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Friday, August 6, 2010

Michaele-RHODC Was An NFL Cheerleader?

Post from lalate news.

by lalate
Michaele Salahi a former Redskins cheerleader or not? The background of Michaele Salahi (Real Housewives of DC) remains in dispute like her claim that she wasn’t crashing the White House event in 2009.

The Bravo bio does not say Salahi is a former Washington Redskins cheerleader, a description used elsewhere. But Maureen Dowd has said Salahi is a “faux Redskins cheerleader”. Another report says that Michaele allegedly crashed the 2005 Redskins Cheerleader Alumni reunion. The report also claimed she alleged acted peculiar in 1994. One cheerleader explains that in 1994 “we had an early morning pep rally before the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and Michaele requested to borrow my pom poms. I was very nervous about this as NFL cheerleaders have strict rules not to lend their uniforms to anyone under any circumstances. “

In 2009, Wikipedia wasn’t convinced either, noting, “Michaele Salahi has claimed to be a former model and Washington Redskins cheerleader, she has also claimed to have been featured in numerous television spots, was the face of’s

Today, Salahi is still angry about alleged Whoopi Goldberg “abuse” in the final hours before Real Housewives of D.C. premieres. But Michaele Salahi has allegedly made the same allegation against another person just within the last year. Attorney Cindy Revesman had a client suing Tareq Salahi in 2009. She claims that during a meeting, Michaele said the same thing about her.

“I didn’t know Michaele Salahi from a hole in the wall … she claimed to be Tareq’s attorney, then she told the judge she wasn’t. We go to an anteroom that’s no bigger than 10-by-10 feet, I’m there with my client and I put my finger out to get her attention and at the same time she turns around, and (the finger) touches her. She said, ‘Don’t hit me!,’ she looks at the bailiff and says, ‘Make sure you don’t hit me again.’ I say I don’t know what’s going on here, I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I get called by the city of Falls Church (Va.) that afternoon saying there’s a complaint filed that says I hit her.”
A judge didn’t agree with Michaele Salahi’s allegations.

Article added 8-9-10 from

By:Sunny Pepper
Michaele Salahi's claims to have been a Redskins cheerleader are, in fact, bogus. According to a statement released from the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association, the alleged White House party crasher made claims that were unsubstaniated and now completely denied by the Redskins Cheerleader organization.

“The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association does not have any records or pictures that would verify Ms. Salahi’s claim to have been a Washington Redskins Cheerleader," says alumni rep, Terri Lamb.

She adds in her statement to, "Furthermore,

the director, choreographers, captains, and numerous members during that time period have no recollection of Salahi’s involvement.”
While the Redskins Cheerleader group had originally said Mrs. Salahi had "misrepresented" herself to get on the alumni roster, Lamb's most recent statement completely denies any reocord of involvement by Michaele (or any associated moniker).

Scathing RHODC Review

Post from PB Pulse.

By: Leslie Gray Streeter
The Washington Post’s Hank Stuever had a great, scathing column about Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” about how the only accurate things in the title were “the” and “of,” as there are no housewives, most of them live in the suburbs and they’re as fake as fake is fake.
You got that right, man!

“RHDC” is another chapter in Bravo’s attempt to present the most fabulous and exclusive ladies in a fabulous city, never mind that the REALLY exclusive socialites would never, ever be on a Bravo reality show. It’s all social climbers and people trying to promote their businesses. And that’s cool – I can’t be mad at somebody trying to get paid. Let’s just not pretend to those outside of the city that these ladies are the creme de la creme. They tried to get those ladies, and had to settle for, like, the Redi-Whip.

Photo: Bravo
We first meet Mary, granddaughter of famous broadcaster Arthur Godfrey, and her family, as they prepare for their cutesy family portrait. Mary says she is a life-long Washingtonian, although she now lives in the Virginia suburbs. I cry foul on that – you don’t live in D.C. You live in Virginia. Don’t get all proprietary about being a lifelong resident of a city if you fled to the burbs.

Stacie, our next housewife, agrees with me on the suburbanites who claim to live in the city they bounced from. She’s a realtor selling crazy expensive homes, a wife and mother who runs a tight ship, and the first of several people who will name-drop the Obamas in this episode. And if you think her reference is obnoxious…well, just wait.

Lynda runs a modeling agency, the top one in the city, although she admits that there aren’t all that many fashion clients there, anyway. So, yay for you? She flirts with a tall, yummy male model, who looks like a more pretty-boy, younger version of Ebong, her tall, young boyfriend. Ebong can work a turtleneck and seems too nice for Lynda.

Michaele is that bleached-blond lady in the sari who crashed the White House state dinner with her husband back in the fall. You remember her – the chick who insisted that they were invited by a third party but didn’t have an invitation? I always thought that was a fail on their part and on the part of the White House – the security should only let those in with an actual invite, who are on the list, and the Salahis shouldn’t expect that the White House is like getting into a party at Pookie’s house – “No, no, we talked to his cousin, Ray-Ray! You know Ray-Ray, right? He said it was cool!”

