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Friday, July 9, 2010

Christine Stuab hired by Tavi

Post from

by:Ruthie Friedlander
Danielle Staub, the villainous vixen on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey was devastated when her daughter, Christine, fell ill during her first runway show. While standing in line with the other models at the Rebecca Minkoff show at New York Fashion Week, Christine felt faint and was escorted off the runway.

Such a devastating occurrence would be traumatic for any young model, but Christine’s moment of weakness was broadcast on national television. Ouch. Would Christine model ever again? Would her bad-itude paired with her less than smooth runway debut stunt her modeling career?

Success is often measured by the people that have faith in you. And lucky enough for Christine, in addition to being insanely gorgeous, some people still have faith her in. And Tavi Gevinson is one of those people.

Fashion critics everywhere have been anxiously awaiting to see what the fate of fashion blogger Tavi will be. It was recently announced that she will be styling her very first photo shoot for Black Book magazine’s September issue. After the first choice model — ChloĆ« Sevigny — backed out due to scheduling conflicts, Tavi thought long and hard about a replacement. Finally, she and Black Book settled on Christine for the ten-page editorial.

Leave it to Tavi to throw us for a loop. We figured she would choose some sort of obscure, odd-looking androgynous model. Not a more obviously stunning reality television cast member. But even Tavi’s pretentious eye was able to look past Christine’s mother, her shaky start, and see her potential. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed for some behind the scenes footage of this one.

Camille-RHOBH cheated on Kelsey

Article from about Camille/Kelsey divorce.

We’ve been looking for the scandal in Kelsey Grammer’s divorce and the worst we’ve heard up to now is that he didn’t call his kids on Father’s Day, which he denies and which isn’t that bad anyway. (The kids should call their dad if he’s away on Father’s Day.) While People Magazine insists this week that “no third party is involved,” Star has some good dirt about an (alleged) affair that Kelsey’s 41 year-old wife, Camille, had with a 20-something guy she met in Hawaii. To make matters worse, Camille has a taste for designer goods and refused to stop spending when times got tough and Kelsey’s TV career stalled.

When Kelsey Grammer left Los Angeles to star in La Cage Aux Folles on Broadway last spring, he didn’t leave his wife Camille Donatacci pining for him. According to a source close to the family, the former Playboy model - who filed for divorce on July 1 citing “irreconcilable differences” - was too busy having a torrid affair with a twentysomething hunk.

Camille, 41, fell hard for the hottie, whom she met when he was working in a restaurant near the Grammers’ Hawaiian home, claims the source. “She had the audacity to bring him to L.A. and sleep with him in their house there. She was caught in the act, and when Kelsey found out, he was beside himself!”

There were other problems in the nearly 13-year union, which produced a daughter, Mason, 8, and a son, Jude, 5, both born to a surrogate mother. Camille, who is seeking spousal support and primary physical custody of the kids, loved to drop loads of Kelsey’s money, a habit that continued unchecked even after his last TV show, Hank, was canceled in 2009 after five episodes. “With Camille, everything is Tiffany this or Gucci that. Kelsey asked her to slow down with the spending, but she wouldn’t listen,” says a source, noting that the 55-year-old actor, who suffered a heart attack in 2008, was also hit hard by the real estate crash.

“Kelsey isn’t broke, but he isn’t superwealthy anymore,” says another source. “I don’t think Camille liked their new, more budgeted lifestyle. They had been fighting a lot.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, July 19, 2010]

Assuming this is true, it’s ripe that an older woman who can’t stop spending money would chose to cheat with a young guy who works at a restaurant. At least Kelsey can assume that Camille isn’t going to leave him for a broke waiter. Was she going to try and keep her fling secret?

The National Enquirer has a different account of the demise of Kelsey’s marriage, and they chalk it up to Kelsey’s work commitments and Camille’s ambition to become famous as part of the cast of the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They also put Kelsey’s fortune at $120 million! They quote a source who says “He was always hard at work on a new show or play, and she got wrapped up in her own life as a celebrity wife in California… He learned to keep his personal life quiet [after legal and addiction issues earlier in his career] And he feels that Camille’s ‘Real Housewives’ role couldn’t be more ill-timed and will be at his expense. He’s absolutely furious that the divorce is about to be played out on reality TV.” I doubt we’ll see much of this drama on Real Housewives, but it will surely increase ratings regardless. If Kelsey is furious, he isn’t showing it. His last blog entry on his divorce was very thoughtful and classy.

NeNe News Gig Details

From 11 News site.

Posted By - Michael King
Starting Monday morning, NeNe Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be doing some fun, lighthearted feature stories for 11Alive News Today as part of the upcoming fall season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She'll be bringing her sense of humor to some great entertainment and feature segments. Her work at 11Alive will be documented by Bravo for The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Teresa Late Again

Post from Patchogue Patch.

