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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will you recognize the new Nene?

Below are pictures of the before and after of Nene's plastic surgery. The RHOA have been filming for a month or two, expect to see the NEW Nene soon.

Gregg Leakes apologizes to Nene

Piece from Reality Tea about Nene and Gregg.

Gregg Leakes made headlines when an audio tape of him trashing his wife Nene Leakes leaked online.

In the audio, which his lawyers are now calling an unauthorized recording, Gregg can be heard bashing the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, saying she has let the Housewives fame go to her head. “I put $300,000 of my own money for [NeNe] to become a housewife. Without that, she wouldn’t be sh*t . . . She’s going to give me every dime of my $300,000 back,” said an angry Gregg.

As we reported, Gregg was secretly recorded by radio host Corey King, during what he thought was a private phone call between the two. The reason King decided to tape Gregg’s conversation? Well allegedly, Gregg owes Cory some money and began avoiding Corey when he couldn’t pay him back.

In a new statement released through his lawyers at The Gardner Law Group, Gregg apologizes to his wife and acknowledges the two are having marital problems. The statement also claims Gregg’s conversation with King took place after an argument with Nene.

Excerpts from his statement below -

“On June 2, 2010, an unauthorized audio taped conversation between Mr. Gregg Leakes and Mr. Corey King was made privy to the public by Mr. King and Large FM. While Mr. King touted an “exclusive interview”, the taped recording was obtained by fraud and deception. Neither Mr. King nor Large FM were granted consent to interview Mr. Leakes and an interview never occurred.

Throughout the duration of the call with Mr. King, Mr. Leakes was under the impression that he was simply confiding in a friend after an argument with his wife. However, Mr. King has demonstrated through this blatant disregard of Mr. Leakes’ privacy that he does not even comprehend the word “friend”. The audio recording was deceptive and the release of it was nothing short of malicious.

It is not a secret to anyone that Mr. and Mrs. Leakes are facing marital challenges, a situation common to many couples. However, there is no doubt that Mr. King’s intentions were dishonorable, hateful, and inexcusable. His deceptive act was committed without any regard to Mr. or Mrs. Leakes.

Mr. Leakes has apologized privately to his wife and he offers a sincere apology to the others mentioned in the audio. Any further discussion of the matter should be amongst Mr. Leakes and those individuals, privately.”

The Daily Beast breaks down the cost of living like a RHONJ

by Pamela Redmond Satran
After the bankruptcy filing of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice—her family has a stunning $11 million debt—Pamela Redmond Satran breaks down the cast’s spending.

When Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey filed for bankruptcy this month, court documents revealed she receives a mere $3,333 per month from Bravo for co-starring on the show. Not nearly enough, apparently, to cover the cost of her favorite bubbies, baubles, and baby ATVs.

In fact, that salary will pay for just four days of the mortgage and other expenses of living in Teresa’s Towaco, New Jersey, marble mansion, which she and her husband recently pulled from the market, where it had been priced at $4 million.

Dina’s freaky Sphynx cat, Grandma Wrinkles, would cost $1,500 on the open market, as would her Chinchilla Persian.

And Teresa would need to film 3,300 episodes of the show, about one a week until she’s 100 years old, in order to earn enough to pay off the $11 million in debt she and hubby Joe Giudice have racked up, according to papers filed in a Newark bankruptcy court.

Teresa’s setback raises the question: What, exactly, does it cost to be a New Jersey Housewife? More than you’d think, judging from the price tags on some of the ladies’ favorite items—and perhaps less than you’d think, when you consider all the items they themselves are hawking.

Danielle Staub

Although Teresa’s palace is no longer for sale, you can still buy Danielle Staub’s Tudor house in the hills of Wayne, New Jersey, at the new low price of $1,095,000, reduced from $1,495,000, with property taxes of $35,348. The place has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a pool.

You’ll have to install your own stripper pole—in last week’s episode, Danielle claimed she was “out of practice”—but you can pick up a Lil' Minx Pro with faux alligator carrying case for $399. Cut-rate models can be had on Amazon for $100, but we think Danielle would want the pro.

