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Monday, July 12, 2010

Get Kelly's abs

From OK Magazine.

Author: Valerie Nome
When Kelly Killoren Bensimon gets asked if she had liposuction, she laughs “yeah, I would have it — if you could pay for it.”
In reality, the Real Housewives of NYC star jokes about her secret for tight abs: “Holding them in.”

But that’s not the whole truth.

“I’m a lean girl to begin with,” she says. “I always have been. I was a competitive swimmer, and I don’t do much. I eat well, I sleep a lot and I run. I’m a healthy person.”

She continues, “If you eat well, you sleep well and drink a lot of water, you can shift your metabolism. When people are like ‘I’m on this diet and I haven’t eaten in three days,’ well, your body is in starvation mode, so I never miss a meal. Maybe one meal I’ll have a salad, and maybe I’ll have pasta later. I figure it out if there’s ever an issue. I’m not a big food person.”

Although it may make her fellow Housewives scoff, she maintains a philosophy.

“I like to eat well, but eating well and living well is the best revenge. It’s just having a good time.”

What does she look for in a man?

“I’m looking for a nice guy,” she confesses. “I’m shy and picky. I have two gorgeous kids. I don’t want to go out with some guy to go out with some guy. It has to be someone special. And it’s in public.”

Kelly is very sweet. She actually sent me a thank-you note that reads “Valerie, Thank you for the great article. I am grateful for your support. [heart] Kelly,” written in purplish-pink marker, on her personalized stationary, when her Last Word interview appeared in OK! a few weeks ago. Aww.

When we talked about it during the Target Party For Good: Making Meals To Feed Young Minds event to benefit the Food Bank For New York City, she said “When you do something nice for me, I’m flattered. Thank you.” She’s awesome.

Jill and Alex still avoid each other

Post from OK magazine about Jill and Alex steering clear of each other at the Hamptons Open House.

“I can tell you that you can see at this party that we are not talking to each other,” Alex explained to OK!. “We’re giving each other a wide berth.”

Class With The Countess

Luann's column from OK Magazine.

What Would the Countess Do?: Staying Fresh; Throwing Summer Soirées
 Author: LuAnn de Lesseps

When it comes to etiquette, manners and overall good behavior, even celebrities need help navigating the rough waters of stardom! It’s a good thing Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of New York is joining forces with OK! to school them on the right thing to do! In a rough situation, we just ask, “What Would the Countess Do?” This week she weighs in on how to stay fresh in the summer and throwing the perfect summer soirée.

As the temperatures heat up, how do you keep your cool while still looking your best? When throwing a summer soirée, what can you offer guests to keep them comfortable?
It’s hard to stay looking fresh at summer parties when the temperature soars and the humidity rises. To stay cool while looking glamorous, I wear caftans and sundresses with a Pucci scarf to tie back my hair. Big, fun sunglasses and sandals complete my look. I use a self-tanner and Chanel Bronzing Powder for a sun-kissed look. Pureness Oil Control Blotting Paper from Shiseido keeps my skin looking fresh all day.


To make my guests as comfortable as possible, I adopt a very casual entertaining style during the summer and love to host barbecues and buffet style dinners so people can sit where they like. A good hostess makes sure that her guests stay as cool as possible when entertaining on hot days. I serve cold water, ice tea, light cocktails and dry Rose from Provence. White wine spritzers are great because they hydrate more than intoxicate. Instead of hot, heavy foods, I serve light hors d’oeuvres, salads, and chicken or fish. For dessert, I top a scoop of vanilla ice cream with mixed berries.


Tip: Keep entertaining casual during the hot summer months. Less is more, especially in the summer.

Camille- RHOBH dumped by phone

Post from Show Biz Spy.

KELSEY Grammer allegedly dumped his wife over the phone.

The Frasier star, 55, called Camille Donatacci over a month ago to tell her he “was done” with their 13 year marriage.

Camille filed for divorce earlier this month, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

“Kelsey was so cold,” a source told New York Post gossip column Page Six.

“He told her it was over and he wanted to see other people, but still asked her to be at the Tonys. She stayed at the London Hotel, and in public they acted like a couple, but he wouldn’t let her in his apartment, or discuss a reconciliation.

“Some friends say he changed after he moved to New York five months ago.

“He started hanging out late with a new crowd after the show, and became more distanced from Camille. He was living the single life.”

Nene reporting for WXIA-11

Videos of Nene reporting at her new job at WXIA-TV’s early morning news today. She is on at 6:46 a.m. every day. Click on the station name to get to Nene's site at channel 11.

