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Friday, August 27, 2010

Chase Scheduled A Foreclosure Sale In Error On Bellino Home

Post from OC Register.

Jim and Alexis Bellino, last season’s newest cast members of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” recently defaulted on a $4.6 million loan for their stately home on Circle Drive in Newport Beach.
Photo: Bravo
According to documents obtained exclusively by The Orange County Register, the Bellinos failed to pay $83,856.92 as of April 26 on their home loan, and faced the threat of foreclosure, plus having their home sold at public auction to the highest bidder.
The original loan amount was for $4.5 million. Because the Bellinos missed all mortgage payments since the first of the year, the debt — with fees and penalties — swelled up to $4.62 million, the documents indicate.

However, the auction (or trustee sale), scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 25, never happened. The Bellinos modified the loan on their home, a foreclosure did not occur, and the family never had to move.

“Chase Bank has been great to work with on my modification,” Jim Bellino said in an interview Friday. “The trustee sale has been canceled, and the modification has been agreed upon.”

UPDATE (8/27): The 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom house is 4,200 square feet. According to Redfin, the Bellinos bought the house in August 2007 and have been trying to sell it, but took it off the market. It has been listed on and off since May 2008. says it’s now worth $3.89 million. For a few more real estate details and a photo of the house check out Jeff Collins’ post on the Lansner on Real Estate blog.

Since the housing market bubble burst, several “Real Housewives” have faced serious real estate conundrums. Original “housewife” Jeana Keough defaulted on her loan, faced foreclosure and got a loan modification, much like the Bellinos. Tamra Barney short sold her home for less than the Barneys purchased it.

Frank and Lynne Curtin faced eviction four times, and were actually evicted from their Laguna Beach home. That dilemma was documented in painful detail during the last season of “Real Housewives,” which airs on Bravo. Season 5 of the reality TV series ended in March, and season 6 is filming right now, with a tentative schedule of premiering in January 2011.
According to the documents, California Reconveyance Company, a debt collector, notified the Bellinos on or around April 26 that they had defaulted on their loan. The deed of trust for the property was dated July 30, 2007 and recorded on Aug. 1, 2007. A modification on the deed of trust was recorded on Feb. 18, 2009.
The documents state that by April 30, the bank had contacted the borrower (the Bellinos) to discuss the borrower’s financial situation and to explore options to avoid foreclosure. Yet, 30 days had passed since the borrower was contacted without a resolution. That triggered the notice of trustee sale.
Jim Bellino said the documents don’t reflect the loan modification going on presently. His lawyer Michael York confirmed that Chase scheduled a foreclosure sale in error. Bellino added that his family, which consists of his wife and three kids — James, 4, and Melania and Mackenna, 2 1/2 — intend to stay in the home for an extended period of time.

Ramona's Friday Night

Pic./tweet from Ramona.

At a party having fun with the girls and Mario is close by!!

Jill With Her Girls

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With my girlfriends @savvyauntie and patti at up open party. Hot!!!

Check out the up open transportation!

Kelly On Madison Ave.

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Madison avenue wearing dvf

Jill Partners With NOH8 Campaign

Post from Hollywood Life.

By:Thomas Sullivan
Way to go! Jill is ready to help make a change — she’s joined the fight for marriage equality!

The Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin isn’t the type to sit back and do nothing. She’s a go-getter, especially when it involves a cause close to her heart. Jill has now partnered with the NOH8 campaign to fight for “marriage equality and anti-discrimination on a global level.”

“Bobby, Ally, my stepson Jonathan and I were thrilled that Adam Bouska asked us to appear in the NOH8 campaign,” Jill told exclusively. “We all believe in equality and feel strongly that everyone should have the right to marry regardless of their sexual orientation.”

“Being gay is not a choice,” Jill continued. “Our government should not be involved in our sexual lives or orientation.”
“I am also helping raise money for the Marriage Equality March coming up in NYC on September 2010,” Jill said. “So I was also happy to participate in the NOH8 campaign.”
Jill will also be the Honorary Host of the 2010 GLAAD Out Auction to be held at the MET in November!
As a member of the gay community, it’s always nice to see celebrities getting involved in a great cause such as this one, especially in times like these when gay marriage is a hot topic. All I can say is, you go Jill! Keep fighting for what you believe in and for those of us who are still struggling for equal rights even to this day.


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 At twist with @JackKetsoyan @sweetieHughes sooo fun!!!

Talk about snow bunny but for some reason her eyes are possessed @Kimzolciak

LuAnn Shows NY Social Diary Her Apartment

Article and pictures from NY Social Diary.

By:Sian Ballen & Lesley Hauge
The Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is a lot looser and more fun in real life than in “reality life” – at least the one depicted on her reality TV show “The Real Housewives of New York” but she’s nevertheless just born for this modern world of self-promotion, YouTube and celebrity. She’s a natural, effortlessly and expertly parrying our questions into good PR. Even when we asked her when someone last hurt her feelings, she deftly and instantly told a story about someone else whose feelings had been hurt, and the Countess (she does take the title seriously) had been hurt on her behalf – albeit genuinely. Her PR-perfect answers were genuine – she’s an optimist and not someone given to brooding, so in a sense, she can’t help being good at the promotion game. In a moment of hard-headedness, said flatly: “You do whatever it takes to survive when you want something.” She’s gorgeous-looking in a natural, unplasticized way, has that undeniable “star” quality. It also has to be noted here, she has a derrière so perfect it ought to be insured.

You’ve had a tough two years so does this apartment represent a new start?
This is a new start for me.

