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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Housewife for NY?

Post from, in the picture is Brad, Jill's gay husband, check out his bio. below the post.

The Bravo cameras are rolling like mad in the Hamptons and I got caught up in them. Shhhh... they may be picking up a new Bravo family member for next season!
Oh my, breathless Brad Boles is still roaming about the Hamptons and finds himself slammed in the middle of more Bravo family dish. The man has a nose for dish, and some fashion and beauty tips too --S.H.

The East End was crawling with Bravo camera crews this past weekend.

Oh, what goes on under this beautiful Hamptons sunset!
On Saturday alone, I was involved in two shoots one starting at 11AM involving a potential NEW Housewife for “The Real Housewives of New York City!” This was NOT a set up. I just happened to be doing the interiors of this hottie’s Bridgehampton home when the doorbell rang. I answered it to the shock and amusement of the camera crew!

Needless to say, the maybe new Housewife pulled it off without a hitch, even though there were tractors and workmen in the background. And there I was directing the workman not the camera crew... brick by brick! All the while, the potential new Housewife was dripping in diamonds and 5-inch Louboutins!

Gorgeous, equally yummy, half-naked staff then served a sumptuous lunch... ooh baby! Now, if that is not what makes a Housewife, I don't know what does. Believe me ladies, I'm lucky enough to have the original and funniest RHONYC Jill Zarin as a dear friend and I know what a Real Housewife is all about!

Should Danielle-RHONJ lay off the injectables?

Post from Star Magazine.

She might be a Housewife, but there doesn't seem to be too much that's real on Danielle Staub's face!

On July 6, the 47-year-old debuted a newly tweaked version of herself at the premiere of The Sorcerer's Apprentice — and it was far from magical.

"Is she wearing a mask?" asks Palm Beach-based dermatologist
Dr. Kenneth Beer. "Her proportions are not correct anymore, because it appears she's had too much filler injected into her lips and cheeks."

Dr. Richard Fleming, a Beverly Hills facial cosmetic surgeon who also has not treated Danielle, points out that "you can see the hills and valleys in her upper lip, which are the result of overinjection."

Kelsey does not want Camille to touch his Frasier money


The actor wed Camille Donatacci in 1997 but the former Playboy model filed for divorce earlier this month (01Jul10), citing "irreconcilable differences".

She has asked for primary physical custody and child support for their daughter Mason Olivia, eight, and son Jude Gordon, five, but she will face a battle for spousal support - Grammer has urged the judge not to award the claim.

He filed legal papers in a U.S. court on Wednesday (14Jul10), in which he also requested the judge acknowledge his sole claim to his longrunning sitcom Frasier, in addition to a number of other property assets he wants to be kept separate from the divorce.

Grammer is seeking joint legal custody of the couple's two kids, reports

Joe Guidice jokes about living in an apartment

Post from

Aaron Parsley
Teresa Giudice‘s husband Joe has a sense of humor when it comes to rumors the couple’s home is in foreclosure.

In a clip from next week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe shows Teresa around a pizza parlor and an apartment complex, two new business ventures he plans to open.

“Joe owns a construction company. He’s always been an entrepreneur,” Teresa says before asking, “That means a person that own their own businesses, right?”

The couple, who filed for bankruptcy last year, then head to the apartment complex, where Joe jokes, “I’m going to show you our suite, too, that we have, when we get kicked out of our house.” During a fight between Teresa and her nemesis costar on Monday’s episode, Danielle Staub yelled that Teresa’s home was in foreclosure.
“Danielle is telling everyone my house is under foreclosure and it’s not,” Teresa explains. “I own a lot of properties in my name — some good investments and some bad investments. The economy is bad.”

Last month, Teresa denied her house was even for sale when it appeared very briefly on a real estate Web site.

And as recently as Monday, when she appeared with costar Jacqueline Laurita on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Teresa told Andy Cohen her home is not in foreclosure and that the couple is not in danger of losing their famous, $1.7 million mansion, despite their financial problems — and Joe’s teasing.

“Joe is totally kidding that I’m going to be living in one of those apartments. That’s never going to happen. I could never see myself living there,” Teresa says at the end of the clip, before looking in the camera and giving a big wink.

What Danielle Ate Today

Danielle-RHONJ is the featured celebrity in OK! magazines 'What I Ate Today' column.  Below is Danielle's diet:

Breakfast: a bagel
Snack: almonds and a Venti white chocolate peppermint mocha
Lunch: grilled chicken wrap
Dinner: grilled chicken salad with snow peas and mandarin oranges

Danielle hangs with the "Jersey Shore" cast

Post from the Huffington Post.

by:Katy Hall
Danielle Staub, who is suing 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' costar Teresa Giudice for attacking her, surfaced Tuesday night at the 'Jersey Shore' album release party at Marquee in NYC.

Inside the party Danielle and new gf Lori Michaels were "cuddling the whole time" while drinking Three-O Vodka, according to a witness. Danielle also posed while throngs of eager men snapped her picture, MTV reports.

A pouf-less Snooki, JWwow and the Situation all attended.

Jacqueline responds to Danielle's lawsuit

Article from Zap2It.

By Jethro Nededog
Viewers are probably still spinning from Monday's (July 12) episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" when all hell broke loose at a fashion show.

