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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Michaele Salahi Has A Major Anouncement On Aug. 3rd

From Michaele's facebook.

                   Hi Friends --- save the date for August 3rd for a Major Announcement! Love you!OXOXO

Sonja Supports Cancer Research

Pic. from Sonja.

              .               At Denise Rich's kick off party for Angel Ball for Cancer Research

Dress Like Bethenny For Less

Click HERE to check out The Stir to see how to dress like Bethenny for part of the cost.

The Real Housewives of Dallas?, Or Just Another False Rumor

by Laura Kostelny
I’ve heard that producers of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise have been scouting and interviewing people for a Dallas version. It makes total sense, I suppose—we are a people who obviously love doing reality shows. And confession: I love every single one of these things. (I know. Big surprise. Laura likes a crap show.) But I’m trying to think of a anyone who has fared well thanks to this show. Many cast members are divorced (poor Countess!), lost their homes (practically the entire Atlanta cast), and/or gone into bankruptcy (Teresa, I’m looking at you and the $11 million you owe) after doing the show. Maybe Bethenny from New York is the one “success” story? I don’t know. Anyway, I have contacted Bravo about timing (I opted to email rather than mail a letter, which they thoughtfully suggested.), but I suspect it’s on the back burner now that Beverly Hills and D.C. are launching. So my question is this: What would Bravo have to offer to get you to sign up?

Caroline And Albie-RHONJ Talk About Learning Disabilities

Post from

Photo:Getty Images                                                                      
by Ilyssa Panitz
Caroline Manzo and her son, Albie, are opening up about Albie's learning disability. Credit: Andy Kropa, Getty Images

On "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Caroline Manzo comes across as one don't-mess-with-me mama. But off camera, this mother of three is a big softie, especially when it comes to her children.

On an episode that first aired July 12 on Bravo, Manzo discloses something she normally doesn't talk about: her 23-year-old son Albie's learning disability, which he was diagnosed with at the age of 11.

ParentDish caught up with the mother and son duo at House Beautiful's recent Kitchen of the Year event in New York to talk about why the family chose to share something so private with the world.

ParentDish: Why did you decide to go public with Albie's disability?
Caroline Manzo: It actually wasn't my decision -- it was Albie's and I have to say I think it was really courageous to put out the message, "I am not perfect." No matter what struggles he went through, we worked together and Albie went to college.

PD: Albie, what did you do after you discovered you had this disadvantage?
Albie Manzo: I enrolled in special programs and got a lot of help in middle school, high school and at Fordham. What it taught me was I if I try really hard, I can do it.

PD: Explain to me how you worked together as a team to get to where you are now.
AM: I got a lot of extra help with my teachers and enrolled in special programs where I lived. It might take me longer and I might work three times harder than other people, but, at the end of the day, I can do it.

CM: Absolutely. Albie always wanted to go to college at Fordham and when my husband and I went to Albie's high school evaluation and the guidance counselor suggested Albie work for his dad and go to community college, I looked at my son and said, no way. It was then I taught my son to never let anyone tell you no. If you set your mind to it, you can do it and guess what? He got in.

PD: What happened after that?
CM: Then I went out and bought every text book Albie had. At the end of Albie's day, I would get on the phone with him and read the assignment with him and then have him explain to me what he got out of it. After that, I would go over his work and tell him what information he was missing or what needed to be shortened and more to the point.

PD: You invested a lot of time with him.
CM: Absolutely. Only he got the grade from college and I didn't (laughs). But that is what you do for your children. You stop at nothing to help them succeed and be who they want to be.

PD: What did this experience teach you?
CM: You need to work with them, but at the same time recognize what they have and help ignite the fire within them. I also hammered it into Albie's head -- never let anyone tell you no and that you can't do it, because you can.

PD: What do you hope to gain by talking about this subject on the program?
CM: I hope other parents will not look the other way if they find out their child has a learning disability. If you see this in your child, don't let anyone tell you "no." I think a lot of kids are passed over and waste their talents because they don't build up their self-confidence to say "I can do it." You can. Albie's guidance counselor told us Albie would never get into Fordham. Not only did he get in, but he graduated with a degree in business. Parents need to work with their children, guide them and fight hard.

PD: Now that Albie is an adult, what advice do you give him?
CM: Go out and fight the fight.

