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Friday, August 20, 2010


Pic. from Ramona.

On way 2 dinner with friends and Avery off 2 meet her friends for dinner she's growing up 2 fast!!

RHODC Fact Check

Article from The Washington Post.

"This looks a little bit staged": D.C. "Housewives" recap and fact-check (#3, Aug. 19)

By: Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts

Welcome back to "The Real Housewives of D.C." -- the episode in which the 'Wives promote their friends' and loved ones' projects, not just their own, before a national audience -- and our weekly recap, analysis and fact-checking. But first, a note about last week's episode, where we failed to note the first key example of local business back-scratching, because it was just a little too subtle...

The barn and field where the Salahis treated Mary Amons and Cat Ommanney to a day of polo lessons? That was actually the headquarters of Destination Polo of Middleburg, Va., run by longtime Salahi pal Doug Barnes (whom we quoted in this biographical story on the couple). Unlike their mystery mansion, the Salahis never implied the field was theirs, so no gotcha here. DP only got sideways credit in that scene, with Tareq wearing one of their shirts -- but anyway, now you know.

This week's episode opens with a Housewife promoting, well, her own project for now. Cat, in her pretty yellow house in Chevy Chase, is meeting with the editor of her forthcoming memoir, "Inbox Full." The editor tells her the book needs to "convey the enormity of what you've done" -- an affair of some kind. (This book is really getting published, apparently, by a real publisher, because you know what helps you get your memoir published? Getting cast as a Real Housewife. At least a third of them have put out a memoir, cookbook, self-help book or some other kind of text, thanks to their Bravo credentials.)
Next, we see a vineyard glowing in the sunlight, grapes plump on the vine. The Salahis' troubled Oasis Winery? No! This, we learn is the episode's next product-placement: Sugarleaf Vineyards, owned by Stacie Turner's friends Jerry and Lauren Bias. (Wahoowa! Jerry Bias was a classmate of mine at the University of Virginia, a much-admired and much-awarded student leader who it turns out has become not just a hugely successful hedge-fund trader but the owner of his own vineyard and winery just south of Charlottesville in North Garden, Va. And what do I have to show for myself? I hate Bravo.) Stacie informs us that Sugarleaf is the only African-American-owned vineyard on the East Coast (this appears to be true), and that the White House served a Sugarleaf wine at a National Governor's Association dinner (true; 'twas their 2008 Petit Manseng). Stacie and Jason Turner are hanging out with the Biases when who should show up in a white limo (no police escort this time, whew) but the Salahis. Tareq of course offers a bottle of Oasis. Then they go in to meet Daniel, the winemaster, for a tasting, and Tareq lays some fancy French terminology on him, and does the "I'm getting some fresh melon and some nice citrus" wine-snob thing.
Then the Turners and the Salahis venture out into the vineyard for some totally natural chitchat that certainly was not prompted by the producers. "What do you guys think about Obama?" Stacie asks. Says Tareq: "I'm excited about his views on the two-state solution." (Tareq's father, Dirgham, is an immigrant of Palestinian descent.) Michaele asserts that "he's about bringing us all together... He tries to pull everybody together, the red and the blue, to make us the red, white and blue." And then the producers let her prattle on some more, and it's not very kind. Lots of eye-rolling from the Turners behind her back.

Then the Turners tell the Salahis about their upcoming trip to Paris to see a concert by Jason's brother. (Adam Turner is the frontman of a jazz-inflected hip-hop group called Beat Assailant -- and while my international Googling skills are not up to the task of confirming Stacie's assertion that he had "the number-one single in Paris," it appears from his MySpace page that they do draw quite the crowd in France.) With that, the Salahis decide to come along. Says Tareq: "We are known to do spontaneous things." (In our extensive biography of the controversial couple, friends state that they were known for living large and fun times; the Post investigation also found a trail of unpaid bills.) Says Stacie: "Tareq and Michaele are big ballers if they come over to Paris with three days notice."

Lynda Erikiletian, at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase, Md. (just a few feet over the D.C. line), is helping to stage a fashion show for annual cancer fundraiser Key to the Cure. The arrival of Mary Amons prompts Lynda to announce that "we're fresh out of tequila." (Feeling bad for Mary, always the butt of the joke.) And they start talking about the drama at the Paul Wharton's birthday party, which concluded with Michaele getting mad at Lynda for suggesting she needed to gain weight. (Does this seem like impossibly thin stuff to stretch out over three episodes? Remember, at this point, the Salahis had not yet shown up uninvited at the White House, so producers may have thought this was the most drama they were going to get.) Mary defends the Salahis' wines: "I'm a fan of their reds." Lynda is "turned off by his need to be front and center." She tells the camera she thinks Tareq has been a bad influence on Michaele. (Note: This is the eternal debate among those who know them well.) She tells Mary that Michaele "used to be centered, ten pounds heavier, and a beautiful soul. And I think she has a beautiful soul that has been suffocated."

Time to go to Paris! The Salahis, back in their mystery mansion (which a friend tells us was a loaner for the shoot, somewhat more glam than their actual place in Front Royal), are packing excitedly; Michaele agrees to limit it to "two and a half bags." Jason Turner asks the camera, "are these two white folks really going to get on a plane and go do the hip-hip experience?"

