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Friday, September 17, 2010

Kelly Cleaning Out

Joe Sentenced To 10 Days In Jail

Post from Radar Online.

Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, the husband of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, was sentenced to jail on Wednesday, has learned exclusively.


A judge sentenced Joe to ten days in prison and Joe is expected to begin his sentence next week. According to the document obtained by exclusively, he was also fined $1,000 and his license is suspended for at least another year. Oddly, the court action document does not list Giudice's name. Sources tell that the reason for the jail time is because Joe drove with a suspended license.

In January, he was charged with driving under the influence after crashing his car into a telephone pole in Montville Township, New Jersey. He was taken to the hospital and then released to the police due to outstanding warrants. In March, he was fined $864, had his license revoked for 12 months, and was sentenced to 30 days of community service.

Before Joe heads into the slammer, he and his wife Teresa will celebrate the first birthday of their youngest daughter.

Kelly Donating For A Charity Yard Sale

Picture from Kelly.

Packing up the truck for the big yard sale sun. Give local.

WWHL After Show Clip And The "Cross Blondes Debate 2010."

Lynn's RHODC Blog

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Michaele's Bravo Blog

Post from Bravo.

This Oasis is Not a Mirage
By: Michaele Salahi

Hi and love to all!

This week sure was a big one for me, personally sharing so much with everyone. I am still trying to understand all my feelings inside and staying strong and smiling during the journey I am on!

We had fun looking at houses in Washington D.C. with Stacie. With changes in our life, and the recession in the country, the changes at the winery, and Tareq’s father becoming ill, we are consolidating and beginning to make our life easier. I drive almost every day from our country home in to the city. Hotels have been the perfect home in DC for now when we do need to stay over.

Stacie talks with Tareq while we are looking for homes with her about Tareq being rejected by his mom. Stacie has the same relationship with her biological mom and I think hurts with Tareq on this. I pray that both Tareq and Stacie will have peace with their moms someday soon. Never give up on anyone or anything you want!

We enjoy our country farm house, and the vineyards, but we are planning to have a place in the city. Yes, I am addicted to hotels! I am at a hotel in NY writing my blog.

The Family saga (Falcon Crest-style) at Oasis Vineyards has been very challenging, and a three year drama. Yes, it’s true… Tareq’s mom sued her own son. Some of you are wondering if Tareq’s mom is his blood mother. Yes, she is. Everyone we meet can not understand why a mother would sue her own son. This has been a long drawn out sad story. I have always stayed optimistic about the whole family situation, and I sense that soon that family will reunite. I am also hurting as I love his dad very much.

I know you are all now aware and wondering about the new facts of my personal life and struggles. I thank everyone for your love and support to me, through thick and thin. My true friends. I hope with time everyone will begin to understand and discover who my husband and I are. I want to also thank my loving husband for being so supportive and taking great care of me and am grateful you are all in my life. I Love you all!

"Don’t Stop Believin’ !"




Catherine's Bravo Blog

Post from Bravo

Time Is a Healer
By: Catherine Ommanney


Mmmmm. I went off the radar last week, so firstly I want to say a huge thank you for all of you who have written so many kind things and really lift my spirits in very challenging times. Also, even those of you who write nasty negative things, thank you too, because no one is ever too old to learn and many of your comments I've taken on board (not the one who complained I've got too much pink in my wardrobe!! You can keep your opinions to yourself!! If your going to slag me off, then don't make it about color - we've had enough crap about that in the show so far!!!).

So last's weeks episode - Sarah Palin/Edwina stuff?? Had to. Compulsory to lift the mood. This town can be way too serious for a mildly insane woman like me. And this week's episode? Well... firstly, loved the scene of Mary and me discussing who had more "mothers guilt." We had such fun on so many occasions - LOVE that lady! I know you see me teasing her, but I'm very protective of her. She also wins, hands down, for the funniest facial expressions of any friend I know! Watching her watching Lolly at the Men Against Breast Cancer event was hilarious! And from laughter to tears... I was dreading seeing and reliving the pain of losing my dear friend Phil - such an incredibly painful time for all of us who loved him so deeply. A true character in life. Made me so happy and was one of the most positive people I know - he always made my problems disappear, and he used to take me out dancing in London until we could dance no more and leave me with the biggest smile on my face when he dropped me home.The expression "time is a healer" can be true, but I will always, always miss him...

I'm so grateful and lucky to have so many friends here in D.C. who care for me and in particular Lynda, Mary, and Paul kept me going whilst we were filming. Thanks again to you all, and especially to my beautiful girls who always keep me going with no shortage of hugs and loving going down in our house between the three of us. You see - I do have a heart. It's just very deeply hidden. It's my way of protecting myself, putting on a brave face. So for all of you who thought I was the iron lady? Think again... Until next week! Adios. Xx

Stacie's Bravo Blog

Post from Bravo.

What is Salahi-ism?
By: Stacie Turner

PREFACE: What is Salahi-ism?
(n) 1. a condition of, or pertaining to total self-centeredness; 2. A mental state; characterized by absolute pre-occupation with oneself and/or self-interests. See also: narcissism.

The craziest people in the world, the ones who really do the most damage, ironically, are the same ones who believe that they are completely sane; that it's the rest of us who are crazy!! When their craziness is exposed, they see themselves as the victims, not the offenders. The rules of society that most of us abide by, regardless of culture, are completely irrelevant to the condition of Salahi-ism.

Tareq works extremely hard to convince others that he's the blue-blood Virginia gentleman: Polo player, wine maker, global connoisseur, philanthropist, and overall bon vivant, married to the tall, cute blonde. In HIS mind, he's wealthy, polished and knowledgeable; he's THE winner everyone wants to be. He's "the most interesting man in the world." Michaele is his enabler; she reinforces the crazy and validates the crazy as normal. Together, they are convinced that they are THE couple everyone wants to be around. She has a fancy hotel room key, a white stretch limo, and a horse named Sparkle to prove it. He has Oasis and a dream. Tareq and Michaele are perfect for one another!

"Something about Mary"

We didn't know the Salahis previously. They seemed cool, we shared similar interests, kicked it in Paris; we basically gave them the benefit of the doubt. That was then, this is now. For Jason and me, family is the most important thing in our lives. All jokes stop when dealing with family. Our commitment to our kids, their values and experiences is, like most sane people, our number one priority in life.

So when Tareq launched into a tirade of criminal allegations against Lolly, on national TV no less, we were shocked and horrified at the same time. All we could both think of was how literally sick to our stomachs we would be, if we were in Mary's shoes. All I could imagine was my husband flying across the table and whippin' some a-- if Tareq even thought to say something crazy about our kids. What kind of man attacks a woman, especially without the presence of her man? Like Rich says, there are some SERIOUS man rules being violated here. Rich and Mary are lovely people - and Jason really likes Rich. Both men are so funny and sarcastic - which as Mary says can get on our nerves sometimes...but a man with a sense of humor IS sexy isn't it??

I don't knowingly deal with shady or suspect people; but now finding out about all the people the Salahis have charmed (read: tricked) in recent months (years), all I can say is that the Turners are in good company, and will not be fooled again.

