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Friday, August 20, 2010

Alex's-RHONY Blog Post About The RHODC

Alex gives her opinion on the RHODC, post from People TV watch.

Alex McCord’s Housewives of DC Blog: Michaele Is a ‘Walking Contradiction’
By: Alex McCord

In season 3 of The Real Housewives of New York City, fans applauded when Alex McCord finally stood up for herself. Now, McCord, who says, “It is absolutely crucial and necessary in reality TV to let people know how you feel,” is bringing her outspoken attitude to a blog about Bravo’s newest chapter in the hit Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. This week, McCord discusses Michaele’s party planning, Cat’s complaint about her husband “swanning around” and more:
After watching Thursday’s episode and opening a fresh bottle of red, I’m thinking of a Green Day song. It’s called “Walking Contradiction.” That would be Michaele this week. How can we reconcile the bubbly girl throwing her hair around in Paris, drinking Dom Perignon and shopping, with the girl who allowed her lawyer to hold a venue hostage over a birthday party?
I just don’t get it. Listen, in real life, the same as on reality TV, people sometimes compete to throw the best party at the best place with the most people and spend the most money. If you’re going to do that — fine, go for it. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You don’t get to have your attorney call a venue and insist on written proof stating that you don’t have to pay for the party, AND still be the host, AND walk around as Tareq apparently did, telling guests that he paid an arm and a leg for the evening. Not fair, not acceptable. I felt badly for Paul who was caught in the middle.

Cat complained to her husband that he wasn’t around enough, and they had an argument about swanning around. I was trying to listen, but I was giggling, because the phrase “swanning around” always makes me laugh. Perhaps because my husband lived in London for 13 years prior to moving to New York, and he says it too — though he is usually wearing something inspiring and waving his hands in the air at the time. It was sweet to see that Charles showed up at her book photo shoot, and then dressed her in leopard and took photos of her himself, as all good husbands should.

What else? Mary threw a dinner for Ted Gibson, Stacie and Jason went to their friends’ vineyard and Tareq proceeded to tell them all how to look at the wine in the glass through the legs — or was it the arms or perhaps it was the nose? I don’t remember, except that he was speaking loudly and he bothered me.

Good for Mary’s daughter for bringing up “sexting.” Good for Stacie for being open (and not melodramatic a la last week’s New Jersey) about searching for her birth parents. The one thing I really enjoyed this week was seeing the nightclub in Paris with Jason’s brother performing — this was the first segment of D.C. that I felt was truly organic, fun and glam all at the same time. And of course I missed Paris — don’t we all? –Alex McCord
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