PD: As a mother, have Albie's challenges taken a toll on you?
CM: Yes. My heart breaks to see my baby in trouble. There is nothing worse than to see your child struggle and hurt. When he hurts, I hurt a million times more.

PD: So, Albie, you felt comfortable letting the cameras roll while disclosing this information?
AM: Yes. I hope it does great and shows other people that you can be a success. I want to teach people you don't have to be limited by your situation. I am not looking for sympathy. I am on this road and I hope a lot of good things come out of this.

PD: Caroline, what has the show given you in return?
CM: It showed Albie that he is not a failure and it showed him that he was not alone. After that episode aired, we were flooded with positive response from other families who have children with similar disabilities. They said we proved that even with a disability like this, there are so many wonderful opportunities out there if you apply yourself. I really thank the fans for giving us that gift because I could never give Albie the kind of feedback the fans did.

Brad and Jill in the Hamptons

Post from Brad, he writes for FocusOnStyle.

Sonja-RHONY Latest Toaster Oven Recipe

Sonja makes white fish and asparagus in her latest video.

Governor Charlie Crist stayed with Jill-RHONY in the Hamptons

From the NY Post.

The Hamptons are an intense hive of political activity this summer. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Paterson were busy raising funds at private homes over The weekend, while Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who's running for The Senate as an independent, stayed with "Real Housewives of New York" star Jill Zarin. Pelosi spoke at a fund-raiser at The Bridgehampton house of au thor Donna Stanton attended by Paterson, while Crist and his wife, Carole, met with deep-pocketed environmentalists unhappy with BP's response to The oil spill.

Lynn's New Blog

Click HERE to read Lynn's latest post about Bravo's video clips and blogs.

NeNe's Random Acts Of Kindness

Last feature NeNe did for Ch. 11 Atlanta.

Bethenny In Target Red

Pic. of Bethenny when she was at the opening of a Target.

Bethenny celebrates the grand opening of the East Harlem Target in N.Y.C. on Tuesday.

Kids Reenact The RHONJ

Kelly-RHONY Modeling Pictures

A few pics that Kelly posted, she looks great in them.

Danielle-RHONJ Talks About Children On Television

Danielle talked to Babble about her kids appearing on TV.

Posted by MaraLee
Danielle Staub has a long list of people out to get her from her cast mates on The Real Housewives of New Jersey to criminals from her past like Danny Aguilar. She has done some seriously sordid things like selling cocaine and making a sex tape. So much negative has been said against her, it’s pointless and far too time consuming to recount. But while many parts of her life seem to be unraveling, Danielle can always find stability and solace in her family life, playing mother to daughters Christine and Jillian.

She took the time to talk to Famecrawler about why she chose to have her kids on reality TV, the most important lesson she is teaching them, and how she keeps them away from all the negative press.

How did you decide to let your children go on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

My children were part of the show because from the beginning I thought it was going to be about families coming together and supporting each other. Maybe arguing a little bit and not loving each other all the time but still supporting each other. Jacqueline is a single mom, Dina was a single mom-I figured what’s’ the difference? We’re all women. How bad could the show be? Now I realize how important I really am because all they do is talk about me. If they’re talking about me and I’m talking about me-oh there we go. I don’t think anyone should replace Dina. I wouldn’t. I’m enough for all of us. That’s why there are only four of us standing.”

There’s a lot of negative press about you and some skeletons in the closet. How do you keep your children away from that when they can easily read it on the Internet?

“My kids and I don’t read anything on the Internet. Sorry to disappoint anyone. If it’s a great article, then that is the only time. My team will send it to me. It stops there. My kids aren’t interested in seeing the bad. They won’t look at it. They only want to see the good stuff. If you don’t show the bad, you won’t start living it. You get caught up in it and if you get caught up in other people’s dirt and opinions of you, it will consume you and bring you down. Darkness is coming, get ut of its way. Don’t read it, don’t engage it.”

There are some things you do on the show that some people would find questionable. Aren’t your kids seeing that?

“I believe you should be age-appropriately honest with your children and never show them something you wouldn’t want them to repeat. Some people will say things that I’m doing in front of my children but my children weren’t there. My children weren’t there chasing after another woman alongside of their mom. My children would never do that. Ever. Furthermore, in Season 1, everyone’s kids were there when a table was flipped at me and I was called horrific names. My children have never seen that kind of behavior.”