Cat meets with Lynda in a Georgetown rowhouse that seems to be the offices of Lynda's modeling business, T.H.E Agency. Over chardonnay, Cat tells her about her book: "Falling out of love in my husband, and I fell in love with a married man... hilarious escapades; inappropriate lovers -- really inappropriate lovers!" (Is she going to mention her brief 2006 hook-up with Prince Harry? Because that was really inappropriate!)

Lynda wonders what effect this will have on Cat's husband Charles -- and then delivers to the camera the latest in the series of Rules of Washington that she and Beltway Lifetimer Mary are always called upon to outline: "D.C. being as small at it is, his job is on the line! He is a WH photographer!"
Mary and her husband Rich dine at Inox, the well-reviewed fine-dining establishment in McLean (which closed abruptly in May, before it could reap the publicity boost of a two-minute Housewives cameo). Rich hasn't noticed that Mary's hair has gone "a little lighter." She explains that she's going to throw a party for salon owner Ted Gibson, to help him "get together with some people in the media... I wanted to help him get introduced to some of the important people in D.C." Then they chortle about how nutty the Salahis are. "They are very splashy, very unusual for Washington, says Rich, owner of multiple pairs of psychedelic paisley pants (which got him on Washingtonian's best-dressed list -- no, really, in real life!). Mary tells the camera with carefully calibrated levels of foreshadowed doom: "I'm sure there's not going to be any drama at this party."

And now, back at the Ommanney house, Cat's young daughters chattering merrily with their stepdad, who is just back from a work trip. "The girls are always really excited when Charles comes home," Cat tells the camera warmly. "The first time he met Jade and Ruby they bonded immediately." Then Charles tells her he has to go to New York on assignment -- "Goldman Sachs, which has pretty much never let anyone enter its doors" -- and she turns sour, telling the camera that Charles was supposed to shoot the cover for her book, but he's leaving instead. (Okay, big revelation here: Some of these interviews were conducted last year, during filming, while others were conducted just a couple months ago. The only time you can tell the difference is during Cat's sessions, and it's unintentionally very poignant. When she speaks warmly of Charles and her daughters, it was clearly last year -- well before their recent split -- because she has the bangs she had during taping and, well, she's speaking warmly of her husband. When she snarks about him leaving town, it was clearly more recently, because her bangs are all grown out, as they were on the recent press tour -- and well, you can hear the tension in her voice. Also, she's markedly thinner now. It's kind of sad.) The scene ends sourly, Cat complaining that she hasn't had enough sleep, stuck at home with book and the kids while he's out "swanning around," and Charles is like, I'm not the one who's swanning around, and she says, "seriously, chill."
Drama! It finally arrives in this episode, and naturally, it's courtesy of Paul Wharton, the hardest workin' man in reality TV, the guy who keeps the artificial plot in motion. His publicist (!) Charlotte comes to see him at his apartment; his hair is at its frizziest. She announces that shortly before his birthday party, ostensibly hosted by Michaele Salahi, she got a call from the Salahis' attorney demanding that she put in writing a promise that the Salahis are not held financially responsible for the party. (Sources close to the show tell us that this demand was in fact issued. On her Bravo blog -- why have we not been reading this? -- Michaele says she had simply been asked to lend her name to the invitation, and that they issued the letter to make sure the show would not try to portray them as ducking out on a bill. Unclear why, if she weren't hosting in any official capacity, she would be giving the order in the previous invitation to invite as many guests as the club could hold -- but as Michaele herself says, "This is TV.")

Paris! (It was when we heard that Bravo had followed the Turners to Paris that we realized she was pretty definitely a Housewife.) Stacie and Jason reconnoiter with the Salahis, who at their hotel brandish what Jason declares to be "a $1,000 bottle of Dom Perignon!" Says Stacie: "He's extravagant in everything he does." (Yup.)
Back in McLean, Mary talks to Paul, who takes this plotline into second gear "I feel a little unsettled about the party," he says. He notes that the Salahis, while acting as hosts, "didn't pay for anything." Mary takes this moment to explain another Rule of Washington: "In D.C. etiquette says if you are hosting the party that means you are paying for the party." (Okay, let's just stipulate that I've been to a birthday dinner or two where we, the guests, have been expected to pick up the check -- so maybe we're really not that much better than you rabble in the rest of the country.)

At the concert in Paris, the Turners explain that his brother Adam "is introducing an entirely new genre of music" to French people. Michaele tosses her hair around like Cher back in the day. "Oh, you can tell Michaele is a party girl!" Stacie tells the camera. Says Jason: "She was trying to dance up on Stacie... It's all good!" Tareq declares that this is "the best time I've ever had" and that "the Salahis are going to be hanging with the Turners" from now on (and we're reminded of his promise/threat to Matt Lauer that "next time, we're going to come sit on your couch.").

Brief scene with Mary in McLean, having what looks to be a mid-afternoon glass of wine as she catches up with 14-year-old Meghan, What did you learn in school today, Meghan? "They had an assembly about sexting." Mary's all, what? Meghan gets the subtitles previously reserved for British people. "It's like, you send nude photos to, like, people, and then it goes around." Says Mary: "I'm not ready for you to be even hearing about this." Retorts Meghan: "Well, you put me in public school." Well played, Meghan.