Cat Out of the Bag

I loved the scene with Cat and her kids finding something outrageous to wear to the stuffy healthcare forum. TV could not capture how truly hysterical the moment was when she arrived at the party dressed as Sarah Palin. Too funny! Just what a boring party needs to pep it up. This is a side of Cat's personality that I really like. She is not afraid to do the unexpected - say what's on her mind (i.e. as she shares her opinion on healthcare and Republicans to a Republican). Say it to her face - with no shame. Edwina was so not ready for the directness. I've gotten used to it - and rather like it. In time, I have seen the authentically fun, endearing side of Cat's personality. Now while I still believe that she is impulsively inappropriate in many situations, she is also extremely smart, funny, and deeply sensitive. We can see that the death of her close friend was extremely difficult, especially when Cat is thousands of miles away from her extended support system. My heart really went out to her. I can vouch for the fact that Jade and Ruby are delightful, smart, and highly poised young ladies for their ages.

Still, adult reactions to death and grieving must be hard for an 11 year old to digest...

Lynda - The Southern Baptist Jewish Astrological Love Child

Lynda is a naturally sweet person who genuinely tries to live according to "energy based principles". In fact, I love being in her company because she always exudes such positive energy. I actually wish Jason and I had some of that sage blessing when we first gut renovated our house 10 years ago! I was flattered that Lynda called to talk to me about her plans to purchase a home in Virginia. She called me as a friend first - who happens to know the real estate market. So I felt compelled to express to her my surprise that she was leaving her FAB-U-LOUS condo (can I say huge, waterfront, prime location, amazing views, etc.) to move to the suburbs seemed extreme. I didn't like seeing myself seeming to "bash" Virginia, where I'm a licensed real estate agent. Besides, I grew up in Virginia, love Virginia wine, my hubby is a UVA alum, Aunt Frances is in Virginia - we are VA loving people - we just loving living in the city right now. To be clear: I was not a fan of Virginia for Lynda - knowing her lifestyle and (selfishly) knowing that I would no longer enjoy cocktails on her balcony overlooking the Potomac. Lynda is so connected to the city - running a DC based business and having a very active social and civic life - that I wanted to make sure she had fully thought through the lifestyle changes which are equally important as making a smart investment decision. I am just happy that Lynda and her family are happy - and I know that her new home will be as inviting and warm as the previous. I can't wait for the housewarming party!

I can't leave a Lynda discussion without sharing my thoughts about Lynda and Ebong as a couple. I love low-maintenance people who are happy, which is what comes through when you hang out with them. They have that real, easy, laid back, "love is good" feeling that you can maintain with a boyfriend - she's had enough experience to know a husband is a little more complicated. I love Jason to death, but I am a big fan of her relationship "boot camp" for men idea! Where do I sign him up? Gotta keep your man in shape!!

Real Estate for Dummies

For real, I am no joke when it comes to my real estate practice. I love the benefits of the profession - the freedom of running your own business and unlimited income potential - but it comes with a price.

Any successful agent knows this gig can be tough on family, as I routinely put in 50+ hours per week. I work nights and weekends on the regular - so sadly, I miss many dinners with the family. Sunday brunch after church? I think not - got an open house from 1-4! Needless to say, my time is valuable, and I don't waste a minute of it.

When talking real estate, I draw a thick line between business and personal. As a friend, I can freely give my personal opinion (like saying I don't see the Virginia suburbs for Lynda's lifestyle). As a realtor, my personal opinion doesn't matter; I work to meet my clients'
objectives wherever (i.e. McLean is a great buy). I am always happy to talk to friends and family about real estate matters, but I also recommend caution when considering hiring an agent you know too personally. As a buyer's agent, that friend must be willing to share their most sensitive financial information with you, which can be difficult for some (mission impossible: Salahi). When listing a friend's home, it can be difficult to explain why you think your friend's place isn't anywhere close to what they think it's worth! This is why I am extremely numbers based as a professional - the market dictates value, not your faux-painted accent wall.
I somewhat reluctantly went out house-hunting with Tareq and Michaele. Defunct (but gorgeous) wineries don't generate cash flow. Michaele doesn't come from wealth that I am aware of - so I am SERIOUSLY doubting their money making mojo! An $8 million dollar home? Are you kidding me?

For perspective, a qualified buyer will need proof of income around $2.0 million annually to even entertain a contract. Regardless of price, my serious buyers are prepared, and quickly produce such documents. Know this: your buy/sell agent's market reputation is a BIG factor at the table. People know that my clients can do the deal. I am baffled about what "business" they can work this deal through. Time is money. I don't have time, and now, I don't believe they have money. See "Salahi-ism" above.

Legitimate clients, please go to My team and I are at your service.

Facebook Family

Jason promised me years ago, just after my Dad died in 1999, that he was going to find my birth parents for me. I thought that was sweet of him, but did not think much more about it. Of course, in retrospect, I should have known that my husband's resourcefulness, creativity, and love for me would make it happen. The problem with knowledge is that once you have it, you want more of it. And especially when it comes to who I am...who my children are...and those whom I don't know, but whose presence I can sense in some weird way. Jason has been very patient with me over the years of this search. He understands that I want this knowledge more than anything, but that it is also scary as hell to confront a past and future that is totally unclear, and potentially painful.

I was so shocked when Jason discovered my birth mom's son on Facebook. I mean technology is so crazy! Here my birth mom is keeping me from what I feel is MY story, and my blood family! I am so deeply appreciative of her sacrifice...she could have easily aborted me.

That action of carrying me to term says so much about who my birth mother is, and the tough choices she made in a tough period of time in the mid-sixties. The thought of connecting with her son on Facebook seems so devious to me, kind of like I am breaking the "rules" in some major way. Yet, FB is the people connection tool of the 21st me not getting in a car because I might drive past her house (since I know her address, this has crossed my mind). It's crazy how birth-mommy imagination-TV plays in my head. Sometimes the mental show is happy, deeply appreciative to someone I don't know; other times its anger on demand! We'll see what happens with this route...I mean it's just a friend request. He won't even know who I am right?? More than anything, at that time, that day, reaching out on Facebook really shows the urgency, and increasing anger that I feel about getting the full truth - by any means necessary.

Ramona's New Jewelry Line

Article from OK! Magazine.

Author: Brittany Talarico
Reality TV star Ramona Singer is know for balancing her social life with her savvy business ways on Bravo’s hit The Real Housewives of NYC. Never one to turn down a fabulous opportunity Ramona has used her knowledge of the jewelry business to develop a beautiful line of jewelry for the HSN network — which she will be launching her latest collection on September 20.

Photo:OK! Magazine
Ramona has learned a lot about the jewelry business by working with husband Mario Singer, a fourth generation jeweler. Her new collection has something for everyone inspired by the timelessness of Ramona’s own estate jewelry.

The star will be introducing gold tones for the first time in her new collection, including the gold vermeil with honey and amber citrine earrings, ring, necklace and cuff.
Always keeping her finger on the pulse with latest trends, Ramona also includes Fall’s most popular color, emerald green with her Jade and Diamond drop earrings and necklace and Clover Peridot and Diamond Earrings (which she gifted to New Jersey Housewife Caroline Manzo backstage at the Style 360 Fashion Show on Tuesday where the jewelry was used in the Caravan show).

Ramona sported her new line at OK!’s 5th anniversary Big Apple bash!
“I have been keeping up with the trends for contemporary jewelry,” Ramona told OK!. “It’s the whole big necklace and gold look. It’s all very exciting.”