You know who thinks Michaele is cool? Nobody on this show. They seem to all think she’s flighty and possibly anorexic. You see her flitting around the polo event that her husband runs, kissing and hugging for five seconds before she runs off to hug somebody else. She seems to be really sort of sweet, actually, but she’s so unfocused that she’s sort of unprofessional. Also, she’s too tan for that hair color. Just saying. Then again, all of these catty bisnatches saying they “love” her while rolling their eyes at her don’t warm my heart, either.

So far, I kind of like Stacie, don’t love Michaele but wanna hug her, and am indifferent to Lynda and Mary. But I’d rather be handcuffed to any of those ladies for the rest of my life than to have half a latte at the Starbucks with Cat, the husky-voiced Brit who has just moved to town (well, the suburbs of town) with her new husband, White House photographer Charles. (Apparently, they aren’t even together anymore. Awkward.) Cat is one of those people who is impressed enough with herself to cover all the people who hate her, so she doesn’t really care how she comes off. She looks down her nose at Michaele’s polo event, and makes a comment to her kids about how much bigger Americans are than other people. Come over here, Skinny, so I can smack you with this Twinkie.

We go back to Mary’s, where she explains that she’s had a biometric lock put on her closet so that her slacky daughter can’t wear her clothes. Oh, please. If you don’t trust her, don’t let her stay in your house! Or, just share! Or tell her “Girl, stay out of my closet!” I know it’s expensive, but it’s the pricey version of not leaving your purse around parties when you know some of the guests are shady. It’s upscale ghetto.

It’s Mary’s birthday, and she’s invited a lot of the ladies, including Stacie, who she sits next to Ted Gibson, hairdresser to the stars. She tells them that they’re gonna be best friends. Oh, Mary. You have no clue how obnoxious that is, do you? No, you don’t. She also drunkenly tells them that now that Obama is in the White House, it’s time for black people and white people to integrate their hair salons. I understand her point, but, seriously. That’s the key to harmony? Stacie and Ted give her that polite, pursed-lipped “Silly person, please” look that Clair Huxtable used to give Cliff.

Stacie gets to return the favor as a hostess next, as she is getting Janet Jackson’s chef to come over and give a cooking lesson. It’s so cute that she and her friend pretend that there is any question about the guest list – “Should we invite Cat?” Of course you’re inviting Cat. That’s in the script. Sigh.

Various catty messes ensues- Mary’s husband gets an award from the Washingtonian for being a style setter, but the presenter mispronounces his name; Lynda and stylist Paul Wharton, who has that ’80s flat-ironed black man’s hair like half of Prince’s band used to sport, get catty about how she missed Michaele’s polo event, which she never really intended on going to in the first place. They’re both foul.

Speaking of foul – Cat shows up at Stacie’s party intending to explain how awesome she is, whether or not she has to insult everyone in the place. Whatever. She’s fabulous, right!? She sticks her nose up at the sake being served, but does score some points with the shots that Charles took of Joe Biden that afternoon. And I am not kidding when I say that they are sexy. Well, Joe Biden sexy. He’s all smooth in the back of a limo with his shades, on the phone. Very GQ. Go Joe!

Unfortunately for Cat, she can’t stop name-dropping there. She talks about how President Obama “lived our whole romance” through his association with Charles, even though she’s never met the President. Stacie sort of notes that and moves on. Cat, however, does not – Seems she’s mad at Obama because he didn’t RSVP to her wedding or come to her husband’s award ceremony.

Stacie interviews that the president, you know, may have been busy running the country or something, which has not occurred to Cat. Cat’s one of those “I gotta be real” people, whose realness supercedes politeness, or propriety, or other people’s feelings. She’s sort of a jerk, which we find out when the chef mentions that he cooks for Tyra Banks.

“Poor you,” you says.


Apparently, Cat is not a Tyra fan, which she demonstrates with an unfortunate imitation that involves a bit of Ebonics and some stereotypical neck toss. And here’s the thing – that’s exactly what Tyra does, so Cat’s not wrong about her, and about her ridiculousness. Stacie and her friends get offended because she is trashing two prominent people they like, who happen to be black. Personally, I don’t think Cat’s racist. She’s just clueless, You have the right to dislike Tyra Banks’ imaage, but it’s rude to say that in front of someone who knows her personally, when you don’t. Rude, rude, rude. And while the Obamas should have RSVP’d to her wedding, she sounds like an idiot grousing about it, because he’s busy. A lot. Let it go.

So to review: Mary doesn’t trust her kid and thinks we’d all be better off if we went to the same hairdressers. Lynda’s phony, with a hot boyfriend. Michaele is a clueless, sweet ninny. Stacie is not a fan of Cat’s. Cat is a fan of Cat’s.

Coming up next – Party crashing at the White House! Saltiness! More Ted Gibson! Lots of wine drinking if I’m gonna get through this season!

Sonja Steps In For Ramona To Host "Colors of Hope"

Post from Page Six of the NY Post.

