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Monday, August 9, 2010

Tareq-RHODC Cursed Out Other Guests Before Throwing Wine

Post and Video from NBC Washington.

A "Real Housewives of D.C." cast member reportedly doused with wine by alleged White House gate crasher and "Real" housewife husband Tareq Salahi said that followed two other women getting cursed out by the fame monger.

Members of the "Housewives" cast were dining in Beverly Hills with their friends and Bravo representatives when Tareq Salahi apparently threw a glass of wine in the face of Lynda Erkiletian, who had apparently said something unfavorable about his wife, Michaele. Tareq then stormed out of the room.

"I think I really have disconnected the anger or the fear of who he is or how he behaved because it originated at of the fact that he was abusing two other women verbally at our table, and I was all the way at the end of our 12-person table and could hear him, and we had just spent like 12 hours together … basically promoting our show, and I thought, 'You know, it's midnight, we're all ready to go home can we save this for another day,' and he proceeded to curse me out and throw wine in my face," she said.

She admitted that she knows such drama gives the show more attention and likely more ratings.

In regards to the alleged state dinner crashing, Erkiletian said it was a relief that the investigation ended because for several months, the airing of the show was delayed because of the controversy caused when the Salahis slipped in without an invitation.

Erkiletian, a mother who runs a modeling agency in D.C., thought the first episode -- broadcast last week -- was funnier than she was expecting for all the cast members.

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Salahi Former Publicist Will Reveal The Facts

Article from The Washington Examiner.

Salahis' former publicist wants to be interviewed
By: Katy Adams
File this under the category of "not surprising whatsoever." Now that "Real Housewives of D.C." has debuted and the Salahis have crashed back into the limelight, the couple's former publicist, Mahogany Jones, is ready for her close-up. Late Sunday night, Jones' assistant sent out a press release offering the story to the media. "Mahogany Jones, former personal publicist for the Salahis, is ready to set the record straight and firmly dispel rumors surrounding the White House Party Crashing incident and more," the release teased. It also noted that she was not going to "bash the Salahis" but would "reveal the facts" about the past incident. On Monday, Jones' assistant would not reveal whether any of the news outlets were offering money for the interviews but said Jones was booked solid this week.

Jones has come close to talking about the Salahis before. In February, following the news that White House social secretary Desiree Rogers was stepping down, Jones gabbed to Yeas & Nays briefly about Rogers and the Salahis. In a bizarre move, Jones called back to retract all her statements.

The Salahis did not respond to an e-mail request for comment.

Vicki-RHOOC Talks To Haute Living

Q&A from Haute Living.

By Lainey Johnson
So what happens behind the scenes of a hit reality show when the cameras are off? A new book by Vicki Gunvalson, TV reality star from the hit series Real Housewives of Orange County will be hitting the market and will answer all those questions. More Than A Housewife is a book that describes what Vicki’s “reality” truly is and what her life was like before all the limelight.

More Than A Housewife provides a glimpse into Vicki Gunvalson’s reality TV world but will also serve as a motivational tool that can guide readers to achieve and recognize their purpose — to find direction through Vicki’s insight with stories of trials and tribulations. Whether man or woman, single parent or not each can read the book and take the knowledge and steps that Vicki is sharing as a successful businesswoman. More Than A Housewife will take you from her childhood through to her adult years with honest stories of divorce, single parenting, illness, loss, children, marriage and so much more gearing each reader to stories of success and future goals. “Winners of the race donʼt slow down,” is a favorite motto of Vickiʼs and while her current success seems as the pinnacle – for Vicki there is no slowing down constantly creating goals in order to achieve continuous success in every endeavor.

While on Real Housewives of Orange County, we have all gotten to know and love Vicki as the perfectionist housewife. Knowing that Vicki has written More Than A Housewife, expect nothing less than literary perfection. A true story of how she is not just another housewife but a motivator, successful businesswoman, friend, wife and mother. A story of Vicki’s life with an opportunity to get a sense of what being on a reality show is like, her relationship with her children and the love she has for her husband, Donn. I spoke with Vicki over the phone Monday morning. Here’s what she had to say about her book, fellow housewives, season six, her fave spots in South Florida and of course, her signature cocktail.

HL: You’ve endured five seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County, run one of the most successful insurance agencies in the United States and all the while balance a family. Where in the world did you find time to write this book?
VG: Time is something I struggle with. The things that suffer most are my husband and my own sleep. I’m conscience of it. God gives us 24 hours in a day. When I get up there to see him I’m going to tell him I needed 36 to 40. I push so much into one day because I feel lost if I don’t. I’m productive and I feel like I have balance.

HL: How do you achieve balance between work and family?
VG: You have to do something you love. I encourage anyone who is unhappy to find out what makes them happy. You must have a passion. I run across so many people who hate what they are doing. It makes me sad. I stumbled upon insurance because my girlfriend was doing it and here I am 20 years later loving it every day. I tell people to find what they love and do it 110 percent.