View’s across LuAnn’s Riverside Drive living room.
Do you believe in new starts? Are there such things?
I do. I believe that you can have a second life and a third life, if you’re lucky. You just have to move on. You just do it and only you can do it.

So you’re an optimist?
I am an optimist—and adventurous. I wouldn’t be on this reality show if I wasn’t adventurous.

How did you get on to the show?
I met Jill Zarin at a party … she walked up and said [does imitation of Jill Zarin] “Hi, I’m Jill Zarin!” and I was like, who the heck is that? I mean, with the red hair and the accent … I was like oh my God! But she has a big heart and she was a person I immediately liked. She wears her heart on her sleeve and I like that. She told me about this show … and at the time it was called “Manhattan Moms."
A round sunburst mirror hangs above the fireplace mantel. Standing below is ’Lips’, from Maison 24, a gift from LuAnn’s to Jacques(her boyfriend) in celebration of their first anniversary.

How did she describe it to you?
She told me it was kind of like “Sex in the City” meets “Desperate Housewives” and the reality of our lives and how we live. I’ve worked in television since 1990. I worked on Italian television, I started my own cable show in the Hamptons and I did manners and etiquette for Fox in the morning. Television is not new to me, but reality of course was.

Housewife” is a strange word, a funny, dated word to use in the name of a show … it’s an anachronism.
It’s old-fashioned. It’s like “pocketbook” … when I first used that word in Europe they were like “what?” I didn’t know it was called that [at the time] because if I had seen “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” I don’t know if I would have done it.

But there are women who don’t like the title but there’s no way they want to work.
Right. I call them “ladies of leisure.”
View’s across LuAnn’s Riverside Drive living room.
Now that you’ve subjected yourself to this public scrutiny, are there regrets?
No. I’ve learned that you can’t take yourself too seriously.

So how ‘real’ is it?
It is the reality of our lives but it’s produced and edited. For example I start the show by saying “I don’t feel guilty for being privileged—I feel lucky.” And they cut the “lucky” part off. So they are building characters and following certain storylines. [Sometimes] I sit on the edge of my bed and go, “Oh my God, did I say that?!”

Has it created tensions for you, ones that weren’t there before?
You know people ask me that … [they ask] is that what happened to your marriage? But I would say that there were problems in the marriage already but it probably didn’t help. But it’s not what caused [the divorce].
Cocoa colored wicker furniture and a glass-top table create a casual atmosphere in the dining area.
What are your protective mechanisms for avoiding things you don’t want to hear?
I don’t read a lot of the blogs.

Did you hover over them at first?
Oh at first I really paid them a lot of attention.

What are the mechanics of building a storyline?
Each of us has kind of a producer who works with us and to organizes each of as to what events we’re doing, where we’re going to, what events we can join each other at. So the show is produced from the real storyline of our lives.

And how many days a week does it take up?
Usually about two days, which is great.
A photo of Jacques at work leans atop a stack of leather bound books on the living room secretary.

There must be a pressure to be perform though …
Yeah! There is a pressure to be “on”.

So let’s talk about, manners and etiquette and the title of your song “Money Can’t Buy You Class”
I grew up in a small town in Connecticut in a family of seven kids but my parents always had a tremendous amount of dignity and integrity. My mother, even with seven kids, always dressed well, had her hair done, was always a gracious, warm and inviting person and that is what class is all about. Well, I went from washing dishes to being a nurse and I was 23 and hadn’t even been to New York City! But I was scouted as a model and all the other models were saying they were going to Paris and Milan, and I thought, well I want to go to Paris and Milan too … I was like a sponge, soaking it all up … then I got as far as the world of the aristocracy, I mean I married into the French aristocracy.

Do they have manners?
They do! … they know how to make people feel comfortable—some do, not all, because they do have a title, like the King of Greece for example, who is a friend of mine, he knows how to make you feel comfortable. It’s really about the simple gestures in life—and respect.

Tell me how seriously you take the “Countess” thing – I know that you know people sometimes laugh at you for it.
Yeah, I know—let them laugh. If they had the title believe me they’d use it! Do you think Ramona [a fellow “Housewife”] wouldn’t paint herself the Countess?! Come on now!
Views of the kitchen.
But it fell out of use in the 18th century, didn’t it?
Of course, the French aristocracy is dead, we all know that but it’s a title that I’m very proud of. The De Lesseps built the Suez Canal and were instrumental in building the Panama Canal and gave the Statue of Liberty to this country from the French. I think it’s important to recognize history and it’s not who I am but it’s a part of who I am.

What do you like to do when you have free time … are you a reader?
I’m very athletic. We just got back from Paris—with my boyfriend, Jacques—and we rode bikes around Paris. When I’m in the Hamptons I play tennis, I jog on the beach, I swim.

When was the last time someone hurt your feelings?
You know what, that’s funny you should ask. Yesterday I was with a girlfriend and she told me this story about her being on a boat owned by very rich people from Monaco, friends of hers, her dearest friends. And she was at a table having lunch and she got up to pass some food to a gentleman sitting at the table and the host said to her: “That’s for the good-looking young servers to do,” and she said, “Well, I do have a nice décolleté.” And he said something to the effect of, ”well that’s not so young either.” And I felt so sorry for her. I’m a woman’s kind of woman. I really don’t have a problem with women. I cherish my friendships with women. I’m thinking of writing a book about women and relationships.

Are you good at being alone?
Am I good at being alone? I’m not very good at being alone.

You don’t strike me as an introspective person.
No, thank God. You can imagine with the show and everything, if I went over and over it in my head, I’d go crazy. I wouldn’t say I’m not someone who doesn’t worry—all women worry, especially if you’re a mother. But no, the past is the past and then you move forward.

