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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Danielle's PR Not Bravo Approved?

Article from Chicago Now.

By:jenn sale
I swear, unless she lights herself on fire today, I'm not writing another story about her.

But this is rather interesting.

Since Bravo was rather vague in its official statement regarding the departure of Danielle Staub, the rumor mill has been buzzing about all sorts of things. A couple of them being Danielle's contract and settlement.

Well, we know she was canned in June or somewhere around that time. Cast and Bravo mothership sources have confirmed this. It really had nothing to do with the other cast members, but they were very vocal about her. Well, duh.

It mostly had to do with the underhanded production deals going on with Danielle like the Hustler brokered sex tape she claims to have made not a single dime off of. Uh-huh....sure. Basically her side projects were not Houswives brand approved.
So Danielle got canned for that and basically being a crazy pain in the butt to deal with. But Bravo was nice about it and gave her a pretty sweet deal provided she not talk smack about the show, network, or cast. In return they would not say anything bad about her. And they own her for another two years. Meaning if she does by some act of Hades gets her own reality show, it has to be enough to buy Bravo out with, or they get a piece of the pie.
As I reported before, all this spin off... Danielle's own show about her nonsense, is Danielle living in fantasy land. Nobody is even interested in picking this up. This whole "I'm Bi" thing is a sad and sorry grab for Logo's attention because she got a cool "maybe" from them last month.

So this morning I was texting with my Bravo mole funny ha-ha's about Danielle's admission that she allegedly did the nasty with Prince. Which led to the revelation that there is allegedly a big implosion heading Danielle's way courtesy of Bravo Legal. You see, Bravo had feelers in the waters to see how the actual confirmation of Danielle leaving would play in the public, combined with reaction from the reunion specials. Well you guessed it...nobody shed a single tear with Danielle being canned. Not to mention the outpouring of excitement with the casting of Teresa's real life nemesis Melissa Gorga pretty much making Danielle as a draw a total non issue.

This led to the final nail in the "Danielle's Spin Off Show" coffin. It was the carrot, and the carrot rotted and fell off the string. Good Night and Thank You,'s been a slice.

Well when Danielle got this news she went apeshiz crazy and started her media blitz/smear. I'm told the whole Access Hollywood interview yesterday and the OK! Magazine, and Steppin' Out interviews are in total violation of that contract. Not only is she not going to have any work, but she might have to give that settlement back if Bravo wants to play hardball. So in short, she'd be broke and Bravo still owns her.

So yay you, Danielle...another epic FAIL. Why couldn't you just go home and chill for a few months? That addicted to drama, huh.

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