By Jessie Biele
Reality television star Teresa Giudice of Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey, made a fashionably late appearance to Dublin Deck's Ladies Night on Thursday.
Giudice may be best known for her outburst during the show's Season 1 finale, when she flipped a table in a New Jersey restaurant. Since then, the breakout reality star has given birth to daughter Audriana, made numerous media appearances, and has been at odds with the show's super-villain Danielle Staub. In addition, Guidice has recently released a cookbook, "Skinny Italian."
Fans sipped free Bud Lights and waited by the stage for hours to catch a glimpse of Giudice, who was slated to make an appearance at 11 p.m. and was fashionably late, much to the dismay of some fans who waited nearly 3 hours.
"I'm excited to meet her," said Johanna Prentki of Bayport.

Added her friend Casey Minardi of Patchogue, "I want to see Theresa. It's like a nice event, it's summer, it's ladies night, and everyone looks nice."
"You would assume she'd go to a high class place in Manhattan or the Hamptons," remarked a fan of the Real Housewives series who traveled from Nassau County. "She's a wholesome girl for coming to this town."
When Giudice finally appeared on stage at 12:15 a.m. in a sparkly tank top, she was met with cheers and loud applause from fans. Fans crowded around the stage to try to get a photo of her with their BlackBerrys and iPhones. Giudice and her entourage popped a bottle of champagne as fans lined up to chat with her.
"She's sexy as hell," said Rose from Blue Point, who posed for photos with the star. "She's your typical Jersey girl, so down to earth and enthusiastic."

Kelly wants an upgraded class for RHONY

From Babble.

Posted by Lulu and Moxleys Mom
Bravo executives take note! Kelly Bensimon said she might agree to Real Housewives of New York City Season 4 “if they upgrade the cast to REAL New York A-list women.” Coming from a woman arrested for punching a boyfriend… A-list indeed! She also shared via Twitter her view on who should star on reality tv programs:

“reality tv should be about REAL people, not fabricated reality stars. its a bad example for women. i want people to aspire to greatness” and she wishes “they’d show the real me. kids, dogs, horses, creativity, charity, and hard work doesn”t sell. people like fighting.”

Bensimon’s Tweet about returning to RHONY comes soon after Bethenny Frankel declared that “NBC doesn’t have enough money” to convince her to star alongside Bensimon and former BFF Jill Zarin. (Who ironically are now all cozy.) Bensimon also had something to say about motherhood:
“Being a great mom isn’t a job, its the ultimate luxury. never confuse the two.” This was in response to a follower noting that being a mom is a hard job / hard work. If you really want to experience Kelly in her element visit her Twitter page. Take an aspirin (or something stronger) first.

Teresa Book Signing

From Livingston Patch.

By Heather Hodder
It was an event any fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey could enjoy. On Thursday night, Teresa Giudice of the hit reality show mixed fashion and food at Livingston's Shoe Inn boutique as part of a book signing stop for her cookbook "Skinny Italian."

Even before Giudice arrived at 5 p.m. at the swanky Shoe Inn, many teenage girls and mostly adult women arrived early to beat the line. Being early was no bother, as patrons were offered a glass of wine and munched on snacks of cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and vegetables while perusing the store's wide selection of shoes.

When Giudice arrived, the chatter continued as she dished about her favorite recipes and the show.

What's Teresa's favorite recipe in Skinny Italian, some wondered?

"My favorite recipe is Tagliatelle," said Giudice of the pasta, which she makes "skinny" by using ham and peas. "It was my mother's recipe," said Giudice.

Many of the recipes in Giudice's cookbook have been made on the show already, such as her recipe for "Linguine with White Clam Sauce" that appears in the book as "Luscious Linguine with Manila Clams." Giudice says the cookbook is a mix of her family's traditional Italian dishes and her own health-conscious ones like the "Zucchini Spaghetti Salad."

On an upcoming episode, the cookbook itself will make an appearance, according to Giudice, when she introduces the book to the cast of Real Housewives. Giudice is also looking forward to watching the episodes where the cast went to Italy, including a trip to Salerno, the city where her parents lived before immigrating to the United States.

"My girls love to cook with me," said Giudice, adding, "I think it's good to cook with your family, it's a family bonding time."

Her stop in Livingston is part of a larger tour.

"I was in New York on Tuesday and the store ran out of copies before the book signing was over," said Giudice. Interest in New Jersey, the show's setting, is perhaps even more evident. Over a hundred books were sold at Shoe Inn's event alone.