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage
Ramona Singer promised to host the Colors of Hope Hamptons Gala for AIDS Ophans in Africa today in Water Mill, but she backed down after organizers repeatedly tried to reach the "Real Housewives of NYC" star. Her assistant responded to organizers two weeks ago with a slew of excuses why she wouldn't be in the Hamptons. But when it was announced Thursday that her castmate Sonja Morgan agreed to step in as a host, Singer called minutes later to ask to be added to the guest list. Singer told us she never agreed to host: "It's wrong. I never lie. I say it straight."

Michaele Not Missed At The Madison Hotel Premiere Party

Post from The Hollywood Gossip.

by Hilton Hater
Whoopi Goldberg is not the only person to despise Michaele Salahi.

Just one episode into The Real Housewives of D.C. on Bravo, the reality star's castmates are already talking badly about her and even making threats about future seasons.

After Michaele and husband Tareq didn't appear at the show's season premiere party yesterday, Catherine Ommanney said: "I don’t want to see them; I don't want to talk to them. I don’t want to be associated with them."

Would she return for a second season if the Salahis were still part of the cast? "Absolutely, categorically, no. I'll have to have therapy the rest of my life to get over being associated with her."

Another Housewife, Lynda Erkiletian, shared a similar sentiment with Us Weekly: "I was very happy to hear that they had their own premiere party and would be attending that and not torturing us any more than they have in the past."

Meanwhile, Mary Schmidt Amons takes the side of Goldberg when it comes to the tiff between Salahi and The View. She says:

"I don’t think the Salahis are really good at saying they’re sorry to anyone. It’s not my place to judge. All I know is that the accusations coming forward from the Salahi camp are completely false. It was on camera, a 200-person audience - Whoopi was just trying to encourage her to get back on task to the question, just get back to the question and answer the question."

Hmmm... remember when Stacie Scott Turner said this version of the Housewives franchise would focus on sophistication over fighting? That was funny.


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Jill Talks About Her Book On The Morning Blend

Click HERE to see an interview with Jill, she visited The Morning Blend, a local Las Vegas show.

Ramona And Mario

Pic./Tweet from Ramona.

Ramona & Mario - Oceana Benefit

Jill Enjoying Las Vegas

Pics./Tweets from Jill in LV.

@Jillzarin Look how Happy, Safe and Sound at Hers Encore's Suite! Thanks for inviting me in :-)
Sexy Bobby with a gun at the gun store!
@allyzarin getting ready at pole position race car driving!
@AllyZarin with friends
Follow @chefcarlapell from Rao's at dinner with us! She has best recipes. Cheesecake and veal parma coming!
Me shooting a gun!!!
Check out this cake union at aria made us!!! A masterpiece. Thank u so much!!!
At beach club with my bff Caroline. Having fun

A@Jillzarin my gorgeous Friend Jill Zarin Just Now.... At Surrender! God Bless Vegas!!!

Jersey Girls Ready For Off Broadway

Pic./Tweet from Jacqueline.

Check out our bridal party hair & makeup 4 My Big Gay Italian Wedding! Lol!

Kelly-RHONY In Vegas

Pics./Tweets from Kelly In Las Vegas.
Last day at tao. Just worked out on what felt like a cross country machine
Leaving tao beach in tracy feith and @stellamccartney bag. I will miss u vegas

At american shooters. I have a new found respect for cops and the armed forces

Alex and Jill To Attend The East Hampton Library Authors Night Benefit

From PR Web.

On Saturday, August 14, 2010, The East Hampton Library will present its 6th Annual Authors Night benefit event.

The evening’s Founding Chairman, Alec Baldwin, Honorary Co-Chairs Ken Auletta, Candace Bushnell, Robert Caro, Jay McInerney, Richard Reeves, and Authors Committee Chair Barbara Goldsmith will be joined by more than 150 distinguished authors.

Featured authors include Alan Alda, Bryan Batt, Lorenzo Carcaterra, Laura Day, Paul Goldberger, Brad Gooch, Hilary Thayer Hamann, Jane Stanton Hitchcock, A.M. Homes, Sam Lipsyte, Kati Marton, Taylor Plimpton, Adam Ross, Gail Sheehy, Helen Simonson, Dava Sobel, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Stuart Woods, "Real Housewives of New York" stars Alex McCord and Jill Zarin, and many more!

The evening begins at 5:00 pm with the Authors Reception under the tent on the Library grounds, where guests will enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine and have the opportunity to meet and mingle with the authors, buy their books and have them personally inscribed.

At 8 pm, immediately following the Authors Reception, guests will be hosted at specially themed dinners in honor of one of the guest authors, at private homes.

Ticket prices are $100 for the Authors Reception only, and begin at $225 for the reception and private dinner. Tickets are available online at the Authors Night website ( at the Library (159 Main St., East Hampton, NY) and by calling (631) 324-0222 x7.

Proceeds from this special event benefit The East Hampton Library, a private, not-for-profit organization providing outstanding free library services to the East Hampton community.

RHOA To Attend The First Annual World Leadership Awards

Post from My Fox Atlanta.

