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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramona Talks To Cupcake Magazine

Article from Cupcake Magazine.

Posted by Casi Densmore-Koon
Taking it easy isn't her thing, she has passion, loves a good workout and her one fear is wrinkly old skin (which we are sure she won't have to worry about) -- as for having it all...well, "stay positive" and you got it.

Just a few weeks ago Ramona Singer was able to fit in a chat with us before heading to the gym. The bright-eyed, energetic housewife from Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City quickly taught us that Ramona is more than just a reality tv star - she is an inspiring, multi-tasking, business women with incredible passion and enthusiasm. Even on the phone we suggested she would make a great motivational speaker because that woman could rule the world with her words of wisdom!

Ramona truly has a passion for everything she does - especially with her latest collection for HSN, Ramona Singer Jewelry, as she describes it as the perfect "red carpet look but not red carpet prices." Her favorite piece? "I love every piece." Ramona suggests working them in with old pieces, mixing colors or go tonal - whatever you choose they are all fabulous - like the designer herself. As for her favorite piece in her personal collection her signature piece is her cuff bracelet. And from black tie to bathing suit the one piece of jewelry she can't be without is her classic Diamond Hoops. They are by far the perfect accessory.
Before getting into all the details about her fabulous jewelry line we had to know how she stays so fit and looks so amazing for her age."You can look good without having surgery. Its all about a way of life - your diet is a way of life." Ramona's diet? "Stopped eating starches at night, no red meat - fresh fruit, berries, whole wheat, always 7 grains." You can take a look on Ramona's blog as she give us a peak at the exercises she does. It is hard to believe this super woman only works out for an hour three times a week! As for her skin - she thanks her skin line TrueRenewal "Even my make-up artist for The Real Housewives of New York noticed a great change in my skin and that my pores were smaller this season."

Well besides being a perfect business woman Ramona has another job - a wife and a mom. We asked Ramona, "If there is one thing you want your daughter to learn from you - what would it be?" And her answer was "Make sure you make your own money and be financially independent." As for balancing it all? "Make sure you have private alone time with your man! Have your best friend watch your kids and you watch her kids because men do need to be reined in." As for family time? "Its quality not quantity". And for all those mompreneurs out there "Love what you do, stay positive and stay focused."

And now back to the jewels! You all must watch Ramona present the latest additions to her HSN Jewelry Collection this week on August 11th from 12pm - 2pm EST and look out for our favorites! We just die over the Smoky Quartz & Diamond Cut Cushion Ring and of course, the must-have Diamond Hoops! Shop now to get the special event prices!

Until then, what can you expect to see? Ramona designed a timeless affordable collection - you really would think it cost thousands! Classic, sophisticated and glamour are 3 words that immediately come to mind. Drawing inspiration from her own pieces she has brought only the best to her HSN collection. Inspired by her love for art deco and estate - her new line of pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, priced between $125 and $659. “I don’t want a trendy piece of jewelry to hand down to my daughter, Avery, because it will be out of style and she won’t want to wear it,” Singer notes. “Estate jewelry will always be in style, and women will always wear it.” The collection is full of new cuts and vibrant gemstones that take you from day to night in style wherever you go.

Favorite TV show? The Real Housewives of New York
Favorite colors? Orange for Summer, Brown for Fall
Fear? Skin, that it will get old + wrinkledPet Peeve? I hate marks on walls. I have to touch them up if I see a mark.
Drink? CosmoFavorite day? Friday
Favorite piece of clothing? Can I say shoes?......High-Heels!Yoga or Pilates? Neither it is all about mixing it upDesigner? Rebecca TaylorCoffee or soda? Green TeaDoesn't leave the house without.......Hint of Mint lip gloss!

And we are happy to say YES -- there will be Season 4 for those New York housewives! As for who's coming back Ramona says "That's the million dollar question." and also reveals "What u see is what u get!" So, we all will have to watch and see what happens.....

In the mean time stay up-to-date with all things Ramona by checking out her blog, website + following her on Twitter and loving her on Facebook. Don't forget to head over to HSN now and shop away!

