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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ramona- RHONY

Picture from Ramona.

With @nachofigueras the face of Ralph Lauren and media king @JasonBinn 4 dinner @dianelieberman

Kelly Keeping Fit

Kelly jogging through Downtown Manhattan today.

Photo: Photo Agency
Photo: Photo Agency

Photo: Photo Agency

Dina At The US Open

Pic./tweet from Dina.

Me & Lex freeezing at the US open (hence my red nose) Wish Tommy had a twitter so he'd Hurry up w sweatshirts!

Teresa And Stacie On WWHL

Pictures of Stacie and Teresa when they visited Andy on Watch What Happens Live.

Alex And Simon Attend The Farah Angsana Spring Fashion Show

Pictures of Alex and Simon at the Farah Angsana Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Studio at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Designer Farah Angsana With Simon And Alex

Booton Sprinkler Company Files A Lawsuit Against Gorgas


MaryAnn Spoto/The Star-Ledger
Follow The reportedly newest addition to Real Housewives of New Jersey is making news even before she joins the crew of the reality TV show.

Melissa Gorga, the sister-in-law of RHONJ cast member Teresa Giudice, owes a Boonton sprinkler company $50,000 for work on an apartment complex in Paterson, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Superior Court in Morris County.
Gorga initially reneged on an agreement to pay nearly $300,000 for the installation of a fire sprinkler and alarm system at a Paterson apartment complex, the complaint said. The complaint accuses Gorga, her husband Guiseppe and their business, Gorga Enterprises Inc. of breach of contract and unjustly enriching themselves by misdeeds, among other things, by failing to pay for work performed by Bravante Automatic Sprinkler Corp.

The Gorgas had a $260,000 contract with Bravante for a fire suppression system at 10-28 Courtland St. in Paterson in January 2008 and another contract for nearly $17,000 the following month for an alarm monitoring system, according to the complaint.

By Aug. 22, 2008, Gorga paid only $44,000 on the fire sprinkler contract and $3,000 on the alarm monitoring contract, the suit said. On that same day, Bravante filed a construction lien against them with the Passaic County Clerk’s Office.
The Gorgas owned up to part of a settlement agreement, the complaint said. They paid $191,000 of the tab by July 1, 2009, but they didn’t pony up $50,000 they agreed to turn over when they received a $1 million bank loan for the project, according to the complaint. By then, Bravante had performed more work totaling $21,909, the complaint said.
Melissa Gorga, who is married to Giudice’s brother Giuseppe, is reportedly replacing cast member Dina Manzo, who left the show mid-season this year.

The RHOOC Film Crew Cited For Not Having A Permit To Film

Article from the OC Register.

 A crew member filming rookie lifeguard training for "The Real Housewives of Orange County" has been cited for not having a permit, police said.

Rookie lifeguards train on Main Beach, outside the marine safety headquarters and near the landmark white lifeguard tower. Most of the department's training takes place in the off-season after Labor Day and before June, when beaches are again crowded with summer visitors.

The white lifeguard tower in Laguna is a landmark. Rookie lifeguards train nearby on the sand. The crew member was filming the lifeguards at about 2:30 p.m. and asking the lifeguards to sign release forms, Laguna Beach Police Sgt. Louise Callus said.

"They have been warned before," Callus said.

For commercial photography and motion picture filming, the city requires an application fee of $150 and a use fee of $331 per day, according to the city website.

Applications must be approved by the Community Services department, which also looks for proof of liability insurance. City personnel, equipment, uniforms or logos may not be filmed for commercial purposes.

The fine for the citation was likely $100, Callus said.

Danielle's First Single Coming Out Soon

Interview from Entertainment Weekly.

by Emily Exton
After two seasons of sex tapes, table-flipping, and hair extension-related lawsuits, The Real Housewives of New Jersey will continue on without the show’s self-proclaimed villain, Danielle Staub. But don’t worry, she’ll be back before you know it…with her own reality show! Staub recently spoke with EW about her decision not to return to RHONJ, the closure (or lack thereof) she experienced with the ladies during the two-part reunion special, and how she plans to remain in the public eye.

Photo: Bravo
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Bravo recently announced that you are not returning for season 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Who’s decision was that? How did it come about?
DANIELLE STAUB: Well, I knew going into the reunion that I had really no reason to return. I had finished my memoir, my book was out, I’m hitting my marks, and I’m moving on and trying to move up. I don’t think there was anything left. Do I stay on a show where people really hate me? Where I don’t even think they know why? I think that it just became a really big mean girls circle, and it was time for me to say, “I respect myself too much for this.” And not just me — my family, my loved ones. People that care about me were like, “Please do not go back,” because they’re scared for me. It’s scary! I mean, think about it: If you saw your mother, or your loved one, or your best friend being treated like that and you couldn’t do anything about it? And then you worry for them until they get back home from taping an episode. I mean, it’s time for me to go.