In Cady's Alley of Georgetown, Cat poses for her book cover -- black sheath dress, heels, shopping bags, sunglasses, cellphone -- but she's not liking the setup. "This looks a bit staged." (Since when do any of you worry about that?) But then who should show up unexpectedly but Charles. He whisks her off to the Dupont Circle Metro, where he photographs her in a leopard-print coat on a stalled elevator. "He's so clever" she tells the camera (and OMG, she doesn't have bangs! You can tell she's having to try hard to sound warm about him, though).

Back in Paris, Stacie and Michaele are coming back from a shopping and bonding trip. They pause for a heart-to-heart with the Eiffel Tower in the background. (This looks a bit staged.) Stacie confides that she was adopted at the age of six months, that she tracked down her birth mother, but that they had a falling-out because her mother wouldn't help her find her birth father. (Stacie recently founded a charity to support girls in foster care; she kicked it off earlier this summer by taking a group to see the World Cup.) Michaele tells the camera that she feels flattered that Stacie shared this story.

Mary goes to the Dupont Hotel (formerly the slightly shabby Jurys Hotel, it recently got a modish makeover and new name) to meet Ted Gibson and Jason Backe. They are described in chryons as "celebrity hair stylist" and "celebrity colorist," respectively. Mary tells the camera that "I would consider Ted and Jason besties, for sure." Also, that "Ted knows I know some key players in the fashion and social world of D.C.," which is why she's throwing this party. Jason validates this: "All we had to do was put your name on the invitation and it went from six [RSVPs] to 40!" (So... they put out the invitation first, and THEN added her name? The Rules of Washington are so complex.)

The Housewives start to pile into the hotel suite for some hairstylin' -- but first, a little trash-talk about the one who isn't there: Jason divulges that after Paul Wharton's party, he was coloring one of the guests who told him that "Tareq came over and said, I hope you're having a great time because I spent a lot of money on this party." (!) And then Lynda warns that she better be seated far from the Salahis.

So, the party! It's downstars at Café Dupont. (True story about this party: One of our colleagues, Robin Givhan, was invited, and she went, knowing little other than that it was a party for Ted Gibson, an acquaintance. She got there and was surprised to see it was a made-for-TV affair. Michaele, whom she had never met before, hugged Robin like an old friend, and she became aware of the fact that everyone was mic'd up. A clipboard girl chased her around trying to get her to sign a nondisclosure agreement and waiver to let her image be used on film, which she declined to do because -- hey, reporters can't nondisclose! So finally they told her she'd have to leave before everyone sat down, so she was totally cheated out of dinner that night.)

Paul's hair is flatironed tonight. He tells the camera that he has "a little beef with Michaele" but he's decided to let it go. Lynda makes some snarky comments that I've already forgotten (because, look, people I know! There's Stephanie Green, who at the time wrote a column for the Washington Times before they purged about half of their staff; and Tara Palmeri, who used to write for the Washington Examiner before she moved to the New York Post; and Matt Glassman, a producer with NBC4). Then there's some girlbonding, and Lynda makes a comment to Stacie about how she can be "our Diana Ross" in their little imaginary girl group, and Stacie's friend Erika snarks that, oh, that's because she's black, and Cat gets irked because she thinks Erika's playing the race card (and really, I got nothing to add -- doesn't it seem like we've had this exact same dinner conversation about three times already? When is someone going to hurry up and crash a White House dinner, for crying out loud?) Cat and Paul talk outside, and she complains that everyone thinks she's racist.
Oh, and then Tareq starts talking again, and he's resurrected the other boring dinner-table debate we keep having -- the one about Michaele's weight. "She gained at least twenty pounds in beautiful places after we met. Some people make fun of Michaele being thin, but she gained weight after marrying Mr. Salahi here!... She'll eat a whole filet mignon, a whole chicken breast!" Lynda tells the camera that Tareq is being defensive. Cat tells Jason about the Salahis turning up "in this horrible white limo" at the last awkward dinner party. Tareq brags that he knows his wedding anniversary date: "Am I a good husband?" Lynda says something about how Michaele should unload her husband, and suddenly our exciting hour has come to a close.

Preview: A lot of grape stomping! And sour glances. And, omg, it turns out the Salahis crashed the Congressional Black Caucus gala? (Whatever -- this is totally old news... The Salahis: Walking spoiler alerts.)
Who won this round? Let's give it to Mary. No one else came across particularly well, and I'm beginning to think that Mary might be in on the joke. We know her daughter Meghan is.

Lynn's RHODC Post

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Keough Estate Used For Weddings

Post from OC Register.
This home in Coto de Caza belongs to Jeana .
Diane Merriss is a romantic. She loves a good fairy tale and helping other women make their wedding dreams come true.

Merriss is the founder and owner of Tustin-based Event Wedding Planning. She also plans weddings at two estates – one in Santa Ana and the other an already-famous estate in Coto de Caza belonging to Jeana Keough, one of "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

Merriss helps couples have their dream wedding, but she has a dream life of her own. She's planning her own wedding to fiancé Robert Gutierrez.