Ramona-RHONY Talks About Jewelry And The RHONY

Post from FameWhore.

As an avid follower of The Real Housewives of New York I was delighted to have a chance to speak with the gregarious Ramona Singer about the inspiration behind her jewelry collection for HSN and why she’s arguably the fan favorite of the hit Bravo show.

I know you've been traveling a lot this summer, have these trips provided inspiration for your collection?
From my travels I get inspiration from what I see, whether it's in the stores or just from nature itself, absolutely. I do travel. Anywhere I go I get inspiration. I get inspiration through the water. I try to emulate the color blue from the water for certain stones, like a blue amethyst I have in my collection on these gorgeous drop earrings. The color blue is really spectacular. I have these great [peridot] earrings that are coming on; they're more of a geometric look with an ethnic influence inspired by my recent trip to Africa. The color is very green and it works with everything! I've been wearing them almost every day.

What separates your collection from everything else that's out on the market today?
I'm a shopaholic. I do like to shop, I admit. There's nothing out there in the market at these price points with real diamonds and real gemstones. The whole look is emulated to be a red carpet look…to get that Madison Avenue millionaire look without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. They're art deco, they're estate inspired, and they'll look as good today as they will 20 years from now. You can pass them on to your children.

Do you plan on introducing any men's pieces into the collection?
At this point, just women's for HSN.

Do you have anything on the horizon by way of collaborations with any major department stores?
Right now I kind of have my hands full. I have my True Faith jewelry collection and that's sold on, it's my husband's fourth generation business, which is all travel jewelry, and then I have the HSN collection. I think right now that's enough for me.

What do you think it is about your personality that your fans appreciate most?
...that I tell it like it is. I don't play games. I don't hold back. I'm not a fake; I'm very real and down to earth. I think they appreciate that I work hard and yet I know how to have fun. I'm a great mother, and a great wife.

Do you follow the Real Housewives of New Jersey?
I do watch it, I've just been on vacation. I just know from my Twitter someone said that Danielle mentioned something about a "new beginning." Like, "Oh, is she copying Ramona? Tru Renewal?" That's all I know.

What is it about the NYC Housewives that separate them from the other franchises?
I think people have a fascination with New York because it's New York. People are always drawn to know what people are doing in New York because there's so much energy going on here.

Who can we expect to see return next season to The Real Housewives of New York?
That's the million-dollar question. We'll have to watch what happens...

Is Avery still planning on taking over the family business?
It's an opportunity for her. She's a very talented girl. She's very bright, she's sensitive, and she has a sharp mind. Whatever she wants to do would be fine with me. But I really believe that before someone goes into a family business they should work somewhere else for four years to get some expertise outside of the family business.

What is the significance of "Turtle Time"?
There was a bar / disco or something [in St. John] called "Turtle" something. So I said "it's turtle time!" Because I love to dance and I knew they had music there to dance to.

Do you have any plans to expand your brand in the near future?
I'm always open to things. Right now my concentration is the jewelry and I also have my skin care line. My dream would be to get that into Sephora. I would love to do that.

Can we look forward to an autobiography from you?
It's funny you should say that because I actually did a book proposal but because of the outcome of Jill and LuAnn's books it sort of tainted the Housewives name...because they bombed. I would still love to share my story and be an inspiration to other people.

On her renewal:
I grew up in an abused family. No one has helped me, just me, myself, and I. Everything just renewed for me, renewing new beginnings. I'm in a great place. You can renew yourself at any age. Things can change and you can make things happen.

Bethenny In LA

Pictures of Bethenny in LA she appeared on Chelsea Lately last night.

Photo: Frame Pictures

Photo: Frame Pictures

Kim-RHOA Spotted In Miami

Pics. of Kim In Miami enjoying the beach.

Jersey Girls Talk Real Housewives

Post from WTAM1100.