HL: Goals are big for you.
VG: I’m a big believer in goal setting. Any goal-oriented person will have a list of goals. I add to mine diligently every day.

HL: It seems like your marriage is stronger than ever (I loved the episode where you and Donn renewed vows), your son Michael has joined your company, it appears your daughter Briana is healthy and we obviously know your business is thriving. What inspired you to relive some of your hardest times and write the book? Why now?
VG: The viewers. The viewers asked me to tell them what drives me. I feel strongly about being self sufficient. I felt the viewers needed to hear more about who I am and what I do. We all have to be ready for the unknown. Donn could be taken away from me at any point in time. I hope we don’t ever get a divorce but it’s out there. The statistics are strong.

HL: How has the book been received so far?
VG: Really well! I wanted to do this. It was on my bucket list and it’s fun to cross it off.

HL: Tell us a little about it? What can we learn from your book?
VG: The viewers who have followed me on the show can learn more about my history and my past. I was in a bad marriage for nine years and it was miserable. I encourage those who are miserable to get out. I know there are those that say “till death do us part” but I don’t believe in that. Why live in misery? I speak a lot about abuse and violence in relationships.

HL: I admire you spreading that message. Atlanta housewife NeNe Leakes advocates for similar causes, too.
VG: I find so many women stay in bad relationships. If you are in a bad relationship, change it.

HL: What else will we learn from the book?
VG: Business sense and what it takes to build a business. I also talk about insurance and why we need it and alot on the economy. My book is good for any gender.

HL: How has the show changed your life?
VG: It’s given me a sense of self confidence and insecurity at the same time. I’m not the skinniest or prettiest woman on the show. Sometimes I say “why me” and then I think “why not me.” We just started filming season six and I really struggled coming back.

HL: So you will be back for another season?
VG: Yes. We are in week two of four to five weeks of filming. I was not happy last year and I didn’t want to get caught crying again. Then I realized I had a message and a platform to spread it.

HL: What do you think of the new D.C. season?
VG: I have not seen it. I am not good about watching other shows. I’m not a big TV watcher.

HL: Fair enough. I find you one of the most down to earth housewives on the show. Do you ever see yourself leaving the glitz of California and moving back to Chicago?
VG: Yes. I feel displaced in California. I don’t feel like it’s home. I can’t put my finger on it. I feel it’s a temporary place. I love my lifestyle, but I miss my friends back home.

HL: Speaking of friends, are you and Jeana friends again?
VG: No, I haven’t seen her in eight to 10 months. She’s not a good friend. I have no desire to see her. You have to weed them out. You don’t keep people who hurt you in your life. She doesn’t feel she did anything wrong. I’m all about bringing positive people in my life.

HL: I know there was a lot of conflict when you visited Florida on the show but do you have any favorite spots in south Florida?
VG: I actually love Florida! I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton and had a great time. I would like to retire in Florida. I love West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. I love Anushka Salon & Spa in West Palm Beach.

HL: That’s a great place. Random but final question – what is your signature drink?
VG: Blue cheese olive dirty martini.

HL: Woo hoo!

Kelly And Kids Attend Einstein Family Day

Post from Huffington Post.

Photo: PMc
Filed by Emily Tess Katz
Kelly,Sea and Teddy at the 21st Annual Einstein Family Day yesterday in Bridgehampton. The "Wild Wild West" themed carnival was sponsored by Marquis Jet and the National Women's Division of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Photo: PMc

Ramona-RHONY Meets The Prince

Post from the NY Daily News.

By: Carson Griffith
It sounds like a scene from a 1940s screwball comedy. At the Louis Vuitton-hosted Midsummer Garden Fete to benefit the Princess Grace Foundation on Saturday, Ramona Singer, one of the "Real Housewives of New York" announced to her friends, "I want to meet the prince," meaning Prince Albert of Monaco, who was the evening's guest of honor at Ashgrove Farm in Watermill. As Singer made a beeline for the recently engaged royal, one source at the party says she stumbled and ended up having to grab the prince's shoulder to steady herself. Singer's sudden intrusion into Albert's air space didn't just startle the prince. The source says that the Monegasque's security guards jumped to their feet, relaxing only when they saw Albert's reaction go from bemused to amused.

Ally-RHONY Talks To Lemondrop

Q&A from Lemondrop.

Ally Shapiro, the 20-year old daughter of Jill Zarin is a "Real Housewives of New York" background delight.

She has a kind smile; a sensibility beyond her years and a sarcasm that bursts through her shyness. When the show turns absurd (and when does it not?), Ally's coal-rimmed eyes seem to wink at the audience, as if to let us know she is just as taken aback as the rest of us.

I like her.

