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Monday, July 19, 2010

Lynn's latest post about Jacqueline's-RHONJ blog

Click HERE for Lynn's post about Jacqueline's blog from last week.

More Steve/Danielle Drama

From the NY Daily News.

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BY Kristie Cavanagh
Staub's ex, Stephen Zalewski, is suing her for defamation of character and harassment after the reality star claimed on the show's "Play at Your Own Risk" episode that she didn't know he was filming their sexcapades, reported E! Online.

According to New Jersey state law, recording a person during sexual acts without his or her knowledge is illegal.

"She was standing there talking with her friends about how Steve hid cameras and recorded her with out her knowing," Zalewski's attorney, Nace Naumoski, told E!

"Any sex tape with Stephen in it was made with her bidding," the attorney added to He added that he has emails and text messages to prove Staub knew about the tape.

"I have people come up to me in restaurants telling me I'm going to hell, I'm not a good person," Zalewski told Radar. "I try to explain to people I didn't do anything wrong. She would send me video texts of her playing with her self, I have nothing to do with that."

"Basically I want her to stop lying and ruining people's lives, she's really out of her mind, there's something wrong with her," Zalewski continued. "She plays the victim and says everyone is out to get her, but it's really the other way around."

Meanwhile, Staub is taking some legal action of her own.

After Ashley Holmes, daughter of "Housewife" Jacqueline Laurita, physically attacked Staub during last week's episode of the reality show, Staub is now suing Holmes and her table-flipping foe Teresa Giudice, according to PopEater.

Staub's attorney in the case, Paul Giblin, told Hollywood Life, "We are going to use this footage and prepare a case against these women. We are seeking assault and battery charges, defamation of character and punitive damages as well."

But Giudice isn't taking Staub's suit too seriously.

"Don't make me laugh. I think she's defamed her own reputation all by herself," she told PopEater.

Danielle-RHONJ being stalked

From Perez
They must roll their eyes every time they get a phone call from her!

Danielle Staub alerted the police after Danny Aguilar, a convicted felon, called her last night demanded $100K from saving her ass from some drug dealers years back.

Aguilar says:

“My money got her out of trouble with these drug dealers. They wanted her dead and I didn’t want them to kill her. I paid for it. We all got popped, everyone went to jail and she snitched.”

Aguilar was the co-defendant when Staub was charged for extortion and intent to distribute cocaine. She agreed to a plea bargain where she would testify against Aguilar in exchange for 5 years probation and cocaine testing. As for Aguilar, he went to jail.

Danielle has been calling Aguilar "a celebrity stalker," but he begs to differ saying:

"I’m the ‘Real McCoy, I’m the one that did 15 years in a federal penitentiary over you. I’m no stalker.”


That Danielle is one shady lady!

NeNe at AZ Araujo Fashion Show

Pic. of NeNe when she was in Miami Beach for the AZ Araujo show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011.

Meet Bethenny in Philly

Bethenny will be in Philadelphia at PA Wine & Spirits Store in Franklin Mills from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 22. The store is located at 401 Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia, PA 19154.

Bethenny created Skinnygirl Margarita™ to give people the opportunity to enjoy a lower calorie, all natural, ready-to-drink margarita. The cocktail is made with premium Blue Agave clear tequila and sweetened with agave nectar. One four-ounce serving contains 100 calories, compared to an average margarita which has 400 calories.

Skinnygirl Margarita™ sells for $13.99 for a 750 mL bottle and will be available for purchase at the store. The event tasting will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and is complimentary for those 21 and older.

NeNe Talks to Fantasia

Video from 11 Live Atlanta.

Is Bethenny Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Post from

By:Jodi Jill
Bethenny Frankel was in Los Angeles yesterday taping 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader'. The television personality tweeted about her adventure when she was in route to LA.

'OK On the place on my way to LA to film"are you smarter than a 5th grader?"Who has a 5th grade child? Give me some tips!

The game show is a competition between an adult and a makeshift classroom of 5th graders. While this doesn't sound like much, usually the 5th graders look smarter. How Bethenny handled the pressure is unknown as she didn't tweet what or how she did on the game show

One thing for certain, she missed her baby and after being in Los Angeles all day Sunday, she packed her bags and headed back to the Big Apple to hold the child by morning. This new mom is all about experiencing life with her child and living life to the fullest.

Jill and Ally promote Project Green Dorm

Post from Mom Logic.

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by Vivian Manning Schaffel
As the current co-president of the New York chapter of Teens Turning Green (an organization devoted to education and advocacy about environmentally and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools and communities), Ally created "Project Green Dorm" to raise teen awareness about "an all-encompassing eco lifestyle."
Ally says her organic lifestyle has a made a huge impact on how she feels -- literally and figuratively. "I felt that the things around me weren't helping my situation. [Ally struggles with arthritis.] I took all the toxic chemicals out of my food, and I haven't been in pain in a while -- I've stopped taking my medicine! I realized it's not only food, but what I put on my body and what I use every day. I feel much better all around -- it's been essential for me."

She says "greening up" a dorm room can simply come down to making educated purchasing decisions. "It's pretty amazing how accessible organic stuff is today, but no one realizes it," she says. "People usually buy what's cheapest for their dorm, but places like JCPenney have organic stuff, too!"

Ally recommends a few easy ways to "green up" your kid's dorm:

•Reuse old furniture by painting it with no-VOC paint, such as YOLO Colorhouse.
•Invest in organic sheets. Ally swears by those made by Coyuchi.
•Ally's a big fan of using biodegradable laundry detergents like Soap Nuts -- just take three, put them into a canvas bag with your dirty laundry and stick quarters into the machine!
•Check out local antique or vintage shops for furniture. (Steer clear of plastic.)
•Buy lots of plants -- they produce oxygen and help clean the air.
Ally's proud mom, Jill Zarin, says it's important to support kids with their "green" mission.
"It's just a matter of educating your teenager," she says. "You have to show them the alternatives and encourage them to make the green choice. You also should give your kid a few extra dollars, because it's more expensive to be green and organic. Part of the experience of going to college is wanting to change the world -- and hopefully, what Ally's doing will help."