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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Caroline Knew Danielle Was Not Sorry

Post from Life & Style Magazine.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey explosive two-part reunion last night left millions of viewers with their mouths hanging open when cast members Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice made peace with their arch-nemesis Danielle Staub.

Photo: Bravo
Caroline told Life & Style exclusively why she shunned Danielle and how she knew better than to trust her.
"I knew she wasn't sorry," Caroline tells Life & Style of the shocking moment. "I wasn't about to let her end the show on a fake positive note. I refused to give her that moment."

In her own defense, Jacqueline, Caroline's sister-in-law, tells Life & Style that her decision to let Danielle hug her had less to do with giving in to Danielle and more to do with simply putting an end to an emotionally draining season.

"It's different to forgive than to give up," Jacqueline said. "I just gave up. We had been taping for 12 hours, and I was exhausted. I just wanted everything to go away. That's why I did it. I just couldn't deal with it anymore."
"During the finale, Danielle offered to stop the war of words," Caroline points out. "But she's still talking about everyone. She broke her promise. Things have not changed with her one bit. She's the same person now that she's always been, and I want nothing to do with her."
For more on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and what happened behind the scenes of the reunion pick up this week's issue of Life & Style, on newsstands tomorrow!



    What makes you think that your opinion counts?
    Only at your house with Albert,Albie,Chris and
    can't think of your daughter's name,do you carry any weight.You're an OLD BITTER WOMAN,I
    feel very sorry for you.You think with all those old as you are cli-ches make you look
    good,act your age old woman and stay in your
    kitchen where you belong.Danielle did nothing
    to you and your family.AND WHAT THE HELL IS SO
    SPECIAL ABOUT YOUR FAMILY??You've got 3 adult
    children that you've bottle-fed for over 21 yrs
    The seem to be nice kids,but they'd better hurry and get the hell out of that house and
    around you unless they want to be like you ,and
    I wouldn't wish that on a dog.You're a Mean and
    scary person.

  2. This episode confirmed for me: Caroline Manzo can lose weight all day long, a Pig Is a Pig is a Pig. She said last week to Tree-Bag: “If I knew you were like this all the time, I wouldn’t be friends with you.” Well? What else do you need Caroline? They showed the fight at the fashion show, and there’s your fat ass on the couch giggling at Teresa. In fact they are ALL giggling at the hair-pulling demonstration. Caroline is the pushiest, most obnoxious bitch I have ever heard on television in my life. She interrupted Danielle about 30 times. And in the middle of conversations that didn’t even INVOLVE her. She LEAPT in to answer for Jacqueline regarding the Facebook fight. It sickens me how many of you “just love” Caroline and think she’s “so classy”.

    Makes me wonder what on earth you grew up with that that’s your idea of class. THIS is a woman you admire? You think it’s CLASSY to verbally berate another woman on television? A woman who isn’t even speaking to you directly? Just to jump in with hurtful details, or to say “STOP” or NEXT” or LIAR”? This is classy to you?

    I heard Danielle say “I shouldn’t have done it and I am sorry” SEVERAL times in BOTH episodes, and I haven’t heard ANY of the rest of them say that in EITHER episode. NOT ONCE.

    And Andy never stopped. Just GLOSSING over Jacqueline and her fresh-mouth little bitch daughter, who should have been sent off to boot-camp YEARS ago.

    So now we get to the end, and Jacqueline has her epiphany. Its about damn time, lady. You just barely squeaked by with your life on that one. You are LUCKY Danielle is still so needy that she not only forgave you, but that inky haired train wreck of an animal next to you.

    And then…oh then….Bless her heart. She had to try, didn’t she. My heart broke for Danielle when she said “It would be an honor if you would shake my hand” to that Manzo Pig and that’s when it all came to me, clear as a bell. ALL of the problems on this show? ALL of the shit we’ve been blaming on Teresa, and Danielle, and Danny Bagadonuts, and Jacqueline and her daughter Bob Marley…all of these problems lie squarely at the Feet of Caroline Manzo. She WILL NOT FORGIVE. She WONT LET Danielle have a clean slate

  3. When Danielle got up to go over to Jacqueline you could SEE Caroline bristle like the whiskers on her face. Even earlier, when Caroline said regarding Tree-Bag and Jacq: “I tried to Counsel them” …she’s got to be running the show….she makes me VOMIT. She WILL NOT LET THEM HEAL. For all of her “Lipstick on a Pig” references, that’s all I could think about as Caroline is glowing on Wendy Williams today about her weight loss: Doesn’t matter sister. Lose all the weight in the world and you’re still a big, pushy, obnoxious, Interrupter Extraordinaire BULLY. As to Caroline and Danielle’s Big Dinner, with Caroline saying “If Danielle will disappear out of our lives, we’ll disappear out of yours”. Guess what Grandma, then YOU AINT GOT A SHOW. Do you really, REALLY think we give a rats ass what you do all day?