What’s the most important lesson you’ve taught your kids?

“I’m teaching my children to treat people with equality, humanity, and we stand and we platform-we try and feed the hungry and give back in every way we can. As Christine tells me very often, “Mom you tell me not to focus on the negative so don’t do it to yourself.” Whatever my kids are telling me or instructing me on in the show, they’re doing that because I taught them. I let my kids speak to what kind of parent I am. My tips are: Teach your children what you want them to learn and live by example. Everyone is going to be human and make mistakes but try to learn from them and make them into lessons instead of repeating them and making them into a second mistake.”

Luann-RHONY Tips On Beach Etiquette

Luann's lastes feature from OK magazine.

What Would the Countess Do?: Overpromoting Yourself; Hitting the Beach!
 Author: LuAnn de Lesseps

When it comes to etiquette, manners and overall good behavior, even celebrities need help navigating the rough waters of stardom! It’s a good thing Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of New York is joining forces with OK! to school them on the right thing to do! In a rough situation, we just ask, “What Would the Countess Do?” This week, the Countess takes on stars who love the limelight and summer beach tips!
Kim Kardashian is at the center of a media firestorm lately — from attending celebrity weddings, to supporting Lindsay Lohan to getting caught up in Justin “Bieber” Fever, the reality star knows how to work the press. When is enough, enough?
Some reality stars (I’m not going to mention any names) tend to over-promote themselves and hurt their image in the process. It is not reality TV or the press that is the problem here; it is the behavior of people who will do anything in the quest for celebrity while compromising their integrity. Celebrity based on outrageous behavior is fleeting, while a person’s recognition for good character is enduring. I personally draw the line with the press when it comes to the privacy of my children.

Tip: Remember that not all press is good press.


Now that it’s summer and we’re hitting the beach, could you give some tips on beach etiquette and making the most of our beach days?
I love going to the beach and just returned from France where I visited the Côte d’Azur. Here are some tips to make the most of your next beach day:

• Know your beach before you go. Some beaches are conservative, for singles, family-oriented, clothes optional or nudist. Choose your beach wisely so you don’t encounter any surprises, pleasant or otherwise.
• Wear a cover-up over your bathing suit until you are actually on the sand. Choose a suit that flatters your body and that goes with the vibe of the beach. What goes in Brazil may not be appropriate for Connecticut and may even get you arrested.
• I believe in the five-foot rule when setting up your place on the beach. Make sure that there are at least five feet between your stuff and your neighbor’s. Try not to block other people’s view of the water and remember to set up in back of the high tide mark so you don’t awake to a soaked towel and your cooler floating away.
• Leave only your footprints behind.

Tip: Unless you are 20 or Kim Kardashian, wear your cover-up to go to the beach bar.


Pic/Tweet from Kim.

Me being my smart a** self..... Gotta love @sweetieHughes for capturing this

Teresa-RHONJ Book Signing in Flemington, NJ

Teresa will be at Attachments located at  138 Main Street in Flemington, NJ for a Skinny Italian Book Signing from 7pm-9pm Wednesday July 21st.

Ramona-RHONY Final Moments of Vacation

Pic/sTweets from Ramona.

                                    The final hurrah on the boat hot tub before heading out!!

    In front of the boat we have been on the past 6 days in Newport RI has been the best time ever !

Bethenny in Tribeca

Pic. of Bethenny in Tribeca after filming The View.

Jill's charity work for orphans

Post from BlackTieMagazine.

The Hamptons Social Series Salutes
Help for Orphans International at Lily Pond

                                               Photo:Sunny Khalsa/

Jill Zarin, Bobby Zarin and R. Couri Hay hosted a Hamptons Social Series dinner on July 16th at Lily Pond. The night saluted Help for Orphans International.

Guests including Diane Lieberman, Jay Norris, Crystal Rodriguez, Glenn Myles, Bruce Galloway, Rebecca Sacks and Dawn Forgione, joined the Zarins at Lily Pond’s outdoor garden patio over Vision Vodka cocktails and a gourmet Asian meal by Philippe.
Jill Zarin wore stunning earrings and a bracelet from Turkish Jewelers Gilan.

Mary Amons-RHODC

Post from Guest of a Guest.

