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Monday, September 20, 2010


Jill at the 'Swarovski Elements 22 Ways To Say Black' event at Philips de Pury in New York City.

Melissa Featured in Boardwalk Journal

From Boardwalk Journal.

Jail Is No Big Deal For Joe

From Radar Online.

Photo: Getty Images

The husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice — who turned himself in to jail Monday, as exclusively reported — has brashly told family and friends the slammer is just like a “vacation”.

The beefcake dad of four was sentenced to the next 10 days in the slammer for driving with a suspended license but he is supposedly looking at his time in the pokey as a paradise.

“He doesn’t care if he goes to jail because he said then he gets paid because the magazines will want his story,” a source told

“He said he’ll be on vacation and getting paid at the same time.”

Said the source: “He is not bothered by it at all. He doesn’t care about going to jail. It’s absolutely no big deal for him.”

Joe Started His Jail Sentence

Article from The NY Post.

The husband of "Real Housewife" Teresa Giudice today began serving his 10-day jail sentence stemming from a drunk driving conviction, authorities said.

Joe Giudice, 40, the husband of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star, was sentenced by a judge last week and also fined $1,000.

Giudice also had his license suspended for seven months and ordered to pay a $300 fine, according to court papers.
Giudice did not speak to reporters as he walked into the Morris County Correctional Facility.

Last month, Giudice appeared before a judge to appeal the DWI sentence he received in March. The drunk driving conviction was Giudice's first-ever offense and at the time the judge imposed maximum penalties of a one-year loss of his driver's license, a $500 fine and 48 hours at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center.

The judge had also ordered Giudice to serve either 30 days community service or 30 days in jail.

At last month's hearing, another judge reduced the sentence -- cutting out the 30 days community service or jail time altogether. The judge also reduced the license suspension from a year to seven months, slashed the fine to $300 and told Giudice to complete 12 hours at the resource center.

Giudice was charged with driving under the influence in January after crashing his car into a telephone pole in Montville Township, NJ.

Africa Inspired This Seasons Collection

Interview from Betty.

Exclusive: RHONY's Ramona Singer Dishes With Betty!
The reality star and designer talks about her new line, her inspirations and how she picks her TV outfits.
By:Brooke Sager/BettyConfidential’s multi-talented, fabulous intern

Ramona Singer of the Real Housewives of New York is unveiling her Fall jewelry line tonight on HSN! It’s a new twist for the designer; she’s incorporating new materials and like golds, exquisite woods, beautiful stones and tons of color. You’ll be tempted to buy it all. But don’t worry, everything is still affordable.

As Ramona puts it, “Whether you’re wearing jeans or a cocktail dress, my collection is designed for women who want the look of Madison Avenue and the red carpet without spending thousands of dollars.”

Tell us about your new jewelry line.
My signature has always been cuffs. I used to always do my cuffs in platinum, but this time I’m introducing wood and gold. For this season, I did this beautiful cuff in a special wood with a matching ring. I also did a cuff trimmed with onyx that looks like 14-carat gold. That one has matching earrings. I also did a lot of greens for fall. Believe it or not, colored jewelry works with everything—it makes any outfit pop. If you buy a beautiful blouse, you can’t wear that everyday. But a great piece of jewelry can accent a simple t-shirt in a fun way. Your attitude and how you feel just changes—I love jewelry!

Ramona Singer lapis, tanzanite, diamond, sterling and wood cuff ($649.90,
How is your jewelry different from what’s already out there in the market?
My jewelry looks expensive, but it’s totally affordable. It’s good quality at the price of costume jewelry. I did smaller diamond hoops this season. They go with everything and look like they’re thousands of dollars. No one would ever know they’re only $299! Also, the stones I use look precious. In one piece, I used a pink topaz that looks exactly like a sapphire.

Does most of your jewelry come in sets?
A lot of it does, yes. But the beauty of it is, everything can be worn matchy-match or mixed up. It’s like clothing—you can buy the matching outfit, but wear it different ways. In this collection, I did some pieces with blue amethyst. They look great alone, but can also work with pieces from past collections.

Ramona Singer green jade and diamond sterling silver wrap necklace ($299.90,
Do you have a favorite piece?
I love them all! They’re all like my children. Every day I wear something different. Today, I’m wearing my jade piece that can go from day into night. One of the great things about my jewelry is that it makes you feel very special and beautiful every day.

Who are your favorite designers?
I like anything with a sense of style. I especially love estate jewelry and deco jewelry because it looks just as good now as it will in 30 years. They’re investment pieces—you can pass it on to your children. I did I few little pieces inspired by a Fifth Avenue store that does floral and clover looks.

What made you want to get into the fashion industry, specifically jewelry design?
I’ve always been into fashion. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and then went into jewelry with my husband (Mario Singer.) I have always loved jewelry, and I thought to myself, why can’t I create a line that is affordable for every woman in America?

What inspires you?
Mostly my travels and things that I see on people. I used a lot of green this season because I was recently in Africa—the colors there were so vibrant. That trip also made me want to experiment with wider cuffs and exotic woods. I also went to Capri, which inspired my huge pear shape ring and matching necklace.