The District Sample Sale

Article and video from WUSA9.

Photo:Alfredo Flores

by Leigh Macdonald
Last night, Georgetown's M Street was abuzz as hundreds of fashionable women—from up and down the east coast—attended the District Sample Sale. The event is hosted twice-annually by the District Sample Sale Foundation, which was founded by Real Housewives of D.C. star Mary Schmidt Amons, Shannon Haley, Liberty Jones, Barbara Martin and Jayne Sandman. Prior to this eighth installment of the Sale, the Foundation had raised over $187,000 for local charities.

The event was fabulous. It boasted discounted designer merchandise from more than two dozen boutiques and a first-class silent auction. Shoppers were pampered with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and an all-new VitaminWater Zero "relaxation station." There, we enjoyed complimentary massages, polish changes by Deborah Lippmann, and ice cold samples of VitaminWater Zero.The District Sample Sale is known as "the season's most fashionable charitable event," and I can attest that the name is well-deserved. In fact, with each installment of the Sale, the Foundation chooses another deserving charity to receive all after-event proceeds. The Fall 2010 benefactor is GW Mammovan, a mobile digital mammogram screening service provided by the George Washington University Medical Center, GW Medical Faculty Associates, and the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation. To date, GW Mammovan has detected 71 cases of breast cancer and served over 19,000 local women.

When asked about the event, Mary Amons noted that the Foundation is pleased to have "sold 300 more tickets than were sold in the spring." And her excitement was apparent as she added, "I'm very excited to see a big fat check written to GW Mammovan."

Caroline Helps To Stop Child Trafficking

Photo:Tara Kyle
Article from DNA Info.
By Tara Kyle
GREENWICH VILLAGE — "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Caroline Manzo and Big Brother alumni Stephen Baldwin got a dose of reality on Thursday night when they attended a benefit against child trafficking.

"Everybody thinks the world is lollipops and roses, but it's not," Manzo told DNAinfo at the Stop Child Trafficking Now benefit at the Verandah Lounge.

"This is going on in our backyards, and we don't know about it — but we know what the height of Snooki's hair is."

The housewife, who plays the Momma Bear on the reality show, said she'd first learned about the important issue on Twitter.
America provides the greatest demand for under-age prostitutes, according to Sundy Goodnight, national campaign director for the advocacy group. Although the number of victims in New York is difficult to pinpoint, she estimates 2,500 to 10,000 young women and children could be held in slavery. Most are from Central America or Eastern Europe.
Curtis Sliwa, founder and CEO of the Guardian Angels community safety group, said one hotbed of trafficking in the city is along the 7 subway train. There, he said many of the cards advertising massages, prostitutions and escorts are in fact services provided by enslaved children and women.
Photo: Tara Kyle

The problem gets little attention in the U.S., however, because many people make the assumption that human trafficking is a problem in other countries, not at home. Kristie Neo, an intern for Stop Child Trafficking Now, said that in her native Singapore, news reports on the issue are common.

"It's everywhere," said Stephen Baldwin, who has been involved in various anti-trafficking groups for the past three years. "At some point, people like [Mayor Michael] Bloomberg are going to turn around and say, we need to provide a realistic amount of funding and resources."

Addressing the crowd, Baldwin urged benefit-goers to donate their time, money or voices to helping to raise the profile of child trafficking as an issue.

"I've seen the other side of this. I've seen these girls get redeemed, I've seen them get healed. There's hope for them," he told benefit goers.
"Fight the fight. Do something."

On Oct. 9, Stop Child Trafficking Now will host its annual fund-raising walk, beginning at 62nd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus avenues.

Teresa And Joe Will Be At Enzo's In Morris Park On September 29th

Article from Your

By Daniel Roberts
One of the Jersey ‘housewives’ is coming to Morris Park, and reality show TV fanatics couldn’t be more excited.

Teresa Giudice, from Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” will be making an appearance at Enzo’s Restaurant, at 1998 Williamsbridge Road, on Wednesday evening, September 29. She will sign copies of her New York Times bestselling cookbook “Skinny Italian” and greet fans.
“I love Theresa. She’s absolutely my favorite,” said Michelle Lifrieri, an avid devotee of the show who grew up in Morris Park originally, but now lives in Throggs Neck.

Lifrieri has actually already met Giudice. She met a number of the housewives a couple weeks ago when she saw them perform in an off-Broadway show, “My Big Gay Italian Wedding,” with her husband in Manhattan.

“I told Theresa I’d see her at Enzo’s,” Lifrieri, who has watched the Bravo show since its premiere. recalled. She also said she had never been to Enzo’s, but her husband is close with the owner, Enzo DiRende.

DiRende, meanwhile, said the event will be a boon for the restaurant. “The place is going to be jam-packed,” he said, “it’s big for the neighborhood.”

Enzo’s has already booked 190 spots in the two separate dinner seatings the night of the event — one at 6 p.m. and one at 8:30 p.m. The restaurant is offering a prix-fixe dinner, $60 a person, during which Giudice will speak for a while and sign copies of her cookbook, which will be on sale.

Those who have not yet signed up can still do so, DeRende said, because the rear of the eatery will be open for walk-in business, and anyone can walk in to get a book signed.

Enzo’s is also building their menu around Giudice for the evening. The bar will offer peach bellinis, a favorite drink of the chef and author, and the set meal will include a pasta dish she likes.

It was Nikki Piscatelli, a friend of Theresa Giudice’s publicist, who set the event up for Enzo’s.

I was in the restaurant one night for dinner and we were talking about the show, and about Teresa” said Piscatelli, “and I mentioned I was friendly with her publicist. So Enzo said I should get her to come to the restaurant and do a book signing. I reached out, and she is excited about it.”

Piscatelli, who said Enzo’s is her favorite place to eat, also admitted to being a fan of the show, though not at the level of Lifrieri, a friend of hers.

“It’s going to be a fun night,” said Piscatelli. “Her husband will be with her too, they call him Juicy Joe.”

Lifrieri described herself as one of hundreds of Bronx women who she believes are likely to line up for a signature. “I’m going to bring my copy of her book,” she said.

“And I have magazines that she appeared in, and I’m bringing my camera. Whatever I can fit in my bag that day.”

Kelly Filming With Plum TV

Pictures from Kelly.

Filming with dan honan for @plumtv

My asst. Kim and I at lincoln center

Teresa's Pictures

Pictures from Teresa of her and the kids.

RHODC Episode #6 Recap and Fact-Check

Article from the Washington Post.

For better or for worse: D.C. 'Housewives' recap and fact-check (#6, Sept. 16)
By: Roxanne Roberts And Amy Argetsinger

Welcome back to "The Real Housewives of D.C.," the episode in which Mary's daughter raids her closet, Lynda gets a new house, Stacie searches for her parents and drama erupts at Oasis Winery... Uh, is this a rerun?

No. It's not. It just felt that way. This episode magically avoided the season's two other repetitive obsessions ("Did Lynda call Michaele anorexic?" "Is Cat a racist?"), but it was otherwise almost nothing but retread -- not to mention rewind. Yes, this week we once again caught Bravo pulling off some more sneaky time travel. More on that later.