Kim G.- RHONJ pics.

Pictures from NewJerseyNewsRoom. Tom Murro is the reporter in the pictures.

Kim G.- RHONJ hangs out with NJ reporter

 Article from Scroll down to see 2 videos of Kim G.


This is the first bunch of several funny videos and photos from my crazy fun afternoon this past Saturday with Kim Granatell of "Real Housewives of N.J."

We cruised around town in her $400,000 Ferrari after we first met in town at Starbucks, next to the salon where it all started, for some iced tea, then back to her house. We talked about everything from soup to nuts (literally).

She told me that she trims her own bushes so of course I had my photographer catch a few shots of her with her giant clippers.

Enjoy the rest!

Jill enjoying her weekend

Pic./Tweet from Jill.

Cruising around shelter island missing my Ginger!

Bethenny on Wendy Williams

Pic. from Bethenny while waiting to go on the Wendy Williams show.

Alexis-RHOOC should listen to her own advice

Post from OC Weekly.

By Matt Coker
We told you here how The Real Housewives of Orange County reality spouse Alexis Bellino and her husband nearly lost their twin baby girls to the Balboa Bay Club pool Fourth of July weekend.

The Bellinos and their kids grace the July cover of OC Parenting Magazine, and one hard-hitting question thrown at the Mrs. was: "The Bay Club is a great place for kids isn't it?"

Her shocking answer after the jump . . .

​"In the summer it's our hang out. The kids can swim in the kiddie pool or we can take them over to the big pool and a lot of our friends are there with their young children so it's always a great, safe time with people, you know."

As told in our previous post, TMZ heard from BBC security guards who claimed the Bellinos were preoccupied when the stroller the toddlers were in rolled into the pool, causing a guard to jump in to save one and Mr. Bellino to enter the drink to fetch the other (something he denies, it should be noted).

You can read the full parenting interview here--in case you want to know what not to do.

Meanwhile, the Weekly often hears from authors, doctors and other wanna-be newsmakers offering their reactions to some catastrophic event. Government agencies also offer their expertise when there's fire danger, extreme weather or other phenomena they believe warrants communicating with the public.

Well, atter our post on the near-drowning of the Bellino kids at the ritzy Bay Club went up, we heard from a PR representative for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) .

"I read recent media coverage of the non fatal submersion of twin two-year-old girls in a public swimming pool in Newport Beach on Sunday," began the email from Teresa Valerio Parrot of Washington, D.C.-based Widmeyer Communications.

"This tragic situation provides an opportunity for public awareness on water safety," she continued, "and we encourage you to follow-up on coverage of this incident to provide a teachable moment for your audience."

She was pitching coverage of the CPSC's new educational campaign with the clever name "Pool Safety" that is aimed at reducing the 300 childhood pool deaths that happen annually in this country. (If that floats your boat--or offspring--go to, @PoolSafely on Twitter, and/or

Parrot also passed along the contact information for Margery LaRue, safety director with the American Red Cross Orange County (714-481-5350 or

Sounds like we've got an angle for your follow-up interview, OC Parenting Magazine.

Is Kelly nuts?

Post from Reality Tea about Kelly's sanity.

Very slow news day folks, so bringing you some more Kelly Bensimon news. Below is an article written about the Real Housewives of New York City star that sheds a little more light on this KKB character.

The story was printed in the June 17th issue of InTouch magazine:

Kelly Bensimon Is Just As “Batty” As She Seems On TV
When Real Housewives of New York City’s resident airhead Kelly Bensimon hired a nanny in 2009 to watch her children Sea, 12, and Teddy, 10, her neighbors weren’t shy about alerting the new employee to what she’d signed up for. “They said, ‘You’re the fourth person in the last six months to work for her,’” claims the former nanny, adding that she thinks that Kelly is “crazy” and says she’s seen her start her day by spiking her coffee with Patrón tequila.

Meanwhile, Kelly continues to spend her time on twitterville posting nonsense and for some strange reason, replying to every negative tweet she receives. She literally spends all day, 7 days a week, replying to negative comments from fans of the show. Below are some recent tweets from her, all posted within the last 12 hours alone.

Kelly on the Mel Gibson’s racist audio tape rants –

Kelly - “Watching Today show and Mel Gibson. Who should we believe?”

Fan - “@kikilet U should believe da tapes u idiot! Mel is a racist. Da sooner he admits it the faster we can move on!”

Kelly - “its not my job to judge the personal lives of people. We have courtrooms for that.”