One day, Merriss wants to buy her own venue along the coast where she could host the weddings she helps plan. To get there, she went to school to become a wedding planner. Then she started her company in 2008.

"I love where the prince comes to rescue the princess, or the damsel in distress," she said. "I love being (at a wedding). The whole room is about this moment, this love story, about two people. I want to make each one bigger, better and more glamorous than the one before."

When the economy and her business began to slow, Merriss started planning estate weddings. She's also planning corporate events and parties. She gained the rights to Keough's estate the old fashioned way – by calling.

"I had watched the show and remembered her mentioning that she sells multimillion-dollar estates," Merriss said. "So I contacted her and asked if she had clients who could rent out for weddings and she said she's had them at her estate."

The Keough estate can hold 250 people, has a pool, basketball court, bridal room and a large kitchen you can walk through to the lawn. Villa Serena, in Floral Park, Santa Ana, has a Spanish feel. The smaller estate can handle up to 75 guests and also has a pool, fountain and lawn. Merriss is the exclusive planner for weddings at both homes.

Estate weddings are trending, plus the space is more intimate and personal, Merriss said. One of her favorite weddings was on a yacht. Another played the "Mission Impossible" theme.

"It's all about making it perfect and exactly how they envisioned it," she said.

Information: 949-940-8884 or

Kelly's Swatch

Pics./tweets from Kelly on her way to a Swatch event.

On my way to buy kidlets a swatch for school. Shh. They don't know

My cool new gold swatch

Kelly's Jewelry

Video of Kelly showing her jewelry.

The Salahi's Talk About Paul's Birthday Party Bill

Post from Radar Online.

by: Abby
Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the controversial pair on the Real Housewives of DC, was the focus of another accusation: that they didn’t pay a bill on the latest episode of the reality show.

Photo: PR Photo
Thursday’s episode featured a birthday party for Paul Wharton, a friend of the housewives and a prominent character on the new show. Michaele was one of the hosts of the party but claimed that she was only donating wine to the party, not footing any of the bill.

She took to her blog on Friday to explain her side of the story. “As you can imagine, our attorney, who has seen us get used 100 different ways, only called Paul’s publicist because he was concerned that The Park, Paul, or the production company was going to make it look like we didn’t pay a bill, which never existed. Much of how we got portrayed was inaccurate in many ways, and is what was expected, but we stayed one step ahead of them just in case this may have happened. Our attorney contacted Charlotte Reid since she was Paul's publicist to make sure to keep it very clear to all parties what I was gifting to his night. I was happy to help celebrate Paul and his birthday and donate some wine. Gosh, good thing others saw through it. I didn’t see that coming. Rise Above!”
Paul’s publicist told him that the Salahis' lawyer wanted a signed document saying that they were NOT going to pay for the birthday party or they wouldn’t show up!

The Salahis deny they were on the hook for any part of the bill even though Tareq is shown going over to a group at the party and saying “I hope you’re all having a great time because I spent a lot of money on this party.” Oops.

Michaele added on her blog: “I am troubled to discover Paul Wharton and Jason Backe’s comments spreading more misinformation about my husband and me. Charlotte Reid (Paul's publicist) and Paul asked me to lend my name to be one of the four different co-hosts for his party. The other co-hosts were Erica Gutierrez, Mary Barth, and Charlotte Reid. At all times, they said the finances of the party were taken care of by Mark Barnes at his venue 'The Park.' I was still very happy to do my part and donate thousands of dollars of Oasis wines and some Champagne. I was happy to do my part with our wines from our vineyard for Paul Wharton’s Birthday. In fact, Mark Barnes, who is a mutual friend, was also happy to host the night at The Park at no charge. We delivered in advance cases of our Red wine for the evening. Don’t know why they are spinning it … just sayin' –- this is TV.”

Michaele & Tareq's Blog

Michaele and Tareq's latest blog post.

I enjoyed getting to know Stacie & Jason in this episode. We really loved spending the time in our zone in Virginia Wine Country with Jason & Stacie and talking wine & politics! Upon arriving out to one of the amazing 150+ wineries in Virginia Wine Country, we felt good karma and good vibes with the Turners. If you are interested in learning more about Virginia Wine Country, check out or
After some wine, and bonding - we got an invitation we couldn't refuse. My husband & I share a great sense of adventure and love to do things spontaneously. The Turner's asked us to join them in Paris. So we said "Lets go to Paris!" to bond some more, be romantic and enjoy the concert in Paris with the hip hop performance by Beat Assailant ! It was an AMAZING time with the Turners once again. "Beat Assailant" blew our minds! Very Talented! We spent the weekend in our favorite hotel in Paris at the Romantic Park Hyatt Vendome! When I first met Tareq, he whisked me away to Paris for our 2nd date! Whirlwind romance! Our time together there was so romantic and a "wow" magical experience with roaring fireplaces throughout, lots of candles and pure love. I highly recommend the Park Hyatt Vendome for that romantic getaway or for any reason at all.