The episode opens at Mary Amons's (for sale!) mini-mansion in McLean. She greets Cat Ommanney at the front door with a little faux-British accent of her own. "Caaahhhtherine! Welcome, dahhhling!" (Seeing this now will make you feel a little less awkward later in the hour when she greets Stacie with "gir'frien!") Glasses of white wine. Talk about marriage, mothering. Cat tells the camera that "the fact that Charles travels so much and has left me alone so much, sometimes I felt like a single mom again, except seven thousand miles away from everyone I loved." (Does she mean, in London? Because that's only about 3,700 miles away from Washington. Give her a break, though; it's tricky converting from kilometers.)
(Also, note that Cat, in her camera moment, is bangs-less -- unlike her moment in Mary's house, where she has bangs -- which means that she gave this interview just recently, after her split from Charles Ommanney. Note the past tense slipping in. Also note that Bravo has given her subtitles! Can the average Bravo viewer really not understand the accent?)

Mary says she struggles with "mother's guilt." And -- have you heard? -- "I've had a big struggle with Lolly staying out of my closet." She's installed a biometric lock to keep her out! (We knew this! From the first episode! And assumed then it was just supposed to be a one-shot joke, not a damned story arc.) She tells Cat that her mother had a baby after Mary had Lolly, and that she and Rich lived with her parents for the first year of their marriage. "My sister and my daughter are the exact same age. Because I was young and naïve, it skewed the boundaries."

(Can we stay on this topic? Please? Thus far we can count three things we'd rather be watching a reality show about: Mary and Rich's first years together; Lynda's career as an R&B backup singer; Cat's brief snog with Prince Harry. And we get this instead. Bravo just showed up at the wrong time in everyone's life.)

Stacie Turner, at home in D.C.'s 16th Street Heights, gets a call on the speakerphone (reality TV dictates that this is the only way to answer the phone) from Michaele Salahi -- who wants Stacie to help her search for a house in D.C. Stacie brags to the camera about her real estate business (a Sotheby's agent at the time of this taping, she has since returned to Long & Foster where she began her real estate career): "I'm the person to call because I know D.C., and I'm the best at what I do." (Other D.C. Realtors, please take this to our comments thread.)

Lynda Erkiletian, at home in Georgetown, meets with her new German shepherd puppy, in anticipation of her move to McLean. She explains that when she last lived in McLean, her house was broken into. She doesn't think Ichiban, a stout little pup that resembles Churchill, is up to the job of watchdog. (WASHINGTON INSIDER ALERT!!!) Lynda announces that Dawn, the dog trainer, "trains the White House puppy, Bo." (This is actually true: Dawn Sylvia Stasiewicz of Merit Puppy Training got the coveted Bo assignment, and has reaped a nice publicity bonanza ever since.) "I was impressed by your training at the White House," Lynda gushes. Says Dawn, "It's a very bright dog. And they're a wonderful family." Then Dawn takes the name-dropping to the next level: Bo "is related to Sen. Kennedy's dog Cappy." (True.) Ichiban meets the German shepherd, and there is sniffing of butts. Lynda says something about how men need training too, and maybe women, and... whatever. Next scene!

The Four Seasons in Georgetown, where Stacie is meeting Tareq and Michaele. They are, believe it or not, staying in the "Royal Suite." (This is the Four Seasons' top-end suite, where Oprah is widely assumed to have stayed during the Obama inauguration. 4,000 square feet, massive private terrace. Goes for about $15,000 a night. How can the Salahis afford it, you ask? Well, the Four Seasons is a discreet place, and we'll never know for sure, but one can speculate that for the amount of camera time lavished upon the suite, this was a promotional arrangement for the Four Seasons, agreed to at a time before the Salahis were known for showing up uninvited to the White House with a trail of debts in their wake.)

As Stacie wonders to the camera where the money is coming from, Tareq explains that they're tired of staying in hotels when they come to D.C. for business, that they want to buy their own place. What kind of place? Michaele winces at the word "condo." Tareq says they need to "have 200 to 250 guests on a regular basis." What's their price range, Stacie asks? Says Michaele: "It could be the $100,000 home, or it could be the $12 million home." (Quick and sloppy D.C. real estate tutorial: $100,000 gets you a one-bedroom in Anacostia, the city's poorest sector. $12 million gets you an embassy. A NICE embassy.) Stacie wonders how they intend to finance this. "Through the business," says Tareq. Stacie tells the camera, "The winery is defunct. Do they think I'm stupid?"
At Cat's home in Chevy Chase, Md., she is doing the dishes, and explaining to the camera that she learned that morning that one of her friends back home had taken his life. "The girls woke up to hear me crying." Mary consoles her over the phone. Lots of "love you, love you" back and forth.

Lynda goes to check out her new McLean mini-mansion with Mary and a woman named Deborah, identified as her designer. (This is Deborah Kalkstein, a Georgetown-based decorator -- at one point, an early contender for a larger role on this show -- and owner of Contemporaria, where Mary, Cat and Jason Backe drank-and-shopped in episode four.) "Mary and I are going to be neighbors!" Lynda cheers. "We're so close, we're a stone's throw away." (They're just under a mile away from each other, in fact -- well, until Mary moves. Lynda actually now lives much closer to Colin Powell, whom Mary bragged in episode one lived just down the street. As the crow flies, Lynda's about 200 yards away from the former Secretary of State's house... Is this stuff interesting to you? Let me know and I'll keep going.) Lynda says that the house needs a lot of work, and "that's where astrology becomes of value." She never makes any big decision without consulting an astrologer. She burns a bunch of sage and smudges it around the place: "Whenever I purchase a new property, I think it's important to clear the energy." (Bravo plays whimsical music over this -- your cue to go ahead, laugh!) Lynda explains that she was raised Baptist, converted to Judaism at 20. She sprinkles holy water outside the house and declares "I love everything holy!"

Michaele and Tareq pick up Stacie in a white stretch limo. (Remember: They operated a limo service for a while, which explains all the limos in their life). Stacie takes them on a tour of Washington real estate. Spring Valley, the far western corner of D.C.where, says Stacie, "a lot of politicians live" (sure, some do); then, without announcement, an area that looks more like Foxhall or Embassy Row. Michaele sighs over a home that Stacie pegs at $20 million and not for sale. Stacie tells the camera she wants a bank statement or other evidence that the Salahis can afford this kind of real estate. Then she asks him straight out what the deal with the winery is. "Most of the rumors are true," he says, explaining that his mom sued him (true; as we've discussed before, she sued alleging he ran their business into the ground, he countersued; the winery and Tareq's businesses based there both filed for bankruptcy). "She came back after never being in the winery at all and really made a mess of things." Adds Michaele, "It became where the mom was wanting to push Tareq out." (Note: "the mom"?) Stacie offers that maybe they'll patch things up, and Tareq says no, "that chapter is closed." Stacie is horrified. The limo pulls up to the Four Seasons and Michaele exclaims, "we're home!"
Back in McLean, Mary interrupts Rich watching an unspecified sporting event on TV to complain, again, about Lolly taking clothes from her closet. Again. Apparently, "I forgot to close it." Says Rich (sounding like a man who has already seen season 1, episodes 1-5) "Do I need an Internet counter on my forehead for the number of times we're going to have this exact same conversation?" Mary tells the camera she doesn't like his sarcasm.

