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Friday, July 23, 2010

JJ a former Bethenny Fan?

Article from JJ.
Bethenny Frankel Talks Trash & Has A Baby
Posted by Ilana Angel
Just before watching the latest installment of Bethenny Getting Married, I read an interview Bethenny did with E! where she says she did not understand why Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson would do a reality show. She said she didn’t know who they were, and just didn’t get the appeal.

Really? Have you forgotten we didn’t know who you were when you started on reality television? There was no reason for us to care about you and watch your show. You are slamming Bristol and Levi for shopping a reality show, but you are the reality television whoring queen.

Bethenny Frankel started out on the Housewives as fabulous. She was funny, smart, quick witted and entertaining. She was not a housewife, but she was comic relief, and as an example of someone who wanted to be a housewife, but had not yet been lucky at love.

What she has become is crass, rude, obnoxious, ego driven, hot mess. That she has the balls to call out a couple of kids for selling their souls to the devil to make money for themselves and their kid, when she continually sells everything, is totally hypocritical.

Bethenny has decided she is a celebrity. She separated herself from being a reality tv personality, and labeled herself a star. She had potential to be a person we cared about, and instead she is a train wreck.

Her show this week starts with her at a class learning about how to take care of a baby. She tries so hard to be funny, that sometimes it just falls flat. She does not take any of it seriously and is focused on being funny, which would be entertaining if she were in fact being funny.

Her “friend” Lauren comes over with her new baby and it’s hilarious. This chick has a baby nurse who she actually has burping her baby during the visit. Bethenny blasts the ladies at the child class for being Stepford, but she is having a baby nurse so she can sleep. Bethenny is gross.

Bethenny is setting up the baby’s room with the help of her assistants and it’s sad. The only people who are around her on a regular basis are those she pays to be there. She appears to have a lonely life with no authentic relationships. Everything is faked for television on this show.

She is giving dating advice to her assistant Max, and one wonders why he would take advice from a woman who has a horrible track record with love, has been married for five minutes, and got married because she was knocked up. Maybe she’s not the best person to listen to.

Bethenny’s water breaks, and she decides it’s the perfect time to be a bitch, rude to her husband, and attempt to suck the joy out of the moment for Jason. Bethenny tells Jason to call Julie, and then a minute later Julie walks in ready to go. This show is beyond fake.

I think it’s sad that an assistant is called to help at a time like this and not a friend. Bethenny has no friends. What she has is people who are paid to be with her, and that is sad. I have tried so hard to get on board with Bethenny because I want so much to like her, but it’s not happening.

Her show now feels cheap. That her going into labor is so carefully orchestrated to look like it’s spontaneous is pathetic. We can buy into her reality and go along with the ride, but when you assume we are stupid, it’s over. Bethenny is the queen of unauthentic reality television.

In the car on the way to the hospital, Bethenny is in full bitch mode. She does not want Jason’s parents to stay at their house because she wants her baby nurse. She doesn’t want his parents to tell anyone she’s in labor, because they will alert the media to come to the hospital.

Who the hell are you Bethenny Frankel? How is it possible that when you left for the hospital, Julie was at the apartment to take care of Cookie, did not travel with you, yet you got to the hospital after she did? Seriously the fakeness of this show is out of control.

If you are in labor, at the hospital with your husband, do you want to be talking about sex with your assistant? It would be funny if it weren’t so awkward, orchestrated and ridiculous. Max is out buying her granny panties and the show jumps in the realm of Jerry Springer.

To properly explain how gross this show has become, they are showing them with the title “home video”, yet a Bravo crew member is shooting the “home video”. Jason started out as the normal one that didn’t want a reality TV life, yet he is now just like her, whoring out every second.

They are talking about her labor but not with a doctor, a crew member. Sad. Max and Julie are setting up the basinet, but they are wearing different clothes, and it’s clearly shot on a different day and edited to look that it’s happening while they are at the hospital. We’re not stupid Bravo.

The baby nurse is at the house giving all the information to Julie, and again Julie is in another outfit with different hair. The whole thing is fake. They had all this crap done, yet it is edited for us to think it’s all happening in a panic. Julie did not change her hair and outfit 4 times in one day.

We now watch what seems like 20 minutes worth of 20 hours of labor. How great for Bravo that they gave Bethenny a show so we could see the first woman in the world go thorough labor and have a baby. She gets her epidural and does her standard 20 minutes of stand up.

