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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ramona Primping for Bethenny's wedding

Video from Ramona.

Ramona At ArtHampton

Pic.Tweet of Ramona.

At arthampton

Kelly Yellow in the City

Pic. of Kelly when she was out today in NYC.

Hector Vallenilla,

Jacqueline's Blog

5 Page blog from Jacqueline at Bravo, click HERE to read, it is all about the Posche Show.

Alexis Bellino talks about what happened on the 4th.

Post from Alexis's blog about the pool incident.

A Note from Alexis...
July 4th Incident:

I am choosing to comment on the July 4th story that is being told because it is inaccurate and has been spun out of control by the media. The only way for the truth to be told is for me to tell it myself.

On Sunday, July 4th, my family was leaving the Balboa Bay Club swimming pool in the late afternoon. As we were leaving, I turned to say goodbye. Our girls were in their stroller and I thought I had put the brake on, but apparently I didn't. My husband, Jim, and I were both standing close to the stroller. Within seconds, the stroller had rolled towards the pool and a stroller wheel rolled off the edge of the pool. Before either of us could grab the stroller, a second wheel rolled off the edge, and the stroller went into the pool. Of course, Jim instantly went into the pool. He grabbed of the girls himself and lifted both of them out of the water. Because the girls were not strapped into the stroller, and Jim was right there, their heads did not even go under water.

While we are not making light of this incident, and have been reminded to never take our eyes off the children for even a second when near water, it has been so hurtful to know how this experience has been mischaracterized in the media. To all of you who have offered your support, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Who Checks the background of the RH cast?

Post from Babble about the questionable personalities Bravo casts.

Posted by MaraLee
Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Normal people are boooooring. Acting like a regular person is a snoozefest. Nobody wants to watch well mannered people sitting around watching American Idol. Zzzzzzz. As we learned from MTV’s The Real World, one of the first forays into reality television, the good stuff happens when people stop being polite.

But there is an off-kilter inappropriate personality and then there is crazy and dangerous, or Kelly Bensimon and Danielle Staub, respectively. So far nothing too serious has occurred, aside from a few cops called. But truly, the only people murdered have been a few gummy bears. So far…

What happened to background checks? Apparently, instead of having a criminal record discount you from casting, it ensures your spot. As Anna David of The Daily Beast points out, Danielle was a stripper and escort, arrested for kidnapping and drug possession, and continuously brings criminals like Danny Provenzano around her cast mates. I get that they are trying to fill the void Sopranos left with a real life version (theory), but c’mon Andy Cohen, you are willfully endangering your employees.

His response: “Look, they’re not living together. We talk to their families. We try to be as responsible as we possibly can.”

Oh Snap, Andy! Good one. Nice. Let’s hope the judge at the trial when Danielle ‘offs’ someone buys that defense. Let’s just hope it’s not little Gia who gets in the way as 19 year old Ashley runs off with pieces of hair extensions flowing in the wind behind her.

And while that’s irresponsible (to say the least), the case of Kelly Bensimon moves into the inhumane. It’s basically taking someone with severe mental problems, placing them in a bubble with environmental factors known to increase and exacerbate their sickness, and selling tickets to the fun fest. Everybody pull up a seat to see what will happen? Who wants to enter the poll of when she’ll completely crack? This woman has children!

Plenty of commenters have left messages on various boards pleading with Bravo to get her help, but none is coming. That wouldn’t make good TV.

The question is: When does it end? The newest cast, DC, includes the couple who crashed the White House! That’s about as wrong as you can get! Disaster would actually be great ratings, so it’s not stopping with that. Sadly, it’s probably going to take boycotting the show.

Kandi talks about money and rappers

Check out the Bitter and the Sweet video of Kandi talking about how money is spent .

Real Housewives trashy?