What are you going to do next?
Leaving The Real Housewives is actually the best thing I could ever do. [It's] a peaceful ending for me, and I’m ready to start anew. It was a great platform to me, and now it’s time for me to hit my next mark, which is to let the TV world have a fair portrayal of me. I’m going to get my own show. There’s many options on the table for that, and I’m looking into them.

A lot of people think there isn’t a show without you. What do you think the show will be like if all the ladies return but you?
I appreciate that, and tell a lot of people who are saying that [that] I kind of agree [laughs]. I think that there will always be something missing without me, but I had to make the choice that was right for me. I don’t know what the show will be like. I probably won’t be watching, to be honest with you. I had to live through it, so I’m going to say goodbye to that part of my life. And onward and upward.

So would you consider your own reality show “up” from the The Real Housewives?
A spin-off is definitely where I’m headed, [but] I’m not allowed to announce any networking right now. “Up” meaning, you do have to move up, you can’t stay in the same place. Staying in the same place would be like me saying, “Okay, I’m going to stay here because I can be purchased to be treated like crap,” and I didn’t want to be treated like crap anymore. I had to value my own self, and I had to know that there were other offers as well coming in to me, so I knew there was a desire out there for me.

So what is the objective of a new show for you? How would it be different from The Real Housewives?
The objective is it’s a reality show, so everyone’s going to take something different from it, I believe. I think that the great thing about reality is it affects everybody a little bit differently because [you are] seeing someone else’s reality. Either [it] makes someone feel better about their own life, worse about their own life, or indifferent about their own lives, but it gets people to live vicariously through your life. I’ve become this established character, which is interesting to people for many different reasons. Some people because I’m controversial, some people because I’m a single mom, some people because they may be the same age as me — 48 years old — and, you know, close to 50, some people might be starting over, some people might be in a troubled relationship, some people might have a teenage daughter the same age as mine, or a 12-year-old the same age as mine. They might find me relatable for different reasons, which is the beauty of it. It’s going to be everything, I think, all rolled into one. But the great thing is, is it’s a chance for me to really be me, not me according to other people — castmates, I should say.

Has anything changed since the reunion ended peacefully, when it seemed like you had made amends with the ladies?
It’s funny, is that really the perception? That everybody was making amends?

Well not everyone, I would say you and Jacqueline…
…because I’d really like to know. You know I’m being seen, at least in the end, for it being me stepping up to the plate, right down to the end, saying, “Let’s stop this.” And I really don’t like to say, “Please give me credit for things,” but I’m going to have to ask for credit on that one [laughs]. Because even at the end, Teresa’s still screaming at me, and I just got off the couch and went and hugged her. I don’t think that that’s speaking powerfully enough for what can happen when you just embrace somebody. It does shut them down a lot faster than telling people to shut up, or chasing them, or let’s see, what they’ve been doing to me for two years? So it wasn’t them really making amends, it was me. And the only person I really, really, really needed closure with — and I’m going to be honest here, and I hate to sound mean or confrontational — is Jacqueline. Jacqueline and I had a very close relationship at one point, and it was important to me that I saw this change go on halfway through taping [of the reunion] in her. That was when you see my face completely change and I relaxed. [It was] the first conversation — conversation! — with dialogue, real dialogue, real feelings of my own that was going on between a castmate and myself. If you think about it, that had not happened all season.

Definitely not.
And you can see the change come over me and it was only pointed out to me — you know I’ve been caught up in a press frenzy as you can imagine — but it was pointed out by my fans, who said “Wow! You were okay there at that point…” I think what really shows is that — and I don’t mean to start trouble — Caroline’s not comfortable when anyone’s speaking their mind. Especially when it goes against what she had planned, and that was to not let me go without a problem. I was attacked from the moment I sat down! From the very moment I was brought into that room. But Jacqueline, she showed remarkable courage. I know that family cannot have been very easy on her after that. And even if she has been speaking out and doing things or saying things that aren’t so nice about me, you know what? I don’t even hear them, I don’t care to hear them. What I know in my heart is that I said to her, “No more.” And “no more” to me means no more. As far as the rest of them are concerned, they’re pretty much fair game. [They're] not going to say things about me and expect me to be asked questions about what they have said about me, accused me of, and expect me to then say, “Oh, I’m not going to say anything because I said I want peace.” I want peace, [but] you better give me peace too! If you make something up, if you lie about something, don’t expect me to say, “It’s okay, I’m letting it go now, moving on,” No. I am going to defend it and I am going to respond to it. If it’s true, and if something is right, then I will admit it.