The stop coincided with a trunk show of "Chez by Cheryl" handbags, with the designer Cheryl Lawinski on-site, too. Many of the "Chez by Cheryl" handbags are worn on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Giudice herself has been seen on many episodes with the bags and accessorized her outfit with a handbag from the new fall line.

For two hours, Giudice signed copies of Skinny Italian and posed for pictures with fans. Even though the book was being sold at Shoe Inn, some shoppers came prepared.

"I purchased the book at The Barnes & Noble before I came over here," said Alexa Centrella from Ridgewood. "I was really worried they would sell out and I wouldn't be able to get a signed copy!"

For Michelle Centrella, Alexa's sister, this would not be her first time meeting the Housewives star.

"I went to her book signing in Denville. She was so nice!" said Michelle Centrella.

Longtime fans of the show looked at the book signing as a great opportunity to meet a member of the Housewives cast.

"I'm very faithful to the show and I read all the blogs" said Danielle Delguercio, from West Caldwell, who purchased a copy of the book at the store and got her picture taken with Giudice.

The staff of Shoe Inn was just as excited as the fans.

"Ever since I knew Teresa would be coming, I've recorded the episodes on my DVR to watch again," said Kathleen McCormack, manager at the boutique. McCormack said she had bought a copy of the book and is going to try some of the recipes.

Billy Lawson, owner of the chain of Shoe Inn stores, also came out to the Livingston event. Lawson, who has been the owner for 38 years, was glad the event had brought a great turn out to the store.

"This event has brought new customers in to see who we are and what we're about," said Lawson, who added that one of the Shoe Inn locations will appear on an episode of the show this September.

Teresa Giudice's next book signing will be at Sizzle Tans in Parsippany. Since May, Giudice has been going to over 20 book signings a month. She will continue to appear at book signings in the tri-state area throughout the summer and into fall. A full list of Giudice's upcoming appearances can be found at

Gretchen Rossi

Pic./Tweet from Slade.

Out with my lady. On our way to the Launch of the new Lexus CT. How amazing does she look?

Bethenny in OZ

Cute pic. I found on the web.


Luann in Brussels

Tweet/Pic. from Luann's Facebook.

At my dear friend's wedding in Brussels!

Luann's You Tube

Click HERE to see Luann's You Tube page, she has a video of a live performance in NYC and Andy is there.

Teresa Tweet

Tweet that says Danielle is mean to Satan.

Recap BGM July 8th

From Hollywood Gossip.

by Hilton Hater
Granted, Bethenny Frankel got married months ago. She's even had a daughter and given an in-depth magazine interview about motherhood since then.

But Bravo took us back in time last night on Bethenny Getting Married and showed us this reality star's wedding to Jason Hoppy. As always, our THG correspondent is here to review the episode in detail...

The wedding day is here! Down at The Four Seasons, wedding planner Shawn is going full-tilt boogie trying to get everything ready. You know he’s serious because he’s wearing a headset and fast walking.

He has that look of extreme fear on his face that has become very familiar to us as we’ve watched him throw this high-end shotgun wedding together whilst being hounded by the pickiest bride on the planet. We know this look most likely won’t go away until he closes the limo door after the wedding and watches Bethenny and Jason drive off into the sunset.

Meanwhile, back at home, Bethenny is getting ready for her wedding and simultaneously editing her new book. She accomplishes the book, to her great relief and then Teri, the Maid of Honor, comes over wearing another really bad shirt. Carol, Jason’s mom, also pops by. She gives Bethenny a very sweet gift of a locket with mini pictures of Bethenny and Jason.

Bethenny promptly pins this locket to her underwear.

Bethenny’s hair and makeup pros arrive to gussy her up. A photography team from Oprah’s magazine is there to document this part of the process. You’ve got to wonder what Jason’s mom is thinking about all this celebrity hoo-ha. If she’s overwhelmed, you’d never know it - she acts very cool.

Outside the Four Seasons are paparazzi and a security team. Once inside, Bethenny is thrilled with how everything looks. “It’s gorgeous. I’m so excited. It’s perfect,” Bethenny sighs. Shawn looks like he expected Bethenny to beat him over the head with a silver serving tray and you know the poor guy must almost be pissing himself with relief that she is not only satisfied, but actually happy!

Elsewhere, Jason is dead-set on having a drank before the blessed event and sends Shawn off on this errand. “Can you believe it’s here?” he asks his Best Man about the wedding day. A second passes in silence.

“Where is Shawn with those drinks?!” Jason asks, his voice tight with anticipation. He wipes his sweaty brow. I can understand why he is so worked up—a new wife, a new reality show, and a new baby all at once. I’d be sweaty and dying to get drunk too.