Article from The Daily Beast.

by Anna David
Of course she has no love for them, either. On Dina Manzo's recently shown departure from Real Housewives of New Jersey, which Dina told Us Weekly was “99.9 percent … because of Danielle,” Danielle asks rhetorically, “Like she was such a big part of it? It’s like, ‘Dina, nobody missed you. Your own husband won’t do any show with you.’”

Adding none too subtly to the rumors about Dina’s custody battles, Staub says, “You know how my daughters are legally allowed to do the show? Because my ex signed a contract saying that they could.” (When I ask whether she knew for a fact that Dina’s ex had refused to sign such a contract, a Bravo rep that was on the line chimed in that the topic was off-limits.)

Clearly, caring about what topics others feel are off-limits is not a concern of Staub’s. Of the two Kims—boutique owner Kim D. and pot stirrer Kim G. (both seemingly batty, both seemingly devoted to betraying Staub, both seemingly doing everything in their power to land regular roles on the show): “They’re meaningless. They’re insignificant to me. They’re opportunists.” On Jacqueline Laurita and her tweet that Staub had leaked her own sex tape: “Here’s what I have to say to her: Why don’t you tweet about your babies instead of focusing on me? Why don’t you pay attention to your kids and stop drinking wine at three in the afternoon and driving drunk? You have a daughter who’s acting out: pay attention to that.”

Staub saves the kind words for others—like her “Real Close” songwriter and rumored lesbian lover Lori Michaels (about that relationship, Staub says, “I’m going to keep people on the edges of their seats about that a little longer”). And for Danny Provenzano, a fellow ex-con she says she met in the last year or two at a Queen Latifah charity softball event, who, on the show, she has brought along as “security” several times because she seemingly sometimes thinks she’s on The Sopranos. She also adores Cohen. “Andy is brilliant!” she raves. “He was very touched by [her “Real Close” performance on WWHL]. He has so much energy but it calmed him to a place where he was really immobilized.”

While one wouldn’t imagine that Staub brings Cohen calmness, immobilization isn’t so difficult to conjure up. Yet he insists that Staub isn’t diminishing the Bravo brand. “She’s certainly unique in terms of the Real Housewives franchise because she’s independent and dominant and has a strong point of view,” he says when I inquire about it. When I ask whether Bravo might have hesitated to cast Staub had they known everything about her ahead of time, Cohen sounds weary. “That would be a total speculation,” he says. “You really can’t tell with hindsight.”

Luann on Broadway?

Blurb from

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps heading to Broadway?!
By Julie Gordon

Is LuAnn de Lesseps going from a “Real Housewife” to a real star? (Sorry, ladies.)

The Countess recently had a lunch meeting at Theater District restaurant Bond 45 with with Duncan Stewart, the casting director for “Chicago” on Broadway, a source told us.

If anything comes of the powwow, we seriously hope the “Money Can’t Buy You Class” singer will take voice lessons before hitting the stage.

Preview of Bethenny Getting Married?

Danielle not into men anymore?

From In Touch Weekly, Danielle talks about Lauri and men.

She refuses to define her sexuality, but Danielle Staub seemed to confirm rumors of her romance with singer/songwriter Lori Michaels to In Touch at The Sorcerer’s Apprentice premiere in New York. “I can say that people are reading between the lines, and pictures don’t lie. In all honesty, I don’t care much for men. Let’s leave it at that,” the Real Housewives of New Jersey star said at the July 6 event. The reality queen, who has been spotted snuggling up to Lori all over New York, couldn’t stop gushing about her new galpal. “I’m very happy. I really am. She is a big part of my soul, and we share a lot of chemistry together,” she said. When asked for advice on dating members of the same sex, Danielle, a divorcĂ©e with two young daughters, says to always follow your heart. “Whatever makes you happy, do it, and don’t listen to anybody else that tells you different," she says. "It’s no one’s life but your own.”

Jill/Lisa with Sean Hannity

Pic. from Twitter.