By Erin Medley
The second season of Bravo's hit television show "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is quickly approaching its finale and it has yet to disappoint. With as much drama off camera, including Teresa Giudice's court-ordered bankruptcy auction, as there is on, it's hard not to hear about the show's stars 24/7. Luckily, iheartradio was able to have a Jersey-style sit down with the extension-yanking, rumor-spreading, argument-starting ladies of the Garden State.

Your fans want to know how you all got into such great shape.
Caroline Manzo: Right now we are in the worst shape we've ever been in, we're so tired.

Jacqueline Laurita: Well, fair enough to me, in the show I just gave birth to my son and I gained 55 pounds. So the whole time we were filming I'm like 30 to 15 pounds overweight. It's been a year now trying to get back [into shape].
Teresa Giudice:Yeah, I was pretty thick on the show.

This season we've seen a lot of conflict between nearly everyone and the two Kims. Are there still hard feeling between the cast and Kim D and Kim G?

Jacqueline: I love Kim D. She kind of got a bad rep because something was filmed out of sequence. She originally, hadn't talked to [Danielle Staub] all summer.

Caroline: Kim D. was always very honest and upfront about everything.

Photo By Shelby Case

Jacqueline: Kim G. is a little sneaky, a little two-faced. But she doesn't bother me. She's my neighbor, we're friendly acquaintances. So when I have a problem with her I tell her and get over it fast.

Teresa: I like Kim D. Kim G...[she's]two-faced. But, you know, I've never been friends with her. I met her through the show.

Teresa, there was a very memorable moment this season where you and Danielle got into an argument at a country club, where you heatedly said "Don't forget, I'm from Paterson." What were you trying to imply?
Teresa: Well the reason why I said that is because she said to me...well I trying to egg her on obviously after she pissed me off. That's when I was just being a bitch and Jersey. I was just trying to egg on her, because I was like, "Oh, yeah? Don't call you honey?" And all of a sudden she says, "Oh, yeah. I know where you came from, you came from Paterson." So my response was, "Yeah that's right, I am from Paterson. You got a problem with that?" So that's where that came from.

Why is America so obsessed with New Jersey?

Caroline: I always say it's because we dare to be who we are. Everybody else is so worried about "Am I perfect? do I have a perfect life?" And were like, "You know what? This is it, take it or leave it."

Jacqueline: And we're real. We put the real in "Real Housewives."

Caroline, there are thousands of young women out there who love your sons Albie and Christopher. Should they try to win you over to get to your boys?
Caroline: I don't pick Albie and Christopher's girls, so you're going to have to work it. They'll say, "Mom, do you like her? Do you not?" And I'll say, "Do you like them?" And if there's something that I see that's really alarming, I'll bring it up.

Last year's reunion show was extremely volatile. What can we expect this year?
Caroline: Just unbelievable. You will not believe your eyes. That's all I'm saying.

Bethenny On Chelsea Lately

Video of Bethenny on Chelsea Handler's show.

Lynn's New Post About The RHONJ

Click HERE to read Lynn's latest blog post.

Sonja-RHONY Hosted Colors Of Hope

Post from

By:Patti Pietschmann
It was an affair to remember with beauty companies such as Dove, Clinique, Sanitas, Essie, Caudalie, Jouer and the Art of Shaving stepping up to the posh plate to donate products for a lavish charity event held at a hip Long Island Hampton's estate recently.

Photo: Linda Covello- Sonja pictured with Rebecca Minkoff
Sponsored by Colors of Hope Hamptons to raise money for Peace House Africa (, a U.S. based, non-profit organization committed to educating AIDS orphans in East Africa, the affair honored fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff--whose designer accessories, clothes and handbags are a favorite of celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Keira Knightley and Reese Witherspoon.

Rebecca was feted for her part in raising awareness of the critical issues that Africa's AIDs orphans face today.

The A-list party was the place to be on a warm summer night with local luminaries and celebrities such as Bravo's Real Housewives of N.Y. star Sonja Morgan , milling around, tasting hors d'oeurvres and sipping specialty cocktails by Makers Mark and Tequila AviĆ³n.

