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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paul Wharton And Lolly Amons Talk About Fashions Night Out

Caroline Knew Danielle Was Not Sorry

Post from Life & Style Magazine.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey explosive two-part reunion last night left millions of viewers with their mouths hanging open when cast members Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice made peace with their arch-nemesis Danielle Staub.

Photo: Bravo
Caroline told Life & Style exclusively why she shunned Danielle and how she knew better than to trust her.
"I knew she wasn't sorry," Caroline tells Life & Style of the shocking moment. "I wasn't about to let her end the show on a fake positive note. I refused to give her that moment."

In her own defense, Jacqueline, Caroline's sister-in-law, tells Life & Style that her decision to let Danielle hug her had less to do with giving in to Danielle and more to do with simply putting an end to an emotionally draining season.

"It's different to forgive than to give up," Jacqueline said. "I just gave up. We had been taping for 12 hours, and I was exhausted. I just wanted everything to go away. That's why I did it. I just couldn't deal with it anymore."
"During the finale, Danielle offered to stop the war of words," Caroline points out. "But she's still talking about everyone. She broke her promise. Things have not changed with her one bit. She's the same person now that she's always been, and I want nothing to do with her."
For more on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and what happened behind the scenes of the reunion pick up this week's issue of Life & Style, on newsstands tomorrow!

Jim Bellino Corrects Media Misquotes About His Loan

A post from Alexis's blog by Jim.

A Note from Alexis...
Media Misquotes Modification Facts 9/06/10
I find it necessary to clear up any misunderstandings regarding our loan modification as the media has (once again inaccurately) blown this out of proportion. Last year at this time I tried talking to our bank about a loan modification and they told me that if you are current, "we won't talk to you". In January of 2010 I made the decision to stop making payments so my bank would talk to me. In April they did, and I submitted a loan modification package. The bank didn't make me an offer to modify my loan until August.The fact is if the bank would talk to people before being late on your mortgage, we wouldn't have to go through this mess.

One press outlet misquoted and said that I said "Im not going to throw good money after bad, it's just not good business". What I said is that if you can't afford your payment then you should short sale or do a deed in leiu of forclosure because it's simply not good business to throw good money after bad. A lot of Americans are waiting for their banks to call them back and before long they find themselves in forclosure. The fact is that our government gave us a "PLAN TO MODIFY", so why are the banks not talking to us unless we stop making payments? I have successfully negotiated my modification and you can to!!! But make no mistake, I am having to pay over $25,000 in penalties and late fees just because my bank wouldn't talk to me when I was current.

Being proactive about your finances doesn't mean your broke or bankrupt, it's simply good business. Am I the only one having these problems with the bank? Your thoughts?

Jim Bellino

Danielle Is Done Being Used

Article from US Magazine.

As previously announced, Danielle Staub is officially gone -- but not forgotten -- from Real Housewives of New Jersey after two seriously drama-packed seasons.

The reality star, author and budding singer told about her departure from the Bravo hit that made her famous.
Photo: Bravo

"I'm way too good for this," Staub, 48, tells Us. "They have used me about as much as I can be used."

Since the moment the Garden State version of the franchise debuted last year, Staub clashed with the four other housewives, despite an initial friendship with Jacqueline Laurita.

"I think it's time for me to move on and upward," says Staub. "I don't see any interest for me to be attacked like that." (Staub's extensions were ripped out by Laurita's daughter Ashley Holmes, and she was threatened by Teresa Giudice during the second season's shocking finale, among many other memorable battles.)

"I mean, what's left for [the other castmates]? To kill me? Bravo seems to be glorifying their behavior. And I think it's almost like telling children to behave poorly at school, 'It's OK.'"

But Staub has big follow-up plans.

"I want my own show," she tells Us.

"I want to be me now," Staub continues. "Not me according to other people. Me...a spin-off is absolutely, positively where I'm going."

A spin-off, she says, would allow "my kids [Christine, 16, and Jillian, 12] to be seen for the wonderful children that they are. I want to be shown as a mother, an artist, a supporter of my charities and the foundations that I'm passionate about. I want to use my platform to speak about the things that I love in my life."