Back at the Turner house, Stacie is cooking dinner when Jason comes home and, apropos of nothing (or, perhaps, as if nudged by an invisible hand, perhaps belonging to one of the many Bravo/Half Yard personnel hanging around the family home but unseen by us the viewers -- and do you ever stop to think how weird that must be?), asks when Stacie is ever going to find her birth father. "It's been two and a half years!" Stacie tells the camera (for those of you who missed episodes 3-5), "I was surprised to find out my mother was Caucasian and my father was Nigerian." Jason says Stacie's birth mother will never help her find her father, that they need to go to the next level and confront her son -- Stacie's half-brother -- on Facebook. (This seems kind of drastic. It's also the most intriguing plot development on this episode. So of course, they drop it for the rest of the hour.)

Lynda, back at her Ritz-Carlton apartment, getting dressed, in a poufy silver trench-coat-style dress. (Familiar? For a while, one of the few photos we had of Lynda was in this dress. It's what she wore in Washingtonian magazine when they put her on their best-dressed list last year.) She calls to K.C., who is both her assistant and her son's girlfriend, to ask her for help buckling her shoes. Then she sweeps off to a gala with two of her sons, Sam, 16, and Mihran, 19, and boyfriend Ebong. (Leaving poor K.C. behind. Cinderella!)

The gala turns out to be the annual fundraiser for Men Against Breast Cancer. (And now... wait a minute! This event was held last Oct. 20 at the W Hotel. That was several days before Paul Wharton's birthday party, portrayed in episode two. And the gala was nearly three weeks before Oasis Winery grape-stomping party, of episode four. We know, however, that you, the sophisticated viewer, are up to the challenges of the non-linear narrative. I think Bravo enlisted David Lynch to direct this one.)
Mary and Cat are also there, and the highlight of the gala is a men's fashion show. "Women behave badly at men's fashion's shows," Lynda notes. "It's like they're at a strip club." Look, there's Paul Wharton walking the catwalk! (We missed our friend Paul the Plot Engineer the last two episodes; sadly we only glimpse him briefly this week. His hair is flat-ironed and somewhat longer than usual) Also: Fox5 anchor Will Thomas! (Will, you rascal you! No wonder you managed to break the story of the non-invited Salahis getting tossed out of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation gala -- after, of course, we broke the White House story. Seems that Will was embedded with the Housewives!) Mary glares at Lolly on the far side of the room in a black bustier -- Mary's of course.

A man described as Lynda's ex-boyfriend comes by the table to say hi. (And this is true: Christopher Reiter, now 42, dated Lynda for a couple years. He owns Muleh, a furniture boutique and importing business in D.C. and is currently dating Juleanna Glover, the uber-hostess and GOP lobbyist who helped Half Yard Productions make some of the original introductions around town to find their "Housewives" cast.) Cat is struck by Reiter's groovy '70s Euro-chic style. "You dress absolutely identically to a very good friend of mine... who just died really recently, and it's like, whoa." She starts to cry, and tells the camera "it was just like a spirit or an angel coming to the table." Lynda tells the camera "it gave her the opportunity to just open up, let go, cry, and feel the pain." Lots of hugs.

Back at home, Cat tells 11-year-old Jade about crying in public and wrestles with her decision to skip her friend's funeral. "I think just go with your gut," Jade tells her. Cat tells the camera: "I know people say mothers shouldn't be best friends with their children, but we've been through a lot together."

In McLean, Mary and Rich have the Turners over to dinner. Mary greets Stacie with "my gir'frien!" (Producers decide not to linger on this; they hazed Mary enough in episode one, apparently.) Mary is a big fan of the Turners after they stood up for her at Oasis when Tareq started making bizarre charges about Lolly. Mary says that Jason's response "was a high five." And, "he definitely was the tender warrior in the group. His feather" -- at this, Mary wiggles her hand from behind her head -- "was like rrrrrwahahah!" Everyone smiles and laughs as if they get the references. (I don't.) Anyway, her point being, "you had our back." Stacie expresses surprise at the Salahis' recent behavior, having enjoyed them in Paris. Mary tells the camera "it's just a matter of time before Michaele and Tareq burn the bridge with Stacie and Jason, because they do that with everyone." She tells the Turners that she knows people who grew up with Tareq and that "there's a reason he was sent to military school." (In fairness, the Post in its extensive bio of the couple didn't find any noteworthy bad-teenager stories.) She adds that they have a "track record" of not paying their bills. (Post stories did find that.) But she defends Michaele, whom Mary sees as "lost" and trapped "in a co-dependent relationship."

Michaele and Tareq pull up to Oasis Winery, this time in an ordinary SUV. Tareq talks about "our family war" but his hopes for "a grand reopening, bringing it back to life." Michaele says she ran into Tareq's mother Corinne, who she said was mad that Michaele was talking to his father Dirgham, whom Michaele insists is a fan of Michaele. "Corinne, I don't know why she's so mean to me." Cameras pan over empty vines, shriveled fruit. Tareq talks about the "over-the-top designs for renovations." (It's one of those awkward reality-TV conversations clearly arranged for the sake of the cameras, otherwise, why would these two people deeply involved in the matter for so long need to deliver so much exposition to each other?) The two say Dirgham wants them to carry with the family business: "A new generation is here," says Tareq.

And then: Sirens! Sheriff's cars show up to the winery, and Tareq goes out to talk to them. Michaele tells the camera, weeping, that Corinne called the police trying to have them (and presumably, the production crew) removed from the place. Michaele gets very emotional: "It's affected my life greatly. It's affected my health, my well-being." (Note that the week this episode is airing is the week that the Salahis, in promoting a new book, announced that Michaele has multiple sclerosis.) She adds: "I've stayed because I love Tareq, and I got into it for better or for worse... Life's short and being cruel or making fun of someone or suing them or attacking your own child -- the whole thing is devastating."

Coming up next week: Michaele attends out at a Redskins cheerleader alumni event, and it's clear that Bravo will gleefully reveal what the Post months ago revealed -- that she never was a Redskins cheerleader, despite claiming to be one. Oh, and a big screaming match over whether Cat is a racist or whether Cat is simply a jerk -- yes, THAT old story.

Who won this round? We're no longer keeping score.

Michaele Going To Court

Post from Radar Online.

Real Housewives of D.C. star and White House 'gatecrasher' Michaele Salahi claims she didn't short-change a plastic surgeon who is suing her over an alleged unpaid bill, is exclusively reporting.

Photo: PR Photo

Dr. Navin Singh of Ivy Plastic Surgery Associates, LLC (where he is a partner) and Michaele are due to square off in a Virginia court on Friday, September 17.

The doc alleges Michaele made a partial payment for going under the knife; has learned it was a collagen placement procedure to fill "laugh lines" on each lower cheek.

Dr. Singh told Michaele stiffed him over $500: "She had a balance, she told us she'd call it in and we tried to politely call her back, [saying] 'Hey, do you want to give us that credit card number?'

"She said, 'Oh, I don't have that credit card, I'll call it in', and she didn't.

"She seemed like a legitimate person.

"I know $500 seems like a paltry sum for a plastic surgeon, but that's a whole week (worth) of wages for one of my secretaries or coordinator."

However, in an exclusive statement, Michaele told that she paid the full $1200 fee, and then proceed to unload on the good doctor.
She said the procedure was a "disaster" and inferred it was performed improperly.
Now she is looking into "doing something" about it, she said.