What’s your favorite compliment that you’ve had lately?
Somebody told me I looked like Raquel Welch

Oh ... I was thinking Carly Simon
But she has a big mouth [claps hand over her mouth] … so do I!

Kelly's Photshoot

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Photoshoot with bill. Love u shelli.

Alex's People Blog

Post from People.

By:Alex McCord
Bollocks! Bollocks! And more bollocks! Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss this week’s episode. I have a houseful of people, including my friend Molly, who are all suggesting terrible nicknames for the Salahis. I’m studiously ignoring them and writing this by myself, because nicknames are mean. More wine, please!
We began with Lynda and Ebong in the kitchen, which was very cute, although did it seem like her children were all wearing onesies? Anyway, hope she finds her dream house.

Stacie told her sorority sisters about the search for her mother and father, and it was interesting to see their reaction to Stacie’s discovery that she had a Caucasian mom and a Nigerian dad. This is one of those situations where no one should be uncomfortable, but people are, and I guess you have to consider that this birth took place more than 30 years ago when people may not have felt as free to be open about their relationships. That’s too bad, because Stacie is clearly searching for answers, and no kid should be kept in the dark about the identity of their parents.
Ted Gibson’s salon opened, and there was a little competition between the ladies for his attention. Mary did the work, Michaele got her husband to provide the wine, and Cat was hot. Lynda told Michaele that she loved her and when I heard that, I felt the humid, prickly feeling of hypocrisy creep up on me like last year’s non-dry-cleaned tweed. The girls jumped on Michaele for being a social climber, and here’s what I have to say about that: It’s not a problem for me if she and her husband wanted to use their winery for entry into the party circuit. Who cares whether they sponsor everything in order to make friends? But it’s not that simple. There are stories all over the place that they don’t pay for things, that they sneak into parties and, coupled with the shenanigans that ensued on the day of the grape stomping with the mother, the security and the fact that the winery seemed to be falling apart, it seems that they are a sham.

Again we have a scene with Michaele talking to Lynda. Why? Lynda alluded to the “old Michaele,” and I confess I’ve seen a few things online since the show started, but did she mean Missy?

Mary decided to redecorate in high gloss black, and invited Cat along. Oh GAWD, I felt sympathy for Cat this week; she was just being outspoken and British. She reminds me of a dear friend from Kensington who always offends Americans, because she just does. I don’t know how to explain it any better. Ted’s colorist Jason told his story of the Congressional Black Caucus to Mary, and I have to say I have never heard of something so insane. Who in the world sneaks into a party past a bus boy through the side door, and asks the people they invited to do the same? There’s been a lot of snark out there about my husband and me, but I can safely say we’ve never snuck into a party.
Everyone went off to the winery, and they hired a limo because they had five people — a fairly acceptable reason (at least it wasn’t white). I wondered about one thing — if the Salahis had been in litigation for two years with Tareq’s mother, how were they able to constantly provide wine for parties? Why did the barn with the Oasis logo seem to be falling apart? Why did the girls think the grapes came from the supermarket? Personally, I wouldn’t know a vine grape from a Fairway grape if it fell on me, but these gals apparently could tell. I just buy it; I don’t stomp it. Why did they need security and Dobermans at the vineyard? Why did it have to be a competition? Bollocks to that! Good for Cat for calling “BS” on the event and leaving with Jason.
Lynda finally told us what she does for extra money with the agency — she runs boot camp for men. Can I please sign Simon up for that?
Back to the winery: Everyone was being very namby-pamby and unwilling to offend. I have to say that if I’d been invited to that vineyard, I’d have been in a cab with Jason and Cat. They all laughed a lot at dinner, and Michaele admitted that she loved to be talked about. Mary capped the evening off with a spectacular face.

That’s it, and we’ll see what happens next week … Are you with me?

RHODC Bravo Blogs

Click HERE to read Mary,Catherine and Linda's latest posts.

Mary's-RHODC Home

Post and Pics. from iVillage.

What sets Mary Schmidt Amons apart from the other ladies on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of D.C.? For starters, she actually is a real housewife, mom to what she affectionately refers to as “the Amons clan” of five kids (ranging in age from 12 to 24) and wife to Rich, her husband of more than 20 years.

Another thing—Mary has manners. “I would never invite myself to the White House,” she says with a wry smile. What if someone crashed a party at her house? “I’m a hospitable person,” she says. “I’d probably let them stay.” Luckily, Mary let us stay—and even gave a tour of her McLean, Va., home.

Stacy Zarin-Goldberg
Stacy Zarin-Goldberg
Stacy Zarin-Goldberg

Stacy Zarin-Goldberg
Stacy Zarin-Goldberg

Stacy Zarin-Goldberg

Alex Is Sorry Michaele Was Cast For The RHODC

Post from Hollywood Life.

Photo:Splash News/Getty Images

By:Lindsey DiMattina
Alex McCord does not like Michaele Salahi! BFFs — what do you think? Do you hate or love this new D.C Housewife?

Poor Michaele Salahi – she just isn’t getting any love from the other Housewives. “I was sorry that they included Michaele [on the Real Housewives of Washington D.C.],” NYC housewife Alex McCord told exclusively Aug. 26 at the 11th Annual BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis Charity Event at the W Hotel in NYC. “I didn’t want see that happen!”

“At the same time, jury is out” on the other new D.C. Housewives,” Alex said to us. “I see the other girls — the first season is hard because they didn’t know what to expect. I think they’re all being a little careful with each other. … I want to see what happens next.”