What about the future of RHONJ post-Danielle? "The bottom line is, they need me, I don't need them," she says. "They don't talk about anything but me. I don't talk about them, at all. I talk about me too!"
She adds: "I have no need for them in my life. They have a great need for me to make the show successful. I made it successful."
One topic her spin-off might cover: her continued search for her birth mother. "I did not give [this] to Bravo because I felt like there was no fair portrayal of me and my family... to share with people who didn’t even want to portray me as a human being."

"So that will be shared," Staub says. "I will do a breaking story on that when it does come out and it will be a part of my spin-off."

Life these days? "Life is fantastic!" she tells Us. "I am far too busy to be around things that don't make me feel good and people that don't make me feel good."

Alex's RHONJ Reunion Part Two Blog

Post from Bravo.

I Need a Mental Shower
By: Alex McCord
It’s Labor Day, and Simon and I spent a lovely weekend in Asbury Park, NJ with friends at the Paradise Tea Dance. How fitting that we’re watching the final, finale, finito last episode of New Jersey Season 2 in a gorgeous home on the shore with many, many housewives and husbands who are not on TV but no less real.

I didn’t write about Part 1 of the reunion, partly because of the shock. It’s no secret that I know all of the ladies to varying degrees, and am not objective. I like Teresa personally, though I cannot fathom how she and Joe got into the situation they currently face. I also could not believe her behavior during the first part of the reunion. I am not a fan of Danielle’s; however, no one deserves to be screamed at in the way Teresa screamed at Danielle. No one. I don’t particularly like Danielle, but I don’t blame her one bit for walking away.

Jacqueline brought up “married men” out of absolutely nowhere. Did she feel suddenly that she wasn’t slinging enough mud and needed to jump in? Maybe it was editing, but I often feel that when Danielle is concerned, accusations just come out of nowhere.
Can anyone on this show just apologize without qualifiers? It seems like that’s impossible. Danielle apologized for replying to the tweet where someone wished Ashley would kill herself, and I was happy that was brought up on the show because I remember seeing that online and thinking that there’s no way that Danielle could have responded without seeing the whole tweet. I appreciate her apology but do not believe that she didn’t read it. I think Danielle probably responded in the moment, then felt badly about it afterward. Would have been nice if she had said that.

The hair-pulling visual aid was silly to me. Melodramatic and not necessary, though it looked like Andy had fun.
Kim G. arrived, and was so excited to be there she nearly jumped up and down like a puppy. She and Danielle had their words, and I literally could not believe that Teresa demanded an apology from Kim for tweeting mean comments about the Giudice’s financial problems while simultaneously refusing to apologize for calling Kim on the stripper pole disgusting. My opinion? Neither of those comments were OK, and both were guilty as hell. I need a mental shower.

After Kim’s exit and Andy’s poll over who didn’t know she was coming, suddenly everyone grew up. The qualifiers on all the apologies dropped away and everyone seemed to get real. Have to say I was on the edge of my seat for the first time all season, wondering what would happen next. I couldn’t believe that Jacqueline and Danielle apologized to each other, that Teresa had a civil conversation with her, that after all this Danielle offered hugs to both Teresa and Jacqueline. Wow. I don’t know all the back story of season one and the previous relationships, and I admit that prior to tonight’s episode, the opinion I had of Caroline, Teresa, and Jacqueline had slipped last week. I couldn’t believe how crazy everyone had let themselves get over Danielle, and was thrilled to see all guns down. Good for Caroline for sticking to her feeling that she didn’t buy anything, and good for the rest for sticking to their own opinions. Andy has confirmed today that Danielle has left the show, so that’s that.

Have a great autumn, and I’ll continue to blog the D.C. Housewives amongst getting the chums ready for school, Simon’s new business, and my newest venture. To find out what else we’re up to, add us on Facebook or follow Simon and yours truly on Twitter.

Everyone Is Obsessed With Kelly's Hair

Post from People.