ATLANTA, Ga. - The stars will be out on Friday night in Atlanta as Usher’s New Look Foundation hosts the first annual World Leadership Awards. The event, which will take place at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center, has quite the guest list, with Justin Bieber, Ciara and Usher set to perform.

Among those scheduled to be honored at the star-studded event was former President Bill Clinton, who will accept the Service Legacy Award. Bieber will receive the Global Youth Leader Award. Eight different awards will be given out before the night is through.

The New Look Foundation was founded by Usher. It’s a non-profit that aims to motivate and mobilize young people around the country to become corporate and community leaders.

Also on Friday night’s guest list were Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, LPGA golfer Michelle Wie, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss, Kim Zolciak, and Nene Leakes, former Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson, and Atlanta Hawks Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams, to name a few. Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier was to serve as the event’s host, along with 14-year-old Nadji Jeter, a New Look alumnus and Atlanta native who starred in Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups.

Catherine and Charles Ommanney Divorcing

Article from DBKP.

In the first episode of Bravo’s newest Real Housewives franchise, Real Housewives of DC, Brit cast member Catherine Ommanney also known as Cat Ommanney talked about her romance with her husband photographer Charles Ommanney, a romance which, according to Catherine, Charles shared with Obama. Catherine talked about her wedding which, sadly Obama didn’t RSVP. Catherine showed her new Real Housewives “girlfriends” a cellphone pic Charles snapped of sexy, suave VP Joe Biden in the back of a limo. But that was then, when Bravo cameras were filming the episode, somewhere in the misty, murky early summer of 2009. A year later Reliable Source reported “Real Housewives of D.C.’s” Catherine Ommanney and husband Charles split, even before show airs.

Reliable Source:

When reality TV entered her life, Ommanney was both extremely new to her marriage and extremely new to Washington. Few in D.C. cocktail culture had heard of the blond, British mother of two when her name surfaced in connection with the show’s taping last year. And it was only in the summer of 2008 that she wed the prizewinning photojournalist, after a brief courtship in England, and followed him to the States.

Sources close to the production have described Ommanney as well-liked by the rest of the cast, and by most indications she hasn’t provided as much drama as, say, her White House-dinner-crashing co-star Michaele Salahi. (Bravo hasn’t officialy unveiled the cast, but other presumed stars include McLean socialite and mom Mary Amons, D.C. real estate agent Stacie Turner and modeling agency owner Lynda Erkiletian.)
Media Life Magazine:

The freshest-feeling member of the group is Catherine Ommanney, a British interior designer and writer who divorced her husband and moved with their two children to the States to marry a fellow Brit who’s a White House photographer. Despite her posh-sounding accent, Cat proves to be the biggest boor of all when she can’t stop bragging about her husband and sharing unwelcome opinions at a little party Stacie throws.

On June 18th the New York Times reported Catherine and Charles’ split occurred after taping ended with the shutters now drawn on the “pretty yellow clapboard house” the Ommanney’s rented, Catherine’s daughters “shipped back to England to live with their father”.

In July of 2006 the Daily Mail published an article about Catherine Ommanney who at the time was Catherine Davies, a divorced 34-yr-old mother of two. Catherine caused a sensation after sharing a night out and a passionate kiss with then 21-yr-old Prince Harry. The following quote is from the Daily Mail article. An article which Catherine, who didn’t want to reveal the “details”, delivered to the press the equivalent of a short story about her night and her kiss with Prince Harry.

Well-spoken Catherine is not the archetypal ‘kiss and tell’ girl. The daughter of an entrepreneur, she was born in Marlborough and educated at private school Dauntsey’s before moving to London and starting her property development and interior design business.

She married in 1997 and had two daughters, Ruby and Jade, now aged six and eight, with husband Stephen. The couple separated two years ago and she now lives in London with their children. It is understood they were being cared for by the nanny during Catherine’s night out.

Her only reason for breaking her silence, she says, is to set the record straight over her encounter with Harry. Rumours that she and the Prince did more than kiss have infuriated her.

“I had no intention of ever saying what happened that night,’ says Catherine. “The only reason I am is because somebody else squealed and I’m being absolutely hounded. Nothing happened and nothing ever is going to happen. We had a great time and a fun evening. I’ve committed no crime and nor has he.”

Sonja Morgan To Host "Colors of Hope Hamptons"

Post from Market Wire.

MEDIA ALERT: Sonja Morgan of the Real Housewives of New York to Host "Colors of Hope Hamptons" Charity Benefit on August 7 in Southampton

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 6, 2010) -

WHEN: Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. EDT

WHERE: A private estate in Southampton, New York

WHAT: Sonja Morgan will host a charity benefit to help raise money for Peace House Africa, a US-based 501c3 nonprofit organization working in Tanzania, East Africa. Located in Arusha, Tanzania, the Peace House Secondary School offers a groundbreaking curriculum, which provides an education that focuses on teaching business entrepreneurial skills. Graduates of PHS will become job creators -- young people who can build a sustainable future for Tanzania.

