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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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On my way to a lunch meeting wish me luck

In @playboy this month.the ears are perfectly placed over my head. Lol

Ramona At HSN

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Just landed in NYC had fun on hSN with my host Sashanna

Kelly's Las Vegas Videos

Some videos from Kelly when she was in Las Vegas.

Andy At "The Big C" Premiere

Pic. of Andy when he attended The Cinema Society screening of “The Big C”  in New York.

Gretchen-RHOOC Says The Drama Never Stops

Q&A from

By: Matt Carter
"The Real Housewives of Orange County" is the reality show that started it all for Bravo's landmark series, and the famous ladies are all currently at work getting ready for the next season of the show (which will premiere later this year).

Photo: Bravo
Out of all the members of the cast, Gretchen Rossi is certainly one who receives plenty of attention. She originally joined the cast in season four, and had to go through the struggle of losing her fiance Jeff. She also has been able to use the show as a platform to launch both a line of makeup and handbags, which you can find out more about below.

I recently had the chance to engage in an email conversation with Gretchen about her life.

Matt: What interested you in being on a reality show to begin with?
Gretchen: It wasn't necessarily about me having interest as much as it just seemed to keep showing up in my life. I had been asked to be involved in the entertainment business since I was a little girl. My parents kept me far away from that whole world. Then I was asked to do two other reality shows before 'Housewives', when I was approached to do 'RHOC', Jeff (my dear late fiancé') encouraged me to finally take up the offer. Jeff was ultimately the one that convinced me to go for it! He knew that I had desires to be in the fashion and beauty industry and he saw it as an opportunity for me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and desires.

You have been through so much on the show since you joined the cast. Has it ever been difficult sharing that much of your personal life on TV?
YES! Beyond difficult. I could have never imagined how hard it would be. Looking back I would of never done the show if I knew the outcome of Jeff and my situation. That was way too difficult to go through on national TV. When Jeff and I agreed to do the show we thought he was going to go into remission any day, unfortunately cancer has a mind of its own and took a turn for the worse. I was now under contract and unfortunately could not just walk away from my responsibilities within my contract. Jeff encouraged me to stay on and make it work because he really wanted me to succeed and pursue my other dreams.

Does some of the drama shown between some of the 'Housewives' start to fade away from the cameras?
NO! All the drama you see on the show continues even more when the cameras aren't around it seems at times. It tends to get played out in the press often as well!

Is there anything you can tell us about season six?
Unfortunately at this time, I am not at liberty to discuss season six yet, but I can assure you everyone will definitely want to tune in!

How has the show helped you promote some of your own products (such as your line of purses and makeup)?
The show has been a great launching board for the 'Gretchen Christine' brand I have been creating and thinking about for many years now! I have been working especially hard these past two years to make this show make sense for me beyond all the silly nonsense that goes on. I sincerely don't enjoy all the drama and the crap that comes along with being on a reality show, but it is what I signed up for. It is not a part of my moral fiber to just tear another woman down for no reason or for my own personal sport. I believe rather in uplifting woman and being there for each other, we are hard enough on ourselves as it is. I don't know why it makes good TV to treat someone else so poorly or make judgments about people or situations you really don't know anything about, but it does. Unfortunately, even though who I truly am in my day to day life is an woman who is full of compassion, happiness and forgiveness, it is hard to uphold that foundation of belief when you get treated the way I did by some of the woman on the show. At some point you decide that enough is enough and you have to fight back....and yes it does make for good drama and TV.

With so many other spin-offs out there, what do you think distinguishes 'Orange County' from the mold?
I think why the 'Housewife' Franchise is different from the mold is because I think we are one of the only reality shows left that there is no scripting involved at all. What you see happening in scenes is really happening, cameras just happen to be there catching it all. This is an ensemble cast and what makes it great is that each one of us are soooo different and there is probably someone out there that can relate to whatever situation each one of us is dealing with in our lives: divorce, kids, relationships, deaths, sickness, friendships, heartache, weddings, renewal of love, etc etc. It's called life!