By:Jeffrey Slonim
The Real Housewives of New York City might be used to their castmate Kelly Bensimon’s competitive spirit, but when it comes to a real rivalry, the reality star says that the competition is all in the hair. “Everyone is obsessed with my hair,” she told PEOPLE at a polo match to benefit Nacho Figueras’s Work to Ride Charity at the Bridgehampton Polo Club on Sunday. “They always want to touch it.” Her colorist, Bradley Irion, who was on hand at the event, explained how he gives Kelly that enviable color. “We worked with her natural texture,” Irion said. “And then we just added to the beauty. We bumped up her base with a dark blonde, light brown, and then we hand painted highlights into the hair. We glaze that with a warm honey tone. It’s a natural gloss that bumps up the shine and enriches the highlights, so everything kind of blends together.” And Kelly can’t praise Irion’s work enough: “When I met Bradley, he said, your hair has to be natural. So he literally colored my base and let my natural hair color come through. People are constantly coming up to me and touching my hair. That’s what Bradley gave me. . . this touchable, gorgeous hair that’s real,” she said. And there’s another Bensimon that Irion has lent his magic touch to, according to Kelly. “He even cuts my dog’s hair.”

The Salahis Blindly Trusted The Wrong People

Article from The Huffington Post.

By:Diane Dimond
I took some time off my regular schedule to write a book. It's all about how we as a society have abrogated our opinion-making and handed it over to whatever media we follow.
Photo: Getty Images
For some people these days it takes too much time and effort to engage in critical thinking. But what if the media is just playing follow the leader - parroting each other and not really checking out the facts? It happens all the time and now more than ever we need to use our common sense to help lead us to the truth.

My new book is about the couple the media branded "The White House Gate Crashers," Michaele and Tareq Salahi. The name of it is "Cirque du Salahi - Be Careful Who You Trust" and I don't mention it here as just a shameless plug for my own work. I mention is because Cirque - or circus - perfectly describes the information superhighway traveling into our homes every minute of every day. It has become a circus of truths, half-truthful exaggerations and downright lies. Many of us gobble it up without stopping to think what we're digesting.

Let's analyze the nickname the press gave the Salahis just hours after they appeared at President Obama's first state dinner on November 24, 2009: "The White House Gate Crashers." But, whoa! Stop and think about that a minute.

Nobody "crashes" the gate at the White House, for goodness sakes! The place is ringed with armed guards and a massive security net. So why would the media say that - over and over before any real facts were known? Because it's catchy and it fits into today's terrorist watch mentality. Salahi - why it even sounds like a suspect Middle Eastern name!

The Salahis decided to open up to one person - me - and to tell their whole story. During my investigation I got to dissect all their e-mails with a White House representative who promised to try to get them in to the event. I discovered the Salahis honestly believed they were invited to the welcoming ceremony for the Prime Minister of India. I learned that once they arrived at the White House they presented their passports to not one - but two - Secret Service checkpoints and they were waved right in. Once inside the grand reception hall staff ushered them through the official receiving line and then into the lavish dinner tent set up on the South Lawn.

Now, what part of that sounds like a "gate crashing" to you? That's right - none of it. Yet to this day most media continue to refer to the Salahis as "crashers" and remind the public that federal charges are still a possibility. Ridiculous.

The Salahis immediately cooperated with federal investigators who learned the details I've just outlined for you - and much more. Yet those investigators apparently didn't pass the word on to the Congressional Homeland Security Committee. Even before the hearing members publicly vilified the Salahis. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee called them, "the perpetrators." Her colleague, Eleanor Holmes Norton declared, "Clearly they were outlaws before they crashed the White House." So when the couple was subpoenaed to appear before the committee there is there any wonder why they exercised their constitutional right to remain silent? With the deck already stacked against them they had no choice but to take their lawyer's advice and plead the fifth. Your lawyer would tell you to do the same.

It was a shameful kangaroo court proceeding conducted by the Congressional panel that's supposed to be concentrating on ways to keep the country safe in this post 9-11 atmosphere. Instead, the politicians were more interested in getting face time on TV while the story was still hot.

