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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leslie Fink says no thanks to RHOH?

Article from Culture Map Houston. Last I heard there was not going to be a Real Housewives of Houston, but who the hell knows.

Photo by Sofia P. van der DysLesile Tyler Fink is too fabulous to be constrained by being part of the ensemble Real Housewives of Houston cast. She's getting to carry an entire show.

A third reality TV series surfaces in H-town and Real Housewives gets the shaft
By Shelby Hodge
Scratch Leslie Tyler Fink from the Real Housewives of Houston roster. But don't weep for the dishy blonde in major designer labels. She now has her own reality show in the works. And this one, she says, is for real.

Leslie has nixed her participation in the potential pilot for a Real Housewives series after a different LA producer approached her about doing her own program. He had caught her on Channel 11's Great Day Houston and had seen her work and photos on the RSVPSocial website, of which she has a role and a financial interest.

With flowing blonde locks, luscious lips and a finely curated form, Leslie certainly has the visuals necessary. (The luscious lips, by the way, are courtesy of her very own lip-plumping lip gloss line by Leslie Tyler Cosmetics.) And with a mountain of discretionary income, she can afford and indulges in the finest in high fashion.

Wardrobe? No problem. Serious jewelry? A given. High-profile? Yep, she's a regular on the fast-paced party circuit.

Final negotiations are underway for the project that will feature Leslie doing what she does best — being Leslie. "I'm about empowering women," she says, "making women look good and feel good."

In the reality show, she will be advising women on how to dress, how to get fit and how to be their very best. Something she says she does for her friends all the time. "I'm about fitness, beauty and fashion." She's also about parties, life in the fast lane and hanging in the spotlight.

This opportunity is a much more solid offer, she says, than the Housewives project, which is iffy to say the least. Apparently, the fur flew when she stepped out of the Housewives running. That producer was not happy and not exactly gracious, according to Leslie.

"I'm a little entrepreneur," she explains. "I have to do what's best for my business (cosmetics and RSVPSocial). And this offer was real."

Leslie has a press release set to go out once the contracts are signed. In it, she describes the new project as "a ride in the super fabulous fast lane." Indeed


  1. oh barf. Leslie is most hated in Houston. Shelby, you're an idiot for writing about LTF.

  2. Looks like her ship is sinking, google her now

  3. LMAO @ that washed up old wet back!!! Forget cosmetics... She needs a face lift and pussy rejuvination cause her hubby has a thing for younger women! LOLOLOL

  4. EMPOWERING WOMEN......BRINGING THEM UP?????? She is ABSOLUTELY NOT about any of those things!!!! She has a horrible reputation in Houston and She was utterly disgusting and rude to me While attending a charity function that honored a person in my life whom my children call grandma!!!! She does everything she can to hide the fact that her maiden name is GONZALES, which i dont understand.....Im proud to be mexican and portugese!! But what really kills me is she comes from nothing and is linked to "high end" prostitution circles and "escort services"!!!!!!! She treated me like garbage and like i was dog crap on the bottom of her shoes when the fact is SHE comes from nothing and I come from a very prominent jewish family in CA and my parents are a DR and a judge!!! Hmmmmmm whos the garbage again?!?!?! Granted i only say that now due to her behavior towards me......NOT TO MENTION im the type of person who keeps her mouth shut and ignores because I am far above being a mean girl or hateful and downing someone I have NEVER met before IN MY LIFE!!!!!

  5. I DONT MEAN TO BE ANONYMOUS i just dont know how to really do these things but my name is MELISSA JACOBS!

  6. This botched Barbie wannabe is a fake, and a cheat. Her quote from the article (is this "reporter for real?) is a joke to anyone who has spent 2 minutes with her.... dumb as a rock, more shallow than a thimble, hideous inside and out!

    "I'm a little entrepreneur," she explains. "I have to do what's best for my business (cosmetics and RSVPSocial). And this offer was real."