Despite her early fame, Ally hasn't been overcome by excess. She is involved with several charity organizations and currently serves as the co-president of the NY chapter of Teens Turning Green. Recently, she helped the organization launch a project called Project Green Dorm, which helps college freshman buy and create eco-friendly products for their dorm rooms. The project falls at an apt time for Ally, who is starting her freshman year at Sarah Lawrence this fall. Luckily, Lemondrop was able to chat with her before Move-in Day, to discuss her college fears, toxic-free foods and why she hopes to trek through Vietnam someday.

Lemondrop: Hey Ally! Where are you right now?
Ally Shapiro: At our House in Bridgehampton.

Have you talked to any of the other housewives' kids lately?
Yes! Lauren Manzo and her mom Caroline (from the Real Housewives of New Jersey) stayed with us this past weekend.

What is your biggest college fear?
The workload! I am so nervous about how I am going to balance school work, new friends, old ones, family, and free time. College will be a juggling act!

What is your major?
Well, I actually I have no majors. However, I will most likely be concentrating in photography along with Art History and Anthropology.

I like your photography blog. What would your dream photo shoot be?
I would love to travel the world shooting different families in their own cultures in rarely seen parts of the world. I just recently got back from spending time with Ladakhi Nomads in the Himalayas.

Any other hidden corners of our world you would like to help expose through your photography?
Yes! I would love to go to Burma (or Myanmar) and Vietnam in the next few years.
When did you first become interested in the environment?
When I was 10, I was diagnosed with arthritis. However, no doctor knew why, and no amount of medication could "cure" it. So, I figured that by eating all-natural, toxic-free foods I would at least be doing right by my body. Then I heard about the organization Teens Turning Green and their philosophy of freeing ourselves of toxins not only in our foods but in our workplace, school, home, and town.

What are some of your favorite places to buy cute, eco-friendly décor?
I love JC Penny, Apple and Bee, and The Green Depot. JCP has this fantastic new Simply Green program with great items for your dorm.

Who are your environmentalist heroes?
I love Joe Romm's blog; Erik Solheim's vision; and documentary filmmaker Mike H. Pandey.

LuAnn/Jill Talk To SWAGG

 Videos of LuAnn/Jill talking to Sarah Evans.

Stacie Turner Will Not Act Like A Fool On The RHODC

Post from Hollywood Life.

By: Lindsey DiMattina
Stacie doesn’t want to be like any of the other Housewives — drama doesn’t go hand-in-hand with her nickname as the “diplomat!”

Image is very important for The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. star Stacie Scott Turner. She wants the world (and her kids) to see her as the the politically correct member of the cast. “I have small kids,” Stacie told exclusively Aug. 5 at the Real Housewives of D.C. premiere after party at Buddha Bar. “I can’t be out there acting a fool. I don’t want them thinking badly of their mama.”

“I think about that in all the scenes we do,” Stacie explained. “I am always labeled the diplomat. I try to be [agreeable]. We’re grown women and I don’t have time for little petty stuff. … I felt like I was relatively unscathed [by my]” portrayal on the show. They really showed my reality. So far, I think it’s reflective of the work that we did.”

But even though Stacie acts as the mediator among the other D.C. Housewives, she admits this isn’t the most appealing role. “I don’t necessarily want to mediate,” Stacie said. “I have so much going on in my life, I don’t have time to be in the middle.”

Stacie’s also adjusting to life in the spotlight. “I’ve had a hundred interviews in the last seven days,” Stacie said. “Being on The View — The View and the Today Show are my two favorite shows — we’re like kids. We had a dressing room with our names on it and we were taking pictures. All of this is new and surreal! … It was just weird. Seeing it on TV and seeing other people’s reactions — we are like ‘Wow, wow WOO!’”

Hopefully for Stacie’s sake, Bravo continues to portray her as the “diplomat” of the show, because she doesn’t want to embarrass her family and friends!

Bethenny On The Mike Huckabee Show

A few videos of Bethenny when she appeared on the show.

Gretchen Gets Tan-talizing

Post/image from tv Pog.

Gretchen Rossi, star of Bravo's reality show Real Housewives of Orange County gets a 1005 organic spray tan by Heather Gerber, owner of Tan-talizing Custom Mobile Airbrush Tanning service in Laguna Beach, CA.

Danielle Land

Post from The Frisky.

Posted by: Ami Angelowicz
Danielle Staub has a penchant for dramatic breaks from friends. So we created this Candy Land-style game—you know, for kids. Stay buds with Danielle until the end and you win! So far no one has come close. Who wants to play?
Image: The Frisky

Alex-RHONY Blogs About RHODC

Blog from Bravo.

Hello Washington!
Real Housewives of New York City's Alex McCord gives her take on the Housewives of Capitol Hill.