All in all - The Salahis and the Turners jammed out and partied in Paris and the boys and Stacie enjoyed the Champagnes, Bordeaux's, Burgundy's - and for me, it was all about the Chocolate and Shopping ! Love It!

One of the more important parts of our trip to Paris for me was connecting with Stacie. Stacie shared with me her personal struggle with her birth mother. It touched me that she trusted in me and I wanted to help her anyway I could. Seeing my own husbands struggle and pain with his Mom, I felt I could somehow help her understand that she is not alone. She is a Beautiful woman and her Dad deserves to know about her!

Of course, another episode wouldn't be complete without Lynda again being obsessive about my weight and attacking the quality of Virginia wines and that she only drinks scotch heavy quantities. sad.

I am troubled to discover Paul Wharton & Jason Backe's comments spreading more misinformation about my husband and I. Charlotte Reid (Paul's publicist) and Paul asked me lend my name to be one of the four different co-hosts for his party, so he could be highlighted on a TV Show, "The Real Housewives of DC". The other co-hosts were Erica Guiterez, Mary Barth and Charlotte Reid. At all times, they said the finances of the party was taken care of by either the production company or the venue hosted by Mark Barnes at his venue "The Park". I was still very happy to do my part and donate thousands of dollars of Oasis wines and some Champagne. I was happy to help highlight Paul Wharton as he asked me to on the TV Show and do my part with our wines from our vineyard for his Birthday. In fact Mark Barnes, who is a mutual friend was also happy to host the night at The Park at no charge. We delivered in advance cases of our Red wine for the evening. Don't know why they are spinning it… just sayin - this

is TV. Our attorney, who has seen us get used 100 different ways, only called since this was a party asked by Paul Wharton to put on to highlight him on the show, in the hopes he would get his own show later. Pauls exact quote was "Boo, I need your help to get me some TV time…"

As you can imagine, our attorney was concerned that The Park, Paul or the production company was going to make it look like we didn't pay a bill, which never existed. Much of how got portrayed inaccurately and was defaming in many ways is what was expected, but we stayed one step ahead of them just in case this may have happened. Our attorney contacted Charlotte Ried since she was Paul's publicist to make sure to keep it very clear to all parties what I was gifting to his night. I was happy to help highlight Paul and his Birthday for the show and donate some wine. Gosh, good thing others saw through it, I didn't see that coming. "Rise Above" !
I am slowly beginning to learn - "Be Careful who you Trust" I am not sure what its going to take for me to learn this lesson, but I feel something is going to happen soon that will say it all.

Love & Cheers!



Hamptons Bus Ditches LuAnn

Post from Manhattan Style.

By: Alexander Homme
Real Housewives of NYC” star Countess LuAnn de Lesseps was treated like a basic commoner by a driver for Hamptons Luxury Liner yesterday. When Countess LuAnn de Lesseps arrived at 86th and Lexington to catch the 9:50 a.m. bus, she asked if she had time to get a cup of coffee. The driver said he had to pull out in two minutes.
When she went to get a coffee, the driver had ditched her . She jumped into a Woodbury Commons bus, and its driver radioed a head to the Hamptons bus to saying he would deliver a passenger at 40th Street. There LuAnn was able to board.
The driver claims she was irate, but there was no profanity.” The countess repeateed , “I told him he shouldn’t leave me stranded. It was really obnoxious.” LuAnn will perform her song, “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” with cannons shooting out cash tomorrow at the Best Buddies benefit at the Hamptons estate of Jay McInerney and Anne Hearst.

Want Tamra's Killer Body?

Tamra has signed on as a spokeswoman for Duzoxin.

Photo: Duzoxin
"As a mom, reality TV star, and a busy woman, I have tried many different products in the past to help me with my workout regimen. Nothing I have tried so far has come close to what Düzoxin has done for me. I've just started taking Düzoxin, and judging by how wonderful the other girls look and feel, I have a feeling I'll be taking Düxoxin for a very long time to come. Thank you Düzoxin for making my life just a bit easier!"

As a former fitness instructor, my life has always revolved around good health and exercise. Being a regular cast member of Bravo TV’s hit reality series The Real Housewives of Orange County has also made me aware of how I appear to others and what effect appearance has in one’s life and career. I won’t lie; as some of you well know, I love being able to fit into a slinky cocktail dress or bikini! However, overall it is confidence and a positive attitude that goes a long way towards making a person beautiful and successful.

As we all know, even at the best of times it can be challenging to maintain a workout schedule, never mind under the more difficult conditions of being a mother, having a career and a hectic schedule. I’ve tried several products in past to help enhance my workout schedule, stay slim and give me a boost of energy, but none have come close to working as well as Düzoxin does for me.

I’m thrilled to share with you my own personal tips and stories in my blog as I move towards an even healthier lifestyle. I wish the best for all of you out there who are doing the same. You have my support. Remember to stay strong and true to yourself and you will succeed.

Danielle Was Fired Two Months Ago

Article from astrochicks.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, Reunion Drama, Danielle Staub Crazy Catfight With Teresa Giudice!Real Housewives of New Jersey drama is out of control, it appears that Danielle Staub pushed the Bravo Producers too far and they fired her TWO MONTHS prior to the Reunion show. Which of course, dialed it up a notch, when Staub had to face her former cast mates, which included a major smackdown with Teresa Giudice again. The biggest Reunion drama ever!

