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Monday, July 5, 2010

Salahi's steal the spotlight at 4th celebration

From the Washington Examiner.

Michaele & Tommy McFly 107.3

By: Nikki Schwab
Adrian Grenier was supposed to be the guest of honor.

Performing with his band the Honey Brothers, he was the bold-faced name used to draw folks to the W Hotel's rooftop on the Fourth of July.

But the fireworks won out. While the "Entourage" star played drums and sang inside, partygoers staked out prime spots to watch the annual fireworks show on the W's roof. And they got a bonus: a better musical act. The band the Killers were playing a USO show at the White House and easily could be heard from the W.

Later on, frontman Brandon Flowers was spotted in the W's "living room."

Oh, and another distraction?

The Salahis showed up to the party as well. The "Real Housewives of D.C." stars didn't crash (they bought tickets like everybody else), but Michaele Salahi donned red and took plenty of pictures posing with the party's guests.

Ramona-RHONY enjoying her last day

Pic./tweet from Ramona.

On my way to dinner in bridgehamptom with 2 other couples the weekend is over sad no!?!?

Kelly and Chief

Pic./tweet from Kelly.

Love my chief

Camille/Kelsey divorce

Article from People.

By Eunice Oh
Kelsey Grammer admits "there were just a few things" that he and estranged wife Camille couldn't work out, but the actor is slamming a report claiming that the tipping point in their failed marriage came when he didn't call his kids on Father's Day.

"The truth is I did call my kids that evening," he writes on his Web site

"Frankly, I was surprised that they did not call me in the morning but I was thousands of miles away and working that day so I didn't give it a second thought," says Grammer, 55, who is currently appearing on Broadway in La Cage Aux Folles, while Donatacci and their kids, Mason, 8, and Jude, 5, live in Los Angeles.

The Cheers star says that the couple had discussed flying the children to New York for Father's Day but decided to skip the trip since they were scheduled to come out the following week.

"I called them to see how they were doing as I do almost every night at around the same time, 11 p.m. my time, 8 p.m. their time, just before they go to bed," he writes. "Mason had been upset earlier that day because she was missing me. I spoke to her for some time and reassured her that I loved her and that I would be seeing her soon."

As for reports that he was spotted getting cozy with a blonde at a New York restaurant, Grammer clarifies that the woman is question was daughter Spencer, 26, from his first marriage.

"I do take issue with the characterization that we were smooching but surely if that were the case then even I admit it might be newsworthy in some fashion," he quips.

He adds that he will date again when the time is right. "Certainly, the time will come when I do see another woman," he says. "I expect Camille to see other men. I hope people and the press will understand that we are both free to carry on with our lives."

Addressing the reason for the split Grammer writes, "Camille and I had been discussing the possibility of a separation for some time before all this happened. She finally decided she should file. I respect her for this decision … I hope to have a great partnership with her in the raising of our children."

And as for future rumors, the actor asks fans not to believe everything they read. "Gossip and the rumor mill always thrive during times like these, as in the Father's Day story," he writes. "Whatever might be said, I ask that you take the 'high road.' I intend to do the same."

Photo credit:Angela Weiss/Getty

Lynn's July 5th blog

Click HERE to read Lynn's latest blog, she breaks down Kelly's actions vs. words.

Stacie Turner's charity sends kids to World Cup

Click on THIS link to read the article at The Cotillion about Stacie's charity Extra-Ordinary Life.

BGM July 2nd

Post from Crushable.

By: Erin Carlson
Is Bethenny Getting Married? Now she is! On last night’s episode, Bethenny Frankel was shown 7 months pregnant and preparing to walk down the aisle with fiance, now-husband Jason Hoppy. Besides the fact that Jill Zarin wasn’t invited and will never be allowed to babysit her child (duh), things were happy and light and very un-Housewives as wedding bells began ringing.

But the episode was not without drama. For example:

1. Bethenny squeezed into several dresses for her baby shower but none of them fit. She fake-screamed at her bridesmaid Teri and nameless stylist before choosing a sparkly minidress, quipping, “I’m a pregnant sequined prostitute!!!!”

2. Bethenny told her Overzealous Wedding Planner, “I will rip your dick off,” if he messed up her nuptials. Then she cracked, “Namaste,” and they laughed. Dysfunctional relationship! Also, hilarious.

3. She and Jason met with their wedding officiant, and in a moving scene, Bethenny began crying after the officiant asked whether she’d have any family members attending. (As Housewives‘ viewers will recall, her father died last season and she is estranged from her “crazypants” mother). It was especially touching when Jason, a calming force in her hectic life, soothed her with the highest compliment, “You’re gonna be the best mother ever.”