Press Day For My Big Gay Italian Wedding

Post from Theater Mania.

Photo: © Tristan Fuge
By: Tristan Fuge ·
On Thursday, August 27, members of the press were invited to join the Off-Broadway cast of My Big Gay Italian Wedding and Teresa Giudice, Ashley Holmes, Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo and Lauren Manzo from the Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of New Jersey for a quick preview of their turn as guest stars in the show for four performances, September 1-4. Dina Manzo, one of the stars of seasons one and two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and a producer of My Big Gay Italian Wedding, will make a special introduction before each of these performances.

The cast currently features Daniel Robinson, Anthony J. Wilkinson, Bryan Anthony, Tricia Burns, Eric Carpenter, Brett Douglas, Liz Gerecitano, Leah Gerstel, Randi Kaplan, Chad Kessler, Kevin McIntyre, Carla-Marie Mercun, Erik Ransom, Meagan Robar, Joe Scanio, and Adam Zelasko.

Following the September 1 performance, there will be a post-show celebration with a limited number of premium tickets for that evening's performance including access to the party. A portion of the proceeds raised from tickets sales to the party and from every ticket sold for the September 1-4 performances will benefit Marriage Equality New York.

Kadi At Blendz

Pics. of Kandi.
At Blendz with @kandi & @itsrange

Paula, owner of @blendzmidown, @kandi and @itsrange at his listening party 2day. HOT dress Kandi

Stacie's RHODC Post

Post from Stacie's blog.

Home Episode 4 – “Grape” Expectations
by stacie

This week was both serious and funny—as I share new news with old college friends (Oo-Oop to my girls!) in town for Howard University Homecoming– and spend time with new friends at Oasis, the Salahi family vineyard. Sometimes, it seems that being clueless, is better than knowing half the story; especially when you begin to sense that there is MUCH more to the story, and that much of it is being hidden or distorted. Episode 4 finds me with conflicting thoughts — emotionally, as I struggle to unlock the full mystery of my birth story– and socially, where a day trip to Oasis creates more questions than answers.
Photo: Bravo

Who am I?

A little history: Just after midnight on Valentine’s Day in 2007: Jason surprised me by showing me, for the first time in my life, the full name and picture of my birth mother. From that moment, my desire – my need to know the full story of my biological reality moved from the back burner to Top 3 on my life’s bucket list.

After months of letters, pictures, emails, all communication ends in the first (and last) phone call with my birth mother. She flatly refuses to provide a name or any info that would enable me to find my birth father. But it’s all good — I fundamentally respect my birth mother’s privacy and understand her desire (fear) to protect loved ones unaware of her self-described “secret”. I am content knowing who and where she is, with a clearer picture of my biological heritage (well, half of it anyway). I grew up an only child; now, the prospect of siblings at age 43? In Nigeria?? WOW!! I yearn to make contact… connect. Ironically, our communication gave me a sense of just how similar we might be—both stubborn at least. The disappointment only strengthened my resolve to get ALL the information – with or without her help.

So I decided to keep it really real during the taping —by fully sharing what was going on in my life, my mind, and my heart during this exciting, difficult, confusing period. In no way am I ashamed of being adopted—in fact, quite the opposite. I grew up thinking that I was in fact more special than most kids—because my parents actually “chose” me! As an adult, I know that my birth mother (and all women who choose to give a child up for adoption), are angels— it is a truly selfless act of love. I am eternally grateful for the chance she gave me, to belong to a wonderful family who provided all I believe she wanted for me, but could not herself provide. While I have absolutely no desire to inject myself into her daily life (think: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?), I am deeply affected by her firm, frank decision to keep the identity of my birth father from me. I remain hopeful that once he knows I exist, he might welcome and accept a relationship of some sort with me and my children.

Who are THEY?

On a much lighter note, we head to a grape stomp at Oasis Vineyard. All the ladies were invited—and all accepted but Lynda—who I respect for not pretending she could stomach the Salahis. Cat—was being Cat. Despite a clear disdain for the hosts she accepted their invitation, and entertained with “bitchy” comments – followed by an early exit. Is there a pattern here? A hilarious scene you didn’t see was Cat bringing store bought grapes and bottles of wine into the limo—in mocking anticipation of there not being any grapes or wine at the Vineyard. CLASSIC!! There was real debate about what we were going to see at Oasis. Cat would prove prophetic.
Jason and I were vaguely familiar with stories in the local media about a family feud over the vineyard—so we knew the winery had been defunct for a few years, and that the idea of a grape stomp at a “grape-less” vineyard seemed outrageous. It appeared that the Salahis bought grapes from the supermarket (ok let’s say farmers market) just as Cat had predicted. Unlike real wine-making grapes, the skin of the grapes was so thick, you couldn’t stomp out any juice! Regardless of my future as a grape stomper, the outdoor experience was fun. The combination of curiosity, food, drink, and fall mountain foliage still trumped skepticism. The climate in the limo on the ride out to Oasis was almost all about the Salahis, and anything but complimentary (surprise). I was completely shocked to hear Jason Baake’s reflections on the “crash” of the CBC gala. Sneaking thru the kitchen? Casing out empty seats? WHAT?!? This is all sounding CRAZY – but the fact that Tareq and Michaele traveled across an ocean and gave love to our family event – won them the benefit of our RAPIDLY increasing doubt. The mama drama that warranted a security detail was totally unexpected by everyone— this is not “Vineyard in the Hood.” What is up??

