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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jill & Patti Hang With Ally Before She Leaves For College

Pic./tweet from Jill.

Last family summer with ally before college. @pattistanger stopped by to kiss her goodbye. So sweet!

Bethenny Flourishing With Bryn

Article from Parade.

By: Fran Carpentier
Every new mom deserves the kind of summer that Bethenny Frankel is having. Our favorite reality-show Skinny Girl, her hubby, Jason Hoppy, and their baby, Bryn, spent the season in Montauk, soaking up the sun and sand of Long Island's tony South Shore, which explains Bethenny's picture-perfect tan.

Little Bryn and the Hoppys' 5-month-old marriage are thriving. And Bravo is leaning towards renewing the hit reality show, Bethenny Getting Married? -- although word's out that the cable network is trying to come up with a new, more suitable name for the show. I suggest Frankly, Bethenny Frankel. Or Bethenny Frankel, Frankly. (Get my drift?)

Photo:Wire Image
Lovely little Bryn, who made her debut a full month early on May 8, weighing in at just 4 lb. 12 oz., has already blossomed to a healthier 9 1/2 pounds. "Bryn's a big pink baby now," Bethenny told me this morning at NYC's Renaissance Hotel, where the reality TV star was hosting a press conference for "Bryn likes pink -- it's her new favorite color. She is really growing up, and it is making me upset."

Now that Bryn is 3 1/2 months old, are you able to share more experiences with her?
"We sing for an hour every day. I sing to her, and Bryn sings back. We sing Rihanna, Pink, gangsta rap.

"And I am loving using Bryn's baby wipes. They are at the top of my list of mommy must-haves. Baby wipes are great for everything! For wiping baby's butts, as an eye makeup remover, to wipe the counter, to clean my hands at the airport -- just everything. You know how when you're washing your face, you get makeup all over your white towels, then you can't get it off? That makes me crazy. So now, I use baby wipes.

"Also, I'm a bath person -- a big bath person. I take baths with Bryn - but first I take my own bath so the water is really clean.
"There's another thing, too, a product [ Munchkin Deluxe Auto/Car Bottle Warmer] that you can use to warm your baby's bottle in the car -- or keep chilled your Skinny Girl Margarita."

How's the breastfeeding going -- and your nipples?
"I'm 10% breastfeeding now. And I feel guilty about that and like a failure. I'm using powdered Similac, so I can control the water. I did buy nipple cream, but never used it. I never really had chafey, chapped nipples."

The media are reporting that you and Jason are planning another baby. True?
"Jason wants to have another baby, and I don't. So that's another problem. For now, I'm storing Bryn's baby clothes in those big Ziploc bags, which I buy at so I don't have to go out. I hate leaving the house! I don't like transacting with people. If I don't have to go out, I don't. I'm in pajamas all day -- in bed, in pajamas, and working. Jason says, 'Why do we need a house?'"


Pic./tweet from Kim.

Omg I found @Kandi house without getting lost!! First time ever!!!! @sweetieHughes and I made it!!!!

Review Of Thintervention

Post from US Magazine.

Jillian Michaels, take a breather. In this body improvement show, Work Out trainer Jackie Warner treads into the Biggest Loser star's territory to push eight unhappily flabby types to tone up. The participants are compelling -- and not just because Real Housewives of Orange County alum Jeana Keough is in the mix. They all have an uphill climb, but Warner -- who could be abrasive on her other show -- treats them with quick- thinking smarts and patience. How refreshing! (Bravo, 10 P.M.)

Video Of Jeana:

Ramona And NeNe Meet In NYC

Tweets from Ramona and NeNe.

Teresa's Jevvelry Was Stolen Years Ago

Article from The Daily Mail.

Since declaring bankruptcy last October, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice and husband Joe have had to curb their lavish spending.

And now that all their belongings are up for auction, the desperate Guidice's are claiming barely anything they own is valuable.

That includes 38-year-old Teresa's jewellery, which she insists is all fake.

Fake bling: Real Housewife Teresa Guidice claims she owns nothing but costume jewellery

According to RadarOnline, Teresa is claiming all her 'real' jewellery -apart from her wedding band - was stolen.

'My jewellery got stolen a couple years ago at our house in Lincoln Park…we had a break-in. So unfortunately, a lot of – all my jewellery got stolen there,' she says.