Located in Arusha, Tanzania, the Peace House Secondary School (PHS) offers a groundbreaking curriculum, which provides an education that focuses on teaching business entrepreneurial skills. Graduates of PHS will become job creators -- young people who can build a sustainable future for Tanzania.

My dear friend HSH Prince Albert of Monaco who was honored at Ann Hearst's lovely event for The Princess Grace Foundation. He is pictured here with his fiancee Charlene, and Gov. and Mrs. Paterson.
"All children deserve an education so they can build a better future for themselves and their community," said Rebecca Minkoff. "In Tanzania, AIDS continues to rob the lives of millions of adults, orphaning their children and deepening the hold of poverty in one of the world's poorest countries. Peace House Africa helps provide the tools needed to achieve change in this region by producing graduates who can build sustainable businesses and create jobs for Tanzania's suffering economy."
At Princess Grace Foundation with Robin Leacock and Christie Brinkley.

Kelly At Nickelodeon's Beyond The Backpack

Pics. of Kelly at Nickelodeon's Beyond the Backpack Kicks off Auction of Celebrity Backpacks at Macy's Herald Square store in New York City.

Photo: Getty

Video from Celeb TV.


Post and video from X17.

@lisagastineau @Jillzarin for jills book signing today! Mozel tov!

Monday, August 9th, 2010: Real Housewives of New York Jill Zarin, Millionaire Matchmaker Lisa Gastineau and Heather McDonald were all spotted together. Heather did a Jill imitation and talked about her new book. The women chatted and joked around with each other and introduced a new "housewives of New York" cast member

Photo: Buzzfoto

Lynda Erkiletian Runs A Legit Modeling Agency

Post from Hollywood Life.

By:Lindsey DiMattina
The rumors are FALSE! Lynda’s modeling agency is not an escort service, and Stacie is quick to rush to her defense!

You may have heard rumors circulating online that The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. star Lynda Erkiletian runs a top notch “escort agency,” but these are completely false! The rumors are “absolutely not” true, co-star Stacie Scott Turner tells exclusively. “That is a viscous, baseless rumor!”
Photo: Getty Images

“She has run a reputable agency for models and stylists in DC for 26 years,” Stacie says of Lynda’s T.H.E. Artist Agency.

Though Lynda has been quoted saying that her “modeling agency” caters to “the ambassadors, to the dignitaries,” in an interview with the Washington Post, the term “catering” does not imply anything suggestive, as many people are speculating.

“T.H.E Artist Agency in Georgetown is a full service agency that represents over 500 models and stylists,” the website for the agency reads. “T.H.E is not a modeling school; the opportunity to gain knowledge of the market and assistance with development is extended to all talent. As agents we are proud to promote careers in the areas of fashion runway, commercial and fashion print. We are leaders in the representation of hair and make-up artists, wardrobe stylists, set designers, food, floral and prop stylists. Experts in the areas of special effects, location scouting and production are also available through T.H.E.”
But, the site also says this: “No matter what your needs are, we have the talent available to produce a first-rate project.” Maybe Lynda should re-write that last sentence to avoid confusion.

If this scandal over Lynda’s alleged “escort service” is used on the show, it would make for a very interesting season of the all new The Real Housewives of D.C., don’t you think?

Bravo Dumped Lynne-RHOOC

Post from OK! Magazine.

Author: Nicole Eggenberger 
“Rumor has it that I will not be returning for ’season 6,’” Lynne Curtin from The Real Housewives of Orange County announced. “That rumor is true!”

“I am broken hearted!,” Lynne wrote on her Facebook (via E! News). “I was so let down the way this came about! We were the last to know! I guess Bravo has to do what they have to do! I thought we had a great relationship! I guess I was wrong! Its funny how fast offers came to us from other places! Thats how we found out we were not returning! Funny how life can be!”

Lynne joined the Orange County Housewives cast in season four and will now reportedly be replaced by Peggy Tanous, a friend of cast member Alexis Bellino.