HOW: Please contact Bari Trontz at 917-442-8500 or for media inquiries. To purchase tickets, please visit

WHO: Sonja Morgan's love and passion goes far beyond being a single mother, a philanthropist, a supporter of the arts, and a lifestyle expert. Sonja holds an international jet set client base made up of royalty, heads of state, haute couture fashion designers, celebrities, and other notables. When Sonja is not at home spending time with her little one, working on her upcoming cookbook, or attending World-class events, she travels between St. Tropez, Gstaad, Palm Beach, St. Barts and South Hampton. Aside from being a talented movie producer, a cookbook author and a gardener, Sonja also finds time to enjoy skiing, tennis, game hunting, and spending time with loved ones. Sonja is worldly, charismatic and, without a doubt, sexy. Her commitment to her charities is most admirable, and she strongly believes in the art of hospitality and good manners. Sonja does everything with flair, a stroke of brilliance and a dash of warmth that ensures everyone has a wonderful experience to remember. Sonja is proud to support the critical efforts of Peace House Africa in their mission to help educate AIDs orphans in Tanzania, Africa.

NOTE: Fellow "Real Housewife of New York" Ramona Singer will attend "Colors of Hope Hamptons."

Michaele-RHODC Is Not Anorexic

Post from US Magazine.

The Real Housewives of DC star Michaele Salahi made headlines this week after getting into a heated feud with The View's Whoopi Goldberg.

But on Thursday's premiere of her Bravo reality show, she raised eyebrows because of her wafer-thin frame.

Housewife Lynda Erkiletian even called her "anorexic."

The claims don't bother Salahi, 44.

"One person might think I'm anorexic or skinny; another person might have another thought," she told Thursday at a private party for the show's premiere party in Washington DC (Salahi skipped the official party). "Everyone is different. There are bigger things going on in the world than my weight."

Salahi -- who famously crashed President Obama's first State Dinner with her husband last year -- told Us she doesn't care what most people say about her.

"The only way to win is to rise above it," she told Us. "If someone hates me or spins hate, the way I win is by rising above it."
What does she want people to know about her?

"That I have a big heart," she told Us. "I love people. There isn’t a person I wouldn’t help. I have a lot of substance and care about people."

Michaele-RHODC Was Hurt By The Other Houswives Clapping

Post from Hollywood Life.

By: Lindsey DiMattina
Michaele admits she can “move forward” from the Whoopi incident, but she can’t forget that her fellow Housewives “applauded” while she was getting attacked on The View!
Photo:ABC/Splash News
For The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. star Michaele Salahi, getting verbally attacked by Whoopi Goldberg behind the scenes of The View on Aug. 4 was like nothing she’s ever before experienced before. “I think I was like, ‘Wow, could this really be happening?” Michaele told exclusively Aug. 5 at her private premiere party for The Real Housewives of D.C. in Washington, D.C. “It was very demeaning and it hurt. I keep joking now — I was Whoopied. It was wild!”

“I tried to keep my composure the best I could,” Michaele continued. “I’m all about moving forward. [Whoopi] said, ‘You just have to know me, that’s who I am.’ It’s new to me. I’ve never had somebody say to me ‘f**l’ anything. But I think it’s all good to move forward!”

Even though Michaele can move on from what Whoopi did to her, there are some people whose actions she won’t soon be forgetting. “There’s a part on The View that I think America didn’t know,” Michaele told us. “Sherri Shepherd asked me a question about someone who goes to the White House … and Sheri said something like ‘You should be in jail’ or ‘You’re a criminal.’ And one of the things America doesn’t know — is that they flashed the applaud sign!”

It was at this moment that Michaele learned who her real friends were out of the other Housewives. “They applauded!” Michaele told us, shocked. “It was very hurtful. I’m all about building other people up, so that hurt!”

Unfortunately there is only one person out of the cast of The Real Housewives of D.C. that Michaele can call her friend: “I think Stacie Scott Turner [is my closest friend],” Michaele confessed. “She’s great. She’s a good girl!”

Uh-oh! It sounds like we might have another Danielle Staub on our hands. Poor Michaele!

Lynn's RHODC And BGM Blog Posts

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BGM Finale Review/Recap

Post from Monsters and Critics

By Krystin Rader
On this week’s season finale, Bethenny and baby Bryn get a visit from fellow Real Housewives of New York alum, Ramona.
Ramona gets emotional as she holds the baby, reminiscing about her own daughter. Bethenny and Ramona then share some wine as they catch up. Bethenny broaches the subject of having more babies and Ramona shares her personal experience of why she didn’t have another child. Bethenny jokes about how eager Jason is to be intimate again.

Soon after, Bethenny is in the kitchen preparing food. Jason comments on how wonderful her body is already. He says he had serious doubts about her body bouncing back. Bethenny replies that she wants to keep Jason’s eyes on her and no one else.

Soon, the day of the baby shower arrives. The event is being held at Spachakra. Event planner, Shawn, is in full gear as he and his team set up for the event. Shawn had a special cake from one of Bethenny’s favorite bakeries shipped in from California. Unfortunately, the cake arrives in less than mint condition. The decorations are slightly damaged and Shawn is completely freaking out. Lucky for him, the bakery sent along a repair kit and he and his associate make a quick touch up and the crisis is averted.

