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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Post from the Orlando Sentinel.

by halboedeker
I had a rare experience this weekend. Back to back, I watched probably the best new series this fall (HBO’s ambitious “Boardwalk Empire,” starting Sept. 19) and the worst series this summer (“The Real Housewives of D.C,” starting Thursday on Bravo).

This “Real Housewives” gives White House party crasher Michaele Salahi a national showcase to show off. This is what she doesn’t need or deserve. Another housewife says Michaele has the attention of a gnat. That’s the least of it.

Michaele says, “When you first look at me, you think, ‘God, she has no substance.’ ” Michaele adds, “There is a whole lot of substance here.”

This series, which debuts at 9 p.m. Thursday, suggests otherwise. The editing reduces her to superficial, obnoxious and stupid. Or maybe it’s just presenting her as she is. Either way, she loses.

But just about everyone in this series comes off looking bad. This show wallows in parties, gossip, back-stabbing and drinking. The women boast about their wealth and connections.

Stacie throws a party featuring Janet Jackson’s chef. Mary has a special lock on her closet because she doesn’t want her daughter borrowing her clothes. Modeling-agency owner Lynda has a condescending style; she suggests Michaele is losing too much weight. Catty Cat, a British transplant, merrily runs down the D.C. parties, Tyra Banks and Barack Obama. I guess there is some intrigue in trying to figure out who’s the biggest witch: Cat or Lynda? (Pictured in the NBC photo, from left, are Cat, Stacie, Mary, Lynda and Michaele.)

The season preview hints that viewers will have a close-up view as Michaele and husband Tareq crash that White House state dinner. It’s an appalling show, and I imagine it will succeed because there is a market for watching train wrecks.

Silex And Chums At Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge

Picture of Simon and Alex with the chums at the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge in Bridgehampton, New York.

RHONJ Appear On "Mercy"

Video of Jacqueline and Teresa on the NBC series "Mercy".

Kim At McFaddens In Nashville

Pics./Tweets from Kim, she had a gig at McFaddens last night.

@Kimzolciak Thank you for my modeling lesson!
Its going to take a week to recover from Nashville @malmcfaddens here we r acting silly ...
At Mcfaddens in the photo booth...See I am a "housewife"...

Sooo fun @malmcfaddens I love Nashville!!! Xoxo

Kelly Runs For Cancer

Pics./Tweets from Kelly in Chicago.

Getting readyyy to run. Its earlyyy in chicago. Happy sunday


@giulianarancic run for american cancer. Less cancer more birthdays!!!

Danielle & Lori in Boston

Post from the Boston Herald.

BY: Gale Fee and Laura Raposa
Recently out-of-the-closet ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ star Danielle Staub hung out recently in P-Town with her honey, crooner Lori Michaels, where the two met up with local dancer Chris, aka Sasha Mess.
Photo: Liz Borden

Kandi-RHOA Was A Bridesmaid At T.I. And Tiny's Wedding

Pics. of Kandi at T.I. and Tiny's wedding, the bridesmaids wore black and platinum.