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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ramona At Polo

Pics./tweets from Ramona.
With Nick youngest winner olympics in polo hall of fame also Nathan owner of Riverera n Catalina

Guillermo polo player too cute

Jill's Book Signing In Las Vegas

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Wow! What a setup and so many of u r here early!!

At signing now!!

Michaele/Tareq Talk To Marie Claire

Excerpt from Marie Claire.

By Samantha Marshall
Accused of crashing a splashy White House party last November, Michaele Salahi and her husband were totally lambasted, along with social secretary DesirĂ©e Rogers, who was eased out a few months later. Now Mrs. Salahi is back in the spotlight, starring in Bravo’s The Real Housewives of D.C. We met up with her to discuss the scandal and the fallout, with her husband, Tareq, by her side.

Marie Claire: Everyone knows about the scandal, but no one knows much about you.
Michaele Salahi: I am someone who loves people. I am a people pleaser. I just want to get along. I love to have a great time. I’ve often been called “the D.C. Barbie” and I think that’s a compliment. I love Barbie! I also have a heart — I care about all kinds of causes. There’s a long list of charitable organizations that I’ve been very involved with over the last 10 years.

MC:: Where are you from?
MS: I grew up in Florida. Tareq grew up near D.C. His family’s winery is in Hume, Virginia. We met through a mutual best friend, and in 2001 I moved to the winery. We were married in 2003.

MC: I’d read there were issues at the winery.
Photo Credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Tareq Salahi: I would describe the situation as a Falcon Crest war. We’ve had this ongoing family drama over control of the winery since my father became ill. My mother wants to liquidate and tear the winery apart. My dad’s vision is to keep the family legacy going; I’ve been trying to honor that. We’re planning a grand reopening, after being closed this summer for reorganization.

MS: Arguments with family members and things like that happen. Unfortunately, this had to play out in the press. It is what it is, but I told him, “Don’t be hurt, every family has its pain — it’s just that yours is more visible.”

MC: Michaele, what did you do before you met Tareq?
MS: I started as an Absolut Vodka model in the ’90s. I was attending college at the time. Then I was a makeup artist for Trish McEvoy in D.C.

MC: How did you get labeled a socialite?
MS: I got the social butterfly label because I was active on the social scene and doing it in a way that had style, or so I was told. I would wear different outfits that people liked. And that’s why the Housewives show reached out to me.

MC: You were filming the show before the White House incident in November?
MS: Yes, the filming first started last September.

MC: What really happened at the White House? Were you invited guests or not?
MS: Michele Jones, the Pentagon-based liaison to the White House, had extended the invitation with an e-mail requesting our Social Security numbers and dates of birth, to be cleared for the event. We’d met her through our attorney when she spoke on the D.C. mall in September. There are so many events you’ve probably attended where you don’t go with the actual printed invitation — I didn’t go thinking I was chancing it. No one goes with a film crew to be turned away. How embarrassing would that have been? And we were announced!

For the rest of our exclusive interview with Michaele Salahi pick up the September 2010 issue of Marie Claire on newsstands August 10th!

Kelly With Plum TV

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@plumtv thank u for filming me trying a new horse

Salahi's Served At Premiere Party

Article from the Washington Post.

By: Aaron Leitko
The Salahis got served.
They were just supposed to be enjoying a get-together in their own honor, albeit an unsanctioned-by-Bravo premiere party on Thursday night at EFN nightclub. Minding their own party-loving business, as it were. Suddenly, one day after a faceoff with the formidable Whoopi Goldberg of "The View," the "Real Housewives of D.C." stars were presented with court papers by PR firm Brotman-Winter-Fried Communications, to whom they allegedly owe upwards of $15,000.

According to Steve Winter, the PR firm's president, the Salahis hired BWF back in 2008 to help promote their America's Polo cup. Then they allegedly skipped out on the tab. "It was an affidavit for debtors interrogatory," explained Winters. "It means they'll have to appear in court to discuss their financial means -- how they are capable of paying off the debt."
Apparently the affidavit did not come as welcome news. "The man we hired to serve the papers was able to get a moment with Tareq. He took the papers, then he dropped them," said Whitney Stringer, a BWF employee who accompanied the process server. A second attempt was no more well received -- Salahi dropped the papers again, then called security.

The rest of the "Real Housewives" cast -- who attended Bravo's official premiere party at the Madison Hotel -- were glad to get some distance from the couple. "I don't want to see them; I don't want to talk to them," Catherine Ommanney told Us Weekly. "I don't want to be associated with them."

It's time to ask the couple about how it went down, in case their view is somehow, well, different. The Salahis have a Facebook page, and after a query was sent to the e-mail address supplied for media inquiries, an alternate narrative came back in return. "Yes, they did get delivered a confidential offer from a media source willing pay for the photos & video of the Whoopi Goldberg situation," said the anonymous spokesperson for the couple. "The Salahis turned it down."

But wait, did they not understand what the documents contained? Presented with details regarding BWF's suit, the e-mailer claimed ignorance: "That's a first for today on that info. We are not aware of that, so unable to confirm. I would suspect that it is inaccurate."

Jeanna and Gretchen At Spa Re-Opening

Post from the OC Register.

The stars of the hit TV series 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' turned out Thursday for the grand re-opening of The Art of Fitness, a gym and spa in downtown Laguna Beach where portions of the show were taped last season. Camera crews followed Housewives stars Gretchen Rossi and Jeanna Keough throughout the night, raising the question of whether more surprises could be in store this season.