But despite the security drama, the Doberman, the dried-up vines and cob webs—Oasis Vineyards, the real estate, is gorgeous. Set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive, with a lake and acres of vines as far as you can see, there is little doubt that Oasis was a thriving business in its “hey day.” The weather was ideal; the sunset was incredible as we sipped wine on the observation deck. Inside welcomes visitors to a large, open lodge and huge stone hearth (I have a fireplace – this was a hearth) for dinners, receptions, tastings, etc. Downstairs, you find the operational guts of the place: a huge underground, temperature controlled concrete bunker with vintage Italian imported vats, automated bottling/corking machines, and racks of wine holding hundreds of bottles. It was impressive—yet dormant. More than wine and equipment, most intriguing to me was the decades old family memorabilia on the wall: photos of Tareq as a tot riding horses and farming the land with his dad; trophies, medals, and newspaper clippings acknowledging Tareq’s polo accomplishments and the quality wines produced at Oasis. It was sad to see a place where love and family once thrived, now left to deteriorate. Jason and I chose to appreciate the positive—the scenery, the hospitality, the silly grape stomp experience; the catered dinner in the wine cellar and the Oasis wine, which had aged nicely!

No question, at this point, we are seeing “holes” in the Salahi story, and are questioning who we are dealing with. Micheale goes on the offensive with Mary (“who never talks about or judges anybody”). Can’t wait to see what comes next…..

RHODC Review/Recap

Article from New York Magazine.

By: Carina Chocano
Was the inaugural season of The Real Housewives of Orange County really only four years ago? It seems like so much longer. Thinking about it makes us hearken back to another time, a simpler time, when superficiality, shallowness, fame-whoring, and greed could still come across as clueless and un-self-aware, and therefore somewhat innocent. We said "somewhat."
But those days are gone, and in their stead, on shows like on The Real Housewives of D.C. you will find people like the Salahis and that crazy Cat lady. It’s hard to know what to make of them. Why did they come here from their distant planets and what do they hope to gain? Have they come for our brains? Our souls? Our capacity for love and human empathy? Because we fear them, we really do. And it's not like we don’t realize that we’re talking about a docu-soap ring-mastered by the irrepressibly intoxicated Andy Cohen, in a docu-soap franchise that long ago jumped the shark. But back when we were getting that thrilling first glimpse of “life behind the gates” at “Coto” — well, at least it was like someone had lifted an actual rock and found a fascinating swarm of tiny, spineless, brainless, label-obsessed cannibals. It was believable. And, like we said, innocent. Ish.

Now, though, it’s like every Thursday night we turn on the light and the roaches rush in from the far corners of the room, gather in the middle of the floor, and start stabbing each other in the back between air kisses and lunch invitations. It’s disgusting. Anyway, at first we didn’t get the vibe, and then we started to get all clammy and worried, and it dawned on us that the RHODC is starting to play like some kind of Bush-era parody, what with all the double-crossing, and the double-dealing, and the blatant denials of reality and the paranoia.

Holy Ping-Pong balls, the paranoia! The seeping dread! The relentless subterfuge! At one point, Mary (the Botoxy one with delusions of hotness), mentions the saying about D.C. being Hollywood for ugly people (a problem she would remedy by de-uglifying the people via more “celebrity” hair salons). Not only does she miss the point of the criticism entirely, but she gets the saying backwards. Hollywood is D.C. for pretty people … who are also open, trusting, secure, and sincere.

Tonight’s episode was pure stealth, too, kicking off as it did with a bacon breakfast at the home of the diminutive Mary and her lover Ebong and her passel of adorable adolescents in toddler suits. Okay, there is a closeness there, a recognizable humanity that dissipates almost instantly, first during the weird roundtable Stacie holds with her sorority sisters, who gather to quietly freak out that Stacie’s mom — quel scandale! — is a Caucasian immigrant “from Germany and Finland” and her father is Nigerian. Does it make her Obama-esque in her friends’ eyes at least? Nope.

But who cares. In the next scene, Michaele Salahi is bounding into Ted’s salon, opening and wrapping herself around the celebrity hair comber like a piece of string in a hurricane hitting a tree. “I love you!” she croaks. “D.C. loves you! We needed you! We needed you!” This doesn’t sit well with Mary, who demands that her influence be acknowledged early and often. “I love you so much,” she murmurs as Ted the celebrity bang trimmer brings her in for a bear hug. The guy is sweating it. We have to say, we’re really starting to feel bad for these poor D.C. celebrity groomers. Their lady clients are so needy and insecure and high-maintenance … it’s exhausting just watching them have to dance on command. They're living in the emotional equivalent of dating Alanis Morissette without the sexual light at the end of the tunnel.
But on the bright side, we think we’re starting to get how this all works. It’s all about influence, are we right? RHODC is D.C. for stupid people (who are also D.C.-hot)! So let’s see if we can find our bearings:

ACT ONE: In which the foundation gets laid, bitches.
Mary loves Ted the hairdresser, at least as long as he makes it clear that she’s his favorite client. “I just want to make sure that you know that I know,” she says. “I would never forget,” he replies. Clearly, there’s a dossier involved somewhere, and at the moment it’s wrapped around his balls. “Who is No. 1 here?”

Lynda and Michaele greet each other fondly at the salon kickoff party. (These people really like to party with their “service providers,” it’s like an obsession.*) They proclaim their love. They proclaim their admiration for one another’s hotness. Lynda savages Michaele behind her back the minute she gets a chance.

Mary hates Michaele for stealing Ted’s attention. She tells the Cat lady, “I hate people who do charity events just to promote themselves! It’s one of my biggest pet peeves in this town … Social climbers!” The Cat lady rabidly laps it up. Her eyes go wide as twirling saucers. She is out of her mind with malicious glee. “I despise social climbing!” she says, forgetting all about last week, when she immediately rappelled away from Stacie’s aunt’s dinner party.