Photo: Bravo
According to Radar Online, “A catfight broke out between Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice. It got so crazy that the Producers had to get involved and break it up.” Sounds typical for these two.

“It got a little crazy,” another source said. “Did anyone walk away with a black eye, no…But it definitely got to the point where I think everyone was more than holding on to their seats or being held back.”

Another source over at Chicago Now, got the dirty deets on Danielle Staub leaving Real Housewives of New Jersey. Also, if the rumor was true that she was moving to Manhattan and joining the cast of Real Housewives of New York. Of course the shiz hit the fan and the other NY Housewives threatened to walk. They said, “I even had half a heart attack when I got a text from a source very close to the Bravo Cirque De Freakshow, saying ‘don’t be surprised if Danielle ends up on RHONY.”

It appears Danielle Staub was kicked to the curb two months ago and she has been on spin control. Claiming she has a spin off show coming up, she’s joining RHONY, etc. Also, she’s in a custody battle over her daughter Jillian with ex husband Tom. I guess he’s not too thrilled with her new girlfriend Lori Michaels.

Danielle Staub is a drama queen but so is Teresa Giudice. What in the world with the Real Housewives of New Jersey talk about now? All that drama with Danielle, now it will become the Real Boring Housewives of New Jersey, it just seems weird that Bravo would let Danielle go. Of course now that Danielle our Leo girl has a girlfriend, maybe they could jump on over to Showtime and star on The Real L Word. Just sayin.

Ramona On The Wendy Williams Show

Vicki-RHOOC In Cabo

Picture of Vicki in Cabo.


Jill Talks RH,Miami and Her Future

Article from Miami New Times.

By Stacey Russell
Like all TV junkies, we get high just watching Bravo's infinite number of reality shows. And the side effects are virtually the same as cheap meth. It wastes our time and money and contributes to brain rot. But really, can anyone help loving Rachel Zoe's terrible vocabulary or the complete ridiculousness of the Real Housewives of Wherever?

One housewife in particular, Jill Zarin, has won our hearts. She has the voice of an angel -- one from the Bronx who smokes a pack day. She's the ginger-haired vixen from The Real Housewives of New York City, and she has just published a new book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother, co-written with sister Lisa Wexler and mother Gloria Kamen.

Recently, Cultist interviewed Zarin about her book, Miami Beach, and her future with Bravo.

New Times: Hello, Mrs. Zarin. How are you?
Jill Zarin: Good! Just getting home from getting my hair colored. I had to go redder. I have turned blonde since my two months in the Hamptons.

I heard you were just hanging out with our boy Charlie Christ and his wife in the Hamptons. How are those two?
Did you know he likes to tan? He really likes to tan! But, no ... They were wonderful. Just brilliant.

So you wrote Secrets of a Jewish Mother with your radio host sister and your mother.
My mother is hilarious and my sister led the team. We all got homework assignments and the book just came together.

What can we expect from the book?
We put Jewish in the title because we are, but it's just sound advice from three mothers for any point in your life. If you're single, then we have great dating advice. Married? We have great marriage and parenting advice. If you're a man, there is advice there. There is something for everyone. Must haves and must avoids for dating and how to keep your marriage hot. Or how we all feel about plastic surgery, which is that if you don't overdo it, then do what makes you happy.

What is your Jewish mother marriage advice for a single girl living in Miami looking for love?
Just because he isn't perfect, it doesn't mean he won't be perfect for you. A lot of women, especially in their 30s, are really picky. Don't settle, but you have to compromise. A man will take all your craziness, you have to take some of his too. Assuming you have the basics, of course, which are love, kindness, sexual attraction, and all those things. Chemistry on date one, but not date two? Forget it. We think it's important to be fixed up!

More marriage advice?
When I was looking for my husband, I asked my friend: "Do you know any Jewish guys you could fix me up with?" We believe if you're a Jewish, you should be with someone who is Jewish. And if you're not Jewish, you should be with your own kind. And if you fall in love with someone of an opposite faith or race, then definitely talk about how you want to bring up your children before you get married. You have to talk about that before you get married. Never marry a stingy person -- it will ruin your life. Not that he has to be rich, but make sure he is willing to share. A cheater ... Don't want to be with a cheater! Ambition ... Money comes and goes, but it's not important. Character and ambition are important. You want to be with someone who is driven.
What about your girl Patti Stanger? Will you be finding her a new boo?
She knew what she wanted, she thought he was it, and after a period of time it wasn't what she wanted, and she was smart enough to say, "I'm not going to get married and end up getting divorced." I could never walk in her shoes, I didn't know him well enough. Nice guy, great guy, good friends ... Who knows, they might get back together!

I have heard that you and Caroline Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey are friends.
I love her. She came to the Hamptons and her beautiful daughter Lauren stayed with me. Really close family ... Work ethic and all those things. They are great.