Behind the scenes, Bethenny is finishing getting ready and putting on her wedding dress. She is convinced that her pregnant belly has grown significantly and terrified the dress won’t fit. Maid of honor Teri attempts to be helpful but seems a little tipsy - or maybe totally smashed.

“Okay,” she slurs to Bethenny, “I have to say something about the Chinese astrological chart.”

“Teri!” Bethenny interrupts, “take a breath. You’re making everyone mad. You need to relax. Teri is just a little bit of a loose cannon right now. My Maid of Honor has come unglued.” Bethenny then begs Teri to “be calm” a few more times.

“Oh my god! It fits!” Bethenny cries once her wedding dress is hoisted into place. She really does look gorgeous. But then disaster strikes: She has to go to the bathroom and no toilet is easily accessible. Shawn makes the executive decision that Bethenny will pee into a silver champagne bucket. He’s not as thrilled about this prospect as he’s making it look. He tells us, “Outside I was like, ‘Sure whatever you want, sweetie.’ Inside I was like, ‘whuuuuttt?’”

As Bethenny squats over the bucket, her assistant (who is located very near Bethenny’s crotch) says, “Oh my god, Bethenny. Are we really doing this?” Shawn is still experiencing severe discomfort. “So I lift the dress up and I realized at that moment that I was inches away from her cooch looch,” he says. Bethenny requires silence and a finger in a champagne glass full of water in order to pee. Poor Shawn is going to have a serious case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after this shindig has wrapped.

While this pee party is going on, wedding guests are arriving. That Hoda woman from “The Today Show” is there and chatting with Ramona. Alex comes dressed like Marie Antoinette at a funeral. Or maybe like the woman in charge of the haunted house I went to this past Halloween. Or maybe like Helena Bonham Carter in “Sweeny Todd.” Or maybe just like Helena Bonham Carter in normal, everyday life.

I don’t know. You decide.

Shawn helps Bethenny make her way down a rather tight hallway to where the wedding will take place. As he follows the bride and keeps her wedding dress safely hoisted above the filthy floor, Shawn has a look on his face like he is handling active dynamite. I can’t blame him. Can you imagine what Bethenny would have said and done if one speck of dirt got on her dress? Shawn would definitely not have survived.

They swing open the doors to the assembled guests and wedding party and Bethenny comes walking in. “Wow,” says Jason, his teary eyes fixed on his bride. They recite their vows, “You fill my heart with so much joy, happiness, and love,” Jason tells Bethenny.

“I waited my whole life for you,” Bethenny tells Jason. “The sum of us is greater than the parts. This is the best moment of my entire life, right now.”

The cocktail hour is in full-swing after the wedding ceremony while Shawn is frantically transforming the wedding room into the reception room. Jason and Bethenny have their first dance and we are all crossing our fingers that Ramona will break out in the signature full-body jerking that she calls “dancing.”

Next, Jason and Bethenny go to cut the much-discussed and worried-over red velvet cake and Shawn looks like he’s grinding his teeth down to nubs with trepidation. What if she doesn’t like it?! She’s threatened to rip his balls off! Luckily Bethenny loves it. “She loved the cake and I knew my job was done,” says Shawn. Now he can go home, down an entire bottle of Xanax with a jug of vodka, and curl up in bed for the next six months to recuperate.

As the evening progresses, the party gets a little wild. On the dance floor there’s kickboxing, the Electric Slide, someone doing the worm, another someone walking on his hands, full-on swing dancing…and yet Ramona keeps it calm! Whhhyyyy, Ramona?! One kooky dance for old time’s sake, pretty please?

Then, some dudes jump in the pool and start playing with the silver balls floating there. Bethenny attempts to feign anger but in the end decides it’s all in good fun.

At the end of the night the newlyweds hop in the limo and head off to their honeymoon in St. Bart’s. Bethenny was gorgeous, Jason was handsome, the wedding was beautiful, and no doubt their honeymoon will be lovely. The only thing I missed seeing was Shawn collapsing on the sidewalk as the limo sped off.

Congrats, Shawn, you’re done! Oh, and congrats, Jason and Bethenny too!

JILLIAN (Danielle's kid)-RHONJ working with Justin Bieber?

2 Videos of Danielle talking about Lori and Christine's music career.

BIg Poppa?

Tmz thinks this is Big Poppa, Lee Najjar.

Alexis before the RHOOC

Check out this LINK that has a good article about Alexis before the RHOOC, it has a pic. of Gretchen and Jay hanging out with Alexis.

Alex talks clothes

Sheree-RHOA acting?

A blurb form
submitted by blacknewsjunkie
Sheree Whitfield of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" has taken her first acting job in a new stage production in Garland, Texas.

Bethenny On Jimmy Fallon