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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Manzo boys on Millionaire Matchmaker

Article from NY magazine about Albie and Christopher.

By: Mike Vilensky
Christopher and Albie Manzo, Caroline Manzo's two sons on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, will appear on the upcoming season of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker. In a scenario that makes absolute and total sense, Matchmaker's Patti Stanger and Housewives's Caroline Manzo are "old friends." According to the Post, "The [Manzo] boys are said to be looking for 'brunette, Italian-Catholic girls,'" but shouldn't they be on the side vying for the millionairess? Or is the Brownstone event space (and, lest we forget, law school for Albie) paying a lot better than we'd realized?

In any case, Stanger's been filming the upcoming season of her oddly infectious Bravo series around New York, and she did tell New York's own Emma Rosenblum and Jada Yuan: "There are five women to one guy, so what do you do if the city is metrosexual, gay, with not enough men? Carpe diem! You go to Jersey!"

Michaele Salahi disliked by other HW

Story from NY magazine about Michaele Salahi.

Getty Images

By: Mike Vilensky
The latest Real Housewives series, set to further tarnish the reputation of the nation's capital on August 5, will indeed include Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the infamous White House State-dinner crashers. The show will play up the social-climbing side of the political town:

"'We never envisioned that Nancy Pelosi would be a real housewife of D.C.,' said [producer] Abby Greensfelder, 'We didn’t do any traditional casting. It was all talking to people who knew people who knew people. That’s the way in which D.C. works. It’s a town that’s all about the proximity to power, and it operates in these concentric circles, around the White House.'"

Other cast members include Newsweek reporter Charles Ommanney's ex-wife Cat Ommanney, Lynda Erkiletian, who runs a modeling agency, and Stacie Turner, who has a Harvard MBA and runs a successful real-estate business. Of course, it wouldn't be Bravo without some spats, and don't expect attention-seeking Michaele Salahi to be popular among her co-stars:

"'I do think we’re going to have a classier set of ladies, with one exception,' [cast member Michelle Delino] said, in an obvious reference to the Salahis, 'who will elevate the show and bring it to a higher standard, because it’s pretty low, when you see what New Jersey was all about.'"

Sigh. Don't you know that alienating the most press-hungry cast member is how it gets that way?! Well, we were ready to say good-bye to The Real Housewives of New York City after a three-part reunion, but we're already ripe for the Reasons Why Michaele Salahi Is a Disgusting Person game! Gird your loins.