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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jim Bellino Corrects Media Misquotes About His Loan

A post from Alexis's blog by Jim.

A Note from Alexis...
Media Misquotes Modification Facts 9/06/10
I find it necessary to clear up any misunderstandings regarding our loan modification as the media has (once again inaccurately) blown this out of proportion. Last year at this time I tried talking to our bank about a loan modification and they told me that if you are current, "we won't talk to you". In January of 2010 I made the decision to stop making payments so my bank would talk to me. In April they did, and I submitted a loan modification package. The bank didn't make me an offer to modify my loan until August.The fact is if the bank would talk to people before being late on your mortgage, we wouldn't have to go through this mess.

One press outlet misquoted and said that I said "Im not going to throw good money after bad, it's just not good business". What I said is that if you can't afford your payment then you should short sale or do a deed in leiu of forclosure because it's simply not good business to throw good money after bad. A lot of Americans are waiting for their banks to call them back and before long they find themselves in forclosure. The fact is that our government gave us a "PLAN TO MODIFY", so why are the banks not talking to us unless we stop making payments? I have successfully negotiated my modification and you can to!!! But make no mistake, I am having to pay over $25,000 in penalties and late fees just because my bank wouldn't talk to me when I was current.

Being proactive about your finances doesn't mean your broke or bankrupt, it's simply good business. Am I the only one having these problems with the bank? Your thoughts?

Jim Bellino


  1. Tell us Jim, what should I think?


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