Hello Washington! Bravo asked me to blog, and I was happy to as I was born in DC and spent my first few years in McLean, with a Dad in the Pentagon during the pre-Watergate era. When this show was announced, I wondered what it would be like -- how on earth they could do a Real Housewives show in DC without political candidates and lobbyists? None of them would do the show, but then again, they wanted “socialites” for ours and we all know how well that worked out.

Enter Mary – so far we like Mary. She has a fun husband who isn’t afraid to wear colorful trousers, five kids and a biometric guard on her closet door to keep her 23 year old out of it. She's fun when she's tipsy and wants to integrate DC hair salons, but otherwise seems a bit too earnest. Let's hope that changes.

Stacie…I’d probably enjoy having a drink with her, and she seems like a good mom, but I'm just not excited about anything else there. Good on her for selling real estate in a tough market, but I'm not on fire. She also seems way too quick to defend people she doesn't know, which in Washington, New York or anywhere else will get you killed.

Lynda – oh my. Lynda seems like the Ramona of this crew. What exactly does she provide for her clients, whom she says are dignitaries and ambassadors? Inquiring minds would love to know. I’m sure she runs a successful business, but it's all in the editing and in this edit, she kind of looked like a madam with a witty boyfriend. We shall see.

From the meadows of somewhere southwest of London, Cat flew in 18 months ago. Apparently she doesn't know quite what to do with herself once she leaves her Danielle Steele novel and the house. She seems quite lovely and sincere but got off on completely the wrong foot when she tried to draw a line between the personality of a leader and his effectiveness. From where I sit – a guy can be lots of fun at parties and not good at his job. She said that Bush always had time to show up at photography events, and Obama never has. That doesn’t surprise me one little bit. What's more important, passing out awards or figuring out healthcare reform?

OK, my biggest, burning-est question is, why wasn’t Edwina Rogers made a housewife? I really loved her and her polo hat. Oh, I think I know why – she was worried she'd never work again. Loved seeing her rake the giggly Barbie doll over the coals.

Speaking of giggly Barbie dolls, I have to tell you that my mother was horrified that the Salahis were included on the show, and even went so far as to say that they shouldn't be on television after the White House incident. Why? We lived there in the 70s, and although Mom and Dad were never political headliners themselves, they socialized with lots of people who were, and attended lots of parties, including some at the White House, WITH invitations.

When I watched Edwina question Michaele about her work as a lobbyist, I was convinced that Michaele was lying through her teeth, and probably never lobbied for anything other than party invitations. However I was surprised to do a little googling and discover that she actually did lobby a bill to help out the winery. Too bad she couldn’t speak in coherent sentences when asked about it.

Verdict? Four nice girls plus one who I think has engaged in bad behavior. Let's see how this shakes out – I’ll be watching – will you?

If you liked my blog, check out our book, Little Kids, Big City, which I wrote with my husband (who in season two will be Rich's stylist – LOL).

Joe-RHONJ Denies He Was Drinking

Post from Zap2It.

Giudice's accident and DUI
By Jethro Nededog
"The Real Housewives of New Jersey's" Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, seem to be attracting all the wrong kind of attention. Not only have they claimed a very publicly embarrassing bankruptcy, but Monday's (August 9) episode features the car accident Joe was in back in January of this year.

When it came to the excuses about the bankruptcy, we've already seen some major bobbing and weaving from Teresa. But, now it seems that the accident and subsequent DUI charge will bring with it more excuses from Joe.

In the episode, Jacqueline Laurita and her husband, Chris, come over after the accident. Joe describes driving late at night and closing his eyes for one second from sleepiness and then running his car off the road, through some trees, then hitting a telephone pole. He claims he wasn't drinking and Jacqueline attests that when they went out earlier that same night for dinner, he didn't drink any alcohol.

According to reports at the time, though, Joe's story doesn't match up with police records. After responding to the 911 call, police arrived at the scene of the accident and Joe was taken to Morristown Memorial Hospital. While there, blood was drawn that found Joe's blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Montville police then charged him with a DUI.

Then, as if the poor guy didn't have enough to deal with that night, the police found he had outstanding warrants in the neighboring town of Clifton. The Clifton police then took custody of Joe and he was released later that day.

Watch as Joe denies he drank the night of the accident:

We're sorry, Joe, but it's hard to believe the police and the hospital got it all wrong!

Ramona's Experience In Africa

Article from Woman Around Town.

By: Carol Toscano
Real Housewife Ramona Singer recently returned from a four-country tour of Africa. She toured as part of a group supporting, whose mission is to empower people in poverty-stricken countries via education, healthcare and sustainable, income-generating activities. Ramona supports other charities, too, but this recent excursion was both surprising and revelatory. When she saw the living conditions the children were made to endure, Ramona was saddened. “People living in third-world countries need more than money to be helped. The kids need an education, most of all, and one of the things does is build schools from nursery through primary and secondary levels,” she says. “It’s incredible.” Ramona was invited to participate in the trip by a friend, Krista Krieger, the Chairman of The group visited five schools in four countries. “We built a kitchen so the children could have fresh food every day. A healthy body creates a healthy mind,” she says. “Some of the schools even have gardens.”

