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Monday, August 30, 2010

The RHONJ Tweet About The Reunion Show

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Posted by SunnyChanel
What did the Real Housewives of New Jersey think of the airing of their dirty laundry on the Monday’s reunion show? Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo and her sister Dina all went to their twitter accounts to give their two cents of the happenings. And not all the anger was one the screen, one housewife got very very upset watching the show at the same time as the rest of us…

Photo: WENN
At first things were mellow but they all knew the show would soon spiral into chaos. As soon as Teresa went on the attack Caroline tweeted, “At this point I knew we were in trouble,” with Dina added, “whoooh Teresa didn’t waste anytime.” Jacqueline said she to her fans that she was, “SO surprised you all are loving my fiesty side. Me…. not so much.” They were all pretty feisty and very much on guard during the filming. But one housewife who wasn’t even there got incredibly incensed, Dina Manzo.

Andy Cohen brought up something that was a topic of discussion at last year’s reunion, but at the time it was very very vauge. Now, not so much, and that’s what made Dina so mad. The topic of the rumor of Danielle trying to get Dina’s daughter taken away was addressed on air. Dina was quick to comment saying, “just to be clear ~I NEVER HAD TO FIGHT FOR MY DAUGHTER…EVER.” And the all-caps was just the start. She continued to say, “Really just wish they would ALL leave my daughter out of this. I asked them to NOT bring her up at all. Not cool” Her last anger filled tweet? “This show is absurd Bulls#*t and I am so glad I left. THE END”
Yeah, it looks like she really won’t be returning even though Danielle is gone!

And hearing that Danielle has a gag order against Dina about the topic, addressing it in a public setting like this, even though she’s not there, probably really upset her.

Do you think there is any way Dina would come back now?


  1. I don't believe Danielle tried to have Dina's
    daughter taken away.If she had done this Carol
    ine would have had the proof in her purse to
    prove it.They're a bunch of LIAR'S,Jac.Teresa
    and Caroline.Sad excuses for women. caroline
    says she has integrity,teresa says she has
    class,Jac say'sshe's a straight shooter,tells
    it like it is.Biggest liar of them all.

    One day it'll all come out the reason Jac.and
    Ashley don't get along and never will.Ashley
    is so screwed up she'll never be well until
    she unburdens herself!Im glad Danielle will
    no longer be around this bunch of MISFITS!

  2. P.

    Unless the 3 thugs,gangbanggers,find another
    patsy to try and intimidate the show will last
    about 3 showings before it is cancelled.Every-
    body has seen them in action and whoever goes
    on with them will never put up with the stuff
    they did with Danielle.Let me say this to D's
    credit,she's not a fool and she's not afraid
    of any of them,not even the ANIMAL!It's like
    being on a diet to D.she pracitices portion
    control.Let the other's keep eating until they