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Monday, August 30, 2010

Is Cop Without A Badge Going To Be Danielle's New Show?

Post from lalate.

 Will Cop without a Badge be Danielle Staub’s new tv series? Reps claim Cop without a Badge is becoming a tv series, and Danielle Staub hints she’s getting her own tv series; so are the two projects one in the same, or is this just two groups aimlessly promoting unconfirmed projects lost in Wayne’s world?
Photo: Bravo
Several months ago, LALATE broke the first details that Cop without a Badge is being shopped as a new tv series. The book is about Staub, then as Beverly Ann Merrill, authored by Kevin Maher, Staub’s ex husband in 1995. Passages about Staub included “She was brunette. Long, perfectly shaped legs poked out of her leather hot pants just as provocatively as her braless breasts strained against her low-cut blouse.”

Then days ago, Staub suggested she is getting her own tv series. When interviewed by PIX NEWS, Staub said “And in the end [of the reunion show] you will be more shocked. And the more shocked will be about me.” Staub paused, and smiled; when the interviewer responds “Ah, so you are getting your own reality show!”, Staub’s smile grows as they always vocal Staub sat quietly.

So are the two projects one in the same? Keeping track of Staub tv projects, with or without her playing herself, might be as hard as keeping track of her names. Ex boyfriend Stephen Zalewski recently since claimed under oath that Staub also was previously not just “Beverly Ann Merrill” but also “Angela Minelli”.

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