"Michaele is saddened that Dr. Singh is fabricating that another $500 is owed now, one and a half years later," a rep for Salahi, the same woman who 'gatecrashed' the White House with her husband Tareq last November, told

"She was never told of any money owed to Dr. Singh and he was paid in full $1200 over a year ago. The procedure was a disaster and if he had performed properly Michaele would not be looking at doing something in the near term."

Michaele even accused Dr. Singh of using the lawsuit to win publicity for his business of her name.
"Clearly this is just another attempt for someone to get media attention by fraudulent additional billing since Michaele is on television on a regular basis," she said.

"The media is giving exactly what Singh wants -- and that's free advertising."

Not true, claimed the doctor.

At the point that we turned her over to a collection's attorney we had no idea she was going to be someone in the media," he said.

"It was not like we filed a lawsuit because she's in the limelight; this was before she was famous, pre-dating the White House crashing and Real Housewives of D.C.

"She was a nice, presentable person.

"We didn't know her and didn't know her to be a celebrity and she wasn't famous at that point so when there was no payment we called her back a couple times."

And he had a parting shot for Michaele, before their court battle: "I wouldn't want to treat her; I think at this point she's not the sort of patient that I would want in my practice."

Jill Thought She Would Resolve Things With Bethenny

Article from The Oracle.

By Nicholas Trobiano
The first University Lecture Series (ULS) speaker got real with audience members while talking about her experiences on reality television.

Jill Zarin, an entrepreneur and TV personality from “The Real Housewives of New York City,” spoke to a crowd of about 100 people on Tuesday night in the Marshall Student Center’s (MSC) Oval Theater — about 400 less than what Kristie Gerber, director of student activities, anticipated Monday afternoon.

“Get on your texts and get all your roommates out here,” Zarin said. “I want to fill this place up.”
Her reality show followed New York housewives as they worked and dealt with the drama of friends and family.

Students based their questions off the show during the question-and-answer session at the lecture.
Zarin said she took part in casting nearly all of the other housewives on the show, originally titled “Manhattan Moms,” and helped to incite negotiations with producers and the other cast members.

When asked about her fight with former costar Bethenny Frankel, Zarin said the two would have arguments or conversations that were done for the show and would be resolved at a later time. Zarin believed the fight that ended their friendship was going to be resolved. However she confirmed the two are no longer speaking.

During her lecture, Zarin shared her experience as an intern with Jordan Marsh & Company, a Boston department store, and offered advice to students entering the workplace.

“My favorite part about going to college was my internship,” Zarin said. “Get as many internships as you can before you graduate. Never wear black on an interview because you don’t stand out. In fact, wear something that is something to talk about.”

Before the lecture, ULS hosted a small reception in the MSC Gallery for committee members and their guests. Zarin spoke to the group about their classes, housing and jobs.

Sheri Guvell, a junior majoring in athletic training, attended the reception and was excited to begin reading Zarin’s book, “Secrets of a Jewish Mother.”
“I was excited to meet Zarin,” she said. “When I found out she was coming, I started crying. I was so ecstatic.”
Because the event was paid for in advanced by student-paid Activity and Service fees, ULS swiped university ID cards to permit students into the lecture for free. ULS program director Nicole Kummer said satisfaction surveys that provide ULS with feedback about the lectures were unavailable for Zarin’s appearance. However, they would be available for students at future lectures.

Kummer thought that Zarin’s lecture was a great start to the program’s fall lineup.

“She was absolutely amazing. She was really easy to work with and really personable. She took a lot of time to speak with students,” she said.

Caroline Aggravated With Teresa?

Post from Radar Online.

It looks like NJ Housewife Teresa Giudice may have more than just former castmate Danielle Staub rolling her eyes at her ongoing antics. has learned exclusively that castmate and friend Caroline Manzo and Teresa are also on the outs.

Caroline has been the one housewife who has always come to Teresa's defense. But now, she is now backing off and is sick of all the drama that seems to follow the feisty mother of four.

"Caroline is not talking to Teresa," an insider revealed to exclusively. "She is just tired of all the drama. She is just keeping her distance. She doesn't mind if Teresa is on the show, but they all hate each other now."

The matriarch of the group has always been very vocal on and off the show about protecting her 'family' -- including Teresa, who is now battling bankruptcy and furious that her estranged sister-in-law Melissa Gorga will be joining the show next season.

"She feels that Teresa has gotten to carried away with everything and she is just aggravated with her," the insider added.

Michaele And Tim

Picture from Michaele.

To Tim Gunn ( from his statements on Access Hollywood yesterday): This is when a picture is worth more than a thousand words... !!!

Stacie Was Hesitant About Joining The RHODC

Interview from Hope Today magazine.

More Than Just a Housewife Real Housewives of DC: Interview with Stacie Turner
By Tori Griffin

Photo:Stacie Turner
Catfights, shout matches, gossip, slander, and a maxed out credit limit are just a few thoughts that come to mind when one thinks of a housewife. Well, that is if she’s on Bravo. But there’s a new housewife in DC, with class, poise, a career, a perfect family, and the perfect reputation to match. As the only Black woman on the Real Housewives of DC, Stacie Turner holds it down, keeps it real, and keeps the catfights to a minimum, as she juggles her marriage, motherhood, a career, a foundation, and begins the search to find out who she really is. In this candid interview, we see why Stacie Turner is living the Extra-Ordinary Life!

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: You have a BA from Howard, a Harvard MBA, you’re a successful realtor, you’ve started a foundation; what on earth are you doing on the Real Housewives of DC? What prompted you to be on the show?
Stacie Turner: Like everyone I was very hesitant at first. I received a phone call from producers while on vacation with my family. I initially said no, but they were persistent. After having conversations with them, they said they wanted to do “DC” differently by showing real life experiences and showing women in a positive light. I thought it would bring visibility to my business and to my charity, so I decided to take a chance and take the plunge.
HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: You’re nothing like your Atlanta Housewives counterparts (in terms of the drama that is normally associated with the Housewives franchise)…Were you anxious about being labeled different or less interesting aka boring?
Stacie Turner: I was surprised that Bravo would even have a character like me. Because I was going to stay true myself and true to my life. And there were a lot of things that I’ve seen on other episodes that are not things that I would do. But I think they’re really trying to celebrate the diversity of women and the different lifestyles that are here. So once I saw who the other characters were and how different we were; yet had the same experiences, I thought that would be interesting. Lots of times you don’t have to flip the table to be dramatic. There’s drama in conversations, there’s drama in a purchase, so I was real pleased the producers were open to a different type of drama.

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: On paper you’re a great role model for black women. How important is it for you to portray that positive image on the show?
Stacie Turner: That was so important to me. I have a daughter, so at the end of the day I want to conduct myself in a way where my daughter would still be proud to call me her mama. So there were boundaries that were set. I also run a charitable organization that is geared towards young women and teenagers in the city, so it was important that I represent myself in a way that is real and positive.

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: You were adopted by a loving family. Your adoptive parents were black. We don’t often hear about black couples adopting children. Tell us about that experience and how that shaped you.
Stacie Turner: I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones who was adopted as a baby because a lot of the women that I serve in my charity are teenagers and have never been adopted by a family. I believe that women who give their children up for adoption are angels. It’s such a selfless thing to do and it brings so much joy to a family that may not be able to have children. I always knew I was adopted, in fact my parents told me I was more special than the other kids because they chose me. They provided a wonderful life for me. They gave me an education and support. I don’t even think of them as my adoptive parents because they raised me. And the people that raise you are your parents.