Bryn Hoppy is born, five weeks early, very tiny, but perfect and beautiful. She will be a very loved little girl, and I wish her health and happiness always. Maybe she is the gift that will relax her mother enough to enjoy her life so she can be truly happy, and deflate her ego a little bit.

There is undoubtedly a ton of hate mail being written to me right now. People will attack me for attacking their beloved Bethenny. It’s all good so bring it on. I welcome your hate filled letters, and as for them being posted on my blog? That might not happen so just keep the faith.

See Kim-RHOA at McFadden's in Nashville

Post from

Buy your tickets online in advance and save! General admission tickets are only $10. Better yet, VIP tickets are available in advance for $20 – skip the line, take red carpet photos, hang out backstage and get a photo with Kim before her performance!

Saturday July 31 , 10 pm to 2 am
McFadden’s Nashville
134 2nd Ave. North
Nashville, TN 37201

Ramona's Newport Vacation Blog

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Real Housewives Fan Writes Vicki-RHOOC A Song

Song/Video called 'I Love Vicki' a fan did for Vicki-RHOOC.

Lynn's Guest Blogger

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Kandi-RHOA Talks About Her New Music

Short video of Kandi, her cd will be out in Nov.

Gretchen Rossi's Handbag Collection

Post from Reality Tea.

It seems Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is keeping her chin up after months of not so great press, you know following the makeup fiasco, the song fiasco, and the whole bench warrant & having to pay her alleged stalker ex $20,000 fiasco.

Well it seems Gretchen is now set to launch another new random business venture her handbag collection at the end of this month. According to Gretchen’s website, the Gretchen Christine Collection (Christine is her middle name) will include a collection of designer handbags, shoes, fashion and accessories available in limited quantities at select retailers.

Her blog also announces Gretchen will debut her new collection July 30th on Shop NBC @6pm. There will be “seven styles to choose from all at affordable prices-ranging from $129 to just under $300 dollars! Happy Shopping!” says Gretchen on her blog.
Kristin Cavallari, star of the Hills, also wore one of Gretchen’s handbags to the Hill’s finale party.

Danielle Can Live WIth Being The Villian On RHONJ

Post from Star Magazine.

There's nothing you can say to offend The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle Staub! After all, Jersey's most hated housewife has been called a "coke whore" and "crazy bitch” and she still keeps coming back for more.

"Every show has to have a villain," Danielle tells Star exclusively in our Aug. 31 issue. "It might as well be me!"

The 47-year-old mother of two even goes as far as to say her castmates needed her to make RHONJ a success. Danielle declares, "They do, or the show would be like watching paint dry."

Pick up the new issue of Star, on sale now, to find out what else Danielle has to say and the inside story on how she stole the show at her daughter's Sweet 16 party!

'Skinny Italian' Does Well In Livingston,N.J.

Post from the Montville Patch.

By Heather Hodder
It was an event any fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey could enjoy. On July 8, Towaco resident and TV star Teresa Giudice mixed fashion and food at Livingston's Shoe Inn boutique as part of a book signing stop for her cookbook "Skinny Italian."

Even before Giudice arrived at 5 p.m. at the swanky Shoe Inn, many teenage girls and mostly adult women arrived early to beat the line. Being early was no bother, as patrons were offered a glass of wine and munched on snacks of cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and vegetables while perusing the store's wide selection of shoes.

When Giudice arrived, the chatter continued as she dished about her favorite recipes and the show.

What's Teresa's favorite recipe in Skinny Italian, some wondered?

"My favorite recipe is Tagliatelle," said Giudice of the pasta, which she makes "skinny" by using ham and peas. "It was my mother's recipe," said Giudice.

Many of the recipes in Giudice's cookbook have been made on the show already, such as her recipe for "Linguine with White Clam Sauce" that appears in the book as "Luscious Linguine with Manila Clams." Giudice says the cookbook is a mix of her family's traditional Italian dishes and her own health-conscious ones like the "Zucchini Spaghetti Salad."

On an upcoming episode, the cookbook itself will make an appearance, according to Giudice, when she introduces the book to the cast of Real Housewives. Giudice is also looking forward to watching the episodes where the cast went to Italy, including a trip to Salerno, the city where her parents lived before immigrating to the United States.