The Salahis are not like you and me. Months before the White House event they were cast as members on a "reality" TV show. An odd move, in my book, but being odd is not against the law in America. They owe money to multiple creditors but how many other citizens have gotten caught up in this bad economy? Their worst luck was to become the target in this new era of lock-and-load journalism. The media decides who the focus is and relentlessly zero in.

The Salahis biggest transgression may have been that they blindly trusted too many people. Their own entertainment lawyer paved the way to the White House state dinner then dropped them like a bag of toxic waste after the scandal broke. They trusted federal investigators would help clear their name. They trusted that the justice system and the federal grand jury hearing their evidence would exonerate them. They trusted that the media would ultimately get the story straight. But here we are almost a year later and the Salahis are still twisting in the wind.

Too many of today's professional journalists, augmented by mostly inexperienced internet bloggers, are all too eager to jump on the story-du-jour for fear of being left behind. Too bad they don't take the time to research facts before parroting what others have reported before them.

Be careful who you trust.

Teresa Is Worried About Bravo Footage Being Used In Court

Post from Pop Eater.

By Rob Shuter
Exclusive: Over the weekend, PopEater broke the staggering new report that Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, stand accused of fraud, after allegedly hiding over $250,000 when filing for bankruptcy. Now, sources close to Teresa tell me the 'Real Housewife' is terrified about what will happen next

"It's going to be a s**t storm when the truth comes out and Bravo is going to be filming the fallout," a friend of Teresa's tells me. "I feel so bad for her and honestly believe she had no idea what was going on, but she must know now."

Camera crews will be following Teresa and her family around for the next season of 'Housewives,' and she believes everything she says could be used against her in court.

The reality star's friend tells me she would rather drop out of the show altogether than end up in prison because of something she lets slip on TV. The poor thing is terrified.

Her legal troubles are not the only reason Teresa is scared. Insiders tell me Teresa's sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, contacted Bravo about joining the cast. Bravo liked the idea so much that they even spent a week with Melissa doing test filming behind Teresa's back.

"Teresa and Melissa do not get on at all," a family insider tells me. "That is why Teresa has been saying she would rather have Danielle stay on the show. If Melissa does join, Teresa will quit for sure."

[Bravo announced Monday that Danielle has been dropped from the cast. Boo!]

Between all the legal troubles she believes the show has brought her and the thought of taping scenes with Melissa, Teresa is over it. Plus, she can't go to prison -- she's claustrophobic.

Clip Of Jeana On Thintervention

Lynn's RHONJ Reunion Part Two Blog

Click HERE to read Lynn's latest post about the reunion and Teresa and Joe's bankruptcy problems.

Bethenny,Jason And Bryn In Montauk

Pictures of Bethenny, Jason and Bryn enjoying the Labor Day Weekend in Long Island.

Photo: StarTraks
Photo: StarTraks

Teresa And Bravo's Relationship Rocky?

Post from Page Six of the NY Post.

Don't expect Teresa Giudice to return for Season 3 of "Real Housewives of New Jersey," according to a friend of hers. Giudice struck a bad deal with Bravo over royalties from her best-selling cookbook, "Skinny Italian." The bankrupt babe is the only housewife in the franchise to give the network 10 percent of royalties from her book sales. In exchange, Bravo said it would make up the difference by promoting her book on the show. She filmed several scenes with the book, cooking and testing recipes -- but the footage never aired. The book was mentioned once during the reunion episode. Her friend told us Bravo is trying to hardball Giudice by moving to hire her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, whom she hates, as a possible replacement. Although Giudice is $11 million in debt, her friend said, "Teresa is done with Bravo, I don't think any amount of money will make her come back." A rep for Bravo didn't get back to us.

Caroline Chats With Cupcake Magazine

Article from Cupcake Magazine.

Caroline Manzo -- Genuine, Humble, & Anything but Drama!
We were so lucky to talk to Caroline Manzo today! Yes, can you believe it? We are both working on Labor Day.