“In D.C., there’s a certain standard of integrity,” Mary says, and we really start to worry about our children’s future.
Michaele calls Lynda to invite her to a grape stomp at Oasis winery. Maybe it’s an oasis from the sixteen lawsuits the Salahis are named in. They talk about the weather until this just gets too one-uppy and competitive. Lynda can’t make it because her son has a football game. Also, she really hates Michaele. She tells Michaele she’s sweet. They make a date for lunch and declare their love. Lynda doesn’t bother to come up with the grape-stomping equivalent for “goat rodeo,” which is our loss.

The Cat lady has already accepted the invite by then, but only if she can bring her celebrity hair painter friend, Jason. Then Jason and Cat accompany Mary to her “best friend’s” design store, where she tells them that she plans to paint her dining room high-gloss black. Cat tears her to shreds. Mary asks her to remember that they are in her “best friend’s store,” and some respect is in order. Later, at the Salahis winery, Mary will avow she has no “best friend,” only “dearest friends,” including of course her various style providers.

ACT TWO: In which the claws are bared and waved around menacingly.
At the store, Jason finally gets to share his story about how the Salahis invited him and Ted to the Congressional Black Caucus dinner, and then had them sneak in through a side door. He tells them about how Michaele worked the room until five or six secret service guys come over to escort her and Tareq out, and how they continue to schmooze even as they are being escorted out. “Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Jason says. “Brazen. Fascinating!” Then he says they sneaked back in again and ended up in the VIP area. Where the president is, apparently.**

Scared. Future.

Next day, Stacie, Cat, and the two Jasons pile into a limo with Mary. They crack open a bottle of wine and proceed to whip each other into a tizzy of contempt and paranoia. It’s like a tea party on wheels.

Michaele announces that it’s a special day for a grape stomp, the first “since [their] victory” over Tareq’s mother, who sued her son for control of the winery. (She declines to say that Tareq sued his mother first, and the case was dismissed, then the mother sued Tareq, and the case went to trial and she lost.) It’s such a special day that Tareq’s mother has called a reporter to stake the place out, and Tareq and Michaele have hired a security detail.
Tareq calls his incoming guests to warn that there will be security present. No cause for alarm. His incoming guests freak out. Jason fills Stacie and Jason in on the Black Caucus dinner; they all freak out again. They exit the limo on a toxic cloud of Salahi contempt. Soon Cat is yelling “bollocks” all over the place. Mary, who has been privy to the table grapes and the security detail and the Congressional Black Caucus dinner and the party crashing and the using of the wine as a bartering chip, turns on Cat. She believes that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you should say it behind the person’s back, with the rolling cameras and the flattering light. Mary snaps at Cat, and Cat leaves early, yelling “bollocks” on her way out.

ACT THREE: Showdown, bitches.
Tareq launches into another sales pitch as Mary sits next to Michaele and starts talking smack about Cat. “My position is I don’t judge,” she says. Stacie and Jason try to change the subject. Mary drinks to “staying in the moment.” Then she brings up the party crashing, and things start to get really hard to follow.

Mary, who was aligned with Cat against the Salahis is now aligned with the Salahis against Cat until Michaele starts talking about Lynda, which leads Mary to attack Michaele for talking about her. At first, Michaele waxes libertarian on the subject: “It’s good when people talk about you, it means you’re out there.” Stacie does a spit take: “Oh, you’re out there!”

“Remember,” Michaele continues, unflapped, “at the party I threw for Paul?”

She doesn’t live in the reality-based community, see? She also says, “I don’t know Lynda very at all,” and Mary says, “I don’t know her well at all either,” and we think … what? We thought they loved each other. They went way back to the makeup counter. What about dearest friendom? What about integrity? What about slowing down so we can follow? Then it’s a few more rounds through Lynda having the “best intentions for everyone” and “adoring” Michaele, and it goes on like this for some time. We start to feel like we’re in the Housewife version of Guantanamo.

It gets uglier. “You have no idea what is going on in someone’s life,” Mary says to Michaele. “You can’t just bash them … ” Michaele smiles a smile that’s so sweet and open and fake it’s actually sinister. Dick Cheney has nothing — nothing — on this woman. She would shoot you in the face for a ticket to a luncheon. “Who bashed you, love?” she says, and ice courses through our veins. Meanwhile, Tareq chews in silence. He drinks. He thinks. Michaele is now in fully passive-aggressive mode, all sweetness and sarcasm. Then Tareq drops a bomb … to be revealed next week ... and by the looks of the preview, it's going to be dirty.
*Later, at the winery, one of Tareq’s “service providers” will call Cat a bitch, thus offending Stacie’s husband, Jason, who hates Cat and agrees she’s a bitch.
**Does this mean we can expect to see the president on RHODC at some point? Because after seeing Nancy Pelosi and Leon Panetta on Top Chef, we don’t know what to think.

Lynda Chats With FANCAST

Article from FANCAST.

by Eudie Pak
When you hear the words “energy field” and “centered” within the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise, the ominous presence of Danielle Staub might flash before your petrified eyeballs! But fear not: This time they’re coming from ‘Real Housewives of DC’ Lynda Erkiletian, and her temperament is a lot more synonymous with the enigmatic ‘Love and Light’ we keep hearing about (even if her run-ins with the Salahis don’t show her at her ‘highest self’).