Do you think you will ever reach similar closure with Teresa or Caroline?
Well I have, and once they stop talking about me…I’ll know when they stop talking about me, because you won’t be asking me questions — and sorry to lump you in. I don’t have to read things. I don’t have time to A), and B) no offense, because I love all of you very dearly, and you make me alive, you keep me alive, and I have great relationships within the press, but I don’t read what doesn’t make me feel good. So if you ask me a question, I can pretty much figure out what’s going on by my interviews, when somebody brings it to my attention or I receive a text message. I will guarantee that I will only answer questions about them when I’m asked, and it’s normally questions that have to do with me. If anyone was asking me questions about their personal life, something that just maybe unfolded, that I had nothing to do with, that wasn’t in context of the show, or anything else, it really wouldn’t be my place. I would probably say, “I’m not passing judgment, I don’t know anything about it.” But if it’s something that’s being thrown at me, I’m going to have to talk about it.

Would Teresa’s financial situation be lumped into that? Is that something you feel you can’t comment on?
Oh, I can comment on that. I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. I can’t sit back at watch people glorify — her glorify — saying, “Oh, I didn’t know, and after I filed bankruptcy I went and spent $60 grand…” I can’t, I cannot let her justify that. I’m going through hard times! We all go through hard times, but go through the hard times. That’s what makes you stronger. So I’m going to say I will respect her when she just owns up to it. When I said her house was in foreclosure, I was right. She’s still saying it’s not, but she didn’t pay the mortgage — it’s the same thing. Your house is in foreclosure if you don’t pay the mortgage! Do I know for a fact anything that is going on with her? No I do not, but as she stated about me in season 1, “the court documents don’t lie.” It’s sad that her children are having to see this change, but I do believe there’s a big lesson in it for her. I believe there’s a big lesson in it for her whole family, and I think that if it’s not yours, you shouldn’t spend it. Stop, be honest. I mean, I exposed myself to the world. So I would say my advice to her would be: Stop, you’re teaching your children that this is okay. It’s not okay! You cannot afford that house, you cannot afford that lifestyle, and there’s just a point in your life when you have to say, enough is enough. It’s $11 million. That’s crazy, they never earned that kind of money! That, to me, feels very wrong. That could feed a whole country! [Laughs] I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s right and I wouldn’t think it was right if it was anyone other than Teresa either. I don’t think it’s right for the other ladies to consider themselves friends when they’re telling her to defend this. There is no defense for this. And stop saying it’s your husband’s fault. It’s both of you. You have four children. You have to be aware something’s going on. Come on! I just don’t like people who are fake. I don’t.

At the reunion, you also mentioned that Teresa didn’t acknowledge her nephew, which really set her off. What’s going on with that?
Well, if you noticed, there were two times this season I saw Teresa, and both those times I said something that ended [up] to be the truth. What did she do? She chased after me, only I didn’t run one of the times. But she did attack me, no? So if the foreclosure is true, which proved to be true, the nephew comment, it came straight from her sister-in-law, her brother’s wife. I have emails Melissa [Gorga] had been sending me all season telling me all about Teresa and Joe. It started a really big problem in the family, and she let me know, Melissa did.

What do you plan to do with your music career?
Well, very soon, this month, I’m releasing my first solo song, which is called “Cry,” and it’s going to be attached to one of my most passionate charities, stopping domestic violence. It is going to be definitely one of the first times people are literally going to be able to hear and feel what it is like to be, not only mentally and sexually abused, or physically abused, but even in a relationship that went bad. The song is just so full of emotion and victory, and I’m very proud. I’m very, very proud and, of course, it was written by Lori Michaels, so it will be the next of three more songs that will be released over the next few months.
Do you have a full album coming out?
It’s going to be a full EP. I’m very excited. The next [single] is going to be a remake of an ’80s song, and after that is going to be a rock song which is sort of Pink, but it’s a duet. It’s like a Pink version of rock. You know, she’s kind of raspy and raw, and a little bit naughty. But I like to play with that line. You know me. I like to walk that line.