Ramona spent those two weeks in Africa away from husband Mario and daughter Avery – something she’d never done before to such an extent. And, she traveled with eight other women of whom she knew only one. “I was a little nervous at first but it was a life-changing experience,” she admits. “Just to be so close to nature, the air was so fresh, to see the lions and cubs and elephants. It was amazing. If I were an animal, I’d definitely be a zebra because they’re social, they’re smart, they hang out in packs with giraffes who can see oncoming danger and they’re chic. They stand out in the crowd!”

The most amazing part of the journey for Ramona was speaking with the children who seemed happy despite their circumstances. “These children don’t have what we have and yet they’re always happy and smiling,” she says. “It showed me that money really can’t make you happy if you’re not happy within yourself. You could see it in the faces of the children how happy they were just to be in a school, learning, and on their way to having a better future. So many people in America are driven by making money. I’m not saying that I don’t like to be successful because I do, but it’s not the end all. Health and happiness are more important than money.”

Ramona’s success was a journey of its own. She grew up in Dutchess County, NY, the oldest of four children (she has one brother and two sisters) with a father who had an abusive temperament, particularly toward her mother. As a result, Ramona felt like a caretaker. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and graduated with a four-year business degree in fashion before working in the industry for Macy’s, Calvin Klein and French Connection. When she was 30, she started her business with a $70,000 loan from her father. “It was the only good thing he’d ever done for me,” she says. “I paid him back, in full, with interest, within a month.”

Ramona’s business (as a fashion distributor) is now a multi-million-dollar enterprise. It was in the early years of her business that Ramona met and married Mario and eventually had Avery, who’s now 15. Her segue into the world of reality TV occurred after a series of twists and turns. If you’re wondering how one becomes a Real Housewife, in Ramona’s case, she was spotted on another woman’s demo tape about Manhattan moms. Ramona had no intention of going on the show but had done the demo tape as a way to record herself with Avery for posterity. “I just wanted the DVD,” she explains. “I loved the way they captured Avery and me. It’s adorable.” (See Avery and Ramona Welcome You to Their Manhattan Apartment! on YouTube.). When Ramona’s friend, Dr. Sharon Giese, mentioned that casting was underway for a new reality show, Ramona’s initial response was that she had no time. Bravo pursued and eventually, Ramona acquiesced, with the condition she could bring her True Faith Jewelry line along for the ride. Although, as she points out, the show is just a glimpse of who she really is. “They don’t show all sides of me,” she says. “But overall, the show has been great and the best thing for my business. The only downside is a lack of privacy at times.”

While we’re on the phone chatting, Ramona tells me she’s packing for the Hamptons, shaving her legs and preparing for her August 11th HSN jewelry show. Apparently, having it all requires doing it all and sometimes, doing it all all at once. Ramona’s business has grown over the last 20 years and thanks to the show, in new directions. “It got my creative juices flowing,” she says. She’d begun the True Faith Jewelry line with Mario through his family’s fourth generation jewelry business and then launched Tru Renewal, a natural, eco-friendly skin care line made with green algae (a rich source of vitamin C and other antioxidants).
Ramona’s “personal renewal” began two Christmases ago when Mario convinced her to invite her father to celebrate Christmas with the family. Years before, when Mario’s father had passed away and his mother needed help, she lived with the family for 10 years until her death—family was important. As it turned out, Ramona had a great time with her father that Christmas and was sad to see him leave. “I forgave him,” she says. “He died two weeks later.” The reconciliation was cathartic as was watching herself on TV. Together, these things catalyzed the renewal she talks about. “I’m more understanding and not so sharp with my tongue. I’m still open and outgoing but I’m more edited and softer now.”

Ramona’s new line of estate-inspired jewelry launches on Wednesday, August 11th on HSN with whom she has partnered. The new line includes pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. Pieces are priced from $159 to $600. “They have a red carpet or estate feel and estate jewelry will always be in style. Women will always wear it,” Ramona says. “They can pass these pieces down through the generations.”

Signature pieces in the collection are Cuff Bracelets, one in Turquoise and Sky Blue Topaz with Diamonds ($399) and another dainty Diamond Textured model ($299). One particularly exquisite piece (though rather more expensive) is the Large Hoop Earring set with 1ct. of Diamonds ($549). The target audience is the everyday woman. “It’s great quality and when you wear one of these pieces, it completely changes the outfit,” she says. “You can wear it with a dress or jeans. You can wear it everyday. They’re investment pieces, always in style but without the Madison Avenue prices.”