By Kelli Cheever
This marks the beginning in our Housewives review series. It's important you all know the cast members and their histories before you watch the series. Because what good gossip monger delves into a Real Housewives series without digging up as much info as possible? You can thank us later.
"It's all happening!" Is that Kate Hudson in Almost Famous? Wait, no it's our beloved Mary Schmidt Amons! It's one of her catch phrases (per her facebook page) and she's one of the latest ladies to storm Bravo as a cast member in Real Housewives of DC. Here's our take on her:

Age: 43(ish?)

Family: Married to Rich Amons for over 20 years. Together they have five children:

-Lolly (sidenote she appeared on Good Morning America with mama Mary for a segment about mothers and daughters who look the same age)

…what she likes to call "controlled chaos,"…that's one way to describe it? We just call it a whole lot of family.

Mary Amons, philanthropic super-mom of five, is a second generation Washingtonian with the quirks to match. One being she allegedly has a biometric fingerprint scanner to get into her impressive closet.

We love. And we die.

Like any good D.C. housewife, Mary has raised significant funds for local charities. One in particular is Labels for Love, a charity she founded in 2006 which supports various women's and children's causes.

So why did Mary decide to do Real Housewives when her friends thought it was, how do we say…déclassé?

According to Mary, she is an aspiring actress, and with legendary entertainer Arthur Godfrey as her grandfather, we bet she's had the entertainment industry in her sights for awhile now. After all, it's in her blood. Can't wait to to see how her "acting" skills play out on Real Housewives.

In addition to being an aspiring actress, Mary has also been a handbag and accessories designer…reminiscent of Kelly Bensimon? We don't see that craziness being played out in Mary, but with showbiz in her blood, we'll put our money on Mary to be the first D.C. housewife to release a song…'cuz you know someone will!

Kim/Kandi/Sheree on Star Island

From the Miami Herald Blog.

Posted by Lesley Abravanel
Has Kim Zolciak found her new sugar daddy on Star Island? The Real Housewives of Atlanta character is no stranger to Miami men--or women, having allegedly hooked up with DJ Tracy Young several months ago. And while that opportunity relationship didn't quite work out, Zolciak was reportedly on and off with her original benefactor, married Atlanta real estate mogul, Lee Najar. Until now, perhaps. In town with some of her fellow castmates for the Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Swim shows (why, we have no idea and as far as we know there was no She by Sheree show scheduled), Zolciak spent some QT with perennial Miami Beach party man, Thomas Kramer, who feted the Atlanta housewives at his Star Island sprawl, a Chuck. E. Cheese of sorts for the rich and horny. The bon vivant, who's also been trying to get into reality TV, would actually make an exceptional addition to Bravo's Hotlanta Housewives franchise as well as to Zolciak's bottom line, so don't be surprised if we see Zolciak flipping her wig over him in the coming weeks. On Bravo or otherwise.

Jacqueline-RHONJ Stay Away From My Family


Remember the days when Real Housewives’ Jacqueline Laurita was BFFs with Danielle Staub? That seems like a lifetime ago. There was once a time with Jacqueline would be quick to come to Danielle’s defense but now she’s just a quick to dish the dirt. It really seems that Jacqueline has been stunned by what she now sees as Danielle’s true nature and her scandalous past. But it isn’t all in the past anymore, now an ex-felon and an old cohort of Danielle’s, Danny Aguila, has reappeared and is demanding money from Danielle. And these old drug ties of Danielle coming out of the woodwork isn’t just annoying for Danielle it’s also affecting those around her and filling Jacqueline with fear. She wrote on her Twitter page that:
“Don’t even THINK about putting me in the same room w/that woman again! Enough is Enough!This is no joke!I fear 4our safety&those around her”

She added that “1986 called 2collect!We feared this from day1!D lied&denied it would happen when I confronted her!How dare she put us in danger!”

And in hindsight she is mortified that she may have put her kids in danger saying, “Would YOU want to be filming with her when he comes to “collect”?Or put UR family in danger?I was 1ce in her home w/my kids!”

And although Danielle claims she did nothing wrong and paid her dues, Jacqueline disagrees saying, “Ratting people out on a plea bargain is not the same as paying ur dues! Wrong place at the wrong time my ass!”

Do you think Jacqueline should feel that her family was or is in danger? Or do you think she’s just overreacting?