Kelly replying to a fan who was actually being nice to her -

Fan - “Just saw that @kikilet’s daughter is on Twitter. I know how we all feel about Kelly but I’m hoping every1 is being respectful to her CHILD.”

Kelly - “i know you feel betrayed by BRAVO.i am only human. please move forward. i am bored with the ‘breakthrough’. i filmed 3 days later.”

Kelly on her twitter name kikilet:

“my twitter name is ‘kiki’ azzedine alaia,a. French designer gave me the name. So it’s little kiki.”

Other random tweets by Kelly -

“i love twitter, but we need to empower each other. my followers are smart, witty, and cool. we dont succumb to mean. why should we?”

“bravo hired me for my authenticity, integrity, honesty, and legitimacy. whatever works for them works for me.”

“you got it. I am just authentic. I am not going to be fake for popularity, sorry. I am human. hiiii.”

“bullying is a constant I love u, I hate u, I love u. Where have u seen that exhibited?”

So umm yeah.

Sonja the Beauty Queen

Pic./Tweet from Sonja.

With Ms NY State. I started in pageants. Never won Ms NY though it was a great experience!!!!

Did Bethenny diss her parents in People?

Post from

Posted by Lulu and Moxleys Mom
I just finished reading the new PEOPLE magazine with Bethenny Frankel on the cover in which she details her tragic childhood and levels some pretty awful claims about her parents, legendary horse trainer Bobby Frankel and Bernadette Frankel Parisella. Frankel’s mother was able to respond to her daughter’s allegations, but Frankel’s father died last year, leaving him unable to defend himself. And I just wonder, is it okay that Frankel bashed her parents so publicly, especially given one is deceased and unable to respond? Following are some of Frankel’s allegations, and her mother’s response, where she basically calls her daughter a liar.
–Her father would have nothing further to do with her after her mother accused him of withholding money. “He said, “I”m washing my hands of the whole thing,’” Frankel says.
–Her mother was a bulimic and Frankel would have to clean up her mother’s vomit with her mother saying, “Don’t tell your father.”
–Her mother abused alcohol (she “was always drinking”) and was “extremely volatile… “There was a lot of destruction, alcohol abuse, eating disorders and violent fights.”
–She briefly lived with her father in Los Angeles but her father was into drugs and young girls. “I never watched cartoons, I was always at restaurants and the racetrack.”
–After heated arguments between her mother and step-father, John Parisella, during which she would hide in the closet or call police, she’s hear her them making up in the bedroom. “It would make me so angry. It would kill me.”
–Her father still rebuffed her while on his death bed. “I didn’t exist to him.”
–She hasn’t spoken to her mother in more than 10 years and doesn’t plan to. She says: “I’m never going to to want her in my daughter’s life” and “I don’t want her to contact us and make it toxic.”

When contacted by PEOPLE, Frankel’s mother admitted that domestic fights sometimes led to the police being called but denied having an eating disorder or a problem with alcohol. Frankel’s step-father, who has been divorced from Frankel’s mother for over two decades, seemed to back up Frankel’s version, saying Bernadette “showed signs of bulimia” and drank heavily.

Listen, I had a great childhood and have no beefs with my parents. But even if I did and I was famous, I don’t think I’d level them publicly. Granted, that’s easy for me to say given I have no complaints about my upbringing. My guess is everything Frankel says is true, but is airing it to the world the right thing to do? What do you think?

Ramona at Parrish Art Museum

From the Wall Street Journal Online. Ramona attended the Parrish Art Museum's Midsummer Party, the party was at the museum which is in the center of Southampton Village.

Ramona Singer, one of the looser cannons on "The Real Housewives of New York," was listening to Mr. Browne with her husband, Mario, and a few friends. She was wearing a skin-tight cobalt-blue gown. "For Oceana," Ms. Singer explained. "And look—I wore my blue jewelry, too." She showed off a turquoise ring and a cuff bracelet.

"This is $200," Ms. Singer said of the bracelet. "This is for the women who want to have a red-carpet look but don't want to spend a million dollars. I copy my own pieces, pieces that I get from places like Buccellati. I make them less expensive. But they're not trendy. They're timeless. They won't go out of style. These are pieces that you can pass along to your child. And they last. They're made of rhodium, which is an alloy of platinum."

Ms. Singer's attention was drawn away from her own baubles to the Ocean of Plastic mural. What did she think of it?

."I think it's phenomenal. Fabulous," said Ms. Singer, "Kids are so talented."