"My girls love to cook with me," said Giudice, adding, "I think it's good to cook with your family, it's a family bonding time."

Her stop in Livingston is part of a larger tour.

"I was in New York on Tuesday and the store ran out of copies before the book signing was over," said Giudice. Interest in New Jersey, the show's setting, is perhaps even more evident. Over a hundred books were sold at Shoe Inn's event alone.

The stop coincided with a trunk show of "Chez by Cheryl" handbags, with the designer Cheryl Lawinski on-site, too. Many of the "Chez by Cheryl" handbags are worn on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Giudice herself has been seen on many episodes with the bags and accessorized her outfit with a handbag from the new fall line.

For two hours, Giudice signed copies of Skinny Italian and posed for pictures with fans. Even though the book was being sold at Shoe Inn, some shoppers came prepared.

"I purchased the book at The Barnes & Noble before I came over here," said Alexa Centrella from Ridgewood. "I was really worried they would sell out and I wouldn't be able to get a signed copy!"

For Michelle Centrella, Alexa's sister, this would not be her first time meeting the Housewives star.

"I went to her book signing in Denville. She was so nice!" said Michelle Centrella.

Longtime fans of the show looked at the book signing as a great opportunity to meet a member of the Housewives cast.

"I'm very faithful to the show and I read all the blogs" said Danielle Delguercio, from West Caldwell, who purchased a copy of the book at the store and got her picture taken with Giudice.

The staff of Shoe Inn was just as excited as the fans.

"Ever since I knew Teresa would be coming, I've recorded the episodes on my DVR to watch again," said Kathleen McCormack, manager at the boutique. McCormack said she had bought a copy of the book and is going to try some of the recipes.

Billy Lawson, owner of the chain of Shoe Inn stores, also came out to the Livingston event. Lawson, who has been the owner for 38 years, was glad the event had brought a great turn out to the store.

"This event has brought new customers in to see who we are and what we're about," said Lawson, who added that one of the Shoe Inn locations will appear on an episode of the show this September.

Teresa Giudice's next book signing will be at Sizzle Tans in Parsippany. Since May, Giudice has been going to over 20 book signings a month. She will continue to appear at book signings in the tri-state area throughout the summer and into fall. A full list of Giudice's upcoming appearances can be found at

Simon-RHONY Strikes Out On His Own

Post from about Simon starting his own business, good luck to him.

Simon van Kempen Establishes New Social Media Consultancy Company
Longtime General Manager & co-star of Bravo TV The Real Housewives of New York City announces resignation from Hotel Chandler

."After running Hotel Chandler for nine years, I'm sad to see Simon go but delighted that we'll still be working together as we drive our business forward through social media,” said Shimmie Horn, owner of Triumph Hospitality. New York, NY (PRWEB) July 23, 2010

Simon van Kempen, featured on Bravo TV’s hit show The Real Housewives of New York City, announced today the formation of a new Social Media consultancy along with his resignation as General Manager from Hotel Chandler ( effective August 27, 2010. van Kempen has managed the luxury boutique in Manhattan’s historic Murray Hill neighborhood in New York City since it opened in September 2001.

This new Hotel and Social Media Consultancy company specializing in the luxury & boutique sectors will capitalize on his twenty-six years of experience in the hotel hospitality industry combined with his explosion of social media know-how as a reality television personality over the past three years. van Kempen has already achieved a head start by acquiring previous employer Triumph Hospitality as his first client, with their four New York hotels: Iroquois New York, Hotel Chandler, Washington Jefferson, and Hotel Belleclaire.

"After running Hotel Chandler for nine years, I'm sad to see Simon go but delighted that we'll still be working together as we drive our business forward through social media,” said Shimmie Horn, owner of Triumph Hospitality.

As a General Manager, van Kempen had a strong track record of keeping a tightly knit team with low turnover, and while leaving behind a group of dedicated hospitality professionals he'll miss, he very much looks forward to commencing this foray into the social media realm.
van Kempen is also the co-author of “Little Kids Big City” with his wife Alex McCord star of Bravo’s hit show The Real Housewives of New York City, a lighthearted and critically acclaimed he-said, she-said rant about their experiences raising their two young children in the Big Apple

Learn more about “Little Kids Big City” by visiting the couple’s website

Simon van Kempen can be contacted at Simon(at)McCordvanKempen(dot)com or http://www.twitter/SimonvanKempen.