So how do you hope people see you now as you pursue your own music, your own reality show? If you felt you weren’t portrayed correctly by The Real Housewives, how do you hope to be perceived now?
I don’t have a preconception of how I want people to perceive me. I want to be just me. I mean, I have drama in my life. We have fights in our lives. I have people around me that care, but isn’t it great that you have resolve when you care about other people? And that’s what I want to show — just to keep it real. I think I will always be marked as the realest Housewife [sic]. I kept it real. I made the stage and the platform to keep it real, and I don’t think that anyone would disagree, it won’t be the same without me. But with that said, I’m going to keep that element alive in my own show, because I’ve been called — and I’m going to own up to it — “The Susan Lucci of Reality TV.” I’m fine with that. A villain is sexy if you think about it, and you look at the real definition. She’s not a bad girl, she’s a villain. And I’m the villain, so I’ll own it.

Real Housewives To Walk the Runway At The Elle Magazine's SACHIKA Fashion Show

Article from Washington Bangla Radio.

SACHIKA’s Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear collection sponsored by ALISA MARIA at New York Fashion Week on September 14, 2010, at 2:00 PM at Elle Magazine’s Style 360 Event at Metropolitan Pavilion.

What better way to kick off New York Fashion Week than with a runway show featuring some of the most sought-after celebrities? Wardrobe stylist and jewelry designer ALISA MARIA presents SACHIKA's much-anticipated fashion show with a full lineup of celebrities for New York Fashion Week. The show promises to be New York Fashion Week’s most celebrated event with an outstanding number of confirmed Celebs & A-Listers attending & participating. This wildly popular fashion show will be filmed for the new seasons of both Bravo’s hit TV shows “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and “The Real Housewives of New York”.

SACHIKA is a movement that encourages women to be independent, strong, and ambitious. It is for the modern woman who radiates confidence and takes charge of her own destiny. The Yin & Yang entrepreneurs also known as the SACHIKA TWINS moved from Montreal to New York City to achieve the ultimate “American Dream.” SACHIKA has now earns a reputation as the must-have fashion line to the stars.
The SACHIKA Spring 2011 catwalk will be brimming with effortless downtown-girl chic with a dash of sexy, sleek sophistication. The theme of this season's show is “A Vietnamese Princess in Paris.” The collection will be styled by image director Ugo Mozie, who will accessorize the collection with dazzling jewels by Alisa Maria. The show will open with a dance performance and morph into a star-studded celebrity fashion show. Expect an incredible array of celebs gracing the runway and audience such as Alex McCord and Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives of New York, Rap Royalty Angela and Vanessa Simmons, Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s Adrienne Bailon, The Pussycat Dolls’ Melody Thornton, ICE T and wife Coco, actress Denyce Lawton, Jive Records artist Matisse & Bad Boy Records Cheri Dennis, Celebrity DJ Sky Nellor, America Next Top Model Finalists Sheena, Anchal Joseph, Angelea Preston & Alexandra Underwood, TV Personality VH1's Mz Berry as well as Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
SACHIKA is part of STYLE360, sponsored by Elle Magazine,, Stolichnaya Vodka, Beauti Control, Sebastian Professional and Starbucks Frappucino. For additional information, contact Robin Kassner, Haute PR, at (917) 388-3494, hautepr(at)gmail(dot)com or visit

These twin sensations are without-a-doubt the ones to watch this season's during NY Fashion Week. To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika design dazzling dresses to satisfy every woman’s dreams and desires.
SACHIKA’s feminine, fabulous, flirty fashion line consistently attracts the hottest names in the industry. The brand was created by Celebrity Twin Fashion Designers To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika, who have dressed such public figures as super hot rapper Nicki Minaj, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, recording artist Faith Evans, Omarosa from The Apprentice, Jill Zarin from the Real Housewives of New York, Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Adrienne Bailon, recording artist Fantasia, and Celebrity Blogger Tila Tequila, to name a few. Celeb stylists, publicists and stars keep SACHIKA's number on speed-dial. A SACHIKA dress can transform any woman into best-dressed perfection. It's the style secret that constantly has high profile clients wearing SACHIKA. The brand has been lauded in Forbes, Teen Vogue, the Daily News, Businessweek, Fashion Week Daily,

Danielle's PR Not Bravo Approved?

Article from Chicago Now.

By:jenn sale
I swear, unless she lights herself on fire today, I'm not writing another story about her.

But this is rather interesting.

Since Bravo was rather vague in its official statement regarding the departure of Danielle Staub, the rumor mill has been buzzing about all sorts of things. A couple of them being Danielle's contract and settlement.

Well, we know she was canned in June or somewhere around that time. Cast and Bravo mothership sources have confirmed this. It really had nothing to do with the other cast members, but they were very vocal about her. Well, duh.