What is it like to be on HSN?
HSN is a really great company. They’re so friendly and warm, I feel like I’m working for family. They’re fab and they love what they do—and to be successful in work, you must love what you do.

How is it different than the Real Housewives of New York?
Housewives looks for the drama. Then after you’re filmed, you don’t know how you’re being edited. HSN is totally professional, and I really enjoy dealing with a host who likes jewelry how much I do.

Do you get nervous on camera?
Nope. Sometimes I think I speak too much, and sometimes too little. It’s hard to gear that. I’m used to working when I don’t even know the cameras are there (on Housewives.) When I’m on HSN, looking directly at the cameras is hard. Sometimes I don’t even know where to look! I’m like, “which camera?!”

How do you pick your outfit for the HSN appearances?
I dress on HSN how I do in real life. I like wearing solid colors. Prints own you, and you need to be the one wearing the outfit! I’m kind of over black these days, though. I want to show people that it’s not only diamonds you can wear with color. If you’re in a purple dress, it’s fun to wear peridot or jade.

What do you do to prepare for your HSN show?
I talk to my jewelry! I look at each peace and caress it, because each one is my special creation.

Kelly's NYFW Blog

Post from PAPERMAG.

Kelly Bensimon's Fashion Week Diary Part IV: Tory Burch Perfected Jet-Set Chic For Spring
By:Kelly Killoren Bensimon
It's 9 a.m. and it's time to check out Tory Burch's Spring 2011 collection. Would it be a show? A presentation? No one was clear. Was Jay-Z going to be there, or just the regular fashionites? One thing, however, seemed for sure: Tory's line would take the cool, chic, well-traveled look to new heights. I was right. For this collection, Burch's muse travels to souks in Morocco, cilmbs every mountain, and has a vaguely European, but unltimately unplaceable accent. The crowd -- which included hairdresser Frederic Fekkai, the "pied piper" of all the uptown ladies -- kept saying "I want that" over and over again. From high-waisted pants, to '70s inspired easy dresses, everyone wanted it all! I heard that Kayne West even made an appearance, but I must have missed him. Sugar! But I did see some cool looks that I was lucky enough to discuss with the lady of the hour -- Ms. Burch. The Spring 2011 line is looking hot, strong, and sophisticated. Get ready ladies, the sweat pants and t-shirts are gone for spring. It's time to look hot again!

The Real Housewives of Miami Rumors Continue

Article from the Miami New Times.

Miami seems like the perfect location for a spin-off of the Reality TV behemoth Real Housewives franchise that Bravo has unleashed on the world. Though, when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiers next month there will be six distinct Housewives series, so we have to wonder if Bravo even has room for a Miami series.
We know the channel has been working on a series called Miami Social Club, a supposed revamp of the ratings-failure that was Miami Social. However, Lesley Abravanel says that the show is actually Real Housewives of Miami in disguise.

From Scene in the Tropics:

Our behind-the-camera mole tells us that an ``official'' Real Housewives promo -- you know, the one where the ladies are either fondling a peach or something to represent their geographical location (in Miami's case, a bag of cocaine or a saline implant wouldn't be such a bad thing since an orange was already taken) -- was recently filmed with all the gals in tow. We contacted our official Bravo mouthpiece who was cagey, telling us that since no air date has been secured, the show sort of remains nameless. But it all sounds like it's pointing to that splashy, trashy, trainwrecky drama-fest many of us, ahem, have grown to love.

Miami Social Club started filming way back in March, and seven months is an unusually long time to be filming a reality show. So, who knows, maybe the producers did have to retool.

Scene in the Tropics reported back in March that the cast included Lea Black (known, along with her Attorney husband Roy, for their lavish yearly charity galas), Marysol Patton (a PR professional), Christy Rice (Heat player Glen Rice's ex), Alexia Echeverria (executive editor of something called Venue Magazine), Adriana Sidi (art world socialist), Larsa Pippen (Scottie Pippin's better half), and Elayne Lancaster, the queen of South Beach who just happens to be a drag queen. That is a pretty feminine cast. The original post also mentioned a sole male cast member, Jason Clarke, an associate of Clarke's, but maybe he just plays a supportive role.

Of course, Miami is already home to Basketball Wives, VH1's baller themed knock-off of the franchise, and another knock-off of the series was filming over in Naples, but we'll full heartedly welcome an official Miami version of Housewives.

Kandi "The Bitter And The Sweet"

Click HERE to see Kandi talk about why her cousin gave up a full scholarship.

Danielle Is A "Momager"

Article from Times Of The Internet.

Danielle Staub might not be around for the next season of RHoNJ, but that just means that she can kickstart her career by being 'momager' to her daughters Christine, 16 and Jillian, 12.

Both girls are looking to launch their careers in entertainment.

The former Real Housewife told Star, "I am their 'momager.'"

To clarify her duties in her newly created position, she said, "They have legitimate managers, but everything comes through me. I have them with people I trust."

Christine is said to be interested in modeling while Jillian is looking to launch a music career.

