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Friday, August 20, 2010

Johan And Francois-RHONY Talk Future Careers

Post/Video from CNN i-report.

Posted by:celebbuzzz
As children, we have all dreamt of the future. Dreams of growing up to rocket towards far off galaxies or take care of things right here at home as a doctors, lawyers, teachers, mothers, fathers, princesses and maybe even president. Joyful hours of playful fantasies about what we would be when we grew up.

No doubt some of us imagined being celebrities and taking the large and small screen by storm. But what did our “celebs” dream of being and what do our celebrity “kids” have in the “plan” for when they are all grown up?
I asked some of my very cool, very friendly friends who just happen to be celebrities to share with me and they came up with a few things that even suprised me!

"Boys will be boys", but these little power houses have some big dreams (and a great pool)! Not too often you get these "pint size celebs" to sit long enough to share some wisdom with the world with the world.

Watch it! Their logic is very, very sound...Look out Trump!

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  1. Thanks for posting my video!

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