Caroline was able to take time out of a family BBQ to chat with us before the big finale tonight of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. For those who need to be filled in - Caroline Manzo is the strong-willed fiery red head on Bravo TV's The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Laid back and very humble - Caroline thanks all her fans and supporters for the success of the show and says "You can't bite the hand that feeds you." -- and we couldn't agree more!
Photo: Getty

Are you excited for part two of the reunion show to air tonight?"
Caroline: We have not seen it. I can tell you the nuts and bolts of what happened, but we have not seen the DVD.

Do you usually see the show before it airs?
Caroline: Yes, it is delivered by courier and we see it before it airs, but we didn't this time. I don't know if it is because of the Labor day Holiday or if there is an ulterior motive.

What can you tell us about part two that airs tonight?
Caroline: The entire process was very intense, we taped for over 10 hours. Teresa's outburst, Jacqueline's out burst, which I think you will see tonight. I just thought "Oh My God. When is this madness going to end?"

Is someone in fact leaving the cast, as there are so many rumors about a "replacement"?
Caroline: I don't know that, but I would think that if someone is leaving the cast, they would already know. It's a roller coaster ride. What differentiate's us from the other shows is that this darkness, this negative impact, was not just television, this was our reality.

We know from talking to other cast members of The Real Housewives that what you see is what you get. I am guessing that is the same for you.
Caroline: What you see is what you get. Blaming editing, that's a cop-out, the camera does not lie. Editing is maybe 10% because of time restrictions, otherwise we would be on 24/7. The time frame has to be edited. Your mannerisms, your voice, what you say is there.

What is your favorite moment from the season?
Caroline. Sheesh, I dunno. It was so long ago... favorite moment.... favorite moment..."When we are cooking and joking around in the kitchen, being relaxed. no he said, she said."

I was going to ask you about that, we always see you cooking and in the kitchen. Have you thought of doing a cook book? I cook from Teresa's cookbook all the time. I would and I know your fans would love a cookbook from you.
Caroline: Without a doubt, cooking is such a huge part of our lives. Just today I was by Jacqueline's house, Chris did all the shopping and I did all the marinating with Albie and I cooked it. So many offers are coming in, we are trying to navigate through these waters. We'll see.

The weekly blog is great that you can and WANT to interact with your fans.
Caroline: They take the time to write us. Without them, we would be nothing, to not interact would be biting the hand that feeds you.

Do you have any makeup tips? As we saw during the reunion show, your makeup looks fantastic!
Caroline: Ah, for makeup tips you would need an interview with my daughter, Lauren. She did my makeup and Jacqueline's for the reunion show. Any questions for makeup tips, send them to my daughter!

Photo: Bravo
Did she really? She did an amazing job!
Caroline: I saw this in her, like you saw last season. I told her "I see this fashion and makeup talent in you, but you have to have the proper training." I think you'll see, in season 3, the "Evolution of Lauren."

Will you be attending NYFW?
Caroline: It's funny, for years, I would go to all the BIG shows. It became a job, if you go, you want to enjoy them. Not that the hoopla was focused around me, not that it would, but the industry, everything... I just want to go and enjoy it. I am going to Suzuka Patel -- just beautiful things and Beach Bunny and Chris Benz.

Are you attending FNO?
Caroline: I will be a Bloomingdales, singing karaoke with Kay Unger!

I'm sure you are very busy for NYFW, I know we are.
Caroline: There is just so much going on, I don't know which is way is up or down!

Oh ya, that is how we feel! Last year was so, crazy trying to get cabs. This year we plan to have a driver.
Caroline: That's what I told Albert. "This year just get me a driver!"

10 Things You Don't Know About Caroline:
1. I am very time conscious and very prompt.
2. I am easy-going and laid-back.
3. I don't like wearing a lot of make-up.
4. I am always in flats.
5. My first job was working for my Dad's plastic factory where I would lift 50lb bags. I worked the 4-12 shift.
6. Favorite designer is Carolina Herrea
7. Middle name is Claire.
8. Politic junky -- love the news channels.
9. Favorite food? Stuffed mushrooms.
10. I love to read. I read when I want to relax.