I mean, Caroline's son Albie is hot. Why don't you hook up your daughter Ally with him?
He's not Jewish.
Let's talk Miami. Have you ever traveled to our part of the world?
My parents live in Boca. And I love South Florida. Miami Beach is the new Hollywood! Every TV show is in Miami Beach: Jersey Shore, the Kardashian sisters came to you, The Real Housewives of Atlanta came to you. Miami is hot! The weather is great. Everything is great. Everything feels better in Miami Beach.

What about NYC?
It's a much faster pace. The winters are tough. And my daughter is going off to college soon. I'll be having a lot more fun soon.

How do you deal with some of the negative press you get?
I have had a few bumps in the road, but it happens. The negative, I always try to turn into a positive. And the truth is, if people don't care about you, they're not talking about you. Either love me or hate me ... At least they're talking about me and hopefully they will love me again.

The Real Housewives of New York City is one of my favorite shows. Please tell me you will be on next season.
Not sure. Last season was rough. I started to have fun and show my life in a positive way and share a lot of good things. And somehow it got all twisted. The first two seasons, I had a great time. If I knew I could go back to the way it was then, I would come back. But I am so focused on my daughter going to college and my life with Bobby. I want to enjoy it.

Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler, and Gloria Kamen. Friday, August 20. Books & Books, 254 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables. The signing starts at 6 p.m., and it's free with the purchase of Secrets of a Jewish Mother. Call 305-442-4408 or visit

Gretchen Sings "Revelation"

Gretchen Debuts  "Revelation" At The Shark Club In Costa Mesa.

Kelly Strolling In Soho

Pictures of Kelly in Soho.

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Joe's DWI Maximum Sentence Overturned

Article from
By:Jim Lockwood/The Star-Ledger
 After Joe Giudice, husband of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice, flipped his truck in a DWI crash in Morris County earlier this year, a municipal court judge threw the book at him.

Photo: Aaron Houston/Star-Ledger
Giudice, 40, of Montville, had been sentenced in March in Montville Municipal Court to maximum penalties for a first DWI offense, including a one-year driver’s license suspension, a $500 fine, an ignition-interlock device, 30 days of community service and 48 hours in a driver-education course.

Giudice appealed, arguing the sentence was too harsh, and he instead should have received the minimum penalties.

Today, Superior Court Judge Philip Maenza, sitting in Morristown, agreed with Giudice and overturned the maximum sentence. Maenza imposed the minimum penalties of a seven-month license suspension, $300 fine and 12 hours of driver-education, and eliminated the community service and ignition device requirements.

It was the best outcome that the short, stocky spouse, who is featured regularly with his raven-haired wife on the Bravo-channel reality show, could have hoped for.

“I think the judge was more than fair,” defense attorney Joseph Afflitto Jr. said. Giudice, who was not accompanied in court by his wife, declined to comment.
Today’s hearing was the latest legal drama involving Giudice, as he and Teresa also have a bankruptcy case pending in federal U.S. District Court in Newark. Like most facets of their lives, the DWI crash that occurred Jan. 14 around 1:45 a.m. became fodder for their television show.
In a recent televised episode, Joe tells his wife and another couple that he was not drunk, but was tired and yawned, and that’s when he drove off the road and hit four trees and a utility pole.

“I’m like coming down the street and I yawned,” Giudice says in the episode. “It was like one of those deep yawns. It was like 1:30, whatever, quarter-to-2 in the morning. I was tired. It wasn’t from drinking at all, awright. I yawned for like a second. I shut my eyes for like second.”

Teresa also has written about the crash on her blog, backing up her hubby.
Giudice did not report the crash and instead went to a neighbor’s home, where police found him some 30 minutes later, according to today’s court proceeding. Giudice claimed he had not been drinking before the crash, but had a couple of shots of liquor afterward at the friend’s home to calm his nerves. His blood-alcohol content after the crash was .11 percent, which is above New Jersey’s legal limit of .08 percent, and he was issued the motor-vehicle violations.

In March, Montville Municipal Court Judge Seth Davenport rejected Giudice’s claim that he only drank after the crash, and also found that the friend had “a total lack of credibility” and was “just a liar,” Maenza said. Giudice also has had numerous prior motor-vehicle offenses over the years, including a prior DWI more than a decade ago, and other various minor infractions, officials said in court today. Davenport had found Giudice guilty of DWI, careless driving and failing to maintain a lane, and imposed the maximum penalties.

While Afflitto argued Davenport “overexercised his discretion,” Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Matheu Nunn countered the maximum sentence was appropriate because it was a “fair inference” that Giudice was drunk and hoping he would not be caught.

Maenza ruled that minimum penalties were sufficient.

LuAnn And Jacques Enjoying Friday

Picture from LuAnn via Facebook.

Playing tennis with Jacques then having a family BBQ luncheon!

Johan And Francois-RHONY Talk Future Careers

Post/Video from CNN i-report.

Posted by:celebbuzzz
As children, we have all dreamt of the future. Dreams of growing up to rocket towards far off galaxies or take care of things right here at home as a doctors, lawyers, teachers, mothers, fathers, princesses and maybe even president. Joyful hours of playful fantasies about what we would be when we grew up.