In between promoting your make-up line, your handbags, and doing a variety of other appearances in addition to the show, what do you do to relax?
Hahaha relax? What is that again? I do have a lot going on right now with my new fashion line the 'Gretchen Christine Collection' and my growing make-up line 'Gretchen Christine Beaute'! However I had a clear goal in mind when I choose to accept doing this show. Contrary to most people's beliefs I didn't do it for the fame, I wanted to be able to make my dreams and desires turn into 'reality' (no pun intended). The fame that comes along with this business is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. I have always been an entrepreneur and have always made my own money, I love running my own business, and I like being my own boss. I have accomplished everything I have set my mind too but not without a lot of hard work, sweat and tears! Yes, I don't get a lot of down time right now, but I am ok with that because I am getting paid to do what I love within the fashion and Beauty industry. I am making woman feel great about themselves, bringing high fashion looks at affordable prices, and bringing quality make-up to the everyday woman at half the cost! I do look forward to a vacation though, time will allow that to happen when it is right, but for now I like going full speed ahead and this train is not stopping!

How supportive have the fans been over the past few years?
My fans are the only reason I continue to do the show and my inspiration behind all that I am doing. I am so grateful to how loyal and great all of them are to me! So many e-mails have come into my personal website my twitter and my facebook fan page about my style and fashion, my hair, my make-up and my fitness routines. Those have propelled me into this space of fashion and beauty that I have always wanted to be in. I have listened to my fans requests, needs and wants and I hope through my new line- 'GCC' that will encompass all things clothes, accessories and fashion and my cosmetics line -'GCB'- they can look and feel their best!

Finally, is there anything specific going on in your life that you would like to promote?
Yes, If I'm not mistaken I think I just did :) hehe

If anything I would like to promote self-confidence! If by being on this show and in the limelight I can in someway inspire someone to either; pursue their dreams or make things happen they never thought possible; give someone inner strength to stand up to someone who is bullying them or hurting them; possibly deal better with life's hard situations like losing a loved one to cancer, and show that you can still come out ok and be a stronger better person, then exposing my life on TV has been well worth it.

Thanks to Gretchen for talking with me, and stay tuned for more TV news.

Bethenny And Jason's Spot In Montauk

Post from News Day.

Photo: Gordon M. Grant
By: Lee Fryd
Feathering the nest for the first baby is serious business. Moms often agonize. But getting a resort rental babyproofed? That was reality star Bethenny Frankel’s task this summer when she returned to take a villa at the Montauk Resort and Yacht Club.

Last year, she was bikini clad, single and newly in love. This year, she’s still bikini clad – and so is baby Bryn, born May 8. “She doesn’t go in the pool,” says the 39-year-old star of her own Bravo series “Bethenny Getting Married?” “But we just like to see her in that little bikini.”

Frankel and husband, Jason Hoppy, have been spending weekends and much of his three-week August paternity leave at the resort. Their villa consists of three units -- two ground level with 20-by-15 foot private patios, and an upstairs -- which can be combined to create a 1,500-square-foot, three-bedroom vacation house.

Frankel’s 566-square-foot suite looks onto the Lake Montauk marina, and has a separate sitting area with a wood-burning fireplace. She uses the 450-square-foot adjoining studio as a nursery, when she brings baby nurse (turned-reality-star) Gina and the upstairs for assistants or guests. All villas share a 30-by-20-foot pool, surrounded by cabanas with day beds.

The average price per unit is $699 on weekends, with a two-day minimum, and $599 for weekdays, says General Manager Lloyd Van Horn. Another special feature: “We’re known for our poster beds, deep soaking tubs and pedestal sinks,” he says.

“Life is definitely different than when Jason and I were making marguaritas, walking the beach and going kayaking,” says Frankel. Now, it’s all about the breast pump and the breast friend. “We’re with the baby the whole time.“ Last year, they went out to lunch regularly. This year, it’s take-out on the benches outside the villa. Date nights are still a priority for the newlyweds, often with baby in tow.

Kitchen? Who needed it? The resort's Gulf Coast Kitchen (by Robbin Haas) has great food. Frankel brought in a hotplate “for tea, oatmeal or rice for us,” and a microwave to sterilize the bottle in baggies. “I set up a little area for the bottles, a makeshift changing station and an area to clean the baby clothes right outside our room," she tells us. "We have a Pack n’ Play for her to sleep in, a play mat and books for us to read her. The stroller is always in the trunk of the car, and we use the car seat to take her into a restaurant.”