“Further rumor has it we will be back somewhere else on our own show!” Lynne added. “Hmmmm! I would like our new show to be totally honest! No retakes or do overs. You will see it exactly the way it really happens! Someone thinks a lot of people will tune in! That makes me feel better about things! Its important to keep a positive vibe in life no matter what is going on!”

Bravo hasn’t commented on Lynne leaving the show just yet, but Lynne is optimistic about her future.

“‘Watch what happens,’” she warned.”Life is so unpredictable! Enjoy!”

Season six of The Real Housewives of Orange County is expected to air January 2011.

Michaele-RHODC May File A Defamation Suit

Post from

Photo: PR Photo
By:Sunny Pepper
"The Real Housewives of D.C." show would be nothing without reality super star Michaele Salahi. Now, the alleged White House party crasher and her husband are being served with a lawsuit.

Shortly after the season premiere of "Real Housewives", the former NFL Cheerleader and model got into a heated interview session on "The View" and an off-camera confrontation with co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

Now, the couple's PR attorney Lisa Bloom is saying "The View" "defamed" the couple and is on grounds for lawsuit. Bloom also accused the show of rigging a negative character of Michaele on the show when co-host Sherri Shepherd said she "should be thrown in jail" for the White House invasion. According to Bloom, "The View" producers tuned on the "Applause" light to signal clapping from the audience.

“She was branded a ‘gatecrasher’ five times and was even told she should go to jail," Bloom said to "My client is not a criminal and she has not been charged by anybody for any crime."

Adding, "You can't call someone a rapist or a murderer when there are no charges against them. So why is it OK to defame my client?"

Conversely she says, "My client is a sweet person who has done nothing wrong and somebody should take responsibility for this."

Kelsey Has Moved On From Camille-RHOBH

Post from Music Rooms.

Photo: Splash News Online
The actor confirmed he had split from his third wife Camille Donatacci, who is a former Playboy model, last month. She filed papers citing irreconcilable differences, and asked for primary custody of their kids Mason, eight, and five-year-old Jude, with visitation for her estranged husband. Kelsey asked for time to work through the situation, and later told his fans to respect Camille’s decision via Twitter.

The actor insisted the couple had just grown apart, and much was made of Kelsey’s decision to star in a Broadway production La Cage aux Folles while his family stayed in Los Angeles. He denied he was in a new relationship, but said he expected to start dating again in the future.

It has now been reported the 55-year-old is dating a blonde woman, thought to be British and called Kate. “He's pushing for a quickie divorce because things are moving quickly with his new girlfriend,” a source told the New York Post newspaper. “There is speculation that she is pregnant, but he wants to finalise the divorce before making any announcement.”
Kelsey was spotted strolling with the woman in New York over the weekend. She was dressed in a black dress, which appeared to reveal a baby bump.
The star’s representative refused to comment on the baby claims, only saying: “Kelsey did not discuss it with me. They are very happy together.”
Kelsey has daughters Spencer Grammer, 26, and Greer Kandace Grammer, 18, from other relationships.

Excerpt from
A rep for Grammer, 55, confirmed the woman's first name, as reported in the New York Post. "They are very happy together," says Grammer's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, who declined to provide more details other than that Kate "is not in the entertainment business."

Michaele Salahi Talks To Steppin' Out

Excerpts from Almost Famous.

DC Housewife, Michaele Salahi, sits down with celebrity reporter, Chaunce Hayden. She talks about meeting Whoppi Goldberg, and Danielle Staub, about what it was like being on The View and confirm she was invited to the White House.

“You know Chaunce, we were invited.” Michaele says in the interview. “You have to get vetted before you go to an event at the White House. So when they reached out to us and asked for all our information we, submitted it.” Michaele and husband were than told where to go and what day to arrive on that day. Soon after the White House situation she was invited onto The View. She believes the only reason she was invited on The View was to get yelled at. Michaele had reservations about going on the show but she wanted to support the other Housewives. She says, “I really thought it would be more about the show and less about attacking me personally about the White House. I found out later from Bravo that “The View” stated, “If we don’t have Michaele, we don’t want the wives. So they had a goal in mind right from the start that they were going to do this to me.”

