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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latest RHONJ Blogs

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Silex and Patty Stanger

Pic/Tweet from Patti, she was hanging out with Silex at a party.

Jeff Lewis house party... Hanging out with Alex and Simon. :)

Danielle-RHONJ and Jeff Lewis on WWHL

Pic/Tweet from Andy from the Bravo Clubhouse.

Look who's with me celebrating our first bday in the Bravo Clubhouse! #realclose #flippingout tweet us your cues

Alex's latest blog about the RHONJ

No One Has Clean Hands
Jul 20th, 2010 by Alex McCord.
I’m determined not to fall behind on episodes, so here we go down interstate 95 to Franklin Lakes, and what stood out for me this week…I’m not sure how funny this installment is going to be because frankly, the episode wasn’t funny – more quietly disturbing than anything else.

Topic number one was the aftermath of the fashion show confrontation & hair-pulling incident. My opinion is based on what we’ve all seen on the show – I specifically haven’t asked for further details from the ladies when I’ve seen them.

Unless something was cut out, I really don’t see how Ashley could have thought that her mother was being attacked – seems to me more of a convenient excuse to try and deflect her own behavior. Nobody deserves to have hair extensions yanked out. Is it worthy of pressing charges for assault? Eh, debatable. Is Danielle within her rights to do so? Yes. Will Ashley learn a lesson? I certainly hope so. We haven’t seen any indication of that yet based on her conversations with Caroline, Jacqueline and Derek. I really hope for her sake that her attitude changes and her underlying anger lessens. She mentioned to Derek that her mother keeps bringing the incident up – I’m sure the reason is that Jacqueline hasn’t gotten through to her.

Ultimately? No one walked out of that fashion show with clean hands. Danielle was rude during the show. Teresa started something by waiting for Danielle, and flew off the handle with the “don’t call me honey” comment and the jab about her house being in foreclosure, and Jacqueline may as well have had popcorn on the sidelines, then stood in front of the car like a matador staring down a bull. These girls are all scrappy and no one is afraid of a fight. I wish Danielle would just admit that she loves the confrontation too – the “oh poor me” business is getting boring. I tend to think that at the moment of the hair pulling, Danielle had to be doing an internal dance that she had “won” by getting a rise out of Ashley.

Did anyone else see the look on Christine’s face when Danielle was getting into the boxing practice? Knowing how to defend yourself against a mugger or rapist is a good thing, and I’ve taken those classes too. It got a little much for me when Danielle was shouting Teresa’s and Jacqueline’s names while punching.

More cute family scenes from the Giudice family – at least the little girls weren’t shouting out the names of kids on the playground when they threw their punches and kicks, so they are ahead of the game there. Glad to see Albie got his letter and has a plan; if he gets into school in California, Caroline will get to work on her tan!

I have to finish soon to play outside with two children advancing on the office with whiffleball and cricket bats. However before I do that, let’s talk about blonde women named Kim. Kim D didn’t bug me this week, but Kim G??? Wow. She has a lovely face and beautiful eyes, and hopefully has good intentions notwithstanding a clear desire for airtime. That’s about the best I can say for her. Why on earth is she playing both sides? Does she seriously think she can accompany Danielle to file charges against Ashley, and then show up to support Jacqueline? Is she going to dash between the two sides of the courtroom like a Keystone cop in a purple knit hat to testify as a witness for Danielle, then hold Jacqueline’s hand? Stay tuned for more on that…in the meantime, if you’re going to be in the Asbury Park area this weekend, come to the Bodega Shoppe on Saturday the 24th where Simon and I will be signing books, and don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter.

Ramona's Vacation Pic.

Pic. from Ramona's family vacation in Rhode Island.

Just finished lunch on the boat we are having the best time don't want to leave Newport RI

Kandi's new video for Hello Beautiful

Click HERE to see Kandi talk with Sunshine Anderson about depression.

Bethenny dishes with Wendy Williams

Bethenny dropped by the Wendy Williams show last week to talk about the RHONY,Jason,career and new baby Bren.

Video of Gretchen at the premiere of Salt

Short video of Gretchen on the step and repeat at Salt.

The Real Housewive Franchise goes global

Post from the NY Post about all the RH shows popping up.

The Real Housewives” franchise has stormed the European shores.

“The Real Housewives of Athens” — as in Greece, not Georgia — is currently being filmed and is expected to premiere this fall. Like its American sisters, this version will follow affluent Greek ladies as they bustle about the cradle of democracy.