The guests begin arriving at the baby shower. Bethenny begins having a great time sharing cocktails with her guests and soon starts opening her gifts. She receives a beautiful silver sippy cup and promptly pours a little sangria into it and drinks out of it. Bethenny wants to avoid having conversation about the baby, but ends up talking about breastfeeding first. Jason arrives with Bethenny’s assistant, Max, bearing flowers.

All the guests are then treated to massages, manicures, and pedicures. Bethenny encourages all her guests to start first and that she’ll get her treatments last. Bethenny walks into a treatment room to find Max laying naked on a massage table. Bethenny quickly rips into him and starts berating him for not allowing the other guests to go first. He tries to talk his way out of it but Bethenny isn’t having any of it. Max quickly gets up and gets dressed.
Bethenny has to fly to Chicago for work and it’s her first time leaving the baby. She has a mini-meltdown as she prepares for the trip. She has no desire to leave baby Bryn, but has no choice but to go. She’s back very soon and is so happy to be reunited with her family. She remarks that she is completely different now. Before the baby she’d travel for work without a thought but now her priority is her family.

This week Bethenny pays a visit to her therapist Dr. Amador. He remarks that she looks happy and she replies that she’s gotten some sleep. She talks about her first trip away from the baby and Dr. Amador questions if being married and having a child has helped her find balance between work and life.

Bethenny says that she is feeling some anxiety but feels lucky that she can work from home and still be with the baby. Dr. Amador commends Bethenny for the tremendous amount of emotional work that she has managed to accomplish in such a short time. Bethenny reflects on her emotional accomplishments and looks happy and satisfied with life.

Max and Bethenny visit The Children’s Place to look for some clothes for Bryn. Bethenny has no clue about children’s clothes and gets help from the saleswoman and Max. Max keeps the mood light and cracks jokes throughout the shopping trip. He makes himself useful and holds all of the things that Bethenny picks out. They talk about their upcoming trip to the Hamptons.

Jason, Bethenny, and crew (Julie, Max, and Gina) prepare to head out to the Hamptons. It’s the family’s first car trip and there is so much stuff that they have to take two cars.

On the way there, Bethenny and Jason discuss with Gina their different opinions about the baby crying. Bethenny gets completely upset when Bryn cries, where as Jason is more relaxed about it. As if right on cue, Bryn starts crying in the car. Jason prepares to pull over but the baby stops crying. They then realize that they forgot a crib and the nursing pillow.

The group arrives at the hotel and quickly settle in. The topic of sex comes up again as Gina asks if Montauk is at the tip of the Long Island. Apparently this is the longest six weeks of Jason’s life. Bethenny makes a joke about the name Montauk and laughs hysterically.

Later on, Bethenny, Jason, Max, and Julie enjoy some drinks outside. The group decides to play a little football, Jason and Bethenny versus Max and Julie. Max starts coaching Julie and takes the game very seriously. Bethenny and Jason have a hard time communicating while they play. Max and Julie get a touchdown first and win the game.

Jason and Max start preparing for their lunch BBQ when Max asks Jason to rub some sunscreen on his back. Bethenny finds the situation mildly disturbing and questions Max’s sexuality even though Jason has no problem with it. Bethenny starts ripping up some pages of her new book and throws it onto the barbecue. Bethenny insists that she needs to start over with it.

The group goes out to dinner. Bethenny remarks about how different life has changed in a year. Last year, Bethenny and Jason were partying it up at clubs in the Hamptons and now they’re enjoying a quiet dinner. The topic of sex comes up and the group enjoys joking around about it. Bethenny takes a moment to toast each person in the group.

She thanks Gina for teaching them everything about taking care of the baby. She thanks Max for his hard work this year. She thanks Julie for being her rock and being so dependable. She thanks Jason for being a great husband and father.

Finally, she thanks baby Bryn for being in their lives.

RHODC Madison Hotel Premiere Party

From Fish Bowl DC.

By Matt Dornic
Extra, CNN, WaPo, the Examiner, Politics Daily, Politico, The Hill, CBS and NBC are just a few of the media outlets that showed up to cover last night's premiere and screening party for Bravo's "Real Housewives of DC," held at the Madison Hotel in downtown Washington.

The invite-only fete featured all of the "housewives" and their families except for White House crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi who hosted their own pay-for party down the street at Josephine -- a good move considering the crowd at the Madison booed the notorious couple each time they appeared on screen.

Even without the Salahis, the event offered its fair share of drama and whispers when Lynda Erkiletian arrived with a Secret Service-looking security detail of four in tow. More catty comments were made about Catherine Ommanney who showcased her sickly physique by wearing a tacky, slinky, backless dress.