It mostly had to do with the underhanded production deals going on with Danielle like the Hustler brokered sex tape she claims to have made not a single dime off of. Uh-huh....sure. Basically her side projects were not Houswives brand approved.
So Danielle got canned for that and basically being a crazy pain in the butt to deal with. But Bravo was nice about it and gave her a pretty sweet deal provided she not talk smack about the show, network, or cast. In return they would not say anything bad about her. And they own her for another two years. Meaning if she does by some act of Hades gets her own reality show, it has to be enough to buy Bravo out with, or they get a piece of the pie.
As I reported before, all this spin off... Danielle's own show about her nonsense, is Danielle living in fantasy land. Nobody is even interested in picking this up. This whole "I'm Bi" thing is a sad and sorry grab for Logo's attention because she got a cool "maybe" from them last month.

So this morning I was texting with my Bravo mole funny ha-ha's about Danielle's admission that she allegedly did the nasty with Prince. Which led to the revelation that there is allegedly a big implosion heading Danielle's way courtesy of Bravo Legal. You see, Bravo had feelers in the waters to see how the actual confirmation of Danielle leaving would play in the public, combined with reaction from the reunion specials. Well you guessed it...nobody shed a single tear with Danielle being canned. Not to mention the outpouring of excitement with the casting of Teresa's real life nemesis Melissa Gorga pretty much making Danielle as a draw a total non issue.

This led to the final nail in the "Danielle's Spin Off Show" coffin. It was the carrot, and the carrot rotted and fell off the string. Good Night and Thank You,'s been a slice.

Well when Danielle got this news she went apeshiz crazy and started her media blitz/smear. I'm told the whole Access Hollywood interview yesterday and the OK! Magazine, and Steppin' Out interviews are in total violation of that contract. Not only is she not going to have any work, but she might have to give that settlement back if Bravo wants to play hardball. So in short, she'd be broke and Bravo still owns her.

So yay you, Danielle...another epic FAIL. Why couldn't you just go home and chill for a few months? That addicted to drama, huh.

The RHOA In Ebony's October Issue

Pic./tweet from NeNe.

It's a 6 page spread of me & the housewives n the October issue of Ebony! Pic 1 up & check us out! Here a fabulous 1 for ya

Mary Amons Is Selling Her Home

Post from The Washington Post.

By: Roxanne Roberts And Amy Argetsinger
Sellers: Rich and Mary Amons
Asking price: $2.35 million
Details: Finally, you, too, can live like one of the "Real Housewives of D.C."! The stars of the new Bravo series -- they're the ones with the five kids and the big Bernese-mastiff mix -- are selling their McLean mini-mansion home of 16 years. No solid plans yet, but they're looking to move within the region. The 5,450-square-foot modern colonial has six bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, three fireplaces, a four-car garage. Unclear if Mary's as-seen-on-TV biometric closet-door lock (to keep the girls from borrowing mom's clothes!) conveys with the property.

Kelly On Her Way To Film With US

Pics./tweets from Kelly.
These jeggings/ mens shirt/ hat are from @gap.

Off to film with wearing Chloe shirt, gap 1969 jeans, stella mac bag, green patent HIGH heels

Kandi Would Love To Work With Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill Or Shania Twain

Article from Bleu.

Interview conducted by Monte’ Alexander
If success is measured by longevity, Kandi Burruss is among an elite group of artists whose careers spawn nearly two decades. First coming on the scene as a member of Jermaine Dupri’s platinum-selling R&B quartet Xscape in the 90’s; Kandi has transformed from a member of just another girl group to an accomplished songwriter, reality television starlet and exceptional business woman.
Photo: Dexina Nelson
Her songwriting credits reads like a ‘Who’s who’ list with artists ranging from Alicia Keys and Pink to Destiny’s Child and Whitney Houston; in 2000 Kandi became the first women to win ASCAP’s Rhythm & Soul Songwriter of the Year. Bleu had the opportunity to talk with Kandi about her new single, “Leave U,” new album, and some inside scoop about the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Bleu: Your new album is called “Kandi Koated Nights,” tell us about the new album.
Kandi: Kandi Koated. I just say Kandi Koated because I’m so indecisive (laughs). So let’s just say “Kandi Koated”. It’ll be Kandi Koated something, just not sure yet (laughs). The album is real R&B; it’ll take you back to Xscape. R&B with that bump, mid-tempos, feel good songs, relationship songs, happy, upset; a little bit of everything. There are 3 uplifting records that have nothing to do with relationships. I worked with Ne-Yo, he wrote and produced, and Bryan Michael Cox. I recorded a lot of great songs but like I said I’m so indecisive (laughs) so probably only 12 songs will make the album though, of course.