While Caroline couldn't confirm if all the speculation of Danielle leaving is true we are definely leaning towards a sign-off. We all will be tunning in tonight just to see what happens! Make sure you tune into Bravo tonight -- check your local listings!

In the mean time follow Caroline on Twitter and check out her blog where she answers a question every Monday night that a fan sends in -- real questions with real answers! Check out her website too! And thanks again to Caroline! We were big fans before but now we are even BIGGER -- if that is possible and looking forward to Season 3!

RHONJ Reunion Part Two Recap/Review

Article from

By:Vicki Hyman/The Star-Ledger
Did the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion leave you, like me, feeling a little verklempt? Did you also start to tear up when Jacqueline Laurita tells Danielle Staub that she wants to let go off all her anger, and Danielle tells her she's sorry and that she loves her, and they share an interminable hug, and we realize that we won't have to sit through any more pointless luncheons where the ladies discuss Danielle even though they hate hate hate talking about Danielle, or watch footage from incredibly inappropriate mother-daughter outings, like that trip to the gynecologist, or hear Teresa Giudice deny that her house is in foreclosure as the bankruptcy rolls on (the schadenfreude has long since worn off), or stop ourselves from hurling our highballs at the screen every time Ashley Holmes sneers "Whatever" ... for at least nine more months? Yes, the second season of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" is finally over. Whispers: Please no lost footage special. Please no lost footage special. Please no lost footage special.
Photo: Bravo
The second half of the reunion show was a lot like the first part -- Teresa snarling epithets at Danielle, Danielle deny, deny, denying any and all accusations lodged against her, then stalking off the set, Jacqueline jumping off the couch to follow her and being restrained by Andy Cohen -- hey, has he been working out during the breaks? Okay, the head in the high-end purse was a bit of a curve ball -- that was Danielle attempting to illustrate how yanking out hair extensions also pulls out actual hair -- and we enjoyed Kim Granatell's surprise visit and even more surprising hissy fit at Teresa. Kim G. wants on this show bad. But nothing was as shocking as Jacqueline's change of heart in the last few minutes.

"The more you would say, the more angry I would get, and the more I wanted to lash out at you," she tells Danielle. "I hated the person I was becoming, and it's gotten so ugly and out of control now. I just don't want to be in that place anymore, and I really don’t want to be this person that’s angry and attacking you all the time."
Danielle tells her she's truly sorry for everything that's happened -- Teresa rolls her eyes -- and promises that Jacqueline won't hear another word from her on the subject. When Andy asks her if that means she'll drop any (as far as we know, just rumored) litigation, Danielle says, "I will contact my attorney and make sure there is peace for everybody."
Photo: Bravo
Teresa then tells Danielle that she's never tried to spread rumors about her, which Danielle takes as an apology of sorts (we didn't), and Danielle gets up and hugs a flabbergasted Teresa. Then she turns to Jacqueline and envelops her in a hug and whispers, "You have my word, no more ... I'm moving on and I'm happy. I'm in a happy place ... I love you and I don't care who else believes it." The hug lasts for 43 excruciating seconds. Then she reaches out a hand to Caroline Manzo and tells her she's sorry for anything she did to her.

Caroline shakes her hand. Then she says, "This is the biggest crock of s--- I've seen in my life." "I have to be honest. If I'm a bitch, I will own it. I am not a coward. I am not a phony. This was phony." Oh, Caroline, I think I'll miss you most of all.

Danielle Staub produces a mannequin head to demonstrate the damage done when Ashley Holmes yanked out her hair extensions.
Other highlights:

-- Vis a vis the baby cancer benefit and Danny Provenzano calling Chris Manzo a gay slur, Danielle maintains that she can’t take responsibility for other people’s actions but says she did talk to Danny about that afterward, and that exchange was left on the cutting room floor. No one believes this. “I no longer speak to him as a result of that,” Danielle says. She must mean off-camera, because Danny made several appearances after the benefit episode. But then we established during the first part of the reunion show that Danielle is not friends with Danny; she just tapes with him. She also claims that she didn’t know about the entourage at the benefit until she was on her way there. “I’m not responsible for that.” Caroline: “You blame everybody else … Own up to one thing.”