But it wasn't all would-be reality stars....Washington media was out in full force. Fishbowl DC caught up with Politico's Kiki Ryan, the Yeas and Nays ladies - Nikki Schwab and Katy Adams, Liz Glover, WaPo's Amy Argetsinger, Amy Holmes, The Hill's Emily Goodin, Omarosa, The Hill's Christina Wilkie, Washington Life's Michael Clements, Politics Daily's Annie Groer, NBC's Janet Donovan, Mix 107.3's Tommy McFly, WUSA's Angie Goff, CBS News' Christine Delargy and even Washingtonian's Garret Graff whose knowledge and love for reality television baffled and amazed us.

Video from Washington Life:

Alex's-RHONY Blog Post About The RHODC

Alex gives her opinion on the RHODC, post from People TV watch.

By: Alex McCord
My opening line on New York City series goes like this: “To a certain group of people, status is everything.” But in D.C., we learned, “the currency is proximity to power.” Both are sweeping statements but both scratch the soft white underbelly of what everyone who is honest thinks, at some point, of either city. So far, most of the D.C. Housewives seem to be sitting in the balcony — about as close to power as Sarah Palin‘s ex-stylist’s manicurist.

Photo: Bravo
The closest two seem to be Cat Ommanney, whose husband has a security-clearance-level job, though for how much longer once this series airs, we’ll see, and Mary Amons, who was born there and grew up socializing with the families of political icons. She and I have a few things in common, which is one of the reasons I wanted to blog about the show. I was born in D.C., spent my first couple of years in McLean, Va., and whether there or back in Highland Park, my dad played poker the guys everyone knows, who would never in a billion years be on a reality show other than C-SPAN. My father was in D.C. due in part to members of the Bush family — yes, they ruled school even in the ’70s. (Mary and I also share the same annoying strings for intro music. Sorry, darling.) Next season (if there is one), she’ll learn not to say the word “connections” and to know that by name-dropping her neighbors, she has outed them, since her address will be all over the Internet by next week. I did enjoy watching her drunkenly try to integrate Washington’s hair salons, and her husband Rich trying on pants. The only place Simon would wear those pink pants is to a dinner with someone he wanted to annoy. They call them “f— you” pants for a reason, and every man should have a pair.

Having heard forever about what pleasant people the Bushes all were, I understood where Cat was attempting to go at Stacie‘s party. I remember having a heated argument with my mother in 2000 about not allowing your rosy memories of someone’s family to color the way you vote. You can be the nicest guy in the world at parties, which might get you elected, but it doesn’t make you a good leader. Cat lost me when, in her husky Wiltshire voice, she proceeded to brag about her husband and show cell phone photos of Vice President Biden. Ugh. By going so far as to tell people that your husband’s photos elected a president, you’ve shown the world that you are insecure and need to jockey for position. Badly played, Cat, though not the worst offender.

Probably I’d like Stacie off camera, but on camera she bores me. Kudos to her for being lovely, articulate and a hard worker, but she showed her naïveté when she defended someone she doesn’t know. Don’t ever do that; you’ll get burned.

I’d love to know what Lynda‘s primary bookings are for her models — she said her top clientele are dignitaries and ambassadors. May I raise my hand and ask why they need models? I did snicker at the goat rodeo comment, but so far, she seems very two-faced regarding Michaele. If you don’t like her, own it.

Speaking of Michaele … do we really have to? Okay, we saw her throwing clothes on the bed “reminiscent of Coco Chanel” — or perhaps an ’80s prom — then moving on to Pretty Woman. That must have been before Richard Gere picked her up. Apparently, she “did an event” for Obama for Rock the Vote; does that mean she hosted it? Not sure, and neither were the stylists. I hope they got paid, because apparently Lynda didn’t. Michaele seems to be the personification of that talking Barbie that said, “math class is tough,” and was yanked off shelves in the ’90s. Or possibly a pathological liar, like Jon Lovitz‘s character on Saturday Night Live. Yeah, that’s the ticket. She should not have been repaid for allegedly crashing every party in town, including the White House, by being kept on this show. I’ve had horrified calls from my mother twice post-Housewives — once about LuAnn throwing her title around, and again post Dinner-gate about the Salahis, hoping that they weren’t going to be a part of the show.

Overall, I shuffled between being bored and turned off while watching The Real Housewives of D.C. I really wish we could have political candidates on the show, but they wouldn’t do it, plus there are FCC rules about that. Lobbyists wouldn’t because they’d never work again. So, we are left with four nice girls and a craven hair flipper, all of whom have that first season nervousness in front of the camera. Here’s hoping it gets better! I’ll be watching and reporting right here.

Stacie Is Michaele's Only Friend On The RHODC

Post from Hollywood Life.

By: Bonnie Faller
Photo:Getty Images
Poor Michaele — Stacie may have her back, but the other D.C. Housewives have major bones to pick with her! “They have a history,” including an incident where Michaele’s husband threw wine on one of the other women!

Lines have clearly been drawn between The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. — and almost everyone is against Michaele Salahi! “I think she’s easily influenced by her husband,” fellow housewife Stacie Scott Turner told exclusively Aug. 5 at the after party for the premiere of The Real Housewives of D.C. at Buddha Bar in Washington, D.C. “[The other wives] don’t like her very much because they have a history with her.”