Video at iVillage of Bethenny

Click HERE to see a short video of Bethenny talk about HW and babysitter choices. In the article below are some highlights

Though Bethenny Frankel is the star of Bethenny Getting Married?, which documents her March 28 wedding and the birth of her now-2-month-old daughter Bryn, it's her husband Jason Hoppy who has become quite the fan sensation with the Bravo reality show's female audience. "Next season of my show will probably be called Bethenny's Getting Arrested for killing one of the women that are coming after my husband for finding out how perfect he is," Frankel quipped in an exclusive interview with iVillage. "Then he'll have to raise my child because I'll be in jail."

Three weeks after giving birth to her daughter, the 39-year-old Frankel posed in a size-4 bathing suit for Us Weekly magazine. And she caught flack for how quickly she dropped her baby weight. Frankel, however, is unapologetic about the criticism. "I love that my weight is an international scandal now," she says sarcastically.

And after a season of drama on The Real Housewives of New York City, Frankel tells iVillage that there "isn't enough money" to pay her to continue starring on the show with current castmates Kelly Bensimon and Jill Zarin, with whom she had an epic feud. And as for that emotional hug between Frankel and Zarin that ended the Housewives three-part reunion special? Frankel says that although her husband and fellow Housewife Alex McCord weren't convinced about Zarin's sincerity, she was "kinda buying into it. And when Jill asked if she could give me a hug, it was really more for her than it was for me. But we're not friends. We don't have anything to do with each other."

Watch our exclusive video above to find out which Housewife Frankel would choose as her No. 1 babysitter, if the reality star thinks she was a bridezilla, and who she'd cast in an all-star edition of Real Housewives. 

Bethenny talks to The Insider

Bethenny did a short interview with The Insider, here are a few highlights.

The Real Housewives of New York" star Bethenny Frankel comes to "The Insider" to talk about her new baby, losing the pregnancy weight and her troubled past, saying she was a victim of childhood abuse.

On the cover this week's People magazine, on stands Friday, the new mom says her baby saved her life and helped turn around a troubled past.

She's speaking out now, she says, because "women are afraid to talk about things." She wants to open a dialogue in an effort to help herself heal and inspire others to deal with abuse in their lives.

As a child, she says her home life was marred with alcoholism and abuse. Rather than repeat that pattern with her own family, she says she aims to turn it into a positive. "Some people go the other way, some people recreate their childhood," she says. "There are many ways to skin a cat...believe me I could have gone the other way so many times."

One way she turned her painful childhood around was focusing on her health. Raised by a mother she claims abused alcohol and battled an eating disorder, "I turned it into a positive by becoming a chef," she says.

Now, speaking out is "a way to break the chain," Bethenny tells "The Insider." "I want to make it a little bit easier for [my daughter] Bryn."

Newborn Bryn is bringing her great joy. "It's so wonderful to become pregnant later in life and become a mom," she says. "I appreciate it so much more because it almost didn't happen."

Plus, now that she's arrived she adds, "I can finally have a Skinny Girl margarita!"

As for losing the baby weight, "Everyone's looking for some big giant secret," she says. "I was healthy before, during and gradually comes off. I wasn't obsessed during pregnancy. You have to keep your act together while you're pregnant."

Kelly's style tips

Video of Kelly showing us her style.

Vicki-RHOOC book signing

If you are in the area and want to meet Vicki here are the details.

Teresa Guidice book signing

Tweet from Teresa about the details of her book signing.

Kim-RHOA and her fans

Pic./Tweet of Kim with some fans.

it was so nice meeting you! you def made my girls birthdays special! :) let me know about the show in charlotte!! i def wanna go!

Want Hair Like Kelly- RHONY?

Video from Kelly with her stylist Bradley Irion(they guy in her jogging in the street pic) of how to get Kelly's hairstyle.

Ice Cream In The Morning

Pic./Tweet from Bethenny in NYC.

Can someone tell me why I am eating ice cream with chocolate chips at 10:00 in the morning?