No doubt some of us imagined being celebrities and taking the large and small screen by storm. But what did our “celebs” dream of being and what do our celebrity “kids” have in the “plan” for when they are all grown up?
I asked some of my very cool, very friendly friends who just happen to be celebrities to share with me and they came up with a few things that even suprised me!

"Boys will be boys", but these little power houses have some big dreams (and a great pool)! Not too often you get these "pint size celebs" to sit long enough to share some wisdom with the world with the world.

Watch it! Their logic is very, very sound...Look out Trump!

Michaele's Ex-Assistant Compares Salahi Home To A Hoarders

From Star Magazine.

Photo: Bravo
Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Michaele Salahi and her husband Tareq are living a life that's nowhere near as fabulous as depicted on The Real Housewives of D.C., Michaele's former assistant tells Star.
In an exclusive interview inside our Aug. 30 issue, Michaele's ex-assistant, Alex Thomas, tells Star the Salahi's "filthy" house is nothing like it appears to be on the show. “Their house was absolutely disgusting when I worked there this year," Alex Thomas tells Star. “It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months!”

Alex likens the house of horrors to a hoarder’s home, with paper stacked up everywhere, dog hair and old food sitting on the stove for weeks!
In addition to their unkempt home, Alex claims the Salahi's — who have been under the media microscope ever since they allegedly crashed a White House state dinner last November — owe creditors a bundle of money. Alex also says Tareq is “very controlling” of his wife and Michaele has "alarming" eating habits.
Pick this week's issue of Star — on newsstands now — for more revelations from the Salahi's former assistant and high school yearbook photos of Michaele.

Teresa And Danielle Get Ugly At Reunion Show

Post from People.

By:Aaron Parsley
There’s going to be a Real Housewives of New Jersey showdown!

Photo: Bravo
When the feuding stars got together for the upcoming reunion, things got heated right away between Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice, a source tells PEOPLE.
At one point host Andy Cohen and the ladies’ costar Caroline Manzo had to intervene when Teresa got up out of her chair and started for Danielle, who was sitting across the room.

“You could feel the tension,” the source says of the mood at the taping. “They were ready to go and they were ready to put it all out on the table.”
Photo: Bravo
And they did, according to the source, who described the early drama as “tame” compared to what happened later in the show.

“This might be the best reunion we’ve ever done,” Cohen tells PEOPLE. “You won’t believe how it starts and you won’t believe how it ends.”

The extended part one of the reunion airs Aug. 30 (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo, followed by an extended second part on Sept. 6 (9 p.m. ET).

Alex's-RHONY Blog Post About The RHODC

Alex gives her opinion on the RHODC, post from People TV watch.

Alex McCord’s Housewives of DC Blog: Michaele Is a ‘Walking Contradiction’
By: Alex McCord

In season 3 of The Real Housewives of New York City, fans applauded when Alex McCord finally stood up for herself. Now, McCord, who says, “It is absolutely crucial and necessary in reality TV to let people know how you feel,” is bringing her outspoken attitude to a blog about Bravo’s newest chapter in the hit Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. This week, McCord discusses Michaele’s party planning, Cat’s complaint about her husband “swanning around” and more:
After watching Thursday’s episode and opening a fresh bottle of red, I’m thinking of a Green Day song. It’s called “Walking Contradiction.” That would be Michaele this week. How can we reconcile the bubbly girl throwing her hair around in Paris, drinking Dom Perignon and shopping, with the girl who allowed her lawyer to hold a venue hostage over a birthday party?
I just don’t get it. Listen, in real life, the same as on reality TV, people sometimes compete to throw the best party at the best place with the most people and spend the most money. If you’re going to do that — fine, go for it. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You don’t get to have your attorney call a venue and insist on written proof stating that you don’t have to pay for the party, AND still be the host, AND walk around as Tareq apparently did, telling guests that he paid an arm and a leg for the evening. Not fair, not acceptable. I felt badly for Paul who was caught in the middle.

Cat complained to her husband that he wasn’t around enough, and they had an argument about swanning around. I was trying to listen, but I was giggling, because the phrase “swanning around” always makes me laugh. Perhaps because my husband lived in London for 13 years prior to moving to New York, and he says it too — though he is usually wearing something inspiring and waving his hands in the air at the time. It was sweet to see that Charles showed up at her book photo shoot, and then dressed her in leopard and took photos of her himself, as all good husbands should.

What else? Mary threw a dinner for Ted Gibson, Stacie and Jason went to their friends’ vineyard and Tareq proceeded to tell them all how to look at the wine in the glass through the legs — or was it the arms or perhaps it was the nose? I don’t remember, except that he was speaking loudly and he bothered me.

Good for Mary’s daughter for bringing up “sexting.” Good for Stacie for being open (and not melodramatic a la last week’s New Jersey) about searching for her birth parents. The one thing I really enjoyed this week was seeing the nightclub in Paris with Jason’s brother performing — this was the first segment of D.C. that I felt was truly organic, fun and glam all at the same time. And of course I missed Paris — don’t we all? –Alex McCord
For more about The Real Housewives of D.C. and New York City, visit For more on Alex, including her book, Little Kids, Big City, visit her Web site or follow her on Twitter @McCordAlex.