'It’s all costume jewellery… and if you look at what I wear, it’s all costume jewellery.'

But Teresa may just be trying to save her belongings - John Sywilok, the trustee for their bankruptcy case, has accused the pair of deliberately undervaluing items included a pool table and their wedding rings.

When asked by Sywilok how much the insurance company paid her for the loss, she said, “like 20?”'

But Sywilok wasn't having any of it.
Denial? Bankrupt Teresa Guidice insists her house is not in foreclosure

'You had a claim here much greater. It was like 120,000,' he said.

'Well, I mean, you know, when you get estimates from jewelers, they always put it for more than what it is,' Teresa said.

Sywilok also believes the Guidices are hiding profits from Teresa's book Skinny Italian, and Joe's pizzeria.

This is all a far cry from season one of show, where the Guidices and their three daughters (Teresa was pregnant with the fourth) moved into their $1.75 house and went on wild shopping sprees.

But Teresa refuses to accept that their spending habits could have contributed to the financial disaster they found themselves in, blaming it all on the economy.

Teresa insists, 'Due to the economy, most of my husband’s real estate ventures failed despite his hard work and effort.'
Photo: Bravo

Items available for purchase through the auction include a jet boat, a snow plough, a grand piano, two flat-screen TVs, decorative fireplace accessories, a faux marble chess set, a suit of armour and several chandeliers.

And the Guidice's lawyer Jim Kridelis insisting the couple are doing nothing underhanded where the value of their property is concerned.

He told 'You can’t sell used, personal property for the sticker price. A $5,000 chandelier won’t sell for $5,000. Nobody will buy a used mattress. The real issue in bankruptcy is, what’s the value of everything? And at the time of the bankruptcy, these things didn’t have any value.'

'I don’t think Teresa is happy seeing all her belongings displayed on the Internet. Clearly they are under the microscope because they are famous.'

According to court papers, the couple owe $104,000 on various store credit cards, including $20,000 to Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. There are also unpaid bills of $85,000 for home repairs and $12,000 in fertility treatments.

Their total debts (estimated at $8.7 million) far outweighed their assets (estimated at $2.2 million).

Teresa and Joe have been married for ten years and the couple have four daughters: Gia, nine, Gabriella, five, Milania, three and eight-month-old Audriana.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey had its final episode of the season on Monday night.

3.4 million total viewers tuned it, making it both the season's most-watched episode and the network's highest-rated Monday telecast to date.

Albie And Caroline Talk About Albie's Childhood

Post and video from the NY Daily News.

Albie Manzo: Real Son Of New Jersey
By Raina Seitel Gittlin

My guilty pleasure of the moment is Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey. With the upcoming reunion show I can’t wait to tuck my son in, set the DVR and watch the manic drama unfold as only it could with four moms from Jersey.

And “what you see is what you get” with Manzo family matriarch, Caroline. We caught up with Caroline’s son and heartthrob, Albie Manzo, to find out what his mom was really like when he was growing up.

And PS….Boy, is he cute!

Details Of Oasis Winery Police Report

Post from Radar Online. has obtained a police report of White House ‘gatecrasher’ Tareq Salahi’s run-in with police last month – and it reveals the Real Housewives of D.C. star is embroiled in a bitter family feud all while his estranged father in is “terrible health” and in hospice care.

According to the report filed July 27, police responded to the Oasis Winery in Virginia after Tareq’s mom Corinne made a trespassing complaint against her son, reporting that her son was “changing the locks on the doors” to the winery and “possibly removing items.”

Tareq told police he was at the property changing the lock on his apartment door located above the winery.
Yet not only are the Salahis under the stress of dealing with bankruptcy proceedings for the property and winery, but Tareq’s father is in “terrible health and currently under hospice care”, Corinne told investigating police.
Photo: Bravo

She added, “I don’t have time to deal with this other stuff!”

According to the report, the reality television star “expressed concern for his father who he hasn’t seen in a while” and with his mother’s permission was able to visit with his ailing father only for a few minutes provided he was under police supervision.

And has learned this isn’t the first time cops were called to the winery.

On May 5, former manager Diane Weiss reported to police that thousands of dollars worth of wine had been stolen.