It will cost you $29.95 to watch Danielle’s sex tape over at the Hustler site, though if you sign up for a full year, they’ll take $10 off, just like at the souk. That’s just a few bucks more than her book The Naked Truth, $16.50 on Amazon, and the book doesn’t even show her naked.

If you want to dress like Danielle, you can find leather pants so tight you’d have to call them leggings, on sale at Neiman Marcus for $465.

Dina Manzo

Danielle has two material possessions in common with her now-departed nemesis on the show, Dina Manzo: a Range Rover and a bald, ugly pet. A new Range Rover will run you anywhere from 60 to 80 grand; a Chihuahua puppy like Danielle’s averages about $600.

Dina’s freaky Sphynx cat, Grandma Wrinkles, would cost $1,500 on the open market, as would her Chinchilla Persian. The cats will be joined by two newly adopted Yorkies, one of whom has paralyzed rear legs: free, though doggie diapers start at $15.95 a carton.

Like several of the other ladies, Dina has her own online store where you can purchase such Dina favorites as the Dina Manzo by Thad Cline flower necklace she’s been sporting much of this season, for $225.

Dina also sells products supporting her very worthy charity, Project Ladybug, ranging from bright red “Lucky Locks” hair streaks for $10 to a gold, enamel, and diamond ladybug-themed bracelet at $4,990.

But if you really want to know what Dina spends—as well as why her husband chose never to be shown on Real Housewives of New Jersey—check out the 2007 video of her and Tommy on the VH1 show My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding, for which the total tab was $1,095,000. (The same cost, coincidentally, of the distressed price of her enemy Danielle’s house.)

Among the expenses: $477,000 worth of flowers, $40,000 to The Stylistics to perform, a $10,650 Badgley Mischka gown, and an unspecified number of $500 Jay Strongwater jeweled butterflies.

But all this money didn’t necessarily buy happiness for Dina, who was frequently caught weeping on camera. When her then-fiancĂ© tried to comfort her, she snapped, “I don’t need comforting. I need a tissue and some drugs.”

Caroline Manzo

Perhaps the most low-key New Jersey Housewife when it comes to money, maybe because she can afford to be, is Dina’s big sis Caroline, married to Albert Manzo, co-owner of The Brownstone. Despite horrible reviews on local sites, the business was doing well enough to allow the Manzos to drop $2,000 at Barneys in the Season 2 premiere on a shopping spree to outfit the newly svelte Albert.

Caroline has a personal trainer work out with her at home, about $75 an hour in New Jersey, but shares the session with her children. And the one “designer” necklace she has been spotted wearing was by Stella and Dot, $59.

Sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita, meanwhile, blew $543.85 on prosciutto and mozzarella last week before the boys’ big card game. Her rose quartz and moonstone “fertility bracelet,” which she credited for getting her pregnant with baby Nicholas, was a $150 gift from Dina, created by spiritual adviser “Zen Jen” and available at

A man-size gun safe like the one where hubby Chris keeps his assault weapons will set you back $2,786, shipping included. And there are always pedicures at The Chateau Salon & Spa, $30; Chanel sunglasses with gold frames and quilted leather sides, for $399; and a Happy Wife, Happy Life T-shirt, $9.95 on eBay, though the pushover big-hearted Jacqueline may be doing her destitute pal Teresa a favor by buying it from her online store for twice that price.

Teresa Giudice

Other authentic RHONJ goods available on TGFabulicious include a Jersey Girl T-shirt for $24.95; a pewter multi-string necklace like the one Teresa’s been favoring this season, $100; and for the kiddies, a leopard and maribou headband modeled by the one and only Gia, $35.

During pre-bankruptcy-filing filming, Teresa dropped $1,965.80 on clothes for her three oldest girls at the Stage Left boutique in Franklin Lakes. And Gia’s Lights, Camera, Limo party from Sweet & Sassy in Ridgewood cost $489, food not included.

On the Giudice family vehicles, Gia’s mini-ATV could have been bought on sale for $299, but Papa Joe’s big-ass Escalade costs $1,280 a month, according to court papers. Though the couple claims in bankruptcy documents to have spent $12,000 in fertility treatments—why did Teresa ask Joe to get a vasectomy then?—there was no mention of the eight to 10 grand most New Jersey plastic surgeons charge for the breast augmentation we saw Teresa undergo in Season 1.