Bleu: The lead single, “Leave U” premiered last week. What is the inspiration behind the track?
Kandi: I wanted to go back in the studio and work with Jazze. A friend of mine, Avon, and I were collaborating, talking about different styles and concepts; strong concepts. And he was like “You need that one record with that old, Xscape sound.” Most of Xscape biggest records were mid-tempos, so “Leave U” fits that style and sound.

Bleu: Are there any features or collaborations on the album?
Kandi: There’s a song with Tiny. I’m thinking about adding another woman on it, just not sure who though. It’s called “Superwoman”. Ne-Yo sings background on a song. His vocals haven’t been taken out, you can hear him. But I wouldn’t call that a feature, it’s not a duet or anything. So right now, no features.

Bleu: Your new album was originally titled, B.L.O.G.S., why was the title changed?
Kandi: I decided to change it after AJ’s passing. We use to see different things on these websites about us and during that time I wanted to get back at those people who had something to say. After he passed, certain things inspired the new material and songs on the album. I wanted to leave all the negative things in the past so I wanted to change the title and direction.

Bleu: True R&B music seems to be making a comeback. How do you feel your new material stands against some of the other R&B artists who’ve released music this year?
Kandi: The album is strong. I wanted to go back in the studio to make sure this album is one of the strongest albums I’ve ever done. Going back in the studio allowed me to pull out that extra ammo and work with Ne-Yo. I recently talked to Sean Garrett about possibly working on something for the album and even JD (Jermaine Dupri), might add something to it. So it’s definitely gonna be a strong album. It’s the type of album that even if you don’t like me, (laughs) you’ll be able to appreciate the album. So the new music will be able to stand against all the music that’s out.

Bleu: Is a music video being planned for “Leave U” and if so, when can we expect it?
Kandi: We’re just getting directors and still planning the video now. The actual impact date for the song isn’t until September 14th, we leaked it to some websites and a few radio stations for early adds but we’re still getting the video together, but one is coming.

Bleu: If you could describe your new album in 3 words, what would they be?
Kandi: Um, well dang, I don’t know about three words but I can say three phrases (laughs); finding love, having love and losing love.

Bleu: Your debut album (Hey Kandi) was released in 2000, why such the long delay in bringing you follow-up?
Kandi: Well, it was multiple things. At first, I was really unhappy. Unhappy at how the album was handled. The single, “Don’t Think I’m Not,” did well, but the album didn’t. So after that I was like forget it but then changed my mind. Next thing you know, I got pregnant. So I had to get use to being a mom and wanted to focus on raising my daughter. When I did get back into it, I focused on songwriting and was successful, so when I got another record deal, label saw me as Kandi “The Songwriter” and not as Kandi “The Artist”. It was like they’d prefer me to write a song for a hot new artist instead of using it for myself. Last year when I release the EP, it was the #1 album on iTunes that week and we knew we had something. People still cared and wanted to hear music from Kandi, so that was refreshing.

Bleu: What’s your take on the current state of R&B?
Kandi: It’s on the come up. Monica, Fantasia, Trey Songz, Dondria and classic R&B artists like Raheem DeVaughn and Jahiem, the type who never stopped making that classic sound. A lot of artists who had hits in the past are coming back. Labels are allowing artists who had success in the past to have an opportunity. At one time, labels weren’t signing anybody who were over 30, now it’s space for everybody. People forget that artists who aren’t “mainstream” are moving units. Jahiem sold over one hundred thousand copies the first week with his new album. Adult Contemporary R&B radio is popping! And it’s because of artists like Jahiem, Raheem DeVaughn, Fantasia and Monica. People are coming out in droves to see those type of artists. So artists, who are more adult contemporary radio centered; are the ones that are holding R&B together

Bleu: Are there any artists that you’ve worked with in the past or artists that you haven’t worked with that you would like to?
Kandi: A country artist. None in particular, of course everybody would want to work with Carrie Underwood. I like Faith Hill, always loved her voice. Shania Twain, if she is working on some new music, I’d like to work with her (laughs). My mom introduced me to country music early on; the lyrical content of country music is what makes it unique.

Bleu: Last year, your boutique T.A.G.S. opened in Atlanta. How’s business?
Kandi: (laughs) Everything is going good! We’re looking to open another location possibly in Buckhead. We want to have two in the Atlanta area, so more people can get to it and so that we can attract more people. But business is good.

