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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Real Housewives of New York Season Finale Recap 6/3/10

Jill decided to ask Bethanny to lunch to hash it awl out and to find some sort of result. Now note I said some sort of result because what Jill was looking for and what Bethanny was looking for was two totally different things. Jill wanted to do all nicey nice and get back in the fold of the Bethanny camp but Bethanny was not singing the same sawng (a little Jersey for you) as Jill. If you haven't noticed already Bethanny has the ability to disconnect in a heartbeat from someone (her dad). First Jill and Bethanny are BFF's then something happened (Jealous Jill) aka: Bobby didn't get a call from Bethanny; next thing you know Jill's mad at Bethanny. You said you learned something from this Jill, right? Was it that if you act like a Beatch you will be viewed as a Beatch?! Look how many time Bethanny extended the olive branch to you and you kept slapping it away!! I loved when Bethanny told Jill she felt like Jill was disloyal the last six months. She then went on to tell Jill their friendship break-up was similar to a divorce. I really feel like Bethanny has grown as a person. Could it be the baby coming or perhaps her future husband? Who knows; the point is she has evolved into a more secure person who is not going to let "toxic" things in her life. How does it feel to have the tables turned on you Jill?

Krazy Kelly was low key but apparently she is still not taking her meds; thus the recent web PSA speaking to her being bullied on the Ramona girl's get away. Kelly you need to pack your bags and get checked into the nearest hospital. Maybe your good friend Gwyneth can take you ;) BTW you complaining to Jill and LuAnn about how everyone was trying to one up each other is ridiculous! You failed to mention you were a total JERK to Ramona on her special trip.

There were a few moments of Jason and Bethanny packing to move downtown (super excited about her new show). The rest of the time was all about Ramona's renewal vow ceremony. Ramona and Avery went to the salon to get their hair done; which BTW Avery has really grown up.

LuAnn back pedals so much I can't keep up with her. She will say and do whatever she needs to.....after all she needs to make a living right? Well she can always fall back on her singing. Apparently she is doing weddings now because she sang at Ramona's wedding. Not so much shocker was LuAnn invited her boyfriend to come to her debut of Money Can't Buy You Class. I knew that other bonehead she was flirting with wouldn't last. This new guy seems nice....not to mention kind of cute.

Alex and Sonja are my last housewives to comment on and honestly not alot to say. I will predict that Alex and Sonja become close friends. It seems they both have some shared traits. The only difference is that Alex has Simon attached to her hip and well you know the story for Single Sonja. Perhaps Alex will get a little wild under the guidance of Single Sonja.

I do know that if Kelly didn't come back next season I would not be heartbroken. Jill is close to my "get outta here" list. My only advice to you Jill is stop being bossy, whinny and self centered person you are. I'm not sure if you really know you are kind of a Beatch this season. I really believe in my heart of hearts you were acting out of jealousy this season. Good luck with that.