It’s just one of many planned Euro editions of the series, which features a format so easy to copy — a handful of screeching women living their “fabulous” lives — that parent company NBC Universal has already had to initiate a lawsuit against imitators in Spain to protect its hit intellectual property.

Although it hasn’t been picked up yet, casting is complete for the UK’s “The Real Housewives of Sandbanks,” set on the ritzy resort peninsula in Dorset, England — aka “Britain’s Monte Carlo.”

Meanwhile, versions set in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Australia have also been optioned, with an Israeli version expected to be optioned soon.

NeNe and Angie Stone

NeNe's latest interview for Ch. 11 Atlanta with Angie Stone.

Gwen's latest post

Click HERE if you want to read Gwen's I hate Alex McCord blog post.

Vicki-RHOOC talks about work and family

Interview Vicki did with The Office Stylist.

Life at Work: Vicki of The Real Housewives Orange County
It’s pretty obvious that life at work is different for all of us, so you can imagine our excitement at interviewing Vicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of Orange County. After all, what does a real housewife do?

Interviewed by Sayeh Pezeshki, Editor/Founder of TheOfficeStylist
Describe your typical workday

My typical workday consists of waking up between 6-7am. I am committed to staying in shape, and have recently enrolled in a Reformer Pilates class which I really love. I work out typically from 7am – 8am. After I get home, I usually throw a load of laundry in, shower and head straight to the office. I’m usually there by 9am.

My workday consists of selling life insurance or seeing clients to assist them in their retirement income planning. I am usually out of the office by 8pm at the latest. My nights consist of cooking dinner, finishing laundry, taking the new puppy for a walk and then back to my home office to do more emails and personal bills.

If you could work anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I fell in love with Santorini, Greece 3 years ago. I would love to work there. The lifestyle and work load seems manageable and they are committed to spending a few hours during the work day to have a siesta or coffee break. That would be ideal to me.

How would you describe your workspace?

I have a very large u -shape desk, 2 computer monitors, a credenza and a tall 4 drawer file cabinet in my office. I also have a large window that allows me to have natural light and a view of Saddleback Mountain which Is very beautiful.

What is one “work item” you can’t live without (could be your planner, laptop, iphone, ipad, etc)?

That’s easy – I can’t live without my computer. I would be out of business if I did not have that.

If you could switch careers for a day, what would you do?

I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living, and wouldn’t want to change it for any career. Selling life insurance and designing people’s retirement plans is truly a passion of mine, and with each day that I am given, it allows me to change my clients lives with the type of planning I do.

You have so much going on; can you give us one tip on how you keep it all together?

A great glass of wine at 10pm. Just kidding. But really, what allows me to keep it altogether – it’s good staff, a great support system at home and a lot of prayers.

What are 3 things fans don’t know about you?

I miss my father daily and pray to him every day. My father died of Alzheimer’s at a young age of 65, and the older I get the more I miss him

I would like to move back to the Midwest to be closer to my family

I’d like to retire by the time I’m 60, and pass my business along to my son Michael to run.

The most fearless and adventurous of all the housewives, Vicki Gunvalson, 47, is one of the original ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County, appearing on the docu-series since season one. She owns a successful life insurance business, which viewers will see is continuing to boom with now over 600 agents under her helm. She is married to her second husband Donn Gunvalson, who is an executive at a shipping company.

Real Housewives attend House Beautiful Event

Caroline and Alex attended House Beautiful's 2010 Kitchen Of The Year Opening Night at Rockefeller Center in NYC yesterday they are pictured with Jeff Lewis from Bravo's Flipping Out.

Lynn's New Blog Post

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RHONJ Review 7-19-10

From the Star-Ledger.

By: Vicki Hyman
 "Real Housewives of New Jersey" should have come with a warning sticker this week: Kim Granatell will give you whiplash. First she tells Jacqueline Laurita that Teresa Giudice was out of control at the North Jersey Country Club throwdown, then she commiserates with Teresa about Danielle Staub bringing up Teresa's financial problems -- as if Teresa would ever admit to having something as crass as financial problems. And then she's by Danielle's side when Danielle presses charges against Jacqueline's daughter, Ashley Holmes. And THEN she shows up at Jacqueline's house with the freaking newspaper and tells Jacqueline that she'll stand by her side if she needs her ... but she probably won't have to because, Kim G. says, "by that time, we probably won't be friends anymore." It's a little unclear about whether she's talking about Jacqueline or Danielle. But she's probably right in either case.