Bleu: Do you plan on expanding T.A.G.S. in areas outside of the Atlanta area.
Kandi: I would like to but bring it to areas that aren’t really known for fashion. So places like Nashville and Charlotte.

Bleu: Tell us about your weekly blog series on Hello
Kandi: I met one of the directors of BlackPlanet and he told me they had the Hello Beautiful blog. He and I talked about different things I could possibly due with the blog and after AJ’s passing, they posted a letter I wrote and the response was crazy. So I started to do a blog but I didn’t wanna do a boring one so I figured I’m around celebrities all the time, so why not do videos with us discussing issues that we all go through in everyday life.

Bleu: You’ve become sort of a multi-media fixture. Your Ustream show, “Kandi Koated Nights” is extremely popular with the Twitter crowd. How did you get involved with that?
Kandi: I fell into it actually (laughs). I was doing a contest where if I called your cell phone and heard my song “Fly Above” as your caller tone, I’d take you out to dinner when I came to your city. My business partner Neeq, she does the show with me, suggested we go on Ustream and pick the winners. You know the comment box on the side where you can chat and leave messages, somebody in the room left a nasty comment and I told them to wait until after midnight and I’d give them comment because this wasn’t Kandi After Dark. Next thing you know, we had 40,000 people watching at one time. After that people started to email stories about different subjects and ask for our advice. It’s basically a recorded conversation amongst friends, we give honest answers and opinions; it’s gonna be on the Housewives this season. They recorded some footage when I have the lady’s on. It scares me sometimes, though (laughs). I have a habit of speaking before I think and on the show I’m so honest that I’ll give my opinion and then think about it like “oops, what did I just say” (laughs). It’s all in good fun, though.

Bleu: You joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta last year, how has that experience been for you?
Kandi: Fun. It’s been fun even though I didn’t like taping as much the second time around. This season we taped longer, it’s gonna 18 episodes this year. We had four camera crews so I thought they’d split the crews up between all of us but it felt like they were taping me all the time (laughs). We taped 5 days a week and sometimes, 7 days a week. The show added a lot to me. It showed what I’m doing business wise and made people see that even though there was a time when people didn’t see me, I was still working, The new season starts October 4th and this season you’ll see a lot of everybody’s real personal issues. I’m sure you’ve read and see everything NeNe’s been through and she definitely let people in. You’ll also get to see how me and Kim’s dynamics have changed. This season a lot of things have changed and it’s worth the watch.

Bleu: Speaking of Kim, “Tardy For the Party”. You gave all the tone deaf people of the world rejoiced after hearing what you did with that song. Would you ever work with Kim again?
Kandi: (laughs) thank you. And sure, I’d work with her again, if we can work out the business. I didn’t make any money off “Tardy for the Party,” she did. We actually did record another song together.

Dina Talks About Freshology And Fashion

Catherine Loves Washington D.C.

From The

By Alyssa Rosenberg
It's become common for reality show stars, if they end up as the bad guy in the editing room, to embrace the role. If you can stir the pot without inciting calls to the cops or physical violence, you become a valuable commodity. Not so for Cat Ommanney, the British import to the Real Housewives of Washington, DC who became a lightning rod on-camera for a series of social faux pas in early episodes of the show and off-camera when the marriage that brought her to Washington dissolved. In a conversation with, Ommanney was frank about her missteps and clearly distraught about the role she's been assigned by the media. But she also told us about why she's excited about her move to 14th Street, and what she's learned about reality television editing and when not to wear a Sarah Palin outfit to a costume party. This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Photo: Bravo
I've spent a fair amount of time in both the UK and Washington. What did you find to be the differences between the social scenes in England and DC?
If I’d known about the differences like you, I probably wouldn’t have said half the things I said because I didn’t realize I was offending people with my brash, rude British sense of humor. I never mean to offend people or upset people, it’s not in my psyche....Someone asked me the other day if I learned anything about myself doing the show, and I definitely did, because I speak my mind before I think about how it sounds and how it’s reflected and how I’m portrayed, and if I were to do it again, I’d definitely put a filter on because I never mean to upset anybody or offend anybody, much less really, really get people upset.

Washington does have a large international community. Did anyone who moved here from abroad help you figure out the city? Were there things you learned along the way?
I should have been given ten years to give my head around DC. Closed doors is an understatement. I didn’t realize how much of a fish out of water I’d feel....I wish I’d gotten a crash course in DC, which I didn’t, because I always imagined DC as before I arrived there as being like New York or Los Angeles, big city, skyscrapers. Everyone’s so say the right thing, do the right thing, do the right dinner parties, it’s all about power and politics, which isn’t of interest to me. It’s not my bag.