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: You have a foundation, the Extra-Ordinary Life. Tell us about that, what motivated you to start it, and how readers can get involved.
Stacie Turner: My organization is targeted to teen girls in DC who are living in foster care. These are all girls who either don’t not have a permanent home or who don’t have a permanent family. When I think about all the influence my adoptive parents had on my life and all the exposure I had that really shaped the person that I am, and gave me confidence and self-esteem and all the tools to be successful, I wanted to do the same thing for young girls. Through local programs and travel experiences, I ‘ve had the chance to show these girls that the world is their oyster, and inspired them to dream and believe that they can overcome their circumstances and do anything they want to do. For instance, in July I took 8 girls to South Africa for the World Cup. These girls have never been outside of DC before, let alone in another part of the world. You can only imagine how going to a foreign country, with all of the sights, being in a new culture, meeting new people, just expanded their minds in a way that a workshop or a lecture could never do. It was an amazing experience for them and for me. Fortunately BET International took a film crew with us and documented the transformation of the girls and their experiences. Our website is and you can learn more about the organization there and how to help.

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: There’s been so much controversy about Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain. The country and the world aren’t used to seeing successful, powerful black women travel like that. Tell us your thoughts on the First Lady, and share some stories where your success/power has been scrutinized.
Stacie Turner: I admire Michelle Obama and the Obama family. Barack Obama is such an intelligent and highly qualified man who’s making such a difference in a company. His wife is such an asset and I really love the fact that they’re a team. I’d vote for Michelle Obama for President. She’s that thorough, that together, that smart, that knowledgeable, I love that they're a strong couple. I love that as First Lady, she’s focusing on new issues like childhood obesity, and I also love that she’s stylish yet real.

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: How do you juggle the career, motherhood, being wife, the foundation, and the show?
Stacie Turner: I’m trying to keep it all together! What I’ve learned that we’re always striving for balance. And it’s just so impossible. You have to pick what’s the priority. And in my case, family is always priority. At the point when all of my outside stuff starts to infringe on that, I cut things loose. I also surround myself with really good friends and people who are supportive of what we’re doing so I can lean on them and rely on them when things get to be a little bit too much for me to bear alone.

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: How did you husband feel about you and your family being on the show?
Stacie Turner: I think Jason was more accepting of it then I was initially. He was like “let’s not be scared of it” and I was scared. He made me feel more comfortable about doing it. There’s this perception that cameras are following you 24 hours a day. And it’s not. It’s scheduled based on what you have going on. We were also able to set boundaries around our children, making sure they weren’t interviewed or filmed too often because we want to protect their privacy. Jason was supportive and it was really fun doing it with him. I think that he and I are in more scenes together than any of the other couples on the show, which it made it particularly fun for me.
HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: Who are your role models? Who do you admire?
Stacie Turner: I admire so many people. I really admire people who are not afraid to do the non-conventional. So when I see people who are building houses in Haiti or who are on missions trips to Africa, those are the people I admire. They’re making a difference in the world and they’re not afraid to make it happen. I always believe there’s nothing to it but to do it, so more so than people who are always in the spotlight, I really admire those people who you often don’t hear about that are doing important work and making a difference in the world.

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: I read that you’re in the process of looking for your biological father. What’s that journey been like?
Stacie Turner: My biological mother will not give me any information on my biological father. So you’ll see that my journey takes me to the Nigerian embassy to begin the search. There’s such a curiosity to know my heritage, not just for me, but for my children. It was really surprising to find that my birth mother is Caucasian and that my birth father is Nigerian. Although I respect the privacy of my birth mother, the fact that my birth father does not know that I exist, it makes me more curious. He should know that, and I should know who he is and we should have the option to decide if we pursue a relationship or not. In the African culture, it is so family-centric; they’re much more accepting of the non-traditional forms of family. There’s polygamy, there’s compounds were multiple families live together. I don’t believe he’ll view me as a negative thing. But I’d like to find that out.

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: What don’t we know about Stacie (or what gets edited by Bravo) that you’d like for us to know about?
Stacie Turner: So far, I think that Bravo’s done a great job of creating the character that I am. One thing that I’m disappointed in is that out of the many events filmed during the season, one big event that took up the majority of my time was not filmed. That was my big fundraiser for my charity. For instance Mary does fashion shows, and donates a portion of the proceeds to charity. My event was 100% for my charity to launch my organization and unfortunately it was not filmed. I really want people to know that Extra-ordinary life is a huge part of my life and is my passion and you may not get that from the show.

HOPETODAYMAGAZINE.COM: DC is known as Chocolate City, yet you’re the only black woman on the show. What do you think about that?
Stacie Turner: I was surprised that I was the only African American cast. There’s this level of pressure that I really didn’t want to have. I tried my best to make sure that the black experience in DC is represented as best as possible. You’ll get a glimpse of our experiences, and inclusion of my friends. You’ll see more unfold and hopefully we do a good job of showing all lifestyles.

Alex's RHODC People Blog

Article from People.

By:Alex McCord
Isn’t it funny — this week two Housewives broke down and cried, and sparked two completely different reactions in my house.
My first thought was that a human with feelings ought to be touched when Michaele cried about Tareq and his family. But I wasn’t. Why? It’s the build-up of the seemingly self-inflicted strikes against them in the media. The Congressional Black Caucus, the White House, the Redskins, that Whoopi beat her up, that they want to fund an $8 million house through their business, which doesn’t appear to be doing well given the defunct winery and the lawsuits. It makes me — and everyone else I talk to — unsympathetic, to the point that when we heard sirens at the winery I just wondered whether Tareq and Michaele didn’t have permission to film there and that’s why the sheriff showed up. Haven’t the police arrived each time they’ve been to the winery?

By contrast, I nearly cried along with Cat when she broke down over the news that her friend had committed suicide. Maybe it’s because most of us have been there, have gotten absolutely god-awful news at a time when it wasn’t safe to let go, and completely go to pieces because someone had to watch the kids or go to work or get things done. We saw Cat mostly hold it in until she saw her friend’s doppelganger at the cancer benefit, then the supremely awkward moment when she grabbed a stranger who dressed like him and practically petted his head. I found myself being glad that the guy in question was someone connected to Lynda, whom we’ve seen has a spiritual side to her, and seemed to get it.

Going backward in this episode, I couldn’t quite relate to the closet drama between Mary and her daughter . . . until I remembered my favorite sweater that our first au pair borrowed and put in the washing machine. Note to self: SO glad we have two boys! My closet is safe unless either of them turn out to be drag queens.

Stacie ran the gamut of emotions this episode, from being vulnerable over the potential Facebook search for her birth father to all-business when it came to advising the Salahis on their house search. How many realtors high-fived when Stacie gently but firmly told them they needed to provide a financial statement to prove they were qualified to buy, given all the stories in the media and the winery lawsuit. Michaele seemed to be happy to just stay at the Four Seasons forever, which would be fine as long as the bill gets paid!

