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Sunday, September 5, 2010

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How Good Is The Food The RHONJ Talk About?

Post from North

When Danielle Staub and sidekick Danny Provenzano crave panini, they head to the Market Basket in Franklin Lakes.

Though I assure you I am appropriately riveted by the hair pulling, urn crashing, poker playing, overspending and Andy Cohen-shoving, I can't be the only one watching "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and wondering …

Is that panini really that good? Is that smoothie actually worth downing every day? And is Teresa's "juicy" husband really at his pizzeria around the clock?

Someone had to find out.

The scene: Hanger-on Danny Provenzano suggests to Wayne's Danielle Staub that they grab a bite at the Market Basket. Danielle recoils. She might run into the other women! But, Danny informs her, they're all in Italy. Hooray! Danielle has suffered too long without a panini! Things were different before all this drama started, she says. "I'd go to the Market Basket maybe three times a week. We'd have a panini. It's, like, the best panini in the world."

And now? "Those women have threatened me to the point where I don't even want to run into them," she says. "Coming here meant having, like, a sinking feeling in my gut that out of nowhere they would come. I couldn't let my kids walk around here safely anymore."

The Market Basket = the war zone. Who knew? But the panini? They're very good.

I stopped in for the same one the deli manager says Staub chose that day, the Smoked Turkey Avalanche panini ($5.95). It was a perfectly proportioned pile of smoked-in-house turkey breast, Jarlsberg cheese, freshly made coleslaw and made-from-scratch Russian dressing, pressed to order (mine got a bit charred as I chatted up the deli guy about Danielle's appearance).

While I agree with Staub that a bite might not be worth risking our children's lives, I might be more willing than she to risk a Manzo confrontation. But on that fateful day, did she and Danny eat in the parking lot? As the real housewives of North Jersey know, the Market Basket has no seating. 813 Franklin Lakes Road, Franklin Lakes, 201-891-2000,

The scene: Staub and Provenzano are conspiring at the Oakland Diner, a frequent haunt. Staub orders "my blueberry banana smoothie."

"It's like an antioxidant," she informs him. "I don't know, I hit 47, I gotta start watching out for things. Plus, I have this nutritionist that's really, like, saying, 'The more blueberries, the better.' And I get a smoothie here once a day."

When I visited the diner, I didn't see smoothies on the menu and my order seemed to confuse the staff, who began rummaging around for ingredients. But I was finally presented with a watery, not particularly well-blended smoothie that had big chunks of bananas bobbing about and a vaguely artificial taste, probably due to what our waitress called an "ice cream smoothie mix."
What do you think Danielle's nutritionist would say about that? Well, diner owner Harry Mihas said later that Staub's version comes with orange juice instead of the "mix" – good call. He said Staub comes in two or three times a week, and has for years.
"One day she says, 'Harry, I'm trying to be on this show, would it be all right if I shoot video [in the diner]?' To myself I say, 'She's never going to get on TV, is she crazy?' I'm going, 'Knock yourself out.' Maybe a year passes by and I see my diner on TV. And I say, 'Look at that, she actually did it!' " And now "Housewives" fans come in to take pictures of the booths.

Mihas said Staub often gets the same salad with her smoothie – a chopped-up mixture of iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, two hard-boiled eggs and grilled chicken, dressed with olive oil and lemon. "I'm going to name it after her," he said. " 'Danielle's Salad.' Or, 'Danielle's Revenge'?"

I voted for the latter. 72 Ramapo Valley Road, Oakland, 201-337-1262.

The scene: Towaco's Teresa Giudice and her family are slinging dough at the Hillside pizza parlor owned by her "juicy" husband, Joe. "I'm so proud of all the hard work that Joe's put in the pizzeria, sacrificing not being at home, but I'm sure it will all be worth it," Teresa says.

The segment continues with lots of shots of her cute daughters, sauce and cheese, ending with the eldest, Gia, exclaiming, "You're the best pizzeria guy!" (At least we think it was Gia and we think that's what she said.) On Teresa's blog, she promised that any visitor to Giuseppe's Homestyle Pizzeria and Restaurant would definitely see Joe and might occasionally see her.

