us to share our lives with you. Not everybody is willing to open their lives up to the public like we do. Whatever you are afraid of and what ever you are hiding, I'm sure there are more people out there in your same situation than you think. We are all here on earth to help each other. Don't knock us for having the guts to be real and open about our flaws. Nobody is perfect, and there is not one person out there who does the right thing in every situation, every time and in every aspect of their life. Enough with the throwing stones unless you are willing to let me analyze every aspect of your life. Constructive criticism is always accepted, the insults are not tolerated. On Twitter, I will block you. Talk to me like a friend. When a friend screws up, you want to help lead them down the right path. We are all human and we all make mistakes. We all learn and grow from our experiences and not everybody learns at the same pace. Learn patience with others.

Thank you to my family, friends and babysitters (Nettie, Sarah, and Mom when you were in town) for your love, understanding and support during our busy and stressful times and for always being there. I love you all very much.

For those interested on where I buy my clothes... I shopped mostly this season at Posche in Wayne,NJ and Maluka in Wyckoff, NJ. I also stop in Neiman Marcus from time to time.

Caroline Blogs About The Reunion

Caroline's Bravo Blog.

Hello again! 16 episodes have come and gone, and you’re still with us! For that I’m sending each and every one of you a huge hug! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Photo: Bravo
I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’m really not interested in going over the whos, whats, whys, and wheres of the reunion. I think it’s all been said before.

I want to address my behavior and how I felt throughout the filming process, and then I’m going to pack up my Season 2 feelings and memories and put them on a shelf where they belong.

Week after week I watched someone accuse me of bullying, physical threats, stalking, defamation, and God knows what else. Week after week I watched that very same person do the EXACT thing she was accusing ME of to ME, MY HUSBAND, AND CHILDREN.

The reunion was my time to clear the air. It was my time to call her out on everything she’d said and done. I was at times rude, immature, and overbearing. When the “apology” came along I knew it was fake and empty. If I thought for a moment, a millisecond, that there was any sincerity in it I would have accepted it. To accept her apology would have made me a hypocrite. I meant what I said when I told Jacqueline and Teresa that I hope they can step away from all the drama. That’s all I ever wanted. For those of you who believe I was angry at J. and T. for hugging her, you have it all wrong. I get why they hugged her -- they wanted to end it. Good for them. I handle things differently. I wanted it to end too, but not on a lie. I’ve said it time and again; at the end of the day all you have is your name and reputation. I’ve been able to keep a pretty good handle on it for 49 years. I’m not about to give it up for “15 minutes” of fame. Whatever I do or say will always be on my terms and no one else’s. So if you think I’m a bitch, so be it. If you think I’m the best thing since sliced bread, thank you. At least I can honestly say I am what I am.

Hope to see you next year....



Kim G. Rockin Her Bikini

Pictures of Kim G. at the beach this past weekend.

Photo: Tom Murro

Photo: Tom Murro

Lynn's Latest Post

Click HERE to read Lynn's latest blog post.

The Sonja Clutch

From Sonja's Facebook.

In honor of Ann Morgan's War currently on exhibit at The Morgan Library I collaborated with Francesco Santoro to design the "Sonja" Clutch benefitting American Friends of Blerancourt.

Danielle Was Fired From The RHONJ

Post from Pop Eater.

By Rob Shuter
Bravo confirmed Monday that 'Real Housewives of New Jersey's' most controversial cast member, Danielle Staub, will not be returning to the show. However, despite rumors that Danielle quit to focus on her own show, sources tell me she was actually fired.

Photo: Getty Images
"Cast members Caroline [Manzo] and Jacqueline [Laurita] made it clear that if Danielle stayed they would leave," a 'Housewives' insider tells me. "Bravo had already lost Dina [Manzo] because of Danielle and couldn't risk losing another two cast members from the top 'Housewife' show in the whole franchise."

Bravo executives have said many times that they believe what makes the Jersey show so special is the family dynamic, which gives family members Caroline and Jacqueline far more power than any of the other cast members.

"Bethenny [Frankel] left the New York cast and the ratings stayed the same," a TV executive confirms. "Several cast members have left other 'Housewives' shows and no one cared. The only 'Housewives' that Bravo needs to hang onto are the Manzo family. They are TV gold and Bravo knows it."

Any reports that Staub is getting lots of offers for her own show can be ignored. Her contract with Bravo makes it very clear that she cannot appear on her own show with any other network until two years after her deal with Bravo expires.
"The only network that you will legally be able to see Danielle on for a few years is Bravo," insiders tell me. "Bravo owns these ladies. Look at Orange County housewife Jeanna Keough; she is returning to TV on 'Thintervention' with Jackie Warner, which happens to be a Bravo show."

The RHONJ Talk About Gay Rights

Post from Next Magazine.