Tune in to HSN this Wednesday (August 11, 2010) from 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm (EST) for Ramona’s live appearance and the launch of her new jewelry line.

The Real Housewives of New York City is just a narrow window into Ramona’s world. “There’s a lot people don’t know about me,” she says. “I can decorate, landscape, do construction. I’m a great cook and I can whip up a dinner for 24 people.”

Ramona says she makes a delicious tuna sashimi with grapefruit by slicing fresh tuna thinly and squeezing fresh lime and grapefruit juices over the tuna slices. She shreds a few grapefruit sections (peeled) over the tuna and adds sliced cherry tomatoes and cilantro. The acid from the citrus cooks the tuna. The longer it sits, the more it cooks. “It’s beyond delicious,” she says.

Filming for The Real Housewives of New York City typically takes place from September to December so we’ll have to wait and see what next season will reveal. I ask about the possibility of a Ramona brand Pinot Grigio, in the meantime. “It’s certainly not out of the question,” she laughs. “Maybe.”

Woman Around Town’s Six Questions:

Favorite Place to Eat: The Standard Grill

Favorite Place to Shop: Bergdorf’s

Favorite New York Sight: The Boathouse in Central Park

Favorite New York Moment: Every New York moment!

What You Love About New York: The energy! And you never feel alone

What You Hate About New York: The way it smells in extreme heat

Danielle Appalled By Nasty Tweet

Post from Hollywood Life.

By: Chloe Melas
A new feud between ex-BFFs, Danielle Staub and Jacqueline Laurita, involving a tweet that went horribly wrong!

Danielle Staub wants to set the record straight! The mom of two spoke with after learning she was in the center of another Real Housewives of New Jersey scandal. Danielle, 48, is in new feud with Jacqueline Laurita and her 19-year-old daughter Ashley Holmes — but this time it doesn’t involve ripping out a handful of hair extensions.

On July 30, a person with the Twitter username “PrinceEdwiin” tweeted at Danielle that it was his birthday and he wanted “Ashley Holmes to kill herself and videotape it.”

Danielle tweeted back at PrinceEdwiin, saying: “happy birthday. May every wish come true!”

Now Jacqueline is enraged and says that Danielle was insinuating and wishing harm upon her daughter — but Danielle tells that is simply not the case.

“I don’t read everything when people tweet at me,” Danielle tells us exclusively. “I try to answer every tweet positively. I have 33,000 followers and sometimes I barely read what is said. I never tweeted that Ashley should kill herself! I would never wish death upon Ashley! I can’t stand the fact it has gotten this far.”

Danielle was incredibly upset as she told us that, as a survivor of domestic violence herself, she would never joke about something this horrible — especially when it comes to taking one’s own life.

“I have never tweeted anything negative about my cast or their children, not once,” Danielle tells us. “Why would I? Never can anyone show I’ve said anything in a negative way about the cast.”

But Danielle is confused about one thing: “PrinceEdwiin” is not a Twitter follower of hers and this was the first time he has ever reached out to her.

“He doesn’t even follow me,” she says. “It might seem far fetched but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of [the housewives] with an imposter account. Could this be someone who was trying to set me up? Could it be one of them?”

Danielle revealed that she had no idea as to what transpired over Twitter until she went on her Facebook page.

“I was getting absolutely attacked!” she says. “When it was brought to my attention I was appalled. This has gone way too far! Stop accusing me of things that would never happen! Don’t pretend you know me. I don’t write negative things on any of my networks! I just don’t do it.”

The author of The Naked Truth wants her fans to know she cares about them, but unfortunately you might not hear from Danielle for a while.

“As a result of this I am now not going to be able to answer everyone who tweets me because it can be twisted into something sadistic,” she says.

Ramona-RHONY Live On HSN

Post from Explore LI.

By Lee Fryd
Ramona Singer Jewelry for HSN: back by popular demand. The feisty star of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New York City" will be live on HSN from noon to 2 p.m. Aug. 11 debuting about two dozen new designs and talking to fans.

The part-time Southampton's estate-inspired, accessibly priced line has become a multimillion-dollar brand. Plus, she says, “designing it is very exciting.” And, we love to see Singer excited.

What’s new? “I brought in turquoise,” she tells us. You can find her signature cuffs and matching rings in turquoise and amethyst. “There are also earrings inspired by Van Cleef and Arpel’s floral motif. I’m always getting ideas from famous jewelers. I want everyone to have that elegant look.”

But it’s not too new to make the old pieces obsolete. “All jewelry from this collection can be paired with the last,” she wants you to know. “ It doesn’t have to be matchy matchy.”

The collection is made with real diamonds and gemstones. The pieces sell from $200 to $599.

“My theme is the red carpet, Madison Avenue look without paying a ton of money,” Singer tells us. To prove the point, she walks the red carpet in nothing else.