Unlike 'momagers' that have come before her, Danielle isn't worried about her girls getting caught up in the fast lane. She continued, "Why would they want to destroy all that by doing drugs and drinking?"

There's no word when the adoring public can expect Jillian to release her first album or for Christine Staub to model professionally

Kim's New Single "Google Me"

Preview of Kim's new song "Google Me" which is being released on Oct. 5th.

Danielle's Lease Was Up And She Turned Her Range Rover In

Article from Hollywood Life.

By:Chloe Melas
The rumor mill is swirling with accusations that repo men showed up to Danielle’s house and took away her Range Rover, but her rep tells it’s “entirely” untrue.


Danielle Staub might not be as “penniless” as you think. Reports surfaced over the weekend, that the reality TV vixen’s white Range Rover was repossessed Sept. 18, as she begged and pleaded for repo men to not take her car away. But spoke to Danielle’’s rep who tells us that’s not exactly what happened.

“As for false statement out there saying her truck was repossessed this weekend … the lease was up and she turned it in … plain and simple.”

We recently told you the mom of two landed a hosting gig on WealthTV called Social and is trying finalize the details of her new spinoff. We’re guessing we’ll eventually see all of this on camera somewhere and it’ll make sense.

Lynn's Blog

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Cynthia Bailey At "Dance At Dusk With The 2011 Porsche Cayenne"

Post from YBF.

Ne-Yo and Monica hosted "Dance At Dusk with the 2011 Porsche Cayenne" this past Saturday. The hosts and a slew of their friends got a chance to take the new Porsche Cayenne for test drives while living that "Champagne Life" style.

Photos via G Paras Griffin

Salahi Widget

Caroline Rules

Article from GLO.

How Do You Ditch a Toxic Friend?
Caroline Manzo puts the real in The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and her fans relate to the reality star's no-nonsense attitude, focus on family and, above all, abundant common sense. Check back at Glo every Monday as Caroline helps solve your most pressing dilemmas.

Photo: Film Magic
The Dilemma: Ending a friendship is a topic we've touched on here at Glo, but the actual dissolution of said relationship is not just tricky, it can also be downright stressful. Sometimes the person you think is your best friend forever can morph into someone you can't stand in only a matter of years. Or perhaps you recently made a new friend who turned out to be nothing but bad news. While most of us know how to end a romantic relationship, navigating the end of a friendship seems much more difficult.

Caroline's Ruling: I'm sometimes amazed at what we “allow” ourselves to endure. First, you need to define the friendship/relationship. Is it a true friendship or just an acquaintance? True friendships are very rare; there is love, understanding and forgiveness that can withstand the test of time.

A friend is the one you tell your secrets and fears to, the one you can trust to be there for you at your lowest moments without judgment and is there to celebrate the highest of highs with you and for you. An acquaintance is someone who comes into your life but isn't your “go to” person, the one you tell your secrets and fears to. You may go out socially now and then or work alongside them daily, but they are not the ones you call when you need real friendship.

If you find yourself in a position to have to end a relationship with a friend, a true friend, then you have to do one very important thing first: talk to them. Make him/her understand what you're feeling, define the situation clearly and honestly. You owe it both to yourself and your friend. If there is no resolution or understanding, at least you can say you tried your best and were honest and straightforward about your feelings. Your friend heard it from you and no one else.
If, at the end of the conversation, you have no resolution, then at least you can tell them directly that the friendship is over. Never let it be heard through gossip; you both deserve more than that.

An acquaintance is a different story. If you find that your new friend isn't all that they represent themselves to be, just take a casual step back. I firmly believe that when you first meet someone, you are usually talking to his or her “representative.” People are on their best behavior when they first meet. It takes a little time for the real personalities to surface. No big deal, live and learn. I don't believe there's a need for a heart-to-heart unless there is a situation that really bothers you. If it's just some behavioral or personality quirks that turn you off, then step away, don't be so accessible. No need to bring unnecessary drama into your life!

In my life, I have a handful of people whom I call friend. I treasure their friendships and am so grateful for their presence in my life. I have tons of acquaintances; they come and they go. Sometimes for specific reasons, and sometimes for no other reason than life gets in the way of spending time together. I don't dwell on it. Life's too short. Live it with honesty to yourself and those around you. Trust me, you'll sleep much better at night!

Ramona Talks To Fashion News Live During NYFW

Caroline Talks To My Work Butterfly

Caroline Laid Down An Ultimatum

Post from TMZ.

NJ Housewife’ — I Will Quit If Staub Returns
by tmz
“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Caroline Manzo claims she delivered a strict ultimatum to the show’s producers — if Danielle Staub returned for another season … she’d quit the show.

Manzo spilled it on camera during a deposition in Staub’s nasty defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband, Kevin Maher.

During the depo, Caroline said, “I did tell Bravo and Sirens that there is no amount of money you could put on the table for me next year.”

She added, “If Danielle Staub is on the show, I am out because my integrity means too much to me … so for Season 3, they know it’s either Danielle or myself.”


Ramona Getting Ready For HSN

Pic. from Ramona.

Salahi Wedding

Video From The Oasis Wedding.

Michaele And Tareq On Elliot In The Morning