Press Contacts for Simon van Kempen:

Liam Collopy
Executive Vice President
LCO - Levine Communications Office
1180 S. Beverly Dr. Third Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90035
E: lcollopy(at)LCOonline(dot)com
T: 310.300.0950 x 232
F: 310.300.0951

Reece Evans
Account Executive
LCO - Levine Communications Office
1180 S. Beverly Dr. Third Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90035
E: revans(at)LCOonline(dot)com
T: 310.300.0950 x 234
F: 310.300.0951

Luann-RHONY At Splash

Video of Luann performing Money Can't Buy You Class.

Brynn Will Not Be A Reality Child

Post from

Photo: Brian Doben

By:Maria Qualtere
Though Bethenny Frankel has made her mark in the entertaining world of reality shows, her daughter will not be following in her footsteps if she has anything to do with it. In fact, she calls the idea “traumatizing.”

So what will the new mom do if Brynn, who was born in May, grows up and tells her she wants to be on a reality show?

“I will kill somebody,” Frankel said jokingly at the East Harlem Target store opening Tuesday. “Not her, but I will kill somebody.”

Frankel did say it depended what kind of reality show it was, pondering the idea of a show like Bethenny Getting Married?, where she says you’re supposed to be “really, totally honest and be yourself.” But then she quickly dismissed the idea all together, hoping that it is something she will never have to worry about.

“By the time she grows up,” said Frankel, “there won’t be even be reality shows.”

That may be wishful thinking but for now Frankel’s just enjoying life at home where reality show drama has been replaced with Pampers and pampering by husband Jason Hoppy.

“He always sends me flowers, writes me cards, tells me he loves me and wants to snuggle with me,” says Frankel. “He has exceeded my expectations as a father, and they were pretty high expectations.”

And Hoppy isn’t the only one in the house who likes to snuggle. Frankel says Brynn, who has recently begun to smile, now clings to her and holds on to her hair “for dear life.”

Cynthia Bailey-RHOA Getting Married

From Access

By:Rodney Ho
Nobody knows yet if new “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Cynthia Bailey is a keeper in terms of reality show appeal.

But, hey, at least she’s getting married – unlike many of the existing cast mates.

Her publicist Tolu Okunowo at Good Buzz Public Relations sent out this breathless release just moments ago:

Model Cynthia Bailey, one of the newest cast members of Bravo’s hit reality television show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, will walk down the aisle tomorrow night right here in Atlanta and the wedding ceremony and reception will be filmed for the upcoming third season of the hit series. Invited guests include all the current Atlanta housewives and the other new cast member for this upcoming season; actor Leon Robinson from “The Five Heartbeats” fame; R & B star Brandon Hines and a host of other celebrities. Lucky invited wedding guests can expect a lot of surprise performances by all of the celebrities at the reception. And, of course, with NeNe, Kandi, Lisa and Sheree there, those wedding guests will probably get a little bit of drama too!

Bravo has yet to set a launch date for season three but presumably it will be sometime this fall after the D.C. version is finished.

She’s marrying Peter Thomas, a local Atlanta restaurateur.

The Jersey Girls at TAO

Post from Bricks and Stones.

Photo:Wire Image
Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo attend Teresa Giudice's "Skinny Italian" book signing after party at TAO on July 22, 2010 in New York City.

Sheree-RHOA Seen At Houston's

Post and Pic. from

by Natasha
"Atlanta Housewife" co-star Sheree Whitfield was spotted at Houston's in the ATL.
She and her Birkin bag hit the restarant for a meeting. We're told Sheree was having a meeting with her publicist BJ Coleman to discuss her upcoming projects like the debut of the new RHOA season and her fitness DVD. Wonder if the self-proclaimed diva was pissy she had to wait for a table....

Lynn's New Blog About BGM

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Bethenny Lines Them Up In Franklin Mills

Post from

Photo:Scott Weiner
posted by A.D. Amorosi
Well, boys, here’s Bethenny Frankel — star of the Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Getting Married? — at the Franklin Mills Wine & Spirits store yesterday, selling and signing bottles of her all-natural, low calorie Skinnygirl Margarita. More than 500 peeps lined up and, yes, she did have a few swigs.