Michaele has very strong feelings on Whoppi Goldberg as well. She thinks Whoppi “Whoppied out on me.” Michaele doesn’t know Whoppi personally but she wishes after the meeting she had met the actress and not the person. “When she was yelling at me I just kept looking at her and I started to cry.” Michaele found Whoppi hostile even though Whoppie told her, “This is just who I am! People who know me know that I always say F this and F that.”

She did have a great experience meeting Housewife Danille Staub saying, “I met her and I loved her! She’s the nicest person ever! I met her in the green room of the Today Show and I knew she was the one that everyone said is rough. But when she saw me she jumped up and ran over to me and said, “I know you’re a DC housewife! Welcome to the team.” We hugged each other and I said, “Wow, you’re a beautiful person.” She said just take care of yourself. She’s so easy to talk to and a non-bitch. She’s nothing like they made her out to be.”

Read more of Chaunce Hayden interview with Michaele Salahi and what Michaele has to say about Whoppi, The View, Danielle Staub and the White House in the new issue of Steppin’ Out magazine.

Alexis-RHOOC San Diego Vacation Pictures

Pics./tweets from Alexis.

Finally pics from San Diego! I am NOT good at downloading! But my beautiful family after a day of fun!

James feeding Silver, the giraffe! He is not fond of Silver's snot!

The RHODC Are Jealous of Michaele

Post from Hollywood Life.

By: Lindsey DiMattina
There’s no question about it — The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. are completely jealous of Michaele Salahi! “Absolutely 100 percent,” Michaele’s stylist Julie Wilson told exclusively. “I think it’s … because she’s so pretty and she’s in the spotlight. I feel like that’s what they’re getting aggravated about and [why] they’re attacking her like they did on The View.”

Julie says the housewives even have a tendency to copy Michaele’s style.

“I will tell you that if they see her in a particular color, there are some repeat appearances,” Julie told us. “If you watch her on The View, and then watched them the next day … . She’s definitely the one that they look at. The other ones’ style sense, when you look at them and you look at the consecutive outfits that they wear, there’s not a consistent look, idea or pattern.”

Michaele is “most known for red,” Julie told us. “What people associate with her is more of a clean line. I put her in constructive pieces that have design elements. They don’t overwhelm because Michaele has a huge personality. You have to dress for the personality.”

As for the other Housewives picking on Michaele’s alleged eating disorder, Julie told us that’s “crap.” She said, “I have seen her body, she’s normal — like on the border two or four. She’s NOT a zero!”

“She uses a little platform,” Julie said. “I think she really likes to be as tall as she possible can be. She’s already like 5′9″ to start with, so it just adds to her persona and image.”

“Bottom line, they’re jealous,” Julie said of the other Housewives. “I just think that a lot of people like to pre-judge, but there’s also a private side to her and she does have a huge heart. A lot of people don’t want to see that!”

RHONJ Recap/Review 8-9-10

Article from

By: Vicki Hyman
Former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast member Dina Manzo told me last year that when she signed on for the show, she thought it would focus on her and her nutty friends and family, including sister Caroline Manzo, sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita and pal Teresa Giudice. "It would have been a hysterical show," she said. "It would have been very Jersey, but not as dark, not too catty." Well, tonight we got a taste of what that show would have been like, as they all (except Dina, who left the show mid-season) traveled to Italy for what is made out to be a spur-of-the-moment trip to get away from it all.
Photo: Bravo

But it's impossible to gauge whether we would have liked that show knowing what we know now -- mainly that Teresa and Joe Giudice filed for bankruptcy in the middle of filming the second season but apparently didn't let that get in the way of their lavish entertaining, high-end clothes shopping (too bad for Teresa the Venice branch of Channel's, er, Chanel was closed), or luxury vacations. It also doesn't help that Joe tries to explain away his drunk driving arrest in tonight's episode by saying that he was stone cold sober when he crashed his car, and only afterwards downed several slugs of Scotch while waiting for the cops. Also not aiding their cause: Chris Laurita, who otherwise had been a fairly stand-up guy, telling Joe that Danielle Staub must be solely responsible for all the drama of the past few months because Danielle has no family or friends. See?!? I did, however, enjoy the bit of tension developing between Caroline and Teresa (well, tension on the part of Caroline toward Teresa, because Teresa's so oblivious she probably had no idea) when Teresa dumps her three girls on with Caroline and Al for babysitting.