The police report stated that “unknown persons” broke into the garage storage area and took several cases -- $5580 worth -- of wine.

Police found no signs of forced entry and no good leads or suspects have developed.

One day later, Corinne called authorities to report another burglary incident that she claimed happened between May 5 and 6 by another unknown person entering the cellar storage area and taking $4800 worth of wine cases.
She told cops because the winery is in bankruptcy “nobody should be on the property.”

Christine's Photo Shoot With Tavi

Short video clip of Tavi styling Christine for her Black Book Magazine shoot.

LuAnn Will Be Joining Lawrence Zarian On The TV Guide Network

Post from TV

Emmys Fashion Blog with Lawrence Zarian
What a week I have in front of me!
Before I hit the gym today — because you know I have to get my fitness on in order to get my tux on and be red carpet-ready this weekend — we have our first script read-through for TV Guide Network.

The sassy Tanika Ray, the consummate Chris Harrison and I will be going over our scripts and talking about the general way things will happen during this Sunday's Emmys pre-show, the potential clips — plus which celebs we'll be talking to on TV's biggest night and all the fashion! It's never 100 percent predictable, but that's all part of the fun of a live telecast. Even with all the prepping and planning, you never know exactly how it's all going to net out once you hit the ground running and sweating. (It's supposed to be hot — yikes!)

So, with all the talk of "surprise," how about those wins at the Creative Arts Emmys this past weekend (first-ever Emmy wins for Neil Patrick Harris and my friend, Ryan Seacrest; first-ever Emmy win for Ann-Margret for her guest spot on Law & Order: SVU; Jeff Probst for best reality host; Old Spice gets best commercial)? Do you think the same can be predicted for the actual Emmy Awards? Hmm, could be. Who knows? Personally, I would love to see Jane Lynch win for Glee, and how great is Edie Falco on Nurse Jackie and that January Jones on Mad Men is pretty amazing.

In keeping with this "unpredictability" theme, I'm consumed with who's wearing what on the Emmys red carpet on Sunday, Aug. 29. Hello, Sofia Vergara! What's up, Lea Michele? What about the sexy cast of True Blood? (Have you seen the cover of Rolling Stone. Can you say hot?!) Will it be short and flirty? Long and dramatic? Pops of color in a sea of neutrals and black? Of course, I say always go for the sparkle, people! My "fashionable" gut tells me that it's going to be a throwback to the sophisticated styles of the '60s with Mad Men-inspired looks and statements. But that's just me.

As you know, after Sunday's big night you must join me for the best "post-game" fashion commentary on TV during Monday's Emmys Red Carpet Fashion Wrap on TV Guide Network... hosted by me! I can't wait and am so honored to be hosting the show this year. It's a dream gig. By the way, this year my stylish dream team will consist of Real Housewives of New York City's Countess LuAnn de Lesseps ("mah friends!"), hairstylist to the stars Kim Vo, Project Runway alum and designer Nick Verreos and celebrity stylist to the stars Jen Rade.

Not only will my eclectic panel dish on Emmy's hottest looks, everything from hairdos and don'ts, handbags, dresses and diamonds, we'll also pick our favorite fashion hits and misses of the night. (Don't tell anyone, but my money's on Lea Michele!)

Be there Monday, Aug. 30 on TV Guide Network for the best "post-game" commentary! Do not miss the fashionable fun! Seriously. Just don't.

OK, coffee is brewed and now the most important question of the morning: What's a fashion guy to wear? Gulp. The pressure.
Stay tuned and stay stylish!

Alex Shopping

Pic./tweet from Alex.

Danielle Going To Court Again

Post from

Danielle Staub is in line for another epic sit-down -- this time the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star will enter the same room as her ex-husband ... to try and settle a legal war involving accusations of rape, gunplay and dog murder.

It's all over a $5 million lawsuit filed by Danielle's ex Kevin Maher -- who claims Staub slandered him when she claimed Kevin once raped her on a bed of broken glass, forced her to play Russian Roulette, and also murdered her dog.

Now, a judge has ordered both Maher and Staub to attend a mediation hearing in the hopes that they can "facilitate a resolution of the case before it goes to trial."