In the plus column, Teresa’s book Skinny Italian has made the New York Times bestseller list for several weeks in a row. With a new book in the works, according to her blog, perhaps she can eventually help pull the family away from the financial brink.

Pamela Redmond Satran is the author of four novels about New Jersey housewives, including Suburbanistas and Babes in Captivity. She is also the developer of

Albie flunking out of Seton Hall Law?

Click HERE to read an article about Albie Manzo and his law school troubles.

Danielle in a relationship with her singing partner?

Brief article about Danielle and Lori from
A/P Photo

By:Cindy Adams
Monday night, Danielle Staub who’s a featured cast member on Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey,’ sang her new song ‘Real Close’ with "lesbian superstar," Lori Michaels on the network's live talk show, 'Watch What Happens Live.'

According to Radar Online, the two are rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship.
Host of the show, Andy Cohen asked Staub if she and Michaels, who sang the song as a duet, were a couple. Staub replied “We’re not saying anything other than we’re together singing this song ‘Real Close,’” as she sat on Michaels lap and nuzzled her neck.

On Tuesday, Staub tweeted “Thank you everyone for supporting me with love and kindness in my song Real Close bless my gf Lori Michaels.”

Real Housewives of New Jersey 6-21-10 recap

Recap/review of last nights episode from Entertainment Weekly-Popwatch.

by Emily Exton
Danielle underwent her own “renewal” process on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, echoing her sister from across the river, Ramona. But this “new” Danielle was not the result of extensive psychotherapy, a lengthy stay in an ashram, or even a new-found career, but rather from going under the knife for her fourth breast augmentation. In her defense, her implants have caused a staph infection and generally feel hard and cold every moment of every day. (Gross). After a taking a few photos of her chest (which Danielle seemed all too eager to pose for, please tell me you noticed the slight smile emerging on her face? Sure, her daughter may be booking photo shoots and runway shows now, but she was once a model too, dammit! Don’t you forget it!), the doctor commented that she had one of the biggest deformities ever, and that this would not be an easy procedure — but as Danielle says, nothing in her life is easy. Ugh save the sob stories for your therapist, lady. Thanks to the wonders of anesthesia, Danielle was unconscious for most of the episode, however there were three loopy ladies-in-waiting eager to take her place:
Elvira: Making her Housewives debut, this “phenomenal” party planner was hired by Teresa for her long overdue housewarming party. Appalled by the Giudice’s lack of live-in help (she herself has a nanny, cleaners, cooks, drivers…) and puzzled at how they manage to live without a pool, she went toe-to-toe with Teresa on everything from martini glasses to juiced-up bouncers. The lady also rolls with an entourage of fire eaters and break dancers. While she did deliver a party that met Teresa’s Swavorski crystal explosion dreams, I couldn’t get past her shameless audition for her own Bravo party planning spin-off.

Kim D.: The owner of Posche boutique was last seen dissing Danielle at the sheriff’s dinner hosted by Caroline and Albert, which seemed strange as she had previously been spending time with her and even attended the luncheon for her daughter Christine. Ever the businesswoman, she claimed to associate with Danielle merely to maintain a friendliness (or was it cleanliness?) because it was an opportunity for business (so she was using her?). But it doesn’t matter whose side she’s on, as long as there’s a party. Kim D. is all about having a good time, and she doesn’t need an excuse to enjoy a midday cocktail — mimosas upon entering her store? I think I know where I’m going this weekend. Her drunken interruption of Teresa’s party speech was the most cringe-worthy AND laughable moment all night. As Teresa so eloquently put it: “Kim D.’s totally wasted and I love every minute of it. My kind of girl.” Have we found our new Sonja?

Kim G.: Many have commented on Kim G. — something is off with her, she plays both sides, she shouldn’t wear booty shorts. Yes, she has been at Danielle’s side this season, but she also has a strong connections to the Manzo clan (her son is best friends with Chris; Jacqueline is her neighbor), which she has been using a lot lately to disbelief of Caroline. Last week she gave her best attempt at “burlesque” dancing and failed, but last night she played the left-out victim card and successfully scored an invite to Teresa’s housewarming party (ain’t Teresa a nice person?). Once she was there, she began fueling Danielle discussions before Mama Manzo SHUT IT DOWN. Like Kim D. (and Ramona), she likes her wine and has a hard time remembering the difference between “obsessed” and “upset.” I’m not quite sure what we’re going to get with Kim G. but I want to remind Jacqueline that befriending someone like this is treading dangerously close to repeating the Danielle saga. Stop being so nice, Jacqueline! Nobody else is!