The 52-year-old Housewife and successful entrepreneur took some time out of her busy schedule to chat about her new venture into the vortex of reality TV, why she’s not so fond of the Salahis (but who needs an explanation, right?), how she feels about being called a cougar, and who’s the gayest Housewife.

Did you watch the season finale of the ‘Housewives of NJ’ and what do you think of your fellow east coast Housewives?
Photo: Bravo
I actually stopped watching New Jersey after the 3rd episode. I love watching it when I can laugh, but when it becomes more painful than laughter then I have to stop…there was too much meanness; it just didn’t feel right in my energy field.

I think the reunion is going to be even more intense.
Could they get any more crazier?

How are you feeling about your season so far? How do you feel about being portrayed as the Salahi instigator?
Because I try to remain in a more centered place, I try not to be the person who looks judgmental. But if you had the background that I had with [the Salahis], you’d better understand why I look that way. I look that way because I am behaving that way, and I take full responsibility for that.

Are you frustrated with how much attention the Salahis are getting on the show?
By the time we complete the nine episodes we’ll all have equal timing. As far as what [the Salahis are] getting prior to the show, I don’t think that anyone would want that kind of publicity.

I’ve read on your blog that you’ve known Michaele for 15 years and that your comments about her on the show have come from a place of concern. At what point did your friendship dissolve?
I have a very small circle of friends—I’m an extremely busy person. I met Michaele 15 years ago when she was a Trish McEvoy makeup artist. Michaele was the type of person who was always a busy bee, running around—actually more like fluttering around like a butterfly that stings like a bee—but I think that when she met her [current] husband she moved out to the country. When she did that very few people would see her.

I was never opposed to her at the time; I just saw her as an innocent sweet soul. Then I started doing business with them, and I very quickly realized that it became ‘He said/She said/We’re not responsible.’ I had too many clients complain they weren’t getting paid. Michaele continues to explain to the public why there’s this dark cloud following them and that it’s just not their fault. Well, at some point people have to take responsibility.

I wish them well. I wish that they could really get it together. I don’t respect the way they’ve handled their business in our city.

Catherine’s seemed to have ruffled a few feathers—especially Stacie’s—so far this season. As much as it seems that you really like her, do you think sometimes she crosses the line?
I think everyone gets catty eventually. I just think you have to get to know her. It’s really hard to get to know someone in three episodes. I feel very uncomfortable when I see what’s going down because I know who Cat is. What you didn’t get to see [at Stacie’s aunt’s house]…she was there early, her daughters were at home, she’s editing a book, her husband’s traveling, her babysitter had to leave—you know, a lot of things were happening. I think as time goes you’ll find Cat has a very sweet soul.

You have a great relationship with your 35-year-old boyfriend Ebong, but people have labeled you a “cougar.” How do you feel about that?
I don’t like that word. I don’t feel that there should be categories if you fall in love with someone that’s younger, older, taller, shorter—it’s like really? I think love lies within your heart, and it’s not about age, race, size. I’m so happy that [Ebong’s] 6’5; he keeps me looking up, and I get to see the blue skies more often. He’s just a really good soul.

The Housewives franchise is watched mainly for its characters getting involved in dirty catfights and meltdowns, but the majority of you on the show seem to be pretty stable characters. Do you fear that that stability translates into bland and boring and might detract fans from watching?
Well I don’t think we’re boring. I didn’t know that the Housewives were perceived as a bunch of catfighting—that’s terrible! I had hoped that Washington would be able to show substance, give people insight to DC, educate people on the many facets we represent in addition to politics—because we’re not politicians. We’re women having fun, showing how it’s possible to be mothers working, juggling. We definitely want people to laugh more than cry for sure…it remains to be seen based on the ratings.

Is Paul Wharton the unofficial sixth Housewife?
I think Paul is a Housewife. I think he spends as much time in front of the mirror as any of us. I love Paul; he adds a lot to the show. I wish Andy Cohen would consider making him the first gay Housewife of the ‘Housewives’ franchise because if we were to ever have a gay Housewife, it should be in DC!

Stacie-RHODC Talks About Cat,The Salahi's And Her Birth Mother

Article from

by Hillary Crosley
Last week, "Real Housewives of D.C." cast member Stacie Turner told us about her trip to Paris with her husband. While in France, they met up with the Salahis -- also known as the White House party crashers -- and the couples had a wonderful time.