By:Christopher Dilley
Even without seasoned villainess Danielle Staub, the Real Housewives of New Jersey can truly pack a dramatic punch. Fortunately for us, all of the table-flipping goodness was staged—and for a great cause—on Wednesday, as the ladies started their first stint of performances in off-Broadway’s My Big Gay Italian Wedding, the gay-marriage comedy produced by former cast member Dina Manzo. The ladies started a 4-day run in the show that ends tonight, but they announced at curtain that they'd be returning once again October 20th–23. (A portion of proceeds benefit Marriage Equality New York, so you'll be laughing and doing a good deed.) “The fact that the production was so hilarious and so heartfelt—and that I believed in what it stood for—made me want to get involved,” said Manzo at a post-show reception at Etcetera Etcetera. “It’s so funny and marriage equality is so dear to my heart that while I still have a voice I’m going to use it to raise awareness for good things like this.” Manzo jumped in to help turn the show from a one-night-only performance in Staten Island with writer-star Anthony Wilkinson and soap hunk Scott Evans to its current home at St. Luke’s Theater, where first Reichen Lehmkuhl, and now Big Gay Musical's Daniel Robinson join Wilkinson on stage.

Flexing her acting chops and turning out one of the best performances for the night was Dina’s sister, Caroline Manzo, who took on a matriarchal role not too far from her own on the Bravo hit. “In our family it is all about acceptance and loving one another for who we are” said a newly svelt-and-slicked-back Caroline. Dina and Caroline’s brother (and co-star Jacqueline Laurita’s brother-in-law) is gay, which has been brought up in Real Housewives first-season reunion after a few slurs were thrown around. “I was amazed at my parents, who are old-school Italian, [welcoming] my brother and his partner with open arms” recalled Manzo. “The first thing my mom and dad said was, ‘Be happy.’ My father was that typical Italian guy that you would be afraid of and think, ‘Oh my god, don’t mess with him’ but when you have children, you love your children. The only thing you want is for them to be happy. They taught us that lesson and in turn our children learned that lesson. Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody was able to follow suit?” mused the straight-talking mother of three. “At the young age of 9 I realized ‘Alright, I get it’” echoed Caroline’s daughter Lauren Manzo who also stars in the production.” I realized there was nothing wrong with it so since then it’s always been a normal thing to me.”
Chatting up Laurita and co-star (and Andy Cohen-shover) Teresa Giudice, we discovered the ladies had their fair share of gays even before their hit Bravo show debuted. “I worked with a guy named Matthew who was so flamboyant and over-the-top then with another guy named Dennis who wasn’t and I loved them both,” Teresa revealed. “We worked at Macy's together in the buying office so I was not surprised by our gay following at all. Why wouldn’t gays like me? I love them!” said the hot-headed but charitable gal. “I’m a cosmetologist myself so I’ve always had gay friends,” revealed Laurita, who stars in Wedding alongside daughter Ashley Holmes, and sports a quite convincing Brooklyn accent for a Las Vegas native. “When the issue of marriage equality came up it was a total non-issue to me. Chris’ family was very open and accepting of me and in fact when we moved to New Jersey we lived in Caroline’s house for 6 months, which was a lot of fun,” she told us of the accepting Manzo clan. While some Housewives might seem to be taking the gay community for a ride of late, these ladies are proving the “Real” part of their series title through action! Just no one release a dance single—please!

WWTCD- Single Moms And Gossip Girl

Post from OK! Magazine.

What Would the Countess Do? Single Moms; Gearing Up for ‘Gossip Girl’
Author: LuAnn de Lesseps

When it comes to etiquette, manners and overall good behavior, even celebrities need help navigating the rough waters of stardom! It’s a good thing Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of New York is joining forces with OK! to school them on the right thing to do! In a rough situation, we just ask, “What Would the Countess Do?” This week she tackles single moms and her thoughts on the CW hit — Gossip Girl.

As a single mom of accomplishment and stature, what is your advice to teenage mothers who are battling financial hardships?

The best advice I can give to teen mothers who are suffering financial hardship is to continue their education and finish high school. According to the March of Dimes, only 40% of teen mothers go on to finish high school and 75% of these girls and their children live in poverty. This is why it is so important for teenage mothers to finish high school and then pursue a career that will provide self-sufficiency for their families.

Tip: If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

Season 4 of Gossip Girl is one of the most highly-anticipated shows on the fall line-up. With your background and familiarity living on the Upper East Side, what can you tell us about the society life among high school and college students in the area? Would you say the show is an accurate depiction or is all the jet-setting and Louboutin-wearing a little far-fetched for the Hollywood “WOW” factor?

Gossip Girl is great television but exaggerates the life led by most affluent high school and college students. The privileged teens I know live lives very similar to other children. They have to study hard to pass math, they care about what other people think about them, and they are convinced their parents are clueless. People love Gossip Girl because it is entertaining, not because it depicts reality. For reality, watch The Real Housewives of New York City!

Tip: The grass always looks greener on television.