So I went in for lunch with my co-worker Virginia Rohan, The Record's resident "Real Housewives" expert. Rohan noted that the pizzeria has figured prominently in the Giudices' bankruptcy case – the trustee listed it as one of the businesses in which the couple failed to disclose an interest. Joe Giudice testified that his father actually owned the pizzeria. But our menu bore a picture of Teresa Giudice, listing her as the "owner."

Legalities aside, we did enjoy the charming family themes: paninis, pizzas and subs named after the couple and their children; a cheesesteak named "Fabulous"; and a sausage-and-peppers sandwich called "Love Love."

Our only issue with the place is that it stank like bug spray, which the guy behind the counter swore was not the restaurant's doing. Maybe the people upstairs, he said. Sadly, we didn't get to run this by Juicy Joe – he wasn't there when we visited and didn't call us back later. 1576 Maple Ave., Hillside, 973-351-5103.

Michaele Posing For Playboy Is Just Another Rumor

Post from CNN.

Photo: Bravo
From CNN's Jeff Simon
A spokesman for Michaele Salahi of White House party-crasher fame batted down on Saturday morning a story that claims the “Real Housewives” star would be appearing nude in Playboy.

“It’s another rumor,” Salahi’s media liaison Michael Cruz told CNN. “We have no information about any official offer from Playboy.”
The celebrity gossip blog TMZ reported overnight that Salahi had a Playboy photo shoot booked for later this month and that Salahi would appear “full-frontal, birthday suit naked."
“I haven’t spoken to anyone at TMZ,” Cruz said. “I am trying to track down who at TMZ they are getting their information from.”

Salahi and her husband made news as the "White House crashers" in November after attending President Barack Obama's first state dinner without an invitation.

Teresa To Host A Table Flipping Contest

Post from Radar Online.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice is doing her part to put a dent in her $11 million debt. The feisty Italian beauty—most known for her fiery temper and explosive outbursts on the show—will be hosting a table-flipping contest September 25 in Delaware, has learned exclusively.

Teresa, who infamously flipped a table in a fit of rage on season one after she got into an argument with fellow cast mate Danielle Staub, has admitted to hitting the work force since declaring bankruptcy with her real estate investor husband Joe. She is currently also promoting her best selling book, The Skinny Italian.

Teresa will appear at the Funky Monkey in Wilmington, Delaware, where she’ll hold a meet-and-greet with fans and invite women to flip a table for a prize.

Teresa opened up about her financial woes to In Touch magazine, saying, “I was humiliated. Joe thought things were going to get better.” The reality star said she and Joe have “learned a lot from our mistakes,” noting that he’s put a limit on her credit cards in the wake of their money troubles.

Teresa And Joe's Bankruptcy Woes

Article from Pop Eater.

Photo: Bravo
A New Jersey lawyer for the Dept. of Justice handling the case of Teresa and Joe Giudice in federal bankruptcy court has filed a complaint on Thursday objecting to the couple's request for Chapter 7 protection, claiming they intentionally failed to reveal major assets in their original petition. The court documents that appear to have been filed by Roberta A. DeAngelis have surfaced on a 'Housewife' blog. Sources of income alleged to be missing from the bankruptcy filing? The court documents list a $250,000 book advance from Hyperion received by Teresa for her cookbook 'Skinny Italian,' her ownership of an online boutique called TGFabulicious and more.

The complaint mentioning the book advance is pictured below:

The objection reads: "To date, the Defendants have not filed amended schedules that disclose the existence of the book 'Skinny Italian,' the publishing deal with Hyperion, Defendant wife's ownership of TG Fabulicious, LLC, or Defendant husband's ownership of 1601 Maple Avenue Associates, LLC."

The claim further alleges that the couple were untruthful in previous sworn testimony ("the Defendants have knowingly and fraudulently made false oaths in this case") as the contract with Hyperion was reportedly dated Oct. 22, 2009 -- just prior to the Guidices' petition for bankruptcy protection -- and signed within weeks of filing for Chapter 7. While Teresa has reportedly acknowledged in an April 2010 examination under oath that she received the book advance, her legal team has apparently done little to officially update court records about the newly disclosed assets.
Meanwhile, many of the couple's priciest belongings -- from vehicles to furniture -- were set to be auctioned off this month, but reports that lawyers for the couple are now trying to avoid the spectacle of a public auction by arranging for a more private sale.