Mommy’s “formula” is easy to prepare. All you need are ice cubes for the Skinny Girl Margarita. While breast feeding, Frankel's allowed one a day.

And those long walks on the beach? “Now, we don’t go to the beach longer than five minutes,” says Frankel, “so Bryn doesn’t get too hot, or burn under an umbrella.”

Need we ask about the rewards? “She’s amazing,” says the new mom. “She pulls my hair and giggles. I don’t know if she knows the difference between the beach and the city. As long as she’s with us, she’s happy.” And so are they.

Bethenny Disagrees With Gisele

Post from US magazine.

Photo: Wire Image
Move over, Kelly Bensimon: Bethenny Frankel has found a new nemesis in Gisele Bundchen.

Bravo star Frankel was among the legions of moms outraged by Bundchen's recent comments about breast feeding to Harper's Bazaar UK.
After bragging about her post-baby weight loss, the supermodel mom, 30, opined to the mag that "there should be a worldwide law...that mothers should breast-feed their babies for six months."

"It's the most absurd thing I've ever heard," Frankel, 39, retorts of Bundchen in the new Us Weekly.

"Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding experiences, but it isn't for everyone," she adds.

To be fair, Bundchen backed down a bit on her controversial comments following a public outcry; on August 2, she blogged, "Everyone has their own experience...I'm not here to judge."

Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy welcomed daughter Brynn in May, while Bundchen and husband Tom Brady's son Benjamin was born last December.

RHONJ Reunion Madness

Post from Babble.

Posted by MaraLee
This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been full of drama, cat fights, hair pulling, run-ins with the cops, and financial woes. The reunion is sure to be crazy! Andy Cohen has said, “It was nuts, absolutely nuts!”

Will Dina Manzo show up? Will Danielle Staub fight Ashley Holmes in fist to hair extension combat? Will Teresa call everyone honey?
Nothings certain as of now, but there are a few things we’ve found out. The filming lasted for 12 hours and took place in Atlantic City. It will be spread out into several episodes just like The Real Housewives of New York reunion.

Dina Manzo has seriously washed her hands of the franchise. Not only did she drop out mid-season, she did not show up for the taping of the reunion to avoid a run-in with evil villain (and her reported reason for ditching the program) Danielle.

Danielle was prepared for a no-show and brought her own fill-in cast member, rumored girlfriend and singing partner Lori Michaels!

Teresa found the entire process exhausting. “The reunion was crazy, exhausting and unbelievable,” she told Life & Style.

Caroline Manzo seems to have felt the same way. “I saw Caroline at Bobby Flay’s that night having dinner with her husband and daughter,” reports a witness. “She looked exhausted. She was sitting at the table next to Ashton Kutcher, and I don’t think she even noticed!”

Catherine And The Prince

Post from Star Magazine.

Viewers of The Real Housewives of D.C. were already very familiar with castmate Michaele Salahi, the lightening rod known for allegedly crashing President Obama's first state dinner with her husband last November. But what fans of the Bravo reality show might not know is that four years earlier her costar Catherine Ommanney made headlines in her native England for spending a steamy night with Prince Harry in London.

The British beauty, now 39, bar-hopped and cuddled with the third in line to the throne — who was just 21 at the time. They later ended up at a friend's home, where Harry — who was in off-again on-again with girlfriend Chelsy Davy at the time — cooked her a bacon sandwich and they flirted up a storm. Eventually, "Harry lifted me off the floor and kissed me," Cat admitted. "I was genuinely, completely blown away."

Cat, who was then separated from her first husband Stephen Davies, is unapologetic about kissing the much younger prince.

“We had a great time and a fun evening,” Catherine later said. “I’ve committed no crime, and nor has he."

Pick up the Aug. 23 issue of Star, on sale today, for the full details of the saucy, sexy night.

The Salahi's Will Appear On "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel"

Article from The Hill.

by Christina Wilkie

White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi's annual polo tournament will be featured next week on HBO's Emmy award-winning series "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel."