4. Bethenny’s dog Cookie is not a fan of Overzealous Wedding Planner, who refers to her as “Cujo.” As it happened, she bit him on the leg at her master’s Tribeca condo! Cookie is well trained.

5. Bethenny threw a pre-wedding “rehearsal luncheon” for friends and family, where she presented Jason with a painting of a runaway bride (winking at her noncommittal past). Jason love d it. Then his dad called Bethenny “beautiful, awesome and pregnant.” Then Bethenny’s assistant said she and Jason make “each other better.” We don’t cry a lot, but there were a few tears on our end. Ack. We’re drinking the Kool-Aid!

Gretchen Rossi gets painted

Video from You Tube of Gretchen being painted by Elisabetta.

Bethenny done with RHONY, Jill will come back

Post from Reality Tea.

Is Bethenny Frankel really leaving the Real Housewives of New York City? According to Bethenny, she is leaning towards a yes answer.

In a new interview, Bethenny gives the following quote, “I do have the choice,” she says of choosing to do her own spinoff – Bethenny’s Getting Married? and the Housewives series. “And I don’t believe I’ll be doing any more ‘Housewives,’ she added.

As for why she’s leaning towards leaving the shit show, Bethenny reveals the dramatic reunion played a big role. “It was a real tense experience,” she explains. “It just felt heavy and you’re about to shoot something and you just don’t [want to]. [My life] feels lighter. Actually, it feels a lot lighter.”

While Bethenny makes it clear her decision to leave the Housewives’ series is not yet official, she also explains why shooting her own show is more fun.

“On ‘Housewives,’ you always have to do some charity event or some big dramatic moment,” she says. “The best parts of my show are when we’re talking about nonsense. Or something so stupid. Like there are a couple things that happened on my honeymoon that are ridiculous. It’s really about the minutiae, so there’s always going to be nonsense in my life.”

In other NYC news, Jill Zarin is also denying a media report that quoted her as leaving the Real Housewives of NYC. It all started when Jill appeared on the Cooper Lawrence Radio Show last week and gave the following quote: “There are compelling reasons for me not to come back and there are compelling reasons for me to come back — I feel I was totally misrepresented. And the risk is that if I come back, it could happen again.”

Some media outlets interpreted the quote as Jill wanting to quit the show, Popeater is however reporting that Jill has no plans on quitting, and that Bravo has yet to decide who will be returning for the all new season of the NYC Housewives.

Kelly surfing

Pic./tweet from Kelly.

First day of surfing

Luann's guest appearance on Royal Pains

Clip from You Tube, Luann does an appearance on Royal Pains which airs the on USA network.

Learn how to make a Skinny Girl Margarita

Video from You Tube of Bethenny making a Skinny Girl Maragarita.

Nene and Greg trying to work it out?

Post from DimeWars.

Reality starlet, Nene Leakes is currently fighting off rumors that herself and Greg Leakes are headed down the path to divorce-ville. Ever since her 'friend' Kim Zolciak - also from the Real Housewives of Atlanta show on Bravo - revealed that Nene Leakes was cheating on her husband with NFL star, Charles Grant, things have been.... let's say rocky, for the couple. Things got even more dicey when Nene Leakes was seen in public not wearing her wedding ring, and then Greg Leakes was tricked into admitting his divorce from Nene on the radio (he didn't know he was being recorded). Ouch!
Recently, however, the couple was seen giggling with each other in New Orleans at the Essence music festival. Although, Nene Leakes didn't have her wedding ring on, she had the next best thing - her husband!

Michaele Salahi whites out her apology request to the White House

Post from

Michaele Salahi is featured in the latest issue of Us Weekly, in advance of her upcoming gig on Bravo's "Real Housewives of D.C." She posted an image of the mini-mini-profile on her Facebook page, but there was something missing: In the middle of the single-paragraph story, there's something whited out.

So what's missing?: "She said she wants an apology from the White House."

In an interview posted on in May, both Michaele and her husband, Tareq, said that “it would be nice if somebody apologized" to them for how they were treated after the state dinner scandal last year. But on the "Today" show later that month, the couple said that they didn't mean the White House. "I want some sort of an apology by the media for the way they treated us. Or by members of Congress for calling us things before we ever had a chance to even go to Congress," Tareq Salahi said.

The Jersey girls relaxing

Pic. from Jacqueline.

Gretchen and Slade enjoy the 4th

Pic./tweet from Slade.

We have our chairs, wine and snacks. She packed a picnic basket. Love my girl!! Happy 4th of July everyone.

Nene parties

Pic. of Nene at Conjure Cognac’s private party honoring all women exemplified through music culture.