This week, Stacie chatted with about discovering her birth mother, the Salahis, and Catherine "Cat" Ommanney calling herself a racist... Why did you share such a personal story with Michaele Salahi in Paris about finding your adoptive parents?
STACIE TURNER: We were in Paris with a number of family and friends and I felt comfortable sharing it with Michaele. While in Paris, I saw a different side of her than the other ladies have. After finding your mother, you realized that your birth was a secret?
TURNER: This search has occurred over a period of eight years, because I wasn't focused on it and needed some medical history. I ended up locating my birth mother and corresponded with her -- the reality is that she has a whole different life now. She's never shared with anyone that she had a child, that's a secret. I contacted her and I have no interest in divulging her secret but I also have the expectation that she would share with me who my birth father is and any information about where I come from. She was unwilling to do that, likely out of fear of her being found out. Were you hurt that your mother withheld information about your father?
TURNER: I totally took it personally. On one hand, I couldn't be more appreciative that she gave me up for adoption which allowed me to have a better life. But given that it's 40 years later, she should be willing to share some information about my birth father. In this week's episode, I find out that he doesn't even know that I exist. That made me more interested in finding him so we can both decide if we want to have a relationship. A person has the right to know if they have a child or not. Are you comfortable sharing such a personal struggle with the "Real Housewives of D.C." cameras?
TURNER: I don't have any negative feelings about being adopted, I think it's the most selfless thing that a mother can do and the most loving thing another family could do. My search for my birth parents was something real and was happening at the time of taping. There's no way I could do a reality show about me and not show something that's taking up the lion's share of my time. During the dinner for Ted the hair stylist, Lynda made a comment about the Supremes and your friend Erika wasn't impressed. What happened?
TURNER: There's always some racial comment being made at these dinners. I think that the ladies are sometimes insensitive about these things. Why, when we talk about integrating salons or the Supremes, do we have to start talking like, 'yeah, girlfriend. Why does the word "racist" keep popping up with Cat?
TURNER: No one has ever called her racist, she's come up with that on her own. Why are you self-proclaiming yourself a racist if you're not? I'm really sick of it because it's just so silly. However, what was interesting to me was her use of the word "colored." She's British so I don't think that she understands that people would think that that was offensive, but she would if she knew the history around that word and how people fought not to be called that. What do you think about the Salahis not paying for Paul's party?
TURNER: Oh, that was crazy! I was shocked. That was just so inappropriate, horrible and tacky. Here is where all these conflicting stories pop up about Michaele. If I look at how she has treated Jason and I in Paris, then I hear about her not paying for Paul's party, I start to wonder, who are these people? What can we expect this week?
TURNER: This week we go to the Oasis winery, owned by Michaele and Tariq, for a grape stomp. It's funny because you can tell that back in its day the winery was a sophisticated operation. It just clearly hasn't been functioning for a couple of years and as a result it's showing neglect. So we're coming to have a grape stomp, but there aren't any grapes on the vine

Ready For The RHONJ Reunion? New Previews Out

RHONJ Getting Ready For Off Broadway Debut

Photo:© Tristan Fuge

RHODC Sneak Peek

Alex And Simon Attend The 2010 " Taste Of Tennis"

Alex and Simon at the 2010 Taste of Tennis at the W New York  in New York City.

@mccordalex and Simon @tasteoftennis!!!

Gretchen Rates Red Carpet Celebrity Stylings

The Fashion Team and Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi check out and rate the styled celebrities.

Kelly At Chico's

From Kelly's Facebook.

Alex Has Signed With New York Model Management

Post from Zap 2 It.

Photo: New York Model Management

By Jethro Nededog
Last season on "The Real Housewives of New York City," we saw Alex McCord strut her stuff on the runway for Brooklyn Fashion Weekend and on the beach for costar Kelly Bensimon.

Well, it seems the right people noticed her modeling prowess. Zap2it has learned exclusively that McCord has signed to New York Model Management.

She inked the deal on Wednesday (August 25) and will apparently be guided in her career by the agency's director, Cory Bautista, who served as a judge on Bravo's "Make Me A Supermodel."

The housewife will be joining the agency's celebrity division alongside beauties such as Angie Everhart, Catherine Oxenberg, Kelly Lynch, and Niki Taylor.

You can find Alex's portfolio at the agency's site.

Alex, you better work!

Danielle Opens Up About Her Childhood

Jacqueline And Dina Talk About The RHONJ Reunion

Teresa And Caroline Talk About DANIELLE

Salahi's EFN Lounge Event Raised Nothing For Charity

Post from the Washington Blade.

By:Joey DiGuglielmo
A party for “Real Housewives of D.C.” held at the now-closed EFN Lounge on Aug. 5 with show stars Tareq and Michaele Salahi raised no money for an AIDS charity.

Ads for the event said an unspecified portion of the proceeds would be given to Dab the AIDS Bear Project, an organization that, according to its founder, works in collaboration with the Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, a registered 501c3 organization.

The Blade could not independently confirm the connection between the two organizations before deadline, but Dab Garner, founder and CEO of Dab the AIDS Bear Project said Howard Cromwell, a gay Washingtonian who publishes D.C.’s Most Fabulous Magazine, told him that the event, was not successful and therefore no donation would be made.

Cromwell, who asked that questions about the event be submitted via e-mail and then did not respond, told Garner in an e-mail dated Aug. 12 that he couldn’t send any money to the charity because the event was not profitable.

“The goal was to donate 40 percent of the profit to each organization,” Cromwell wrote in the e-mail, which Garner shared with the Blade. “Unfortunately, we did not pull a profit from this event as expected. We barely broke even. Even though this event wasn’t financially successful for the charity organizations involved, we feel that it was still a huge success media-wise shedding a national spotlight on your organization.”

Garner said he sent teddy bears for the housewives to pose with for publicity shots at the party, but Michaele Salahi was the only cast member to attend. Other cast members attended a separate and official premiere party for the show.

Cromwell, Garner said, forgot to bring the teddy bears to the party and hasn’t returned them. Garner uses the teddy bears to promote his charity.

Garner, a 29-year HIV survivor, met Cromwell last year at an AIDS Drug Assistance Program Summit in Washington and said Cromwell approached his organization about being a benefactor of the “Housewives” party.

Other groups appear to have also been jilted. The New York Post reported that Honor & Remember was to receive 40 percent of the profits from Cromwell’s event, but also was told the event made no money so no donation would be given. Staff at Honor & Remember did not respond to the Blade’s requests for comment.

Tickets for Cromwell’s party ranged from $25 to $500. Press that attended described EFN Lounge as somewhat full downstairs, but not packed.

Bill Gray, who was manager of EFN Lounge at the time of the event and on scene that night, said the event seemed chaotic.

“They comped most of the tickets for press and their friends,” he said. “It seemed like a joke.”

Coverage from Premiere Night