Maher -- the subject of the now infamous book "Cop Without a Badge" -- tells TMZ, "I will listen to the mediator ... but if the results are not fair and reasonable, I look forward to my day in court when I can call [Danielle] out on her lies."

Maher continues, "I want to be vindicated for the horrific crimes she falsely accuses me of."

The two sides are set to face off on Friday morning in Orange County, California.

Stay tuned.

Bethenny May Return To The RHONY

Post from Hollyscoop.

by: Nigel Tanner
Great news for Real Housewives of New York City fans, despite contrary reports, Bethenny Frankel IS returning for the fourth season of the hit Bravo show.

Sources close to Bethenny tell Hollyscoop exclusively, "She's been asked to return for the new season and negotiations are ongoing."

Bethenny's old bff Jill Zarin and her archenemy Kelly Bensimon will also return for some more drama. LuAnn de Lesseps, Alex McCord and Sonja Morgan are also returning for season four. And rumor has it that Bravo is also courting a "wealthy Hamptons housewife" for the new season.

Meanwhile, Bethenny's other hit show "Bethenny Getting Married?" has been renewed for a second season, because let's face it, everyone loves Bethenny.

Bethenny is the reason Real Housewives of New York City was such a success. She's the first person to call out a crazy person for acting crazy, or to make fun of herself when she does something ridiculous. All in all, Bravo was smart to convince her into another season.

Behind The Scenes Of The RHONJ Reunion

LuAnn And Jacques Attend "La Cage Aux Folles" On Broadway

Pics. of LuAnn and Jacques yesterday.

Photo: Film Magic
Photo: Film Magic

Photo: Film Magic
Photo: Film Magic

Sonja Loves Her Dogs

Post from PeoplePets.

By:Jeffrey Slonim
Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York has a new cast member, and this one surely won’t be involved in any catfights: Sonja Morgan has welcomed a new miniature apricot poodle named Harllee!

The pup joins Morgan’s other pooch, Millou, 15. “I think the new dog will spark a little life into the 15-year-old,” Morgan told at a dinner in honor of the Blerancourt museum in France. She says she lets a numerologist from Quest magazine choose the spelling of each dog’s name. "We went with Harllee [for the new puppy], and the numerologist is still working on the spelling,” says Morgan. “We’re using the double-l because it makes you feel good and the ‘ee’ because the name has to add up to seven [letters]. “

Morgan, who also has a cat, Tigre (“They’re all French names,” she says), got Harllee for her 9-year-old daughter. “What I like about the disposition of this dog is that when it is with other dogs, it’s playful. But when it is in my arms, it’s very calm and will lay on its back,” says Morgan. “I think my daughter will enjoy it.”

Morgan had to give up several dogs -- including a Lab, a poodle and a Jack Russell terrier — when she divorced her ex-husband, John Adams Morgan, in 2008. The dogs remain at John Morgan’s estate in Connecticut.
“[Leaving the dogs] was hard,” says Morgan. “[But] we’re filling in New York very nicely.”

WWTCD? LuAnn's Latest OK Article

Article from OK! Magazine

What Would the Countess Do?: Environmental Causes:Harsh Critics
Author: LuAnn de Lesseps

When it comes to etiquette, manners and overall good behavior, even celebrities need help navigating the rough waters of stardom! It’s a good thing Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of New York is joining forces with OK! to school them on the right thing to do! In a rough situation, we just ask, “What Would the Countess Do?” This week she tackles royal weddings and returning phone calls in the age of social media networks!

How important is it for celebrities to set a good example when it comes to environmental causes? How do you pick which charities and causes to support?

Photo: Wire Image
It is very important for celebrities to set a good example when it comes to the environment, but I believe keeping our planet clean and green starts at home. I teach my children the importance of recycling, eating local and organic foods and leaving only their footprints behind wherever they go. For charities, I give my time and resources to the American Cancer Society and the ACE Partnership for the homeless because I care deeply about each organization’s mission and goals.

Tip: If you can’t give money, donate your time.

Jennifer Aniston is always in the public eye, it seems, and this time around she’s having to defend herself against a very harsh critic, Bill O’Reilly, who said she’s glamorizing single motherhood by being in The Switch. How do you deal with such vocal characters with grace?