Let's get this over with: The show opens with news of Joe's arrest for drunk driving in Montville. Joe says he hit a pole because he was falling asleep at the wheel. He managed to extricate himself from the car and tells Jacqueline and Chris that he only started drinking after he saw the extent of the crash. Jacqueline says that they were with Joe that night, and vouched for his abstinence.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Danny Provenzano meet at the Oakland Diner, where Danny says he "heard" that Teresa's husband was arrested for DUI. Yeah, like this is news to Danielle. "Why are you out 'til 2 a.m.," she rails, "as a grown man and a father, drinking. I know strip clubs are open at that hour, so let's just call it like it is." That's making kind of a big leap there, but Danielle does know a thing or two about strip clubs.

"It's a miracle that Joe got himself out of the car," Teresa says. "It was an unfortunate situation." And Teresa knows a thing or two about unfortunate situations.
Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa (who just picked up a darling new leather jacket) meet for lunch, and Teresa announces that they just need to get away. What a good idea, the other ladies agree. Hmm, where shall they go? How about Italy, Caroline says, trying hard for casual but landing on monotone. What a good idea, the other ladies agree. Long, completely orchestrated story short, they all go, including their parents and all the young kids. Jacqueline and Teresa get drunk one night on the trip, and the next night, Jacqueline feels awful and stays in her room. Teresa has planned a special birthday dinner for 4-year-old Milania, who wails, "I didn't wanna get an eat party." But it's not about you, birthday girl! Milania falls asleep at the party and starts crying when Teresa wakes her up to blow out the candles on her cake. Caroline looks disgusted. Caroline-Teresa feud, please! Everyone says how happy they are to see Jacqueline back to her carefree self after all the Danielle nonsense. Next week: On to Naples and more profligate spending.

Teresa-RHONJ Hid Her Bankruptcy From Bravo?

Article from Astrochicks.

I have always wondered why Bravo casts Real Housewives who are on the verge of divorce, bankrupt, with no money? Maybe because it adds more drama to the show, or is that a reflection of the typical housewife today? This season on Real Housewives of New Jersey, it appears that Teresa Giudice’s fabulous life is all smoke and mirrors. For Danielle Staub, she was broke until she was cast to appear on the show, now she’s rolling in cash from book deals, appearances, sex tapes, etc.

Season Two of Real Housewives of New Jersey was filmed last fall and winter, before and after Teresa Giudice’s bankruptcy filing. The only problem is, fans will never see Bravo, Teresa or Joe Giudice mention the seriousness of their financial problems.

“We had no idea about any of that,” says one of the production staff, who was certain no one at Bravo knew about the bankruptcy until a New York tabloid broke the story two months ago.

“We just follow the ladies. They tell us what they’re doing and we decide if we want to film them that day. So, if Teresa [had] said, ‘Hey, guess what, guys? I’m going to file for bankruptcy today,’ we probably would have followed it. But it’s easy for them to not give us that information.”

“It’s really a disgrace,” says Paterson Realtor Joe Mastropole, a former business partner of Joe Giudice who is listed as being owed $586,000 on the petition. “Why are they still pretending to be people they’re not on the show?”

On Oct. 23, 2009, State Superior Court Judge Ellen L. Koblitz ruled that the Giudices still owed Mastropole $255,000 (plus 10 percent interest per year, dating to 2007) on that mortgage . Six days after her ruling, Joe and Teresa filed for bankruptcy.

It will be interesting to see if Teresa and Joe Giudice can hold on to their mansion in Towaco. It’s reported that the monthly mortgage is $12k per month, now that the furnishing is being auctioned off I guess they will be sleeping on the floor. I wonder if Bravo will renew Teresa’s contract for next season’s, Real Housewives of New Jersey season three? Stay tuned!