Even more affordable, the Truefaith Jewelry line, which she launched with husband, Mario, using CZ diamonds and selling from $49 to $189. Her skin care line, Trurenewal sells on Amazon as well as on her website

This weekend, Singer wore her jewels to the Midsummer Garden Fete in Water Mill to benefit the Princess Grace Foundation. She mingled with Prince Albert, Christie Brinkley and Rick and Kathy Hilton. “Christie’s son, Jack is the same age as my daughter Avery, and has been to our house in the Hamptons, “ Singer tells us. “I told Christie what a gentlemen he is. ‘It’s nice to get a compliment about my son,’ she replied, ‘but I have to tell you, my daughter Alexa loves you in the show and imitates you all the time.’ I told her one day Alexa has to come over and show me that imitation.” Wouldn’t we all like to see that!

Paul Wharton-RHODC Interview

Interview from DC Style Spot.


Michaele Salahi Barbie?

Post from Radar Online.

The fame-seeking Real Housewives of D.C. couple, the Salahis, plan to cash in on their White House Gatecrashing notoriety by turning Michaele into a Barbie doll, has exclusively learned.

While their lawyer is threatening to sue anyone who calls them White House Gatecrashers, the Salahis also want to turn their fame into fortune by releasing a Halloween costume.

Their secret plan is contained in marketing documents the couple has touted to prospective business partners, has confirmed.
“The Salahis want to produce a Barbie Doll of Michaele in her red sari dress — the same outfit she wore when ‘gatecrashing’ the White House,” said one source, who was familiar with their grand plan.

“They even, ambitiously, want to sell the rights of the doll to Mattel or another toy maker in the hopes it could generate worldwide sales and become the next Malibu Stacy.”

While the Secret Service continue to investigate Michaele and Tareq about the security breach that sparked a national furor, the pair now appears on Bravo’s latest reality series of the Real Housewives franchise.
The couple are also behind the release of a new book, Cirque Du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust, which is scheduled to be released next month.

Said the business source, “They also want to make Halloween costumes of themselves and sell the rights to a major store, such as Wal-Mart.

“As part of the deal, Michaele and Tareq are suggesting they would license their image for packaging and promotion.”
The Salahis’ dire finances unraveled after their visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and are a key storyline of Real Housewives of D.C., which premiered last week.

While the Salahis portray themselves as part of Washington's social elite, rubbing elbows with the nation's power players, bankruptcy records show the couple lived well beyond their means.
A bankruptcy filing for Tareq’s business, Oasis Enterprises, shows the company is more than $2.1 million in debt.

A 2004 Aston Martin, worth $150,000 and a $90,000 boat were repossessed, as part of the action. There were also unpaid bills for limousine service, tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and even unpaid parking tickets.

Bethenny Talks To US Weekly

Post from US Weekly.

New mom Bethenny Frankel doesn't need any tips to help raise 3-month-old daughter Bryn.

"The truth is I didn't listen to that much advice while I was pregnant or after because everyone has an opinion and you want to experience it on your own," says the Bethenny Getting Married star, 39, who wed Jason Hoppy last March.

But Frankel has a few words of wisdom to dispense.
Credit: Alex Oliveira/

"Sleep while the baby's sleeping! Sleep is way more important than exercise, that’s all you need to be worried about right now," she tells

The Bravo reality star relies on her "Brest Friend" to help Bryn to breast feed.

"It's beyond. My neck hurts because I forgot it and I haven’t used it in the past couple of days, but basically it’s like a tube around you or a shelf that the baby sits in when they're breast feeding and even if you’re not breast feeding it’s a good shelf to burp the baby. It literally has a place to put the remote on it, the breast pump... it's awesome!" she says.

Bryn, who was born five weeks early and only weighed in at 4 lbs., 11 oz, is growing quickly.

Frankel tells Us, "She was a preemie so she was so small at first but she’s getting to be a bigger girl now."

For 15 pages of Hollywood moms' must-have accessories, parenting tips and exclusive photos, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

The Real Housewives News

Article from the

By: Jennifer Sale
Happy Monday, folks! I bet the first thing on your mind was...what are those cray-zay Housewives up to? Well, lemme tell ya... no good. They were up to no good let's recap some of the fun news from the weekend.

Can you say, 'backlash'? Yikes. Not exactly a warm welcome for these ladies of the DC, huh. The famebeast that is Shelley Salami and her husband Torque or something, is all over the place hawking this and that and the other. They had their own premiere party for the show, and they were served with a lawsuit for an unpaid bill to a PR firm! Ha! And their going to sue Whoopi Goldberg for that whole nonsense on The View that didn't even happen, not to mention they're seriously hounding Barbie maker Mattel to come out with a special edition Barbie doll in Michaele's likeness complete with fug Red Sari. And of course, a paunchy, fug Ken counterpart. So Barbie has to stop eating, bleach and flat iron her hair into oblivion, and Ken better get on the cheeseburger diet.