As a single mother, I can attest that balancing family and work is very challenging and takes a tremendous amount of organization and patience. If you’re not Jennifer Anniston, single motherhood is anything but glamorous and they don’t need Bill O’Reilly’s opinions on how they live their lives. The best way to deal with vocal critics is to either ignore them or confront their allegations with tact and grace.

Tip: Bill, when you start judging, you stop listening.

For everything Countess LuAnn, check out, follow her on Twitter and check out her Facebook page!

Danielle Spotted Driving Around Caroline's Home

Article from the NY Daily News.

BY Cristina Everett
Season two of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" may have come to an end Monday night, but the drama continues behind the scenes for the reality show stars.

Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss/ NBC
According to Life & Style, resident villainess Danielle Staub has become even more deranged since getting fired from the show. Though the drama magnet mother of two was handed a pink slip from Bravo last week, a source tells the mag that it's not stopping her from tormenting her on-screen foes.

"She spends her days driving around Franklin Lakes, slowing down outside her co-stars' houses," an insider told the mag.

Staub, 48, was reportedly spotted pulling up to co-star Caroline Manzo's home in her white Range Rover on Aug. 5.

 "Danielle pointed to Caroline's house and said something to the other people in the car," an eyewitness tells Life & Style, adding that after identifying the home to her passengers, Staub sped off.

During Monday night's season finale, Staub and Manzo came face to face in a dramatic showdown that rivaled a scene from the "Sopranos." The two women squared off, hurling accusations and insults at one another before Staub couldn't take any more and walked away.
But Manzo isn't the only housewife still having to deal with the drama. The other "Real Housewives" stars, along with their children, feel especially vulnerable because none of them live in a gated community, according to the

"None of them needed security before," a second source added. "But now everyone's nervous."

After Staub admitted on the show to bringing an entourage of men armed with guns to the sit-down with Manzo, the women have apparently had enough.
"Danielle didn't tell anyone she was bringing armed men with her," the source said. "No one realized it until Danielle filmed her testimonial and admitted it. When Caroline found out, she completely flipped. Who can blame her? She could have been shot!"

The source added, "It's one thing to create silly drama for television. It's a completely different story when you involve guns."

My Big Gay Italian Wedding Review

Article from

The Record


Off-Broadway production at the St. Luke's Theatre, 308 W. 46th St.
Directed by Teresa A. Cicala. Written by Anthony J. Wilkinson.
With Anthony J. Wilkinson, Daniel Robinson, Brett Douglas, Tricia Burns, Randi Kaplan and Joe Scanio.

Schedule: 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.
Tickets: $29.50 and $69.50.
Telecharge: 212-239-6200 or

More information:

Whether you'll want to see "My Big Gay Italian Wedding" or not may depend on how you react to the title.

Feel like a bawdy, big-haired romp? Well, come on down. Don't care if it's a bit derivative? You've come to the right place. Mind enough stereotypes to make an Italian-American anti-defamation activist weep? Hop over to St. Luke's Theatre.

"My Big Gay Italian Wedding" is a comedy that's got beefcake and an over-the-top wedding planner, pouffy bridesmaid dresses and hyperventilating parents, boisterous dancing, a licentious Catholic priest, a hip-hop version of "Ave Maria" and heaps of fa-bu-lous voguing. What were you expecting?

And yet, deep down, it's got heart. This off-Broadway production is really just a big, sloppy same-sex smooch, wrapped in a gooey cannoli.

It works because it winks at the very people it lovingly mocks. And, judging from the audience's reaction at a recent performance, no offense was taken; roars of laughter greeted even the lamest joke.
The original production, which first debuted in 2003, was written by Anthony J. Wilkinson, who also stars. He has since revised the comedy's script, bringing it up to date on the current debate about same-sex marriages.

But while there are a few digs at anti-gay marriage advocates such as Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, this isn't a politically strident or preachy work. The only on-stage anguish is about getting everyone to the altar on time.

The 16-character play opens with Anthony (Wilkinson) informing his parents he wants to marry his boyfriend Andrew (Daniel Robinson).

"I want to be committed in the eyes of God," Anthony tells his parents.

"Oh, you should be committed all right," his mother shoots back.

