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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Caroline Blogs About The Reunion

Caroline's Bravo Blog.

Hello again! 16 episodes have come and gone, and you’re still with us! For that I’m sending each and every one of you a huge hug! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Photo: Bravo
I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’m really not interested in going over the whos, whats, whys, and wheres of the reunion. I think it’s all been said before.

I want to address my behavior and how I felt throughout the filming process, and then I’m going to pack up my Season 2 feelings and memories and put them on a shelf where they belong.

Week after week I watched someone accuse me of bullying, physical threats, stalking, defamation, and God knows what else. Week after week I watched that very same person do the EXACT thing she was accusing ME of to ME, MY HUSBAND, AND CHILDREN.

The reunion was my time to clear the air. It was my time to call her out on everything she’d said and done. I was at times rude, immature, and overbearing. When the “apology” came along I knew it was fake and empty. If I thought for a moment, a millisecond, that there was any sincerity in it I would have accepted it. To accept her apology would have made me a hypocrite. I meant what I said when I told Jacqueline and Teresa that I hope they can step away from all the drama. That’s all I ever wanted. For those of you who believe I was angry at J. and T. for hugging her, you have it all wrong. I get why they hugged her -- they wanted to end it. Good for them. I handle things differently. I wanted it to end too, but not on a lie. I’ve said it time and again; at the end of the day all you have is your name and reputation. I’ve been able to keep a pretty good handle on it for 49 years. I’m not about to give it up for “15 minutes” of fame. Whatever I do or say will always be on my terms and no one else’s. So if you think I’m a bitch, so be it. If you think I’m the best thing since sliced bread, thank you. At least I can honestly say I am what I am.

Hope to see you next year....




  1. bla bla bla bla.................
    bully you are, bully you'll stay!!!

  2. I object because I have a different version of obscenity. I don’t care in what way or with whom Danielle Staub had sex. I care that the Giudices overspent by eleven million, committed all manner of fraud and that Teresa has the gall to sit there and join in the vs. Danielle gang-bang, when to me her behavior is far more contemptuous. I care that Albert and Tommy Manzo inherited their wealth from organized crime dealings which were doubtless destructive to many, many people, and Caroline and Dina whistle and skip around like Mary freaking Poppins. People need to get over it about Danielle’s kids, county services will definitely take action if they feel there is a need to do so. The truth is Danielle’s daughters are the most sensible, polite, and well-behaved of the bunch of offspring on that show.

  3. I guess its ok for the Manzo's clan, to insult or talk and attack D but when D play the same game, it's not ok??!!!....
    ohh by the C, to what ever you say. AMEN(is that what you want us all to say??!!)

  4. I believe that Danielle is an exhibitionist, read the definition, it all fits. When you aren't used to being around someone who acts out like that it takes time to catch on. Initialy you want to give them the benefit of the doubt but all too soon the manipulation becomes apparent. Some people just don't get it and others do; Caroline did. It comes from experience and can look mean-spirited but it is just a defense trying to squash the drama.