The rest of them has had a history with her — I just didn’t know her at all before the show,” Stacie told us. “I just think that they have some longevity. There have been situations where they have intersected in business and charities. We just don’t do people who don’t seem legit. From my experience, all I can do is judge by what we have been around.”

“During the show, you will see that [my husband] Jason and I have a number of episodes with Michaele and Tareq [Salahi],” Stacie continued. “Because I have a different relationship with her than the rest of the cast, they have been nothing but nice and friendly with us. I just judge her by that.”

“I wouldn’t say that we’re good friends, but I have no animosity towards her,” Stacie said. “I met her brand new so we had no background, only the way they treated us. … I think Michaele is just a sweet harmless person. I really feel that about her. She’s sweet and she’s harmless, just she’s easily influenced by her husband. I liked her before, but I really didn’t appreciate him throwing wine on my cast mate. You just don’t do that to a woman. That’s just not approriate and not cool!”

But now that Michaele is on the outs, it looks like the other cast members are getting along fine.

“The four of us genuinly like each other,” Stacie explained. “We have such a blast. There’s such a positive vibe among the women. We stopped filming in February, and we’ve continued to hang out since then!”

Poor Michaele! At least she has good-hearted Stacie on her side to balance the negativity directed towards her when and if Bravo decides to film a second season of The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C.!

The RHODC Videos From Premiere Night

A few videos from last night of the RHODC.

RHODC Minus Michaele At The Madison Hotel

The RHODC were at The Madison Hotel in Washington, DC to celebrate the premiere.

Photo: Wire Image

Tariq Salahi Has A Bad Temper

Post from Igetinfo4u.

By: miss A

Some of my readers may remember Tareq Salahi telling Michaele to “Get my gun!” and threatening a tow trucker driver sent to repossess Michaele’s Audi. Others may remember the Salahis limo driver telling the Secret Service that Tareq regularly carries concealed weapons. the driver reached out to the Secret Service after the Salahis forged signage to sneak into restricted areas during President Obama’s Inauguration.

And you all certainly remember my experience with Tareq using lawsuits, threats, and other means to try to intimidate me and the other girls who took over the Courage Cup polo match from him and NY State Assemblyman Greg Ball. Thank goodness for our pro bono attorney at Akin Gump who donated $50,000 of legal work to protect the 501(c)3 from being taken over by Tareq and Greg, and being used for their shady purposes. It was Hell, but I credit that experience and a few others with making me a very strong woman –almost fearless at this point. after Tareq and Greg lost the Courage Cup, Tareq created the America’s Cup of Polo and Journey for the Cure.

I have since moved the Courage Cup away from polo. It wasn’t effective to fund raise through polo events, as they are very expensive, and I had to compete with with the Salahis’ grand promises to their attendees about their polo event – America’s Cup of Polo. how was I supposed to compete with an event that promised that President Bush, the Queen of England, and Prince William will be in attendance? of course, many promises were broken, but then that just left me to deal with the air of negativity and illegitimacy that the Salahis brought to polo fundraisers. So we are no longer supporting the talented kids of Philadelphia’s Work to Ride program, even though I think they are a great cause.

The Courage Cup is now doing business as Courage for Kids, and we will change our name officially soon. we are working to support at-risk kids here in the Washington, DC community and doing more hands on charity work, and hosting smaller, more manageable events. It has been a struggle for me, especially since I’m running and Socialite Marketing, but I’m persistent.
Anywho, Tareq’s temper raged again last night around midnight at Trader Vic’s at the Beverly Hilton. this time he attacked Real Housewives of DC co-star, Linda Erkiletian with wine! Yep he threw a glass of wine on her at a dinner that the Housewives attended with Bravo reps and press, and ruined her aqua blue dress. Lynda retaliated and threw a glass of water on Tareq. the Salahis got up and left. unfortunately, no cameras were rolling at the time. this outrageous behavior comes from the same man who dared to complain that President Obama should have been more “gracious” to them at the State Dinner which they crashed last year!

Apparently, Tareq is upset that Bravo issued the statement about not sanctioning his bogus Real Housewives of DC Premier (sic) Party! you may remember my telling you that the charity and the party was more charity fraud on behalf of the Salahis and their cohorts, and I told you about the real premiere parties. Tareq was also ticked off about Lynda’s on-camera remarks calling America’s Cup of Polo a “goat rodeo” and the Salahis “second tier people”. Linda is just saying what others in Washington have been thinking, but are too politically correct or polite to say publicly. I’m really liking Linda, and feel awful for her.

Tareq is a scary sociopath who needs to be behind bars! honestly, I’m beginning to fear for Michaele Salahi the most. If he can’t control himself in public in front of Andy Cohen who is paying each cast member $50,000 per episode and giving them vehicles to drive, I wonder how he treats Michaele in the privacy of their home. No wonder she is so skinny! what she eats may be the only thing she can control. why am I getting a very scary feeling about this season of Real Housewives? I have a gut feeling it’s going to get more violent and dangerous as more comes out about the Salahis, and Tareq loses more control. I think he’s beginning to crack!