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Friday, August 20, 2010

Michaele & Tareq's Blog

Michaele and Tareq's latest blog post.

I enjoyed getting to know Stacie & Jason in this episode. We really loved spending the time in our zone in Virginia Wine Country with Jason & Stacie and talking wine & politics! Upon arriving out to one of the amazing 150+ wineries in Virginia Wine Country, we felt good karma and good vibes with the Turners. If you are interested in learning more about Virginia Wine Country, check out or
After some wine, and bonding - we got an invitation we couldn't refuse. My husband & I share a great sense of adventure and love to do things spontaneously. The Turner's asked us to join them in Paris. So we said "Lets go to Paris!" to bond some more, be romantic and enjoy the concert in Paris with the hip hop performance by Beat Assailant ! It was an AMAZING time with the Turners once again. "Beat Assailant" blew our minds! Very Talented! We spent the weekend in our favorite hotel in Paris at the Romantic Park Hyatt Vendome! When I first met Tareq, he whisked me away to Paris for our 2nd date! Whirlwind romance! Our time together there was so romantic and a "wow" magical experience with roaring fireplaces throughout, lots of candles and pure love. I highly recommend the Park Hyatt Vendome for that romantic getaway or for any reason at all.

All in all - The Salahis and the Turners jammed out and partied in Paris and the boys and Stacie enjoyed the Champagnes, Bordeaux's, Burgundy's - and for me, it was all about the Chocolate and Shopping ! Love It!

One of the more important parts of our trip to Paris for me was connecting with Stacie. Stacie shared with me her personal struggle with her birth mother. It touched me that she trusted in me and I wanted to help her anyway I could. Seeing my own husbands struggle and pain with his Mom, I felt I could somehow help her understand that she is not alone. She is a Beautiful woman and her Dad deserves to know about her!

Of course, another episode wouldn't be complete without Lynda again being obsessive about my weight and attacking the quality of Virginia wines and that she only drinks scotch heavy quantities. sad.

I am troubled to discover Paul Wharton & Jason Backe's comments spreading more misinformation about my husband and I. Charlotte Reid (Paul's publicist) and Paul asked me lend my name to be one of the four different co-hosts for his party, so he could be highlighted on a TV Show, "The Real Housewives of DC". The other co-hosts were Erica Guiterez, Mary Barth and Charlotte Reid. At all times, they said the finances of the party was taken care of by either the production company or the venue hosted by Mark Barnes at his venue "The Park". I was still very happy to do my part and donate thousands of dollars of Oasis wines and some Champagne. I was happy to help highlight Paul Wharton as he asked me to on the TV Show and do my part with our wines from our vineyard for his Birthday. In fact Mark Barnes, who is a mutual friend was also happy to host the night at The Park at no charge. We delivered in advance cases of our Red wine for the evening. Don't know why they are spinning it… just sayin - this

is TV. Our attorney, who has seen us get used 100 different ways, only called since this was a party asked by Paul Wharton to put on to highlight him on the show, in the hopes he would get his own show later. Pauls exact quote was "Boo, I need your help to get me some TV time…"

As you can imagine, our attorney was concerned that The Park, Paul or the production company was going to make it look like we didn't pay a bill, which never existed. Much of how got portrayed inaccurately and was defaming in many ways is what was expected, but we stayed one step ahead of them just in case this may have happened. Our attorney contacted Charlotte Ried since she was Paul's publicist to make sure to keep it very clear to all parties what I was gifting to his night. I was happy to help highlight Paul and his Birthday for the show and donate some wine. Gosh, good thing others saw through it, I didn't see that coming. "Rise Above" !
I am slowly beginning to learn - "Be Careful who you Trust" I am not sure what its going to take for me to learn this lesson, but I feel something is going to happen soon that will say it all.

Love & Cheers!



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