We've never seen so much fur fly (and we're not talking about Danielle's Staub's weave) on reality TV since the infamous table-flipping episode. In the end, no one was arrested, but Jacqueline Laurita's daughter, Ashley, did get fined $189 by a court for pulling Danielle's "hair."

Apparently that wasn't enough for the former jailbird. Danielle's lawyer spoke to Hollywood Life and said that they're pursuing a lawsuit against Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita and Ashley, and anyone else involved in the incident.

"We are going to use this footage and prepare a case against these women," Danielle's attorney, Paul Giblin, told the site. "We are seeking assault and battery charges, defamation of character and punitive damages as well."

The attorney also said they'll be asking a judge for restraining orders against the women. Zap2it spoke to Jacqueline about the legal threat.

"You can't defame someone who defames herself," Jacqueline told us. "I have not told any lies about her. I never physically touched her or threatened her, so I am not worried."

Jacqueline feels that this is just Danielle being a media whore. "She will do anything, and I mean anything, to stay in the press," she says. "I think she's pathetic and desperate. Maybe she has a fear that she won't be asked to return next year so she's grasping at straws to keep a connection between us. I don't know."

Well, we think it will be pretty hard for Danielle to shoot the show next season if half the cast has restraining orders against them. She might want to rethink that one.

Kelly at Fresco with GDNY

Video from Good Day NY about Kelly being seen at Fresco's.

MYFOXNY.COM - An intimate dinner at Fresco by Scotto in Midtown Manhattan turned into an evening of fun with lots of friends including celebrity TV star Kelly Bensimon.
Meanwhile, Greg also made a stop at the kick-off sale for 'The Don't Forget' pendant benefitting women in Haiti.
Check out Good Day After Hours for Wednesday, July 14.

Kandi/Kim at Tempo

Kandi and Kim will be at Tempo in N.C. tonight.

Kandi and Kim- RHOA on tour

Pic./Tweet from Kim.

The maddhouse @NLLMMH w/ @Kimzolciak & @Kandi

Sonja and Millou

Pics. from Sonja. One of my favorite HW.

My beloved 15 year old poodle Millou!

Luann and Jacque loving Mougin

Tweet/Pic. from Luann.

Loving Mougin!

Teresa going to court to keep Danielle away?

Post from PopEater.

By Rob Shuter
EXCLUSIVE: Tempers reached new dramatic heights during this week's episode of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey.' The episode featured hot-tempered housewife Teresa Giudice starting an argument and Ashley Holmes, daughter of housewife Jacqueline Laurita, physically attacking the ladies' sworn enemy, Danielle Staub. Although Staub's lawyer has confirmed that his client is suing, Giudice tells me Staub is the real threat.

"Believe me, if we could get a restraining order against a cast member, Danielle would have had four against her already. I never threatened her. She, however, has been on camera threatening me, stalking me and even practicing doing me harm," she reveals.

Giudice called Staub's accusation of "defamation of character" a ridiculous joke. "Don't make me laugh. I think she's defamed her own reputation all by herself," Giudice adds.

Giudice, who famously flipped a table on Staub at the end of the show's first season, did not physically attack her castmate but was shown chasing Staub while yelling insults.

So why haven't the other cast mates sued already? Apparently Bravo has tight contracts with the 'Housewives,' so the women can't sue each other, an insider tells me.

Seriously, there would be no such thing as reality TV if the cast members weren't protected from being sued by each other for what they said. After the onscreen blow-up, sources claim Staub is seeking attention and knows there is no case against Giudice. Perhaps it's just a pathetic publicity stunt by Danielle, who is just mad because her sex tape didn't sell.

Sheree Who?

Short clip of a video I found amusing.

Nene Gets Personal

NeNe talks about being abused and how she wants to help others.

Posted By - Eve Chen
ATLANTA -- It's one of the most popular TV shows here and across the country - The Real Housewives of Atlanta. As part of the next season, one of the show's stars, NeNe Leakes, is trying her hand at TV stories on 11Alive News Today.

This story was close to her heart.

"One thing a lot of people don't know about me is that I was a victim of domestic abuse," NeNe said. "It was very hard for me. I was very young."

"He pulled a gun on me," she recalled. "I thought he would kill me at some point. It's the very reason why I needed to get out of the relationship. And then my child, I wanted my child to be better. I didn't want my child to be raised in an abusive environment and do the same thing."

"When I got this opportunity with 11Alive, I wanted to do a Random Act of Kindness and raise awareness about domestic abuse," NeNe said. "I just want to reach out to women and hear their story and help them in any way I can."

That's how NeNe met Rasheeda, a single mom and fellow survivor of domestic violence.

"It started really mentally," Rasheeda said of her ex. "I mean picking my friends. He picked the clothes I wore."

"He was like 'I'm ready to go' and just takes the beer and he throws it in my face," she recalled. "He dragged me out of the club [one] night. He busted my lip that night and he choked me and pressed my eyes. It was to the point where I was screaming and his sister wound up calling the police."

"You want to leave," Rasheeda added. "It's just like your own intuition saying you know this is unhealthy for you. You know you gotta go.'"

She eventually got out of the relationship.

With some help from NeNe, 11Alive, Van Michael Salon and Swank Boutique, Rasheeda got a brand new look for her fresh start.

"I feel great," Rasheeda said. "I feel great."