Only 1.6 Million Viewers For The RHODC Premiere

Post from Variety.

Audiences don't vote for D.C. 'Housewives'
The Thursday premiere of "The Real Housewives of D.C." got off to a sluggish start for Bravo compared to other debuts of past "Housewives" skeins.

With 1.6 million tuning in, that's a significant drop-off from the 2.7 million who watched the second-season launch of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" in July 2009. That episode remains the most-watched premiere of any of the "Housewives" franchise.

Worth noting is that the "D.C." numbers were low despite the publicity created by one of the cast members, Michaele Salahi, who, with her husband, crashed a White House function in November.

Bravo drew 1.9 million total viewers for the final episode of "Bethenny Getting Married?" That's just above the 1.8 million season average.

Jill-RHONY Book Signing in West Hollywood

Jill will be at BOOK SOUP, 8818 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood,CA August 10th to sign her book "Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Stories,Real Love".  The signing starts at 7pm and is free. Book Soup's tel# (310)659-3110

Virginia Attorney Says Michaele Accused Her Of Assault

Post from Radar Online.

Michaele Salahi’s blowup with Whoopi Goldberg is not the first time the White House gatecrasher has claimed she was assaulted after being lightly touched, has exclusively learned.

In an almost carbon copy of The View incident, a Virginia attorney has come forward to tell she also touched Michaele on the arm, during a court case on January 14, 2009 – and was later accused by Michaele of assault!

Whoopi lightly touched Salahi during a segment on the ABC show on Wednesday and according to ABC Salahi later said she was hit by Whoopi.
Photo:Splash News Online

Cynthia Revesman, a Virginia attorney, not only got the same treatment from Salahi but Michaele even filed a police report against her alleging she was assaulted.

“When I saw this (on The View) I thought, this is the same thing, where not even a touching becomes a hit,” Revesman told

And Revesman’s client told that when he saw The View, “I just laughed. I thought it was hysterical…Cindy emailed me right away and she said,‘Oh my god, this is bringing back memories.’”

This is how the Revesman incident went down.

Revesman said she was in court acting on behalf of a client, who was suing the Salahi’s for an unpaid bill, when she turned to Michaele and her “finger touched her arm”.

“Michaele then begin screaming “stop hitting me” and she turned the to bailiffs and she said “make sure she doesn’t hit me again”,” recalled Revesman.

“My client was standing right next to me and I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ and she responded, ‘You just hit me’.

“I said, ‘No I didn’t, I don’t understand what’s going on here.’ The bailiffs were all looking at me throwing their hands up in the air.”

Revesman said later that afternoon, police informed her Michaele had filed a criminal complaint. But according to public records, the case was thrown out of court on April 15, 2009.

The next Revesman saw of Michaele was on The View and the reported tiff with Whoppi — for which the latter has said she will offer “no apology” for the “choice words” she hurled at party-crashed.
Revesman said after her clash with the Salahis, she had no doubt what their motivation was in making the assault allegation against her.
The attorney said, “What they do is they take the assault charge and go after the opposing council in the other side; they want you to barter their criminal process with a civil process going on. That is their whole m.o (modus operandi).”

In the video of The View incident, Whoopi can be seen briefly touching Michael and is heard asking her to talk about the White House incident.

According to Michaele, later and behind-the-scenes, Whoopi launched into a cursing tiade that left her in tears. On Facebook, she termed the incident “outrageous abuse”.

"I walked off the show and said goodbye and was in the back and Whoopi came in and said, 'F*** this, f*** that, Did you say I F***ing hit you?',” Michaele said during a Today Show appearance on Thursday.

 Salahi Criminal Complaint:

Jason Turner-RHODC Is An Inventor

Article from the Washington Post.

The secrets of the D.C. "Housewives": Jason Turner's curious patent
By: Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger

Spoiler alert! "The Real Housewives of D.C." debuts Thursday, threatening to turn five local women into basic-cable royalty and national tabloid fixtures. We feel that we have to give you as much lurid gossip about these people as we can -- quick, before they share it on TV, the way reality stars always do.

Photo:Stephen J Boitano
So here you go: The husband of one of the "Wives" is an inventor. He has a very interesting patent on file at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. For something called a "penile volumetric measuring device."

What, rulers can't do the trick?

"I gotta say, my husband is brilliant," said Stacie Turner, D.C. real estate agent and series star, when our colleague Hank Stuever asked her about the patent during a poolside interview with the Housewives last week in Beverly Hills, triggering an awful lot of giggles.

Jason Turner's patent application made the case for the device -- a fluid-filled container that uses water displacement to measure the inserted member -- with a certain academic panache. ("Throughout history, there has been discussion and focus on the human male sex organ. ... Well-endowed male pornography stars are looked at by many with admiration and envy," the application says.)

Stacie, though, insisted that it's not just about that. Her husband, she said, originally set out to create such devices to measure all body parts -- a useful tool, perhaps, for customizing clothes, etc.

"But the attorney said that the easiest way to do that was to go for the smallest, most obscure body part," she told Stuever -- and then apply it to others. It's nothing that Jason's marketing yet. "It's not about a sex-toy business," she told Stuever, making sure he wrote that down. "We have little kids, and that would not be cool."