The rest of the ladies mourned the loss of Dina at their on-camera lunch table. I know this was for dramatic effect, but come on, if they really are “as thick as thieves,” she was probably over at Caroline’s house later that day (talking about Danielle no less, women don’t change overnight!). Things were certainly calmer without another mind numbing conversation about Danielle and I also felt much more comfortable being in a Danny-free zone (although he was probably sitting creepily in the waiting room during Danielle’s procedure, with $20s and $50s eager for her to make a quick recovery).

There was a lot of focus on the children this week. Do we like that Caroline’s kids are getting more screen time this season? Caroline’s son Albie received disappointing grades during his first year of law school and was not being asked back. He’s struggled with a learning disability since junior high, working hard for everything he has achieved, but this recent adversity has left him feeling “worthless” which made the typically strong Caroline bust into tears. After she took a moment, her pep talk to her son was incredibly composed and articulate given that she had just received the news herself, and I can’t imagine how being a child of Caroline and Albert Manzo wouldn’t leave you as the most overly confident bitch on the block. Next week will provide more information about what Albie can do with regards to school, and while I agree that he shouldn’t be feeling bad for himself, I thought it was a little too soon for his parents and siblings to be joking with him about having no future. Maybe it’s tough love, (and maybe I’m overly sensitive) but I don’t think Albie was throwing himself a pity party, just trying to enjoy some sushi that he was repeatedly told, was not in celebration of him.

Ashley has come off as spoiled and unappreciative every time she graces our television sets. For someone who thinks she’s old enough to live on her own, she’s incredibly clueless and immature, saving up her laundry for trips to her mom’s house and resorting to mean Facebook hits against Danielle, a woman twice her age. She sat down with Jacqueline and Chris to discuss moving back home (although her bags were already packed) and managed to cry her way to a 1am curfew on weekdays and 2am on weekends. Not bad for an 18-year-old? Jacqueline finally acknowledged that Chris often has more pull with Ashley. While a lot of this is probably due to your typical mother-daughter rivalries and tension (we all have them), Chris is more of a disciplinarian. Jacqueline has sat back too many times and shed tears asking, “Why does she treat me this way?” Hmm…maybe BECAUSE YOU LET HER! It was frustrating to watch Ashley’s whining wear Chris down enough to push her curfew back an hour, but I think it’s a good thing that she moved back home. How will this affect her relationship with Derek?

So tell me, PopWatchers: Is there a new crazy beyotch of the Garden State? Do you love Kim D. as much as I do? After fishing for an invitation to Teresa’s party, is Kim G. just Danielle 2.0? Did Danielle’s daughter Christine seem more animated in 30 seconds than she has in two seasons? Can you wait for that epic “Somebody with a knife!” scene next week? Ugh, it’s only six days away, but that’s a-f—— nough for me!

Danielle sings on Watch What Happens

Video of Danielle singing, I was surprised she did not suck.

The Real Housewives of Houston?

Story from about the RH maybe coming to Houston.

By Clifford Pugh
Bravo has announced the next Real Housewives series: It takes place in Washington, D.C., with the infamous Michaele Salahi, and debuts Aug. 5 on Bravo. Could Houston be "housewives central" after that? The possibility of a series set in the Bayou City continues to intrigue CultureMap readers, who made our story on who might be cast in a Houston version of the popular reality show the top-viewed story for the third week in a row.

But the story that spurred the most discussion — and the most heated debate — was CultureMap editor-at-large Shelby Hodge's takedown of the national media for referring to Yvonne Stern as a "Bellaire socialite." Some who didn't read the story closely were outraged at what they perceived was a slap at Stern, an unwitting victim of a murder-for-hire plot hatched by her husband's mistress. But others saw it as a commentary on the lengths the media goes to to pump up a story.