Who Is Danielle's Mother?

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Everyone knows the details of Danielle Staub’s sordid young adulthood, but what nobody knows is her biological parentage.

Danielle was adopted as baby by the Merrills, a protestant family in Pennsylvania in 1962, and they gave her the name Beverly. That much we can be sure of, but the story of her biological parents is murky. Danielle has taken to relating several different romantic stories of her birth parents to the press and through her memoir, and is using the mystery of her birth mother as a plot point on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

According to her ex-husband Kevin Maher, this isn’t the first time Danielle has sought her birth mother, she solicited Maher’s help during their marriage in 1989. At the time of her adoption, the records were sealed, so Maher made an unsuccessful bid to unseal those documents through his FBI and DEA connections (he was an informant). Maher says Danielle has no evidence to back up the wild tales she spins about her birth parents.

In one story Danielle supposedly told someone close to her that her mother was a 16-year-old “Old World” Sicilian mafia princess impregnated by a Catholic priest.

In her book she says her mother was a wealthy 14-year-old Sicilian in love with a 19-year-old boy from a “forbidden” family a la’ Romeo and Juliet. When she started to show, Danielle’s young mother was whisked away to America to give birth while at home her father was murdered. A family friend reportedly gave this information to Danielle when she was around ten. She also mentions the rumor that her mother had returned to the U.S. and had mothered six other children.

In short, Danielle believes that she was born from a fairytale, and to but she takes it a step further in her book. She expresses that she believes she inherted a taste for “the finer things” in life (who doesn’t?), innately knew how to cook Italian food “perfectly,” and absorbed Catholicism while in her mother’s womb.

Peggy-RHOOC Virtual Spokesmodel

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By: Darren O
Radar has announced that the newest cast member for Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County will be 41-year-old Peggy Tanous of Irvine. Peggy is married to web entrepreneur Micah Tanous who is, according to his linkedin profile, the owner of two marketing websites w5internet and myvirtualsalesperson.

Peggy and Micah are long time friends with current RHOC cast members Jim and Alexis Bellino. At a Housewives viewing party that took place in Tustin last November Peggy commented on her gal-pal Alexis being on the show.

We all got married at the same time,” Peggy said at the party. “Their twins were born the day after our daughter was born, in the same hospital. Alexis is real. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll let you know.” She went on to add that she was, “very excited for (Alexis) to take on this new challenge.”

Blond OC bombshell birds of a feather must stick together because sources are saying the same thing about Mrs. tenacious Tanous. She is being called “feisty,” “truthful” and that she is “blunt and always tells it like it is.”
A post from the Orange County Register provides a little more info about the latest RHOC cali-girl labeling Tanous as a model and infomercial host. After doing some sleuthing I was able to track down a video of Peggy in a clip for her husband’s previously mentioned company w5internet. In this spot she is a spokesperson for a company called Talent 6 that hires extras for movies, commercials, music videos and more.
Via her hubby’s other listed website there are additional examples of Pretty Peggy’s skill at being what the site calls a virtual spokesmodel. Just about every page for the site automatically loads up a video of “Peggy your virtual salesperson.” Via a link interested clients can browse for spokesmodels and in obedient OC husband fashion Micah has his blond wife listed first.

Through Peggy’s page there is a sample of her work for a granite counter top company called Granite For Your Home. You can check out Peggy giving her best virtual sales pitch for Granite via the link here. But, for pure entertainment value, you need to go to and watch Peggy getting down and dirty with some heavy metal Rock Band electric guitar!

There is a recently launched site called simply enough,, that as of this post only features one large photo image of what I would assume is her family. The photo has Peggy, Micah and two adorable baby girls all decked out in pink and smiles.

Another blond with what looks like some questionably artificial Angelina Jolie wannabe lips that is blunt and feisty. Looks like Bravo has found a pattern of success and is sticking to it. It’s hard to argue with the results.