But Shelley Salami's not the only one with the deafening sounds of Skeletons rattling in the closet behind her, castmate Cat Ommaney has a few of her own coming back to haunt her. No, nothing good like she used to be a man or anything, because like you, that was my first thought... But it turns out she used to be a topless dancer or the polite term they use in the UK "hostess" and she has a criminal record for 'Theft'. She's already separated from new husband Charles, and all sorts of poop is falling on her. Just a lesson to anyone with a 'past' no matter how many times you change countries and names someone will ALWAYS out you.

Cast hinjinks aside, the show looks like it might die a slow, painful death over the next 8 episodes. It's premiere ratings weren't the best, and that's with a popular season finale of Bethenny Getting Married following. Now without Santa Bethenny and her army of rabid homicidal fans fighting off Project Runway, Austin and Santino, and Jersey Shore, expect this group to go down in flames.

Ain't nothing like the original, right? So we got some confusing news last week about a new cast member and the exit of Hash Brownie Queen, Lynne Curtin. I wasn't about to announce anything without a press release, because this stuff ALWAYS happens, like the whole Elvira Grau thing. But Lynne took to her Facebook (the new AP Wire) and basically said it's a done deal and she's outta there. So this wax figure and BFF to Alexis Bellino, Peggy Tanous, is the newest housewife.

Ok, maybe...but I have a few unanswered questions. Why would Lynne be in NYC filming three weeks ago? She was filming with Lauri, Gretchen and Lauri's daughter Ashley. She did make a coy reference to some kind of spin off series, ugh. No. That would be horrible, what would you call it? Being broke with Lynne and the Nitwit 'Like' Twins? Knowing how things are handled at the Bravo mothership, I can pretty much imagine the freak outs that happened over that spoiler getting leaked 2 weeks into filming if it's true. It's a huge no-no to leak cast shake ups.

We'll have to see what happens. Lynne was useless, so I really don't care about her leaving, but if some oldtimers are coming back and there's a Team Alexis? Awesome.

Oh the Jersey Goils are never far from the news... last week was the reunion taping, and a lot of cryptic tweets hit the interwebs soon after. The most intriguing was Lunkhead Ashley tweeting about not speaking to her mother for at least a week. But that was quickly deleted after a family friend pointed out how foolish it was for her to say something like that publicly. Teresa went dark for 3 days, saying she was at the 'beach'. I guess something very surprising went down. They're all playing it up like it's something totally out of left field we would never expect, but I think I might have an idea...more on that later I'm still waiting on a few confirmations from sources (wink). The first part of the reunion should air 8/31.

Kim G. sure as hell wasn't quiet about anything this weekend. Once again I got an email from her, raving like a lunatic 'responding' to Bethenny's quip about her being an old hag or something. Oh wait...she called her a Termite...that's right. I'm sure you'll see this video on another gossip site, I'm not giving her the time of day to post something like that here, but she basically sums the rant up with this gem de class....

"she must have square t!ts to go along with that square chin and probably has a square azz too!" (edited for content as this is a PG-13 blog)

Apparently Kimmy da G didn't get the memo from Jill Zarin, that attacking inventor of the Margarita and Cupcake, Santa Bethenny of La Margarita™, will only get her drawn, quartered, and killed by the rabid and homicidal Bethenny 'B-Dawg' Army. So she better put on a helmet and wait for Armageddon, because you never EVER defile the Virgin Patron Saint of Skinny Girls. So we'll see how that works out for her...probably not good.
There's news in the Joe Giudice DUI case that we'll get to see tonight, but you'll have to read about that in the RHONJ preview in a little while.

Dina-RHONJ And Her Boys

Pic./tweet from Dina.

Hanging in a karaoke piano bar in 0gunquit with @roncorning @tonypinn & @arenak09 Love Love Love my boys.

Eric Snow-RHOA Is A Daddy Again

Post from Straight from the A.

Written by ATLIEN

Well the wait is over for Eric as he welcomes a new addition to his family tree!

According to sources, this photo is Eric’s new daughter. His mistress, Marisela Alvarado, reportedly gave birth in a Michigan Hospital on July 14th to a healthy 8-pound baby girl whom the couple have named Ava Maria Snow.

Eric and his soon-to-be Ex Wife, Deshawn Snow formerly of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are in the middle of high profile divorce case and it is reported that he is worth $20 million dollars.
Early reports are that he may have to shell out an estimated $8 million dollars to his wife along with their Atlanta Estate which the couple shared with their three sons.

Deshawn is said to be working on a Disney project with their 3 boys and hopefully she’s keeping her head up. Divorce or not, Eric welcoming a daughter in this world can’t possibly be easy on her.

I told y’all this was gonna get messy. I bet Bravo wished they still had her....