Definitely don’t go dressed up as Sarah Palin to any Republican party. That’s Thursday [the episode that will air tonight].

How do you think editing affected the way you appear on the show?
I take on Edwina Rodgers, she’s really a lovely lady. I liked her, and I had fun with her, but of course they take our laughter out of the scenes to make it look like we’re having a ridiculous conversation....I sent an email to Andy Cohen the other night saying if you think your New Jersey wives are out of line, wait ‘til I get on the air. There’s got to be a villain on every show, but I never imagined myself to be set up to be the villain, but maybe I shouldn’t have been so short-sighted. Who better than the Brit? Let’s edit the Brit to make her the bitch, the rude, loud-mouthed racist, let’s make her out to be everything and maybe she’ll end up okay. I did get on with all the women and the show, except Michaele. You are who you are. You have nothing to hide. You have nothing to hide. But in Washingotn of all places, it took me a while....When I look at the first three episodes, and I’m having lunch with Mary, and she’s glaring at her daughter, Lolly, who is serving us, and they make it look like she’s glaring at me.

Are you coming back to Washington?
I love Washington. Considering I’ve said closed doors, I think I’ve managed to hunt down the coolest, loveliest people in Washington, and I have good friends there now....I’m not a suburban woman, I’m either in or I’m out. I’ve just moved temporarily, I don’t know how long for, to a place on 14th Street that I love. It’s more my kind of places...Desperate Housewives in Chevy Chase [where she lived with her ex-husband] was never my style. You couldn’t walk out the door if you didn’t have a stroke of makeup on and spandex and a dog. It wasn’t really my scene. 14th Street is really more my scene, being downtown where people are....I’ve got to say, I’ve always had a lot of gay friends, and known a lot of gay men, and there’s a lot of bars and restaurants [she's got good things to say about the Gibson in her new corridor, and likes the Four Seasons further afield] and fabulous gay men on 14th Street, so I’m at home.

How are your daughters holding up?
They’re great. They’re just incredibly beautiful children, and I’m very lucky to have somehow been able to produce such lovely girls. They’re magical. They’ve had their first two or three days in their new school. There are these reports of Cat’s shipped her girls back to the UK, and it’s the biggest bullshit I’ve heard in my life. They’re in boarding school in the UK, which is what they’ve always wanted to do. I’m missing them massively. It’s what they wanted. It’s not necessarily what I wanted.

And are you doing all right?
As of episode five, people start seeing a little bit more of me. I rang the producers and said I can’t believe you made me to be this absolute nightmare bitch, racist cow from hell, and they said you’ve got to hang in there. Hopefully America will see that. I am the lion from the Wizard of Oz, knocking on the door for courage.... I’ve put on a brave face, but it is incredibly hurtful. Losing my husband, and my family, and everything else, to be portrayed as this woman is incredibly challenging.

Danielle On The Early Show

Danielle Left The RHONJ On Her Terms

Article from People Magazine.

By:Charlotte Triggs
Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey may be worried that Danielle Staub‘s departure might take the air out of the show, but Staub says she’s thrilled to get away from the drama.

“I am exhaling now, definitely,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m relieved, happy. It feels amazing to leave on a positive note.”

While reports have implied that Staub, 48, wasn’t invited back for season 3, she says it was all her decision. “There was really nothing left,” Staub says. “I left on my terms.”

Behind her decision, she cites the stress of dealing with costars Caroline Manzo, former Housewife Dina Manzo, Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita, who had once been Staub’s friend.

“At the reunion, I knew I was leaving but I didn’t know if I’d get to say goodbye or if it’d be chased off the set,” says Staub. “I can honestly say it was starting to be a really stressful situation for me. Constantly having to deal with people attacking me physically, emotionally, mentally, as a mother, as a human, as a woman. I really didn’t want to continue that.”
And while Staub says she’s going to keep her promise to Laurita by letting their issues go, she’s not so charitable with Giudice, whom she recently compared to a character from Planet of the Apes.

“Teresa’s crazy. Look at her behavior. I don’t regret or apologize for anything I said,” says Staub. “In the scheme of things what I said was not even that bad, compared to what she has called me — a ‘prostitition whore.’ “

She also blasts Giudice’s actions following her 2009 bankruptcy filing.

“I wouldn’t wish what happened to Teresa on anybody but I don’t respect that she’s not owning up to it. She has a platform now to help people learn not to overextend or overindulge,” says Staub. “I’ve said all along, ‘karma’s a bigger bitch than I am.’ ”