-- Caroline says her neighbor told her that he often sees a white Range Rover outside her house, which just so happens to be the car Danielle drives. Teresa asks, stalk much? “Do you not think I have better things to do with my time than to drive down the street in Franklin Lakes?,” Danielle says. Last we checked, she’s unemployed and her two children are in school, so, um, no, we don’t think she has better things to do.

-- Jacqueline defends her parenting techniques and says that she and Chris took away the car they gave Ashley at the end of last season. Meanwhile, Jacqueline manages to score a point when she shows Danielle a Twitter exchange in which one of Danielle’s followers told her he wants to see Ashley commit suicide for his birthday, and she responded, “I hope your birthday wishes come true.” Danielle admits she does correspond with that particular follower, but she says her reply could have been in response to another tweet entirely. Danielle apologizes, sorta. “I’m sorry. I would never do such a thing, ever.” Denying you did something kind of negates the apology, doesn't it? Danielle also admits “it wasn’t right” to call Ashley a coke whore, which stemmed from a rumor she heard from Kim G. and her daughter. Kim G. flatly denies saying anything about Ashley using drugs.

-- Speaking of denials, Teresa is still saying she didn't start the fight at the North Jersey Country Club. “I was genuinely trying to say hi to her," she insists. And we genuinely do not buy that.
-- Jodi from Lodi asks Caroline if she’s willing to go to lunch with Kim G. now that she’s no longer friends with Danielle. Kim G. smiles beatifically at Caroline, who, after a pause, says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That was perhaps my favorite moment until …

-- Andy brings up Teresa’s blog entry in which she bemoans the lasting damage done to her psyche by seeing Danielle and Kim G.’s “old lady butt cracks” during the visit to Squeeze Lounge and some impromptu stripper pole lessons. “Sorry,” Teresa laughs to Kim G. “How old are you?” And Kim G. rips into her: “Let’s not go there and start with me. Because you know what? You’re going to go down if you start s--- with me right now.” “Don’t ever speak to me like that again,” Teresa tells her. Danielle tells Kim G. that playing both sides “made you look pathetic, and I hope you get everything you want from this. Be careful what you wish for.” Probably the wisest thing she's ever said.

Is Jill A Talent Agent?

Post from Page Six of the NY Post.

Is Jill Zarin grooming a new crop of reality stars? Sources say the "Real Housewives of New York City" loudmouth has recruited three young bloggers who signed 30-page talent contracts making Zarin their agent so she can pitch them exclusively to networks like Bravo, Oxygen and Logo. Zarin, who works with hubby Bobby in the fabric business, "considers herself to be a Jewish Benny Medina," who famously managed J.Lo, a source says. But Zarin's rep denies she's running a talent agency.

Bravo Confirms Danielle's Exit

Post from US Weekly.

Buh-bye, Danielle.
After a flipped table, yanked-out hair extensions and plenty of tears, Danielle Staub has officially left the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Bravo confirmed late Monday.

"The reunion was Danielle's last appearance," says Andy Cohen in a blog post of Monday night's explosive part-two of the second season's reunion, in which Staub continued to spar with Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita. (Staub and Laurita shared an awkward hug at the show's conclusion.)

"We thought the hugs were a great way to end two seasons of bitterness between the women." Cohen added. Fifth housewife Dina Manzo (Caroline's sister) departed the show in the middle of the second season after constantly clashing with Staub. "I would say 99.9 percent is because of Danielle [Staub], but the other .1 percent was drama created by her," she told Us Weekly exclusively in June.

Staub, 48, is a divorced single mom of two daughters; this past year she released her memoirs The Naked Truth as well as her debut single, "Real Close."

Bethenny,Jason And Bryn In Soho

Pictures of Bethenny and Jason strolling Brynn around Soho yesterday.

Photo: Wenn

Photo: Wenn
Photo: Wenn

Photo: Wenn