The Salahis might be looking, but Lynda was buying, and brought her designer, her astrologer and a bale of sage to the new house. One thing I’ll say: No matter how much holy water you use, it will not make the concrete steps look better. You need a jackhammer for that.

Next week’s episode looks interesting — are they addressing marriage? Didn’t quite get it but stay tuned . . .

Danielle Is Happy And In Love

Article from Radar Online.

Danielle Staub has kept Real Housewives of New Jersey fans guessing with her close relationship to female Lori Michaels after a string of failed flings with men (and not to mention a leaked sex tape!).


In an exclusive new interview with, Staub revealed that she will address her sexual orientation on her upcoming spin-off show.

"You're going to see the truth of my sexuality revealed," Staub said during the interview.

"I don't like labels. I consider myself an incredibly stable human being."

Staub has purposely been saving the much-debated information about her orientation.

"I have to keep that for my show. That's something I have to save. I didn't give it to Andy [Cohen, Bravo host] or anyone yet. I think it's going to be a really nice element to add to my show. I mean Helen Keller can see what Lori and I see in each other so I don't think it's any secret but I'm not confirming or denying anything."

While whether Danielle has been swept away by a man or a woman remains to be seen, the controversial housewife confirms she has moved on to greener pastures from what was seen during the Bravo reality show which made her famous.

"I'm so excited because as soon as I start rolling and cameras are up, then I will have moved on from the whole Housewives adventure," she added. "The great thing is I get something new, I get new things in my life to do and no one is going to be attacking me like that -- nobody! There is nothing that they can do, they won't be able to touch me anymore.

"I'm completely happy in my life and in love

Jeana On The Runway

Picture and video from twitter.

What Does Kelly Keep In Her Purse?

Alex At The Rolando Santana Show

Alex attends the Rolando Santana Spring 2011 fashion show at The Griffin in New York City.

Vicki Dishes To KS95

Catherine Unsure About Michaele Having MS

Article from DBKP.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens L!ve with Andy Cohen guest Cat Ommanney said her book Inbox Full will be out in December. Cat appeared with Real Housewives of New York City’s Ramona Singer. Ramona told Andy she hadn’t seen cast member Kelly Bensimon this summer. Ramona had been with LuAnn de Lesseps the ‘night before’ and had spoken with Jill Zarin yesterday on the phone. When Andy asked Ramona would what happen if former Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub were to become a cast member of RHONYC, Ramona said she’d ‘go on strike’.

Photo:Jamie Windon
Cat’s appearance on WWHL, after her divorce from Newsweek photographer Charles Ommanney. Cat not very complimentary about the New York Times article about Charles, The ‘Housewives’ Husband Who Wishes He Said No. Cat, on the internet rumors about her ‘past’ in the U.K.–Andy Cohen referred to Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel–Cat claiming that while she doesn’t read the ‘blogs’, the rumors were from an individual Cat knew. When Andy asked Cat about the news Michaele Salahi has MS and whether Cat believed Michaele had MS, Cat implied she was cautionary about Michaele’s claim. Cat, telling Andy, Diane Dimond, the author of the new Salahi book, Cirque Du Salahi, was paying the Salahi’s bills.

Yesterday the site Popeater reported Bravo had booted Michaele and Tareq Salahi from the next season of RHODC. Popeater’s Rob Shuter posting Bravo “had had it” with the Salahi’s:
Michaele and Tareq Salahi’s fifteen minutes of fame may be up now that I’ve learned publicly-annoyed Bravo has decided not to invite the White House party crashers back to tape another season of ‘The Real Housewives Of DC.’

“The DC show is the only show in the entire franchise that isn’t a true hit,” an insider tells me. “And the Salahi’s are the biggest reason for that. At first, execs thought they struck gold with all the attention the couple got over the White House dinner. But now they realize not all press is good press and this couple’s involvement in the show has turned more viewers off than on.”

According to Shuter, the Salahi last straw that broke Bravo’s back, a statement made by the Salahi’s in Dimond’s book:

But the final straw came to light just this week, when the couple claimed (in a new book about them) that their “iron-clad” contract with Bravo doesn’t allow them to talk about the White House-crashing incident to the media. Of course, they’ve never been shy about talking-up the scandal (except for when Tareq clammed up at a Congressional hearing!) and famously spoke to Matt Lauer about it just days after the State Dinner.

Popeater reported on Tuesday they’d received a press release from Bravo:

“From the time of the incident until now, Bravo and Half Yard Productions, the producer of the series, have consistently and repeatedly stated to the Salahis and their representatives that they were free to speak to press, law enforcement, Congress and anyone else about attending the State Dinner. Indeed, they have given multiple press interviews on that very subject.”

What’s unusual about the Popeater report, Bravo’s previous pattern of not issuing statements about cast members, especially those who are sent packing by Bravo. In comparison, the rumor Bravo had fired Danielle Staub, leaked by Bravo insiders to the site, Life & Style. The Danielle Staub won’t be returning to season three of RHONJ, leaked after Danielle taped the second season reunion episode. Bravo issuing a casual note on their site under the “News” section, the reunion episode was Danielle’s last appearance on RHONJ, posted after part two of the RHONJ reunion episode aired. The Bravo insider news the Salahi’s won’t be back, leaked before the taping of the Real Housewives of DC reunion episode.

Was the info leaked before Michaele announced her “secret” she had multiple sclerosis?
The Washington Post’s Lisa de Moraes made the following observation about Michaele’s ‘announcement’ she had MS:

For the rest of the show’s run, any time another cast member comments about how thin Michaele is — it’s been one of the leitmotifs of this edition in the “Real Housewives” franchise — or rolls their eyes at something Michaele says or does, or says they don’t want Michaele invited to their Fill In The Blank — both that Other Housewife and Bravo are going to look really, really cold.

Lisa de Moraes reported Bravo’s response to Michaele’s MS news, a Bravo Senior VP of Communications telling the Washington Post, Michaele never mentioned to Bravo she had MS.

The Popeater post, Bravo plans on not asking the Salahi’s to return next season, published Wednesday at 7:22 AM EST. No mention in the article of Michaele’s ‘major announcement’ on FOX and Friends, Michaele had MS. FOX and Friends, airing at 6 AM, EST. Later that day, Lisa de Moraes’ article on Michaele’s announcement and the report Bravo had issued a press statement about the Salahi’s statement in the book. A statement very similar to the one posted by Popeater:

“The notion that the Salahis have been barred under their contracts relating to ‘The Real Housewives of D.C.’ from speaking about their attendance at the White House State Dinner is simply not true. From the time of the incident until now, Bravo and Half Yard Productions, the producer of the series, have consistently and repeatedly stated to the Salahis and their representatives that they were free to speak to press, law enforcement, Congress and anyone else about attending the State Dinner. Indeed, they have given multiple press interviews on that very subject.”

de Moraes’ article included what Dianne Dimond said on FOX and Friends about Michaele’s cast members picking on Michaele in the first season of RHODC. After reading what Dimond said, interjecting Michaele’s multiple sclerosis as an excuse to chastise the cast members who ‘picked on’ Michaele, Dianne Dimond needs to have her head examined. de Moraes observation, Michaele and Tareq effectively tarred her cast members as “really, really cold” in still unaired episodes. With the news from Popeater, Bravo potentially painted as a cold-hearted villain, booting a victim of multiple sclerosis off one of their reality housewives shows.