Getting punchy: Danny Provenzano takes Danielle and her daughters to a boxing gym to teach her how to defend herself. She pretents she's hitting Teresa and Jacqueline. Then she's taught various self-defense moves. "It only takes one good smack to the head to make a person never walk again," Danielle says ambitiously. Meanwhile, Jacqueline comes over to Kim G.'s house. Hey, I've been there! Kim tries to tell Jacqueline that Teresa was out of control, but Jacqueline immediately defends Teresa, saying that the only time Teresa has lost her temper has been around Danielle. Kim wonders why Ashley didn't get arrested for pulling Danielle's hair, and Jacqueline says she can't condone what Ashley did.

Second chances: At the Manzo house, Al, Chris and Lauren are eating breakfast before going off to the Brownstone to work. Al tells law school reject (for lack of a nicer term) Albie that he could do some marketing work if he has time. Albie is feeling sorry for himself. But later he gets the letter from Seton Hall allowing him to apply to other schools. Yay. He tells Caroline there's a good chance he'll have to go out of state. God forbid. Al tells Caroline to get ready to deal with it.

A surprise visitor: Teresa heads over to Posche boutique, where she apologizes to Kim DePaola for making trouble at the fashion show. "If anything, I was trying to be nice," she lies (for lack of a nicer term). Kim D. says she's not upset, and the two proceed to trash Danielle. Kim G. shows up; Teresa is taken off guard. Kim, who earlier told Jacqueline that Teresa was out of line, tells Teresa that Danielle was out of line by bringing up something as personal as money woes. Then Teresa bluntly asks Kim G. why she's friends with Danielle. "I pity her," Kim G. says. In voiceover, Teresa says that the only regret she has from fight night is pushing Kim G., because she's an older woman,, "and I do respect the elderly." Ouch.
Whatever: Ashley tells boyfriend Derek that it's tough being home because her mother won't drop the fact that Ashley attacked Danielle. "At first I was like yeah, you know, I learned my lesson, blah blah blah, I was handling it well, but then she just keeps on bringing it up over and over again." Ah, to be 19 and lack any trace of self-awareness. In voiceover, Caroline says that Ashley was wrong, but she was doing it to protect her mother. Except her mother did not need protecting, of course. Ashley says Danielle has it out for her and wonders who she slept with to pay for her brand-new hair extensions. Derek tells her he's tired of talking about her, and that he hopes that Ashley got it out of her system. And Ashley says -- all together now -- whatever.

Movin' on up: Teresa visits Joe at his new pizzeria in Hillside, just west of Newark. I've been there too, decent slices. There's the pizzeria, plus a laundromat below some apartments, and Joe jokes that after they're tossed out of their mansion, this is where they'll be living. Ha ha, Teresa says. She explains their money problems: "I own a lot of properties in my name. Some good investments, some bad investments. The economy is bad." (And when the economy is bad, one doesn't, say, throw lavish housewarming parties -- particularly if you can't afford to furnish the house.)

Her day in court: Danielle meets Danny at the Oakland diner. She says she can't blame whole debacle on Ashley, who once looked up to her. For heaven's sake, Ashley once used Danielle's tanning room! She must have been poisoned by Jacqueline. Danielle meets with her attorneys, Darren DelSardo and Anthony Filomeno, outside Wayne municipal court. Kim G. and Danielle's other friends back up Danielle's tale of woe. Danielle claims that she heard someone say they were going to get her and that they'll kill her, which I don't recall from the footage, but quite frankly, she had enough of a case without that. Kim G. and the other friends say they just heard name calling. Ashley is charged with harassment and simple assault.

Two-faced monster: Kim G. turns up at Jacqueline's house with a copy of the Herald News with the story about Danielle's decision to press charges against Ashley. Um, why? Jacqueline rips into her for charging up to the courthouse arm-in-arm "like a busted up 'Sex and the City." Kim G. says she won't apologize for going with Danielle. Jacqueline says it's ridiculous that Danielle expects people to forgive and forget what she did 25 years ago and yet press charges against Ashley for a hair pull. "This girl has no one, and she asked me to do certain things, and I do them," Kim G. says. Jacqueline suggests that Kim G. stand by her side when she has to take Ashley court, and Kim G. agrees. "I feel like you're being two-faced," Jacqueline accuses. Kim G. agrees that she is. At least she's honest.

Best quote: "The only thing I regret about that night was pushing Kim G., because she is an older woman, and I do respect the elderly."

Gretchen Does Salt

From Bricks and Stones, Gretchen Rossi was spotted at Los Angeles Premiere of "Salt" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, in Hollywood, CA. July 19, 2010.