Anthony's Italian-Catholic parents agree only on two conditions:
The family priest must perform the ceremony, and Andrew's estranged mother must attend the ceremony. Both will be tough to pull off, especially with a secret affair threatening to ruin the special day. Cue the shenanigans.

Much of this will be familiar: There are echoes of "Tony n' Tina's Wedding" with a dash of "La Cage aux Folles" and, of course, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," the smash 2002 film. The show recently got a little verisimilitude when Dina Manzo, a former cast member of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," signed on as a producer. Manzo's fellow "Housewives" — Teresa Giudice, Ashley Holmes, Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo and Lauren Manzo — will appear in the production Sept. 1-4.

Standout performers include Brett Douglas, as the insanely fussy wedding planner, who seems to single-handedly lift the show whenever he appears; Tricia Burns as Anthony's squeaky-voiced sister; Randi Kaplan and Joe Scanio as Anthony's parents; and the quite appealing Wilkinson.

Some of the best bits occur when the cast interacts with the audience. One night, Kaplan spied someone in the crowd her character deemed underdressed: "You wore shorts to my son's wedding?" she roared. "I'll get you a 20 percent discount at Macy's!"

Teresa A. Cicala directs this frantic confection and choreographer J. Austin Eyer keeps the action percolating on an impossibly small stage. And when it's all over — uneven, goofy and yet sweet, just like a real wedding — the two grooms meet you at the exit and thank you for coming.

Bethenny Will Be Featured At The GLAAD Media Awards In Advertising

Press Release from

American Airlines and Bob Garfield to be Honored on September 29th at New York event hosted by Bryan Batt and featuring Bethenny Frankel.

Absolut Vodka, Levi Strauss & Co., Progressive Insurance, Givenchy Wells Fargo, Among Nominees

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) announced today the nominees and honorees for the 2nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising Presented by Omnicom Group, Publicis Groupe, and Rokk Vodka. Bryan Batt (Mad Men) will host the event on September 29, 2010 in New York City and Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny Getting Married?) will present. Among the nominees are: Absolut Vodka's "Exceptional Moments: The Absolut RuPaul" commercials, Levi Strauss & Co.'s "Gay History Month/Logo Leaders" campaign, Progressive Insurance's "Works in Progress" ads, Wells Fargo's "Advocate Money Minute," and Givenchy's "Fall 2010" campaign featuring openly transgender model Lea T. A complete list of nominated ads is included below and can also be found at

GLAAD also announced that American Airlines will receive the Corporate Responsibility Award for its long-standing and public commitment to the LGBT community. As part of the American Airlines Rainbow TeAAM, the company has supported LGBT film festivals, fundraisers and Pride events across the country by serving as an official airline partner. American Airlines was also the first airline to score 100% on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index.

GLAAD will present Bob Garfield with the Public Visibility Award in recognition of his work to advocate for LGBT inclusion in advertising. For 25 years, Bob Garfield's iconic "AdReview" column in Advertising Age evaluated and deconstructed thousands of ads from hundreds of agencies worldwide. Throughout his tenure, Garfield has been a strong ally for the LGBT community, taking on some of the most formidable agencies in the nation over ads rooted in homophobia and stereotypes and applauding groundbreaking inclusions of LGBT people in mainstream advertising.

GLAAD is pleased to announce that this year's event is an official event of Advertising Week. Advertising Week is North America's premier gathering of cutting-edge communications leaders. Advertising Week is a hybrid of thought leadership and special event programming, uniting clients, creatives, media and inspiring figures. Advertising Week's mission is to galvanize the industry by creating an entertaining, enlightening and engaging platform for disparate parts of the advertising business.

The GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising elevate and promote individuals and projects in the advertising and marketing industries for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and the issues that affect their lives. The GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising also fund GLAAD's work to amplify stories of LGBT people and issues through all media to build support for equality.

"We celebrate this year's nominees and special honorees for their inclusive work," said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios. "However, this year we witnessed a decline in the number of inclusive advertisements in mainstream media, and as our community continues to strive for visibility, the advertising industry should take note."

"As we see more gay and transgender characters and stories on television and in film, American consumers are coming to expect images of our community in advertising as well," Barrios continued. "Advertisers who include fair and accurate images of our community accomplish more than targeting new consumers, they also send a powerful message about the American cultural fabric of which our community is an integral part."

The GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising will be held in New York on September 29, 2010 at the Grand Hyatt New York, 104 E. 42nd Street. More special guests and presenters will be announced. To purchase tickets for the event, please visit

Nominees for the 2nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising were printed, broadcast or appeared online between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

Leveraging GLAAD's media advocacy and anti-LGBT defamation resources, GLAAD's Advertising Media Program monitors all forms of advertising and works to ensure fair and accurate representations of the LGBT community or demand action when defamation occurs. The Advertising Media Program proactively advances inclusion of the LGBT community in mainstream advertising through advocacy work at advertising agencies and corporate advertising departments. GLAAD maintains an online library of over 4,000 LGBT-inclusive ads at

About GLAAD:
The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) amplifies the voice of the LGBT community by empowering real people to share their stories, holding the media accountable for the words and images they present, and helping grassroots organizations communicate effectively. By ensuring that the stories of LGBT people are heard through the media, GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality. For more information, please visit

Catch Up With The RHOA

Post from Black Pride.

Cynthia Bailey:

The self-proclaimed “supermodel” has graced the runways of Paris and Milan fashion weeks. In addition to a movie role opposite Sandra Bernhard and a guest stint on ‘The Cosby Show,’ the Alabama native has a 10-year-old daughter, Noelle.
On this season of ‘Housewives,’ after being engaged three times, Bailey grapples with finally tying the knot with her boyfriend of three years, Peter Thomas, founder and promoter of the notorious 1990s hip-hop festival, “How Can I Be Down?”

She also finds a friend in Leakes, as the two women both deal with relationship issues with the men in their lives.

Phaedra Parks:

Since starting her own Atlanta-based boutique entertainment firm, The Parks Group, P.C., Parks has represented a who’s who of entertainers and athletes, including the “King of R&B,” Bobby Brown.

A friend of Dwight Eubanks and Kandi Burruss, she arrives on the ‘Housewives’ scene under scrutiny due in larger part to her younger husband, Apollo, who just finished a prison bid for a “white-collar crime.” Of her husband’s time behind bars, Parks says,”He’s no different from Martha Stewart and people need to get over it.”

And even though she’s expected her first child with Apollo, it’s going to take a lot of time to please the other Housewives.

Kandi Burruss:

On the new season of ‘Housewives,’ we find the former Xscape front woman coming into her own.

After the tragic murder of her fiancĂ©, A.J., she’ s still pursuing a music career and now spending a lot of time speaking to fans on UStream, where she’s calling herself “The Dr. Ruth of the Internet.”

She’s bouncing back musically with a new record deal and working on her relationship with her father who has cancer.

This Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and mother of one is also not biting her tongue about her co-star Kim Zolciak’s talent, or lack thereof, saying, “Kim has one single and she’s acting like Lady Gaga.” So there’s no telling where their friendship will head this season.

Kim Zolciak:

By now, the world knows that this bubbly ‘Tardy for the Party’ crooner has moved from dating Big Poppa to dating a woman.

In the trailer for the new season, she flat our states, “I slept with a woman. Call it gay. Keep it movin’.” And though there’s no telling whether that relationship has fizzled, she’s performing her hit dance track around the country, opening up for Burruss’ summer promo tour and still keeping her love-hate relationship with Leakes going, as the two women are seen almost coming to blows aboard a tour bus.

Nene Leakes :

Talk about transition. This outspoken Housewife seems to be having the roughest year out of the bunch.

In addition to having a position with a local news channel in Atlanta, she’s trying to hold her family together.

Her eldest son, Bryce, was arrested for drug possession and her husband, Gregg, who is no longer working, has gone behind her back to do some “business deals.”

The author and blogosphere mainstay has no problem letting her hubby know, “I have never cheated on your ass. I have never done you wrong ever.’
Though they were spotted together at the 2010 Essence Music Festival last month, it’s anyone’s guess whether divorce is in her near future.

Sheree Whitfield:

Since last season, when Whitfield divorced her footballer husband and downsized homes, she’s discovered she wants to be an actress.

In addition to working with an acting coach and auditioning for roles in Atlanta, she starts dating a doctor, all while still juggling raising two kids.

No word of her fashion line, She by Sheree, which debuted last year at New York Fashion Week.