The polo tournament, "America's Cup of Polo," is held in June every year, and it figures prominently into the first episode of the couple's reality show on Bravo, "The Real Housewives of D.C." In that episode, cast member Cat Ommanney complains about the small turn-out at the 2009 polo match, which pitted an Italian team against a U.S. team captained by Tareq Salahi. Another cast member, Lynda Erkeletian, skips the tournament all together because she doesn't like the Salahis.

"Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" is known for having investigated some of the biggest controversies in sports, and the Salahi segment may help answer some unresolved questions about the polo match's finances: Nearly all the 2010 sponsors listed in the program denied having anything to do with the tournament, while a number of the vendors who have provided services for the tournament in the past have complained that they were not paid by the Salahis.

The episode airs Tuesday, Aug. 17 at 10 p.m. and will be broadcast in HD.

Kandi-RHOA Talks To Metro Malure

Videos of Kandi being interviewed by Metro Malure.

Danielle-RHONY Getting Her Own Reality Show?

Article from NBC New York.

BY: Brooke Niemeyer
“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub revealed during her strip-club birthday bash last night that she is in the works of creating her own spin-off reality show.

“It will definitely be a lot more of her (gal pal Lori Michaels) and I and definitely my kids,” Staub told Niteside before her 48th birthday bash at high-end strip club Scores in Manhattan. “There will be a lot of questions that will be answered.”

One question Staub did answer was the state of her relationship with Michaels, her producer and rumored girlfriend: “We’re exclusively committable,” she said while holding Michaels hand.

The pair was on stage at Scores to perform Staub’s new single “Real Closer,” which she revealed will have a music video to go with it.

“It’s going to be very sexy and soft,” Staub said. “It will have two women and you can only guess who those two women are going to be.”

A reality show and music video aren’t the only upcoming project for Staub, who is on the outs with her fellow "Housewives" castmates.

“I would love to [collaborate] with 50 Cent,” Staub said. “There is actually some talk going on already from his camp. Pat Deluna and I have something in the work as well.”
While Staub said she knows “there is no place like Jersey,” she did have some advice for the cast of the new “Real Housewives of DC.”

“Consider it a job at the end of the day and don’t let it get to you,” Staub said. “Don’t read the blogs because they’re not going to make you feel good. Only accept positive correspondence on any online interactive sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. All the rest, you’ve got to ignore it and block it because it really will eat you up.”

There was a surprise appearance of her “Real Housewives” nemesis, Kim “G” Grantell, before Staub arrived at Scores. Grantell was escorted from the premises before Staub walked the red carpet.

“She [Grantell] just really needs attention and that’s why she showed up here,” Staubs said. “She was nobody when I met her, she’s nobody tonight, and she will never be anybody.”


Tamra Talks To NBC NY

Post/Video from NBC New York.

Last season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" brought dramatic changes for reality star Tamra Barney with the end of her marriage and a public feud with castmate Gretchen Rossi. Tamra speaks about life after divorce, White House party crasher Michaele Salahi and how to turn mopping into a workout.

View more news videos at:

Ramona-RHONY At The Princess Grace Foundation

Post from NY Social Diary.

Over in Watermill this past Saturday, Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney hosted with the participation of Louis Vuitton, a party benefiting the Princess Grace Foundation USA and honoring HSH Prince Albert of Monaco II who was present with his fiancée.

Guests were treated to a performance by Grammy Award-winng jazz trumpeter Chris Bott and his nine piece band. Geoffrey van Raemdonck, Managing Director of Louis Vuitton North America told the guests that Louis Vuitton is honored to partner with the Princess Grace Foundation’s commitment to supporting and educating promising artistic talent.
Patrick McMullan

Danielle Celebrates At Scores

Post from OK! Magazine.

Photo: WENN
Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Danielle Staub, took the party to NYC on Tuesday night. She celebrated her 48th birthday at Scores Gentlemen’s Club and rolled out a red carpet for all her special guests. In a slinky black mini-dress, it seemed more like Danielle’s 21st birthday party more than anything else.

Of course the birthday crash was crazy, but as usual, drama had to accompany Danielle. Her ex-friend Kim “G” Granatell apparently crashed the party as a plus one to someone invited by the club’s owner, Noel Ashman.

Danielle wouldn’t allow Kim to be present on the night of her birthday, even though her last birthday party was thrown by Kim. Kim was escorted out quickly. Whatever went down, it was another noteworthy night for the real housewife!